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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 40
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 40

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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'Tfyi'M WW I I 0 a If ej 40 Saturday, June 12, 1976 Ottawa Journal (Tell me why) Horace Mann, an educator responsible for school system The Outcasts by Ben Wicks TM fT WCt NMPS A 2 1 HO! I Automation cffsrs 0AUANCBL e7srs H0W takes 2s wnser to ps-utveB. and your handwriting By D1ANN Bl RKAH Sit down and write Diana Bureau a letter, care of 'Yoar Ottawa Journal, PO Box 280, Station Leo-don, Out. WRITE ON WHITE, UNIJNED PAPEB WITH BLACK OR RED INK, and be sure to include your age, signature and a code number (pick any number, or number-letter combination) for Meatiflcatioa in the column. Mrs. Bureau Is a certified grapnoanalyst skilled In determining character and personality through analysis of handwriting.

You may be surprised at her reply. are Don Q. the American scene -W Ohio. There he carried out many of his ideas on education. A few weeks before be died, in 1859, he told his students: "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." FUN TIME TheChacUeBoK Customer: Walter, there's a fly in my soup.

Walter: That's all right. We won't charge you for It. Sally: That fellow Jimmy makes me tired. Mary: No wonder. You keep running after him all the time.

WHY WE SAY IT di AU WNtS CWEP THEFAUSl P3B5IDENT5 DID WITH -falAfit F8W AREN'T HESHDASHR BREATH BEGAN JOCQHE IN BEFORE THE CLOCK HAP MOVED TWENTY MINUTES, SHE has CASVIEd IN CRASHING 9r? J. NP VEPOSITc IN THE TRANQUIL FOOL OEsLAKEDDeSIRp. By A. LEOKUM Horace Maui wag an educator and a statesman. Because of his work he aroused an interest in education, which is chiefly responsible for the public school system as it exists in the United States.

Mann was born in Massachusetts in 1798. Although be was a poor boy, he put himself through Brown University, and graduated with the highest honors. When he was 27 years old he was admitted to the Massachusetts bar. In 1827 be was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives and be served there continuously until 1833 when he was transferred to the state Senate. Later he became secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education.

Mann went to Europe and studied the school systems there. He held lectures and wrote reports on the condition of education abroad and his own state. And he set forth what he believed the aims of education should be. As a result of this, and his own skilful administration, he did much to further the progress of education. He made the educational system of Massachusetts a model that other states followed.

Mann also served in the Congress of the United States. In 1853 he became the first president of Antioch College, at Yellow Springs, Teaching chess isn't CODE Ml, Renfrew Thanks for the vote of confidence. The volume of mail suggests there is a demand for this type of work. The size of your handwriting suggests the ability to work without being distracted. You are a frugal person, who abhors waste be it time, material or form.

Your work is always well organized because confusion is difficult for you to cope with. You are consciously making an effort to be just a little different than those around you. Not too much so, but Just enough so that you will be noticed, favorably. V'M Wi rJ5 lip EfcE a a a a a Stamp corner) Historical events recalled by stamps, postal markings By JONATHAN BESSY Every chessplayer sooner or later teaches somebody else to play. But you must be careful to explain all the rules, as the following story points out: June 2, on the npper Ottawa River, the weather became very strange I secluded myself in a small ravine among the evergreens and shrubs and set out to solve some problems.

About two hours passed. I grew tired and closed my eyes A sudden rumble made me sit up In bewilderment. Thunder? But in the sky there was no trace of cloud. I calmed myself down and sat back again. Suddenly I felt that someone was looking at me.

I opened my eyes and saw a scuba diver. Only somehow he seemed -strange. "W-what do y-you w-want here?" I asked. A jingling metallic voice pronounced: "I am here for the initial contact." "W-whlch contact?" "Between the inhabitants of our planets." I forced a laugh: "You mean to say that you come from another planet?" Selkirk founded Winnipeg colony Anything that is oval has a shape that is something like the shape of an egg. And the word oval comes from the Latin word ovum, which means egg.

Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: 18, 19, 20. Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why! care of The Journal. Include postal code. Flashback on Canada Junction of the Red and As-sinlboine Rivers in August 1812 and built Fort Douglas the beginning of Winnipeg and the gradual settlement of the Prairies.

Selkirk's settlers suffered great hardships and were constantly attacked by men of the Northwest Company who feared that agriculture would ruin the west for hunting and fur-trapping which, of course, eventually happened. OTHER EVENTS JUNE 12: 1690 Henry Kelsey left Hudson Bay to explore the West. 1710 Hudson's Bay Company gave Radlsson's widow six pounds following his death. 1714 British troops captured Placentia, Newfoundland. 1840 Fire in Quebec theatre took 46 lives.

1912 First Congress of French Language was held at Quebec. 1927 Imperial Privy Council dismissed appeal by Roman Catholic separate schools In Ontario. 1958 Prime Minister Mac-mlllan of Britain addressed joint session of Parliament at Ottawa. 1961 Canada and U.S. completed new defence agreement.

by JO OUELLET Radio highlights for PotlttcM mtr forgotten to mention about Kings! I attempted to tell this to my opponent, but he firmly pointed his "hand" to hi. "This is my second King. It's not my fault that you didn't tell me everything. I played the whole game with this combination in mind." To begin the contact with a conflict was uncomfortable. There was nothing to do but continue.

What to do now? Of course, I could play 2. Bd4 and mate the first king, but then the second would be stalemated. I could play 2.a8 (Q) or 2. Bb7 and mate the second, but then the first would be stalemated. 11.00 CBOF-FM VIENNE LA NUIT.

Tht lift and work of Sergei Prokofiev. (Monday to Friday) 11.03 CBO A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. Works by Dtllus, IreiorriandDodoion. lattwfy, JOM IS 7.00 CKCU-FM ARTISTIC LICENSE. Tht arts scent In Ottawa.

UD CBO CBC TUESDAY NIGHT. Port 1: An Evening with John Cage. Port 2: Roman Fever by American writer Edith Wharton, adopted by Henry Comor. I. (0 -CBCVFM IDEA.

The history ot the EuQinfcs Movement 30 CBOF-FM CONCERT IN-TIME. Works by Quartz and Vivaldi. ISa CBO-FM MUSIC OF MOZART. Ruben Gurevtch Is host. 10.00 CBO-FM CANADIAN CON-CERT HALL.

CBC Winnipeg Orchestra bt symphonies bv Muu I and Mendelssohn. V0.J0 CBO TOUCH THE EARTH. Program from Copt Breton, II. 0) CBO-FM A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. Works by Bliss, Schumann and Boyct.

WiwiiiOsr, Jens 0.00 CKCU-FM HOT WAX. Recent lazzattums. I.O-CBO CONCERN. Program on the Olympics. 0J CBO-FM IDEAS.

Islam. 1.30 CBOF-FM LES GRANDS CONCERTS. Works by Schubert. CBO-FM THEMES AND VARIATIONS. Part Program about pianist Leo Barkln.

Port 2: Sonata for two pianos and percussion, Bartok. 10.30 CBO COUNTRY ROAD. W.30 CBOF-FM LA FEUILLAI-SON. Mlroh- de Nult by Louise Maheux-Fordcr, produced in Ottawa. i (SrUVWVLCVW By BOB BOWMAN One of the biggest land estate deals in history was arranged on June 12, 1811 when Lord Selkirk leased 116,000 square miles from the Hudson's Bay Company.

The rent was a nominal 10 shillings a year but Selkirk had to buy a controlling interest in the company. Eventually the deal cost him his life and a large part of his fortune. Selkirk was a Scottish Lord whose ambition was to help poor people In Britain by settling them on profitable farms in Canada. His first settlement was In Prince Edward Island in 1803 and was fairly successful. Descendants of the first settlers are still there.

The second was at Baldoon near present-day Chatham, Ontario, but It was a failure. The settlers said that the land was no good for agriculture but today it is one of the best corn-growing areas in Canada. Selkirk had read Alexander Mackenzie's account of his trips across Canada and decided that the Red River area was the most promising location. He began working on the plan in 1802 but did not achieve his goal until 1811. His grant included a large part of present-day Manitoba, Minnesota and North Dakota five times bigger than Scotland.

The first Red River settlers sailed from Scotland In 1811 but had to spend the winter at York Factory, Hudson Bay. They arrived at the "Exactly." I Intended to ask some questions, but here my guest's attention fell on the chess set. "What Is that apparatus for?" be asked. "This Is for the game we call Chess." "How do you play It?" I quickly explained the rules of play. "O.K.," said the visitor, "let's play." In spite of his electronic gadgetry, the visitor's class of play was not the highest on first learning the moves.

He quickly lost four minor pieces, and should have resigned. I began to look for mate, (see Diagram). It was not difficult to find. Playing 1. Kc2, I looked at my opponent with sympathy.

No defence! But the 'scuba diver continued decisively: 1 hi and said: "King." "What?" "A king," the visitor repeated. "But a pawn can't promote to a King." "Why? You told me yourself: when a pawn reaches the eighth rank it can be changed to any piece." "Confound itl I really had PORT. News commentary. (On CBO-FM at 2.05 p.m.) 1.30 CBO-FM ORGANISTS IN RECITAL. From New Westminster, Patrick Wcdd hi an all-Boch program.

2.0) CBOF-FM AU GRE OE LA FANTAISIE. Works by Ptele, Monteverdi, Lully, Comoro. Cavalll, duck, Mozart, Rossini, Btslhuyon, Wagner, Berg, Rellv, Llgptl, Braxton and Reich. 1.0) CBO THE BUSH AND THE SALON. Dateline MM The Fenian Raids.

4 CBO CBC VANCOUVER CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. An dl-Hovdn program. (On CBO-FM Monday of 1.0) P'4jn CBO-FM MUSIC OF THE J0TH CENTURY. Works by Morowetz, Piston, Mlthoud and Honeootr. 5.00 CBOF-FM MUSIOUE CAN-ADIENNE.

Quartets by John Welnzwelo, Jean Paplntauouturt and AMn Gao- TlO CBO CROSS-COUNTRY CHECKUP. Open-lint program. 5.30 CBO-FM TOUCH THE EARTH. Program from Copt Breton. 7.00 CKCU-FM BEHIND THE COVERS.

Program on Canadian literature. 7.03 CBCVFM OPERA THEATRE. Los Mousauetalrcs ou Convent by Louis Vamey and highlights from La Mascotht by Edmond Auoran. 7.0) CBO VARIETY INTERNATIONAL. Program Includes an episode from tht Louis Armstrong Story.

10.00 CBOF-FM ORCHE5TRE SYMPHONIQUE DE BOSTON. Works by Wagner and Sibelius. 10.01-CBO-FM THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. Sleveston by Daphne Mar-tort. JO CBO CBC PLAYHOUSE.

The Name of tht Dag is Murder, bv George Solver son. 12.00 CBO-FM THAT MIDNIGHT JAZZ. Tht music of Jot Turner. 6.30 CBO AS IT HAPPENS. Mogo-zlnt program with Alan Mottlond and Barbara From as hosts.

(Monday to Friday! 630 CBfrFM LISTEN TO THE MUSIC Recorded concert music Introduced bv Margaret Pocsu. (Monday to Friday). 103 CBOF-FM SOIREE DE GALA. Tht Canadian opera Colas et Co-llnette bv Joseph Ouesnel; excerpt from Casl fan Tutto by Manr1. 1.01 CBO-FM, IDEAS.

Food In rttuot and roiiolon. 0J0 CBO IDENTITIES. Program 000 CBCVFM CBC MONDAY EVENING. Port 1: CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra In works by Britten, Berkeley and Bridge. Part 2: Benjamin Disraeli The Politician and Artist.

9.30 CBOF-FM RECITAL D'ORGUE. Orott Christopher Jackson In works by Swttllnck and Praetor kis. MJ0 CBO THE GREAT CANADIAN GOLD RUSH. Celebration, featuring top west const talent. TlOX THEIR easy Suddenly an idea flashed across my mind.

Checking the variations, I thought "I told you 'to any piece' and slowly pushed the pawn to a8, and said: "Black King!" The visitor froze for a few seconds: "You're giving me three kings?" "Of course. To any piece means to any piece. I made no limitations as to color." The visitor raised no objection. 2 KbB; 3. h7 Ka8 4.

h8 Q). Mate to all three kings! The three kings are in the corners, while the queen is in the fourth. My opponent said something to himself, moved away, and disappeared In the forest. In the sky, a shaft of fire appeared. The 'scuba diver' was leaving Earth, and I hadn't asked him where he came from.

Would you believe it? (Story by Yuri Dorogov, translated from Russian). Kevin Pacey of Bell High School tied for top under-16-year-old at the All-Ontario High School Championships, held in Toronto last weekend. At the same time he captured second Class prize. week 11.03 CBO-FM A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC Spanish music Tltsesdoy, Jont 17 6.00 CKCU-FM SOUND OF WHEELS. Program about motor sport.

0.0) CBO-FM THEMES AND VARIATIONS. Part 1: Program about planls! Leo Barktn. Part 2: Sonata tor two pianos and percussion, Bortok. L0) CBO-FM IDEAS. Tht Canadian Beaver.

0.30 CBOF-FM ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE. London Symphony Or-chestra In Romeo et Juliette, by Berlioz. V.03 CBO-FM OPERA TIME. Excerpts from operas by Donizetti. Ruby Mercer Interviews tenor Ermanno Mouro and Hawaiian opera singer Shlgeru Ho-toke.

10.30 CBO-FM CLASSICAL GUITAR. Robert Bauer, William Kulnka and Davis Joachim. 10.30 CBO JAZZ RADIO-CANADA. The Eric Frlenenberg Quintet and the Gavin Walker Trio. 11.03 CBCVFM A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC.

Works by Del toes, Beethoven and Komgold Friday, Jens to 0.03 CBO BETWEEN OUR-SELVES. The Homesteaders by Ottawa INuudLuster Helen Fiayne. I. 03 CBO-FM and CBOF-FM CON-COURS INTERNATIONAL DE MONTREAL. Finals at the Montreal International Piano Competition.

10.30 CBO MAJOR PROGRESSION. Rock show. II. 00 CBO-FM RADIO INTERNATIONAL. The Mystery, a satire by Bill Houghton.

Also, on Interview with Martin Esslln, head of BBC radio drama. pie" (1973). Stars Peter Fonda and Lindsay Wagner (C). p.m. Ch.

4, CBOT Tonight. Senday p.m. Ch. 12, Rolf Harris. p.m.

Ch. 12, Gamer Ted Armstrong. p.m. Ch. 12, Travel 7S.

p.m. Ch. 12, Going 11. IS 1.00 4.00 00 6.30 I Q.I -if the bullet passed between them and lodged in the upper part of the carriage. The King was untouched and proceeded to the House (of Deputies) delivering in person the speech from the throne.

The shattered glass cut the young Due d'Orleans severely in the neck. He bled profusely, and his brother was cut in the face. "The assassin was immediately arrested, refused to give any name which he had sedulously cut out from his linen. He maintained an obstinate silence on all points except his acting without accomplices. He has since been identified by his unhappy father, and proved to be a mechanic, 22 years of age actuated only by political fanaticism.

He, is just as I supposed from the peculiar tendency of the French populace that the publicity given to the awful design of Fleschi and the semi-martyr character of his crime and execution have excited perhaps hundreds to attempt the same diabolical act dreaming themselves Brutus to try for Caesar's death." The letter continues: "The poor wretch (the mechanic) will be executed, probably quite privately. The government now realizes the state of the public mind. Hereafter the King will go out so guarded to render any attempts impossible they say. Some other Fleschi will invent an infernal machine to take the cortege from some window and bring blood and ruin on the crowned head of France. BRIDGE Charles Goren Q--Both vtalaerabte.

as South yon hold: AQ1WU OAJCS 4AK The bedding aa orcMded: East Stwjta West North tO 44 Pasa Pass What actioa do rem take? 0.7-Neither wsjiawable. as Soothe hold: aim oamm ms The bidding sitaiiaMfM Seat Was FUrta 'aaa Psssa NT raw What do yon bUnow? QA-Eaat-Wat aa 8ooth yea hoU: OKQMT fOM TlwMcVclUghagproessaoiL East 8stb Was Beasrta Patss I NT 4 What action do yon take? (The opeainr lead is the soot important atngj pky in bridge. And Cfcaila Goran's "Op eating I is as" will help yoa tmbetaaUaJJy wcrease your ssiaalags. For a copy send $1.60 to "Gorea-Leada," co this noway eat, PO. Box 230.

Norwood. MJ. 17648. Maka cheeks Kyabm to NEW8PAPERaOOKS.) By DOUGLAS PATRICK (Postal history: part two) Postal history, one of the many ramifications of stamp collecting. Includes all the aspects of postal services from the beginning to the present time.

Philatelists find interest in the accounts of one country or part of the postal service such as postage stamps, postal markings of all kinds: handstruck, machine or manuscript information and complete letters (covers) with all postmarks. On Dec. 30, 1836 Henry Whlt-cbouse an American in Paris wrote to Nathaniel Thrift Rochester at Rochester, N.Y. a community named in honor of his father. The letter (a postal history item) tells this story: "The papers will convey to you intelligence of a fourth attempt on the life of poor Louis Philippe; like the others most providentially unsuccessful.

We saw him a few minutes after the occurrence. He was proceeding to open In person the Chambers and passed through the double line of military from the palace across the Pont Louis XVI de la Concorde to the House of Deputies. When he came opposite to the large gate leading from the quay into the garden of the Tui-leries a young man fired when the Royal coach was within six feet of him. "At the moment the King was bowing at the window and one of the young dukes was at the other. As they thus bent from opposite directions Q.I Both vulnerable, as South you hold: Aft 74 OAQJ e)KJlt7U The bidding has proceeded: Sotsta West North Eat I Paaw 1 14 Paea 2 Pa What action do you take? (L2 Neither vulnerable, as South yon hold: Qlt ACM OKQJK The bidding has proceeded: Seata West North East 1 0 Pass 1 Pas What do you bid now? Aa South, vulnerable, you hold: AK87J OAS 4T2 The bidding has proceeded: East Strath West Patw Pass le Paea 4 Paaw What action do yon take? Both vulnerable, as South you hold: What is your opening bid? Qj Neither vulnerable, aa South you hold: 4KQ7 0 AQlt74J 4A The bidding has proceeded: Seeath West North East 1 0 Pasw 1 Pass What do you bid now? 3.03 p.m.

CBO OPERA BY REQUEST. Bill Howes Is host. J.03 CBOF-FM 'OPERA DU SA-MEDI. La Navarrolse by Massenet and La Flllt du Regiment by Donizetti. 3 93 CBO-FM JAZZ RADIO-CANADA.

The Bab Holes Band and Dr. Music. 4.00 CBO-FM BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. With pianist Peter Fronkel. Works by Schubert, Mozart and Hovdn.

600 CBOP-FM PRELUDE AU SOI R. Works by Franck. 7.01 CBO -MUSIC DE CHEZ NOUS. From tht International Conference of Horn Pkwers, tnrks by Theooor Lucas, Mendelssohn. Paul Nelson, Albert Harris, Mark McGovem, Beethoven, Vltotll Bou-lanovskli and Jane Vlgnery.

(On CBO-FM Sunday at 12 noon) CBO-FM GILMOURS ALBUMS. Works by Beethoven, Verdi, Foment. Handel, Sean 0' Rtado and Fats 100 CBOF-FM LA COME 01 E- FRANCAISE. Font avn Cabres by Lope at Vega. 10) CBO-FM ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE.

Comedy and satire. (On CBO Sunday at 1.03 p.m.) IX CBCVFM THE ENTERTAINERS. The years 1W3 and 1961-42 are recalled words and music (On CBO Sunday otmoJnl 9.0) CBO REGIONAL ORCHESTRAS. Hamilton Philharmonic virtuosi, with vMlnlst Otto Armln. Works by Alexander Brett and Scott Jcplla II .03 CBO MUSIC ALIVE.

Fronds Chaplin, violin, and Lawrence Jones, piano. In works bv SoM Sam, Grlea and Krelsler. (On CBO-FM Sunday at Ml p.m.) II .01 CBO-FM THE GRE AT CANADIAN GOLD RUSH. An Interview with two members of Genesis and a concert by Todd RondBron. IWOOT, 7.01 a m.

CBOF-FM AU TEMPS OES CATHEDRALES. Works by Hovha-ness, Bach, A loin, Poulenc and Roger. 105 CBO-FM CHORAL CONCERT. The Pilgrim's Progress, voughan Williams; Psolm 47, Schmidt; Vespers, Rochmonlnotf. CBOF-FM ORCHESTP.ES CANADIENS.

CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra In works by Rastttl, Haydn and CamaMcti. 1 05 CBO SUNDAY MAGAZINE. A detailed look at molar news stories at tht past week. (On CBO-FM at 11.05 tt.03 CBO-FM MUSIC IN THE HOME. Works bv Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart and Brahms, with Leonard Isoocs os MS CBOF-FM RECITAL.

Jean Laurendeau, clarinet, and Lorraine VoU-Kmcourt, piano, on works by Blrtwlstte 11J0 CBOF-FM LES ORGUES HISTORIQUES. Antome Bouchard at the argon of Toledo Cathedral. Music by Spanish composers. 13.03 p.m. CBO CAPITAL RE SOM HOW TO PLAY: All the words Hated brio appear in the punk horbonuUy.

vertically, diagonally, even backwards. Find than and CHICLE THEIB LETTERS. The leftover let ten spell the Woedersrord. 1976 Los Angeles Times llibuyingtnuoma HlJlllliiAlMlII UCOJLJJMTJEjJ 11H11I111A11I illillAilAiili IlIlillAilllilll illlllllliillliiil AlAHAIlIAiiiLlll 1 a sj sg le" a A dash of happy thoughts sweetens any day. TV Program Changes tabnday 3.00 p.m.

Chs. 4, 11, Lost Islands. JO p.m. Chs. 4, 11, Welcome Back, Kotter.

6.00 p.m. Ch. 12, Lawrenc Welk. 00 p.m. Ch.

SW Movie Special. "Elvis: The Way It Was" (1870). ChS. 13, 12, Academy erforinance. "Two Peo- 612 KreuaAnealMTm- CLUES A-Accommodations, Amount; B--BLU, Buying; C-Cards, Companies, Cost, Customers; D-Deals, Debts, Draw, Drinks; E-Extended; F-Food, Furs; H-Habit, Hotels; I-Individuals, Interest; L-Last, Leases, Luxuries; M-Meals, Motels; P-Payments, Purchases; R-Regret, Restaurants; 8-Sales, Services, Shirts, Shops, Sprint, Stores, Suit, Supermarkets; T-Tops, Travel, Trip; V-Vary; W-Wide.

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