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Catholic Union and Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 5

Catholic Union and Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 5

Buffalo, New York
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CATHOLIC UNION -AND-TIMES (Thursday, June 14, 19 1 7- preached by Rev. Father Plassmann, O. D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE. A REAL SURPRISE. In Quest of the Grail.

wevumrieDaerer! Yoanj Women Receive Decrees at Hand of Biihop Dougherty. In Connection with Jam Live pure, speak true, right wrong (follow the King) Els, wherefore born? Tampion Cool, Attractive Summer Rugs For Indoors and Verandas Last Monday evening the following commencement in the auditorium of young women received degrCes at D'youvillo College on Friday evening at 8.1a clock. DTouville College. Bishop Dougherty Miss Helene Chabot Of Buffalo. ev- Pf BoUnd lo Fotm cum laude, with honors in Church hts- New Parish at Lackawanna tory, philosophy, English, principles of education, French, mathematics.

4 rtv estalrlished Miss Esther Collins of Austip. stiop uougnerty nas estaulished BA.r with honors in -J nW parish at Lackawanna and has Miss Helen Desmond of Buffalo, B. appointed Rev. John P. Boland, D.

cum laude. with honors in religion, a8 reetor. Dr. Boiand has already be-apologetics. philosophy, English, prin- gun work and wi aay he first magg ciples of education, history of educa the new.

parigh nm Sund morn. tion, French, history of art, mathe- jng at 0.cJ,x.k There wjn be a sec. matics. ond mass at Sunday school will Miss Margaret Kenny of Buffalo. be organize(1 at 9 Xne parish magna cum laude.

with honors in be known as st Anthony'a, and Church history, apologetics, philosof is real economyas well as untold comfoft and benefit to health, in replacing heavy velvet or Oriental floor, coverings with Inexpensive wash rugs during the warm summer months. A- house swept end to end by cool, refreshing breezes is also bound to accumulate a certain amount of dust, which, though injurious to fine furnishings, has no ill effect on durable, hygienic, Crex matting or rag" rugs. The new designs in these weaves are charming, and the colors most artistic. Z'r phy, English, American literature, principles of education, Latin, French, history of art, Roman history, Greek history, science and mathematics. Miss Morey of Siaffo cum laude', with honors tn Church history, philosophy, English, principles of education, history of education, American literature, Latin, his: tOry of art, European history, history, Greek Jiistory, physical gaog-raphy, mathematics.

Miss Mary O'Connor ot Buffalo, 'B. cum laudr, with honors in religionJ ilosophy, EiigUiUv-peiiaaoiaL-Itonia history; European hi3tory, Wigono-i raetry, chemistry, Spanish. Miss Zoe Webber of Buffalo, B. magna Win laude, with honors in t'Jiurcluhistory, principles of education, history of education, Latin, history of art, Greek history, algebra. Miss Marion Whitby of ISmTalo, B.

with honors in methods, principles A education, algebra. Miss Winifred Griffin ot Buffalo, B. magna cum As the procession of graduates, professors and clergy entered the auditorium the choir, under direction of Miss Elizabeth Crony Mus. Eang Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us! HoW significant is that paradoxical ord used for, the closing of school Truly, it implies the beginnjw of the fuller life which preparedness was made in the study hall. Now is begun the bat-.

tnnv with th nrin- tie or iue jplea imbibed in me cin ruuiu. nl that the prnlnate'S ing Ior education has been a Catholic one, jound in doctrine and morals, the young' man or wonlBU armed to measure swords in 1tirjugtuaJXfiUiainst seHlshness.and nnrlEhteousness. Also uie grauuuia tne buoyant accoutrements of Ltn -high courage, rosy hopes, sweet foil Ideals and Diesseu juy white page upon which to write the tflumphant word, ''Victory Molly PUceTd The story of Molly Pitcher is worth hlle just, now as an example of wo-man's- courage under circumstances that test valor, qulck-wittedness and patriotism. she was Irish, hut sadly minus that racial prerogative of eminent good of the American Ked Cross was newly-wedded wife of an artillery man in Washington's army. One reu-hot June day.

1778, the American army and won battle of Mon- While the battle was in Lgress men fell in their ranks without a wound, stricken by the scorching rays of a sultry sun. Molly Pitcher, following the magnet young husband's uniform, carried buckets of water from a merciful nearbv spring and passed them along jiprn. Anyone ten-quart pail of water along a dusty, -j In tho nnnnrlnv sun wilt that a superhuman love aanityan dcoun ry oou id alone bus- toin young Mony riuuer an truuged bark and forth BuL always the was working towards her sweet reward-a drink of cooling water for lier husband's parched, blistered lips. At laxt she saw him and love quickened her weary whizzed past and he fell dead by the side of his Poor Mollv stood staring at ths bleeding corpse of her patriot husband when she hoard the order to drag his gun 'from the field. Like a flash she wprang inta her dead husband's plate, and fearless, she stood by the weapon and directed its deadly fire until the fall of Monckton turned the tide of victory, and the battle of Mon-mouth was won.

On the following day. Molly, no longer a furions Amazon, but sad-hi-ed. with swollen eyes and a scanty bit of crepe pinned on her bosom, was presented to Washington, and received ttilf-nov i 'Ecce SacerdoH" by Ludwig Bonvin, Sruntil a few months ago Dr. Boland was Delightful Pirisb Affair in Honor of Fftlher rii ipp Anoiversfry. Forty years of virile service In the Master's cause is rightly crowned with a Jubilee gemmed with the blood red ruby.

Rey. Martin Philipps. pastor of celebrated this glorious milestone in his priestly life last Monday, the anniversary of his ordination at Niagara University forty years ago: But the Rkv. M. Pmui'i'H.

beloved priest's part in the ion was only the-niass-of --thanks-giving; his devoted parisliioners did tho rest. TFey lavished-'flowers' i bn the altar and attended the mass in largt numbers, and in the eveiiiiiggathered around liim with words of affection and deeds of kindness. "Nothing It too good for Father Philipps," said a stalwart young man as lie clapped liU hands some in, welcome lo the pastor It was all sO delightfully informa" and cordial, and a true parish affair old and young being present to gree' the revered father of the, parish. Tht celebratitm was a complete surprise and men and women were keen as children on keeping the great secret unti' TOewon3erTiiringTit Father nuiifVp?" was whisked off to the country on some plausible excuse and not brought hack until all was ready. Lourdes hall was crowded; light? were- everyhereTburTtie-good" priest supposed it was but one of the many card parties that occur there.

He wailed up the stairs and beneath the hall doorway draped with Old Glory stoop a line of men headed by the tri color of Alsaee-Xoraine under theoId French regime. Canisius' orchestra struck up "Hail to the Chief." the crowd chipped a thundering welcome and men and women stood on chairs in (heir, eagerness to catch a glimpse of Father i'liiliiips' smiling face. Then followed a fine program by th' school children and choir. The chil dri'ti sang, drilled, aud "spoke pieces' in their pastor's honor, and it wa; I'ifricit'f to say which looked happier" the IlTtli- ones- or thetr-parish priesr and guide. At the close, a tiny boy and girl carried a large and very beau 1 1 i'h I basket of flowers to Father Ph'llpps.

and this was supplemented with a spiritual bouquet. At the close of the splendid musical tvuri uv rhnir- it r-i, uci. iii'iiirn i Kemp, assistant, priest and prime mover In tliR felelu-atiiin-askeiLF-athex Philipps to come to the platform with other priests present and members of the board of trustees. Louis A. Fischer, speaker of the evening, was Introduced by Father Kemp as the boyhood playmate and life-long friend of Father Philipps, and one who knew the esteemed juhiiarian from the davr hen both player pranks together tn Alsnre-Loraine up to the present congratulatory event.

After the two old. faithful friends had clnsped hands. Mr. Fischer rolled hack the pafte of time. And what he read there he told his deeply interested and sympathetic listeners.

Hr described the school days in the little hamlet near Strashurg: how young Martin Philipps chose the priestly vocation and of his going to the seminary In Strashurg. The Prussian ruling that seminarians were not milltaryraininK young rhilipns to America Father Philipps-ordinal ion-a (-Niagara I'nlversity. his pioneer work In Strykersvllle. where he built a church and parish, were outlined by Mr Fischer, Next came the storv of Father Philipps' parochial work in Buffalo, where his unselfish missionary spirit has-mnde- him a-place in peoples' hearts, deep and warm. Espe dally was his priestly zeal shown in his ministration to the inmates of the Kri -ou nl I lospitalw pastor of St.

Joseph's Church. Coming down to Father Philipps' present charge. Out LadypLLourdes, Mr. Fischer said every member of the parish Is too famllinr with their pnstor's noble, unselfish devotion for the salvation of souls to any words from him to praise ft. Closing MrrFi sc pr-prespn ted" Fathcrlhiiipps a purse -of-JlOdr-ropretMinting-an iu-dividual token of esteem and loyalty from every parish loner, old and young.

With words of affectionate appreciation. Father Philipps thanked his faith fill "flock for their kindness, and their handsome gift. He told them their good will and undevlatlng loyalty were very precious to him; that love lightens labor, and tho parish of Our Lady of Lourdes Is known for Its unity of operatloinutd Its unflagging loyalty to Church and pastor, and he wished them every blessing. The auspicious evening closed with the entire audi enco standing and singing "Holy Cod. Scboliribip Eximinition, The Mount Mercy.

Acndcniy Aliimnno Association Is orrcrlng a tuition scholarship In Mount Mercy Academy to girls having completed tho eighth grndo any public or parochial school. This scholarship will be awarded by a competitive examination to be held at the academy, 1475 Abbott Road, on Katurdnv. June 16th. 1.30 D. 4F.

M.r of St. Bonavnture's Seminary, Allegany. The summer school at D'Youville will begin on June 29th. I Holy Angels' Academy will have it3 Rkv. Dr.

Boi.a.nd. will be for the Italian residents of the, district. The temporary church will be in a store at 626 Ingham avenue, t' From the time of his ordination stationea at st. urutget un-urcn, mis city. Throughout the parish he has a host of warm friends who will be glad to learn of his promotion, and who will, without question, come to his assist ance during the formation of the new I parish, Later he wa-sent to Lime I 1.

X- LV. 1 1. 11 I 1 Un Rock, N. Father O'Horo. the rector there, having been compelled to relin quish his duties because of ill health.

Judge Lewis Dies Suddenly. The funeral of Judge George A. Lewis, who died suddenly sometime Monday night, will be held at St. Jov epholdCathedral this moming at 10 o'clock. Judge Lewis was widely known throughout the city.

He was born in Batavia in 1855 and came to Buffalo when about 14 years old. He attended the old Horace Briggs school for boys, then went abroad as a young man, touring Germany and studying the language and arts there. Returning lo Buffalo he entered the. law office of George Wadsworth as a clerk He was admitted to the practice of the law in 1875. For eleven years he served as one of the judges of the municipal ccurt.

After retiring from court work, be resumed his practice in partnership with the late Henry Montgomery. For a number of years -Judge- Lewia aJ member of the state parole board. penology interested him a great jleal. He was a close friend of former Justice Charles E. Hughes.

Politically Judge Lewis -was a republican. During tho railroad strike of 1S77 he served with many other public-spirited men in the volunteer police patrol, organized much along the. same lines of the present home defensu corps. Judge' Lewi8ts survived by his wife, Mary Bryan Lewis; a sister, Mary A. Auchinvole Lewis; one son.

Dr. Jos-eph-A. Lewis, and two daughters. Mrs. Kuth Ashley Smith and Elizabeth S.

Lewis, all of Buffalo, who havy the sincere sympathy of many friends in their bereavement. Examination! fr Scholarships. The following St. Bonaventure's, Allegany, one $00 scholarship; examination, at St. Patrick's parochial school, Buffalo, June 24th.

Niagara University, two scholarships, tuition only, four years high school work to boys of parochial schools of Niagara Falls; examination at the University 9.20 a. m. St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, one eihn)nrMliin Yiimimiliiwi tllA in Mt. St.

Joseph's Academy, one scholarship for day scholar only; ex-ami nat km Sa rdny, une -1 tit 9 Jun-a Father Baker's Bojri will Repeat Entertainment As tho manager of the Teck Theatre reported fully 2,000 people were unable to obtain entrance upon the occasion of the cntertaiument given by Father linker's boys, and these were very anxious to have the entertainment repeated, it has been decided to give thorn an opportunity of witnessing the entertainment In their own hall at Lackawanna, Monduy evening. June 18th. Tickets purchased for the Teck Theatre will be acceptable at this time and place, Number 10 car goes direct to the In Job Printing dune at this office. MeCrmtry 4- Co Nw York iMtJernon Rugs Reproductions of the old-style rag Very attractive color i Size Price 24x36 inches. 95c 30x60 36x72 inches 2.75 4x7 4.50 6x9 9x12 8.75 .17.50 Ormond Chintz Rag Rugs', Artistic rugs, with plain' field uT pink, gay or blue and chintz borders.

Size Priqe I 24x36 inches. 1. 00 1 oc 36x72 inches 4x7 2.95 .4.50 8.25 .16.50 6x9 feet 9x12 feet Crex de Luxe Rugs Particularly beautiful design's and colorings, for towil or country homes. Size Price 15.50 7.50 10.50 12.50 9x12 Plain Matting -3 ft. 50c 4-6 ft.

80c 6 ft. wide Figured Matting- 3 ft. 65c 6 ft. wide 1.30 i Vr AY TKE2 NIAGARA ST. No Better Invesfnest For th Critical Smottr i tkan pur Millard Fillmore Cigar It Im Fliirll BBina stlxfactio.


OpKnit Hotel iroquoij R. B. A Holy Angels Council K67 9L CTR. B. will hold regular meetings on the second Monday and last night of each month until further notice.

Shea's T-Mtr. Wellington Cross and Lois -Josephine are worthy headliners at. Shea's this week. They are singing catchy and and helrrdances--are smart. Ftinny' lines and screaming situations abound in "Hogan In Mexico," as presented br Bert LesMf and the Seven Original Honey Boys return with new songs and chatter and the act is full of melody and -splendidly" entertaining.

Nat" Na--larro Co. perform some t-tountflng acrobatic feats and Joyce, West and Senn have'-a merry gloom In song, dance and music Dickenson and Deagoa call their- offering "A-Paprika, of Chatter Song," and Margaret Farrell presents something' tie in the line ot character songs. The Hardy Brothers in brisk, and humor; ous chatter, and the Universal Weekly complete the show. Next week a great bill baa been ar ranged of eight all-star acts, i Plenty ot comedy, novelty and good music will be found In the program. pound aac.

Uc. 14a Jo lc ia EUFFtLO, H. Y. the French nursing SfRters." the Red Cross Society of seventy years ago. It was some ten years later, at Gnoa, the Red Cross Society of Europe was now an international one.

And the coat-of-arms given to the brave Swltzers by an admiring ruler of the house of Hapsburg a white cross on a blood red field-was reversed and made the insignia of. the glorious society dedicated to a suffering and afflicted humanity. But still further back in history than the time of the Crimean war, and even that of Innocent XL there was Red Cross work dene and means provided for offering first aid to the wounded. Isabella, the according to Bancroft, established hospital tents for her armies fighting the Moors. There the wounded soldiers were nursed by capable ladies of the court, chosen by Isabella herself.

God's Poet Cod filled his heart with sweetness, iit hia xmil with unnr God made him tender with the weak. And fearless with the strong; hlnr grace to choose the righH- And power to wrong. God touched his life with sadness, God burdened him with care. God humbled him and hindered him Lest he too rashly dare; But always God sustained him And saved him from despair. And sent him forth, a 'Hie word of truth to lii A prophet and a preacher, A leader and a king God-sen and Gixl aniiin ted, His mission this: To sing! Songs and Home Bungs' "War Hy.teria" A forceful and timely address on the danger of war hysteria as exemplified in unnecessary economy in women's dress was made recently before tha U'nmon'a Kittimml Hprnnrrntic of this city.

The address has been vaiueu so nigniy as a piain, common fcense appeal, as well as warning to wo- men not to help throw bread-winners out of employment by this inflated anil unnecessary economy, -that it- was printed as an "interview with Mrs Smith" in a Washington daily pap'T and again published as I article" in the National Monthly. "There are lodajr the city of New York," said Mrs. Smith, "fifty thousand women garment makers who are likely nt any moment to be thrown out of employment as a result of the hysteria of a- few well-meaning but- mistaken persons who are advising men ami women of wealth, as well as those of comfortable means, to practice the strictest economy in the purchase or clothing of every description. "The tame -is it: ployed in every line of trade in all tin large cities of the rnilcd States. II the manufacturer or merchant he lievis there is going to be no demand for his goods, he is going to be gov erned accordingly in the production 7 of business in the large department stores of the country means the dismissal of thousands of saleswomen and clerks." -One-hundred -and nlnet-thousajid exiles from Alsace and Loral tic are said to be living In America, though not American citizens.

They came here temporarily, as It were, until the captive provinces were won back by FranceT- They are. speaking politically, people without a passport, without a Should they In the allies' armytheir logical as well as their sympathetic side and be taken prisoners by the central powers, they would be treated as traitors and not prisoners-of war with the consldera tiorLbelligerents of every civilized nation accord their human And because of Intermarriage many of the Alsatians bear Teutonic names. To meet this France has started a movement to enroll them. Ambassador Jusserand having obtained the approval of the I'nited States gov ernment The true Alsatian is to be determined upon by his accent. Clement KuefL head of the Society of Friends of Alsace and Loralne, who Is to conduct this" vocal examfnnttonr sayk: "The French-Alsatlnns have a peculiar accent like that of no other people.

-This is noticeable In whatever language they may speak, even In the common dialect of the provinces. A Frenchman imitate it; and It is Impossible for a person off German-descent to do so. music masters listening for a false note, the examiners '111 detect -the-varlationsi In the accents and speech." Following tho Franco-Prussian war many Incidents anent the loss of fair Alsace-Loralno were current stories. One described a smart dinner party when a French woman made a wager with a Prussian officer that her countrywomen could make something ot what his would be incapable of doing anything. Next day the Alsatian received a box containing a single long white hair, and the following day the Prussian got back his box.

JVIthln wa tiny vulture holding in its mouth the hair, at either end ot which was the name of the captive provinces, and beneath the definite declaration, "Alsace and Loralne you hold only by a single hair." But the hair has held for over forty years! Important Chanje. The Canisius High School commencement exercises will be a I hold Friday evening, at 8 o'clix A at the Teck Theatre. Instead of at the high school hall. lalatineJlagJlugs Woven frorn new cretonne, in 1 or piain center enect oi rencn gray, i pink or blue, with beautiful chintz: borders. Size Price 24x36 inches -30x60 inches 4.S0 36x72 inches 6.25, 4x7 9.75 Qrej(.

JUgS Crex rugs are the best grass rugs on the market. Tliey are much in demand for verandas, summer homes, bungalows and sun parlors. Size 4-6x7-6. 6x9 .13.25 4.75 6.50 7.25 9.50 Log Cabin Rugs Hit and miss patterns, in great variety of color combinations, with plain band borders of rose, lavender, blue or brown. Size Price 24x36 95c 30x60 inches .....2.00 36x72 inches 2.50 4x7 375 6x9 feet mmrimmr- 7.50 9x12 13.75 Crex Matting Plain- brow -or-green- Alsq with band or Roman key borders.

THO AS Feast of St Vitus at Gardenr ille. Sunday, June 17th, the feast of St. Vitus, will be celebrated at the shrine of "th "Fourteen Holy Helpers Tat Gar- denville. First mass will be at 8.15 and solemn high mass with sermon at 10.15. In the afternoon at 3 o'clock there will be an English sermon by Rev.

A. J. Link ot St. Agnes' Church and benediction ot the most Blessed Sacrament During this week a no-vena is being held in honor of the great helper, St Vitus, which will close next St. Vitus is the patrou of youth and invoked against a disease called St.

Vitus' dance and against storm- nd lightning. New members'will be received in the ccnfraternityofthe Fourteen Holy Helpers. This confraternity is a great Messing tor the sick and all in need mid promises, besides many indulgences, a special protection ot these saints. Mr. Sallivto Receives Cap.

Last Thursday morning the silver nip tor elocutiotrrthe-gift -of -Canisius College Alumni, was presented to Martin Sullivan, the St. Joseph's College student who won it at the high school contest held at Hutchinson high school, April 17th. Members of Can isius faculty were present, the presen tation address being made by Dr. M. O'Gorman of the Brother emphasizing- the-fact that the boys must stand together, for all and all for one." Mr.

Sullivan Is the second student of St. Joseph's to have won oratorical honors this year, the first being Joseph Leberer, who won in the contest at Hutchinson High School. Feb. 23d. The commencement exercises of St.

Joseph's will be held at the K. of C. clubhouse. In Delaware avenue, June 22d. T.

P. Heffernan of Dunkirk will address the graduates. TiU- Tawtr Ml MmM I BOTH PHOSES 92 fr (hrt'ticn in the output of the manufacturer I. Professor Martin announced the Tames of those who had won degrees ind Bishop Dougherty conterred the ame on the young women. An address, "Poetry and Democracy," was lelivered by Miss Helene Chabot.

Miss OTwnTeofeyEDOke on "Perspective in Learning, while Miss Winifred Trillin had for her topic "Making the World Safe for Democracy." During 'he proceedings Miss Grace O'Lrien played 'here was a semi-chorus and chorus. Carlton J. H. Hayes Colombia University delivered the address lo thy graduates. His topic was "Catholicism ind the- War.

Among other things Mr. Hayes said: "You people do not appreciate what war means. We see boys in uniform narading the streets, sticks or broom for guns, and think of but do not realize what it means to fathers and nothers who must sacrifice everything 'or their country. Foreign countries lave all gone through this, and now comes home to us. "What we must confront, however, the reconstruction after the war bl political, social and educational principles so as to prevent another war.

We must study causes of the present ne and form a foundation for a new Aorid against war. You all have your mnions aoout. war ana countries, put must theTalse 'doctrines which countries have been filled with Thathave-caused-jthis-jworld--bftttle; "Over emphasis of nationalism, certain abuse of capitalism, and false, ruinous philosophy, in my opinion, are main principles to be studied in causes of the present war. "The Catholic Church does not believe in intolerance and injustice to Uher counirieslt. isinternatioiiai ind believes in justice for all countries vh Uli are In the right or who deserve right.

"If you would study 'causes of the war you would find it is enmity be ween the common people and capitalists, who do not look out or care for the interests of the common people. Markets must be made by capitalists for surplus products, fields for surplus profits with no sense of responsibility to tho common people. "Disputes betwetn persons growing to-4isputesJ)e4weeu--cla8se8--aJiuiualL lo disputes between countries is some- -Umea-given us another of war li the world was tilled with men of real good will there certainly would he war. "To the class of 1917 1 want to say ycu are living in an age with the possibilities of any age since the coming of Christ, so do -not sit down and think about it as others may have done in other ages, but get after pos sibilities of today and study them out so-asaaOake. ties which will follow the war.

Amer ica Is. in it to see it through and you niuA do what-ou can JorJierZ English, were so delighted with her murage they added to this reward a hatful of gold pieces and christened her "La Capitalne." In the country of Molly. Pitcher forbears two girls were recently rewarded for their heroism. A despatch from sayaJ'Florence nd Louisa Nolan, both aged eighteen. have been awarded the military medal for their wonderful heroism In attend ing the wounded in the streets during the Dublin rebellion.

They were ut terly reckless of their own lives and had many marvelous escapes! Origin ind Age th Rtd Crott. The Red Cross Is everywhere at work today. We deplore Its universal necessity, but how mauy.whoujiralse it universal aid know that it was orig--lnjcdby aPope? In the course of the war with the Turks" lhthelatter part of thi seventeenth century. Pope Innocent Xwas touched by the plight of the sick and wounded. He estab Hhed In Hungary; at his own expense.

flying hosniltal provided with an abundant staff of doctors. who fol lowed the Christian army everywhere. a's the FrancUcnn Revirw. Our nuns, too, laid the foundations of nuralngBerviboforethelday8.of. noble Florence Nightingale, who her-wlf paid tribute to their work.

Miss Nightingale went to the Crime faring the siege of Sebastapol. 1854-55. lo nurso the British soldiers. She found the. Sisters of St.

Vincent do "aul ot France ahead ot her caring for 'he wounded, and In the archives of 'ha Museum -of Sebastopol J.ha. writer rnd the admiring words penned by Hie Tirave." liberal-minded English wo- man, and on the walls saw portraltsof I Resources $15,003,000.00 A. D. alSSCLL. Pratldmrt.

C. ft. HUNTLEY, Vk-Prtt. C. H.


C. C. PEIL, Ant. CukUr, A. J.

ALLARD. Aim. Cuklar. H. 1ANCERT.

Ant. CuKUr, We 4. Wlneaa Interna wniint and i W411 j. mI tlv you food errlo. i rv i Bishop Dougherty also addressed the Mt MmT Academy, one scholar-graduates.

Ho spoke ot the progress exaniination Satnrdav. June of ancient Rome and Greece. In those 3y Also a scholarship far away days perfection had been al ivo hv Mt Mercy Alumnae; ex-nusl allainedT-Tbe-W tieiMn- art-iul-oulptrii-liteTa--jp-nl lure. Physically they siooiriilglCMTTt tluinr. 'n-tnepreni Mii uiui-iimiK laming.

iin-j iiuu o'clock tO "1 looked the-spiritual side Had they SaVred Heart Academv, one scholar-cultivated it. it is posmbie that theisllj examination Fridav. June d. ancient kingdoms would not have H()) two fallen as they did. liWiop Dougherty examination Saturday.

Jui-j closed his address by quoting from SI n. BUFFALO OYSTER GO. SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Haul's, epistle to the Romans to show what the great apostle thought of tho people: "ltelng tilled with ail iniquity, malico, fornication, avarice, wiukod Iness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to foolish, diHsoluta, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy." Last Saturday morning pontifical minis ws celebrated nt the coiiego by Uishop Dougherty. Father Webb, O. M.

served as deacon; Father Joseph liurke, sub-deaaon; the lit. Key. Msgr. linker, arch-deacon; Very Rev. Dr.

1. V. Smith, Provincial of Oblates, deacon of honor; Father1 Thomas O'llrien, O. M. Bub-deacon of Rev.

Dr. Thomas J. Walsh, t'haiioollor, piaster of ceremonies. The baccalaureate sermon was Frch Caught Lako Eri Whit Halibut Steak Til Cod Mackerel Sea But Flounders Butter Flah. 49 West Chlssswa Street in.

if the successful candidate shall S.muke good use of suld scholarship it SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS iHBjaTUTtMAll, RfaMfM iwlll be contlnuod for tour yean..

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