The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1931
Page 3
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^JUDAY, JUNE o, 1031 (AKK.I COUIURU NEWS PAOR Millions lo Help Others Joun M. Glenn failed to realize responsibilities and marriage machinery In ihe of careless and ignorant olllclals were lo blame, Again (he remedy was evident. The millions were be- ins well-spent. Prisoners, Children Aided Then Dr. Cileini sent men lo survey prison conditions. Tney cooperated with Congress in Uniting out facts about euro und trealinnei of Ic-dernl prisoners. Abuses were discovered. Uetoims followed. ItUciv-stcil In helping unfortunate children, money was spent 15 Jlnd out what caused ctl.MrcM:. Uv.'s ol the maimed, the mentally di 1 - llclcnt and these living under bad home conditions were studied. Methods of making them happier were found. Prejudice . against immigrants was discovered. 13r. Oienn believed muny of our finest men had come from foreign lands. But he wanli-d to know. And eventually he did know, for foundation workers learned just how many oi our bca pi;)- /ens, those who had contributed gi-jierously to urls anil crafts, were foreign-born. New Values for Music There was more money to spend for humanity. Tlie soothing und curative eftects of nuisic were known. Cooperating with Dr. Willem van <ie Wall, the foundallon studied these effects. They found out that savage outlaws, ravine against the world, could be handled when <iuleled by music. Once while studying the case of i morose Ilnllan, placed In an institution because of mistreatment of his family, Ihe experiment o! playing a record made by Caruso was tried. As the voice of the great tenor swung into "O Sole Mio" the Italian listened in rapt attention. Campus Ace to Pilch Monday Oscc'oln Ueauty and scholastic alliuntnentri hand in hand when the University of Wisconsin picks its most be.iuliful co-eds. Witness>:i Tiucklln, nbove, o! West Bend. Wis .selected as one of five "campus aces" by The Badger, tmlversll yearbook, \viiit-h took good jjraies an well as pulchritude into consid cratlon. Got the dolors - No Kiss Here's What One Man Did With S15,000,t)00 Gift to Charity BY UEXTEIl II. TEEI) i most of humanity." he says, smil- NEW YORK.---"If T only had a } ins serenely as can only those nillion dollars! Think of the good i whose outlook has been mcllo'.vcd ' cnuld do with it!" by a fife well-lived. "People ap- • Maybe you've said that to your- predate kindness. They apprecia'.t; j ell. Most of us have, at one time j being helped. They are yralclul r another, all of us who have look- j He says this now because such il with pitying eye on the pano- a philosophy wells up through all ama of humanity with all its mis- the 2-1 years he has worked. The ry aud suffering. V/e wouldn't just, foundation's intent has been: ritter our riches away on luxury i "Dissemination of knowledge nd play. We'd do goDrl with it. "If about conditions with the belief nly someone would give us. a mil- that, once they are known, they ion!" • can be- corrected. Investigation and Here is a story of a man lo whom | propaganda with a remedial ano :his very dream became a reality, was given not one, but 15 mil- ion dollars and told to use it, "for |j& improvement of social and liv- i^ conditions in the United States.' That was 24 years ago. Now lookup back down the years John M. 31enn can read the record ol accomplishment ami see the concrete results of spending that sum 10 nake life easier for millions buf- :eted by adversity and ignorance. preventive objective." Causes Always Sou;hl For example, in the course of charity imestigation, men aud women sent out by Dr. Glenn didn't s=ek to aid needy families directly. They sought underlying causes. If they discovered that poor management was to blame, or that unemployment was responsible, then the remedy was evideiu. IE they discovered that housing cou- ni.y he leaped 1° his feet, tears streaming down his cheeks. He pleaded for auo'.her chonce. It was given. He never caused any more trouble. . As the years passed Dr. Glonn directed attacks on problem after problem. The board of trustees, on which nrc -such people as Dwight Morrow, John H. Finlcy and Mrs. Pintcy J. Siiepherd. aided nobly. *No-,v with his life work n?arly finished Dr. Glenn cnn look back m a unique experience. He can iace the twilight years with satisfaction. Because Mrs. Russell Sage ;avc her money for her fellow-men, and because Dr. Glenn devoted a life lime to using iv lor tiwir benefit, millions of Americans have lived happier, better lives. And because Dr. Glenn provided some excellent answers lo tho exclamation "If I only had a million dollars!" many millions of dollars throughout the country have been diverted from purely selfish ends to other great public foundations like the one Dr. Glenn directed for 21 fruitful years. OSCFXM.A. 'ndniis. inuil II KM Eberfleld, "the Tabasco kid" scrappy e.x-pllol of tho well known Ultle l?oek Trawlers hnd other Clubs. Is tniiiiiiiiliiK this loom, nml I.-cu Ohrli; In n recent exhibition Kaiv.i; In Challaiwoea, Tennessee. „ ......... Osct-ola Is mnklnsf special pro- (rom tho nrtvuncM reports has ns- 1 iwrallnn for llik game niul lias to begin play iomblcd mi luj'jrcsalii)!! ol Claw 'A" ball nlfi>vrs. J:ukle Mirchi'll unit her l.cokouls and will; " miL ' .m 4:00 o'clock instead of :i:CO In ' order tliat tho many fans who are Ark. — The Oscoola jihy wnrmnls Sunday and will; Mils independent'.uv^lo^O-imiH the loilnwlni; ilay, : [imibtedly br- .. ni: to c-nil. .hriller from ''am, will play the Chatta-' It will bo tho Hist appearance of 11 Juniur l.nukouU Monday. Ihe professional ulrl baseball pltch- * Jnckle Mitchell, tin- fiini- er hi NnriluMM Arkansas Hhe Is U'malc pitcher recogttoil us only seventeen yenrs «M and h:is c Hi si ijiri to o\er .'liter profes- nheady imidc u' name for luwli '. mlll!i;:r.:i of a mllli[(ram are onal Itneball Is their Mar (wirier, by blriklna out I tube Itiuii mill pi'rfcci.-d. Beggar Gets Valuable Shoes From Woman I.iiborntory scales (lint weigh n (UP)—A cabinet, maker's wife here had nothing to offer a Legenr but a pair, of her husband's old shors. which, unknown to her, contained his entire savings, 1,500 mnrks IJ380). The licggar did not Inspect them; sold them to n second-hnnd dealer. The dealer read the owner's slory In the newspapers, turned over the shoes and ihe money to the iwllcc, who returned them to the rinht owner, Since the Russell Sage Founda- I ditions wore largely responsible •ion wns established in April. 1907. for sickness, th'en again the rein >y Mrs. Sage in memory of her hu's- Dr. Glenn has been its only director. Now at the age ot 72 he las resigned. His experience has ;iven bim an insight such as fc'.v cdy was evident—bstler conditions. At Forest Hills, L. I., money was spt-n! to furnish adequate lio:nc-s i for working people. The r-ynmple ire given into the problems of peo- I was followed all over the country. Dr. Glenn waged a light against the loan sharks. IhivesUgators learned that poor people were prey for the unscrupulous who loaned money at exorbitant rates of interest. Dire necessity tirov-3 1113 any men Many Problems Alfacked And he, too, has solved a problem. For in spending the millions Ivhich have been available from 1 he invested 315,000.000 foundation l;uml. in directing the lines along to accept any terms to obtain'funds, | Ivhich individuals may be helped, j which often saved them from star- -, v jth the SMit you name a '. has answered the questions What i vation itself. |-an I do with money now that It The remedy? Laws to put them l, iavc it? out of business. Such laws were I It lias been spent for charily or- j suggested and passed. At the In- anization, child-helping, cduca- lion, industrial studies, "recreation, lemedial loans, studies of southern ^ighlcuirtE, ana surveys and exlnu- is. Has hi; experience brought, disillusionment, has it convinced him Ihst many people do not want to |-e helped to live belter, as some elieve- Not at nil. | tiou, that unintelligent."lax admhi- "Thcre is nothins wrong with Ustra;ion of laws, clergymen who stignttou of Dr. Glenn one tank was urged (o try a plan of making small loans to poor people . . . More than 100 other banks followed suit. What caused so many unfortun- r.te, unhappy marriages? That quss- tion Mas answered when it was learned, by painstaking invesliga- 'Ifsthe Little Things in Life A Series Explaining the Contract Tiridgo Systems AIITICI.K NO. 228 UV WJI. K. JIcKEXNKY Secretary Anicrit'an Bridge Li-aguc Pre-emptive bills of four of a suit art) made primarily to shut out the opponents. They should be made only on hands containing a Inns suit and little or no defensive strength. They indicate lo partner that trump you will take eight tricks—in other words, you arc over-bidding your hands two tricks. If partner ha\>- psns to hold two tricks, you may be successful in making your contract. Under the writer's system, it is impossible to make a pre-emptive bid of three and they rarely, if ev?r, accomplish their pur|>ose. Tf nre going to pre-empt, do .so high enough to keep the opponents from arriving at their best declaration. There arc a. few hands where pre-emptive bids of four in e minor will work out well, but generally the best miner pre-emptive bid is an original bid of five. You fjrs only endeavoring to accomplish one thing with a prc-ctnptivc lid. and that is lo stop the opponents from biddins. .Suppurlinfc' Pre-Eui|ilive Hills As partner has told you that he is overbidding his hand two tricks and lias no side strength, do not support his pre-emptive bid even though you hoici quick tricks, unless you hold n sufficient number of quick tricks to assure a slain. The main point to remember in pre-emptive bicis Is that if the opixments should overcall partner's original suit bid of four and your hand contains only one to two quick tricks, you can make a good ncrificc bid by supporting partner. With partner advertising no defensive strength and you with very little, undoubtedly the opponents have game. When you support partner's bid, holding orp trick, you can expect to go down only two (ricks, and In the majority of cases (or a very good sacrifice- If you hold two tricks, partner should be down only In athletics and drill, the third company at the U. S. Naval Academy nt Annapolis had surpassed the seven other units, aud here you see the traditional presentation of colors which marks the selection during every graduation week. Midshipman Norman Hal!, of Syracuse, commander of the winning company, is shown receiving the cobrs from Miss Eloise. Hantord, Syracuse University student. In other ycnrs he'd hnve gotten a kiss, too, but officials have banned the custom. She's a Beauty -Ig sleek, d.-nls and management occupy time of Ciarcncc Saunders, grocery store magnate of Memphis. .». and all points south. But one of the little ' things in life, oaundcrs. an infant daughter born a few weeks HBO, now oc s most- of Saui-iders 1 time. Here you sec him and little Ann. Maybe he's telling her of how "Pigsty Wiggly" went lo market. Pre-emptive bids can also bo made after the bidding is opened; e. K- partner bids one heart, oppo- pass, and you bid three or Tour Students at Louisiana Slate University. Baton Rouge, showed their ability as "good pickers" when they selected Dorothy Cassidy, freshman, as the most representative co-ed of the Louisiana type of beauty. Dorothy, shown here, is Just one year past the "sweet 16" mark. bid. Partner would immediately take it tcr a pre-emptive bid in which you were announcing Hint , you had nothing but spades. This j type of bid is us^l more frequently than the overcall of partner's suit with a pre-empt. , <Copyilghl,l931. NEA Service. Inc.I PIGEON CHICKS' MOT1IFR liLUEFlELD. Va. (UP)—Mrs. D. spades. la either case, this!P.. Worlcy placed a small hen eg? would b? purely a pre-emptive bid i under ti pigeon which had laid no lilformtnj partner thai your hand was worthless for anything but spades. There are very few hands, however, where this will prove successful as generally the only one it shuts out from bidding Is partner. Again, supposir,3 that opponents eggs. Four weeks later the egg vai hatched, and the pigeon is giving the tiny chicken motherly attention. ST. LOUIS. (OP)-One hundrod \ representative St. Txmls men, ask-: opened with one heart. If you bldjed to nominate the ten otitstand- i three or four spades, this would be i ing women of the city, mentioned two or Ihree more thsn necessary,' 167 nltogether, 30 of them rccciv- »vicl -HW.M M iio way ixj a. forcing'ins but one volo each. to one of these girls Martha Robinson, Blytheville Mtmrine Branson, Blytheville Evelyn Harwell, Rlylheville Alberta Elliott, Blutheville Marion Burns, Blytheville Ruth Whitworth, Blytheville Virginia Keck, Rlythevillc Vivian Dillahunti/, Bli Ruth Butt, BlythevUle Margaret Cross, Blytheville . Carolyn Pride, Blytheville Althea Edwards, Blytheville Elizabeth Martin, Dell Rosa Lou Cook, Luxora Dorothy Gideon, Wilson Orihc Hutchens, Manila • Mary DeWeese, ffayti Virginia Burton, Caruthersville Margaret illilner, Blytheville. Vote for your favorite at any of these stores Gillen Furniture Co. Borum's Drug Store The Bootery Central Shoe Store Hubhard Hardware Co. Hubbard Tire & Battery Co. New York Store Guard Jewelry Store Barnes Nu-Wa Cleaners New Mead Clothing Co. New Dixie Store Co, Ark-Mo Power Co, Phillips Motor Co. 777 Service Station McMullin's Cash Grocery Elois Beauty Shop 1000 VOTES WITH EACH $1 PURCHASE

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