The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1950 THf NATION TODAY— US.pebt, Around 257 .Billion, Costing Taxpayers $5 Billion Just to Pay the Annual Interest B.I James Marlow WASHINGTON, Jan. 1G. Wi— Everybody talks about the public debt. But what is it and how did it get tliat way? The debt. Is money oivcd by the government which borrowed it to meet expenses. When lor any "reason its Income—mainly from" taxes—is less than its expenses, the government borrows to pay the bills. It borrows by selling bonds or 1 other securities to individuals, banks, insurance, companies, corporations. It pays interest on almost every penny borrowed. The debt now is "pund $257 billion. The interest is State News Briefs mild SS billion a year. Depending on the deal made when the money is borrowed, the government must pay it'all back sometime from 90 ilays to 30 years. This public debt started in 1790 just after the government begun Until recent years it' never was much. For example: By 1917, just before World War I the debt was not much more than one billion dollars. By Aug. 1919 i had jumped to S26 billion. That's because the Kovernmen had to borrow to pay for the shoot ins in World War I. Between 1919 and 1P30 govern ment income was bigger than its ex penses. It used the difference t pay oil some'of the debt. So the debt, which was $26 billio in 1919, was down to S16 billion 1 1930. Then came the depression. The Kiivcrnnieiil's hu-nme dropiiftd lie- cause millions of people's tavuble income dropped. Nevertheless, I" set the wheels KOlug, to create jobs, such as through \\T\, the government spent billions beyond its income. v That meant borrowing billions. The debt, down to S1G billion in 1930, rose to -$48 billion by June 1910, when the defense program started and the government poured out more borrowed billions. By 'Dec. 7. 1941—after a year of defense spending and just as we entered World War II—the debt was ^ to $61 billion, o pay (or World War IT, the By Hit' Associated Tress HOT SPRINGS—Charles C! (Bill Crossfield., Monroe, La., has beet lamed secretary-manager of th lot Springs Chamber of Commerce Crossfield, who takes over the pos Feb. 1, succeeds John M. Nelsor •i-Mgneti. LlS (ARK.) COL. PAGE T1YK LITTLE ROCK — A thrte-da. conference for Arkansas fire chief and lire department Instructors op ened here today. Sessions are spon wed by Ihe Arkansas Board o Vocational Education. CARUTHERSVILLE NEWS By Joan Douglass Auxiliary Han Mwllnj The American Legion Auxiliary met last. Monday evening «t the home of Mrs, Nnmoni Morgan. There were ten members present, conducted with Hie president, Mrs. Trinna Summers, presiding. Mrs. Summers read a letter of thanks lo the group from a veteran family they helped recently. The local iiembershlp chairman reported there nre now 44 uakl up members. A report from the district membership chairman was also read. The unit voted to serve a dinner to the embers of the local Worthy Matrons club, Mrs. Elizabeth Hart presented the Methodist Church olflcla- Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. c. E. Murphy, Jr., and Mrs l-otiise Davis. The attendant chose a grey sul complemented with black accessor Her shoulder corsage was o pink carnations. The brine was attired In a frocl of blue crepe. She selected bind accessories and she wore a. wais corsage of pink carnations. Mrs. Murphy Is a graduate o Ciranby High School 111 Norfolk Virginia. She was formerly employ ed at a local physician's oilice. Mr. Murphy graduated from th program, "Legislation nnd National local high school and during Ih LUXORA NEWS! Bj Mrs- G. C. Driver The Business Women's Circle of the First Baptist Church held a Royal Service Program at the church Tuesday night, with ten DALLAS. Tex.—Arkansans rpceiv cd $18.824,153 in benefits from t) federal government last year. J. H Bond, regional, director of the fc< era! Security Agency, said 101,168 persons in the state benefits directly from the government's grants for health, education and social welfare. LOST FRIEND—Michael Mason is just three years old, but he has experienced one of the sa'ddest moments in a boy's life—loss of his pet dog. "Mike" had been sick and couldn't get outside to play with his dog Pat, at Oklahoma City. For a time, Pat watched "Mike" through a window but then the dog disappeared. The pet later was found dead, "Mike" is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Mason. Above Mike grieves over hLs dog. (AP Wireplujto) LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas State Hospital Hoard of Control will meet here Jan. 20. Secretary Ross McDonald has announced. O;7 We/I Blaze Puts Itselt Out After Burning for Six Days ELK CITY. Okla., Jan. 16. </D—* The oil well near here which has been burning since Tuesday had to borrow as It never did before. By Feb. 19.46 the debt reached a peak of $279 billion. In the years after 19-16. when government Income was greater than expenses, the government paid off some of the debt. As noted, it's down to around $257 billion now. But— Thi» year and* next together, the government figures, Us ex-' penses will be $10 billion greater than Its income. To make up ih fc tlifTrreiu-e, the government will have lo borrow 10 billion, Increasing the public debt hy that much more. The government rioes its borrowing this way: 1- Treasury bills- This Is when the government needs money 1n a hurry. The money borrowed on these bills must be paid back in 90 days. Interest rate: About one per cent. 2. Certificates of Indebtedness. This must be repaid In a year. Interest: about !'.& per cent. 3. Treasury Notes. This money must be paid off In one lo five LITTLE ROCK The stale capitol will be closed next Thursday in observance of Robert E. Lee's Birthday. FAYETEV1LLE — The University of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology will begin a daily report of market prices of fruit and vegetables on the Little Rock wholesale produce market. The first tabulation will slart Ihls week. - LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Press Association plans a new setup for members who will attend the spring meeting next April. Instead ot meeting in one spot, delegates will spend three days visiting south Arkansas cities as guests of Industrialists and businessmen. TEXARKANA — The new president of the Arkansas Division of theB'nai B'rith is Robert Banks of Pine Bluff. He sncced.i Dr. Maurice Friedman of Little Rock. EL DORADO—Dr. J W. Bcrtclti has been promoted from chief engineer to technical director of Pan- Am Southern Corporation's relin- night went 'out—at least temporarily—today. Apparently It bridged itself deep in the ground to shut off the gas ilow as fire fighters prepared again to extinguish the bla/e. Two hundred pounds of nitroglycerine failed to do the job Sunday. After six hours of preparation yesterday, the explosives were ignited id 11 a.m. For 10 minutes, it Gazette Plans To Replace 24 Men on Strike LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan. H. !,V —The AiKansas Gazette today began pushing plans to hire rcplace- looked as if the fire fighters had j ments for striking editorial workers succeeded. However, whiter hot met- j Publisher Hugh B. Patterson. Jr. . Interest: About per cent. iff. Long-Term Bonds. Repayable In 25 to 30 years, Interest: About 2.3 per cent. 5. Unmarketable Securities. Savings or war bands. Repayable In 10 years or some other fixed date. Interest: About 2.53 per cent. (No. 5, once bought, can't be resold by you to anyone. Nos. 1 to 4 can be resolt.) 6. Special Issues. The government borrows from various government trust funds, such as Social Security in which money has been collected by special taxes to pay old- pensions and so on. The gov- :ry here. His assistant will be Harry K. Wheeler of Whiting, Ind. Calif' ~ tia Repairs Contit. •.•.•• after Quake WHIT; dR, Calif. (AP>— More than 16 years aftep the disastrous Southern California earthquake of 1933, this city is getting around to repairing its high school auditorium. The quake damaged roof supports and beams and the building \vas abandoned. It has been forbidden territory for students ever since. The city once decided to remodel It, then learned a large building was needed because of ai increase in the number ot slu dents. Now workmen are ripping off tin roof. Using the original walls they al re-ignited the gas and flames again shot more than 100 feet in the air. The fire. fighters arc being directed by Myron M. Kinley, lions- ton, Tex,, famous for his oil well fire fighting crew. The well caught fire last Tuesday night after a drilling crew for the Shell Oil Co., well struck "unprecedented" gas pressure at 9,08'f feet. Damage so inr has been esth.nnt.cil t nearly $500.000. Shell estimates that 40,000,000 cu- iic feet of gas are escaping from he well each 24 hours—enough to upply a city of 250,000 persons for i day. Since fire fighters moved in to fight the blaze Wednesday, they lave been clearing the scene of all debris. Elk Creek was dammed to provide water to wet down the area. The fire fighters moved in behind huge inetal shields to attach hooks to the incited rig and other equipment. Then it was pulled away from Ihe scene bv tractors. Kinley blamed the new fire on pieces of white-hot machinery from the derrick' that his crew wns unable to pull away from the blaze. The minute the frcely-Howing K from the well struck the hot metal, the flames started again. Ktntey said when the flame Is snnfled out for a sufficient period, his men will go In and cap the well to stop the flow of gas. said there was no change in the situation. He announced Sali'rdn> the newspaper hnd "no alternative' except to nj-ocecd with rebuilding news .staff. About 24 news and phoUigraphii employes, members of the^ Amcri can Newspaper Guild, walked of their jobs Dec. 17 when negotiation broke clown over a dismissal clans in a r.roposed contract. They wcr joined bv 10 circulation workers Alan Weinnmi, president of th guild local, said yesterday the strik ing employes would continue t picket the Gazette. He said Patter son's announcement "will not dete us from continuing efforts to get fair contract from the Gazette." Patterson said the Gazelle ha replaced the circulation workc who walked off Ihcir jobs. Last week Arkansas Labor Com mlssloncr C. K. Call said a cou promise on the dismissal clause lu been reached between tile ne.w paper and Ihe striking newsmen. Call .said no agreement had reached over the circulation work- Security." The meeting was closed in the usual manner with the retirement of Ihe (lag by the sergeant at arms. Following the business meeting Mis. Morgan served refreshments of pecan pie and coffee. HoniriiiaeiTS Club Mffls Mrs. John oaddy and Mrs. J. F. Patterson entertained the members ot (he Caruthersvlllc Homemakers Club at their home Tuesday afternoon. TV'enly-thrce members attended. The newly elected president. Mi's. Patterson, opened In the usual manner with the singing of the -lie club song, "Song of Peace", th Mrs. Amburgey at the piano, mowing the song Ihe group re- ated the club collect in unison. A routine business session was nrtucted. The members decided buy » tuberculosis bond. They .so discussed, and planned g bingo irty, to be held Tuesday after- oon at the home of Mrs, G. A. obcrtson. Kach member will Invite guest for the partv. At the close of the meeting the :> servtd ice box pudding and omemade cookies with coffee. The next meeting will be oti til? until Tuesday of the month and ill be with Mrs. Fred Gaither. Woman's C'uh Hi* Meeting The members of the Caruthers- :lle Woman's Club were entertnhi- :1 Wednesday afternoon at the ome of Mrs. Morrell DcHeign. Mrs. I. W. Chilton served as co-hostess. A routine business meeting was ;Cld. The program, one In a series f "Building a Better Community." .•us presented by Mrs. Lucille Lacey. vho spoke an radio, and Mrs. J. Markey. who talked on lewspapers. The program was en- itled "Radios and Newspa|> rs. Community Builders." Special music was presented by Miss Belle rs'eal Helm, soprano, who sang two numbers, "Serenade" and "Still as the Night." Miss Helm was accompanied by Mrs. Guy E Michic. The hoslesses served a (lesser course with coffee to the twenty- eight members present- Allen-Murphy Vows Salil Nona Allen, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Allen o Hampton, Ark., became the brld of James Ralph Murphy, son o Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Murphy Carulhersvillc, on Friday evening January fith. The simple double rln remony was solemnized at Pig It, Ark., with the pastor of til war he served In the Army Air Porce, He is at present associated with Ihe Brown Shoe Company. The couple is making their home In this city. lias Hlrllnlay I'urlv Miss Ami Wilson, daughter of. Mr. and Mis. Waller Wilson, observed her birthday last week at their home when a number of her friends were invited to a party In licr honor. Rook ami other games were played with prizes going to Miss Glondii Culver. Aim received gifts from her relatives ami her seventh and eighth grade friends. cold drinks 5vere served. Guesl-i included Misses Dorothy Sisco, Phylis MCClanahan, Carolyn Bookout, Wanda Barnes, Olcnda Culver, Oraclle Plgmon, Sandra Zaetseh. lliue Saphian and Patricia Slklns. Mrs. Lindsey Smith nnd Mrs. Helen Trammel! and son, Gene, of ortagcville, Mo., were In town Vedncsday evening visiting lliclr stcr. Mrs. J. F. Douglass. Mrs. Earnest Hazel, Miss Mnry lien Horncr and Misses Norma can Dennett and Mary Kllen Kiml- ed spent Tuesday i" Cape Glinr- ean. Mo., on business. Hurley L. Schull/, who Is serving the U. S. Navy, .spent, last WTC) id here with his wife. He is sta oned at the Naval base uenr Icmphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vick of Dcevlng, Mo., were hi town Sun- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. During the Middle Ages it wns believed thfit mistletoe could protect people from witches. will convert it, at a cast of $381,000, into a classroom and library building. Antique Snake Found Near Rio tie Janeiro RIO we JANEIRO —W|— An 80- million-year-old snake has bsen re- liorted found near San Jose Itab- oral, small town in Rio de Janeiro state. A report to the geological museum here says a Held party digging in a site which lias been explored for 20 years, found fossi birds, lizards, plants and a snake estimated to belong to the tertiari age. The snake is the first of tha' type found In Brazil, says the re port. eminent pays such funds interest of l!i to 4 per cent. 7. Miscellaneous Items. Under this the government borrows in various ways. For instance, it can borrow from the Internationa! Bank and Monetary Fund. It pays no In- j tcrcst on this. Why doesn't the government do its borrowing in one way only, say by selling only 25-year bonds? Because Treasury experts think It's better to have several kinds »f debt, payable at different times. The government would be In a fix if nil its debt came due on one day Wsceo/a Youth in Novy Soon to Return to U.S. Ralph Walker, seaman In the United States Nnvy. is scheduled to return to Newport, R. I.. Jannar;27. after a four-month cruise in the Mediterranean. His home is at 414 Center Avenue, Osccola. BUYTHEVILLE'S ONl^V ALL WHITE THE AT Rt I-AST DAY • 2 T% IlTls! WALK A CROOKED Mill: LEO 90RCET * Tke BOWERY NTS SMUGGIER'SCOVE E D PROFIT By Reading ihe Classified Ads? Every Day! PROFIT BLYTH By Advertising In Tbe Classified Columns When You Waul to Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME PAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 EVILLE COURIER OS members present. Mrs. J. S. Olive was hostess to the group. Mrs. Waller Wood gave the devotional "To Whomever Much is Given", Mrs. Olive had charge of the program, "Playing Fair With Others", assisted by Mr.v A. 1). Hill, Mrs. Paul Hayes, and Mrs. G. C. Driver. Aflci a short business meeting presided over by the president, Mrs. Hill, the hostess served a salad course. Mr. ahtl Mrs. G. C. Driver were hosts to a Ihrec table bridge pur^ at their home Wednesday night High score for the Indies wns wot by Mrs, John Mowen. and hlgl score tor the men was won by Mi Uo«'en. Alter the games the hosts served refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bowon have returned hiune after several ilay.i visit with relatives at I-ake Village, Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. I. M. CaslUo. Mr. nnd Mis. Ray Olive, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Whitmore spent weekend In Little Rock visiting Irlcmls. The Luxora Piireut Teachers Association met Wednesday at Ihe school cafeteria for a monilllj meeting, with members ntid guests present. The program, How Intel- Devi'lops, was in charge o G. C. Driver, socin! science in.slruc tor in the Lnxora schools Attend nnce prizes were won by iho fift nnd ninth grades. Third and grade mothers were hostesses f<> (he meeting. Memphis visitors week In eluded Mrs. Autetl Chltwood, Mr A. B. Bradley, and Mr. and Mr*. S C. Ingrain. The Fidells Clara ol llic Fir. Baptist Church held IU monthly business meeting Friday night «t the church, with Mrs. Paul Hayw, Mrs. G, (1. Driver, and Miss Eva Cooke as hostesses. Eight members were present. The devotional was fjLven by the class teacher, Mrs. O. B. Wood. The class president, Mrs. W. C. Meadows, was In charge o( (reparation of the year books. Mr«. 3. C. Skeen Installed the new officers for the year. During the ev«- ilng the hostesses served refreshments of sandwiches cookie.*. Jny A. Kochentierfer returned iiome Friday after a two ivee'it visit with relatives in Lewhton, I'enn, Luxora Postal Vacancy Will Be Filled Soon LUJORA, Ark., Jan. 16.—An tn- nminallon will be conducted here February -1 to fill a position of stib- sllliile clerk In the post office, it wns ntinounced today by Mrs. 1-eh- man A. Driver, postmaster. Applicants must bo residents o! the »re» rved by the post office, and they list be between the ages o( 18 and . Application forms may be ob•d from Mrs. Driver. day visiting his In-other, Mr. an MJS. Dean Vick. John Weslbrooks ot Hughes. Ark is spending several days witli h wife, Mrs. Weslljrouk, and daughtei Mis. Vick. NEW Dux Opens Week Days 7:05 p.m. Matiuee Saturday .V Snmlnys Miil.-Siin. 1 p.m. Conl. Sliowin Manila, Ark. EVERYTHING I ATE DISAGREED WITH ME UNTIL I found I wai •ult«rl«( fro* nutritlonil deficiencfed Monday & Tuesday "EASY LIVING" with Victor Mature and [.milk Rail Warner N'cws \; Cartoon Last Times Today "TASK FORCE" with tlary (!nnp^r and Jane Wyatl Shorts Tuesday Only 'PRISON WARDEN" with Wirlicr Hi Also Shorts •I sulfered with stomach Irouble since 1035. Even U I ale Just a little my stomach would swell and nothing ever gave me positive relief. I have taken only four bottles of >IA ii.u;i>l,. and now I can cat anything I want and gel up nnd go right to work. , So, I can not nclp but prals» n.\ p.u:oi.." -jUr.h'. Henderson, U amtnond,LtL. i I.MIA co i, is one of the greatest scientific contributions ot tin ccniuvy to victims of nutritional stomach trouble. llAl>Ai;or, reinforces nnd nourishes sickly, weak body tissues and gives your svstcm Ihe weapons It needs to fight off such deficiencies, ll.l n.\ (•<>!, has given amazing results in case after case whera all hope of relief had been given up. No matter what you've tried without success— give u .* I>A co i. u chance to help YOU. Trial size only $1.25 a bottle. Large family or hospital size, J3.50. HAflACDL v Now^for '50^ all other automatic drives are aated NOW . . . for '50— no automatic drive Is complelely up to dale . . . — if it requirei clutch-pedol-pushing at any time — if it jerlci or "clunks" during acceleration — if it wastes gas, at cruising speeds, through slippage — if it overheats on long climbs — if it foils to provide smooth, gradual engine braking on down-grades Iwilh no risky "down-shills.") — if it does nof permit inslant change from Forward to Reverse |lo rock Ihe car in snow) Swc'lt;/! lo Ihe nev/ drive sensation . . . designed and built by Packard! PACKARD fAWUIIT llGHZ DiLUXI, IJJ-f/P Tourist ASK THE WAN WHO own OMI MOTOR SALES COMPANY, Inc. 217 W. Walnut Phone 3524

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