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Buffalo Weekly Courier from Buffalo, New York • Page 7

Buffalo Weekly Courier from Buffalo, New York • Page 7

Buffalo, New York
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II Is estimated the internal revenue receipts GBBAT BBITAXN. 1 MACK Ifimsij 8010M0I. Mow He Disposed of a Case of Alleged' Witcki craft. Little Rock, Feb. 10.

disp, to Boston Herald. inone of the precincts of Pulaski oountv and If within their constitutional pow er it cannot be questioned by the courts upon allegations of bribery and fraud. He hoIdV the legislature has power to piss a funding act, there no constitutional inhibition, and that the act Is constitutional and not void. The? opinion is concurred In by Special Justice Ewing. -V HASTAM ASD BOYD PBACTICIN9 ASSIDCOUBXT FOB THB COMINQ BACK BOTH OAB8XZS IB PRIM CONDITIO! TH PABXIA-XXHTABT RaTUBHS, ETO.

this state, a oolorad man is justioe of the peace. Loanos, Feb. 11. Hanlan is now within KlfiHBOBHOOB BOTES. NIAGARA COTHTT.

The Suspension Bridge Journal learns that Mr. Krapp of Buffalo his purchased the Mon-teagle property for $12,000 and that he will open it as a hotel In the spring. This seems to be a great year for sturgeons-Dan, Reardon, A. and Frank Powley caught fourteen at one haul at Youngstown not lone since. Fifty a week are shipped from Niagara to Buffalo, and at latest advices they were catching sturgeon at Ransomviile, whether is the four or six mile creek is not mentioned.

WTOMNQ COCHTT. The tax collector of Attica has levied on the telegraph instruments of the Western Unln office to satisfy uDpaid taxef. Two new cheesj factories will b9 erected at Pike Station and North Gainesville this spring. Frank and G. C.

Ahl will be the proprietors. John M. Hutchinson post, G. A. will hvm nnnnrli nf mminr wpfo-htL Tkia mom- The Greenback Tocsin.

A lb Ail Feb. 1L A call has been issued by the chairman of the state committee of the national greenback labor party for a meeting of the state committee to be held in New York Ing be rowed from Putney to Kaw against the tide without easing, and then returned with of this fiical year will reach Randall and other leading members of the house way sad mesne committee favor taking off about $70,000,000 of this. There Is a yery decided feeling among the members of the bonse against a redaotlon of the tax on whisky and tobacco, BEGULanHO roo bigsals. The commerce committee of both houses have prepared a bQI to amend the laws regulating fog signals. The statue now prohibit! the dm of any signals other than a simple flash which affords no Indication of the course of the Teasel and Is therefore a simple danger signal.

The bill eoofersjon the board of supervising Inspectors of steam vessels power to adopt auxiliary signals to prevent collisions. The code of Admiral Beaumont of the United States navy gives the course of a vesrel bearing signals. A memorial has been addressed to the city February 23d, to consider the call for a national convention recently issued by Colonel Jesse Harper, chairman of the national com mittee, to decide what should be done to defeat ester day Martha Hodges, a good-looking young negro girl, was brought before thla colored magistrate under arrest on the charge) of witchcraft, which bad been preferred by Jackson Holmes, a young colored man. The justice entertained the case and proceeded to" try it, Jackson Holmes testified that she had bewitched him in various ways, depriving hint of sleep, visiting him ia dreams and haunting- his mind when awake. He had loved Martha, until be observed blue flames of fire dart from ber nostrils; then he became convinced she was a witch.

He abandoned all thought of marrying her and told her so. She swore vengeance, and be, on that very nlghs, was awakened by a choking sensation and was impelled by soma Irresistabie, invisible power to the door, where he found lying on the steps a rabbit's toot. This he picked up, when a mockiog lagh burst out in the empty air. On repetitions of this sort of experience he found bird claws and horse hoofs. This sort ot thing had utterly wrecked him.

Martha testified that Jackson had professed love and won her and engaged to marry her and then trifled with her. After thife she went to her grandmother, who inboed O. T. -Contributed to tht Sunday Courier. When all the fields with now were white, la the deep winter of the year, There me a whisper in the nlg-ht Which thrilled our hearts with fear.

Buy not," it sal "but come away To other lands more (atr than this; Wait not the parting wurd to say, To glre the parting kUs. Bat baste and comet Thrice happy feet That pass, before the day's decline Nor mortal lips may tell thee, sweet, The Joys that shall be thine. The tempest beats npon this shore. Bat there its faintest murmurs die; The shadows gather here no more Shall they o'ercloud thy sky. For thee, nor pain nor weariness, Nor bitter pang of hope's delay, Bnt Youth's immortal love'lness.

And Heaven's unending day." be closed ber tender eyes and smiled, Her cheek grew pale as drifted snow; She waited not for friend nor child, Bnt swift made baste to go; For child, or friend, or parting kiss, Her spirit could not brook delay; Upon her brow's ethereal grace The solemn aureole lay. And thus, when all the fields were white, In the deep winter of the year, She passed into the world of light the dangerous measure how pending before congress for refunding a portion cf the na tional debt Into long bonds, and for extending celebrate Washington's birthday with a lecture by Major Edward E. Sill of Rochester, an ex- the tide, sculling throughout weU and vigorously. He was afloat again this afternoon. Boyd also is progressing weir.

He is In splendid health and condition and appears to row with a general stroke of thirty-four to the min ate, but Hanlan seems to get the same speed with thirty to the minute. The parliamentary return shows 513 suspect confined in various gaols In Ireland. The American ministers at Paris and Berlin are urging the reopening of the International monetary conference. A terriflo explosion occurred this evening in the colliery in the Bbondda valley, Wales. Houses were shaken two miles off.

The loss of the charters of national banks. Also, to stimu hibition of war relics by Col. A. B. Lawrence rT of Warsaw and a camp fire supper.

late united effort among the nationals evei state department asking the president to appoint art International commissioner with a where to support the measures now pending before congress or state legislatures which are CATTARAUGUS COUNTY. A. Hathaway of Buffalo, who is the owner of a timber lot in Boston, is shipping a large calculated to correct wrongs, restrain the dan amount of lumber from the Franklinvtile view to procuring the co-operation of England. HISOaXLASKOUS. A.

M. Soteldo died at 10.25 to-night gerous influences of railroad, telegraph and land monopolise. depot. The Salamanca National bank began on Monday in the Horth building, corner A delegation of Arapahoe Indians paid their respects to the president (his afternoon. Disgusted with Ryan.

Trot, Feb. 11. The Troy delegation that at life is unknown. Ik being Saturday night but few persons were In the pit Two thousand of main and Maple streets. The Hon.

A. G. Dow is president of this institution, and Mr. Warren Dow is cashier. Alex.

II. Stephens celebrated his seventieth tended the Ryan-Sullivan fight returned this birthday to-day by a reception to friends. persons are thrown oat of employment. her with mysterious powers of which she bad till then remained In ignorance. For the pur pose of reclaiming her lover she had at times laid spells upon him.

The justice decided that the only way to BatiEfy justice in this case was for the plaintiff and defendant to marry, and, after iisuing orders ot the court to that effect, he married them and sent them away man and wife. Additional diplomatic corresp indsnce called Frank B. Mills will speedily rebuild on the site of the mill recently destroyed by fire at Salamanca. The new building; will be 62 by 80 feet larger on the ground than the one for by congress will not be sent ia until the morning. They denounce Ryan and make grave charges against either the ex-champion or his trainer Roche.

Green Island sports who also returned formed a ring on the platform and two gave a sparring exhibition. FRANCE. HKVISINQ TH COMPANIES ACT. Fabis, Feb. 11.

Harabert, minister of jus B. W. W. And left ns weeping here. Buffalo, Feb.

10, 188i destroyed by fire. It favored with good weather Mr. Mills will have the institution again la tunning order by the 1st of March. tice, determined to revise the oompanies act of 1867, He promises prior to submitting the bill The 50th anniversary of the marrieze of to the chamber' of deputies to lay the question i Out of Material. Albas Feb.

11. Five hundred and seven Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pullman was duly celebrated at the homestead in this town, on the 5th Inst. There were 1 present on this happy occasion all their children with their eons and before an extra parliamentary commission who shall consider the advisability of abro BIS M0JE? BID HOT SITE HIM.

a Grand Rapids, Feb. 10, disp. to Trib A special to the Daily Times says that D. F. Comstock ot Big Rapids, this state, one of the wealthiest men in that city and a prominent lumberman and mill owner there, was con- -victed this evening of assault with intent to murder some months ago.

Some trackmen for the Grand Rapids Indiana railroad company, under the control of a foreman named Drew, were building a siding on lands. He claimed that they were trespassing. He at ty workmen engaged In the stone cutting department of the new capitol were discharged on account Cf the material on hand being finished, and they are likely to be idle until navL gation reopens, as the stone is brought here by gating the clause placing bourse transactions other than for cash on the same footing as gambling debls which are legally irrecover daughters-in-law, and several of their grandchildren. The sons and daughters of the aged couple are as follows: Mrs. F.

G. Pattison of middle of next week. The New York CommerciaTs Washington special says: The president bad more calls today of psople who desired office for themselves or recommended the appointment of other persons than any day since he became president. Mr. Clement of Saratoga, brotber-in-law of the late A.

M. Soteldo, Is here for the purpose of securing counsel to defend A. C. Soteldo, charged with shooting his Colonel Charles Reed of Chicago has been asked to take charge of the defense. The minister to Hay Li reports a small-pox epidemic In Fort an Prince.

Hundreds of people have died and hundreds are now sick. The disease prevails In 1 its worst form Vaccination and revacclnation have been resorted to in thousands of cases with good effects. Business is considerably disturbed, Energetic meatureswill betaken to abate the epidemic. able. Buffalo, Messrs.

Giles and Harry Pullman, also of Buffalo, Harrison' Pullman of Olean, and water. I The nihilist Pavroff has been expelled from Miss Ellen Pallman, wha resides at home with her parents. We are pleased to state ia con France for publishing an appeal for help for SU3PIRIA Take, them, Death anf bear away Whatever thou canst call thine own. Thine Image, stamped npon the clay, May give thee that, but that alone. Take, them, (rravel and let them lie Folded uporMiiy narrow shelves, As garments oT the soul laid by.

And precious only to ourselves. Take, them, great Eternity I Our little life is but a gust Which bends the brandies of thy tree And trails its blossoms in the dust Longfellow. Ah! what avails the sceptred race, And what the form divineT What every virtue, every grace? Hose Aylmerl ail were thine. Bone Aylmer! whom these waking eyes May weep, but njver see, A night of memories and sighs I coneecraie to thee. Walter Savage Lamlor.

Drowned for his Friend. Manchester, Feb. 11. William Eck- the widows and families of nihilist martyrs. nection with the pnasant occurrence that death has never invaded the home of these art was drowned this afternoon while attempt THE EAST.

1 8KBIOU8 TROUBLE III ARABIA. tempts i to stop the wortc and, during a controversy, attacked Drew with the heavy ash- handle of a sawdnst shovel and beat him over the head so that his escape from death is a wonder. Comstock is in jail awaiting sentence. The case was bitterly contested and attracted much attention in western Michigan. ing to rescue a fellow workman named Schrote, who had fallen Into the river.

Schrote was carried some distance down stream but got out safely. CoasTAHTiNOPLK, Feb. TL The news from Arabia is disquieting and causes some anxiety to the Turkish government. The insurrection goodly old people during the fifty years of their happy union. They were married in Norway, Herkimer county, N.

Ftb. 5, 1882, and became residents of this county some twenty years ego. FranklinvUle Argus. An association of Ellicottville and Salamanca gentlemen propose to know whether or not there is oil in Bear Hollow and will put down a test well. Forty shares at $100 each are to bs issued.

It is undersiood that the shares are nearly it not all taken. The Hon. C. P. Vedder and Mr.

Joseph Randall of Ellicottville have leased 3.000 acres in the vicinity there, which has for Its motive the rehabilita METROPOLITAN 31 EMI OH. Dr. Frazier's Root Bite Frazier's Boot Bitters' are not a dram-show tion of Immaoual Islam as the head of the Mobamoaedan people throughout Earope, The Devil in the Students. 4 i Trot, Feb. 11.

The sophomores and freshmen of Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute had a street fight last night on account of the sophomores appropriating sleighs hired by freshmen. Among the results of the fight were black eyes, cut lips and contused heads. Asia and Africa, is Increasing. The move I whisky beverage, but are strictly medicinal in ment has a deep root In the religious feelings of the Mohammedans and threatens to become Feter Cooper's Birthday Caiebration-Mtraculoua Eacapa from Death Increase of Small-Pox Gold Ship- tUtr i ment8 An AdventuresB in I a cause of serious trouble. and kidneys, keep the bowels open and regular, make the weak strong, heal the lungs, build up the nerves and cleanae the blood and system of every impurity.

For dizziness, ru9h of blood to the head, tend-insr to aDODlexv. dvsnensia. fever and aeue. droo- of the proposed well, which will be turned in as a part ot the assets of the oompany. The territory is in the town of Great Valley, about sixmlleytrom Salamanca.

The well will be pnVrrown 2,000 feet. A test well was sometime ago put down a short distance from where FEOM WASDINCTM. ttpeaal Dtrpitc to The Courier. Wasbisotos, Feb. 11.

A conference of between thirty and forty democratic congressmen took place to-day. The chief object of the meeting was to dlrcuss Informally a plan of action regatdirg the coming tariff contest in the house. Those who were present are known GERMANY. AMKNDISQ THE ECCLESIASTICAL LAWS. THS CESTESARIiS CLEaSIHAS DEAD.

Oswego Palladium, Feb. 11. Nbw York, Feb. 10. Peter Cooper celebrates his ninety-second birth-day this evening it is proposed to sink this well, and It is stated that there were unmistakable evidences of oil-Three sats of tools were loEt in the well, and it Berlin, Feb.

11. The first sitting of the Rev. Simeon Parmalae, D. who celebrated his one hundredth birthday on the of committee to amend the ecclesiastical laws was was abandoned. by a dinner, which will ba attended by a nam ber of prominent gentlemen.

I held to-day. Yon Gassier, minister of ecclesi CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY. The Union Bank building at Fredonia has sy, pimples and blotches, scrofulous humors aud sores, tetter, ring worm, white swelling, erysipelas, sore eyes, and for young men suffering from weakness or debility caused from imprudence, and to females in delicate health, Fraziei's Root Bitters are especially recommended. Dr. Frazier: I have used two bottles of your Boot Bitters for dyspepsia, dizziness, weakness and kidney disease, and they did me more good than the doctors and all the medicine I ever used.

From the first dose I took I began to mend, and I am now in perfect health, and feel as well as I ever did. I consider your medicine one of ths greatest of blessings. MRS. Cleveland, O. Sold bv all druecrists everywhere at $1 per bottle.

astical affairs, stated that Van Sahloegar, now at Rome negotiating with the Vatican, has Balthasar Heuser fell from a scaffold to the been sold to the Fredonia National bank for $6,000. January, died at 11 o'clock last night at the residence of his son-in-law, Hon. E. J. Hamilton.

On the anniversary of his campleted ceatury, Dr. Permalee received calls throughout the day, and seemed quite strong and well. Among those who called were the city clergy in a body. Dr. was born in West Stockbrldge, January 16, 1782.

At the age of twenty he bought? his time from his It is reported that the widow of Austin been furnished with extensive powers. The government desires revision of the May laws but Insists the discretionary powers vested Maldoon will commence a suit under the civil damage law against the Dunkirk saloonkeeper in whose cistern her husband's dead body was found. therein shall remain as the basis of legislation as revenue reformers. After an interchange Of views It was determined to make a resolute opposition to the passage of the tariff commission Dili aa teporCed from the ways and means committee. They will avail themselves of very parliamentary opportunity to compel the protection sts to allow full and fair discussion of the tariff question.

They will prepare hereafter amedaments which they will offer to the commission bllL One of these amendments will iq substance provide that the commission, on the subject. W. H. TIBBS, druggist, wholesale and retail, 235 Main street, corner Seneca. A sue which has been lying at the dock In father and commenced to learn the trade of a wheelwright, but about a year later began a course of study with Rsv.

Samuel Haynes, a colored preacher In Middle- Dunkirk took advantage of the clear lake to run out the other day, intending to reach a i 1 ground, sixty-five feet, to-day, and was only slightly hart There was considerable increase of small-pox this week. i Dispatches to-day from Adrian confirm the suspicion that the paper certifying to the genuineness of the water bonds sold by Mayor Navlo were forgeries. Detectives are on the track of Navin, who at last accounts had gone west from Michigan. The flst consolidated mortgage bondholders of the Columbus, Chicago Indiana Central railroad adopted the agreement made by the port as far west as possible, so as to gain time Over 5000 bury, Vfc. Ia 107 be was licensed to for business in the spring before the lower lake ports are open.

preach by the Rutland and Bennington Congregational association, in leuo he Walter H. Edwards of Dunkirk, son of the If it Is to be created, shall consist of ELECTRIC SPARKS. New York, Feb. 11. Arrived, the Celtic, from Liverpool.

St. Johns, N. Feb. 11. The snow blockade on the railways Is worse than it hss been in years.

Halifax, Feb. 11. The railroads are blocked in all directions by snowdrifts. The malls are much delayed. St.

Johns, N. Feb. 11. The snow block ade on the Inter-Colonial St John and Maine jrn-" was ordained pastor of the congregation in Weetford, VC, to whom he preached for thirty years. The ordination service took place a Hon.

F. S. Edwards, has accepted the situation of scperintendent of the Horticultural Society of the State of California and left for Sin Francisco. He is quite young, being in his 18th year, but his experience in the business has been considerable. ruggists barn, then the place of worsmp.

lie was also pastor of the Congregational churches in Wll-liston and Westport, Vt. His pastoral services extended through sixty full years of uninter with committee the Pennsylvania and other I roads. The gold shipments to-day were about rupted labor, and as late as ist3, returning to Westford and finding his old congregation THE SEW YORK HALF-BREEDS. N. Y.

cor. Fhila. Ledger. The New York managers In the republican without a pastor, he ministered to them a year. He was made a doctor of divinity by the Uni RIFRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS to from the political parties In numbers corresponding to the relative strength of the two parties in congress.

The revenue reformers insist that it the protectionists Insist on having the report of a tariff 'commission to be circulated by tens of thousands of copies In propagation of protectionist heresies, it is at least but fair play that such document be accompanied by the report cf the strong minority of the revenue reform members of such commission. It should be stated, however, i versity of Vermont. Mrs. Parmalee survives railways has been broken, and trains are running again. Jackson, Feb.

11. The legislature adopted a resolution to-day Inviting General Hancock to visit the capitol during its session, and appointed a committee of reception. so-called half-breed" interest within the few at the age of by. Dr. armalee's lue was an earnest and unfaltering example of the truths days past have received sundry forcible inti he believed and preached, and his death was a $1,000,000.

I I The caae of Mrs. Gsnsler against Henry Hermann, a wealthy manufacturer, ended to-day by Justice Otterburg discharging Hermann and holding Mrs. Gensler and witness Hunt for perjury. Mis. Gensler.

has been prosecuting Hermann for years, olalming he i was her hus-' lAnd and had abandoned her In Europe. It is stated to-day that an agreement was entered into between the New York; Susquehanna mations from congressmen whose wishes they cannot afford to disregard that it would be peaceful and quiet close of a career remark able alike lor its length ana usefulness. St. Albans, Feb. 1L The complications reported existing between the Central, Vermont Ogdensburg, the Lake Cbamplain and other roads Interested in the Portland Ogdensburg bad policy" to insist upon the gubernatorial nomination of Collector Robertson next fall, inasmuch as itconld not fail to antagonize the TROT STUDE9TS Off TBS RAMPAGE.

Troy Times, Feb. 11. party outside of liew iork These congressmen assert that they have no desire to meddle line, have been amicably settled. A notice was posted at the Polytechnic In with the New York factions In any way, but that a step of this kind would inevitably ex- Boston, Feb. 11 In the ssarch for the effects of Judge Wilkinson no evidence was Western railroad, formerly the New Jersey Midland, and the Delaware, Lackawanna Western railroad by which the coalfields ot the Lackawanna valley in Pennsylvania will be stitute by the freshmen yesterday annonncing AND Physicians Have Signed or Endorsed tht Following Remarkable Document Messrs.

Seabury Johnson, Manuf actor ins Chemists, 21 Piatt New York Gentlemen For the past few years we have sold various brands of Porous Plasters. Physicians and the Publio prefer Benson's Capcine Porous Plaster; to all others. We consider them one of the very few reliable household remedies worthy of confidence. They are superior to all other Porous Plasters or Liniments for. external use.

ten i the area of the strife to the rest ot the a sleigh-riie to Albany for last evening. The found to show he had a place of deposit or did country and bring the broil Into the next presidential campaign. They conceive, therefore, business through any bank. It is certain that freshmen gathered at a Third street rendezvous to await the arrival of the sleigh, which that those who were present at the conference to-day are thoroughly opposed to a commla-sion of any kind. They protest against that method or any method of delay on the part of congress In considering and effecting revision of the customs laws and reduotioa of duties.

Their battle is to be for immediate action, and they are not without hope of assistance from some of the western republicans whose constituents are demanding tariff reform. F. that they have a right to tender friendly coun he left property worth 1100,000 to 1200,000. In sel in the matter, and they trust it will be what form his investments are in oannot be had been ordered for 7:30 o'clock. It failed to report on time, and a committee was sent to heeded.

The more astute of the "half-breed" leaders are inclined to defer to this remon ascertained. ascertain the cause. Un reaching the livery strance, I am told, and you need Philadelphia, Feb. 11. James Barnes of stable they found the sleigh, but it was full of opened to the former road, using the Midland's tracks to Middletown, N.

connecting with the Watertown, XJnlonvllle Water Gap railroad. A new extension has been built between the two bridges and Blalrstown, N. and the Blairstown railroad has also been leased, giving a new road line through Sunex and Warren counties, N. to the Delaware river, connecting with the main line of the Delaware, Lackawanna Western railroad at the northern ter merry sophomores, and tney were just paying Montana, who Intended to sail for Earope today, claims be was robbed of 1,000 at a lodg the liveryman 10 ror an cuius wnion bad been not be surprised, therefore, if Robertson should be thrown overboard and some less aggressive statesman taken up. For the moment the drift is towards the renomination of Governor Cornell.

The previously engaged by the freshmen lor $io, ing house here last night. but the latter bad not paid for it. Une of the Philadelphia, Feb. 11. Rheinhardt Buck, committee told the driver the sleigh belonged to the freshmen and they proposed to have it.

personal relations between that gentleman and Sil Asiooiaud Ft 61. WOBKIBG8 CrVTL 8BVIOB COMMISSIONS. Washington, Feb. 11. The senate commit ex-Sanator Conkting, it is well known, have aged fifty-ceven, of Lsbanon, Pa, suicided in the Eastern penitentiary this afternoon by cut minus of the New York, Susquehanna 8c West The Jjhu jumped down and replied that it would be necessary to "lick" the driver before the freshmen ob ting bis throat with a razor.

ern railroad, The anniversary ot the ninety -first birthday Montreal. Feb. 11. Rasurrectlonlsta broke tained the whereupon the commit Benson's Capcine "Plaster is a genuine) Parxaaceutical product, of the highest order of merit, and so recognized by physicians and druggists. been somewhat strained ot late, owing to the alleged lukewarmness of the former ia the sen-atorial contest at Albany a year ago; but, notwithstanding tbat, bis selection wonld be less apt to make trouble in the state convention than tbat of the collector, with whom, apparently, there is never to be reconciliation.

Under any circumstances there is difficult naviga tee withdrew and finally obtained another Into the vault of St Vincent de Paul last even or reter uooper was celebrated to-night by a sleigh. At 8.15 o'clock the freshmen started dinner at bis residence. Thurlow Weed was ing and stole four bodies. Other bodies were oil lor Albany, having first telephoned to the treated in a most ruthless fashion. the only person invited who was nnable to be inosor warning tbe proprietor not to let the Montreal, Feb.

11. Two bodies stolen from "sopha" eat the supper that the "freshys" had When other remedies fail get a Ben." son's Capcine Plaster. St. Augustln cemetery by medioal students was I ordered. The "sophs" had supper at the Dal tee on civil tetylce to-day beard Naval Officer Bnrt and E.

P. Wheeler of New York, and K. O. Grave of the treasury department, In regard so the practical Workings ot the civil service commissions with which they are connected, and also concerning the merits of art-cm bills before the committee. HXAB130 ON HR.

OBTH'8 BILL. The house committee on reform ot the civil service to-day heard Judges Drake and Richardson of the court of claims and a committee of Washington lawyers with regard to lamb-like and of-. th nf tnrtan Bna seemed to be very to be very present. Among ths gassts were Hamilton Fish, Jackson a Schults, William E. Dodge, John Bigelow, John Parsons, A.

A. Low, Wilson G. Hunt, N. M. Beckwith, Joseph EL Choate, Rsv.

Vincent Judge Brady, but when the freshmen started for home they discovered that the mild sophomores had The relations were obliged to pay sixty dollars tion ahead for the half-breeds. An heretofore stated, there are few of them that are not expectants of favors of one kind or another at the hands of General Aithur. The problem tbey have to solve, therefore, is how to reconcile their persistent hostility to ex-Senator Conkling the particular friend of the president with the obvious suggestions of self-in You will be disappointed if you use cheap Plasters, liniments, Pads or Electrical Magnetic toys. gone off with both sleighs. The freshmen for the bodies before being allowed to remove came back on the train, and encountering the them.

Peter H. Watson, Rosaiter W. Raymond, Dr. sophs" about midnight at the corner of Third Hinsdale, Feb. 11.

Luke Ransom, man Wiesse, Edward Cooper, and Abram S. Hewitt street and Broadway attempted to recapture A MEAD'S Medicated CORN and BUNION PLASTER. terest. In due time, it is quite probable Mr. ager of the D.

M. Ojborne reaper oompany, Mr. Codper was in excellent- health and their sleigh, but were driven off acd retired completely vanquished. Oae freshman's lip was found dead in a suburb this morning. Cornell may be as summarily set aside for somebody else, as shifting circumstances may THE MILD POWER spirits.

I I The piano case factory of Dielman Co, Near him was a revolver with two chambers require. was cut in two aud several bad black eyes and other bruises. Ths "sophs" were obliged to pay for both sleighs, and their little trick stood them In about $30, while it only cost the fresh empty. There was a pistol shot wound in the was destroyed by flra to-night. Loss on stock UfW1FHREYS, OMEOPATHIC- SPECIFICS.

THS TRADE DOLLARS. back ot his head from which the brains oozed. and building (130,000. Insurance not to exceed 140,000. A fireman was probably fatally men their 15 cent car fare from Albany.

ash. disp. to Cincinnati There were evidences of a struggle, but no trace of the murderer. His clothes and wallet hurt by a falling wall. Representative Smith of Illinois, chairman Orth's bill for devolving on that court alone adjudication all claims, except war claims, against the United Sates, and prohibiting the consideration cf privoTa oiuims by congress until after they have been examined and reported by the court of claims.

The statements all supported the practicability ot the performance of these duties by the court. THE GARFIELD EXPENSES. The limit fixed by the committee to audit the expenses of the sickness and funeral of Garfield, In which claims and bills oould be pre had been rifled of their contents. 1 In use 30 years. Each number the special prescription of an eminent only Simple, Safe and Sure Medicines for the P'ople LIST PBTSCIPAI.

HOS. CUBES. "fc 1. Fevers, .24 of the sub-committee of the banking and currency committee, intrusted with the considera TWO GIFTS TO THE STATE, Albany Journal, Feb. II.

Aa interesting event will occur at the new Fatal Snooting at Syracuse. The Tennessee Funding Act Void, Diarrhea Children or Adults Nashville, Feb. 11. The opinion cf the ft capitol on the 221 Inst. Oa that day Captain John Palmer will present to Adjutant-General Syracuse, Feb.

11. William Tedre, son of the proprietor of the university boat-house at Onondaga lake, became jealous of Nellie Tort of Oswego, an inmate of a bouse of ill-fame. supreme court dedlsrlng the funding act un 1 Conehs. Cold, Bronchitis I'. Toothache, INeuralKia.

Frederick Townsend, for the state, a flag and drum, which are of historic interest. The flag constitutional and void says the argument that the tax-payer is bound by honor and words to pay under the existing law the debt and six sented, expired yesterday. A large number of tion ot the subject of trade dollars, has reported to the full committee a bill which provides tbat the trade dollars may be redeemed at any sub-treasury of the United States at par. Mr. Smith holds that there are not more than 6.000,000 of trade dollars outstanding, and that it would be more expedient for the government to retire them by- redeeming them this way than in any other method thai has been devised.

Mr. Smith's estimate of the amount of the trade dollars outstanding is probably too large. The director of the mint thinks is the one in whloh the body of Col. Mills was uuia were meo, some ci a cnaraowr so c.uua 9. Headache.

sick ueaaacnes, verugoa tO. Dyspepsia! BUllous .2 11. Suppressed or Painful .25 1 2., Whites, too Profuse Periods, .2 5 13 roup. Cough, Difficult .25 -14. Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Eruptions, t.

2 Rhrnim.tUiii. wrapped prior to his burial after the battle of Sacketts Harbor in 1812. Subsequently the flag, per cent, interest; and therefore can sustain no While intoxicated this afternoon be effected an entrance Into the house and after a short altercation shot the girl. He then fled to bis father's house, where he shot himself, inflicting mortal wounds. The girl probably wllPclIe.

sarprisel None of the attending surgeons filed blllkjhfUt made statements tending to show the injury from compulsion to pay half that inter wmcn came into the custody of Uen. uanse- est, and hence ought not to complain, oannot extent or their services. While the surgeons 16. Fever and Ague. ChiU, FeTer, Agues .50 J7.

Piles, Blind or 19. Catarrh, acute or chronic; Influenza 5u have privately they think they should voort, was presented by him to the Albany Republican Artillery, an organization which had at that time reaobed a respectable age. That presentation was made on Washington's birth avail with the courts. The legislature is the creature of the constitution, and cannot rise tbat there are not more than 3,000,000 in this Whooping General De have f- to $50,000 each, the probabilities ebiiitv. Physical Weakness.

50 KiilnflV DiHpnac -OV above it. 1 When the law-making power vio Bliss, Ylg new and Hamilton and probably are day nrxy years ago or fcSlnoe then country and says that his advloes are tbat the remaining number, which went to China npon the passage of the act, were melted up in China CoL Mills's remains were removed from be given $7,000 to $10,000, Rey- lates the constitution, its act is a nullity and is Boynton 2S. Nervous SO. Urinary Weakness, Wetting the bed .50 3. Disease of the Heart.

Palpitation. 1K Sold Dy druggists, or sent by the Case, or Vial free of charge, on receipt of price. and Jaoan. lor tbe reason that it was mora and Mrs. Elson end Steward 0C not the authority of the state.

The conBtitu burn t5, Sackett's Harbor to this city and buried in the Capitol park, where they still lie. The drum, profitable to reooin them, and to use the OOvltO $5,000. Barnes and Woodward Crump $3, which is also to be presented to the state, is a can dollars Instead. moted to receiving money. If prefer to be tion Is the work ot the people, and can only be changed by the people.

The funding act being unconstitutional, this suit brought into being (144 pages) also Illustrated Cstaloeue FKKfc. Address, Hmnnhreys' Homeopathte icine 109 Fulton Street. Aiew York. Murdered for Revenge. Portland, Oregon, Feb.j 11.

There was great excitement to-day over the testimony before the grand jury that John N. Brown, whose body was recently found In the river weighted with stones, had been murdered In the bagnio of Carrie Bradley in revenge for having caused her arrest on a charge ot keeping a house of ill-repute. The guilty party is supposed to be on the way to Ban Francisco. relic of the revolution and bad been in the possession of the Albany Republioan)ArtIllery for many years prior to the dissolution of that or John Sullivan, being refused admission the other day to a wake held over the body of Timothv McCartv of Boston, thrust his arm by It is not a suit against "offisersof the ganization. Both relios will bs placed in the' state," but a suit against citizens attempting bureau ot military statistics.

through the kitchen window, seized the foot ot to oommlt a wrong. the lamented Timothy ana arew tne uuujr nau- "Jneunptiitia." the committee Vera to make publio the claims presented a sensation would be created. FOaXlQN APPOrSTMNTS. The New York Washington special says: The president states the subject of important foreign appointments Is now under consideration between himself and the secretary of state and they expect to have them ready for the senate early next week. Chief Justice Daadrick, In a minority opin way out, smashing glass and ease, -eeiore tne amazed wakers could stop him.

MALLEABLE 1EON. PRATT LETCHWOBTH, Mannfacturers oC Saddlery Hardware and Malleable Iroi BTJTTAIiO 6TKXIi rOTJNDBT. 63 and 64 Tamo New, quick, complete cure in 1 days, urinary affections, smarting, frequent or difficult urina Tacklk an obstinate cough or oold with Hale's ion, held that the funding act is not void and the courts have no power to review or reverse the action ot the general assembly, except suoh action be violative of the constitution, ion, kidney diseases. $. Druggists.

Depot, Few Thi weak, worn and dyspeptic should take Golden' Lieblg'B liquid Beef and Tonic In-vlgorator. No other. Of druggists. Honey of Horehound and Tar. PUce'a Toothache Drops oure in one nUnute.

ell A Plimpton's, Buffalo..

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