The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1950
Page 11
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BY AL VERMEER THK STOHV, A.,,., , k . . • I p PBriT-Blvt-H I*; th< Mrn (ill Kumm^rHelJ I. Bcrmud, l" , r ,j. .„„ -n « fur, t.-|»,rf. „»„,,. ,,., LOOK AT THAT CARLYLEL'5 MOWING THE LAWM 'WITHOUT BEING ASKEO'i WELL! AT LAST HE'S THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING BESIDE BASEBALL J \ ( IT, . NOVV WE CAM START PLAYING AGAtN Hp»ld«r., ,roj,,« «», II Ifcnl Kilr<> rl.prnrm nil. . -r fi.rcl.-p.. ,,, m.^fc , Frp-y. re's One Way To Save Money Very Good Sense »V MK'HAKI, O'MAI I.RY miri TtAI.T'H T U«FVCALIE(7ME BEFCfJE HE WAS KILLED SAIC7 HE iVAHTEP TO OUT THE p/ WHAT PIP I TOLP HIM ID)THIS BE&U5 1C £EE SOU. ,^,11AHE VgRVeOOP SENSE. WHERE PIP HE Expert Service THE SYNDICATE'S LOCAL . ME UOULPN'T G A v THAT WAS. BUT 1 THINK, TELL sou HOW TO With Peter was , ul. s irl Sh, „,„ , lUrk prrt.lw, f«e hard, bright rye.v CAIT AIN KASY »V I.KRIJE Tl'RNKR WUE DAD SHOULD Xvou WON'T HAVE TO, OH, FATHER._'\ HE OUTCOME HI5SELF. GICLIE! WE DJDWT \WE-V£ fforrtw AWN^ wiTHcTur Ami women? H'hal should Jhey MOU'RE UTTEELV jl tap 'IW HE OETEe TikE It have more tomorrow, if you don't SSL™ 6 .- 5 /^ V SO FAB..™ SURE WECAW <3o? Sew a fine sea... "Bui clclin.tcly not. I know I'd be n darn sight happier if I had something t 0 <1 0 , Something important." "Can this." Gil peered at her be the former Miss Frey talking?" ( ' Go ahead," said Ede pleasantly Throw my past in my fate But I've changed since—since those gel some sleep." "1'hoocy on (he second ari,' I'cler said crossly. "Sure," said Irene Van Sant "phcxxjy." OUT FIN£< FftTHEE.! PUEBLO.,, I'M ftFRAID J.JKR eyes, bright and black like two disks ol onyx, [aslencd on , Ede. "Maybe lie gels too much sleep. I've another friend who's a days." Suddenly her mouth seemed playwright. He says that when- ver he gels stuck, he lies one on Wakes up with a hideous hangover and then's when the ideas come, he says." She snapped her fingers. "Just like that. . "Unfortunately," Ede said, "Pete ' ' , , can'l get out of his jams so easily." BUGS Bll\N> . "Look, Ede," Peter said irrilrbly. "il's eariy. ff you want to go home, call a taxi." A stubborn Where Is He? . look seltled around his "Anyhow, I'm slaying a while. . And 1 will call a laxi." heller Idea," Gil Sum, " 1Cinclcl sai << quickly. "I can send home in m, boa,. „ she feels Makine Ihe liesl of For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION 'n a mcjorify] of cases investi-' gdled in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney (unction was improved, Bladder pain and discomfdrl reduced alter the use of Mountain Valley Waler. If yow doctor has diagnosed your candilion a< functional Kidney impairment this natural, un- Irealed mineral waler may be very bensficial. Try il for a lew weeks. It ii delicious, pure-tasling, and may be consumed freely. Crossrown Whiskey Shop Main & Division PRESCRIPTIONS 4$' Fresh Sfock (Viiaranlesd Uest Prices Kirby Druq Stores AUTO GLASS liislnllcd Service Blyfheville Glass & Paint Co. l.'f'i K. Main I'lione 6716 STOP! .. inrcd through KHA We contract complete job nr will I you Ilic nMur« and rou?h- sivcn See or Coll Orsburn Supply 1910 W.Main Hlyihcvillc I'luinc 3208 nr Orsburn Plumbing Co 1310 Ward ,lvc. fa r ,, thcrsv |,r e ' I'lione M7!) QNE fact emerged from the wel- ler of rumor following Ede Frey's marriage lo Peter Flood according lo Gil Slunmerfletd's recollection of the event. Cornelius Frey opened neither his arms nor his house to (he young couple For a fime they were seen in all of Fd?'s accustomed places Bar Harbor, Nassau, Cat Cay, Palm Beach. Then, after the closing of ' Peter's play on Broadway, they I were seen not at all i And, apparently, Petet T)o*£ i did nol live up lo the glowing pre - i dictions made for him by (he cri- lics. No new plays by Peter Flood appeared on Broadway. Very lit- ll« writing by Peter Flood appeared anywhere. He seemed lo have winked out like 3 brighl meteor that racc-s across the sky and vanishes. , Three years laler he and F.dc took Ihe small inconspicuous collage at Riddle's Day, Bermuda. i Something of alt this went ' I h ro u gh 'Gilbert Summerfleld's mind as he walked toward Ihc i Rlidcr. the brandy sniffer slill in his hand. Ede Flood lifted her eyes. And Gil saw that they were'as green as ever, almost jade-green. Somehow, he thought, it was hard to reconcile Ede's calm honesty with her peculiar green eyes. "Well, Gil," she said, and her smile brought a tinge of coral to olend with the suntan, "it's R nice party. IJo you always give such nice parties?" "One tries," Gil's voice was half and half amusement and cynicism Laconic as ever, aren't you Mr. Summerfield?" Ede said "But skipping that, this dog of yours, lie's marvelous and very restful. He hasn't moved for an hour" "Neither would 1 if 1 were in His place," Gil reached down stroked the dog at her feel. "Liking Bermuda all right, Ede?" he asked. Edith Flood looked at him werly. "Liking It all right," she - . j "»-i iiivuiii lo tighten. "I suppose _vou know- all^ about Father and me, Gil?" "I've heard rumors," Gil sov cautiously. "Well, they're quite (rue. Father acted like Ihe devil and i guess I did, loo. The net of it is I haven t seen him or any of the family for almost three years." • * + thought of old Cornelius t'lcy. with his narrow chiseled A T thls poinl lhe gentleman In' the cream dinner coat murmured an excuse and drifted away. Kde made room for Gil on the Slider. "You didn't say lhat with any loo much conviction," Gi! said "is dark eyes fixed speculativcly on hers. "Listen, Gil," Ede's voice was a little sharp, "m Hke any place where P-t« thinks he can work." Can I he work here?" 1 don't know yet. We've done a lot of shifting around in the last couple of years, trying to get I'cter settled, tie's—well, susceptible to backgrounds." Gil said nothing This did not square what he had heard about Peter Flood. From all accounts. Peter was a very direct young man who knew exactly vvhal he wanted and where lo look for it. "So." Ede went on, -we're giving Bermuda a whirl." •'Some pretty tamom guy. I btnk it was Eugene O'Neil, said thai it was 'a great pla « (o livc and work, - Gil remarked. Ede's green CJCS gave him a |ook ol mingled a(Tec|i on and djs ., p . proval. "You find U . great place to—live, eh, Gil?" He laughed. "Don't tell me I've run afoul of a second slave-driver Another lady friend of mine hinlod inai 1 ought lo go to work, about 15 minutes ago." P "S 1 : Sh .? * ras "^'" Ede said - . „ ...^ HUI1.UV* tlUaCJUU face, his thin lips and pale gray eyes. He wasn't surprised to hear *.do confirm the estrangement wuh her father. Old Cornelius , Pl1 • —. u ,i., u iiii^Jiii^iiuic as marble. Once crossed, lie would never forgive. "I'm sorry to hear it," he said rather inadequately. "Oh, well," Ede laughed shortly. Fortune, of war." She curved an arm suddenly, looked at her wrist watch. "Good Heavens. I've got ;o take home thai genius I'm mar- "crj "i if he stays up halr , hc night, he sleeps half the morning." That's what mornings arc for. Don't go yet. "Peter," sajj decisively. gelling up off the glider "caii'i waste his days thai way. He's got a living to make. Come on and help me find him. Gil." They found him silting on Ihe ([round wilh his back against the wall of the garden. There was a drink in his hand. With him was a tall girl in a block evening dress. She had a dark predatory face and hard, bright eves •Irene Van Sanl," Gil told Ede. fahcs dynamite." "I've heard of her. Fillhy rich, isn't she?" ' ' "Yes." They were close now and Kile crooked a finger at her husband. Curfew," she said smilimr. Just when I'm beginning to enjoy myself," he said with a nouty expression. i "Sorry, P,;i c ." KAf < s K \ nncCt ,i_ most apologetic, included Gil and I Irene Van .Sant. "T5,,l you had he si- second-act trouble lod.iy You' ' she lias to go." "I do." said Ede. "I've rather a headache all day." "That's thai, then," Irene Van Sant said lightly. "Problem all settled." "You don't mind, do you, Ede?" Peter Flood said, somewhat contritely. Again Ede's wide shoulders shrugged. "Why should I? It's your play, Pelcr. Not mine." "I'll take good care of him. Mrs Hood. Amusement dickered in Irene Van Sant's dark eyes. "Vou may have your hands full," Ede laughed. "All right, Gil." Siie moved away wilh Summerfield. "Thanks, Gil," she said, "for nol making me feel mortified. I'm ralhcr green in the role of jailer even after a few y ca rs. Bui Peler is a bit of a problem child." "Oh, it wasn't anything," Gil said negligently. "He's just relaxing and he compliments me by wanting to stay. This way, FxJe." They went through the house and out across a little lawn. Gil's long white speedboat lay alongside of the dock, like a slim bird poised for flight. A drowsy-eyed colored man lolled behind the wheel. ALLEV OOP IS A PREHISTORIC MAN BROUGHT INTO THE ZOTH CENTURV- STS THE MIRACLE OF A TIMF-MACIHNE '. tMMUN 'Across Greal Sound lo Water- lol Inn dock, Hcrmelb," Gil M ,d. As if acting on a sudden impulse, We're Proud of Our Work • Woodwork • WeMmr BARKSDALE MFG. CO 9 Machine wurk • acluring SHEET METAL WORK- Custom worfc f or gins , „,,,„„ „,„ 0 Shearing up lo 1/4 j nch (hickn«w OF ALL KINDS „ „,„ 0 HAYWIBE AGAIN.' THIS SIRE LOOK LIKE E. SWEET HOME

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