The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1950
Page 10
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FHJDAY, AUGUST M, 11 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»ny Ml* per lln* for ecmscciitlre fcnwrtlon Minimum charge ............. 5flo 1 tltn* pet lln* ............. iSc X times pel II n« per d&y ...... I2c 3 lltn«« p*r tine p« (fay ...... Vc • t)m*i per lln* per cl*j ...... 1c ]» Mm** pet lln* p*r day ...... 6c Uonth p*r tin* . . , . &0o Count fife Aternce words to the line Art ordered for three or an Hmrs end •topped before expiration will b« crmrg- •rt lor the number ol times the Rd fcppearM) and Adjustment of nit! mnde AU CJassl/ted Adrertlatng copy submitted by persons residing nut? Id e ul the city miiJit b« accompanied b« rasH Kami may easily be computed from trie tabl lions ink?K the one Unit table No responsibility will be tfiXen foi more than one tiirnrrect in.-erUnn of • IIT classified ad All urtd are rrM Meted to their orop^i clfi*RlMrRt!nn style and type The Courier Nfw* reserves the cLEht to edil or rf.]rd any id Notice We wish to announce ill at we hAve added sfivcral departments to die Mu- *RILRI, To meet tht cost of this WP »i« forced lo nliarpi* BJI admittR"--?. The H-Miry Clay Hampson Memorial Museum of Archeology Nodena Plantation, Wilson. Aric. 8.22 pk a 27 Apartment for ftertf room «nf. apt. *pt. Ph. with bath. Cull 8;24 ek 31 8.22 pk 29 2-room fur. apt. 100 W Ky Plione 4152 or 2331. &~2Z cH If Modern 3-room apt., newly decorated • nd fxirnlshcd, AM conveniences, pr!- YAIO bath, automatic fiteam heal. A place you will appreciate. Only 545 per month. Ph. 2088 822 ck 29 One-room spl. Close In.- Ph. 2920. R;21 ck 827 Fur. ap for rent. 810 Ash St. pli g;2l Cfc 8;24 Soom A apartment. 401 East Ash. d-2-1 pit. fl;2 Modern duplex: apt., vipstatrs. Afso bedroom In prlTate home. Ph. 24SO. 8:21 pX 9,21 .Turnlabed apk 3 roorai and bath G*« equipment, elenirlo r*fr)pwator Good furniture Ph 3373 3]22 ck if Don't endanger your innillv ?.-lcli faulty tirc.v-BUV LJ3E I'lflES." CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main A: Dl vision Phone 256^ J1.I3 fi II elf unc A In your home. NI-W ent. No rness. HnUsfacilou (iu- 'd. Call Drills filny Jii 1 Hems* of Chnrm ft. fil Ai-ioss from Ha/orback 5 [0 ck tf Services PAINTING AND PAPEH HANGING J B FREEMAN Plione 2203 7;2S pk 8 23 Custom picture training. We offr>r unlit — RPR firm able priced — HOIK! Uited Mat* Diplomat framed ru upec- il rated. The Kuiitic- of Charm 8, Hiway 61 Ph- 6190 a 10 ck tr SKWINO. ALTERATIONS. DHESS- MAK1NO. BUTTONHOLES 313 N HICH'i'H PH 67BO 82 pk 911 Say /oiks A void the rush. Have that )13 heater or Door fmnnc? clean":!, rp.itly /or winter. Expert Plumbing 1 , I'll. Hnrry Myers. 6U-)!). j);ai pk 923 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Day *er*ice on Jewelry—3-day* nn i'Riclie* and clncfcft UnnraiHoed wnri lone by eip«n xe-palrmau Lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 8m»u fur apt. Ph. 2528, furnished Apt. Jfi.OO per Week. Ph. 6213. B^S pK 8.26 3-room furnished Kpt. Kleetrtr. Ftove A re(rlg«r»tor. autO]t:Allc Jiolwnter iiffJilRr, Oood Iccslton. Mrs. E<lgar P. Boriltn. Ph. «01. Alter 5 P.M. nhnne ••'23. 823 ck 826 Nice, modern, 2-room apartment, located at 353 South Division. Apply at 355 South Division. 8-23 ck 30 Unrurnlshed 3-room Apartment. Complete bath. Electric hot water healer. Newly ilecaralcd, located in z. Cherry. See Oscar Alexander. Phone 3321 niter 3 P.M. 3<70. 8:24 pk. 827 Unlurnlshed Rpts. One ^-rooni. one J-roam. Ph. 2M1. 8|24 pk 8;27 bath. Ph. 32.°J7 2-nr. lurn. »pt. Babies welcome. Ph. 3:U or B778. 8,2S pk fljl Auto Supplies trnc* Services AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Service Oeneral Contract Purchase Corp 10« South 5th Phone 6803 Power & Muiicl lawn nv>wers: sharpened & repaired Motors •uned up o.' completely ovcr- i an led Paris for Clinton & , 3riggs & Rlratlon motors, car. | •led in stock We repair Jill) nakes of washing machines ] 'arts available for :<!! types in j one wcpk | KlyLhevillp Machine Shop 211 S Second Plione 2828 ! 5-24 ck tfj "I'YPBWRTTERS" i DON EDWARDS in w W*LHUI rrmne 33aa Plenty of Parking Space Plastering BOB MALONE Call 2028 7-21 ck 9-21 fURNlTURE OPHOL5TERINQ QUALITY WORKMAXSIirp CP.OMP'l wrRvicr; niif Honss o* UHARM UIA1, CIKI mi ci II FUxm rellnlslirtl. Qualll? workninn- Rhlp. Conru-uirs prompt service, nca- -sonahle prices. Authorized dealers ot j Kentlle Moors, Bonnie Mnltl Versatile. Frep esIlnMtp'j, Ocftl'5 House of Clnrni 5. Hlwfty 51 Phono 61{}0 i 5 10 clt ll ^ 4995 will inslall new jreniiinc Kurd piston rin);.s. .. clean and adjust spark phiK.s... Inspect hearings and i>islon pins... clean carlum from cylinder head. . . rhiinge nil ...install new jrii.skets, rod bearings and (nne engine. Dependable FORD Service "As Good As The Best—Better Than The Rest" l iilhps Motor uompairo ^ J'l:l'Mi'l*ryT-^n.lAJT»l JFcj J~"fc ** 5lh. * Walnut 1'hone .1-153 KKAL KSTATE WANTED ti I .t h'MA FINANCED IIo»n o JlAVfT niJYOlS IF EQUITY HKAKON- Am.K. NKKIJ I,OW PillCEI} KOMKS TO HKI.I,. $300 10 1500, CASH 1'AVMF.NT JiAl.ANCE MONTH1.V. PI1ONB K1KI.D 239< 8:22 uk 395 'i'v-o room [urnEshcl cottage /or «Hlc or h-risi;. ^t-nr K*:niu(.-ity Daui. Pli. jais 622 pit 20 Private Room* XMlroom, <nljol::in x ball,. Constanc hot, wntpr. all llcarn. ph. .1712 624 pfc ai 2 nlrp himlslied bedrooms «rljolnin« '!^'!i i ' t ' 28ia - 8;22 p* Bi UedrcKira ndjoliilns bath Phm^]3:Ta 8il 9jl -oinfortabU l»drn«m atllc Ian clos, M Urn tinlr -Jio w Walnut Notics Dot; WM volsonrd SI 2301 Kenwood Drive. S3IKI Howard lo norsons Blvln« Inforinntlnu Ifiulli-.j to arrest untf con- ,'io '"" "' J'; :r '°" w ! 10 POlsonpd n>y J"nle E25 *""• "inniTly «>nni-ctcd with -•imr!''!"!' r!-v]!"sho S 1S """ ° 1>Cr " tor a Jrce itfmanfic.ratloti nf the f.lectrolux clpanrr »i|il polisher or 11 in uec.l ol supplies, call. 6617' E o Ihori.pson. g 24 pfc ,,.,, Last v Nonr Farmers i)a~nk. " college letter with 0» U. HEWAHD Call to 1520 Henrn 822 px 25 LAND FOR SALE tor r;a?e. Price JMOO , from O 5 «,ola 5110 per acre. This tarn, •-• rc:i 11 y \vo ri 11 som c mon ey .W acres T-rnlles [ram Osceola. K ood Ixilldlni:. on gravel road, electrlcllv In stort(lai.| Co.. Mo. 160 acres 4»>"« North E.,,t of Parraa. Mo Good rom'".' 0 !" 71 ' f °'k " B00 ' 1 crol> - cotton. eorn A: hcuns. One 5-rootn house one .l-rooni House, small barn, S135 per K1RSCK DRAPERY Rnd rnilal linrilwnre. Also Ktrsch Venetlati DLln[l Custom inatie and slainlanl Blxe^ '. [ 'r«ve/5c rods. Far Innnccttiue deliven- Call Deals The House ot Charm H. fil Ph. 61DO. 5:10 ck ti USED COMBINES All Makes—Priced to Sell. If it's a Used Combine Vou Want See Us First. 61 Implement Co. N. lliway Gl Phone 2142 S new houses on Rollison Ave. Will Gl. Move in today. See H. C. Campbell at 907 Rollison Ave. after 5 p.m. Phone G819. 3-21 ck tf For Sale, Misc. 4 12 It meat display cases. Two heavy rtnty wllli slc»r.i«e. 3 pairs Kan- ltary scales. One Holtarl meat sllcer. One meat grinder Boxes used less than 1 year, call 3900 or write box 48.1. Elliot Johns. ]g c k it ME MAHE-UM FIRST STOP ON VACAT ION RIGHT VACATION SPECIALS l-itllc Big Feather Im the right klc.. iherc. Me know, ihac (rouble on the road or , car that's not performing nm lc ,,p to standard on spoil jour vacation fun. Let us i>i^ your car » compile vacation checkup right now. It's' ir,cxp,mive insurance for a iroiiblc-frcc trip! You Get A!! of This For Only 95 • Tunt-Up Engint • Align Wheels • Adjust Brakes • Check Light* 8 (Paris Exlra) Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. M. W, "Bill" Spencer, Mgr. "fiSo-'hUlly I>hone4371 _GOOD OSED MKTAL 1^' fo'caale. First ctitss roil XT^jripsl about 520. Price *'i 322 K. Kenlucky- or n Modern a room house and bath on Camp Moultrie Drive. Balance of loan, 5-1,718, payments ?35.60 per month Wn'h ?800 cash yon can own this condition. Origin- ] Price now 510. tiee Late model Mayiac Wiuhlr.!; M«- clilne In KOO(| coiulillon. Ph 43n^. 8 '2 j pli 81 '^.S model Luxor tialler house A-l sliape. 41,000. 2149 Marsaret street. 8 25 pX 30 15'"- OFF on brand new (.iibson APPLIANCES One 7 cu. ft. deluxe Refrigerator. Was ?22!).()5 . . . NOW J105.00. One 8 cu. ft. .standard Refrigerator. Was $2.!!l.0fj . NOW ?2I2.00. Two deluxe K'lectric Ranges. Were $350.05. . .NOW $308.00. One 16 cu. ft. Home Froexer \Vfl.s ?.1!)!).!)5. . .N0\\' 5.12.5 CO I5ASY TKR.MS Bian Heath Co. 1'hone GS:iS -22 ck 29 .-* used HITS. TOO 16-6 pjy rhon<- 1 -' m - «2:i' pfc S26 ITopano K»i hcator. Good comm'ion limsonablc. Call «35. 8.2! pk 27 Wheel chair In snoil con.lltliTn Prlcf Uprlplit pldno in good ronrlltlon SI25 rn 26« 8,15 pk 816 28' trailer. I^.Sft -ifia So Kf7- Oilrt at. 2221) 822 , )lc 82 , M*a! nets. Clrnn nntl odprteps A real live ttrtily brar Usr.l h» laboralorlr.n I'verywdrrc 5.1 ^. {4 ., p|>lr o A Kimton. Iltwriy Gi So s t >l pk B 29 For Sale. Real Esfot.s Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS II irnrrrncfi i o HnyLnx or ^eiUns *ee Noble Gitl Agency ^ REALTORS — Cecil P.arls _ Gleticoe BMg. (•),. 6868 • .TO clt T.f I-'OR Artistry in floia) rtpKj>;u .irhlprrrt In over I* y<•ftr^ ^pctirnco by Mr M O SUlc.-i Sec us first lot lliRtKsi Qualltr j-'lnwcr.i. Reasonably 1'iicnd Blylhcville KUKVKK MART Memphis lllway Phon* W)02 _ 8;3 CX 9;3 2-hedroom noiup Srrrrnrrt In (ront roirtl .t Klin.crt In I )M * porr-h 32.W Margaret St pti. 6253. s,U 822 Hecenlly renewed B-room nd bath, or semi-duplex. 5^6 Lumerate. One side renting for ?30 per month, other side vacant and will rent for 5-10 per month. $500 to $775 cash will handle, payments ?36.05 per month. Close to town. See or call— JOHNNY MARR Plione <1111 Res. Phone 6371 8-17 ck tf ^ Modern two bedroom home. Excellent condition. Best location. F. E. Black. 915 West Hearn St. 8-1 (i ck tf »" flrrf,^. KOO<! aiyi- Darn. rcmt j mile from con. ^ -•> liood liny rtt 57.000. 120 nrrr.s. i-oorl hous IP-nil, good honsp nn cravcl. '[tils (Jood used hou*e trailer, vlll Day up to (200. rtl. 2675. 8.23 pfc am ... Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Klytheville Produce Co. Hear of Lcadway Stor« Main & Division Phone 6875 __ 8-10 ck tf """CHICKENS RLA VI.OCR'S IIATCHEKY North fl] Hwy Phone 3172 S]ia ck it tilghen prices paid tat CHICKENS for Kent Have room for rent, 16 ft. x 20 ft., located on southeast corner, .SCCOJK) floor, Halo LJIdg.. lie N. 2nd Street. All the entire floor rented for cotton offices. Would make an ideal office where you did not need a skylight. Lease if desired. Call 2:i23. TOM U'lTLE REALTY CO. 8-25 ck 0-1 Room A.- board ,5h I'hoiie 43S2. nenls 126 E. 8.21 pk 827 l-OWKR LAWN' MOWtiRS FOR KENT PH 2823 KlylhevJlle Machine Shop : 8-18 ck 9-18 [ FOK RENT rro?_en Food tccke Ularjocjc's inshwaj 61 Phor.e 3172 8:23 ci not v,^ter healer, built in cabinets Located at rear of E01 Lake. 823 92 ' ' «Clll< 90 acres trncior Inna. S5 250 5-toom house & I »cr« of land Ph «™. 823 pk ,,j<j Boiven Apt*, ph. 8J25 pk U;ll 1; Have cotton office for rent > will] skylight, built on govern- mcnt specifications, located on I sol! . hviy for Father ,t 5nn .. . • "*'.s' ' <^ B/nauer II Interested In n farm B oe n. M. HF.CK 301 NORTH BROADWAY BLYTHKVIU.B. ARK PH 2801 OH RAY BECK OSCEOI.A. ARK. PH.TrTi _ 8124 pk 8.30 ^5-room house, payments, •5^'I.St per month, including) taxes and insurance. Small rlowii payment will handle. Close to st'hool and" bus line. Sec or call MAX LOGAN, KKAI.TOR Lynch Building Pli. 203'! 8-24 ck 31 4-room House ,v hnth. *, ncro land ew I'linnhlni?. electric pump. -50 ti.l electric water !;rnleF. '\ mlln rroni Ynrhro. N"nr School. Two Chur<lic = t"3. J c. \Vli1ltle. 823 pk ti 26 U-ncrcK for s^li-. ont- mile West or llraggnnocui. Mo With or without cn.ii nncl cqiilpiiirni. Eli<ntrlclty In i iw ooort all weather road. Teh'nhonp avullablc. See Walter Palmer OIVHIT R.2S pX 3 30 Sloderii FHA approved home. Congenial neighbors. Immediate possession. FHA or Fl financing available. See or call Lynch Building Ph. 20iW 8-2.1 ck 31 the Northwest corner of second floor of Hale Bldjr., at llfi N. 2nd Street. Nice sixe office room and large room for sample tables. Faces on 2nd Street. Gas heat furnished. Will lease if desired. Call 2823. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 8-25 ck 3-1 Uses Self Defense . CHICAGO— (ifi— Mrs. Mary Dick- Ron Urinks individuals, as well us nations, should be armed against aggressors. She was on her way home from her Job as waitress one night when a man trier! to grab her- She took a firm grip on her blackjack aiir! struck him a half dozen blows. The man heat a staggering retreat. YOU CAN'T BE FOOLED!' SAVE $25 or MORE On Guaranteed Cars and Trucks at Sullivon-NcJson Chevrolet Co. I!)-!!) Chevrolet. Convertible, grcv finish with black fop, blue (rimmed upholstery, deluxe radio and a fresh- air heater. . .driven only 10,000 miles. 19-18 Chevrolet Kleetline 2-rtoor Sedan, full of extras. liliS Chevrolet 2-door Sedan 1!)I7 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan liMG Chevrolet 5-P.issenger Coupe 19-18 Chevrolet i^-Ton Pickup Truck 19IS Chevrolet. >/ 2 -Ton [>ickui> Truck, -1-speeds. I!)-I9 Ford i/i-Ton Pickup Truck 19-11 Chevrolet ^.Ton Pickup Truck Alosl of these cars mid (rucks have radios, heaters and many other extras. Many more to choose from EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, Vou Can Always Gtt A Good IJsal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY S»l West Walnut .Phone 578 Insurance for Sale. Cor* and Truck* BIGGEST USED CAR AUTO SALES rtmns 2037 APPLIANCE BARGAINS S Rood used Refrigerators, as low as $(ia. Guaranteed, i One S cu. ft. Home Krci-xer.l new unit, looks like new | Used Cars—All makes and models. From $50 lo $1695. 61 MOTOR CO. llwy. «1 North—Ph. 'i\\2 2-1 c k tf Due to the tremendous dc niamt for uiir new sensational '51 Kaisers and Frazeis we have some exceptionally {fo used car buys. to 19 Jccpster . H's beauty ' ' One l>ratt<I new 10 cu. ft. Victor Home Freezer . . . bar-' gain. | Used olfit-ivic, gas and oil! F.ASY TKKMS Blan Heath Co. Phone 6828 8-22 ck 20 "I'Msonab:'* Write Box VVV r O\M ''-n.r Stw '' B.22 ,-k"s2.. (JROCKRY STORK REA-. BARGAIN Otvnrr n,T* 3*Xo(l mp lo sell IliK 15 rmrr- l/ji-iitrd In an olfl r-MMji •olinne ot hnMnr^s Can tip h\i very rcasonnlilp |,i|. : e Witn n> * alock or with stocX .ln<l rrut DnlWInit B-lih futures H : ,-, . rtcrs Tills Uirfif store Is in about 7 mirr* eolith on 61 Hhv lit] tlttt to show yon this sir itre InlcrrfUerl In bnylne. MJTHKU (iUAV, RKAI.T 120 K. Sycamore St. Phone 513 very clean. in 17 Poutiac Tudor ... A Koo<| buy. 1!)-I8 Frazcr Manhattan . . all the extras. I!MJ) Kaiser Deluxe . ., Very fik'e. Alsn. s<-vrT.-U others to rhoo.-e from J ' it.* ^ u..ed cur jou want we SI-:K THK.M TODAY 61 MOTOR COMPANY X. Hiway Cl — Ph 21-12 » II Ck II ^ N'ccdlw of Sugar F'LHC tu-ow In clusters of five and arc three to 'our inches long. I can save you money on your tires Don't Throw Away Slick Tires A good quality recap will arid Ihon.sands ot miles of service (o your slick (ires Drive in and ask the men who know how. All work nn- condilionally guaranteed. Auto, Truck & Tractor Tirei BLYTHEVILLE Used Parts Co. Owncrt A- Oprrntfd By BlythcvIHe Motor Co 314 No. Broadway Ph. 2340 PRESCRIPTIONS For careful attention lo Ihf filling of your prescriptions. be sure lo come lo Harncy's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3fil7 Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 324 W Ash St GLENCOB HOTEL BUILDING 4iS ct tl Walker Insurance Agency 202K lsaacs~Bldg. Phone 3J90 Complete Coverage Autorno-' bile, Truck. Liability, Comprehensive. Fire [nsin-ance, Bonds. 8-Ki ck H-16 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW' FURNITURE PHONE 2112 GASOLINE — TKACTOH KUEl. — KEROSENE FUEL OIL - DIESEL FUEL OIL 4 GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 W. Walniil finlh Plant: Promised [-and J YOU! Will Be Wise to BUY YOUR TRUCK NOW! Don't, wail until prices go up... BUY NOW while yovi can save money AND get (he kind of fertns you want. We positively have (he largest and best selection of used (rucks in (own.. .pickups, stakes, jjrain beds... '/i, 3/'I, 1. 1 ',z, and '> tons. . .Clsnvnilcls, Fords. GJIC's, Dodges, International;;. .. Below are listed only a few of our large stock of trucks Two 1917 C'hcvolel '/ 2 -Ton Pickups, bolh wilh 1951 license. . .§705. I9IS Chcvrolel l-'J'on Pickup, city driven.. .§995. 1917 Hodge '/i-Ton Panel, an extra clean I nick. . .$695. ]<Ufi Chevrolet 2-Ton LWB Truck wilh new grain bed .. .$750. Two 1917 International KR-7 Trucks, !)OD>;20 tires, 2-speerl axle models. . .$695. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO 309 East Main Phone 2056

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