The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO,- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUTIIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 195« Headhunted Kill U.S. Professors Air Force Patrol Finds Bodies of Two Men in Philippines MANILA. Jan. 16. fAP)—Sjvsrs of onetime hcadhunlcrs ended tlic lives of two American university professor.'; on a hike in rugpecl mountains in the PhUinplr.f. 1 --.. Their bodies were foimrt In a shallow grave. Discovery of the bodies of Dr. Robert F. Cr.nklln and Prof. Marvin Pittman was announced today by Col. Jumps L. Meader of Hie Untied .Slates Embassy. His information came from a US. 13lh Air Force Patrol which took part In a two-week ground and air yearch for Ihe mi-sfi- In? men. The bodies of the two hikers were found in the wild mountains of Northern I/jmn about 75 miles northeast of Basnlo. summer, capital of life Philippines. K is the country of the Ifupao. tribesmen of mixed Malay origin who used to be heprihunt/rs. The patrril .said three Ifusao ad- milted robbing the profp-^ors, kill- in? them with spears and'burying the bodies. The tribesmen 'snld three others helped thorn. Philippine oonstabularymen are hunting the other three. Conk-lin and Piltmnn were ex- of the Philippines. Dr. Conklln, a change professors at the University professor of English, wa.5 on leave Jrom Sprinpficld College. Spring- Held. Mass. Prof. Pittman. formerly of Chicago, was ji.^istant profe.wor of geography at Miami University Oxford, O.. before coming to the Philippines. The patrol said, tlicv were killed on Christmas Day. They had set out on a ten-day trip, scheduled to end at Bagnio on New Years Day, A widespread search by ground patrols, airplanes and a helicopter was launched Jan. 5. Igorot trackers with the Air Force patrol found the grave yesterday. They led American patrol members through dark jungle to the bottom of a deep canyon seven air miles east of Tokukan. . The Ameicans uncovered the educators' bodies but did not move them. Philippine law requires an Inquest on the spot. This may take two days. SOMETHING'S AMISS IN —Courier News Pholo IIOKSKDOM—niytheville horseman C. a. Smith has Son, 50, Kills Sot/) Parents With Hammer NEW YOHK. Jan. 1C. llfi— Fifty- ear-o!d G'amllo I.eyra threw a red osc Into his pa reins' grave, and hen detectives led Mini back to the olice station. A (ew hours later, they said, he onfcssed killing both his mother nd lather will) a hammer after a titter business quarrel. ' Pathcr was a very stubborn nan," Leyia's statement read. "I don't know why I killed my inolh- •r." He was charged with Immldd •ndlng a four-day mystery of how dr. and Mrs. Cnmilo I.cyva, Sr were bludgeoned to death in theli six-room Brooklyn apartment. las' Hicsday. Lryra's mother was 80; his fathe; vas 76, A teacup and a new suit were tin lies that trapped the solidly-bulli :ieavy-jawesi son. who lives at Norl! Bergen, NJ. Detectives found three teacups o the elder f^yra's kitchen (Able In — Indicating the presence of friend or relative rather than ovil side marauders. And police found significance 1 the fftt:t,that Leyra wore a new sv and necktie the day of the bloru killing—and couldn't produce Ih old ones. Cothiers Handling Apparel for Men To Boost Sales for "Go-With" Items across to horse breeders and trainers in a column he's writing (or The Horseshoe Magazine. BlythevilLe Judge of Fine Horses Fears Si/lister Forces Are at Work FBI Denies Any Apology for Irs Probe of Doctors : WASHINGTON. Jan. 10. Wi—Tin PBI has denied n report Hint 11 apologized for Investigating Texas medical groups. Dr. R. B. Robins of Camden Democratic National Committeeman from Arkansas, said at Da and Texarkana that 1111 apologj was contained in a personal letter written by FBI Director J. Kdgar Hoover. Robins did riot say to whom the IcLlcr was addressed. The FBI said the letter In n^f tion "undoubtedly" was one Hoover wrote Dec. 28 lo Dr. T. L. Pecora president of the Jefferson Count. Medical Society at Beaumont, Tex The bureau said, however, thai the letter merely Informed Dr. l j e cora of the way in whicli a probi of the county society was conducte< and contained no apology. Dr. I'e cora had charged that "Ge.stai» methods" were being empioyei against doctors opposing the Tnl man administration's socialize* medicine program. By Harry A. llalncs Courier News Staff U'riler To most people a horse is simply horse. To C. G. Smith a horse Is a pcr- nalit-y, and or an investment and . the very 'least a pretty grand limal whose ancestors are more iportant than (J. Q. Smith's. iii\e or mine. i When Mr. Smith thinks some- hlng Is ami's In the horse world, bpcdally In that part of it which icludcs the Tennessee Walking orse, he's naturally more concern- 1 than the occasional horse show a Iron. As far as the Tennessee Walking [orsc Is concerned, he definitely ninks there are evil Influences foot. So when Drn Pavey, editor of The lorseshoe Magazine, a-sked him to .Tile an admittedly prejudiced olnmn for that publication about valklng horses. Mr. Smith wrote his .cccptance without delay. Mr. Smith lecls that slick pro- nolers, interested In Hie walking lorsc iis a showpiece only, are plot- Ing the demise of what has been onsldercd by many n.i "the world's eatest utility and pleasure horse." Mr. Smith says they're teaching he Tennesee walking horse to be a Jr/tons Each Sunday Do 'Nothing particular' I-ONDON —(«*!— invrstlgalois vho wondered what the British do }n Sundays have the answer: "no- hing particular." The report was by "Mass Observation," a groiip of ririologi.sls and mass opinion cx- wrts who mnrkct studies of Bvltish life and habits. Totting up the average Briton i Sunday, the surveyors said 1-1 out of 20'listen to the radio, eight out of 20 visit or entertain, eighl go for a walk, four potter around the garden, tour visit the pub two go to the movies, three go lo church. Most people do at least two of those things. "High-stepping, high-climbing, go- lug-oix. horse,' and are thereby ruining it as "A horse particular!; comfortable for the middle-aged person." And that from a man who spent his first folding money ($16) at the age of 12 for a Tennessee Walking Horse. Since then, he's spent a lot of time in the saddle, as a plantation riding boss and u breeder and trainer of Speaking of the Tennessee walk- Ing horse. Mr. Smith is going to give them piulloilar hell in his style to the easy riding horse, column attempting lo give high "When I was a boy," Ihe article relates, "1 plowed 'em, rode 'em and drove 'em on dates at night; hltcll- ed 'em to the surrey on Sunday and took Ihe lamlly lo eluirch. My mothr drove them and my sisler rove them and many a niyht when was late heading for home. . . wrapped the rellls around the buggy whip and went to sleep and they ittjuld take me home and wake me up at the lot gate by cilher nii-k- ?rlng or lightly kicking Ihe front of the buggy. . . •You could get on him in the early morning and ride him all day and" he wouldn't be tired and you wouldn't' be lircd because he Mad that smooth, easy going gait that kept you comfortable and him un- tircd. Invites an Argument Post-Election Spending Of Campaign Funds Hit By Sam Dawson NEW YORK. Jan. 16. l/I'i—Ladles, may soon be getting aid In one your fondest schemes. For years ow, chances are, you've been try- g to get your husband to choose ills and accessories Ural malch, ather than those that look as ff ley've been peppered at him from scalier gun. Now come some genllcmen to Mom that dream is just as dear, specially If it means your Husband ill buy more haLs, suits, shirts, ties nd coats. And they think he will o. they're going to urge merchants o feature "go-with" items in their tores. The scheme Is simple: Makof each item will try to boosl ales of the others, as well as his wn, and Darl will end up with a argcr. and matching wardrobe. Plans for the scheme were laid his week al a discussion meeting if the lop executives of Ihe Hal Research foundation, the National Association of Shirt and Pajama Manufacturers, the Men's 'lie Foun- iatlon Ihe National Heavy Ouler- s'ear Associalion. Ihe Boys' Apparel & Accessories Manufacturers As- els In sheer fabrics. And the tie men chip in with (he v:crd tjiat Ihe longest, largest tics are sold In California where the trend Is definitely toward the casual shirt. sociation. the National of ficlail Clothiers and Association Furnishers. Minnesota Mud Lake. has 91 lakes namcr' '•Then we formed the Tcnne.sscc .Valking Horse Association and a iromolional game started; promoting our horses as the world's greatest pleasure horse—and he was. "Then walking horse classes were .slatted in shows . . . and line night somebody rode in on a nigh-stepping, high-elimbijif;, go- mg-on horse. . . The crowd went wild and the judge . . . lied ihis flrsl. "Apparently he started something and today no one can or will tell you or me what a walking horse is supposed lo do." Mr. Smith is afraid thai mcn are about lo llirow away R dUtincl asset ki American hor.sedom r in attempting to give the walking horse the speed, animalion and rhythm of the five and three-galled breeds. He admits he's asking for an argument and, knowing horsemen, fully expects one. LITTLE nOCK. Jan. 16.- M>) — Arkansas' Slate Democratic Com- millce is displeased wllh some of the ways In which campaign funds left over afler elections have been spent by county committees. It appointed a committee to try to formulate a rule for uniform handling o[ such money. The committee which will study the mailer is headed by Circuit Judge Clyde Brown of Hoi Springs. Biowu suggested that the stale parly rule requiring candidates to past fees with the county committee be amended to stipulate thai county committee members receive no money frnn: campaign funds except for actral expenses Incurred during the campaign. State Commillee Member Tom Dowmc said there is no unifo rule on what should be done with money left after campaigns. and officials of men's suits and hats niani'f'x'tvring companies.; The hat men are the ringleaders naturally enough. Men and boys usually wenr all the other'clothing items, but sonic of them Just skip wearing hats. A shame, as any hat man will tell you. Batting around the idea how they can work together and increase sales for one and all. these me:i canie up with some advance tips on what they think will be selling the fastest in Ihe stores this spring and summer: A clothing manufacturer sees a cpped-ii]) trend lo lighter weight fabrics, two-butlon single-brea-sleri suits. The hat men say these call for snap br;m, lighter texture felts in brighter Mfcs. The shirt man promises a vanishing neckband, which he says gives sport shirl comfort with dress shirt collar appearance. The tie men say tliat means longer ties. The shirt man predicts sport numbers will run to pullover mod- Youngster's First Effort At Driving an Automobile Results in Much Activity RUSSELLVILLB, Ark., Jan. 16. j — Here's the results of John Wootlson's first attempt to drive car: A fractured ankle for his grcat- grandmolhcr. Mrs. Cora Lee. A smashed front end for his grandfather's automobile. Two damaged Irecs. Several pieces of lawn furniture flattened. Mrs. Delbert Lee. John's grandmother, left John and the elder Mrs. Lee in the car while she stopped at a grocery store. The engine was running; John got the car ir gear and started off. The auto spun across Ihe slrcct sldeswipcd a tree, made splinters out of the lawn furniture. It slopped rtfter crashing Into another tree. The Lees figure John didn't loo badly though. After all he's onlj three. yyershurg Firm Wins evee Work Contracts MEMPHIS. Tcini.. Jan. 16. W> —A Dyersburg. T'enn., firm has been warded a 1*39,760 contract for xHUtructloii ol . two levee items long the Mississippi river In the fcmphls Engineer District, Col. Louis H, Poote, district cn- Incer. said the Forcum-Jaines ;ompany presented the low bid. The projects, located in Tunica County, Mtes., and Desha County. rk., involve Die placing ol some ,840,000 cubic yards of earth. Interested in Alcatraz LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16. l/Pj- Kudolph M. Nelson. 30, is booke. oday in suspicion of robbery af er department store detectives ac used him of swiping a book. The book: "Alcatra/, Island Pris n and the Men Who Live There." Read Courier News Want Ads PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (AM Types Escepl Cancer} ic 5H Main. Blylhcvilta. Ark. IMiniie 4921 The first lighthouse built by the federal government was put up In 1791 on the tip of Cape Henry, Va,, and served 90 years. ARE YOU SUFFERING NAGGING .. . STABBINff PAIN RIGHT NOW? If rheumatic pain, pain of sciatica, simple neuralgia, lumbago or muscle aches are causing your misery, you're probably too uncomfortable to want to road much. So just tear out Ihia advertisement and hand it to your druggist . . . tell him you want to buy famous c-2223 and you'll be headed for the blessed happiness of PAST, KFFECTIV^J PAIN RELIEF. Yes, scientific C-2133 contains the famous beneficial herb "Black Snak«-Root," And it's especially IODIZKD to speed up the Salicylate Action that makes" it penetrate tissues better— give you fast, effective pain relief. AND: c-2223 will do ALL THIS or that first bottle purchase price will be refunded! Ask for C-2223 today, FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION SW<2 Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 9/ione 3646riui2S15 RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH CreonuiUionrelievcspconipll)' because it goes rifiht to ibc seal of (he unuEilr lo Eicl[i loosen and expel gcmi laik" phlegm arut aiil muirc to sotnhe an heal r.nv, tedder, inflamed bronchi* rnncousmcmbiancs.TeU ynuriliup>;is lo self jou a bottle of Creomulsio! with the unilmunding you mmt lil< ih« way it quickly allaj* the cougl or ycni arc to liave your ninncy bacV CREOMULSION for Coushs.Chest Colds,Bronchiti; WED. NITE 8PM CKNTHK OF Sf.AVINCl — ...., Marjjrie Jones, wife of T Sgl Kmneth L, Jones of Toledo Ohio, (above) l.s shown in police headqtiarlcrs at Kl Tex., after miking f statement to orfiecr. 1 ; regarding the fatal shooting of her escort, Frank Pukli. .Jr., 33. The businessman was sift hi »'*$ he cs- ^o r ted Mrs. Jones home from n rir\te in Juarez, McxU-o. TSpt. Jone.s has been charced with murder in tho slaying, lie is stationed at B;gR; Air Force base, near El Paso. (tVP WireplioJc) CONSTIPATION Is Too Of!en Serious Krce Hook—Explains Relation Tn Rectal - Colon Troubles Colitis, recta! troubles and constipation are often associated together., Write today—a postcard will do— . for a FKKK copy ot nn up-to-thc- I minute 104 page Illustrated book on ' Ihrsc and npMjcuUed ailment*. 'Hie ; McClenry Clinic and Hospital. DI322 ; Kims Blvd.. Excelsior Springs, Mo. ' JANUARY IS One Big Show Only IN PERSON The ScnsiifioiKil M-CJ-M Recording SUr *HANK WILLIAMS* Singing His Latest Record Mils • "Lovesick Blues" • "Wedding Bells" • "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It" And Many Others— You'll Love Them! 9 CURLY WILLAMS and His Great CoUimliia Recording Hand • GEORGIA PEACH PICKERS • DRIFTING COWBOYS AN!) MANY OTHKIIS ITS LOW ADMISSION ADULTS $1.00 CHILDREN 50c (Under 13) Tax Included HOX 01-TlCK OI'KNS G P. M., WKI)., .1ANUAKV IS LEGION AUDITORIUM We Are Proud to Announce The Appointment Of COY GOODSON as Manager of Our Electrical Department As his many friends in Blylhcville know, Mr. Goodson is ably finalificd lo handle all electrical service work whether it be contracting job, an individual wiring problem, or Ihe repair of elect rent appliances. Without reservation w gviarantee the high quality of bis work. Call S28. LAN HEATH CO 112 North Second Phone 828

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