The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 11, 1952
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VOL. Xt,VIH—NO.'171 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Blytheville Co"^ J55Ku^P5^T7 mJ .. "" D ° am * m NEWSP *PEK OFNORTHEAST'ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily Newi ^—__ ___ --—. . »«i_<ij, ""JVrtriOrtO, Woman and Two Children Killed When ° HA90in '°" A9ain ~ The wife and two children **»'„'.. EIGHT PAGES The wife and two children of A Tupelo, Miss., truck driver were killed instantly this morning when the cab of the gas tanker in which they were riding was crushed in a collision with another big truck on Highway 61 about seven miles south of Blytheville. Everett Russell, 33. of Tupelo was seriously Injured in the crash in which his wife, Mildred, 24, his son, Danny, four, and his daughter Glends Sherlll, three, died. Mr. Russell was taken to Blytheville Hospital, where attendants said he was still being x-rayed rind ex- aniJneti late this morning. Tile driver of the other truck Brooksie A. Teague of winter- haven, Pla., will face a technical charge of Involuntary manslaughter State Trooner Tom Smalley said Termed by officers ana funeral home attendants as one of the worst wrecks they had seen, the accident occurred about 7:15 a.m. today nt the Sandy Rid e e bridge, about one mile north of Burdette. Both trucks were northbound. Mr. Teague's truck was not badly damaged but the cab of the cas tanker was crushed back against the trailer, state, county and city . om . c « s "Corked" (he wreck and tackled the task of getting the flow of traffic resumed. Cars and trucks halted by the wreck were lined up ior at least five miles in both directions. Skidded 111 Feet Trooper Smalley said the wreck hK Ut fn?i Wl ; e " Mr ' TcaBue skw ^ rfrt « '° S '° P °" the s ° u th side of the bridge to allow an on- conung truck to pass. The bridge s one of many along Highway 01 n Mississippi County over whicli «n°ie a fufie trUCkS C ' nnot pass <"' < h ' t ?i re , marks sn °w«d thai the tanker truck skidded 111 f cet be toe colliding with the other tn,:k «/rii n a PP" ren "y "a, thrown partially clear, as he was found hanging from (he cab with only his feet remaining \ n n_ Bodies ? the woman and two children were crashed in the cab. It took two hours to remove the" bodies pinned In (he cab. A wrecker was used ^,.pull..0 w .. ra .h apart -Even-so; croK-oars ana K ii^saw were needed to remove tho bodies Because the tank truck was Ionic- Ing gas. the Blytheville Fire Department sent a pumper truck to the scene. Firemen stood by with" a hose as the wreckage was pried ai-art in case n spark from the grating metal ignited the gas However, there was no fire TvPJf, !. ank truck was 0 P«atcd bv TrI-States Oil Company of Tupelo Many Officers a( Scene Tile bodies were taken to Holt Funeral Home here. Attendants and an ambulance from National Fu neral Home in Memphis assisted in ^h°? ng " 1C borties ' The National ambulance was en route to Missouri to pick up a body and passed By the scene shortly after the wreck occurred. In addition to Trooper Smalley other ofiicers at the scene included City Policemen Herman I <ln e Mer™.,. Gi " is . Dertis Vastblnder and Willie Hopper, and Deputy Sheriff Charles Short and sheriff William Berryman. Mayor Dan Blodgett assisted the officers and Fire Chief Rov Head directed the standby fireiightmg operations. E. M. Holt of Holt Funeral STL ' ate this mor »ing that members of Russell's family were en route here to make funeral arrangement. Mrs. Russell was the former Miss Mi| tircd Salmon 0[ Pontotoc, Miss. Trooper Smalley said Robert p Pearson of Alton. III., driver of the oncoming t ruck , wns an eye . wltnp « to the accident. CRASH SCENE - This was the scene on Highway 61 seven miles south of Blytheville this morning as a wrecker began the work of prying three bodies out of the wreckage of the gas truck in the center - At left can be seen a Blytheville fireman standing by with a hose in case a spark ignited gas leaking from the truck. Some of the blocked traffic may be seen in the background. (Courier News Photo) Weather Arkansas Forcc.-isl—Fair [his afternoon, tonight and Sunday. Slight- Berham to Seek City Court Post Blythevilfe Lawyer Becomes Candidate For Municipal Judge George Bnrham, Blytheville attorney, today announced that he has filed as a candidate for municipal judge in the city election to be held here Nov. 4. Mr. Barnaul served as police ' judge of Blythe-- ville from 1925 to -: 1929 and was pro- S'bate judge of "JW Mississippi Coun•*••' ty in 1929 and . 1930. .,i He has prac 'vticed law in Mississippi County since 1916 and in Dlytheviiie since '-010. A member of Ihe First Christian .Church Ocorge Barham here, Mr. Barham served as chairman of the officii board of the church for to n.,,- 5 ? scma as chairman of the Mississippi County Tuberculo Wh4 lali °" rrom 1929 to W43 While serving in that capacity and m cooperation with the state Health Department and Dr B E Roberts, he brought to Mississippi Count White Horse Hill Chinese Recapture Mountain Peak in Hand-to-Hond fight — BULLETIN — SEOUL. Sunday OB _ Screaming Allied shell fire raked Ihe bloody crest of \VI,I( e Horse Mountain last nighl, leaving- the rubbled western Korean battle Peak an apparent no-man's land. i SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTff Adlai Wooes Florida Votes Eisenhower Takes a 'Break Stevenson Promises to Clean Government; Ike Hits Truman By STAN CARTER SEOUL Mi-Chinese Reds swept back up the north slope of White (Mmmtilln through intense tank and warplane fire today and pushed weary South Ka- a ," S °J f Lhe Cl ' cst 1n savri se hnnd- -hand combat , ilp » rto .°«™fth. U.K. sabre Jet down six Communist tuber County a specially-trained ol'the county* ^ WMh H «"» "If elected," he said, "I will gi ve «° 'his offfce the necessary time British Train Wreck Toll Placed at 706 HARROW. Eng. f.fl __ Birtish Railways announced today' that a total of 106 persons-including f ive Americans-died in Wednesdays triple tram crash here. Five of the victims slill Remained unidentified. ihe official announcement revised earlier estimated totals that had ranged as high as 114 Three other u. s. citizens were among the 151 injured. Of those hurt, 87 are still in hospitals. Workmen today began removing he last of the wreckage-the loco- notive of the Scotland lo London express that smashed into the rear of a Jam-packed commuter train throwing cars into the path of a third train. CRUSHFU TAB — Tlie body of three-year old Qlenda Shenll sell lies pinned in the wreckage of the track ir, which her mother and brother were killed this,morning and her father seriously hurt The mothers body already Imd Deed removed when this picture was made. (Courier News photo) Campaign Managers Quizzed by HAC Jury LITTLE ROCK CAP, _ The Pulaski County Grand Jury, probiup charees of -waste and inefficiency" against the stale Highway Department, interviewed campaign staff members of six candidates for governor yesterday. FAIR AND COOLER ly cooler northwest portion Sunday. Missouri Forec.,M-Generallv fair tonight and Sunday; warmer south- c-s.s portion tonight; cooler north porno,, tonight ana north and cen- f Iral portions Sunday; low tonight! middle 30 5 northwest to middle Ws southeast; high Sunday 60s north-1 west to 70-75 southeast. Minimum this morning—41 Maximum yesterday—70 Sunset today—5:31." Sunrise tomorrow—6-03 Precipitation 24 housr to 7am —none. . ,«, - ary 1—36.13. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)— 55.5 Normal mean temperature for October — 63,4. This Date Last Year ,.M : i7imum this rnornine __ 13 > x'iniiin ye»;pr<iay— 75. ...... Precipitation January i tu Blyf hcville Man In Texas Politics Harold Dean Robertson, son of Mr and Mrs. Jack Robertson of Pride Addition, is coordinator and office manager for the Denton senior at North Texas Slate —lege. he is also on the speakin? and visiting committee for the cratic headquarters in Dallas Cm °" " c . *««"<!<!<« Public schools in B.MhcvilJe sncl is a World War II veteran, seeing combat in the European Theatre of Operations The Jury subpoenaed the candidates' campaign records earlier this week, explaining (hat they ivere convinced "the high cost of running for governor" resulted in he "waste, extravagance and inefficiency" the Highway Audit Commission said it found In (he Highway Department. Campaign records of three of the candidates were submitted to Ihe Jury yesterday. William p. Bowen, Democratic >tate Committee secretary, and 3arron Lnngc presented liie rcc- ords ol Judge Francis Cherry, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. Gov. McMath's , records were aken lo the Jury by Henry Woods, the governor's executive secretary and campaign manager in three gubernatorial campaigns Robert M. Williams of Little Rock appeared for Jim Bland, manager of Ally. Gen. Ike Murry's unsuccessful campaign for the Deinocrnlic nomination last summer. Three oiner persons — J. Ed Lightle of Searcy. malinger for Rep. Boyd Tnckett; Arthur Ormond of MorriKon, manager for Jack Holt, and Arvil Taylor of Clr.rksville, former Gov. Ben Lanej's manager in his 1950 campaign — also appeared before the jury. Prosecutor Tom Downie said the Jury would reconvene for further deliberations on the campaign record; at 10 a.m. Mondav. Billy Porter Is Wounded Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Porter of 308 Bast Davis were notified by the Defense Department yesterday that their son, Pvt, Billy j. Po rter, was wounded in aclion in Korea Sept. Mrs. Porter said that her son was sounded In both legs by artillery fire but that the Defence Department's Selegram did not say where thc action look place. Pvt. Porter has been in Korea for le past three months. Mrs Pnvf^r Brinkley Rites Tomorrow Joint Services Sef For Wreck Victims Services for Mr. and Mrs. Roy A Brinklcy, Dell couple who were killed Oct. s in an automobile accident near Greenfield, Ind will be conducted at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Services will be In Dell Methodist Church with the Rev. E. H. H " il " d pilots shot MIG jets. The battle for strategic While Horse, dominating the Chorwon t into South Koi-ca. passed noui ' "f almost continuous fighting. The hill has changed hands more than 20 times Niiiiil Division South Koreans whose motto is "stay, fight!" were making a new stand only 200 yards' rom the crest. Reports from the front were rifcther II WaS " Ot knov ™ hcre 16,W>0 Chinese troops which earlier nad been reported massed for a fresh assault. i Attack at 4:15 The Chinese launched their at- sck at 4:15 p.m. and won control of the crest at 6:30 p m The South Koreans, In a bold maneuver, had won the hill only a ew hours earlier at 12:30 p.m. They circled While Horse below Ihe trest charged from all sides and killed or drove oif n n bul two small pockets of Chinese. Tanks manned by South Koreans rumbled into the valley that winds ll OI ' ( w WhitB H ° rsl! - Tnej ' tumMi i'lclr big rifles on a ncjirbv hl!l which Ihe Chinese have used as a springboard for. assaults on White Horse. But the maneuver did not stop the Reds. for. long. Before launching Operation" Iron * isW lhat won back White Horse the weary but determined ROKs lought off seven fanatical human- wave attacks against their posi- "Mis on three slopes of the hill They routed the bugle-blowing screaming Chinese in fierce, close- quarter fighting. The South Korean hit-run raid on the hill north of While Horse blocked off Red reinforcements. The South Koreans called their flanking move around While Horse Operation Iron Fist" because of its nearness to the city of Chorwon which menus "Field of Iron " The shell-cratcrccl hill dominates the soulhwest corner of Hie Red's old Iron Triangle" troop, massing and supply area. It controls the road net leading into South Korea On the Western Front, u. S 2nd Division soldiers attacked Red positions on T-Bone Hill but withdrew afler a confused battle. Training School Bombed The Reds made -Jour attacks on hill positions east of the Fukhan Hiver. ROK 3rd Division troops repulsed every assault. Panther jels from Marine Air Group 33 bombed into flames a North Korean Army officer (rs'n- ing school west of Pyongyang 'i| ;c U. 5. Fifth Air Force said. ' in the week ended Friday, the Air Force said, Allied Sabre Jets destroyed four Red Jet fighters and damaged 13. One Sabre was shot down in air combat, five other planes were lost lo olhcr causes. Red anlt-aircrafl guns knocked down a two-engine B26 bomber an F84 Thunderjel and two propeller-driven fishier-bombers. A second Thunderjet was lost (o unexplained causes. The Air Force weekly summary said U.N. warplanes inflicted 420 casualties on the Reds—the highest figure since June—and llsled as destroyed: 850 supply bunkers, 505 Red trucks. 90 gun positions, 135 rail cars and seven locomotives. MIAMI, Pla. Wv-Gov. Adlal E Stevenson promised today to dea •ruthlessly" with corruption In government if he Is elected pres idenl. Thc Illinois governor brought Ill's campaign Into politically doubtful Florida today afler New Orleans recorded mixed reaclion last night (o his firm stand for clvi: rights legislation and against giving the slates title to Ihe oil-rich submerged coaslal lands. • Barging |ni o the lough Issues Republicans have raised against him. the Democratic presidential nominee likened .Miami's cleanup action in gambling scandals lo steps ho had taken in Illinois He promised to "follo-.v (he, same 'pal- lern of action in Washington " if he wins on Nov. 4. "You have been touched by scandals bred by an unsavory alliance between a national criminal syndicate and the semi-legitlmale operators who cluster around the fringes of Ihe entertainment business," Stevenson said in a talk nrpnnrrd for a party rally at Bay Front Park. "But I was pleased to see that you have learned the practical lesson tnught me in my tirne as governor of Illinois—lhat corruption will not wait for leisurely p.t- tention. "It must be attacked by those in authority ami it must be ruthlessly rooted out before it has a chance (o fester and spread through the whole of our political system. I congratulate you for so moving in Miami as I hove in Illinois and I pledge you that I will follow (he same pattern of action in Washington." Oca. Difight Eisenhower, the Republican presidential nominee, has made alleged ^corruption hi government one ol his chief-talking points in the campaign, other Republicans have aimed barbs at Stevenson for disclosures that liorsemeat was sold as beef In Illinois and lhat state tax stumps were counterfeited. honest criticism .could be rnlide^l the Democratic. • national admlnls tration. "I claim that our Democratic leaders are and have been pretty good human beings—but I moke no claim to IntidKSiliiiy on- (heir behalf." As he did in campaigning in Oklahoma and Louisiana yesterday, the Illinois governor emphasized what he said were Democrat Gfiffin ihi> State's December Draft Quota Set LITTLE ROCK UP) - Arkansas draft boards will call 905 men to nil the states December quota of 690. Ill announcing that yesterday , Mai. Carl D. Wells, state Selective i Service manpower chief, said De I cembcr inductees would be In the X or older » s « Czechs Arresting Yank Officers, Slay Agency Says BELGRADE. Yugoslavia W The semi-official Yugoslav news agency Tanjug last night said unconfirmed reports indicated hundreds of Army officers have been arrested In Communist Czech- officiating. Burial will be In Elmwood Cemetery. Services were delayed awaiting arrival of a son. Roy Brinfclev. Jr., who was In Korea at the time of bis parents' death. Olhcr survivors Include three | daughters. Peggy. Vera and Caro- !yn. and another son, Charles an Arkansas Slate College student. Mrs. Brinklev is also *••"-• > - ic conliibutlons to Ihe country's prosperity. He called attention to the difference between conditions now and in the depression of 20 years ago when the Republicans were in power. This approach, linked with his ndvocacv of rivil righls and his DENVER WV-Gcn. DwiRht D Elsenhower paused today for a brief recess In his hard-driving campaign after lashing what he called "the prevailing political practice of divide, exploit, tax, spend and rule." Speaking last night In the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City the OOP presidential candidate again called for n middle-of-the- road leadership lo "keep in balance the twin Ideals of security and oi liberty." After this speech, he (lew to Denver to resl over Ihe week end before .jetting out Monday for a iwing that will carry him on his third drive into tho Southland— with special nllention beamed on Texas. Earlier yesterday at rhoenix. Ariz.. Eisenhower said "of course" to a question of whether he will make a statement on his finances before the Nov. 4 election. Coirespomlenls sent him this written statement: "May we please have an answer directly from you to the question whether you intend to make public before the election your Income tax returns or a statement giving substantially the same information?" Tlie " James reply: "Of course.'If anyone was interested, they can have a report as soon as It is completed. It's virtually nil a matter of public record inyway." Hagerty said that he did not know Truman Assures Negroes: 'You'll Get Civil Rights' President Addresses Harlem Crowd; Raps Ike and Dixiecrars By ERNEST VACARRO NEW YORK wi _ President Truman voiced his personal assurance lo (he negroes today that Adlal ° ' Stevenson "will bring new cour b general's press secretary, C. Hagerty, delivered this when the statement would be ready. Morse Urges Action Washington last night. Sen. Wayne Morse, self-styled liberal Republican, in a statement called both Eisenhower and his vice ^residential running mate. Sen. Richard M. Nixon, to "stop stalling on making public their income tax returns." .. 'If they have nothing to hide, it s a simple matter to turn over their office copy to the piess . Morse famous atelady li public accounting of »n ' See STEVEN'SON on Page f Slfl.Oto non-officln! c, .fund Rep. Hugh Scott (R-PnV'iormer GOP national chairman, (old, a , c >orbr;jie thought Elsenhower was 'holding his own" in the campaign and (he outlook still up icared promising for his election. '"He has, lost some of the ev rcnie liberal support," Scott told reporter. "But he has gained nore conservative votes lo offset Ihis loss. I think we'll see a gradual gain ahead." Eisenhower came, to Salt Lake City from a quick sweep through Arizona and New Mexico. His reception was warm but not as boisterous or as big »s those he had See KISKMIOWBK on IMge 8 lie asked (he voters of Harlem lo roll up a great majority" tor the Democratic nominee and ior a Democratic Congress that "will support him 'In his battle for <•!v ! rights." or clv11 ivJ"V n r"' '" ° n acldress Prepared for delivery at Dorrence Brook Square lo members of the interdenominational Minister's meet- Ing, described Dwight D. Elsen- rer as the "front man for tha ty that adopted Ihe Wherry rule n the Senate _ making it harder o stop a filibuster than at any time in history." Truman quoted the GOP nomine* as having (eslified lhat "a certain amount of segregation is necessary in thc Army," and that the nominee and his party's pliuroim refuse pledges of effective action for equal rights. ™^ , n ° 1 -'' whlle lne Re nubllcan candidate is whispering promises to you, h ? .,.,= boen touring- (he South to woo the Dixieciats into the Republican fold." Truman snid What do you think the Republican onndidale and a Dixiecrat governor (alk about when they sit down together to lunch? Do you think they talk nbout clvi! rights? Maybe they talk about taking them away." Truman apparently 'was refer- u.ns l ° a recent : meeting of El^su- itf. c&tiSKtftj&p. Columbia S C Byrnes longtime Dc.ntH,ratio office holder, (s supporting the Republican nominee ' 'You slons. your own conclu- sald, "when iSi7 ir announces »ft- Ing to vote j£e- AEC Approves Revision Of State Tax Structure Air Force Men Confer Here LITTLE ROCK fAP) — Rcmvpiit-iHvr groups yesterday put tlieir app^a," me Arkansas lax structure. ipalgned hi ^ew he lost day of a Spole after receiving the Delano Roosevelt award for the se-ond time in four years at the Dorrance Brook square. Thi President cilled his receipt of the award four years ago before a roaring reception there f/'pne ,of the most moving receptioii|of my He said that at high-point "of the 1948 campaign "we pledged ourselves that day to a great enterprise—the end of racial injustice and unfair discrimination." "You placed your trust In me four years ago when I dedicated myself to our great cause .and I have tried powerful business I not to let you down," draft for a sweeping revision of ECrleo "- "I am here today to tell you that you can place the same trust in the Democratic candidates this Committee - •• - >.,u,( ^ulllllllllLC calling for an almost complete reorganization of lax collections in every field of revenue was adopted unanimously. Meeting with the AEC were trntive costs of collecting (lie tax.; 1 since the state would only have to resentalivcs of the Resources and Development Commission, the Associated Industries of Arkansas and the Commercial Organization of Secretaries. The group also voiced its disapproval of the proposed Amendment « to the state Constitution on which (he general public will vote Nov. 4. The amendment, referred check an individual's federal re- mm to see if the two coincided. The Committee recommended that the corporation Income tax rate be reduced to a flat five per cent on net income, arid saict such wilt fulfill your trust in the same way. "Acllai Stevenson has shown by e;erytliinsr he ha.s done and said that he believes deeply in Ihe equality of human bciir.ix He wii; bring new co'.irage and new energy to the fight to: civil rights." Truman said opponents of civil ^^ ..,.., ,,,,,r, siatcV I r ' Bl ' !S had blockcti cvpry e(forl lo atlracting'new industry.' " " C ''jfaw^an 'arut 0 "''^"' 5 '" 10 " 154 prl>clice Discontinuance of the "nniural "" ' P ° "* M& "" oslovakia as government. 200 to plotters againsl the . Picnics varied from "about 600," the agency Air Force officials have set Jan. 1 i as "target date" for the Blytheville air base. Mnj. John Trommerhauser. assistant Air Force field representa- (ive of Dallas, was In town ycstcr- by her father," JocT Crews" 'nci-nfc." i'' Ay ronrcnil '? with Chamber of Mo., two brothers. Luther c c w s Co ™»«« ""'cUl.,. He told thc group tliftt all families -.e to be evacuated Irom the air base quarters by the first of the year and also pointed out that present plans call for letting contracts at that time. An "avig.itlon ordinance" will be resources" truck was urged on the ground thai u i s "highly discriminatory" and is of "insignificant v.ilue to the state." A complete reorganization of assessment machinery for the state property tax was recommended Among other things, the Committee asltcrl that a stale agency charged with equalizing property assessments ihrougnout the state be established. And, it urged that the .slate tax assessor be elected lo a 4-year tci,i, t n ,>*»4 ol for two years, and that he be required to Ink,. , n examinallon to determine his qualifications. ami-lynch law. and have succeeded in changing- llu- rules to m.ikc (t "practically imeo'oible to stop a Sec TRUMAN on Pa-c S of Manila and Dcron Crews, 'who i LS in (he army; and three sisters Mrs. Fred Counts and Mrs. Earl Cater, both of New Castle ind and Mrs. Hcno Ashley, Ketsei- "' Mr. Brinklcy leaves two bro. es wo brothers John Brinklcy if Osccola and Henry Brlnkley of Blytheville; and two sisters, Mrs. Melvin Giles of Cincinnati, o., and Mrs. Tom HcndriJt. Yokima. Wash ' Cobb Funeral Hom« . e required of the city, he pointed cut. This is to prevent election of tall structures In thc glide paths of airplanes. Accompanying Major Trommer- hauser were LI. D. F. RoW.von and William K. FmefSelrt. Tlie latter is with Corps of Eiiglnem' LiltJe Rock «au». Ihc public by the 1951 General Assembly, would permit municipalities to issue bonds lo conslruct buildings and other facilities for new Industries. The business groups took the view that this would put the cillcs Into competition with private enterprise. To Map Program After voting to accept the T-vx-- tlon Committee's report, submitted by Chairman L. L. Baxter of Fayettevillc. the combined S roup authorized the committee to work with tiic Citizens Tax Commuter -set up by Democratic Gubci-nnlor- _ Ihe^r^^^^nc^-o 1 ! 7 ^"^ Violators \LITTLE uz- mnp an overall ( ax revision pro gram acceptable lo all parties concerned. Thc program submitted by the Tnxiulon Committee urged a'radi- cal change in assessing state In- Inside Today's Courier News . . , Cl-.ick Bees twit Keiitr :i- 7 ... Osrcola, Kartlett lie , , . Sports . . . Page 5. . . . . . Hell Bomb . . . Piciurr fca- lure . . . Pa 5 e 8. . . . . . Soctcly . . . I>a s c 2 ... - . . Xol-so-hnt bargains . . . Editorials . . , Page -i. come (AXCS to increase thc number of tax payers contributing to the state kitty. ft recommended xhat Ihe federal schedule of exemptions and .It-due- tions be used in computing state .ncome taxes for individuals. Would Reduce Cost Baxter also said such m u- Fined in City Court Four persons received S100 fines and one-day Jail sentences in municipal court this morning after being charged with driving under the influence of liquor. Appealing thc fine and one-day Jail -fr/ilence Wns Funk Doss His bond was set at $250. Convicted were Tom Smith Joe Coicmaa and Uivrcnce Hmlev forfeited a Slo bond ^vl% I ' The pfums ripen and fall from the politico! IreconlyofrCfC.'ever arafrina SHI»

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