Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 15, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 19
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^.-f^^\~^ %:(*'vtfjz f *. •T&l "a " ' , ' ^ Main Office of "THE HUB" Cloth Co., 309 and 311 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa 'GENTLEMEN: Those 500 suits we sent you ten days ago to sell at $12.00 and $1500 respectfully—and are well worth $15 00 to $18.00, you will now mark them to sell at $10 00 and $12 00 until the entire lots are closed out. Very respectfully, THE HUB. Here is a Chance for You Christnas Shoppers. WE'RE ALWAYS AFTER BUSINESS ^*r A«d we crenerally get it. .New customers come to us, old ones. c*me back. Why is this. In the first place what we advertise is so aever exaggerate. When we do have a good thing, however we don't goat it in a half harted way/Transactions here are based on facts, they doh't depend on ifs and maybe*. Now it happens that for the next two weeks, the above bargains will sparkle as long as those suits will hold out. , , UD to-date —We have given away over 200 ot those handsome Coat and Hat Backs, and every purchaser of $20.00 cash will be presented with one, this offer holds good until Jan. 1st. With Every Boy's So It—Short Knee Pants Suits a handsome Saving Bank ifee. THE HUB. SECRET ORDER OiSBERS. Harry Frank's Old Stand. Logansport, Ind. New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices . . . W. F, Campbell'* Old Stand. Kroeger & Strain. UNDRRTAKRRQ Calls promptly attended to Day or Night, 818 Broadway. TBLKPHONK - Offloe. «8. Kroeger, 18 main. 94. Private Monej to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 208 Fourth. Street. SETH M-VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Tlftto Glass Insurance. ]I[ANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. ua » sail. 309 6th street DR,, F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and BroadwaT tenwal Telephone No Offloe 863, residence 343 W I Rirnett Succe>80r *° c Undertaker, Embalraer ' ud Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Cain attended dar or nteM. Ifee finest outfU in the U. S. Col. C. L. Woll, w« remain with me. Office 18. Kesldence-Mutual, 65:o.u.ie». When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- P H. Wipperman, Htliourth Street Opp. Court Houie Entrance. GEORGE W. EODEFEE. Real Estate, Loans. Bought, Sold or Xzohanired. Money to Loan M mortgage or personal security. Call on me « write to me at No. SI B«il Hirer »-*<»nue,eMt «•( of Market street brlore. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET OTOr Bruggeman's Millinery Store. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. OITY NRWS. Visit Walden's baDlcruptshoe sale. Wm. Painter is visiting relatives at Mootlcello. Eegular meeting tonight of the common council. Milo Meredith, of Wabash, was In che city yesterday, Magic umbrellas for holiday gifts. —The New Otto, sole agents. Mrs. Sophia Hardt, of Osage street, will be 77 years of a,ge Sunday. Miss Daisy St.recker is employed temporarily'in Dickerhofl's store. Miss CJora Baker, ot Lafayette, is in the city for a few days' visit with relatives. Miss Llllie Brown, ot the Southside, has returned from a short visit at Delphi. Miss Emma Ross has taken a position for the holidays with D. A. Hauk, the jeweler. Lola Morissee, a member of the Murray & Mack company, is sick at the Johnston hotel. The usual holiday slipper display at the New Otto at reduced prices, especially on ladles fur 'trimmed novelties. Charles Shafer, of the Bridge City Candy company, continues quite sick. It is thought he Is suffering from typhoid fever. A. solo cornet recently received by Henry Fornofl from the Conn factory at Elkhart, has been replaced by a much finer instrument, a "New York Wonder. Peru Chronicle: D. P. Baldwin, of Logansport, was in the city yesterday visiting friends J. E. Morris and wife, or Logansport. were in the city yesterday to see the oil wells. Ransom Ice, who runs a quart shop at Dunkirk, between this city and Kenneth, denies that the foreigners who were in a flght some nights ago got ttteir drinks at his place. He claims that he refused to sell them any liquor and sent them away. The flght occurred later, at a distant point. Order of Maccabees Most Pay $10,000 fur Injuring a Candidate. Members or tbe many secret orders in this city and elsewhere will be interested in the news tbatc^mes from Kansas City, Mo., to the effect that a jury in tbe circuit court has just awarded 110,000 damages to Leona Winslow, in a ?uit against the Order of Maccabefis, for injurte/ sustained four years ago during Winslow's initiation into the secrets and responsibilities of t,he society. The evidence showed that Winslow was pushed from a plank about three feet from the floor. He was blindfolded at the time and unable to protect himself in the'all One of his kid- ceys was torn from its position, and was never united. Physicians testified that Winsluw would never again be able to perform profitable physical or mental laoor. Winslow weighs 140 pounds. It developed at the trial that the two guards wbo gave him most of his "assistance" during Ihe initiation weighed 250 pounds each, and while the injary upon which snit was brought waa the only one of permanent character, the candidate said he wan otherwise badly bruised and used op generally. Tbe case has attracted much attention among secret society Deople. The judge commended the jury for its verdict. • THE K03ERS WELL. Thd Lofansport Company Decide to Abandon Itr—Meeting Tonight. At a called meeting of the board of directors of the Logausport gas and oil company last evening, it was decided, on account of the statements made by the contractor to the effect that It was impossible to proceed further, to abandon the well on the Rogers farm The directors will meet again this evening and decide on the location of the next well A Wise Criticism. The Cincinnati Enquirer has this to say: "Opponents of the theatre trust claim tbat they want to hear more about good actors and actresses and less about managers and agents and the 'principals' in syndicates; tbat they want to return to the good old days when the artist's name on the bills was in blgerer type T.nan the name of the press agent; that they would rather see pictures of the people who do acting and sinking than likenesses of the men wbo figure 'iu front.' Still, it must not be forgotten that some of the manager and agents are extremely 'pretty'." Circuit Court. The suit of Michael Felix against George S. Ktstler, assignee of L. W. Pilling, waa dismissed. Similar action was taken in the suit of Mary A. Cromer against Daniel and Harry D. Lybrook. Tilla C. Richardson was appointed administrator of the estate of John B. Richardson, deceased. An allowance was made of the claim of 1300 against D. D. Fickle, administrator of the estate of Jacob Ault. __ An Old Bank Note. A party at Chicago sent Postmaster Hanawalt a two-dollar bank note, issued in 1852 by the State Stock bank of Logansport, with instructions Do sell it. The State Stook bank was estaolished by the late John Brown, the late Dr. U. N. Fitch andotbers. in the frame addition at the rear of the building now owned and occupied by John Eckert, the retail liquor dealer. The hank fronted on Third street. For tke Plaintiff The jury In the case of the American Wire and Nail company against the State National bank, heli that when President John F. Johnson ordered that car load of wire and nails for his hardware store he had no in tention to defraud hia creditors. The suit was brought against the bank for the reason that after his shortage was discovered Johnson turned the stock of hardware over to the bank oo drink of 106 per Dolls at the Bee Hive. Mrs. C. N. Gratis is sick. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Joseph Mandel is at Chicago business. W. J. Barnett and son are at Winamac, visiting friends. The Panhandile pay car will reach Logansport tomorrow. Carpet sweepers, skates and children's knife and fork sets. Crlsmond. The Mew Otto sells the celebrated Se ladles' dress shoes for 75c while hey last. Walter Chandler, of 416 North treet, celebrated his 23d birthday esterdajf. Fred Rohrer has returned to Maion aft,er a short visit with his pa- ents here. For rent, house on the corner of ycamore and Ottowa streets—T. A. McGovern. Try McBale's for a pure McBrayer, seven years old, ent proof. Mr. H. S. Sturgeon has returned rom a visit with friends at Little Rock, Ark. Buy a roll of late muofs of Ed 'owell to send to some dear friend or Christmas. Tbe Longcliff hospital board met esterday and allowed claims aggre- ;ating 110,000. . An unknown man was seen to afely ' 'shoot" the Uhl dam yester- ay in a small boat. Wabash Times: Mrs, Egar Ellis went to Logansport yesterday to visit relatives for several days. Indianapolis Sentinel: Mr. and Mrs. Barnard, of Logansport, are the quests of Mr. J. A. Barnard. Wanted—Gentleman or lady as ocal representative. Guaranteed alary. Address Pharos office. Even if the goods are no cheaper, ind they claim they are, the presents are a clear gain at The New OCto. Mrs. E. C. Ellis, who has been the guest of Mrs. N- R. Donaldson, has "eturned to her Dome at Caaandagua, N. y. Hon. J. J.Todd, of Bluflton, a member of tne Longclifl hospital board, has tendered his resignation 10 the governor. Come and see our line of onyx tables. The nicest finished goods ever shown, at the lowest prices.— Taylor, the jeweler. Goldie, the 7-year-old daughter of John Nichols, of near Lucerne, fell Sunday and broke her right forearm. Dr. Kane was called. 'Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Freshour, of Bridgeport, Conn., are visiting Dr. Buchanan and G. W Richardson and families, of the Eastend. James O'Donnell's baggage wagon team took a run from the Wabash station, east on Toledo street, yes- ,erday, but did no damage. According to the Catholic calendar today, Friday and Saturday are Ember days, and are observed by fast and abstinence from flesh aeat. The government has lately been making a special effort to learn the amount, of wheat produced in thia ;oimtry by the last harvest, and tbo figures foot up 530,000,000 bushels. Miss Lorena Height arrived from Ihicago yesterday, and Is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Heniy Horst. She will leave in January to take a po§l tlon as stenographer in the office of the governor of South Dakota. Miss Matilda Bopp was given a surprise Monday evening by a party of young friends at her home on Race street. The affair was occasioned by her birthday anniversary. She was presented with a handsome toilet set. Oaly Three Dayi to California. Via "Sunset Limited" from Chicago and St. Louli. Composite car with barber §hop, bath room and library; ladies' parlor observation room car; compartment and dining cars. An ideal winter route not too far south, Out just south enomgh too escape high altitudes and snow blockades. Complete particulars and illustrated pamphlet mailed free to any address by your local agent James Charlton, G. P. A., C. & R., Chicago, 111*-, or H. 100 Doses in a AMUSEMENTS. Bottle D I OLAtTSOPSRA HOUSE. Smoke the Columbia cigar AMUSEMENTS. A great Play by a Great Company Tomorrow Sight. Plays founded upon, historical Incidents have much of dramatic interest and "The Royal Secret," which Wil;on Lackaye will produce at Dolan's play house oa Thursday evening, Dec. 16, will be found complete with clash- .n.g interest, counter-plots and in- irigue. The play is a romantic comedy, in which Louis XIV figures conspicuously, but who has for a rival an actress one _ It Is in the part of M.ond'ory tbat Mr. Locfcaye will be seen, and he is said t;0 invest the part with so much dramatic effect as to positively thrill his audiences. The characters will appear In handsome dresses worn during the reign of pic- the n the affections of tfondory, an actor Is peculiar to and true only of Hood's Sarsaparilla, and is proof of its superior strength and economy. Th=re is more curative 'Thursday, power in a bottle of Hood's Sareaparilla ' than in any other. This fact, with its unequalled record of cures, proves the best medicine for all blood diseases is Sarsaparilla The One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $L TT t-v-.I cure I.iver ills; easy to ITOOu S HlllS take, easy to operate. 25C. best medicine lor al Hood December 16th. The Distinguished Actor, J Supported by his own company of High Class Artists, in tfce new Romantic Costume Comedy Dram* by F D. Relnau and W. T. Price, entitled "The Royal Secret." Complete Equipment of Scenery. Gorfreou* 1 Con jroes, Sumptuous Production. [ P. ices- Plush seafs. fl.50; ail of circle. *1.00: I Parquet. Toe: Balcony. 50 aud iic. Setttt oa sale at Jonnstoa's drugstore. XIV, and the scenery aresque and appropriate period of the play. Catholic Benevolent Legion. Erin Council No. 646, Catholic Benevolent Legion, met last even- .ng and elected the following oflBcers: Chaplain— Very Rev. M. E. Campion. President--Thos. F, Welsh. Vice President— Anthony Cook. Orator — John F. Carroll. Secretary — Edward J. Cunningham. Collector-Treasurer —Joseph Herman. Marshal— John Burns. Guard— Patrick Dolan. Chancellor— IS. J. Twomey. Trustees— Patrick Dolac, Anthony Cook, E. J. Twomey. 6. A. R. Election. Logansport Post No. 14, Grand of the Republic, met last night and elected the following officers: Commander — D. H. Chase. S. V. Commander — John Ensfield. J. V. Commander— Robert Patterson. Q. M.— I. E, Grain. Surgeon— J. W. Crlsmond. Chaplain— James McMillen. 0, of D — Wm. Livingston. 0. of G. — Alex Hardy. Janitor— J. C Cbidester. Delegate— J. E. Grain. M. M. Crockett, J. W. Crismond. Alternate— John Banta. George Harris, J. E. Irwin. Advertised Lette* List. List of advertised letters remaining In the postoffice at Logansport for the week ending Deo. 13, 1897. GENTS . George Brownlee, Dr. W. C. Corbett, A. H. Grubb, M. L. Henderson, Benjamin Weaver. LADIES. Mrs. Bert Hy man and Maggie A. Hamill. Persons desiring to obtain any of these letters, will please say advertised. V. C. HANAWALT, P. M. Pure vegetable colors and fine flavors forcandiesatJ^sher'Mrnggist. DELICATESSEN FINE IS DOING A GREAT BUSINESS We hardly know ourselves how to account fir the rush of trade we have been having since we opened a month ago. True, we have sold goods fearfully cheap, but it seems Fately as if our people had by common consent made n.p their minds that the new store, the Reliable Furniture store, is the only place to purchase Furniture. Now for the Christmas Trade, Don't forget that whether for a wedding or a Christmas present, nothing is so acceptable as some article oi: Furniture. Corner Market, 5th and Erie Streets. THE GREAT COMMERCIAL SCHOOL OF INDIANA. Genuine Office and Buslneis Practice from the day of eutrance. The Logansport Commercial High School. We use the well known Sadler's Budget ijr§- tern of oookkeeplug and office practice. The Educational ait oC the 19th Century! Genuine bookkeeper's experience from t» Start. No copying. The student learns br doing. He is not taught Impractical and obsolete methods and forms. The most thorough and up-to-date oonu»«r- cial school In tbJsBectlon of the country. Selecfrthe best Cheap tuition U dear at tor cost. Select a school that Is recognized u* endorsed by the business oommnnltT- «• urge Investigation. yome and see us, or write. LoK*ngport Commercial High 8ckwl. STEEKT. R. —, ^ . Townsend, G-. P. A., St. L., & S. Ry., St. Louis, Mo. I. or A. C. M, 407 Market street in room formerly »«c«pie< by Leganeport Wall Paper Co. Gunther's Confectionery. Charlotte Eusee. Bavarian Cream, Wine Jellies, Chocolate Eclain, Patty Shells, Erg Kisses, Hickorynut Macaroons, Almond Macaroons, Walnut Macaroons. Cocoanut Macaroons, Vanida Wafers. Jelly Tarts, Cream Puffs, Fruit Cake, Gold and Silver Hod. Lemon Marangxie PleS. Frank K- Lloyd, Pastry Cook at tie Barnett and Mu»dO«k hotels J or the past nve years. »-We have contracted to furnisk «lltbe Pastry and Bread 1 or tbe above hotels. j Telephone 288 Mutual. ' REMOVED Into tbe Bell Block on Pearl'at formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where you are invited to call and see a And a Stock of Winter Woolens for Suitings and Overcoatings That Cannot be Beat W.D. Craig, Pearl St. Xext to Btll's Office. Low Rates to North Carolina, Virginia and Other States. Lines Line*. Dec. 7b'a and a*t. For mation apply to W. » W . :Klchard«on. paaeen««r Agent, IndlanapoU*. In*. «pe«Ul Infor- BANKRUPT SHOE SALE. We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half •n your Shoe Bills What is better than a nice pair of Shoes for Christmas—Nothing. Ladies' shoes 8 9 c Misses shoes 690 Child's shoes 350 Ladies' shoes 99 c . Misses shoes 8 9 c Child's shoes 49C Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes 99c Child s shoes 59C Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child s shoes 890. $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys S3.OO Kaciies's S'iides SL89- This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the price of Cheap One*.

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