The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 1HEV PUT ME DM OWE OFW MEW SKATERS TOOAV, AK1D I'VE CNLV BEES) HERE A WEEK..' WHV, AT THIS RATE I'LL SOON BE CM 1H' JVIS PUJJEK, WAIT NOW LET T)V BULL OF Tr t' WOOPS HOLD HIS .JOB A FEW MORE WEEKS.' WE'LL „ TALK ABOUT TIIATOWTK WAV HOME.' I THINK THAT FIRST 1 PROMOTION RUINT MOSTOFLk3-TrV PICST OMe CAME. COZ ' WE WASMT THMKJN' A60UT IT AMD TH' UEKTOME NEVER CAME BECAUSE IT'S ALL WE PIP ".AS THINK ABOUT rr/ Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople 5W, MA30R.V>'OOfDYCJJ UKtTO GO ON -TELEVISION? WE GOT A •SPOT UcJeo UP f?OT x Neeo A W FAT MWi TO FEED Me 5TRAI6HT LIMES/-~ FOR .... .AMCe.VDU SAY: 'SORRV To/^ UEftR A CO& BVT YOU —WAS IT A RABID DOG ?"-~-' Af~ 1 REPLY "hlo, BIRD DOG FDNWV FAT MWO? FWKCKLES AND HIS FKIENDS BY MERRILL BLOgSEl Helping Hand -U - - — DASH Y3O/—ARE YOU TRYING TO IMSULT AM OLD SHAkespeftREAM STAR. ? -*** vJt-tv, You THIRD RATE eufFOOM.T OUG«r to — TO - AVJPF - For Rent Kiore bulldlne 20VJO /I. on 1st St. In Ingram Bids. I'll. -H61. 1U3 Jit 'i* 1 2-room farm house east of eHy limits. Sec Carles Stcmnc. V* " ll]e from It. H CtosslnB. Clear Lake noaJ. 1113 pk 20 Ph. 3202. 1[3 clc 20 2 room riouBP with shower halh. I30OO i>ei month. Phone 26K2. 12 pk 15 4 room ho\iEe. Call HolHs Jumper. Ph. 7U6. 1|9 P* I6 4-rooms unfurnished. 506 N. 5th St. See aliei i p.m. M'l ek 1|!4 Warehouse 30 - HO' on railroad siding Midwest Dairy Products. Ph 4447. 11J16 ck tr Flash cameras lor O'STEEN'S STUDIO. all occasions. 45-clc-tI FOR RENT: Frozen Food locfcera. BlaylocK's Highway 61 Phone 3112. 823 c'f tl Loons , Jit WANT A FARM LOAN "" 1 have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rale of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. Ill ALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Kiales 2262 two phones 3322 11-2 o ck tf MONEY to LOAN Ou City Property ov Farm Lands CONWAY & HOUCH1NS GLENCOE HOTEL Bt.DG 1-13 ck 2-1 Money to Loan ^.,'>o you need a loan to repair or re Vbicl? No down payment on mort- ' * VlIA APPROVED RATES 5C/ O ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor phone 2034 Lynch Building BlythevWe. Ark B,23-cX-tf MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT S Ph. 2262 nr 3322 1-6 pk 2-t Notice I Love My Doctor, BY EveWn Barlcins ^T^w^^JSTwc ^ TI1K STORY, J»h» .»« 1 e brCurr Juha flnlkltrrf hi* l« *k{p Ht Ibr hiiMpliai, Now Are frv> fta«L »• J«h* Ji»* ttt vtte-4 nil JiU frlcnda 1« call »o^f«lly. !• vlrw <»f BtMkl»|c thrM vr^m klH m cur«- !)»(••• If Ihcj'r* rvcr 111. Hnt iLr offlrc •c-<-4» a Kf«-«l«T "Or. KlldMrr *tMio»pli«rr, n nay* Jokm. u C*M't we pr» H i»#, t* iMitrcMi the <rl*\torm'." 4fc T'M sick of what people expect of a doctor ," said J ohn. " A medic is supposed to work from dawn to dawn with no time off for food or rest or sleep, although why anyone thinks a doctor's physical makeup is any different I don't understand. If an M.D. ,' ever followed the rou tine th c public set up for him, he'd be | crippled at 30, and dead at 40." "Agreed," I answered promptly "but you can't re-educate a whole world. And we've got 8 goal our own.*' I liked to think that 1 was being "the dear little wife helping her husband get on." **AU right," said John reluctantly, "weM, what do we do next?" "In order for *ts to look busy, I decided, "the phone must ring much more often. Everyone tc date has commented on its pecul iar, unhappy silence- Now I won der if Freda or my mother coul help us out there/' ..... They could and they would. Fo the ' third, fourth, and fifth gues nights, to the satisfaction of every one present, QUIT phone rang eve: hour on the hour (my mother) an every hour on the bnlf (Freda whereupon John and I went int our act 1 "Dr. B's office/* I would answe with special dignity, and then tu to John with a gesture irnplyin annoyance at such constant inter niption, and say, "For you." In the expectant hush that im mediately followed as he walko- ver, I would murmur wearily: 'nticnt's just never let him rest. erribly busy, terribly!" • • • PROPERLY impressed, the visitors would listen eagerly to his very word tike G-men taking own confessional testimony from dying man. and John, aware of is audience, would make il good. "Mrs. Parker?" he would glibly mprovise while Freda giggled on end. "That's too bad. A undred three, you mean four? 'ry some of that medicine I left ast time and I'll be there in the inrning." Or else he would say, "Mrs, ones? Yes, What's that? Right ide pain? Sounds like appendix fou don't say. I'll be right over. And in this script he would gei up, take his bag, lerwe the house nd ride five times around the jlock in his cnr. Upon his victorious return, h would be greeted by a barrage o nedical questions, and it was actu. illy startling and fascinating, even o me, to hear detailed accounts o .he different, nonexistent case re ports, almost as if he were day dreaming aloud. A perfect Freud n wish fulfillment indeed! But though our action bar some truit in that occasionally well impressed visitor would tur up in the office as a patient, o sometimes refer a more distan relative, the strain of perpetuatin the farce, combined with the de grading feeling o( shoddines proved within two weeks to be to much. One night, we were in the mid of our telephone routine, when th entire system collapsed. "Mr Parker?" John began as usuu "That's too bad. A hundred thrc you mean four, you mean six' and at this point he lost all sel control and burst into such heart laughter that he couldn't spea Equally aroused, I started to laug too, while our enraged visitor who naturally could find amusement iii so tragic a pligl pressed Ehoir violent disapjaroval a hasty departure. "So don't talk to us about build- fi a practice by socializing," 'hn told Rob Abbott, Bob smiled sympathetically. "1 n imagine bow you felt," he sjiul. would loo. As a matter of fact, .at's why 1 iiilcni) to spdcinli?,e, i thai way, I'll get my 'A'ork from actors aixd never have to bow own before every Tcxn, Dick, and r.rry patient who deigns to let ie thump his precious chest. He— des. I'll be a bigshot too, and lake real money." • * * OHN and I were both surprised al Hob's remarks, but while ohn was merely startled at this uddcn announcement of his riend's intentions, 1 was down- fihl shocked. Of course, the icdern trend toward speciali?.a- on is old hat. Oripjnally, a specialist was a cneral praclilinner who became a rue expert in a choSen field. His olc was that of consultant only, 0 bo rallwi in at the discretion ol he attending physician in cases where his extra skill was required >ccnusc of a difficult, technical Tocodure involved, or a problem liagrujsis. Today, it may sometimes be » young fellow [ike Bob, who knows illle about medicine in general, ind just slightly more about his specialty in particular, btil is guided in his work by a love of greater prestige, higher pay and :cwcr working hours, while it is public itself thai is left holding the bag. Under an erroneous assumption of getting the "very best care." they cheat themselves the psychological benefit of confidence and faith in a tarnily physician, who is familiar -with them and their problems, and settle for impersonal attention. "Bob Abbott," I exclaimed, "you sound like a prospective slock broker, not a doctor. It's shocking!" "Nonsense," said Bob earnestly, 'Tin only being holiest, instead of talking high human motives like the stuffed shirts at the hospital. And even if they don't admit it in plain English, it stiU adds up ttic same." (To Be Continued) Taken Up Taken up one gray mnrc mule, I olack norse mnJe O, D Lone Ht 1 fior »7i. 12127 'pk I|27 We apeclallzfl ID oil BtoTe repair. Rpafionablo rates. Prompt pick \ip nnrt deliTery. Ph. 21)36. 1J12 pk 1)15 floomlnsi house at 126 K. As^i St.. under new ownership beginning Jan 16. Room and hoard br day or wrck All bualnesi *ppreclnteri. Bernard Brackln. l|lt P^ l\M LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS I j Dead, fallen and crippled I Animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, 'Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 11121 pk 11JII50 SAVE MONEY with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHO€ SHOF r 21 W. MAIN ST. Instructions "New Clas-sps In Shortlinnci. Hook- seplns. Tyr'ni; Mrs. L, M lltltnett— 1U Hrnrn." i;5 cfc t j Insurance For FARM ITjrtEAU INSURANCE scrrtce. call or contact H. R. Sllcplmrd. phone 2157, early inornlnK, noon or nl £hl. liU pk 2.13 Wanted to Rent 400-600 ACT* farm Ph 12:30 pk Concrete Culvert Tile St7c5 ii|i to 3G in. Corrugated Metal Culverts fii/.FS up lo Rl tn, Autnnntir l-'lood Galrx Concrete Seplic Tanks Mclal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Bcsl Trices We Deliver A.H.WEBB IllEhwa; Til at State Line I'himc 7M 'OPENING SOON Blytheville rLOWER A4AET Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty Hefp Wonted, Male WHY WORK FOR WAOE37 Vnluablfr rranchlsc open in Mississippi County. I Karnlnaa Rovfrtied by vour sbtllty. • R-itft»>!1shf!l Dratcrs eftrnlnir *.^0 to \ *IW wfckJy. Car nrcc.'-^arj- It hr- , tw Cfn the ftpr,s of SS nnrt .S5, write A. Lewis, co The ,1 R. \Vatklns Com- puny. Memphis. Tcime?.scc. I 1,32 c\ l.H Wanted to Buy Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Friday's Price 3-tictlroom home. Mortrr^lcly fn, 26M. csl prices paid for CIIICKKNS- Asn street urocery ft Mniket ' As " 6.7 ek tl , for Sale, Cars and Trucks , FOR SA!E •1H Clicvrolrt 5 CO LLJ Q r coupe Ph 1. 13 pH I 2.1 NOW I All lour rli wheel! pm, on the I Willys Nation Wnson pickup nn<1 | t\ttr.ea .leep "The worlds mnsl ustnn Will? sares Co Pn 1222 cw l » har s aln price l"j ton Dotlur kc- bony Intck. prar.tlrally new See at K. M. Urkln Servlrr Sinllon. Ka=t Main, or phone 52."! 1,3 pk 27 ' Persona/ • r>-u hnl!r """"If pliotoslatlc sc-r»lce IOSTEENS STUOJO. i, You can buy it for ?7S5 on Friday, $775 on Saturday, etc., if the truck is still here. H has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good healer, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. • OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS 19-18 SUnlebnkcr Land Cruiser nil!) Sluclcbiiker i/i-Ton pickup. IS 18 Sludebakcr Champion Chevrolet 2-door 785 )!»(? Ford Vi-'fon Pickup lit 1C Dodge '/j-Ton Pickup CHAMBLiN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbakcr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 WMY, HCCTCft! TwHATTA 'too or- AU- fiAccs I Doiwe, iwp To sir' / SHRIMP — X1ARTER ROZEU Ht xrt. NO 1CLTI rcxn- .- SMOWBALLS /6(Jtss IT. 'J don't think a little dieting is going to hurt any of us!" ['KISCIU.A'S PCI" Id (live Tliuii lo Receive UV AL VERMEER POP, WHAT MADE^VS YES.... WHEN I STOLE A KISS MADE ME GIVE IT R.IG BACK) YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH MOM? J^=g| Without a I'crniH I!V MICHAKI, O'MAUJiY und RALPH LANE 5URE, YOU GOTTA HAVE A POLICE PERMIT TO BUY HIGH EXPLOSIVES THIS JUNK IS DANGEROUS CAI'TAIN KASY BY~LESUE TURNED 'J'liiil I'up Agnin /ALL WE KNOW IS THEY 1CFT V f °HLV ID ^ UECE TO V/SIT'MPU^V.'Fr . 1 acw-prt unpF- I 1WJE THE WPRESSIOU (T HftD SOME ONE THAT WAS TO BE Y THEY MU»T TO DO WITH THE PUP IHEV HAP K A SURPRISE FOP. VDU...1 HAYE.CAKH,. AVD HINTED AT DtflUG SOME / ABODT it! 8U1 'V'OFircnvE' WOEKOW ru* WY.VTHEV OF UM PLP BOU6HT THE DAV BEFOCE. 8UT I — BIESS THgie HEARTS! WASH1...1 WONDEK. SE6NITKH6N IF -THEV TOOIC IT / WE COMBED WITH THEW, ? X iVtV INCH Of H' UEIGHRO* HOC PLftY PE1ECWE, ANBI _ I DIDN'T TftKE IT SERIOUSLV HUGS liUNNY ig Clciiiuip Operation BY V. T. HAMLLN H1PROLYTA IS WELL / \VHOSE' H IMPOSSIBLE... / HELP WITHOUT HELP.'/V r ~y HOOTS AND IIKH HunniKS HY RDGAR JIART1IN

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