The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1950
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN BLYTIIKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Pnijy rate per lUic lor consecutive inieti'.on. Minimum chRtpe .............. 50c j lima per line .............. 15c J times pi-r line prr rt*y ...... )2c 3 1 1 in PA prr line per riny ...... flc 6 times per 11 HP per dny ...... To )2 tl:uea per lino per day ...... Sc Monln per imp , . ....... S'lr Count lire nvotape worrts M ifso H' |p A1 firdemi for \t\rcc or Kin timop Mid BtrtpjM-d lielorc exiilrnilon win IK- rhnrr- eci lor the number of tlrnf.i UK* B' ( &p7(j»:t1 and nrtJnsTuirni o! bill mftflf AH classified Advurtl.iln^ fopv suh- niii t Ml by porsnns ri^ldlm- mif !•!<!<• ol til* Mfy must br arco»ip:inf<d hv rn-fi Khtr* mny rnslly be rodip'jtfrt from ih<- Rliopo tablfi. AdvcrllMng orrtfr fr.r r^nil-ir insertion?; takes the one timo t-tbio No responsibility will l?<; tnKon for more than otic Incorrect InfiTilnn of hiiy eijissiliert Rrt. classification styU- nnd typr T li f CouTlt r No w.i rv?i'rves t)<c rl^lit to «ilit or !'>;m (my nd. for Re/if Don't endanger your /ninlly with IftilUy I'rod—HUY U'K TIKKS CHAPMAN 1 SCIl VICE STATION MfUli & J)l vision 1'fioue 2553 12,13 Ck it Services AUTO AND PUUNITUHK LOANS Prompt l j orsr.nnj tfri-vU*e Citiura) C'GnUiiri IMixhiiM. 1 Corp :<ie Suuth MM Pijime aoj 4 li CK tr WiLfJlliv; mucfjlLH"- n'paircd A 1 I lets Bjyttu-vtJto Ma«niiLt Simp I'll ' i<U Audits itKUle tocokes' devised, tjt'ite anij hf< r-ita Income t;ii it'i'ij-tis [ir«.' [tared, itjia DOOK* ki i pt on ji'iit lime basis CUM •*''• -U 01 v/nift Oliver W Keener coiHlUiiH tiouUJ [Jjvi'-l.m SI flly- yUic \'i .16 pfc 1|I6 FLASH-KING BOB MALONE Call :{:!:>:i Klylhovillo or 407 O.sci'ola J 0-ti ck 2-ti Apartment A; trailer, 401 H Lilly. ] n INCOME TAX Returns nuulc promptly and •v | accurately t'nr a nominal lee. [I'll'."- —! See mo about your bookkccp- o,?i"'l> r B J 565°'" r " r "' Sl " ld TlS 0 ^' 1 ''' I in « f(jr tllC <' lll ' re y e;ir — Dav phone 3M2 SMoom Mr,.,.,,,, „„.., ,-lxo A .. U - ] . ( . ))m ,, 11Q Kbb H. (.'arson ill Joe Atkins Machine Shop, Highway til i South. 12-28 ck tf 2-iOom Mriif!!hf4l P.]H C'U>'-e Hi. I'til- Ulrs fur. I'll. ^0(5^, L Ki pk MV 3-room furnUlH-d np:n tuirnt. <!OV Lit!/, liifiiilrf 1 517 -S. I.nkc. M3 |»k 37 Newly rtrraratrd t^'n roo B[>t. Kl PC me stove and 226 UOUK s n St. f urn IK lied rooms, privsim CO] S. FrnnVlln, in pk Cnfurtllshrd 3 rcwim up:. Friv.Uf ru- trancr 1 aiitl hnth. Ef^s nf«t. st/f olf.-c- trlc ntnyp and oil litatcr. Com*!'' , oil!?. Phone 3198. n pit n 3 room lurnlshed npnrtmrnt Trl- val^ bath, urlvaiw eninincc, i-h-iurlr. rniiiic and rpTrl^rrator, oli rurit Acltilrs only. Ph. 2000. J'10 pt 11 3 room unru rim tied »p:irtinrnt. Private hath ftncl entrance, t-50 00 prT montli. Ph. 3082. 12 jik 15 One room apt. Ph. 2920. 1-roorn lurnlstied ftnaHmtuC P«i- pane gas ileat A!?o 2-rootn apt Ph. 4152 or 2391. l|3 ck tt Moiiftrn CAbinB & apartments Cnfc *trTJCfr. PU y5l 12it pit 3ili50 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services inlr.hliv; 'i-\ Hours Forvlc STUIHO 9,^ ck "TYPEWRITER^ l(iv:ii. KniHh Cfir'irjn anrt rtctnlnjjton 'DON EDWARDS TIK- 'rvpv,TttCJ Mitn HO R St.nnO Hi i'tione 338',! 0'lfl tl for So/e, Used Tractors Avi:-ry Tmcto* 2 Allm UliMmcr-B d til V/C. v,l',li ?:c|!itpmciit Mode! '1'JK A CJIiitlvsiiar Alu^cy-ltactl'i MOC!F-| Ull Jr witU f'JlLlvalnr mowe him mi'iUTt 61 Implement Co. NCI. llhv;iy Cl Phone 2141 1U 'IS cK t Ask the Man W/io Bought One L M. MAXWELL III. 3, KlyllievMIe READ WHAT MR. MAXWELL SAYS: "I liou^lif a I SUB l ( "(inl from l.iuif;.sf()ii-^Ic- Watcrs early last fall. The car has \wv.\\ a good one and is KIV'":-: llle 1'ini- service. 1 certainly am very well satisfied with the deal they gitve inc." Buy Your Used Car From Recommended Dealer! A bcotly, wirh ttaFed beo/n bulb, v»rtical and horizonlol rotation, natural grip hqndl*. FORD BACK-UP LAMPS Twin tarrpi thai light up automolicalty for beHer i tat viiion ond e*lra safety $8.50 FORD ROAD LAMPS w«olhtr. Sliong, diffui.d It 1 1 SO titom !> Kelpful In loj. * Dependable Ford Service 5th at Wolnuf Phone 4453 FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1950 YOUR CAR IS HERE! 1!M9 Ford Custom 2-door, maroon color, equipped with hotli radio and healer.. .$i,'595. 19'lfi Ford 2-door, maroon, radio anil heater.. .5895. 19-17 Chevrolet Coupe, black, radio and heater.. .5995. 19-12 Plymouth -1-door Sedan...$M5. I'J-U Plymouth Coupe.. .$;)i)5. TRUCK SPECIALS 1917 Ford I'ioknu.. .$7-15. 1915 I-'onl I'ickii]). . .$595. 1911 Kord Pickup.. .?250. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 4 roufn nn'isR Ka5y terms. Also 2 lots. Hrawlty I'h 2557- l|J pk 16 SOFA BKDS The pcrfuct extra bed. Sofa by tiny comfortable double Ijc'd by night. Large bedding conipiirhnciit built in. At nnlv $lin.88 1IONTGOJIEUY WARD 1-11 ck l-l'l Coal circulating li cater, ;heap. pf>» Lake -St. litls- used. 1[13 pk 17 f'^lrhruiris - Morse 20 - foot plntfc -i iXlc K, S. MiillLus, Itoiilr 4 IMvlli vlllc. lill pk r On Is- one o[ these irtt, fjoral tnp- c.story' covrrccl. licg, {3UJ)5—now *:t2 R8 Moii^ornecy WnnJ. nn ok t[14 Trrrullfl sn«-liiB inatctUnc. nlsi> 3 nulls of i net ill kitchen cahLiict. Pti 0,i!i9 or 1511 W. Ash. 1[13 pk 17 Our Konmorp rlrctrlc slovc wllli utoriiaiUr llmrr. Two years old A oar- ;ai[K CaU 44:t-J. I 13 ck 20 One 'Ki-tral. tnblc \o\t Hot[>oLiit rUrc- Trlc \v:itpr ho.iter hi IIKC only » months Cheap. Gull 4134, ]ji3 ck 20 Onn Kitchen Cabinet S10IIO. One Motor lilkr:--SStl.UO. Ono 5 piece Silver 'Tea atirvice $20.00. Plume 2227 1,13 pk 12f> I'llONOGKAPH UICCOKDS Wc each. G for $100- I)IK felrclfon. pc-i>ul;ir, blues. HUlTilHy. Elm* Today KAIiT KNO SAI.K8 CO. 117 F Mnln I'H «S'J. |;13 pj; 2 i:i Wan I to buy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan. GATES WORTHINGTON CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blythevilte, Ark; George w wisgs or w C Ctuea Pb 2751 10i28 ck It FARMALL 'j'i'aiior & K(|uii>meiit OVERHAUL :;jill HOA- hofnre the eprini; nit^h. We >;u»rantt;(y expert service tJiroii^h this of urniinie Iniernatlonnl j(ftrts unti tucuiry iinliu'il men. Free Pickuj^ &: Delivery Pay on ICasy Terms Delta Implements inc. 312 So. 2nd 'Phone 863 Man leaving town 4-room residence and '/& bath on K. Itose St. Price $2182. $1050 cash. Balance $15 per mo. which pays insurance and taxes. H. C. CAMPBELL Ph. 4-MG or 2930 1-11 ck 1-M;i style Kar[ien coucti In c^- c<-[JiMU condition. l»b. 3469- IjlO pk 17 SAVE ON KKBUIL'L 1 -MOTORS For a limited timu only we are (.iffcriiiu tlicse motors «t <i spociiil rctluced price. 36 Chev.— Orif. SU0.05 now ?u!).95 i7 Clicv.— Orig. ?'JU.Uu now $5!).<)5 •I'J Dodge — Orig. $18'I.U5 now §1. 11.70 -la Chrysler— Orig. $18-1.05 Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS It interested In Noble Gill'Aqency REALTORS Cecil Kiirls I<\ B. Joyncr liicncoe Bldg. Ph. (>S(J8 nair pncr safe on ngaln Supply Incorporated 61 12 2P, cfc tl AM, STEEL TRACTOR EJAlUCOWti niiy tjarrow bnili w 1 i n burrliisa nruii^ti out f-'roQt, cultivators for ord Trft«or» Hii Luiom Machine orfca. 4M1 i;., pk 23 tv stork of Btorcrlps snd mpnt uici rixtmcs lor snle. Store - and iIwclllnK lor lease, 1101 .S. now MONTGOMERY WARD 1-12 ck 1-15 FOR SAI.B e store, stork .t Ilxturrs, nice quaru-rs. New 6-room modern with over 21 acres ot (and. nouie and ftJl uui bulLdlngs d on liiwuy 6i youth nulointnt: rive Ln Uieatri: oo Soutli side. uimiMgs are well htiili, Gontl isticd bu-sincis. Owner snys sell o health This is worih inviisUiiat- LUTHKR GHAY RRAt/fOU ouaier in tarm lands, suburbim & City properly. 513 120 E. Sycamore St. ck 1,18 cU service laundry, br-^l loctitloti in Hlythevllle. Doing so<xi year round mi- sluess. (iood opiiOcmnHy toe sotneone Vkitli reasoni\blc rnsh Investment rte- sinng own husincss. JS.OOO cash, bal- HCP on teilial inonihl/ payments over i pt-rind til 8 or 10 years. See H \1. Our- 1 neu, 323 or 319 N. 2nd St. Ulytlievlllc, f AfH. 1|13 pk 1[27 , CITY PUOPERTV fotr sale. Siore. Blx nouses Hnet elj-fil lols. Will sell for <' or trftdo lor farm. Property I could get loan of 80% of value. Phone I S or write JJoJt 495. BlythevlUe. Arfc. 1113 pk 1 ; 20 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12-1 W Ash St. ai.ENCOE HOTEL BUILDINO 4,8-cH-tI : Private Rooms neclroom all conveniences cheap. 2:![ E. Davis. I'hone 3160. 1JI3 pk 1117 For Sale, Real Estate Fjirms tn Southeast Missouri. -Id acres up. J, K. Johnson, Hox 237, Bly- tllevllle. Ark.. Lhc Lj\nd Man. 1J13 pk 2CI uy owner. 1 3-hednJom liotnn snd 1 L!-bc<lrooin home. Cholcft locnllon. I'll. 5UO. 1|11 ck 18 1947 KAISER -t-duor Sedan in t»|> meciiaiu- cal condition, has radio, heal- cr, and new scat cnvers. (M- ginal owner's name furnished on request DvSoto [-door Sedan, fxci'lU'iil oimlitiun, a |-e:il UIK) Huick Super .|-door tirrlitn, all ei|iiipmi'itl \<m wmild like, a one-oivner cnr.. Sl!:).v 1:M1 .Mcrc'inv 2-door Scdiin. . . ^:!7."i. 11111 Clicvroii'l ^-dnoi Si-dan. . .s:;;i.">. 11112 Dudgc 'l-door Sedan.. .S-"iH5. 10 II Dodge 4-ttmir, very cli-jin . .So'.!5. li>37 Ford C'oitpe . .§2.")ll. 1037 Chevrolet il-diiur. .. $2:>(). lt'39 Chcvrolel l-door, ii;i« new fiiaiiic and new tires . . .a real j-ood c:ir.. ..?1!>5. LANGSTON-McW BUICK COMPANY Walnut at Hroadwav HH7 ISiiitk Sodiinelle, blue color, low mileage, good liic-s, radio & heater.. .S10S5. 1017 DeSoto Custom 1-door Sedan, f, new (ires, radio, heater, plastic seat covers. This car is a bargain at SI 075. OiO 1'ly.nnuth 1-door special deluxe, only S.nuO miles mid factory guarantee, .it's priced to sell' O-'ii I'lyrnoulh 2-douv Sedan, new tires, heater, seal covers, original paint.. .J25II. 1!W5 Chevrolet .|. duor Scl|an jn (| C() color. . .$100. 1SEAY MOTOR Co. Your Chrysler Dealer 121 East Main Ph 2122 BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom Iiome on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hai-clwood doors, Vile kilclien niui bath, lurge lot. Price $7,- |5r,0. Will FIIA or Gl 100%. j L.irjje corner lot on llwy. i Bl North. 100 foot frontage, j -fiO feet deep. Idca\ location for nice suburban home in Country Club Drive Addition. Price $3,000. ' JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone -1111 Kes. Ph. 259G 12-20 ck tf iJetlroom, convenlpnt to hath. Steam heftt. Ph. 3325. 611 \V. Main. I]U pV: 2,11 Nice, comfortable beflroom. prlT.iU: ath. Ph. 279Q. 1000 \V. Ash. 119 pk 16 Nicely furnished front h*'diooin Steam neat. Gentlemen Ph 326-1 Hcdrooms ul? thcvlllc, Hotel P ti 5^ 12 27 pfc 1127 Comrortablu brarontn Call 2675 12 U pk 1|H Nice comtortnble tx?drooMi Bdl bath. Ml W Ash Phone 2209 30 Nice bedroom. Men only PrlTatc entrance 613 Walnut Ph, 2-136 12.28 pk 1[28 Bedroom adjoining bath Th 2338 aearoom atijcwning bath Th 2 12 ; 2I pt Large comforlahte horiroom Ste neat. Ph. 67C7. 1007 West Main. TEST-DRIVE THESE CARS AND PROVE THEY'RE GOOD il.'Sfi Ford V-S -I-door Sedan, new paint, radio and healer, much better lhan average.. .drive i(...?U25. Hi 10 Ponliac 2-door Sedan, runs fine, has new tilue paint job. . .drive it. . .?515. 10'iO I'lynionth Coupe, practically ncsv motor, good tires, new light pninl, radio and Ueater. . .drive it... $305. 10 Ifi Nash Ambassador 1-door Sedan, Ivas overdrive, radio and healer. . .drive it. . .$795. I'M I) Ford V-S 2-door Sedan, black colur, new motor, good heater. . .drive it.. .$195. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS For Today 1919 Chevrolet Demonstrator deluxe Stylelinc -S-door Sedan, beautiful black, driven only S.OOO'rniles.. .white sidewall tires, radio, U. S. iicaler and defroster and many other extras. Buy this one at a big saving. 19-12 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, a real family car. . .$195. 1911 Pontiac Sedan.. .this is a honey. . .$579. 19.'i9 Chevrolet Town Sedan, runs like new. . .5-195. 1937 Plymouth 2-door, a real good car. . .$325. 19.'!7 Chevrolet 2-door, extra nice for the model. . .$325. , 1937 Ford 2-door, runs good, only $M5. 1936 l r ord 2-door, a good cheap car.. .$1-15. Trucks, large and small.. .Clicvrolets, CMC, Fords, Dodges, International ami Jeeps. Long, short, Vi-Ton, '/2-Ton and panels, some with bodies, some 2-speed. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember', You Can Always .Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 578 ALL GONE! Yes. we're sold out of used cars now (banks (o your response on our year-fiul clearance sale. COMING SOON! 1 iv just a few clays we'll have eight or HI brand new cars (thai means hij; trade-in allowances lor you) and in any clean lalc-inodel used cars. So you'll be wise to stand by. • Used Trucks on Our Lot- • ISHi Dodge >/,-Ton 1'ifkni), very clean.. .S.")1)S. 11117 Slndebaker I [-i-Ton long wbeelliase Truck wilh 2-s|)eed ti.vlc. . .only SSiiS. (. 19IS CIiMC Hi-'l'on longiwheelliasc Truck with brand new motor. ]!)•!!) Dodge 2-Ton long wheelbasc Truck with new motor. S.25x20 tires on rear. lll-IS G.MC '/j-Tnn I'iekniis, bolh very clean (you have two U> choose from.) LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 30fi East Alain Phone 6151 STILL & YOUNG (Continued on Next Page) . STILL & YOUNG STILL & YOUNG for GOOD USED CARS If) II Chevrolet 5-l'asscngcr. Coupe, radio and healer. 10!1 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. 101!) Mercury I-door, radio, heater, and while sidewall tires. !017 Lincoln >I-door Sedan, overdrive, radio & heater. 19-10 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a bargain. 1910 Mercury Sedan Coupe, overdrive, radio & healer. 1<llfi Mercury .1-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1917 Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & heater. 1917 Chrysler .l-door Sedan, radio & heater. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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