The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1050 nila Here Tonight For Three Games-Southerners Join Hands In NCAA Fight Junior Quintets lo Open Series Chicks nnd Papooses Were Winners in Season's First Tilts Kjd \\;Ur-r.s O! Hi^! Ij.'.'M lu'l Condi; ion.- v;ill |K'r- j J, P. Ailkin.s m Miimla b: in'j lh! i>r teujn.s •.iipli'-hi'iiclei will] •o loniiht Sdicx-i. of tiie Aggies Upset Porkers 43-35; Rice Defeated COI.l.KGE STATION'. Tex . Jan. 13. Olv- Southwest Conference bas- kt-tbiill title hopes of the* Arkunsas trks have sufferer! their first I . . Tlio Porkers WHO np^et. 43-35. by the Texas Afislrs here last nighl and must RC> to Houston tomorrow nifilu for a mecllns! with the tough Hue Owls. Bob AmbliT. Arkansas' fi-7 eenter. poured 20 |>oijns Ihrougll the hoops for hi«h srorinc honors, but his teammiiies couldn't fitui tiie raliKC on Ihf'h' lonp shols and were onl- l>lavi'<t hy the taller A;;i;ies nil ie- bouiKis. .Ii-v.cll MrDiiwcH ; !( i!lecl 17 valuta t.jr A. A.- M. and held Gerald Hnd- A:kan-:i.-' sluu p-^hnotint? 1 to a p:iir cjf field t>oils Annies Ii rt H-yi ;it halltinir or" v. ;!.• i i Elk m-a •s and ciBlit di'l- 1 rnri-tllU!. in 'C.IMIS of tlie • Ui.-i rnontli. lie P;t)>s i-mrr'j.ed m the squaws '.vcrc f.Mi-.e i.- c-xiipcted U>- t- Chi?>:.i. P.IIIS, and :ivorcki 'o v;iti. Scissions Hi 111 The. time BIjiJu-villc teams '.\i'iit throu;;h hind, cxK'iisive drills yesterday ill preparation for !<mi:>ht s games. 'I i.e Chirks slid Hie Pups spent, lung hum's workiii!! on lliijir offen.-ivc ^liine.i '.vliilt' tlie Kqiiaw.s .spent their one-hour praeiu'c tune i with both oJniiiive an.rt defensive ' Tiie Lions this iiave not lived up to pre-.scason exueftittion.s. Their squad is fav below the par of j past Manila trains V>ut neverllie- Icss tlie Chicks are taking no chances. The Manila-Blytheville. basketball feud Ls an old one and when their teams meet on the hardwood, records are jus! so nineh paper. Expressing extreme <Uss:Ui:sfarUon with his, team's showing against Jonesboro Fisher sent hi-s Chick.* through final rough workout yesterday afternoon in an effort to polish up their floor game. They are slated for n drill this afternoon but H, more than likely, will be a light one. The Chicks will be without the services of their co-captain and starting gtuirri. Dick Reid, tonipht. Dick was sidelined alter the Jonos- boro pame with a bad case of blisters and has been absent from every practice se.vsion this '.vcek. ','am's Monthly [101'S .•s tlie h.' Ha- rh.imfr. in the < u'-rhro:il v .'.eM. who:;e cliaoijiion rsn illni.'fi'aH'ii, bill It inriTai nirssure from here out on /<n bin Its. (Irfeiulint! Iri-chii Kin- will be oil tlie n-bnund fo- inorniw nlElil. too. Texas rump from b' hind to dump tiie Owls. 5T-52. last nii'iu. Tom Hnmiltnn cliiilked np 20 poim.s to lead Texas, wliirli was benlen by ArkailMis last week. The lineups: Ark.insiis po<i. Tex. A,tM Cfillicnrt <G> .. I-\ ... (ti. Di'Witt ' •.. P. ... '4i Garcia ... 0 i:;. .S,|l| on ... (', in, Davis Class D Baseball Decision is Near Northeast Arkansas Sportsmen to Meet In Forrest City Blytheville 'Y' 'Code Showdown —Courier News IMiolo OS' IIOAI) TONK'.IIT— Osceol.i's Scminnlf"; »il! play away from home tonight as Ihey travel to Marked TUT fii, » pair of uuinc.s. The Si'riiiiin li-.s nerc litimpi-d Ijy Luxora in a hrac-e of tilus Tucsdaj 1 night. Tln-y ;uc inw. frotn tlic Iclu \VcinbL-i(;. Ccjx, fthiuiejlflt, Ijinnuni, Spins; i.sei-ond iosv> Perry. Dunn, Hill. Stevens und Wutuin. A in tiler '?C)i ... Miller Hi Smith Substitutions: miller 12-. He. 1 ^ O. '17> McDowell Arkansas Ilro!>.s- and Price, Texas 'Bustiers'. Vote to Keep Bonus Crosby's $10,000 Rule in Spite oi Majors' Action Golf Tournament ^ ' To Open Today Hi frit Ilo-Acll H COLUMUUS, O., Jail 33. iAP) — Dc.spite jnajur league 1 oppusiikin the comroversiiiL bonus rule w;H remain a part of (jimmied bar^ebaH law. The minor loops, in a countrywide ballot, decreed today lhe rule .should be retained. The niajfus. at I heir- recent, tncetinu, voted repeal of the much-debated regulation, bm today's action by the "baslH-r.s" nullified the major lonp deci.sion. George M, TrniiiiniiiK rod-haired in esicU-iiL of I lie iNatioiml Assocm- V/ACO. Tex., Jan. U -r>ri -Hay- [ion of Prol\v.sional H a .s c b a 1 I lor Athlcrlic roinitiitirr nipct.s next i Lpa»vira. saiti 2;> 01 i.h<- minor It,»]xs weok to consider a JIPW taoibnl] • voted (o rcialn Die bonus sutup. M.—Mill-till I2i, Moon. Baylor to Select Coach Next Week; Baugh is Eyed Sports Roundup Hugb t-ullrrlrm Jr. Ropro^cuiatii'os o f intci'C.sled cities \sil! i]ic;'l In F' City Sxmdiiy nltrrnooti to dcUrmine definitely whether or not organised baseball -,K'i!l return to Northeast Arkansas nc-xt cannier. J. p. Friend. RiyOieville baseball cnlhusina who is acting chalrnian ol the ytrjiip desisnatod to invest!gate thr jio^si))!!!!^^ ol tl^c return of b.tM-b.'tl). s^Ul Ibis morning that this 'Auuki be the final meettiiR and i( would be d finitely decided whether or nnt a CLHN5 E) league for ihts flrrn is possible at this time. Mr. Fiii'nd ,staU'd tluil al resent three towns are .sure ami three ] , JlHt j c oihi i> an- tf-aardi'd a> soocl possi- j p^ v hilii > v lityihei-iHR. N r *'^iwrt a nd , noil ,ji. Heir tut h;ivv- dolinitcly suited tlicy \vou!(i sponsor trruns If .sueh a ieaeue -.^is ory,imm'[l. wtule .Jo lies- bfu'o. Foir-st City and Untesvilte are «0'nl possibililirx Snitt^art ha-s ftl-^o lipen nientionccl prominently. ParflnoiiLd. Mi 1 . Friend said, is definil lv "lit ber:ui-;f of the Inck i of n pa'rk. hut backei-s there are, ' plantiiii'.' n drive lo re-condition their lacilities and be ready tor IBM If the leasue 1-s formed, The plnns for thi.t vear are. If t tie leii^ ne is (o he ors a n i/ed. to o))r-i\ue with six learns, he said, with the loop expaiulinp to an ci^hl-u-ntn circuit next year. At tomorrow's meet ing toivivs will say either ve« or no tn the pro- Jan U posM. H the leapue Ls formed, plans ninth annual will "^ in iinrnrdiairly to begin p!;i\ in hte April or early may. TSie n ic PI in a is sc Vuduieti for 2 o'cloi-k. Mr. Fi'iciul wnrl I^TC! S- Salilw will repre.'-ent Blythevillc. Cagers Play Three Games Hubbard Hardware, Holland and Blytheville Motor Company teams won their g.ime.s in the Y's City Basketball League action at Hie Armory last night. Hubbard Hardware's All-Stars rie- icated Stccle GO-22 in the first game last night with Jones scoring 25 points for Hie winners. Holland. led by Wilhclm with as points. smothered Wakcfield Service Station quintet 51-42 In the second game and inthe third Blytheville Motor swarmed Farmers Bank 81- Tomorrow Seen Dixie Conferences Line Up Behind Four Accused Universities \ Hy Will GrlnuTejr NEW YORK. Jan. iy. r/p) _ Tli« itatJfl has boiled, Virginia Is on ic vei'^e nt a bi'cak and a .solid ufUerti bloc tlnetilencd to drive atfl] wetice tociay into Lhe Collegiale Athletic Asso- EI final, Natiojitil ciation. 32 with Billy Meharg scoring 28 ' of thei points and Martin 25 for the Mo- tonnen. night's games ended first half play in the league with the exceptions of week's postponed contests which probablv will l>e Hipailiiup bi'hnstone and confi- (fence, Dixie delcRates dared the NCAA, in effect, to kick our four accused of open ,, oxl w . cc , k Bct ululei . w I'irst Game Hub. Hdw. Gay i. M) Duclos (7) Jones £25) Armstrong (61 . Tin ley ifij . ... Sitb.scicniiotis: NEW YORK. Uni\'er.sit. drew fro week. Coai-h James : cr>arh, Itidiraticjn.s are Sum is the top choice. Dr. w- R. White, university dent. nli;hf nnnounccd Die cominittrc meeting. Brtiigh, ex-Texns Christian University .star find iMissing ace of the Wiishiiiglon professional Redskins, looms as the No. 1 choice for the job if he can reach an agreement with Washington to release him. Dr, White listed applications for tiie job as Hay lor' crtach as Homer Cole, forme rprofe.ssional and Arkansas A. and M. coach. John Tom!in v coiu'li of Port Arthur, Tex . Hiph School; Dob Walsli. former coRrh of St. Rpnerfict's Clollepe, ami Lruvell ' Red> Dawson. former- Tula ne University and profcs.skuiat conch. Holy Cross Routs St. Louis 69-55 For 12th Victory NEW YORK, Jan. 13. OTi—Holy Cross continues to roll along in cot- while 33 leagues oppcv-scil il and one pas-sed \'.f> vote. Throe-fourths of itie 59 minor league^ bad to o[)[X>-^o. (he bonus to the rule from the books. At the. recent miLior league rnrcttng In Thc of Vii[;inin. which with- i lhe Southern Confer- rric.f. 1 a ic«- year.s ago in pro test over tlie ill-toted Ciraham plan. likely will rejoin Liu- ynmp after the current fuss over the NCAA sanity i:ode is settled . . . Virginia has been making like a member in all the dUrus.sion.s and is appreciative or the .solid support it received . . . Bill Cap Pritchctt. HEBBI.E BEACir, Calif.. - ..... i>T'j— uing Cto.sby'.s S10.COO inviiationa! golf tournameiH opens here today with most of the nation's tap Rolfers entered. The competitors com])rb;e 75 am- a tears and 75 professionals. Nine- j teen Viicuntics oil (be pro sido f xccutl'vc Soys Too qualifying rounds' wore filled —Burden 400 d. So co mi Game Wakeficld Pos. .iiics (8) p. . (2f M. Harris (14i F. lobley 112) .. C. Cheatham .... G. Kriwards (B> ,,. G. Sub.stitwions: ^elci atid Dudop. Third Ci; Farm. Bank Po. 5 ;. Ccarrly <5i ... F. imith I3» p. Whitis U6> ... c. fkuiuhman "Gi . O. Hiilus <2) G. Baltimore 32 looixs voted for repeal j tne Cavalier athletic, director, still ol the law. while 2(! opposed repeal. 1 winces every time .somebody tuen- "- 'fi»ht" or \vlshe.s him «ood Anothfr outcome of this ! Because She Is Late i Husband Kills Bride The unddcaled Crusaders, ranked fifth in this week's Associated Press poll, chalked up their \ 2th straight Inst nicbt wit.>i a convincing Gfl-55 triumnil over St. Louis. A sellout crowd of 13.9M saw the feniure of n doublnheadfr »{ Barton. Triniiy odped MIT, r>"-5(>. in the openrr. Bradley, ranked sixUi, opened an invasion by trampling Man- j NEW YORK. Jan. 13.'Wi — A pretty young bride was killrd by her jealous hrsband. police saici today, because she got home 15 minutes !nte. The victim was brunette Ann TavJor. 21, a bride of three months Her husband. Thomas. 28. was ha I*, an. 8J1-C7. in the feature of a i bookc d on a homicide charce af(er \.\\-u\ bill ar M^di'-'on -Square Oar-j he voluntarily gavo himself up lute ricn, In-r^nd-o •' New Ynrk Univ«M-j last niuht. sity wraioppd Duke, 80-6-1. in ihe S firsi £',imc. ! . Tosas A.V>T and Texas rpcislerert np.=,ct> in •}-.(' Snuthwcst Confer- rncp. Thf A^Liies broke loose in the last fi-.o mmur^s* to wallop Ark- nn^a^. t i^-? 1 :i. vvhilr Texas came frotn bar']-: ro ':i\t Rfre, 5^-r>2. Ri':-e tions luck Mirore is that the college pre.siiiL-rits, who were criticised a few years ago for not taking more part in the athletic programs, will be very active in thai line- for a while . . . j Por instance, it wa.s the Louisiana ' Stale prexy. never known as a strong supporter of intercollegiate athletic.^ who insisted on "full publicity" (or ilia I 250 buck payment , f<ir Sn^ar Bowl cxpciL-fs. Now tht- AihU'tir Dcpt. is heaiinc some re- nn'cnssions and tran o n I y say: "Well, tank nt what tlie other .sL'hooh did for tlieii- kids." Today's vote, in which the minors eraffinnrd theii' stand. requested a tier thr majors hud declined lo concur in the previous bu-^h loop action. SfUHIo the IJinit Uncier the btmu.s rule, a club paying a bonus to a free agent, to obtain his liiEnnature to a contriict has the privilege of farmint- the bonus player out for one year, but his coMtmrt m;iy not lie a-^sifnrri nnt- ri^iit to a club of lower classification unless waivers, which may not be withdrawn, are obtaiJieri, Waive.r rotnies"; in\\ be withdrawn on oth- Once a: player gets thr -l^nus" Thumb Tun. Kh? tut,', lie i-s .subject to unrt-Mvicied j probably t h e bluest pair o f .selection in the draft, ' haiuLs on display around the football yesterday. For Hen I a comeback campaign in spectacular fashion, lhe tournament will provide a second big test. He lied Sam Snead for first place in the Los Angeles Open Tuesday, The Texas pro. who was injured gravely In an automobile accident, last year, obviously was the tournament favorite, for reasons both -sentimental and practical. The Crosby—Ben won It last year - -will be played over three courses. It opens at Cypress Point today, goes to Monterey peninsula tomorrow and winds up at rugged, hilly Pebble Beach Sunday. r D Fev/ Persons in who has started Believe in Capitalism j Lawmaker Wants Hew Coins: Bit and Half-Bit LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 13. OT».—The nrrsidrnt of West in-house Klectric Cor|)DrfHion think. 1 ; American w; ami salary earners should become stockholders in American business. "One of the cbicf troubles with our American capitalism is that there jirst aren't, enough Americans who really believe in it." saul Gwilym A. Price of Pittsburgh. Price spoke at a Little Rock Chamber of Commerce banquet last nicht. Earlier yesterday, he parti- cinateci in the forma 1 opening West ing house's tamp bulb plant here. Los Angeles Fears Snow On This Unlucky Day WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. i/Ti — Hep. Pa (mart (D-Tex^ think?; it's about t:me Congress did ^omrthi-u- Jo cive some leiral dignity to the e:<]>;c'.^sion "two bits" — a quarter, that is. LOS Friday Pos. F. F. C. O. G. violations of the .sanity code. "They can't expel them." predicted Robert R, NeyEand, coach aticj athletic director at Tennessee. "It won't even lie a fight." The convention votes tomorrow on whether Virginia. Virginia Tech, ilns I VMI. The Citadel and thi-fe vn- unrned institutions should he ex- pelJcd for failure to conform with Siecle , rhe two-year-old rode. It take,i a. Bii-./ell ; two-thirds nTnjoity of tho^e present Fnnclerburk - <4> Hulscy 61 Blackwell Bui ton Hubbard- Willin Watson and Glis.son. Steeie t b, Baucom and >Ion- Holland Wilhelin .. H) Hcste .... Coleman '14» Rogers Wakefield— Threl- do the trick. Members of the Southern, Southeastern and Southwest Conference^lined up yesterday behind the sinners and announced they would USA all their votes and Influence to pre- College Cage Results Uy Tlif Associ;i(rd Press Holy Cross 69. St. Louis 55. Bradley 89, Manhattan 67. New York Univ. 80. Duke 61. Trinity 51. M.I.T. 56. Texas A&M 43. Arkansas 35. Texas 55. Rice 52. Arkansas State 50, Little Rotk JO 42. College ol Ozarks 63. Hcndrix 52. Kansas Wcslcyan 54, Ottawa IKasl 4E. ent their evpulsion. Shotvdoivn Tomorrow Karl l.eib of Iowa, mild HttU president ol the NCAA who was lhe s pea [head In the code's udop- • ,'.';",^ Olies lion two year. 1 ? ago, seemed to sense the crisis. "Saturday will be a showdown." he said, frugally conserving official statements. "We can have a battle among three groups—those who say they're RolnK ahead with the code, those who .say they're not and those who -say they're going along, if changes are mnrte. "If we can't shnw the code has trpth. (hen the* code Ls dead and so (lie NCAA as a regulatory body." The present sanity code forbiri.i . recruiting, restricts scholarships toA and the scholarly and' stipulates payment to athletes must commensurate with the work done. Virginia. VPI. VMI and The Cita- drl. with lo\id "amens" from the itmth, contend the code is not practical and encourages hypocrisy. They are urging athletic scholarships, honest and above-board, with strict university enforcement to see that grants-in-alds don't go beyond the realm of tuition nnd board. Bly. Motor O8i Chaffin (7i A. Duclos (23) Mchacg CJi Johnson <y.ij Martin Yesterday's Sports in Brief New Zealand Rocked WELUN'GTON', New Zealand. Jan. 33. i.-I 1 '—Wellington's riti/rns- fled into ihe .streets this morning a.> t h i-ec minor oa r 111 t rcmors sr 1 A pli\ir • designated as a boi'.u.s playci Wnen. as a free :u:ent. IIP rr- ceivp.s ii vjlt, ono-year -salary or any cjiher reward totaling more than SiiCOO, to .si^n with a major league. Triple with s club in the li.C, or O rank.s. Lcauur. 5 ; [avorinc unrntion nf flic rule included; Col ion Siatt's. Hoon- rr stuic. TeXit.s, We.-iern A.^ocin'.Hm uiul Wc.^lerr. Lcsts-iuc 1 . retention: American JVs- ,<vu:ution. Kansa.s-Oklahtnna - Mis- sou LI, Southern A.vorialion, roachrp infctins are carried j by ,]np Stydali;ti. nnd lhal prompts ! FiiMiju (,'i)llcLie's Denny Myers ol mil n yai n about Jne's college days . . . .Seems in one game a A or 1 double.-A chili: S-1500 | 1~iO-pound \vin»back was assigned A team. c»i S3 f Kit) with (lie jo>> of kcepim: PLydahar out of the b:»t:k field and decided a lie IP illegal holdine vas the only ^lU'C' wav , , . fio -Ahcn hr saw Joe biisimg ; iirou^h. h:- snipped both hiuuis iimuiut a "'AriM" anci snuf?- cled it vlo.sp to his bndy so the i cf rouldn't see . . , AP the piny ended. Uie back qkinccd at thr bench to make MM e hi-^ coach had noird bi.s succc.-s . . . Ju-.t th^n Joe lappi'd him with his lice ha nd [ and MI I Wound thumb. ANGELES, Jan. )3- the Kith and -Los Angeles • has it^ fineers crossed—not for j blnck cat.s. but white .snow. I Snow got clown to the [noihil Mibm-bs—Altndcnn. La Cre^centa. j Pasadena. Bur bank—yesterday, re- r , . , , i ca llin" the two-da v storm of He introduced a bill yesterday to I VCRr whcn ou Jail /, 0 ailri u snow "h'lf-biKV' COInilBC ° r " b ' UV and l"mcn became .standard equipment on The "hit would be worth twelve and one half cents and would contain a little more silver than a dinirv The "half-hit" would be worth six and one-oj'arter cents and presumably would be made of nickel and «"opprr. although Pat man's oill dopMi'l .specify that. .suburban front lawn.s. The weatherman foresaw snow as low as 1200 f. el today. But wintry " breezes could whip it lower, briuR- ing fun for the kiddies but nothing but. griet for citrus growers. ny the Associated Press Dascbiil] CHICAGO The Chicago Cubs bought tiie Newark (NLl Intcrnn- tional League franchise from the Now York Yankees and will operate it at Springfield, Mass. Boxhiff NEW YORK — Tiie Edward J. Neil memorial plaque was presented to Ezzard Charles, NBA heavy- •ciaht champion, by the New York loxing Writers Association. 24 HOUR SERVICE that prof i£ able con t rac t wi! h F^or- itl*. Scoop Ija timer checked in \\n\\ this observation: "Woodruff has ihe .seven-year hitch, but at SI7.000 p c r, he won't have t o .scratch for a living." Monticello City Council Discards Invisible Alley MONTICELLO. 111. fAP> — The city council voted to abolish one of tlie town's alleys — the h'ule aley j ihiit wasn't there. The alley was I .shown on the original city map but never materialized. Gosne// Cagers Y/in Games With Rives, Mo. over, .son S go my rim-ins, dishes clatter- w enal in t:v> tip the il:une for ing and doors bancins. No serinns d.imnce was re --otlier thnn a hit of broken '/.ealnnri tliinawarc. ens UVt-U O.IVN 1:00 p.m. ^r Siilnril.i.r ,V- SumKivs , I p.m. Cnnl. Manila, Ark. difll, il w hr'd i Ut will ti.tlLyitm) thr V\ nil i LUO\ i fc i h " with i he line. 'Have Shelley " L.indi. recent I v a:incnn oi'iato inodncoj- of V .. "Three Husbands." i.- ihr, t)l \lw. lulc K r'rulay RENEGADES THEATRE Manila, Ark. I,;trry r.irks i:<rlvn KI-M-S Alsn Sh,,rls" "POWDER RIVER RUSTLERS" "PRAIRIE LAW" \\ith (ii'iirscr O'lUirn C;trl<inn .V Sr Saturday Owl Show "FOLLOW ME QUIETLY" "BOOGIE MAN WILL GET YOU" with llnrls I\;irl,ilT <illi Williiun l.ninlh.i .mil Unnitliy I'.ilmk Sunday iMouday & I'no.sday "EASY LIVING" Sunday S Mniulay "TASK FORCE" ivilll Vivlnr .M;iUitr anil l.milli- \\';iincr <i;iry Cooper r \Vyall WED. NITE JANUARY 18 One Big Show Only The Sensational >t-(J-M IJi'ciirdiiiK Star WILLIAMS* His Latest Rucnrd Hits "Lovesick Blues" • "Wedding Bolls" "My Buckcf's Got a Hole in It" And .Many Others — You'll I.ove Them! CURLY WILLAMS and His Great Coltmihia IlcconliiiR Hand GEORGIA PEACH PICKERS DRIFTING COWBOYS AM) MANY OTHKUS LOW ADAAISSION ADULTS $1.00 - r ., x CHILDREN 50c i (ITuder 12) Antarctic M-BS tlian s have Arctic. more ice- ! for cither wliile or colored Jrivcr. Nine cabs at jour cerric^ 2100 CAB CO. Announcement DAN BUSH just been made iMan;ij,'ci' of MOORE'S FURNITURE 310 Kast Main 1 WE INVITE YOU TO SEE MOORE'S FOR BARGAINS IN NEW & USED FURNITURE 110X or-'KICK OI'KNR G I'. M., \VICI)., .lAM'AIiV US LEGION AUDITORIUM Expert PLUMBING Service • AI.I, \\oiuv «I:ARA\TKKI) • Blan Heath Co. PHONE 828 HARRY iMYKHS in charge nf ]>1,UM1!1NC; mCl'AUT.MKNT RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. N1ES & NIES Mil Types I'Arfpt C'unrrrl 511«. Hlythrvillr, Ark.

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