The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1950
Page 3
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FRinAY, AUGUST 25, 198* Briton Predicts French Rejection Of Schuman Plan Eecles Soys Britain Mutt Be Included Before Approval W ^ By JOSKI'H m MAS' SlRASIiouHO. France. Aug. 25. <<|J—British Conservative David Ec'•'« predicted today that Prance's P|irtia;nei.l will reject the Schuman Plan to pool west Europe's coal and ««el unless lirilain Is included. Eccles made this statement to "porters RS he and another Conservative .'iiember or British parliament, Harold McMillan, mapped a new drive In Ihe European coi>- sulaiive assembly tor a pool plan ™ch Britain would accept. He asserted that a survey of parliament by Frcncli lenders In In the last few I'sys showed a lack of sufficient support In ratify the proposed agreement as It now stands. fr'cles declared mc.sL r-Vench Socialists would abstain rather than li.lve their c-ountry overshadowed by German industry! French leaders here declined to comment. France's present coalition would need socialist, voles to put the plan through rhe French assembly, British Conservatives hack an amendment to the economic committee's pro - Schuman resolution asking "renewed effort" to have within the framework of t,he council Britain participate in a pool scheme of Europe, Alternate Plan '{'his In effec; is a restatement of tpprevious B:cles-MacMillan mo- lihn. it outlined an alternate pool plan putting the controlling steel- coal authority under the European council's committee of foreign ministers. Each nation therefore would have n veto over important, decisions affecting its own economy and defense. French Foreign Minister Robed Sehwnan lias insisted that, the ixiol author'ty must, net be subject to the veto of any one nation. The Eccles-MacMillan proposal was dropped by the economic committee last Monday when Eccles failed to appear at its session. Eccles today maintained thrt committee chairman. Paul ReynMid of France, had brought up the Schn- man plan when he knew Eccles was out of town. The Assembly's General Affairs Committee opened the door to regional federations within the European Council with unanimous support for a resolution cndoruina special authorities in the.political, economic, social, judicial and cultural fields. Former Nazi Criminals Freed LANDSBERG, Germany. Aug. 25. IJFi — Priedricli Flick. Hitler-eni steel tycoon, and 18 other convicted Nazi war criminals .scurried out of prison before dawn today—freed for good behavior. "Go away! Get out!" shouted Flick a t newsmen and photographers as he raced through a driving rain to a waiting sedan. The release of the 19 was the biggest single exodus of war criminal prisoners since the United States began operating the big stone prison here, where Hitler wrote his "Mein Kampf." They had served two-thirds of their original sentences and were Treed under relaxed regulations increasing time off for good conduct. All but one had been sentenced to seven years Imprisonment for war crimes. .*. Donnelly New Austrian High Commissioner WASHINGTON, Aug. 3,5. M'I — President Truman yesterday named Walter J. Donnelly ns minister and the first U. S, civilian high commissioner to Austria. Announcing the appointment nt his news conference. Mr. Truman said Ihe United States. Britain and France arc naming such civilian representatives because a Final post- •.var treaty with Austria has been "blocked by the Soviet Union." At (he Goodrich Store There'): bargains galore miring: our 80th anniversary sale now |oinK on. GK small appliances, Kchinalor Kcfrigp- ralnrs, Thor Washing Machines, Scliwinn Bikes, Champion Outboard Motors and many olhcr nationally f am . nris Hems on disply along with the B. F. Goodrich lire line. The B. F. Goodrich Store •1J7 W. Main Phone 6331 FOR SALE CmcrcK cmltfrt. [J | nck |» jj mth plain >i rHnfiirce4 A I*. U.ncrclt K.ildm, Bl«-k, the. p. er than UmlKi r<n fc, rlM ch lrk<;r. hniiMi tool thttt We Jrllrrr Call in f»t (rn MttntaW. OSCEOLA TILE & CUIVERT CO. Shirley May Franc* Breaks with Parents; To Live with Coach, WH» DIGHTON. Mass.. Aug. 25. (*) — Unsucaesslul cliannel Swimmer Shli-ley May France hns quit the family home atlcr what she described as "a personality conflict" with her father. And. she says, .she does nut Intend to return. The husky 18-year-old girl han taken up residence with her roach, Harry Bonrtaklan. and his wife. She said they are her "best, friends." Her father. J. Walter Trance. A-niii she walked out with the pariing farewell: "Goodbye, Mr. Prance. Hnve a good time wltli your neighbors." Newsmen reached the young wnuinn at the Bondakian home last, nlRlit—24 hours after she disappeared from her Somerset home. Shirley May said she decided In break with her family alter "an argument w jth my " fal-her over plans for the future—all he was Inlciested in was money." Sheriff h Called Up; Brother Succeeds Him LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 25. f.l't-An Arkansas sheriff has been called for military service, and his brother Is succeeding him. The sheriff , s w. M . R us5C |i o! Franklin County. Governor M c M a 1. h yesterday namerl Piml Russell as acting sheriff. McMath also made an appointment to the State Police commission—that of Carl M. Burger. Ben- tonvllle automobile dealer. Burger will vucueed Dr. Lex Moore of Harrson, whose term has expired. M.mTBVTU,K, (AKK.) COUR1KR NEWS Half Moon News Mi's Ruth Brown has returned home after visiting friends and :el- atives In Shawnee, Okla, the two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Mitchell, who have been In Sioux City, l.-i., with Mrs. Gertrude Mitchell, who is ill at her home, returned Saturday. Mrs. Mitt-hell's condition remains serious. B. P. Gay, JJI, |.s visit!!),,' ill the home of his grandmother. Mrs. JS. F. Gay, Sr.. thii week, Mr. and Mrs. Lackey were visitors in Amarilla, Tex., for the iml two weeks. They were the suesi.i „, their daughter, Mrs. W. M. Coffey. and Mr. Coffey. Mrs. John Hannon is visiting In Pnrtaseville as guest of her sister, Mrs, John Till. A revival meeting will begin at the Half Moon M. E. Church Sunday with the Rev. and Mrs. Lee Anderson conducting the services. Miss Jo Ann Hammon, WM lias been in Nashville, Tenn., wi'.h her sister, Mrs. Tommy Page, has returned home. Results Official In Court Races U'lTI.E ROCK. Aug. 25. M>) _ Secretary Prank Npwell of Ihe Arkansas Democratic Commiltee yesterday announced official tolals ''oiu the Aug. 8 Democratic primary. I" one of the onlv two statewide i com MIS. Satn Robinson. Little | Kock, received HS.058 votes to K«>I 'he iiomlnittlon for one supreme fouri- justiceship. Ills opponent I.effel Gentry, also of Litile Hock got 118.448 votes. Tit the second race, also for the supreme court, nominee Paul Ward Halesvllle. got 140.958 votes to III.- 690 for his run-off opponent. Hieh- ard H. McClllloch. Sr,. Forrest City. Newell said Ihe Democratic Slate Convention lierc had been scheduled for Sept. 21-22. WARSINc; ORDKK IN THE MISSISSIPPI OKRV COURT, (HKKASAWBA Negro Reserve Unit Leaves for Active Duty LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 25. (AP) — The T?3rd Engineer Panel Bridge Company, an all-Negro Arniv reserve unit, leaves Little Rock py train today for active federal service. The company was alerted for active duty several weeks ago. If.. Ua- vid S. Boswell is commanding officer. The army worm, highly destructive to corn, wheat and other crops. Bets its name from the fact it (ravels in huge masses from one farm to another. - STATIC OK ARKANSAS COUNTY OF MISSISSIPPJ T. .1. BETTKS COMPANY and JOHN ¥. AUSTIN, Jit, Timtrr. PHIS. vs No. 11, 394 The defendants, A. c. FW and MaKsi* Mne Fox, are »>a,nfd to appear in this court withiji thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, T. J. ncties Company an.l John p. Austin. Jr.. Trustee. lulled: AiiBU-t 21 1950. l"at Mehaffy. solicitor l«r plain- Jiinios M. Gardner, alioniey ad tiffs. Haney Mjr Chancery Olerk ny Ruth Mngce, Deputy Clerk IN TMi: COl/NTV COUKT OF MMSISSII'I'I COUNTY ARKANSAS, OSCKOI.A DISTRICT NOTICK TO THE KKM , PKOI'WITY OWNKRK IN ,' SUH-DISTKICT NUMBER * OF GRASSY LAKE AND »7t» < i N!!A 0nA ' N AOK DfSTRICT NUMBER 9 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS, No. 3CO Notice is hereby given, that there has been Hied In Hie office of the Clerk of the County Court of Mh- I'rlf,"',"', 0olmt V. Arkansas, Osceola .Olstrlct, by ti,o Commissioners of !Sub-Uislrict Number 4 of Grassy (Lake niicl Tyrone IJrnlnage OHi-ic'. Number 9 of Mississippi county Arkansas, « petition asking tna Ihe rate of assessment in said Sub- Distnct be Increased from two and fonr-lcnltis p ,, r ,. el , U]n! (2,4 % , pcr annum to Uiree and four-tenths per cenlimi u.4S,j per annum of Hie ii.UM.wd licncfit.s to the lands of said Sub-DiMrict for Ihe years 1951 <« 1981, lx.!h Inclusive, to raver cust "f deepening widening and clear- l»K nil obstructions Irani existlii" dlU'hiw o! said Drainage District" and reHui(lhi K of uonds. linv'lii 1 ""' 50 '- 1 *' ' h[ " S ' °' corporatl ""- 5 Inlerwits, equity <„• e .,'in(e in aiid' to' any of itm hinds, right.s-ol-way enscmciits or Improvement- 1 ! In said buu-ni,s(.ricl are hereby given notice to appear hi u, e county Court of Mississippi County. Arknnsus Ost-eola District on Ihe 4th day ol' September. 1950, at l«, o'clock A.M and lite (ii,.| r complaint, If nny Ihcy have, against the liiciTHsini; of th« raU of utsMsmenbi to bt levlt< i'Balnit said lands, Hghts-of-wjy enfument* or IrnprovenvenLs ' WITNESS my hand and wal *• Llerk of the County Court of MLi. nhlrict. this 16th da/ of August* KLIKAlib-TO BLYTHK'. clerk MWMi""- ""' H ' VaU ' Mor "''y s '«' DOM TTOUCH PIMPLES! " ,^--"*" > % •' •*• ' »)i Among the machine-age gadget, is an attachment for the farm tractor that will dig nosi.-holes. DR. BLACK'S EYE WATER FOR PEOPLE, HORSES, DOGS, AND POULTRY Contains AVj poison HAU.MI.ICSS AM) PAINLESS Will nol injiirp. IleUnvcs iMill:hl.r. Use If tor Influination of (he Kyes, For Hurning, Strained, or Aching Kyes, and 1'ink Kyes. For Sale at I>ni|r Stores lou'll hit the campus high note carry-in? & J o Samsonite" From DREIFUS MINDY CAR SON Yes. you can really be proud of beautiful .^ni.wiiilr l.vggi Here is luggage that is "strong enough to stand on"' You'll like its bctler-than-leatlier coverings, smart, long-wearing linings, solid brass locks ami sliock-absrtiber handles. And best of all,two pieces cost less than you'd expect to pay for only one of such quality. Choose from Finishes NATURAt RAWHIDE Hi SADDLE TAN [I! ADMIRAL BLUE BERMUDA GREEN CORDOVAN BROWN BEIGE CLAY PINK COPPER Also a complete Je/ecf/on of men's rases from $17.50 IF the headlines say. / ^ .*?"?< A HEADLINE like this would be regarded as VERY good news. S( J £o SlXH !! d ^ g00<1 " CWS that lile telephone company propose, to spend $38 million by the end of 1953 for the Greater ArLnL Te Program . . . if it can gel adequate rate... lo Tlw proposed program would: *• 77 . . . add more long distance circrn'ts between those exchanges; ' ' ' crtk .I!"! ? M >FCC l ° '''I' th€ , 22 Mcl ' a "fi« wl.cro c,«.omer s s.ill , llrn ;l neccl | c!ri S S »l wal «-pl«« nine other exchanges where particular ...speed the coming of dial .service in the rcrnnming lmn «ml exchanges- os io hclp i * il Indies'Iroin Cose $17.50 ladies'Vonily O'Mite 17.50 ladles'O'Nile (regular) 19.50 ladies' O'Nile (converge) 2?.50 Indies'Woidrobe 750,) Pullman Case 77 55 Samson ite Luggage Pay As Little As $1 Weekly DREIFUS LRBl :iIB \\rsi M\I\ si »TO»H IN UttHfVIUf , AND DT<MMM« .meet the needs of 15,000 parly-Finc caslo.ncrs nmv wailing for i m!i . vithiaf or two-party lines; b vc" so ,,„, can get the service . w ,.en and where you want it. ..without unreasonable delay. In one way or another, every telephone subscriber the company serve, would l*nef,t from (his improvement and expansion . . . which Zh more '* JS ' more moucy expansion more NIrtS A ClfATEl rELEPMONE PIOGRAM

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