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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 10, 1953
Page 16
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ft' "THE OTTAWA JOURNAL r " AfONDAY, AUGUST 10, 195J. . 18 20-Year-Old Artist Sets Amateur Record With Rout Marlene Stewart Aims- ' - " Turner Doyns Hunter Zand 6, iOttawa Players Ousted Early f : (Gerry Kesselring Beats Weslocb .ihabby... Ha MtWt putt, chip lor pitch. Several times he had For Sweep in Canadian Open 1 1 1 , " LONDON, Ont., Aug. 10. I pleted Saturday when ah CP) Marlene .Stewart, who posted a record-breaking albas acoffed at golf tradition in hole 228 score to win her third her brief." thaec-year eompeU- straight Canadian Close chtm-tive career, went oiit today to plonshlp. No one had ever don prove that shea just about I he this in the' 27-year history of niftiest woman amateur on-the I the tournament. -continent. ' .t . I She did it with comparative Marlene. the links senajlion' ease, finishing 10 strokes up from . F o n t h 1 1 1, Ont., and1 on the second-placV Mary Gay jubilant holder of the, CanaTJof Kitchener, Ont Third spot dian women'a elo tlU foras taken by Rae Milligen of 1953, headed a Urge Canadian Jasper, A1U . with a 239 total, rontlnaerit In the week-lonl . No one In the field ol mor nor uniario uown BRANTFORD, Onl; Aug. 10. CP) Gerry Kesseirlrig. Who has proved" beyond ' a doubt that he Is Ontario's lop amateur golfer, will try later this month to prove his supremacy over ' the "'national field. , , , v .- The 24-year-old Kitchener golfing ace took a 4- and 2 win from veteran; Nick VYet-Ipek of Windsor - over the Brentford Coif and Country Club course Saturday to win his third . Ontario-, Amateur, Golf championship, In as many years. .. . : Both he and Weslock will enter the Canadian Amateur championships at Montreal later this month. No Ontario amateur has to Win the r Canadian since Sandy Sommerville of London won it 2 and ,1 from Phil Farley of Torontoan 1937. -Irt, the final, Weslock and Br ii)ib iirinr; ,. swraai. ' . John -Turner, 20-year-old 'tcGill University student who lookj u If he's studied every golf book- publiihed hi order-f to defy their instructions, is the new Quebee Amateur champion, - The Montreal Hampitead member, ton of PQGA President Sidney Turner who wai in chart of the competition, 'clobbered WMtlocka Tom Hunter 7 and fl in the amateur final at: Rivermead yea- terday. With hi title he got . 4he Outremont Cup and hit . iourth consecutive berth on Quebec's Willingdon Cup team. Turner is a mechanical sort of gMfer.'so that "when fee's good he's very, very good and when he's bad he's horrid". Yesterdsy he was good, but last .week Inethe Willingdon -trials' he was deep in the ightles. . ' . Game Went Soar. ..Bui Hua1ewmii' opportunities- to bite Into turner J icao, mtt -oiew wm. ne wii prooaoiy wo lonscsi titter In the tourney, used an iron off most of the tees and was staying with Turner, who is a respectable poker in any league. When he ..had room for his woods, he was well out in front. But he was obviously tired, teemed to be suffering from tournament nerves. He finally fell apart' completely after the turn. Turner pushed his drive out against a tree on the 10th, didn't get out of the rough with his second but parked his third: four feet from home -. -Hunter split the .fairway with his tee shot, had to play his second from a divot-hole and -flubbed it. His third was way up the back aid he needed two putts lb get down. Turner dropped his for a par. Final Downfall, than 100 gave the shy, poker faced youngster a battle at any time. 'Blows' to 79. She sluled around the 5,998-yard Sunningdale course In a record-breaking 71 the hrst day of the three-day tournament to take a six-stroke lead Turner received a desk set of pens, the Outre- - BEST IN PROVINCE Johfl Turner, left. eenanJlCcsgelring looked fairlfr even Club, who wallopped WhiUock right, 7 and 6, in the Bnal of the Quebec Amateur at Rivermead Golf Club yesterday. Quebec Amateur Results .! i rTpTeT5"fe' at all yesterday, - j eouldn't win a hole In 12, de1 i jpite, the fact he had been the quarter-final sensation yth a 3 and 2 victory over River-mead's Frank dcsRIvieres.' - Turner eliminated Royal Montreal's Bob Hall in the first round, went on to oust three Whitlock members, Jim Innci, Mike Darling and finally Hunter. Hunter wai Ottawa's wrecker, ousting Hot? lev rtreavee In the first round u.C i.m, ...... -,,c,rinf w puUif mtle get on and carded a six againtbeUer and ne was one up it Turner's par 'four. On 12, bothj the turn. : were on in two. Hunter rimmed! Then Weslock set the stage with an eight footer, wiled '0' ? big six at the 10th, sending past 18 Inches. Turner casually ,ne Kitchener golfer two up. conceded the putt, stood up From there on it was all rCes-and firmly rammed, down his selring. Weslock took one own for a birdie three and the hole, but his putting usually match wu pver. . ' I faultless fell apart. The Not since- 1938, when the; match ended on the 15th green tourney changed from rnedalihen Kesselring tank an easy It .Ilk ..J.J . ... . tn ;o mat play, has the final; It was a surprise flnUh. cause most of the gallery tad picked Hunter to take it ,u! and dcsRiviercs in the eprardt two-iooter tor a Diraie. ay virtue ui giia win, rwes- ter-finala. He eliminated Xeofbeen so lopsided assurea or a place and ftPr h 'hrok- TUk. Hi.'' maa UP 01 K-essciring Open taurnamerrt: that hai at-tracted, rrithy American, golfers. It is medal play today and match play the remainder of the week. (. Added 'Another Feather. Traditjpn breaking la her favorite 'pastime. In 1951 she became the only woman to win hnth lh Claxn mnA Oorn titles m Wvear. She added another I Icataer to her tartan cap last j month when she won the Bri tish Open at Porthcawl, Wales, the first time a Canadian frm-utine . golfer- had captured a national title outside Canada. And the sweep was com- 60 to 1 Outsider Steals Show From Argyle Grattan TORONTO. Aug. 10. Cf) 'Dune Campbell's magnificent five-year-old pacer, Argyle G r a-tt a n. -won yesterday a $7,500 Canadian Cup harness race at Thorncliffe track. But what left a record crowd of 9,521 gasping was the payoff of $128.40 on a 60-1 outsider, Daisy P. Grattan, owned by William Woods of Chesley, rt . . . . i . it u pnt, and driven by Hugh Mc- - - - - Because Argyle Grattan had been barred from the betting by the management Daisy P. Crattan's second position in the second heat of the feature paid off ii I straight ticket. . n r, . , . . finished last in the teven-horte field. .When the second heat came up, a ' few zealots hazarded a place bet on her and were rewarded with -r $44.40 return: Third-place bettors received $5.70. In the excitement created by the nine-year-old mare which had won five of her previous 23 starts, the fact that Argyle Grattan had lived up to expectations was almost over looked. Victory In the two , 0r nH 2 ns s e.r.,.H h. ion, .h 9nii, triumphs by that five-year-old black gelding in 21 starts. The winning share of the richest purse in Canadian harness rac ing tent Argyle s winnings to 86.673. ' ' In the first heat, Argyle Grattan was taken to the front by Dune Campbell and held 8 good margin over Queen the Great, Jr.. until the' stretch. Then he had to hustle to win by half a length. - The second heat saw Daisy Grattan come fro.m nowhere to challenge the big horse. - I sparkling play against dea- Rivieres in 'the -quarter-finals he was two under at the end of 16 holes set him up as the favorite. - And he battled it out with the ; capable Country ' Club player, turning for home all : Banks, Country Club, In the semi-finals, and Banks was . the agent who surprised by -eliminating Tom Riddrll, defending Champion, earlier in the day. ., Turner, who dips, sways ..and does just about every-ffhirtfc we're : told not to, has his game "tightened right up". He has such an unorthodox 'swing, he says he can't afford . itn lay off. It's too tough get-Ming his tithing again. He's been Quebec Junior champion twice, in '50 and '51, made the ..Willingdon I team last season, and earlier this year was low .amateur in: the Spring Open and the1 Qiiebec Open. '. - " Rough Darling. Turner encountered his most serious trouble'ln "Mikf Darkling, "who took him to the 19th . hole to e I o r e Rowing - out-. -f square. Banks won 10 With :wiin-wie proomn vi Keeping par, Hunter squared It againi'hot low in order to duck under on 12 with a bird. Hunter took !" tree branches or other 13 with a par. 14 with a blrd'ohstruction with It. There's mo CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT. First Round. Jim Innes, Whit., defeated Bob Pollock, OH, 2 up. - John Turner, Hamp., defeat Bob Hall. RM, 5 and 4. Mike Darling, Whit., defeated Hugh Welsford. RM, 3 2. ; Stan Walker, Riv.. defeated R. C. Neale, Beac, 1 up. Tom Hunter, Whit., defeated H. R: Greaves" OH, 4 and 2. Frank desRlvleres, Riv., defeated Don Doe, Granby, 2 and 1. Ken Banks, CC, defeated Frank Corrigan, Riv., 2 up. Tom Riddel!, Beac: defeat- ed Ted Fenwick, Riv.. 1 up -"Htuarter-Flnata. Turner defeated Innes, 2 and 1. "Darling . defeated Walker, 1 up. Hunter defeated deaRlvleres, 3 and 2. Banks defeated Riddell, 2 and 1.' ' , Seml-Flnals. Turher defeated Darling, 1 up on 19th. Hunter defHleTBVnirs7-S and 1. . . Final. f Turner defeated Hunter, 7 and 6. BEATEN EIGHTS. . Hall defeated Pollock. 'Neale defeated Welsford. Doe defeated Greaves. Fenwick defeated CorriganJ" by default. s M a -- I Allan, 111.01 iff - - ft T flV() 13 pc Apt TQRONTO, Aug. 10. Kn Tentative dates for the Memo- . n the Willingdon Cup team for this year. LaaT year s team Farley, Kirkpatrick and Wes lock. I Golf Here's How Br SLAMMIN' SAM INKAO. Every now and then you're going to. find yourself faced prnhlffm ahmit this, hut It rlnes Tequire a few spectal hints. " First of .11. you're going to fc,-SeaK Turner-wsrnne fdownr-itteTltp Granbyt Don Doe, another: la Hampstead I mont Cup and t Tom Hunter, Willingdon Cup handsome piece Seml-Flnals. Neale defeated HaU, by default. Doe defeated Fenwick, 2 up. Final, i Neale defeated Doe, 3 and ! FIRST FLIGHT. F. E. Cochran, RI, defeated B. Douglas, OH, 1 up on 19th. R. M. Johnson, RO, defeated M. F. Rogers, RO, by default. ' K. Huet, Granby, defeated E. Norman, OH, 4 and 2. E, S. Maclalne, Summ., defeated P. Malcolm, Riv., 4 and 3. J. Laskotki. Whit., defeated W. H. Mayo, Riv., by default. D. Pemberton-Smith.-Hamp., defeated L. Relnhardt, Tec-by default! - J. P. McConvey, Laval, defeated R. W. Runge, Riv., by default. -Ted- Hlckey, Riv.; defeated H. R." Pickens, Beac, 2 and 1. Quarter-Finals. Cochran, defeated Johnson, 4 and S. Huet defeated Maclalne, 2 and l... ; Laskoskl defea ted.' Pember-ton-Smith, 1 up on 19th. McConvey defeated Hlckey. Seml-Flnala. McConvey defeated Laskotki, by default. Huet defeated Cochran, 2 and 'I. Final. McConvey defeated Huet, 7 and 6. Hoad Beafs Harrwig For Grass Court Title NEWPORT,. RI, Ag. 10. (tJP) Australia's ' touring tennis troupe, headed, by husky Lewis Hoad, invaded Newoort'a famed 'Casinn todav pionship. c : - - :.. , I.j.j i 7,",. he list of 64 entries for this time-honored grass courts competition, but the big man in more ways than one waa Hoad, who yesterday won the Eastern championship at South Orange, NJ. Hoad turned back countryman Rex Hartwig, 7-5, 6-4, 6-1. in the Eastern finals and then teamed with Mervyn Rote, another Aussie Davis Cupper, to canture the ' douhlri title Tony Trabert of Clncin- nati and Billy Talbert of New York, 6-2, 6-0, 6-4- Lambert Captures Ontario Singles TORONTO, Aug. 10. rierre-amoert, a lop-seedeo. 17-year-old from VicloriaviHe, 19 notes, neenea a Jong- putt 'en 18 to escape dormje and i he canned it. Tbe l'7th was 'halved and he holed a 12- 18 to :foot birdie putL- on square the match. Long John canned a 'six- footer "mhextnt-liolerfortneynedTTTMeaalisl Bobby vu.liavs- 1(1 lUI KfrL 111 IDDUl LIT til St I over Miss Gay who ahot a ona- over-par 77. Marlene and the 20 year old Kitchener girl posted even-par 76s on the second 18 and on Saturday the , champ "ble.w'LlO-A-7-jLbtcause . she" "'forgot-to concentrate'' and Miss Gay came home with a blooplng 83.- Marlene1 71 was the best competitive score she ever recorded and her 228 total broke her own record of 229 in the championship set last year ait Edmonton. There isn't much chance the ex-caddie will "forget to concentrate" on her game this week when the field will be much tougher. "I've learned my lesson", she said after winning the title . on Saturday. "I'll concentrate on every shot from here In." . Fourteen golfers scratched from Saturday's round to try out the London-Hunt UyftUU-scene of the Open. None had a chance to finish near the top and they probably figured it would be better to hone up on As it turned out, many total scores Went beyond the 300- mark up ..with the week-end golfers. This ioteit addle ion to the tin el SmttheCrn portables weight approximately 9 pounds, and l to compact you can slip h tn grip; yet rt hot a full site keyboard and takes regular bvti . neu ttot'ionery. w ' Drop U and Try It Today! OTTAWATYPEWRITIR 'COM PANT, LIMITED 114 taarier AreWest Pksae t-lHt 0 OFF St., Ottawa Pheae 6-1621 Vk I1 11 Thone, 3-6212 2 " "'hi 'rt t. rial and Allan Cup playoffsjin search" of the 34th. annual next Spring were a -uinced: Invitation Tournament cham- f berth' on the Province's team. Hunter received, a ot luggage. ; (Photo-by v. Toronto Argos Crush Farm-hands TORONTO, Aug. 10, Toronto Argonauts, gathering momentum in the aecond half,! swept to a 36-12 victory over iv..;. rwii.,u D,.nhB r v. . 1 1 Union farm club, Toronto Balmy Beach. In an exhibition ! game at Varsity Stadium Satur day. The Beaches, with several Argo players tn their line-up, held the parent club to two iuuliiuuwiib inn convrn in ' the first half. However. In the; Mmn4 half 4h AvaAn.i, I a. overpowered them with a dashing passing and running attack good for four more touchdowns, i.- . a . v. m . . t j .. . . . - .! UUMIl WI1IVI1 v-iiit- UIl Jif-riiu " . "1 T JJoug amylle awept across for two and Royal. Copeland, Johnny Fedosoff and Jack Carpenter got one each. A crowd of 7,000; cheering every move oJL veteran Joe Krol, ,ajvArgo sent down td strengthen the Beeches, saw him set up two. Beach touchdowns with his dazzling passing. On a play, that went 51 yards he tossed a pass to Johnny Pont for the Beaches first touchdown. The second came on a short pass to Harvey Singleton following a .45-yard: heave to Pont Monteliore Golf Tournament raw Following is the draw for the ladies' Montefiore golf tournament to be .played at the Gati-neau Golf Club this Wednesday:.' - . " " eiJ Mrs. G. Caplan va. Mra. I. Pollock. M Mra. w. .Levy vs. Mra. 1. Sale a 13 Mra. M. Rotman va. Mra. 7. ' Loeb. SO Mra. g. Caplan va. Mra. J Coldber( . tS Mra. B. flea her va. Mrs. V. Gould. S 0 Mra. P. Swedleva va. Mra. A. Cohan. 45 Mra. -U Mlrskr va. Mra. RT. Harris. t.SO Mra. Dorla Toronto tb, Mra M. Abrama. - - -i t,55 Miss Rose Gould vs. Mra. P.; Robltallle 10.00 Mra. H Koffman va. Mra. L. i Ahramowllx. I 19 OS Mra. N. Loeb va. Mra. ft. I . Aronaonr 10. 10 Mra. K. Horllck va. Mra. Wm. Holunan. w ,v 10. IS Mra. B. Cotton va. Mra. J. Snow. 10 to Mra. S. Lepodkj ra. Mra, A.' - ' -Max." ' 10 13 Mra W. Belli va. Mra, U tleln SEGbRAfRiyMPHS. j RICCIONE, Uty, Au 10.! -(UP) Panaho Segura of the U.S. defeated Australian ace Frcnk Sedgman, 8-4.. 0-6, i 6-4, yesterday' to win the tingles' title, in a three-day International tennlscontest Ken countryman Dlnny Palis, 6-4, n uinnr riiu, a consolation match, g.j m a consolaUo Tonight, J p.m. Doubleheader ROCHESTER - REt WINGS aJ . Vt, OTTAWA ATHLETICS Betervatlaaa,' B-621S LANSDOWNE IPARK COOLBROtt : V Taihre4-te-Maaare ' . tropicals - taint T.illaddock&Son Men'a ant tUetee Tellers til -Rank 8t ' 1-224 I i ;a par. Darling missed his putt for a bogey and Turner was Into the finals. .. ....'. ...... .;, " ' About 100 fans followed' the final match, saw. Turner -win the first hole, g'o two up at the third, thre. up at the flip.. four up at the alxth and four Up -turning for home. ,' Powerful Hitter, Hunlcr'a' short game was Dodunski Stars v I In Opening Masson Cup Paly ". - The Masson Cup tournament, men't' singles handicap, event 'held annually at -the Ottawa Tennis Club, got off to'a good ;(art orjthe week-end with a . number of close matches and ' some decisive ones marking the play. ' ' : " "' s. Star of the week-end was , young Bob Dodunskl, RideaU ' , . . - a sun e wm, l.nt n n in 4 fnnrh carry. Now. nick a club with little lo:t like a two or three Iron. Play' the ball much, further back (more neas' vour riant , .1 j it. ..11.. "B' wwiu uiuu... with this club. This is to hit it more, on the clowjnswlng and assure a low areh. Also slsnd a little further from the ball. which will tend to flatten your swing and help achieve the same purpose. " In swinging there are two important things to remember. The first is to be very careful to take the club awav wlthWut breaking wrists. Take your fall swing and be Sure to foflow thr"h oan chop down (or quit) on the shot in the FISHING TACKLE TO CLEAR AT Sunday bx, W. B Kemptville, Ont., r.r nf - president of Jl... vi,u- the Canadian Amateur Hockey Asso-'itlon. -,.'.! Under the schedule adopted by a CAHA executive meeting here during the week-end, the Junior Memorial Cup final will Open in Eastern Canada April 25. The final' for the Senior Allan Cup' will be in the West, Starting probably on April 24. . The playoff schedules drawn up here will be submitted to I d ii 1 r 1 1 i and halved the next three for a 2 and 1 win. - LOOSE ENDS. Rivermead's Ted Fenwick lost a . couple of close ones. He1 was beaten tn the first round by Tommy Rlddfll, 1 up, ind lost his beaten eights match: ,:Ti"er,iiiicnoiaer, xwo up. uoe fired an even-par 72 . . . John Turner had a "murderous hook" when he first arrived, but his father, a 14-handicap-per, straightened him out with a valuable tip before the tour- Pollock, tost out to Jim Innes In the' first round and Bobhv nu.Lureo -an-approxrole 69 W eliminate him in the beaten ifUHHskM mtsA tJK Ull 4i. j n"V, " "J?" ilia 1.1 una jnusi DiaV On lllPH - jaay lor the odd berth. Each had visions of obviating that olav. off with an Amateur crown. Nulr. -0, EdKMr Birrftt. Boll - S-l: John Rorkhurn f. Dav Svmnur II. S-4: Brl.n Wll.on rt,f a m p.'..r.w S-l. S-0. Jean Rlnfret lief Rr Lchln,' 1-S. t-4: Al Uvlnnloiu M. Pt Buralynnki, 14. 1-S. s-3: Jo orn nfi. pm faul. S-3, t-4 boii IrRH dcr. Ken Pealow. a.9 . 1... Rrdmond Quala 6t. Dmvt WaUon. -0. Cln LarorqiM Sel Huih Conn, fl-SS-1: Hamilton Quain dcf. Corsa Dnbarata. Bob Dndunaki Saf. John ftbekbura. a.S. T. a.7- I Brian WlUon dal. Jim riowtni, t-l. S-0, DRAW ro TODAY, t at p.m. Ton Mnntfomary va, DlVk Pnn: Cord Smith v. Dru McBride: Glrii) oSSSZ vY BrnwSr Rlnral .vi. Al Uvlnsnlnn; Jark Mltlci JMn McMillan; BUI McRaa vi. Redmond Quain. takes Hunt Trophy (At Seigniory Club SEIGNIORY CLUB. Que, Aug. 10. (CP) J;'A. Cameron of Montreal posted the net 36-hole score of 137 during the week-end to take the Hunt Golf Trophy,- played for annually by club members. In the two-day tournament, he grossed 92 in the opening round for a net of 68 and in today's final round bad a 63 for a net ot 69, -. - .' Cameron was also co-winner, along with A. L. Code of Perth, Ont., of the "Zetler Trophy, 1 8-hole competition open to club members 55 yeara -of age or over. Code scoredlow grots 89 in' the teconi rotted, and Cameron was low' net winner with 66. : '-.-' : . Boxing Schedule Tha week bextns schedule: l nji i , ni mwi.,n .-r-i wi., ; tjjlu Perea va. rrankla BXIen; laai Aiuelea-'Oscar Revea . Jhnn)r Miller; Roalon WllUa James ra 1 jimmr Waikir. - i ...... . , . i . Tuesday: . Miami Beach, i 8rwMT-, ,R,didTed Murea . At wiiv i Aneeia-Ramei TISS!ZL.!r. tT-yli".!..- Oil Turner v. Ramnn rueniea: - - , . t , j j the CAHA semi-annual- meet-!from mtsTaken" belief that thlt will'for approval by Junior, who-eliminated bothjv - "Wk I .lTiKe.'i.'j J'lidaTlirTiTI tTTvl W. A. Rankin Ltd., 116 Bank Que., won the, men's singles1coror of Australia beat CONNAUGHT PARK JOCKEY CLUB- RACIIVG TODAY Saturday, August 1, to Monday. August IT. Inclusive.' Edgar Barrctte, Ottawa Tennis Club "A"1 player and - John ' Rockburn, also of the Ottawa Club, who reached the . late rounds of the tourney several ; years ago. Dodunski,. with a favorable-, plus 15 handicap, beat Barrctte, who was handicapped at minus 30, 6-3, 4-6, 8-1. Then In a match which lasted the greater part of yet--terday afternoon, the Rideau boy overcame .Rockburn, also -playing at plus 15, in three long sets 4-6, 7-3, 9-7. 1 ' Redmond Quain of Ridrau winner of the event last year, had little trouble In winning Ms opening match in spite of tnlrus 40 handicap, -and his brother "Hammle", 1952 run ner-up, took his easily although -his handicap Is minus one-half 40. - Des McBride of Elmdale and John Fletcher of Rideau play-' ed a lengthy (match which McBride, handicapped at minus 15. won 8-7. 3:6, 6 2. His opponent I handicap was minui ' one-half IS. Don Montgomery mv.A Vj9 CIuI.iaii twA nttaiva Club tnaynrs, also had I close one wlttirontomry handt rapped at minus IS winning 3-6, 9-t. 6-3 over his elubmaU who was playing at scratch Week-end (scores knd the araw xnr lonay ioiiow: ing in. Winnipeg January h-iu tne various branches. . Here are ' the dates: suggested Allan Cup, Western Playoffs. Series A: Alberta champions vs. Saskatchewan championa, opening March 13. " Series B: Thunder Bay vs. Manitoba, opening March 13. Series C: series A winner .vs. series B winner,-March 27. Western final: aeries C winner vs. British Columbia championa ApriM 2. Eastern Playoffs. V Series A: Maritime -cham-prons yt. Ottawa district cham- P'ons. Marcn 13. Sirleia R aorlee A v4nniip va fQuebec championa,- .March 2T.! Eastern final: winner of series B vt. Ontario Hockey Association- champions, April 10. '-Memorial Cnp, x. Western Playoffs. X; Series A: British'' Columbia champions vt.' ' Saskatchewan winners, March 16. '- Series B: series A. winner vs. champions of the Western Canada Junior Hockey League. March 26. Sesie C:- Thunder Bay vs. Manitoba, March 27. . Western final: winner of series B vs. series C survivor, AprU .10. - - Eaalf r Plsyoffs. ,i. ..Series A: Northern Ontario Hockey Association champs vs. Ortsrwa district winners, March 11. . Series B: aerie A -winner vs. Marifimet. Marfh 21 help to keep It low. It will only rob you of power and distance. Ladies' Title! Draw At Ottawa Hont Draw" - for the qualifying round in the ladies' club championship round at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf . Club follows: ( 1 00 Mr..'' 1, Younf vi. Mrs; I. Hodtkln. 1.0S Mrs. R. H.'rersuaoa vt. Mrs, XI. McDonald. T 1.10 Mr.. R. A. Slranf Tl. Mra. W. uaver. US Mra. 1j ff. Wlckwlra a. Mrs. J. 1U Dawfton. ?.hn,!m':A- Mn 1JS Mra B. D. Martin VS.. Mra. K. er. lJO Miaa H. Chamber n. Mra. . MacPharaon. tJSU-Mra. U S. Vlrr Vt. Mra. I M. Clarke. 1.40 Mra. M. Milam n. Mra. Richardson. 1.49 Mn. T. J. Corcoran va. Mra T. Kershaw. Len Copeland and W. Flana gan will play off next Saturday for the Fisher Cup at the iii.awi nun. an, iia r I inn They Wound Up tied ..With j . k. ltv.M n1J ' in the event held oyer the week-end MartaSwqn th W. Rots Seniors' TropKy -In- another week-end event. ' E. Barnabe, L. CopeUnd. T. D. Pollock, 'J. Hall and J. KeHy Class "A" ball sweeps wwinnrn. . J- C" elsw ! winners. A. B. Wright took the' prise. - tute in eotintriej where ' I TODAY IS LADIES' -,:-..' AM Laaiet yktaaKlaS Free .raratat ' . ,k i.hi -.h-, """' - Junior tennis championship finals Saturday from another Quebec player,. Marcel Rod-fiqoe of franby. ... ni npwnen noariam; ojl. 6-3, 6-3. Tbe French-Canadians; partnered each other In the men's doubles title and defeated Toronto's Harry . Hill and Jean Paquette of Hull, 6-1, 8-3. . j Harry FreedholT of Toronto1 outpointed Oakville's Peter Barnard 6-0, 7-5 to win the boys' singles title. i Top-seeded Mary Nunna took ' the women's single, defcs.tlng, Joan O'Brien 6-2, 6-4, and the1 two combined to win thf wof nen's doubles crown from Georgette Delacretes and Cornwall's Sawn - McDonald 7-3, 6-0,. The girls' singles championship between Miss O'Brien and Carol Barton' will be played today. v. Quebee champions, April .7. ern final: series' C wln- nee' vi vt. Onurie Hockey.. a- snelatlon tKantpions, April 11- I- The ma)irtty rf the aeries wiir be Hx-st-of -seven flairs. I Osiekee Heaplul Taa M II rnu Peat Time 8 O'Clork, Twilight Racing TonAT't rtTtaai The Kleetlen Day Claiming Parte . atriNo. kain on.aHiNi ' " Oalaella ea aecant ant lst Raees - Aytaset afS OMaa aivee Reatf oee ffef Trsllle. Me 'OeUsa., Baeetal Has eerrle trees neerge atreei, WaUlatsM Sireai aaS Saaj rark Teraalaala. Li 2C J. 1 ' Juarea. jajeH-nicK- nonn;n. Mn:.kfrS John 1 ' -. I I , . . BlaeKBtim er. Jim Ifipier . J . m avi. nil. ocoumn. Don Mnntrnmary def. .Sllevenenn. 3-4 a-7. a-S: OKI rot) af. HaL Coddlns. 4-1, ' Ed, i Manan. " THursiajr: newara. fil rati ' Aflame a. rmarann BUicner. I rrklll: Reno. N. Llrdo Ro- Jnmhy rrtit r n "eT w -" "'- CONNAUGHT PARK JOCKEY CLUB v Ooeille Smllh del Jnhn Kins a Vinero va AiMlr waller. h , kea lafn mtna'ut -t. Dea McBa def. John rv.cher., Ralurdae: Mll-aukee-Jee Tur-l fish flouf has been cons Ml--.7. -, a.j. cira Lamrou rt.t ner s Tiirn Porrucver. Mexico Ciiv: (red as a possible milk fuhstl- AuHhoriura Bldf. Mika -i i peer,. Dea- pral'P qtli fill Btiiwwt, tt-aa. . f-u. , Sre C; tfries B winner : ut H s.a.'ai at'i se,1a.e I

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