Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 14, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1891
Page 1
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¥01. XVI. LOGANSPOET, ISDIANA, TUESD1T MORNISG, APEIL !4, 18<l! DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats S T I BEST I L K M STY LES ADE, SPRING Now on Sale DBWBNTBR, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating. The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S. CRAIG'S. NOT TO BE HUEEIED Mr, Elaine's Keply to Be Sent Eudini Whenever It Is Ready, INDIANA. Dispatches of Especial Interest to Residents of Hoosierdom. Belief in Rome That the Government Will Not Act Rashly-Little Information Obtainable. SHULTZJ CATARR WILL CURE , r/j j^m- , ^ w~*-»-ta™» u . ;- t -m^- " i « 1.^ ( ^ ^WHOOPING COUGH. -BRONCHITIS. ILOGANSFORT, IND. SOMETHING Some men Jalk in whispers; others have voices loud enough to be heard by the fishes at the bottom of the sea. Some men, are always ' telling- you something in the strictest confidence and as a rule you have heard it before. That is'nt my way. I have no confidential communications to make to you, and if I had I would not resort to printers ink for such a purpose. I simply want you to know that my line of . ; Spring Suitings, Spring Trousers and Spring Overcoatings Is large, and complete, and that we are ready to serve you ITALY'S THREAT. WASHINGTON, April 13.—It is learned on the best of authority that Secretary Elaine's .reply to the last communication of Premier Eudini has not been sent to Rome, as was generally supposed to have been the case. In view, of the reported threats from Rome and in the absence of any denials of those reports by the Italian premier, the president and his secretary of state- have resolved to withhold their answer. The dispatch which Mr. Elaine prepared last week still lies on the president's desk, and it will not be forwarded until the Italian government disavows any responsibility for the sensational reports that are constantly appearing in the Italian papers as to what the government means to do under certain contingencies. In other words, the president has got his 'mad" up and in effect declares that so long as Italy is said to maintain a threatening attitude the United States will do as they please about continuing the correspondence. If a rupture of a diplomatic relation is necessary the process will begin at this end. It may he added, too, that if the threats cabled from Rome are not soon disavowed by the Italian government Minister Porter may be, like the Baron Pava, granted a leave of absence. This .nformation comes from two sources,. joth of which are thoroughly reliable. Secretary Elaine's reply will be too comprehensive to be hurried. It will cover the whole question of Italian mmigration, the character of the ubjects of King Humbert who were ynched at Ivew Orleans, other classes of criminals, and the disposition Italy las shown to protect its fugitives from ustice who have fled to the United States. There will be enough in the reply to require some time for the Rudini ministry to digest. In the meantime the grand jury at New Orleans will have time to pursue its investigations. ROME, April IS.—Up to noon it has been impossible to learn anything further concerning the report that the Italian cabinet had decided to- request United States Minister Porter to leave Rome in case no reply to Premier Rudini's last note is received from Secretary Elaine by Tuesday. Officials are reticent and journalists are unable to secure definite confirmation or denial. At the American legation nothing- can be learned. Minister Porter has heard nothing except what he has gained from the papers. In well-informed circles the prevailing opinion, as nearly as one can gather, is that the premier will not proceed to extremities at this juncture. It is argued that whatever beneficial effect such a display of vigor might have in increasing the popularity of the present cabinet, it must be only temporary, inasmuch as it would leave the J?ew Orleans incident farther from settlement than ever, while the American government would doubtless be so irritated by the Italian policy as to make any settlement impossible. PARIS, April 13.—The Eome correspondent of the Journal Des Debats telegraphs that he is able to confirm the recently published statement that unless the Italian government receives a speedy and satisfactory reply to its last communication on the subject of the New Orleans lynching the American minister will be handed his passports. Crack Militia Companies to Drill. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 14.—The Indianapolis light .artillery, which holds the championship as the best- drilled company in the state, has about perfected arrangements for grand interstate encampment to be held in this city during the week including the Fourth of July. The renowned "Chickasaw guards," of Memphis; the Atlanta rifles, winners of the first infantry prize last year at Kansas City; the Walsh zouaves and Branch guards, of St. Louis; the Omaha guards; the Brunswick riflemen, of Brunswick, Ga.; the Manselian cadets and Rozier zouaves. Memphis; the Atlanta zouaves and Grady cadets, of Atlanta; the Phoenix light infantry, and Louisiana rifles are among the organizations that have agreed to attend. Wfibash. Wants Damage*. WABASH, Ind., April 14.—The board of trade of this city will this week begin an action for damages against the Indiana Steel Company, organized by Pittsburgh parties, who, in consideration of receiving a subsidy of S35,- 000, entered into a written contract to build a $400,000 steel mill in Wabash. After all preliminaries were arranged the Pittsburgh stockholders, who are all wealthy men, refused 'to proceed with the work and offered only a few hundred dollars in settlement, the board of trade demanding S8.000. Thirty prominent business men have subscribed a fund of §3,000 to carry on the litigation and suit will be brought for 810,000 damages in the Pittsburgh courts this week. Leading Indianapolis attorneys are to be retained. __ Getting Ready for Election Day. FOBT WAYNE, Ind., April 14.—The democrats have nominated the following city ticket: C. A. Zollinger, for mayor; C. J; Sossenheimer, treasurer; Rudy Retnwald, clerk; Henry C. Franke, marshal, and Charles McCullough, waterworks trustee. LA POBTE, Ind., April 14.—The democrats have nominated this city ticket: Mayor, E. H. Scott; treasurer. George Arnold; clerk, William Voht; marshal, James Purcell; waterworks trustee, John H. Ball. They Lyujhcd Him. W. Va., April 13.—Alex Poote, the negro who murdered watchman J. J. Meadows, at Bliiefield last Tuesday, was taken from the county jail by a mob of masked men Sunday morning and lynched on a farm near Princeton. Foote confessed to the crime and preserved a spirit of bravado to the end. He also confessed to killing three more men—one in Po-^ cahontas, Va., one in Radford, Va,, and one in Kentucky. Death of a Dramatist. YORK, April 13.—Clifton VV. Tay- .eure, newspaper writer, dramatist and iheatrical manager, was found dead in bed Sunday at the hpme of his brother .n Brooklyn, where" he has lived for a month.' Mr. Tayleure was 55 years old. During the war he was editor of a newspaper in Richmond, Va. He also served in the' confederate army and gained the rank of colonel.. Later he .vrote the play of "Kit, the Arkansas Traveler," and sold it to Chanfrau. To Strike May I. LONDON, April • 13.—Greek, Rou- manian, Swiss, German, Belgian, iVench and Italian workingmen iusve decided to celebrate May 1 as ah/jli- day. In Belgium the congress of miners and metalworkers declared for general -strike May 1. The number of workingmen affected by this declaration is 200,000.., - ' • consuls Appointed. WASHINGTON, Aprii 13.—The president has appointed Edwin A.- Berry, of riorida, United States consul at Santes, irazil, and Alonzo Spencer, of fork, consul at ?ictou,N._S. Killed His Cousin. MINAMAC, Ind., April 14.—In Starke county a few miles from here I?red Smith, 14 years old, was-.sh.ot dead _by his' cousin, Ami! Smith, 19 years of age. Young Smith and his brother were out sawing wood, when Amil, who. had been hunting, approached them. In a playful manner the hunter said to. Fred that he could kill him, and without further ceremony pulled the trigger, killing him instantly. Cornering: the Tax Dodgers. COLUMBUS, Ind., April 14.—The new plan of listing property for taxation at its true cash value, under an act of the last legislature, has resulted in the discovery of a large amount of valuable real estate in the heart of the city not on the tax duplicate at all." It is thought when all property is fairly listed it will run the duplicate up to at least §200,000 more than it now is. An Expensive \vaeelbarrow. CoLUJrous, Ind., April 14.—Emmett Cuddy has brought suit against Margaret and John Conroy for possession of an old wheelbarrow, worth twenty- five cents. The case has already cost SJ280, and the first trial has not been heard. ' Michigan City Paper Sold. MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., April 14.— The, Michigan City Daily and Weekly Dispatch has changed hands, Senator Harry H. Francis, who founded the paper in 1S79, again assuming proprietorship. It will remain democratic in politics. Died from Lockjaw. - FOBT WAYSTJ, Ind., April 14.—Miss Kissie Ludington fell downstairs a few days ago, receiving slight injuries on the head. She was stricken with .lockjaw and died Saturday night in terrible agony. Both I.CKS Cut Off. LAFAYETTE, Ind., April 14.—George Sears, 9 years old, fell under a Mpnon freight train Sunday and had both legs cut off below the knees. He may recover. •' . Five Hundred and One Voyages. NEW YORK, April 14.—When the Cunard steamship Etruria came to her pier Sunday morning her captain, W. H. P. Haines, R. N.-R., had completed .his 501st voyage across the Atlantic. 'He was born in Plymouth, Eng., in 1822, and first went to sea in 1SS8. In 1864 he got his first command of a Cunard steamship, and for six years plied between Havre and the -Mediterranean ports. In 1870 he took one of the Atlantic fleets, and has altogether commanded sixteen vessels of the line. He is a lieutenant in the royal naval reserve. . Slept Amid the Corpses. BERLIN-, April 14. —A tradesman named Beunewitz, in Bernberg, Prussia, shot and killed his son and daughter Saturday night .and killed his .wife with a hatchet, mangling : her body in a frightful manner. When the police arrived at the house they found Beun- ewitz sleeping soundly, surrounded by the corpses of his family. The tragedy is attributed "to a. sudden freak of insanity. A CARD. Since we announced to the -oublic the well deserved merits of the Lansdowne Silks and Wool Dress Fabrics, several of our city merchants, envious of our success with these goods,advertisedLansdownes without having a single yard of the genuine article. As Lans- downes are r>rotedted by letters oatent, we, as the manufacturers' sole agents, would kindly advise all to desist from using the name of "Lansdowne" for their inferior wares, as the manufacturer has jealously guarded his rights from infringement in everv instance of this kind. WILER & WISE, Sole Agents for Bead's Lansdownes. No. 315 Fourth Street. S u r e >J|* Death! \ To Cockroaches, Rats, ^ Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. At Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. CmcHESTEti'S EHQUSHi RED CROSS THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. Thn only Safe, Sur-C, and remote Pill for * Itftdic*, ulc Dnifj^st for Cfiickester't £nylttA Diamond Brand In Itod ftnd Cold mct*...^ boies staled with blue ribbon. T*ke no *ther kind. Btfv*e Subttitvtton* and ImUatto*$. All pLlla In pMteboird boxes, pick imppcri. ftra dBncetvaii eovnterfcltx. AtDrargltu or ftarf *• 4c. la stamps for pnrtloulars, uaUmDulali, and **BelT«r for X*a<)IeA," fn lefttff, bj- return I 10,QOO Teninionlalir, ' Jfame J t aj>er, t CH1CHESTCR CHEMICAL CO., Mndlw Sold Itr all Local OracctiU. I WHISTLE FOR D. A. H A U K He has the goods and prices. Best Clock for the money. Best Watch for* the money.. Best Spectacle for the money. Best work done for the money. No. 41O Broadway. THe Jeweler and Optician. D. A. HA UK. JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, { Strecker Building.) ' A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOMDED.

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