The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 17
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TKOTtSPAT, OCT. t, OUt •OAJtDINC HOUSE — wHfc BL'CTREVILLK (AWf.) COURIER NEWS MTMMTXKK KELLEY'S Your Friendly Shoe Store Wilt you c»n my dentist and postpon* my appointment? I won « footbaK b«t from him and he might take it out on me with that grinder of his!" R. C. FARR & SONS Distributors G asolin « Tractor Fuel '" ee "*"' re * PRODUCTS Fuel Oil Kerosene Lee Tires PETROLEUM "Sirring fht Public tor 20 Years" *tm 400 So. Railroad St ARTHRITIS [f yon suffer with arthritis write to me, P. O. Box 716, South Bend, Indiana, I will irladrj tell you how 1 jot rid of It 3 Tears ago after suffering over 25 years.— H. M. Harrison. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug Stores FLASH Cameras for Rent Tik> wonderful Indoor picture! with i Rush camera from Barney's Krai, Low rates. All kind! of eamcri inpplln are wailable here. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2006 W Main Phone 3647 Political Announcements i , The Courier News fs authorize to announce the following cnnrt dates for the general election, No\ ember 4. For Alderman Second Ward J. L. "Jodie" Nahors FOR SALE Bcavtfful brick home on Highway 81 North tn Country Club Drivi Addition. Thia home has 3 extra tarfe bedrooms, large e.os«t> in each; Urge Hring room with fireplace, dinlnx room. New Geneva kitchen, one and one-half baths, utility room, large screened in front porch. Servant'* boose with f»s heat, giraffe and outdoor ttoragr. This home has new roof and In top condition. Can't be duplicated for twice the selling price. Eitr» Large lot, choice neighborhood. Friced for qmick sake. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 Wanted! TIN CANS Large Metal Compress BLYTHEVILLE Iron & Metal Co, Moultrie & R.R. Sts. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 8962 SECOND MAN on the Ticket <r<Kfg/3. THK STOUT i Attkomt* rr'.ld"il"ta*^V'"' nVr» ** Hy'ftowa, W»rb«rr»f* J*»*ii»'« i »CBUBBED-LOOKING w«tt- ««• was setting th« tables. «h« glanced up and f»v« m« a •teady, incurious look, then went en sbout her task. I smiled and approached her. "Scrambled eggs, bacon. to«s< Mid coffee." I said, and-sat down. T«n sorry, jir, you'll have *> wait,- she said. -Th« p-its ain't ready yet." 1 don't want grite," I said. She gav« me a strange kx*. "Dont you want your grits this woming?" "No grits," ! said, and she had given me an idea of the cosmopolitan quality ol Hydetown. "Just acramWed eggs and bacon, H you can manage it." . "Sure," she said. ~f can get that for you right away." While 1 ate breakfast the hotel began to stir. Before I had fin- iahed, three other early morning risers came hi for breakfast I paid my check and carried my bag to the lobby. An old man was behind the railing now, chewing a toothpick. Although he had not been among the breakfasters in the dining room, he had apparently had his grits. I put my bag down and said, J 'How about a room?" "How long you aim k> stay?" "Just overnight, I think." He nodded. "We're pretty busy. All filled up this week for the big shindig. But I got a room for tonight. Sign here." He pushed the register toward me and said as I signed my name, "You only going to use one bed, ain't you?" lr Yes." My eyebrowi went «p *t that. "Three bed? In the room." he said. "SomeUmcs you get Iheit % •*»<• L.twiaa. • II • lllJfcf Tg* 1M14M. hw. truckers late at night. One will sign up and the others sneak in somehow. That will be two fifty." As I reached for my wallet he glanced at my signature and laid. "I bet you're the fellow wrote that book about Willie Warburton." "That's right" I said. "Thought it was the name," he went on. "1 knew Willie Warburton when h? was a boy. I always had my money on Willie." -That so?" I said, and added :entatively, -I think he'll win." "That he will," the old man said 'H? rjre will. I got my money on him this time too." JT was nearly noon when I awakened. I looked /or th« room :elephone, to call John Mills, but there was none, so I shaved and dressed and went down to the •obby. I crossed to the telephone booth and picked up the directory, ind as I was looking up the number a rasping voice said, "I guess you're Mr. Roy Mason." I turned. A lean man with gray hair and a leathery brown skin was looking me over. Spectacles were pinched on a long, thin nose, and his black bow tie and dark suit gave him a deaconish air. 'I'm Melvin Fisher," he said. "I operate this hotel." F had not connected th* name of the Fisher Arms Hotel with Melvin Fisher. I said, "Oh, yes Mayor Fisher, isn't it?" "That's right" His thin Hps urew back and showed his teeth enough to indicate a smile. "So you're the fellow wrote that book Mr. Mason." "Yes, Mr. Usher." "It's quite a book," ne said "Yes. sir, quite a book. Kind ol long on talk and kan 01: facts. ain't It?" " "Is it?" "But it was mighty good reading," he went on. "Yes sir, I guess everybody in town expects to see WUHe Warburlon come galloping into town on a white horse Wednesday, waving a big shiny sword," The light lips drew up igain hi a smile. I did not like lis smile. "1 guess he i< c" ' b« riding a horse, thougu,'' Me..IB Fisher said. "Will he?" "It depends on what nort at ansportation is available in this own, Mr. Fisher," I said. Melvin Fisher chuckled. "I g«t t," he said. "Yes. sir, we're a lorse-nnd-buggy town, all right We're kind of all hippologists here, oo." That caught me between ttx eyes; they wer« all kicking that one lame paragraph around. But Fisher continued, "I hear they're calling him tl» Great Hippologist hese days." So K was already hi McDonald's column, and the column waa available even in Hydetown. pop- ilation 3220. "But I see you're busy." Melvin fisher said, "I won't bother you any more, Mr. Mason. But welcome to Hydeiown, and y<iu trfl Willie it will be a big day Wednesday. Yes, sir, a big day." He walked away, still chuckling, and as I stepped into the telethon* x»th I saw that everyone in the obby was looking at me, the fellow that wrote that book. I slammed the door shut and gave John Mills's number to the operator. "Mason, did you say?" said John Wills. "You the fellow who wrot* that book?" I winced and said I was, and he said, "My office is just down the sireel, two doors after the bank." • • • T LEFT the booth and walked through the lobby to the street. There was much more lite in Hydetown now, but if you analyzed it you saw that s large percentage of it was traffic passing through town on the highway. Two doors beyond the bank I saw a window lettered JOHN MII,bS, REAL ESTATE ANT) INSURANCE, and a solid man with c rosy face pleasantly creased from an uncritical outlook on life WM railing !n the doorway. "Mr. Mason?" lie asked, and put out his hand. "Come In, come in. What do you hear from Willie Warburlon?" "Left him Vast night," I said. 'He's making a great campaign." U» Be CoatiMMd) Tclevision- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis, Channel 4 THURSDAY NIGHT, OCT. » J 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:1B News 6:30 Dinah 8hore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Marx 7:30 Th« Unexpected 8:00 Dragnet 8:30 Theatre 9:00 Martin Kane 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 Racket Sqund 10:30 News 10:35 Boxing 11:35 Weather 11:40 News 11:45 Sign Off FRIDAY, OCTOBER ID 7:00 Today 7:25 Newa 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Today 8:25 Newa 8:30 Today 8:55 News 9:00 Prologue to Futur« 9:30 Campaign Call 10:00 Mrs. TJ.S.A. 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storyland ll:l(t Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 'Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Garry Moore 1:00 Ouidlng Light 1:15 Film ireaturetto 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Traveler* 5:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins rails 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Berl OLswanger 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Short Story 5:45 Har toons 8:00 Evening Serenade 8:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Playhouse 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Aldrlch Family 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 Football This Week 10:15 Washington Spotlight 10:30 News 10:40 March of Tims 11:10 Names the Same 11:40 Weather 11:45 News 11:55 Sign Off IMPORTED Holland Bulbs ChooM joura rich! iT^r -hi!; selection* are complete. TULirS, DAFFODILS, HYACINTHS, CROCUS, AND MANY OTHERS. Bigger, Better Bulb* — «t the most for your money. These are the choicest of hulta, Imported direct to as from Holland. PAUL BYRUM Hardwart & Stcdt 114 E. Main Blythevil! OUT OUR WAY FMCKLH AMD Htt MMHM JAKt iKjOito * A PARADOX/VJMERE I* WE* (SAD/ THOSE R6PORW O* MIW TR6ATIMS AlOD HARRV its! TOWN AKlD (PriLV A, FEW DAV& AGO HE SORROWED TO *6T HIS. LAUMDKV OUT.' A* A HIS M*«T»* »*rv» A KMlP-'B IM Hit Y«T __. WAS* CARRIBD ._ ARTICLE* AWUT WHY SLIM THiWIVKWOSt 1 *tt.<Mk«aM COULOM'r. UNDffWWWf /MAY 1 See tou Aeour A UTK.E - --- Benefit by Reading and Using Ceurier New* •Classified Ads •&HE1-L. HAVE A &OOD CHANCE THAT W3TH1 f*S WOll L D HAPPEN TO IOL.A...NOW 6ET -SPACE HELMET'S—ALL OP YOU! THAT'S BETTER THANK WASTING YOUR EVEr-J\MGS ON BOWLING, POKER AND LISTENING TO THE FISHTS! > THERE'S STILL TIME TO MAKE A SUCCESS OF MYSELF! I'M GOING TO ENROLL IN NIGHT SCHOOL! IM SURE-1 DlPf-fT PICK IT UC BEFORE I SWTEKEC7 SlfiASON'S. COULP IT H«VE KaiLBO OUT OF VlC DROPS Ht& CK3WTET ANC7 A5 HE STEW ON IT IM LOOKUP foiej. V*E WITH A UTTL.& \ CKWJWIY- PETECTrVK WORKiy MS,YOi *OT*«> THE POCKET OF SOMEONE I SO BUY SOT YOU A PRESENT TOO.filG! NICE 5W.K.T. BUT WHY- lHAVE A HUNCH THIS (& THE B6GIIOWIMG OF A WEW 5BU5E Of HONOR. FOR HIWl VUft|T...lLL CW.L SID REED.,.ITi5 FKOW HI5 *W VE5,1 WAIT ED OM ft BOV Of MS ;ON, eis. THIIJS.,.H& «^MTED SOMETHIWe THf\T COST EHHCT1.Y 8.25... THE T DOHT SOU 5EE,3MO..I*E 7 i«W3f UW WE W155BP I USED TMI& WETHOD TO / WHAT TOOK IT I RETURN ITi HE:SeO*)6 •"'» e^>-»'« TO 86 OKW! WONDER. HOW HE RM5ED THE " WHEM H5 FIRST CAWEl BUT WE WEREN'T 6UKE HE GOT IT. AND WON'T ACCUSE H!V,— rlONE9T,SEN1E (T WAS AN ACCIDENT... TH' MUTT GOT AWAY FROM ME.' ' AWRlGHT, SO Y'ODN'T DOUBLE CROSS ME...BUT DO SUMPIM CXJICK.WILL YUH? I CAN'T HAMS HERE ALL »XYJ I'LL CALL MY \ HOBGO6UN3,..) THEVYLTAKE / CARE OF THE/ MUTTllrp / I CANT GET ANYTHING / WELL, ON THE VIEW-SCREEN I SO1NG TO BUT A DOG.SO I DON'T KNOV/ \F YOU CAN BRIMS M.L6V SACK OR NOT. I COULP U6E *. LI'L PRACTICE,BUT IW TOO HUMS?,-/

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