The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY. AUGUST «, 1W9 AND GOING UP!—1» the lillle lady complaining that the ten bucks you give her for groceries doesn't buy very much? Brother, •he's so right! Prices on many foods are almost twice as high now >s wb«n OPA price controls were ordered on April 12, 1941. Newscharl above, showing average comparative prices o[ sever, basic items in the housewife's market basket, Is based on n 19-city turvey. Coltee has taken the biggest leap, but is followed closely by pork chops and round steak. Artful Choice of Food Makes Cooking Easier Colored Oleo To Save Time For Housewives American hom«makers will SAV« l-wo billion minutes a year because federal ]»ws now permit margarine to be colored yellow In the psckaqe. the National cotton Council said recently. The repeal of federal restrictions against, colored margarine, effective July 1, will save women the time that it. hnj taken In the past to mix yellow cclolng Into the white table- spread. Altliough (he federal government has removed nil taxes »nd barriers on the vegetable oil product, the Cotton Council pointed out that 40 per cent of the U. S. population still cannot buy yellow margarine. Fifteen states ban the manufacture and sale of margarine In either Its colored or uncolored form. The cotton organization urged consumers In thc« states to demand thai their legislators follow the federal example and repeal legislation prohibiting the tree sale of margarine. States retaining margarine restrictions include Vermont, Connecticut. New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan. Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Iowa. South Dakota, Montana. Wyoming, Wellington, and Orcson. A 20 cent per pound tax in N'orlh Dakota virtually bans th« product in that state. By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Use ready-to-eat foods that come In jars or cans or packages artlully it you \vant to save time and energy In getting summer meals and yet have good eating. Here are some t&gestions: \*>on't serve the entire meal out of jars and cans and packages if you can help it. Let a few of these foods help out and add something home-prepared. TTse Different Touch Present your ready-to-eat food with a different touch. For Instance ready-prepared Borscht (beet soup to you) can b« chilled and poured firm Rhubarb Adds Pleasure To Your Diet Outdoor rhubarb from local truck gardens or your own adds nutrition and pleasure to your budget menus. Judging quality Is a fairly simple matter. The better grades are fresh, flrm, crisp and tender. The young stalfca, which are easily dls- 1 tingulshect because their tender leaves *rc not fully grown, are the . 4tft delicious, the juiciest and! mosl The stems offer a definite contribution to the diet as they supply vitamin* B and C as well some of the important food minerals. The leaves, on the other hand must not be eaten as they contain » considerable amount of ox alic acid, which Is toxic when taken in large enough quantities. To preserve the attractive color of rhubarb, do not peel the stems —Just wash and cut them in pieces about half an inch or an inch long and cook them "as Is. "The skin will not only provide color bul will also hold the pieces in shape out In a minute; but with It serve a lazy-susan or some other attractive platter of accompaniments — sliced cucumber (with tlie peel left on and scored before slicing thin), boiled new potatoes sprinkled with parsley, sliced and whole scallions, sliced hard-cnoked eggs, and a bowl of sour cream* Or instead of always serving the Borscht straight from the Jar add two cups of tomato juice to it and a ablespoon of cooking sherry, then illl overnight to mingle flavors. erve next day with a dollop of sour ream and a sprinkling of diced risp cucumber on top. Canned Beans Bettered Canned baked beans are a widcly- scd food that taste belter when ou've added a home touch. One lan I know likes to season the olasses variety with Worccster- nire sauce, curry powder, onion salt nd then adds diced fresh tomatoes s they heat. For a tasty baked bean asserole. empty canned Boston aked beans Into individual cas- eroles. and add two tablespoons of lolasses to each dish, stirring it in. (ring cubes of cooked ham or uncheon meat, tiny cooked white nions (they come ready-prepared n lars), and small wedges of apple n skewers or steel knitting needles; ieat in a moderate oven until the beans are bubbly and hot. Serve with a vegetable salad, milk and muffins. Cooking Time Pins Flavor on Icings Do you have trouble making boiled icings that are creamy, yet flrm enough to stand up proudly? Thi njjkl common cause of icing fail UMU is not cooking them to the rlgh temperatures. If su!«r mixtures are not cookei long enough, the Icing is not stif enough to stay on the cake. I cooked too long, the Icing la dry am crumbly. The next time you make a cake try thla nclpt for fluffy chocolati Icing. F'offy Chocolate Icing l',4 cup» sugar H cup strong coffee 2 egg whites K teaspoon salt 3 squares chocolate, melted am cooled. Mix sugar and coffee In saucepan Meat, stirring only until the suga Is dissolved. Cook without stirrin to 250 degrees F. Pour hoc syrup ovc egg whites which have been beatei with talt until stiff. Beat constant!, and add the syrup gradually. Bea until Icing Is stiff enough to torn peaks. Then fold in cooled choco late and mix just enough to blcn MOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE WOT WATER QUICK* MW pocimin wim coin mi nun »u» Of' Baiir to Htt l&f \-i LfH than S Afinufw Ttai;imb > FAST-WAY W.. !e fonUiniB. «alcr PI'|« l HOT WATER QUICI lhin « (o Frying fat Can Be Used Again with Proper Care Frying jat can be used over and over if care Is taken In heating and storing it. Overheating is the most common cause of fat spoilage. Once fat has become heated to the amok ing point it is no longer suitabV for trying. It develops an unpleasant flavor which is transferred to the food cooked In It. After fat has been used for fry- Ing, allow It to cool slightly. Then strain it throuyh a fine strainer or a piece of cloth into a clean can. Cover tightly and store In the refrigerator. It can be used again and again until it becomes dark In color. Grand Glaze- Here's an appealing combination for glazing a smoked picnic or a handsome ham. Combine '.i cup flour, '/i cup brown sugar and Just enough vinegar to make a paste. Spread this mixture over the picnic or ham. then stick \vlti) cloves and return to the oven for glazing. Real Bargains Several used Bicycles at prlcti from 15 to J25. They won't lait lonj at these prleea. The B. F. Goodrich Store •U7 W. Main Phone 6331 your tire headquarters plump and tender FRANKFURTERS IS THE SECRET OF A ZSL&s&Z^^j 1 j Enjoy this Spanish style recipe for (TI.Ni « ..,.(,,,.) a Worcettcnhira) „.„... f ^ imwa *-*$™**- \, ew r«rr>- -•<> nmninc up •*,{ fa*, ,^ 9 { n \. ji rt tiornuw DOlophnvjrr.tclbitli Kan^yl TMK- n-n'lvr! Read dircrUom Mw« utinr (otli,w S'ow cwl* 1»« than 32 30 r«r «r" bJL ° HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 2L3 W. Main St. aM iM^tnc- Hardware Stam Vs cup chopped onion 3 tablespoons Vegaco Marfj 2 tablespoon chopped jitct peppvr 3 tablespoom flour t lOVi-ouoee can oondcrwed tomato «oup rf (.ujra lUtTKCa I1CC NOtE, V$ teaspoon celery jalt Vfc teaspoon bisfl Vi WajfxxMi ptppef 3 cups cooked rice ST. IOUIS INOEPtNDENT PACKING CO. St. LovU, M». •LYTHBVTLLB, (ARK.) COUKIER NT5WS PAGE SEVENTEEW INEW...DIFFERENT AMAZI You'll enjoy a thrilling adventure in food buying when you shop at LIBERTY CASH because we've augmented this list o/ best buys with scores of unadvertised SURPRISE SAVINGS—super low prices in every department to turn your shopping into a richly-rewarding treasure hunt! Yes —we're full of pleasant surprises for you ... and the most pleasant of all is the discovery of how much less it costs to fill your entire food order here where every price is a low price. Maxwell House COFFEE - lb.81c Hunt's PEACHES-No. 2 can, 5 lor $1 Golden Gold Orange Juice-46oz.can31 1 PORK ROAST - - Ib. 55? Sunrise Budget Queen SLICED BACON - - Ib. CHECK THESE BIG VALUES IVORY SOAP IVORY SOAP 2 for MEDIUM 17C PERSONAL S"t«<s«i IVORY Brisket STEW MEAT - - - Ib. 39* Pure Pork SAUSAGE - - 3k $1.00 Tenderized MINUTE STEAK - - Ib. WOKY IVORY FLAKES 27* JVORY SNOW Fresh Fat HENS Ib. 39c Fresh PORK LIVER - - - Ib. 39< QUALITY PRODUCE Sunkist LEMONS --doz19c CAMAY CAMAY BATH SIZE LAVA SOAP 10* Michigan CELERY-2 for 15c 288 Size Oranges - - doz. 23c Green CABBAGE - - ib 4k DUZ 27 « No. 303 Can CORN - - - 2 for 29c Standard Cut Green Beans 2 for 23c Palm Valley, 46 oz. can Tomato Juice - 21c Maine SARDINES-2 lor 15c Salad Queen Sal. Dressing - qt. 35c Gold Dollar YIKEGAR - - gai. 29c Lftueur PEAS - - 303can27c Assorted Flavors JELLO - - 3 pkgs. 23c Pet Evaporated MILK - 3 tall cans 37c Standard No. 1 Tomatoes - 3 for 25c { ~r at \ Span] 4 •BV ^v-^™*—~ J A LfmWr • 25c 34c SPECIAL! One can of frozen Min- ufe Maid Grapefruit Juice for only le with the purchase of 2 Cans Orange Juice — All For LOW PRICES EVERY DAY AIR CONDITIONED

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