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The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 52

The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 52

The Buffalo Timesi
Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:

CD THE BUFFALO GUNDAY TUIDS, AUGUST 16, 1523. by th Ber. W. McGsrrey. Shepard snd Mrs. WUllam Harry Blue of Niagara Falls and the flower girls will be Marina Harrln and Joanna Whitehead of Buffalo. announce the engagement of their daughter, Loretta 31., to James J. Hatch, the wedding to take place Wednesdsy, September 15th. at 9 o'clock at St. Msry of Sorrows Church. i ty i if I George Whitehead will be his brother's best man snd th ushers will be the Messrs. Tallls Williams, Zt. Dudley Bag-ley, Bowlsnd J. Martin snd Albert Johnston, all of Buffalo. WUfSIOW-CONDIT. A wedding of Interest to Buffalo friends will be solemnised on Saturday, August 29th, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Gloucester, when aaias Eleanor Condit, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sear Condit of On-a-Leuge. Bass Bocks, will be married to Andrew Mckeraon Wlnalow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wlnslow of Newton Center and Great Island, Hyannla. Masa. Mr. Window's mother wss formerly Mlas Gertruds Lav-erack, daughter of the- lata Mr. and Mra. Users E. Larsrack of this city. Miss Belle Lsrersck is sn aunt of tbe bride- groom-to-M, who attended Harvard. KtEIN-BBOMLET. Th marriage of Miss Catherine Lonlse Bromley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hsnry Bromley of Lackawanna, N. to Mr. George Hsrold Klein of Buffalo, was aolemnised Tuesday. Anguat 11th, at 11 A. by the Ker. J. S. Fleming, pastor of South Park M. E. Church. The bride wort gown of as tin canton, trimmed with chantllly lace and earrled a shower bouquet of bride's roses snd lilies th The bride wss attended by her slater, Mrs. Jennie Lamkln, as matron of She was gowned In cream lace over apricot 'satin aad earrled an arm bouquet of Ophelia roses tied with sprlcot ribbon. Mr. Arthur Klein sttended the groom. Mrs. Henry Bromley, mother of the bride, wore black chantllly lac orer orchid with corsage of sweet After th ceremony, dinner was served at the Hotel sutler for th bridal party. Mr. arnd Mrs. Klein here gone on an automobile trip to Baltimore, Atlantic Cltj and re turning oy way or watkins uien ana Elmlra. and will at horn after October 1st st No. 945 West Avenue, Ls Salle, N. X. PIKE-FARMER. Miss Hsrret E. Farmer and Leo J. Plk were united in marriage at St Joseph's old cathedral on Tuesday morning. Th bride, wore a gown of whit crepe de chin In tailored style and carried bride roses. Mrs. Chsrles Riley was the bride's attendant, wearing a yellow crepe de chin, gown and carrying sweetheart rose Edwsrd Farmer was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Pike bar left for a trip up the lakes Snd will be at home at No. 1495 Hsrtel Arenue after September 1st. WILSON-DANIELS. Mr. and Mrs. Elton L. Daniels announce th msrriag of tbels daughter, Margaret Elisabeth, to Mr. J. Norman Wilson on Saturday, August 8th. At home after September 15th at No. 841 Lisbon Street. HATCH-GALXJgDORFER. snd Mrs. John' Gallladorfer, Mr. Photo by Majestic Studios MRS. ROBERT MAYTHAM AND DAUGHTER ASET-CTJXNrx GHAM. Mrs. Msry Cunningham announces the marriage oi ner aaagnter. Margaret Irene, to James J. Casey, Thursday morning, July 80th, at St. Brigid's Bergen, jr. X. i i n'. MOEST-CBRISTOFBXRBON. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Christoohersoa' of Lilac Street announce the marriage of their daughter, Daisy Belle, to Mr. Edgar Bexser Mosst, Wednesday August 12th, RETTIG-MINNICH. Mr. aad Mrs. Conrad Mlnnlcb announce th engagement of their daughter, Florence Margaret, to Carl H. Bettlg, the wed ding to take place In September. XATZEL-LEHNER. Mrs. -Margaret Lebner announces the engagement of her daughter. Elaye to Clemens G. Bstsel, the wedding to tske plsce on September 9th. WKNGER-BUSCH. Mr. snd Mrs. Philip J. Busch of Mulberry Street announce the engagement of their daughter, Edna Louise, to Norman William Wenger, the wedding to take place in September. RYAN-MURPHY. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Murphy of Dewltt 8treet announce th engagement of their daughter, Eileen Veronica, to John Keougn Byan. th marriage to take plac early in September. SEELBINDER-CVRLEY. Mr. and Mrs, William enrley announce the engsgement of tbelr daughter. Eva Marguerite to Frank William tScelblnder of Albany, N. Y. Th marriage will take place early in September. Mrs. Margsret Leaner snnouncea the engsgement of her daughter, Elsye to Clemens G. Ratsel, the wedding to take place September 9tb. KRANKEL-MONEYPENNY. Mr. snd Mrs. John H. Moneypenny Of No. 234 Normol Arena announce the en gagement of -their daughter. Alms to George H. Krankel, wedding to take place In September. HARTNETT-BTJBCHER. The marriage of Mlas Marcella Buscber to Timothy J. Hartnett waa solemnised st 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, August 11th. at St. James' Church, Ber. Joseph Hoernschernmeyer Th bride wore a bouffant gown of Ivory sstin and duchess lace trimmed in orange blossoms snd pearls. Her tulle reil was fastened with a wreath of I orange blossoms. She carried a shower Mn. Maytham of Pittsburgh is pictured with her daughter, Priscilla Joan. They have been spending a short time with Mr. and Mrs. George Smith of Colvin Avenue. if Jf-y s- were soloists. Reception followed st the home of the bride ia Poultney Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Hartnett are motoring through th eastern states. FINLEY-OARDIXER. Mlas Mildred Farwell Gardiner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thsd W. Gardiner, wsi married to James Hutchinson Fin-ley Tuesdsy afternoon at the home of ber parents in Huntington Arenue. The ceremony, which wss performed by the Ber. C. Lansing Seymour, wss witnessed by members of the family and few In-timate friends, and was followed by a wedding supper. The bride's only at-rendtfnt waa her maid of honor. Miss Margery K. Kraus, snd Burt J. Finley was his brother's best man. On their return from an Eastern motor trip, Mr. and Mra. Finley will occupy their new home in Blantyre Boad. THEN BERTH-PERRY. The marriage of Miss Evelyn Perry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Perry, to Mr. Leonard Trenberth waa solemnised on Ssturdsy evening. August 8th, st 8:30 o'clock. The ceremony wss performed Photo by Majestic MADAM ABTSUR WISEMAN Madam Wiseman of Harrisbtirg. has been the gnest of Mlas Thelma Perry, sister of th bride, wss maid of honor. OdeU Tagrart was best A dinher was given at the horn of ths bride's parents for ths lm media ts families. Mr. snd Mrs. Trenberth left for a trip) to Scranton. Pa. They will at horn after August 2uth st No. 15 Alexander Plaee. COLTEB-CH1TTENDEN. Mrs. Annie Chittenden of Rugby Boad announces ths engsgement of her dsngh- ter. Edtth, to Alan L. Colter Ksamors. formerly of St. Thomas. Ont. STJT HERLA D-MeCONKEIX. Mrs. Alice McConn'ell of East Del a van' Avenue announces tbe engagement of ber daughter, Pauline Virginia, to John A-Sutherlind. formerly of Nora Scotia, th wedding to take plaee ia the fall. TRCBEE-HARLAN. Mr. sad Mrs. John Maynsrd Harlan of Chicago, announce the marriage of their daughter. Janet Flagg to Mr. John H. thi month. VETTER-KEAN. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Voiainet announce the marriage of their sister, Helen Irene Kean. to Herbert Philip Tetter yesterday morning in Saint Vincent's Church. At home sfter October 1st st No. 32o Msln Street. NADOLNY-BTJNDY. Mr. snd Mrs. Fred C. Bundy of Lor-ing Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter. Roslna. to John R. Na-dolny of Indianapolis, the marriage to be aolomnlsed this month. DONOVAN-SCHILLING. i Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Schilling anno a nee the engagement of their daughter. Anna Angela, to Thomas M. Donovan, the wedding to tske plaes on August 29th. KENDALL-HEATH. Mr. snd Mrs. John H. Mesth of West Delavan Avenue announce tbe engagement of their daughter. Vera to Mr. Walter A. Kendall. The wedding will take plsc esrly in October. SCTHERLAND-McCONNEXX. Mrs. Alice McConnell of East Delavan Arenue announces the engagement of her daughter, Pauline Virginia, to Mr. John A. Sutherland, formerly of Nova Scotia. Marriage ia to take place In the fall. LUNDQtriS T-DOWD. The marriage of Miss Kathleen Dowd, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. Henry Dowd. to Almon G. Lundqnist will take plac Wednesday. October 7th. GOETZ-GERARD. Mrs. M. Gerard announces the engagement of her daughter Virgins to John W. Goets, the wedding to tsk place the early part of September. Mohair AO AA And $198.00 Suites. $29.75 -2JL? PRICE 'J 1 MWM mix By a fortuitate move we have secured additional time in order to sell the stock of STRAUS STORES, consisting of high-grade Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Fibre Suites, Ehirniture, etc. This stock is being sold at 50 cents on the dollar. Come in figure your own discount. You are now enabled to furnish your home with good, well-made furniture at the same price that inferior furniture would cost DO NOT WAIT AND BE DISAPPOINTEDCOME TOMORROW. Va PRICE cie SOCIAL ACTIVITIES rvrvmn social activities Miss a Duetts Wwton 1 entertaining at a hoas party thla wsek-snd at her mm-vsner hem at Nlag-ara-on-th Lsks, Miss Mario aHlmmelsbaca will among the gseete. Mrs. Id war 4 J. Frank of Hushes arena bu lwud Invitations for next Wednesday evening In ton or of Miss Mildred TWbaar, sroos marriage of Dr. Daniel T. JUhlll take plac oa gcptem-w 234. Mr. and Mr. Dexter P. Rumsey will entertala a bona party of rnests this week-end at their lskeskor some near Idlewood. Mr. and Mr. Albert BOnsey will present their denghter, Lucille, at a dinner, Tuesday, December 22d. before tn danea whlcta Mr. and Mrs. Caleb J. Com ta worth will glT for their daosiiter. Wlnnefred Cox. Tfc mb of MlM Oartrad Hlnksey, daahter of Jastie and Mr. Alonso HInkley. hat baea added to the Ut of this year' a debutantes. Mr. and Mrs. Hana will giro a buffet supper Saturday Angnrt T2.A, In honor of Miss Isabella Peterson and Ererett Maxwell, Jr. Mrs. Herbert Xeuthel will entertain at luncheon, Ang-nat 22d, la honor of Mica Katherino Pratt, whose wedding to Elmer Bchaefer takes plac that day. Mr. Catherine Nebber Harris Is entertaining this week'at her summer home, Lowbank. for. Miss Kataerina Harris. Among th guests are the Misses Mldra Staples, Bath CIsgu, EJenora Klrtland, aad Joseph Ales, Harria Hempstead and F. X. Brink-worth. Mrs. IMwara B. Guthri win bridge Inneheea next Monday at her horns la West Ferry Street for Mrs. William G. Prestos of New Tork, the guest of the Misses Frost. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Knox are entertaining Heads st a bona party at their horns st East Aurora for orer the week end. Miss DorW Spltsmlllsr wtn smtsrtaln at a brldgs party next Wednesday after aooa at her home st Wsnakah In honor of her ga eat. Mis Barbara Whitehead of Bostoa. Mis ZaabsQ Kahle wiH entertala at a brldg party Toesday erenlmg at her bom fa Irving Flees. OCXAX AOTTTITIKS FOB TFIJS PAST WEEK. Mlas Mildred Tosmer entertained at a brldgs loncheon at her home at Tll-Mngbaat Place Friday In honor of Miss Frances Grbaon, the gnest of Miss Harriet Wolcott Mis Wolcott entertained in her honor at a bridge luncheon Toesday. Miss Iiella Hora entertained for Mlsa Beatrice Bosar oa Wednesdsy evening, Aogsat 12tb, who wedding takes plac la September. Mrs. William Saadford and Mrs. William Onnnell were gnests of honor at a bridge lnneheon Wednesdsy st th Buffalo Yacht Clnb. Is honor mt Mr. Therm aa Tsrhove who Iostss for California, Aognst 29th to spend th winter, a number of her friends gar lnnehso snd brldgs at th launch club, Wednesdsy. Mrs. Frederick Timing gars a luncheon and bridge party at her home at Wanskah on Saturday. Mrs. Oaoraw B. Buck entertained at luncheon Wednesday In honor of Mr. Laurence Y. Fraaler. Mrs. Katlierln Nebber Harris snUr-talned tn la week at her summer home st Lowbank, In honor of Miss Ksthrins Harris, whos engagement to H. Clerk of Scranton, was recently snnonneed-Among tbe tmasts wsrs th Misses Mldra grades. Bnth Clarue. Elswora Klrtland and Messrs. Joseph A. Ales, Harris Hempstead and F. J. Ia honor of Mrs. Colin Craig Costs. Mrs. George 8. Hobbl gar a delightful tea Wednesdsy at ber summer borne. Twin Oaks, Lewiaton. Aa slating were Mir. "Frsnk Baird, Mrs. Edward Lheron Bsscher, Miss Josephine Hewlett, Miss Dorothy Ann Mseksy, and Mrs. Law-re nee Spaxfeld. Mrs. Alfrsd W. Thorn entertained st a luncheon last Tuesday at th Country Clnb in honor of Mrs. Thomas Weymouth who hss com to make her home la Buffalo, and Miss Stella Beynolda of Chicago and Mrs. Wharton, who ls th gnest of Mrs. Myron Forbes. In hsaor of Mrs. Laurencs T. Frasler of Waahlngton. D. Mrs. George S. Back entsrtainod luncheon guests Wednesday. an4 1 th erenlng Mr. and Mrs. William E. BVbsrbsoa entertained at bridge fox Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Frssler. Miss Mary A. Blagood sf Potomac Atsous had four tables of bridge on thhiIit sTSBina? for her am set. Miss Asnls A. Moran of Albany. Mrs. Joseph. Wstts Blsln Arenn entertained last erealng at bridge for Miss Moran. Mrs. William B. Otto gay a plenle Wednesdsy, at Bay Beach, where ls spending a short Urn th W. Grant King horn la their absence. Miss Marl Irr has Issued lnTitatlons for a oouaoir snower in mr Tiit. for Saturday. Auguat 16th at her summer hems. Wnaksh irtvrt isiwTnc Klnsey atr- mt a Inneheoa Friday at th Wsnakah Club. Miss Kitty Dolaa entertained Wednes- dsy erenlng in eonor iw wurauw Csnty. i Wednesday rnlng Mrs. ClUford M. Klrtland of MowticeUo Plsc gar an apron shower for Mi Terhsar. Mrs. Lanrenc V. Frssier entertained mnT at th TJnlTorsity Club on Friday. Mrs. Sidney W. Prince gar a luncheon In honor of Miss Katherin Pratt Tues day. A IB. 3. Barealo -entertained at luncheon Tuesday st her home in Idle- wood on th lak snore. Mr. 'Wlllism H. Mans per ger gave hrirlre tea yesterday sfternooa at h.r cltr home. No. 63 Jewett Psrkwey. la bonw of her niece, Mlas Virginia Ell abeta Frank of New Tork. mv John A. Lsns gas a bath- rr. and bridge on Friday for fi Isa bell Peterson. On Saturday. r. and Mrs." Joseph A. Archbald. gar a buffet lunchecn and rwlm Trtr at Lorraine, for Miss Peter and KTerett Maxwell, snd today xt mnA Mrs. Edmund Felt will en tertain at a small supper at Point Ablno in their honor. Mrs. Harold Blckford entertained at luncheon Tuesday at the Country Clnb I hAnnP fit her mother, Mrs. John I. Davidson of Toronto. Mrs. Osctr L. Harries gSTS a smaU luncheon st ths Twentieth Century Club Tuesday In honor of her goets. Mme. xrile. nnrerffe of Psris. Thursday wrrle entertained fninl at tea snd in the erenlng. 1. Mrr Prentiss gate a dinner party Gradaatea' Oub. nif4 ham entertained St bouquet of bride's roses, sweet pess snd Sweetheart roses. The maid of honor. Miss Msry K. Hartnett, wore a bouffant gown in apricot flowered taffeta with lace trimming and maliae halo to match. Sheearrled a sheaf of garden flowers. The bridesmaids. Miss Etts Eileen Cressell, In orchid, snd Miss Irene M. Keating in nil green, wore bouffant gowns of flowered taffeta aad lace with maline hales to match. They also carried sheafs of garden flowers. The flower girl. Miss Ber nice Holl-felder, wore white georgette frock with wreath of sweetheart roaea snd carried a basket of Columbia roses, snd Gene Buscher, rlngbearer, wore a sstin Lord Fsuntleroy, carrying the ring on a silver plaque. The groom wss attended by his brother. John J. Hartnett, and the ushers were Cyril Schwach, John Stack, Norman Setzer and Eugene Schwach. The bride's mother wore a gown of purple crepe with corsage of lavender sweet peas, and the groom's mother wore a gown of black headed crepe with corsage of sweetheart roses. Miss Marie Conrad and Jack Stack rjN SUNDAY, AU-r GUST 16, at 324 V. HAZELTINE AVE, KENMORE, we will have a display of furniture that is attractive, still within the reach of all home owners and newlyweds. This display consists of "enclosed porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, nursery and bedroom. Call and see how beautiful your home can be made with but little cost at GOELLNER'S Inc. '77ic? Square Deal Store" Velvet Rug, wen iffil Deep pile for your 11 ring BEDROOM SUITES Studios for several weeks. DATJTCH-EHREXRXICH. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ehrenreleh an nounce th approaching marriage of their daughter, Mildred to Israel W. ts 1 1. Daatch, on October 1st. GRAHAM-WTIX80N. I- Mr. snd Mrs. Willlsm F. Willaon of Fort Erie, announce the engage ment of their daughter, Marlon Gertrude, to Chsrles Knlpe Graham of Bridgeburg, Ont ALEXAKDBB-BAM8DXIX, Mr. snd Mrs. B. Gv- Eamsdell announce the engagement of thels daughter, J. Josephine Hall, to Balph A. Alexander of Boston, th wedding to take place in. September. GRIFFIN-HARRIS Mr. snd Mrs. Rhys T. Harris of Cree cent Avenue announce the engagement of their daughter, Sarah Winifred, to Albert H. Griffin of East Aurora, the wedding to take place In; October. LL WEXSBECKEft-BTEBEX. John Blebei snnouncea the engage ment of his daughter. Lucy O. to Charles L. Weisbecker. the wedding to take place on September 6th. FJND LAY-RICHARDSON. The marriage' of Miss Flora Emma Richardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fenner J. Richardson, to Lyle Abrams Findlay was solemnised St 2 o'clock on Saturday, August 8th, In the Central Presbyterian Church by the Rer. Dr. Robert J. MacAlpine. The bride wore periwinkle blue- crepe Elizabeth gown trimmed with blpade a blue hat with touches of gold, and carried a bouquet of butterfly roses and larkspur tied with bine satin ribbon. Her attendant, Mrs, WaKtr Herbert jBlue, wore blonds crepe satin with relvet hat and earrled Columbia roses and snap-dragon tied with pink sstin ribbon. Richard Caudell attended the bridegroom. A dinner was served at th bride's horn In East! Oakwood Plsc after the ceremony, covers laid for twelve at the bride's table, which, was decorated with a large whits bell and snapdragon. The house decorstions were snapdragon, gladioli and roses. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Blue and Charles Blue of Kankakee, I1L, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Richsrdson, Mrs. Frank Wiseman and Rollln Wiseman of Niagara Falls, and Mrs. Theresa Winters and Mlas Bertha Eastrich of North Tonawanda. Mr. and Mrs. Findlay will be at home after September 1st at KoV 53 Minnesota Arenue, WEIXH-SPOONJJEY. The marriage of Mlsa Bobertha Jan Spoonley, daughter of Mrs. Margaret J. Spoonley of Lafayette I Avenue, to Mr. Franklin Welch, was solemnised Tuesday afternoon, August 11th, la Grace Episcopal Church; by the Rev. John N. Bor-ton, and Kt Ber. John Ward, Bishop Ipf Erie, and Bar. Charles H. Smith. Tbe onae, wno was giren utf marring oy ner brother; Herbert T. Spoonley, wss gowned in ecru fUejt and chiffon r.o be orer peach color crepe, with picture hat of blonds relvet, and earrled bouquet of bride's roses and baby wreath. Th bridesmaid, Miss Margaret Spoonley, aiater of the bride. wss gowned in sunburst color beaded crepe, with picture hat to match, and earrled a bouquet of Ophelia rose. The groom was attended by Mr. Mere Clark, and th nshers were Mr. Cecil A. White, and Mr, John Fj. Palmer. Miss Helen Oelhelm sang "I Lov Ton Truly" and "At and Miss Edna'L. Sprlngborn played the wedding march. A reception 'at the home of the bride followed immediately alter th ceremony. Covers for twelve were laid at th bride's table whicn was- centered with a basket of pink roses. Th house decorations were pink and whit gladioli and garden flowers. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Sbsw of Blaw'noz, and Mrs. May Sprankling of Hamilton, Ont-, were among the guests. After September 1st Mr. snd Mrs. Welch will be at home at No, 293 West.Hasel-tine Arenue, Ken more, N. Y. -t- KTJEFFEB-KTJRTZ. Mr. and Mrs, John H. Kurts announce the engagement of their daughter, Florence Loaise to Mr. Roman G. Kief fer, wedding to take place this month. v. ostendorf-Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Alford it. Graham of Watertown. announce th engagement of their daughter, Mary, to Mr. George Clemens Ostendprf of Buffalo. WHITEHEAD iD-CORNELL. The marriage of Mlas Arllne Cornell, daughter of Mrs. Harrf B. Cornell of Lewistoa, to Walker whitehead, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vsn- Loan Whitehead of Buffalo, will take place Saturday, September 5th. at the First Presbyterian Church at Xcwlston, Mrs. Boawell Sbepatd of East Orange will be Mlsg Cornell's matron of honor and the bridesmaids will be MlgvHelen Beantiful four, five, trfx and LIVING ROOM SUITES IuuriocLS lArinx Boom Snite ta Jaoquavrd Vokrur, Tawpeetrtea and Mohair. All made by beet manufacturers. Walnut and and deeorattea rrnwavrn. rery one a bargain. Price $79.50 Jacquard Veloor. $98.00 And Up Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wiseman supper Tuesday srenlng for her dangii-tor, Eleanor, In honor of her gnest. Mis Mary Mrs. Paul Camp ga to a supper party Sunday erenlng for Dr: and Mrs. Oscar I Harries'; guests, M. snd Mme. Durergey snd Mile. Dnrergey of Paris, France. Mrs. Clifford Hubbell gars a luncheon at tbe Wanakaa Club Friday. Mr. Harold B. Werts gars a small dinner Friday erenlng at her home in Minnesota Avsnu for Miss Virginia E. Franks of New Tork, and next Tueaday. Mra. Werts will giro a brldgs party for her. Mrs. Jams Thtosnt WaWh gav luncheon and bridge yesterday afternoon In honor of Miss Catherine Canty. Mrs. M. Klrtland of Monticeilo Place entertained at an apron shower Thursday erenlng for Miss Mildred Tefhaar. Mrs. Wlllism E. Robert aon entertained at bridge Thursday afternoon in honor of her aiater, Mrs. Laurence V. Frasler of Washington. Mis Beasts Johnson of Arnold Street entertalnsd at a kitchen shower on Wednesday evening ia honor of her sister, Kutb, whose msrriag will take place September 1st. Mrs. Ass Sheerer snd Miss Margaret Mandel are entertaining at a rarlety shower Friday erenlng in honor of Mlas Margaret Belli y. Covers were laid for 13 at a table decorated In lavender and whit. Mrs. Eugene Mlnnay gar a Inneheoa on Wednesdsy for Mrs. Warren Thorpe of Rochester, th guest of Mrs. Julius G. Irr. The table was centered with mound of pink and whit asters and baby' breath. Mr. A H. BId oon of Arnold Place en tertained at a theater party la honor of Mrs. Warren Thorpe of Boobester Thurs day. i John A. Lauts entertained at bridge Friday, la honor of Mlsa Isa belle Peterson. i Mrs. Henry T. Bus sell snd Mrs. George B. Nye entertained at a picnic Friday ere nlng In. honor of Mme. and Mar guerite Dursrgney. In honor of Miss Msry Beringer, who Is ths guest of Miss Eleanor Bharp, Mrs. Edward A. Sharp entertained at a buffet supper on Tueaday erenlng, and on Wednesdsy Mrs. George Bodgers gar a luncheon at th Park Clnb. Miss Kutn Powers gar a small dinner at her home In' Armor In her honor, and Friday Miss Dorothy Rogers entertained at luncheon for ber and Mr. Bodgers gar aopper. saBsasBBsassaSBssHsn Miss Mildred Vosmer entertained at a luncheon Friday at her home la Tllllnghast Mrs. Hsrold B. Werts gave a small dinner at her bom la Minnesota Arenue Thursday evening. Engagements and Weddings DAVIS-BLOSSOM. Th msrriag of Miss Ssrs E. Blossom. cousin of Mr. snd Mrs. C. -H. Ersns of No. 75 Villa Arenue, to Mr. Judson G. Da via was solemnized on Saturday st o'clock, the Ber. Bruce Wright of Asbury-Delswsre Church Officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Davis wUl st horn after Sep tern ber 1st at Bemsen, N. Z. 4 LEICHTNER-BTJEHBLE. Mr. and Mrs. Charles' H. Buehrl of Hickory Street announce the engagement of their daughter. Ruth to Mr. Charles H. Lelchtner, wedding to take place In July. STRCBIKO-HATES. Miss Florence Hsyes announces the msrrlftge of her sister. Miss Louisa Hayes, to John Strnblng. formerly of Chicsgo, now of Th ceremony waa solemnized in- ths presence of a few relatives only on Wednesday, at the Methodist Episcopal Church of Erie. Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Strnblng are at the west- brook for a short time, planning to mo tor to California for the winter, early in September. BIRD-ANDERSON. Vim. Elsie Bird of Sallnss. formerly of Buffalo, announces the engagement of her son John' Herman Bird, to Miss Doris Anderson of Salinas. IHAMPANORE-TOLK. Mr. snd Mrs. Edward Yolk of Dels-wars Avenue announce ths engagement of their daughter, Xeola La Vera, to W. Harrison Sbampanore of Little Silver. N. the wedding to take place In DINING ROOM SUITES Suites of the) latest periods, made by only tbe beat of and are worth move than regular prices, yet go for price. A M-ptoOB silver set free with ercsVy dining room suite. BREAKFAST SETS Breakfast Sets the latest color denorattons, well made, four chairs and drop-leaf table. The supply is HmiH, so do not hesitate. eigfat-pleoe Bedroom Suites in And up Long service made. 9x12 Size Terms Price $139.75 LONG SERVICE SPRINGS ALL COTTON MATTRESS Vz Price Be prepared for new Spring now. Bugs room. Rt, Terms All Sizes Store Asminsteg Now Is the time to replace your old mattress for a new one. 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