The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1950
Page 8
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BTOMPAT, APOTtT 14, lM» Cookies Are Welcome Gifts for Undergrads "—"--- *-.v, >->_«. _ _. •/ PAGE FIFTEEN tht« on. roi*Uwffl to to - , • •""• « UAUvulcr 15 "« tt th« coU*t*.iiorm and you J»« met th* roommate's parent*. ™ may *»rt thinking of that 'scant pla« »t tht dining ^^ Don't throw away those recipes. *our good cooking Is about to be "»«enii»d, not taken for tranted. >^ CaOsf. Cake ^rnitory life goes Into full » bor from home will be as ft it " '" " A " m ehemlslry. "*r (he last cheers of M Oh, boy, * Md«y" have moulded, you'll ""*» iroup headed for the nearest - outlet—or the room with the '• grocery rating. Cookies, chocolate nut squares. »°me made breads and rolls are lavorilt, for the box from home, you're cooking for Sue or y«K*. remember that you'll gel more Itnan i jingle cheer when the gang • aiscorers you. And you'll have an Itailer Job If you can count on your !«"?' »nd refrigerator for even a performing and constant conven- »nce. H»frl»erator cookies are popular wy time On busy days, you whip |"P the mixture, mold it into rolls |*rap In moisture-vanor-proof mn- |>rlal and place In the regular or Imolst-cold comnartment of a t»'o- llemperiture refrigerator. Or, If yo laon't t t around to baking for sev- |"il wteks, place the wrapped rol n the freeziiiR compsrtment where the sub-zero temperature will keep |«i« dough aa fresh u the day It Inj mixed. Thl» aame method of preservation food for butterecotch, date, or plnwheel cooldes which may be .ked any time following proper storage. , When you're ready to ship the roll from from home, take the cookie the freezing compartment, slice, and bake on cookie EheeU. Refricerator Cookies ?i eup butter, or other fat 1 c>jp brown or white sugar 1 egg 2 cups sifted flour '/i teaspoon soda !5 teaspoon cream of tartar I teaspoon vanilla Cream butter and sugar, add egg und beat well. Add sifted dry Ingredients. ',i cup chopped nuts or dates may be added for variation. Mold into rolls, wrap In waxed paper and place in refrigerator until ready for use. Slice and bake on cookie sheets. 8 to 10 minutes at 400 to 425 degrees F. Butterscotch Cookies 1!4 cups shortening 3 cups brown sugar 1 cups sifted flour a teaspoons baking powder '« teaspoon salt 2 eggs Cream shortening, add sugar and well-beaten eggs. Sift together flour, salt, baking powder, and then add to the first mixture. Shape ill rolls, wrap (n waxed paper and store in the refrigerator overnight, or fur several hours. Slice very thin and bake at 350 degree minutes. P. for 15-20 \family Gets Excited on Days \That Mom Fills the Cookie Jar It's » great day when Mom fills. Ithe cookie Jar* with freshly made; "cookies or spring.? a pretty pie on • !he fimlly at dinnertime. Many fsomemakera make a hobby of serving "surprise treats'! tt few days a week. Enthusiasm run* high for such r»vorit« delicacies as golden brown waffles studded with crun- ehy pecans or perhaps a lemon chiffon pie to finish off dinner on a mmer night. If you're interested In doing a little out-of-the-ordlnary ndpe creating, jotill find these treats easier to make when you use as the shortening. With lard's superior shortening power you're assured tender, delicious baking results.' What's more, lard Is econom- c«l. Here are som« ideas for treat- Ing your faily to added bits of iwltimt enjoyment. Iwvcfe* Smmer Dessert Treats 1. aummar pies — pineapple, or chiffon, fresh strawberry, lat|tic« topped cherry, blackberry, blueberry, rhubarb or peach, orang* [Chiffon. <8p*c!al professional tip wh«n nuking fruit pies: To keep 'th« oust from soaking, -^prtad j littl* «• the- sugar'Vnd flour mix[tan oter trie bottom crust before [adding fruits.) ! I. Shortcakes—strawberry, pel and raspberry. >. Cobblers — apricot, peach, blackberry and cherry. •ranch FaToritea 1 1. Ptcan Waffles—(Pour batter ssi hot waffle Iron, sprinkle with tome chopped pecans, clos* Iron and bak*.)' er the dry Ingredients have been sifted arid mixed together, you can make any of these Interesting variations. 1. Nut Frolics—add ^ cup chopped walnuts, pecans, peanuts, Bm- zi] nuts or filberts. i. Raisin Dandies — add 1 cup raisins. J. Coconut Charmers—add 1 cup coconut. Of course your refrigerator or home freezer is cold inside! Bill ai-e they cold enough to keep stored foods at their flavorful best? The best way lo check is to keep a portable thermometer inside the box so that the refrigerator controls can be adjusted lo maintain safe itorage temperatures. The thermometer shown above is made of snowy white metal with chrome trim. To save space, it is designed lo sland on, or hang from, the refrigerator shelf. Its round, clock-like face ihows at a glance «af« temperatures for storing foods in the refrigerator, and also in the home freezer. Outdoor Meals Can Provide Relief from Stuffy Rooms Dining rooms, say many families, cMiterpttte 15 veil ai are stuffy, especially In the summer. Lemon Heavens—Cream 2 ten- spoons grated lemon rind inio lard before adding sugar in basic recipe. 2. Chocolate Drops — Fold into dough 1 square of unsweetened chocolate which has been coarsely grated. 3. Spice Tempters—Omit vanilla in basic recipe and sift "i teaspoon each cinnamon, allspice and cloves with dry Ingredients. Slow Panbrolllnr To cook a thin tender beef steak, Place It In a frying-pan without Still olhtr variations are these: additional fat. Let it cook slowly. turning frequently and pouring off the excess fat as it accumulates in the pan. When browned on both sides, season anti serve immediately. FOU A "REAL FIESTA -AAEXICAN STYLE- SERVE THE DINNER DEAL OF CHILI ANT) TAfAALES RUTHERFORD FOOD CORPORATION" I. Quick Coffee Case *. Nut Quick Bread Ceekfe Cmpm Lard-made cookies have a unique nut-like flavor and a textures tit for a king. Since everyone goes for «Uy good cookies, bake them often land keep a gx<od supply on hand |ta »o mith cold drinks for 'dropper ners." A simple method for mak- ng cookies is to use the recipe for standard cookie dough and vary according to your mood. Here's example: npe Drop Ceokle Dough It eupsTWted flour ll teaspoons baking powder 111] teaspoon uli II? cup lard 11 cup sugar 1;1 teaspoon vanilla 1 egg 11|4 cup milk Sift together flour, baking pow- I der and salt. Cream lard and iti! I in sugar, yanllla and egg. Add dry Ingredients and milk alternately to cremed mixture and beat after each addition until smooth. Drop from I teaspoon on greased baking sheet I and bake in 400P. oven for about 10 I to 12 minutes. Makes 2W doren I cookies., Cookie Variations Using the bisic cookie recipe, ift- Everybody lovvi SANDWICHES LAUNORy Complete Family Service \ We launder everything to a new. bright cleanliness—from grimy overalls to your finest linens I We give your every laundry item, the same fine care you would! There's no extra charge for this special attention. Save time . . save money . . . save energy—let your laundry do it all! Phone 4418 for Pickup Service BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS with in th« middl* SJB15 There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE *&•• A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber, i. Shei-win-Witliams Paints. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. I, Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wai I board, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 . Out-of-the house eating Is today's trend. Informality is the keynote of modern living. All of •••• '-'i adds up to picnics. Pood tastes better on the terrace, in the back yard, or at the picnic grounds. Food manufacturers of 1950 have made It easy to plan mid fill the picnic basket, Think of the foods •ou can buy ready-to-eat or requiring a minimum of preparation in the home kitchen. Cans of baked beans, dozens of baked buns, loaves of cold meats and summer sausages, pickles, potato chips. The store offers radishes, green onions, potato salad, fruits of all types. So It's a picnic for the family and almost a vacation for mother on the next hot slimmer day. How does this menu sound? It ought to fill a growing boy's hollow legs, satisfy daughter's eye for color and flavor contrast, and give dad food that will tempt him beyond his capacity. Casserole of baked beans topped with crisp bacon slices Potato chips Radishes Pickles Mustard Hot dogs in toasted wiener buns Green onions Potato Salad Sliced cold meat* Hnrd cooked eggs Slices of red-ripe tomato Watermelon Assorted small (rults Colfee Cream Milk Baked beans are a picnic favorite They have been Included because any picnic meal should include one hot dish. Empty cans of baked beam into a casserole, add catsup, top with bacon and bake in a 32$ degree oven for an'hour. Crunch}' potato chips, crisp radishes give texture contrast to the soft be<.ns. Use bunches of washed radishes with leaves left on. Place the bunches, leafy part down, in a glass jar. stick In a few gleaming white onion bulbs and you have a dish of Arrange the sliced meat at the last moment lest the wises of the meat curl. Use water cress or parsley for contrast. The watermelon should be dead ripe and chilled from center to outermost rind. Add small fresh fruits French Fried Onion* Add Z«t to Salad* French-fried onion rings are wonderful with salads, »andwiches or maul dtshes. And frying them ii e«y U you use »-d«p fat thermometer to Indicate when the fat reaches exactly the right temperature. To fry onion rings, heat the fat until the thermometer registers MO for color accent and appetite appeal. degrees r. Then drop In the onion rlnjj which have been dipped first In milk and then flour. Fry until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper ai:d iprinkle with salt. .A SUBSTITUTE fOK MEAT *• DELTA CAFE Merchant's LUNCH 65<s Serving Daily Under a New Management Miss Polly Cosner and Miss Helen Morris are now managing the DELTA CAPE. You are cordially invited to come out anytime and enjoy tlie very finest in foods. Luncheon is served daily, except Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Clean, comfortable cabins for tourists are available 24 hours a day. Open 10a.m. to 12 Midnight You can be sure with All lix delicious flavors JELLO PET MILK - - - 3'—J7e - -3M9c PINEAPPLE - - - - 29c •-2'«15c TOMATOES----2'«'15c Del Monte, No. 2 eon. Sliced Jack Sprat, No. 1 can HOMINY - - Standard, hand-packed. No. 1 can Delicious economical SKINLESS WIENERS • • Ib. 49c Lean Smoked BACON SQUARES - - Ib. 19c Fresh shelled LIMA BEANS - Fresh shelled CROWDER PEAS Home grown FRESH OKRA - • Large Sunklst LEMONS SPfCML PRICES GOOD FRL, SAT.. MOM. SUPER-VALUE STORES NABERS Grocery & Mkt. At Main & Division FREEMAN-HENLEY Grocery & Mkt. West Main—Across from the Mo* .

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