The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on September 24, 1950 · Page 8
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 8

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1950
Page 8
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8 SAN BERNARDINO SUN-TELEGRAM pt. ii. 1950 Richard Ray Gefs Navy Decoration Flying Cross Awarded For Action in Pacific Lt. Crndr. Richard A. Ray, U.S. N.R., of 1215 Twenty-sixth street, has received the permanent citation for the distinguished flying cross, which was previously awarded to him on a temporary citation, from the U. S. chief of Naval personnel. The citation reads: "For hero ism and extraordinary achieve ment in aerial flight while serving in Patrol Bombing squadron 137, in action against enemy Japanese forces in the southwest Pacific war area, from Dec. 18, 1944 to March 12, 1945. Completing his twentieth mission during this period, Lieutenant Commander Ray contributed materially to the success of his squadron. His skill and devotion to duty in the face of grave hazards were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval service." IW' ' :'mi 14 ft:., A.i,n,w.L sjitcii i-Miumci itcciv i AUXILIARY OUTFALL Shown directing the lowering of another section of the auxiliary out George Lewis facin" prosecution fa" line from tne San Bernardino sewage disposal plant is W. S. Roder, foreman for the Pipeline Con- cn narcotics and forgery charges, and Russell Penner, charged with burglary, were given another week to enter their pleas by Superior Judge Martin J. Coughlin. Railroad News struction Co. of Riverside. Looking on is R. L. Horine, chairman of the water commission, and Bard Livingstone, superintendent of the water department. Two Jury Trials Set By Superior Judge Two jury trials were set Friday by Superior Judge Martin J. Coughlin. They arc for: ' Victor Rosalcs, charged with rape, Oct. 16; and Augustine R. Sandoval, facing ft" ' manslaughter charges, Nov. 6. iMUMJtf H TfWl urn OPEN SUNDAYS 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. Best Trade-in Allowance! SEE US BEFORE YOU "BUY" AND SAVE ... Immediate Delivery LAA44444A4AA44444A44A4444J SsefkAktf sjudL iodaif 'W I Construction of Outfall Line To Sewage Plant Progresses Construction of the 1.490-foot I tend from the sewage disposal auxiliary outfall line at the sew-1 Plant to Warm Creek. Made over, age disposal plant is proceeding well ahead of schedule, according to R. L. Horine, chairman of the water commission. Work on the line began Sept. a ana was scheduled tor comple tion in 90 days. The Pipeline Construction Co. of Riverside, whose bid of 525,200.40 on the project won the job, reports that it will be finished before the deadline. The line, consisting of 36-inch reinforced concrete pipe, will ex- purified water from the plant will be carried into the creek, where it will be picked up by the Riverside Water Co. and used for citrus irrigation. The auxiliary line will supplement the outfall already in existence. . The project, approved by the state under the postwar construction act, will be paid for 50-50 by the state and city. Estimated cost, including the pipeline company's bid, is $36,850. Poultry liaising Egg Production Shows Big ncrease in Last Decade By JOE HERTEL creasing or rising cost of living County Farm Adviser I demands that we have more in-r Hnntirtn nn tt c f.eComc each year than we had increased 55 per cent from 1939lplannC( lcn y ? With ris- to 1949 while U. S. production increased only 15 per cent. It is interesting to note in what regions of the United States the heaviest increased production occurred. This gives us a trend of what we might expect in the future. It is ing costs, we must either buy less and thus lower our standard of living or we must secure additional income in order to buy the same commodities we now buy. What areas have shown the most rapid increase in egg pro- also interesting to analyze the in- :duction as wpl' a in population crease in population because thc!Tne west and the east coast nave areas of rapid growth will require nad ,he most raPid increases in the most eggs in the future. population. But the great lake The west coast, includine Wash-;states ana tnose ot the upper Wis- ington, Oregon and California, had ,sissippi valley with their rapid in- an increase of approximately 33 crease or wneat ana corn proaua per cent in population in this dec ade, while the national increase was 15 per cent. In the same tion have also had the heaviest increase in egg production. Minnesota increased 141 per cent, years, California increased its egg South Dakota 125 per cent, Iowa production 61 per cent, Oregon in- 87 Ppr cent- North Dakota 83 per creased 13 percent and Washing-;cent- Nebraska 77 per cent, In- ton increased 5 Der cent. Whv? Ulana ' Per cenl- Missouri m P?r The answer I think is in the inter-cont- Kentucky 55 per cent, Wis- relation of industry and agricul- consin 53 Per cent an(1 Illinois 50 ture. iPor cent- 11 is Bltogcther prob- NEW INCOME SOURCE abIe tnat tnese states w"' con" When aircraft production, steel. t,nue t0 expand their production ships, housing and other industries!'" next ten years. Poultry provide jobs at good pay, many ana esg proaucuon proviae year small producers of eggs seek al- round employment and year round ternative opportunities and quit lncorne- poultry farming. If such jobs are GREATER DEMAND not available because of age or As our population increases we lack of opportunity, the alterna- may see an even gronter per cent live is to make a subsistence in- of the eggs consumed in this area come by moans of poultry farm- shipped in from the midwest, ing. More of this has occurred in , Twenty years ago California California than in Washington and shipped 1,000 to 1.200 carload of Oregon due to our aged popula-jeggs annually to the east coast, tion. Many more people want to Ten years ago our increase in come to California to retire due population consumed all of our to our mild climate. Some no production plus considerable im- doubt will not have sufficient sav-ports from the mountain states Union Pacific Gets Harriman Award for Safety Operations in Western District By BOB GEGGIE For outstanding safety in its operations among Class A western district carriers during 1949, the Union Pacific railroad has been awarded an E. H. Harriman certificate of commendation, The presentation was made last Wednesday by the American Museum of Safety at a dinner at New York s Hotel Ambassador. James G. Lyne, editor of Railway Age and chairman of the award committee, made the presentation. P. J. Lynch, operations vice-president, and F. B. Lewis, superintendent of safety, received the award on behalf of the Union Pacific. The E. H. Harriman awards were founded in 1913 by the late Mrs. Mary W. Harriman in memory of her husband. He was Edward H. Harriman, one-time Union Pacific president and nationally-famed railroad builder. ANNUAL AWARDS Awards are made annually on the basis of low casualty rates among passengers, employes and others. Union Pacific won its first E. H. Harriman award in 1924, and either the entire railroad or one of its districts has earned recog nition 12 times since then. The top award for all the nation's Class A roads, a gold medal, was won by U. P. 11 times. In 1945, the company was given a special commendation for its record of safety operations throughout that year. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT Returned from their vacation are P. J. Baldiom and Walter Beeson. J. M, Lee, former San Bernardino agent, was a visitor in the office last Tuesday. Mrs. E. A. Booth and Mrs. Doris Davidson, crew clerks, were off duty last week because of illness. Relief clerk L. D. Deilcy was called east because of a death in his family. On vacation last week was Robert Fargason, general clerk. O. A. Park, car clerk, has bid back to a job at Needles. CARLOADINGS Santa Fe carloadings for the week ending Sept. 16 were 24,946, compared with 23,325 for the same week last year. Cars received from connections totaiea it,tw, compared witn iu,- 764 for the corresponding period in 1919. Total cars moved were 37,687, compared with 34,089 for the same week last year. Santa Fe handled a total of 32,-758 cars during the preceding week of this year. ROUNDHOUSE Leonard A. Broderick, well known machinist at the roundhouse, left via Union Pacific last week to spend hi vacation in Laramie, Wyo. Another vacationing employe is boilermaker helper J. L. Qicl-lar. Recalled to Santa Ye as laborers during the week were G. W. Rice, W. B. McMurray and R. Kennedy. LOCOMOTIVE DEPART-MENT G. E. Wickham, heet-metal foreman, I confined in the Lot Angeles hospital because of sickness. Shop timekeeper Robert Goib has loft for his annual leave. Others on the vacation list in- I fflrv.y" m . 5 IMt.l I -;x M iidL ings or income from savings to meet their needs. The ever in- Now Servel the famous Gas Refrigerator brines you nw beauty, new convenience, to match its famous long-lasting freezing system. Its Long-Life Design will never grow old, never "date" your kitchen. And its Quick-Change Interior make it easy to store even bulky foods! Hut most important, its exclusive Jet-Freeze system lays silent, bets longer because it hasn't a single moving; part. and the mid-west Last year about half of the eggs consumed in the Los Angeles area were imported from outside of California. It Is impossible and undesirable to erect tariff walls at the state border if such could be built. To meet the competition, the local poultry-1 man must produce a high quality produce and use efficient manago-ment practices. Poultrymen who Marines Call County Group Reserves Will Be Assigned to Duty Ten San Bernardino county Marine reservists have been called to extended active duty and will re port to one of three Marine bases in California. They are SSgt. Paul M. Bryant, 2084 Blake street, and Pfc. Her-. bert W. Hendricks, 716 Fitth street, San Bernardino; lbgt. James T. Payne, 189 Wilson street, Rialto; MSgt. Calvin Sharp, Gray street, Colton; Cpl. Jesus B. Gutierrez, 838 South Hope avenue, Ontario. TSgt. Charles W. Carter, 111 Downey street, Needles; i.pi. Charles E. Fnthman, b4 boutn Forrestal, China Lake; Cpl. Lewis D. Greason, Oro Grande; Sgt. Richard C. Fulkerson, Box 523, Victorville; Cpl. Marian D. Me-Intire, 712 South Mountain View, Barstow. Vermiculite, a mineral of the mica family, when used .as a building material not only is un-burnable, but will actually hold back the heat of a flame. VITAMINS AND LIFE RAYS 'OW-W-W, MY ACHIN' FEET!' Says plaid-shirted Buck Jame of San Bernardino, homeward-bound on the Santa Fe's "Square Dance Special." Removing the torturing boot is hit wife, Jerry. Dwight Rauch, of the local Santa Fe staff, and Margaret Driskill have been called in to lend a hand. The special has been running periodically, carrying hundreds of square dance enthusiasts from all part of Southern California to dances in Claremont. eluded sheetmetal worker R. E. Halbert, crane operator E. Gass, machinists A. L. Wood, A. B. Lotze, J. E. Wood and J. V. Hyle and laborers V. Martinez and L. Germeno. DOCTORS MEET The third annual convention of the Western Association of Railway surgeons ended in Reno last week end, and Dr. Russell Star of Los Angeles was named new president of the group. Other officers elected were Dr. Douglas L. Gannctte, Los Angeles, first vice-president; Dr. James F. Dcpree, Seattle, Wash., second vice-president; Dr. Harry O. Hurd, San Rafael, treasurer; and Dr. W. W. Cummins, San Francisco, secretary. CAR DEPARTMENT Hav-ing turned 65 years, O. E. (Swede) Anderson last Wednesday checked in his railroad belongings and said goodbye to his fellow workers as he retired on pension. Carman apprentice Frank Rocha and laborer T. O. Gitlden have been inducted into the U. S. military service. T. J. Menor, having completed his apprenticeship course, entered the rank of carman last week. Indentured as carmen apprentices during the past seven days were L. R. Brenneman, J. R. Boyd, G. G. Whitley, J. Rodriguez, L. A. Clauson and V. M. Burlison Jr. Carman helper J. E. Allsup is off duty because of illness. I. D. Lowell has returned home to re-' cuperate from a major surgical operation he underwent at the Santa Fe hospital. Vacationing employes last week were passenger car repairmen W. A. Martin, W. S. Oliver, and J. F. Wessondorf, freight car re pairmen P. W. Teter, M. M. Mar- who plan to make poultry farming i'mez, I. A. Duke and Ii. Uticia their profession, and who want, to! Sr., machinist II. M. Radkr. develop largo commercial flocks in Sheetmetal workers E. W. Jar- the next 1j or 20 years. About 40 San Bernardino county operators take advantage of this service at present and a number of these are young men who give promise of becoming outstanding commercial poultrymen of this area in th future. want an analysis of their management practices can secure it with out cost by entering the efficiency study on flock management conducted by the agricultural extension service. Through such analysis, improved practices are established, costs are reduced, and a greater net income is secured. The service is particularly val uable to many of f he younger men AUTOMOBILE Emergency Service ZULCH AUTO WORKS Third and I Streets Phone 4-0162 STAYS SILENT, LASTS LONGER 7e GAS RetffQe&for Libvrul Credit Term Direction: Drive out Witt' man to Mill, turn Eit to Tippe. canoe, then 1 hlock South, Tippecanoe and Central. Ph. 8 2259 San Bernardino 5 SO THE PUBLIC MAY UNDERSTAND For the people who wish to know the inner workings of the mortuary business, we offer full and complete information, without obligation. A visit to our office will convince the most skeptical that a saving is assured the family we serve. ONtY DOWNTOWN FUNERAL DIRECTOR WITH AMPLE PARKING FACILITIES THE MARK B. SHAW CO, INC DoujUi M. Shaw, Pri. 468 Fifth Street R. J. FlUnc, Treat. Phone 2I3I The Store of Unusual Values WHERE YOU DO ENJOY RET-TER FURNITURE FOR EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOME AT THE PRICE OF CHEAPER FURNITURE ELSEWHERE Also Used Dept. THE FURNITURE CENTER Open 'til 9 P.M. Monday Thru Thursday EASY TERMS FREE DELIVERY Ample Parking Space 1278 E. Base Line Phone 7-1100 rett and F. II. Christelman, carman inspectors J. A. Ellis, G. W. Boyles and John Gay, coach cleaner F. R. Miller, carman helpers B, O. Contreras and C. Gomez. Carman apprentice F. P. Maddi and laborers J. C. Barrera, J. Saldana and F. Miranda. BOWLERS START First fall gathering of the Santa Fe Bowl-ling league will be at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night at the Highland Avenue Recreation center. The second league group to be gin competition will meet at the same place on Thursday night. TIMEKEEPING BUREAU Comptometer operator Jean Seaman is vacationing this week. She and her husband, Bob, are visiting Jean's mother and father at Strathmore. They also will take a trip to Sequoia National park. Mrs. Marjorie Stone has again been employed temporarily as re lief clerk in the bureau during vacation time. Timkeeper D. E. Clark has re turned to work after a one-day illness. Earl Lyons, timekeeper, and Mrs. Lyons and their two sons leave tomorrow for their annual vacation. SUPERINTENDENT OF SHOPS Stanley L. Hodges, electrician apprentice, reported for active duty with the U. S. Marine corps last Friday. Inducted into the military serv-. ice last week were Eulido Be- cerril, carman helper, and Her bert J. Conrad, machinist ap prentice. Just resting, your body pro duces about 100 calories of heat an hour, or enough in electrical energy to keep a 100-watt light hulh hurtling. Do You Suffer From Any of (he Following Ailments? Rheumatism, Neuritis, Asthma, Sinusitis, Headaches, Dizziness, High or Low Blood Pressure, Nervousness, Gall Bladder, Gas tritis, Stomach Trouble, Liver, Kidneys, Indigestion, Can't Sleep. Any or all of these conditions can bo caused by poor elimination. We will give you an X-Ray Fluoroscopic Examination of your stomuch and intestines FREE (with this article) this Wednesday only. Millions of people are slowly kill ing themselves as a result of in testinal neglect Medical scientists have searched for years for method of eliminating this cause of disease and death. Nearly every case of constipation can be cured. Pills and strong harsh laxatives are often as in jurious as tho disease itself. ii is nigniy important in every case or constipation that such ex animations shall be made us will dotermino the cause of the con stipation. It is only by such ex. animation that it becomes possible to make a successful application or curative means. We will enjoy explaining the Lolotone Technique to you. And will tell you whether our technique win correct your condition. Phone or Call at the BASIC DIAGNOSTIC OFFICES: 353 6th St., San Bernardino Dr. R. L. Cozad, D.C., Director Phone 8-3834 Adv, IY DR. E. B. HARTMAN, D.C. (Thif column' cornea to you weekly through th courtesy of Dt Sienm Treatment Roomi, 900 So. K St., whei usage Is mad of the natural, hot sulphur water, diet, chiropractic, and Gravltonle Life Rays. Phone 82-3185.) Pyorrhea With False Teeth I discovered it first in my wife's mouth. At that time she haa worn store teeth some twelve years, yet the ray picked up pus In her toothless jaw. After a few treatments with the ray on the spot, the pus drained out through the roof of her mouth. Thus I discovered that it is possible to have pyorrhea long years after bad teeth have been extracted. Of course, I knew the history of her case. Before our marriage," while she was employed as a nurse In Loma Linda, a doctor there had told her that there was a pus pocket somewhere in her body but that he couldn't find it; so when the ray revealed it in her mouth, the problem was solved . . . the problem which had stumped both the doctors there and myself for so lone:. That first case started? 3sT new line oi investigations. vninc , as before I had pa.wd ver tooth-less jaws as already cared for, began to search for hidden (rouble. ' Now every doctor's office gets many cases of arthritis, neuritis ; and other rheumatic troubles, and mine is no exception. And so faf ' since I started to examine them for mouth infections I have not found one single person with such rheumatic manifestations who has ., not had pyorrhea of the bone whether the teeth were in or out , Nor was I the first to discover ' that pyorrhea afflicts people who wear false teeth. Indeed, I was just starting this research when a dentist came to examine my ray ' tables. When I located a pus- , pocket tooth for him which he al- 1 ready knew he had, he was amaz- ' ed. And then when I discovered a pus pocket in a mouth of a per. son close to him hut with the teeth gone but having symptoms of tooth trouble, he revealed to mn some information I had not as yet heard elsewhere, namely, that pyorrhea of the bone in wearers of false teeth was already known to tho dental profession. What causes it? Identically the same thing which causes had teeth . . . malnutrition. Pyorrhea has rightly been termed, TOOTIt SCURVY. And so long as the malnutrition that caused the teeth 1o begin td decHy and then to he at tacked by pyorrhea continues just that lone will the pyorrhea re main in the jaw bones from which? the sick teeth were extracted. There is one county in Texan where a rirntist. cannot find enough patients tn evist: if -e would add to our diets only tlie extra minerals those 'icxans get from their produce, we would he as well off as they. And if we would go a bit further and add not only tho so-mueh-nocdnd trace minerals but also the equally-needed trace vitamins, then not only would the teeth we have be saved, hut the pyorrhea in the jaws where the teeth are gone would disappear. In order to accomplish this, however, takes more than a mere drugstore formula. Formulas' may possess all tho known factors, but it takes more than the known... it takes tho unknown.. .and the unknown can only be secured from source materials. And so far as I have learned, only a very few scientists have as yet achieved such products. And the one witli which I am intimately familiar has succeeded through organic gardening in collecting into one package a sufficient concentration of such, vitamins and minerals to enable the users to throw off not only the pyorrhea of the hones but also the rheumatic conditions pro-duced by such Infections. COMMERCIAL. Remember to. morrow night's vitamin show, Come and bring your friends. Al. so remember an examination on our ray I able which reveals hidden pyorrhea is unexcelled, Phone for appointment. Adv,

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