The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1950
Page 5
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British Say 300,000 /Slaves' of Soviets Mine Uranium Ore BHUJN, Aug. J4. C*>)—The British charged today that 300,000 German "slave" laborer* under t "communist whiplash ire mining uranium or »—««enc* of itomk bomb*—night «nd day in East Germany "for *h« icle benefit ot the Russian war machine.' ,4 ' "Millions of tons of German ura-4> l^itum ore" for the Soviet if being • Produced in "Uttle Siberia" prison . camp conditions, said a report by British Control Commission authorities. Unskilled, Impressed labor is paid less than |2 weekly, it was said. Detailing the "frantic" 24-hour»-day operations' inside barbed-wire enclosed shafts, the British statement observed: "The only beneficiaries of this extravagant drive are the Russians. The East German economy gets nothing out of It, but is even disrupted by the inexhaustible demands. "It can only be concluded that the Russians are in urgent need of. uranium for purposes other than peaceful reconstruction." The British report commented that this compaign "supplies Soviet Russia with the essence of the atom bomb which they so vociferously condemn." The report noted: Five thousand NKVD (secret police) agents are on the staff of the Russian-controlled Wlsmuth A. G. monopoly which operates the uranium mines- In East Germany. Extreme security is maintained, to the extent that East Germans having relatives in the Western Zone no longer lire permitted Into the mines. The all-powerful Wismuth has Immunity from all German courts, with i^ite and death power over' miners. Authority over all public and private property, and all the East German funds it needs. Labor Conscripted The "slave" labor is conscripted In various ways, according to the British report. German Red party leaders fill the corporation's manpower demands. The miners are culled from criminals and political opponents, or simply shanghaied. In other fields workers are laid oft, then tapped for the uranium work- Ings. Their food ration cards are taken away if they refuse, the British analysis said. Males 17 to 50 years old are draft-, ed. Women workers range from 18 to.&5. Included in the uranium labor force ire a few "volunteer" blue- shirt .German Communists under > 17 years of age. The British report said mothers "also have been put to work In the pita, barred from visiting their, children except under special permission. "Squalid living conditions and meager pay are said to be the rule. The average wage of the unskilled uranium laborer i* reported to be less than 18 a month. So-called jjtllte" workers .get up to »56 ^Fonthly. Many miners suffer from the occupational disease of lung cancer. Russian doctors rule laborers able to continue to work if they are only half-disabled, said the British report, adding: "Hospitals are full of miners who have either sustained injuries or fallen ill." The fish that th* Indians showed the pilgrims how to use i as fertilizer was menhaden. Senate Likely To Add New Profits Levy Locomotive Blast Kills Crewmen BATAVIA, O., Aug. 24. <Jf}— Two tnen died, windows In nearby homes were shattered and railroad tracks were ripped up by the explosion of » Norfolk & Western Railroad freight locomotive near ,here last night. Dead are Cirl D. Clark of Portsmouth, O., the engineer of the train and R. D. Aldred, also of Portsmouth, O., the fireman. Their mangled bodies were blown several hundred feet. It toolc approximately an hour for rescuers to find the bodies. Piul Keyes of South Shore, Ky.. the brakeman, was blown from a cupola atop the coal tender but escaped with only a sprained ankle ELYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ;—• __ German Chancellor Asks For Immediate Arms Aid WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. WJ-A top administration leader said yesterday the Senate Is likely to add a W.500.000,000-plus corporation excess profits tax to the $5,000,000.000 tax- boosting bill. But Chairman George <D-Oa) of the Senate Finance Committee told newsmen he does not think so. Senate tax defeat is set to begin tomorrow. It may be a slam-bang affair. In a late move that may attract some new support Senator o'Ma- hor.ey (D-Wyo) softened his excess profits proposal to make the top tax 85 per cent, instead of 100. on highest corporation earnings that exceed "normal" profits. If the excess proms levy cnrries. the bil! Is expected to yield $8.500.000,000 or more 'a year, instead of the $5.000,000.000 President Truman osked as a "first installment" on paying for the Korean war and America's surging defense program. A -bill substantially in line with Mr.- Truman's : recommendations was approved unanimously .yesterday by the Senate Finance Commit ee, and goes to the senate floor with bipartisan backing. It would put about $3,000,000,000 of new taxes on Individual Incomes, another $1,500.000,000 on would gather plugging tax law loopholes. Spying Suspect To Be Arraigned NEW YORK. Aug. 24. W— Morton ' Sobell, 33-year-old radar expert accused of spying for Russia, will be arraigned today on a charge of violating the espionage »ct: S6be;l was brought here by plane last night from Houston, Tex. He spent the night at Manhattan's federal house of detention. Arrested last week by Mexican authorities In Mexico City, he was turned over to FBI agents in Laredo. Tex.. Friday. BONN. Germany, Aug. 24. (/pj— Chancellor Konrad Adenauer yesterday repeated his demands thul West Germany immediately be allowed an armed police force and that the western allies send more; troops to Germany. Adenauer amplified his demands fit a news conference after Socialist Leader Kurt Schumacher rejected the proposal for a 65,000- force du Adenauer described the force's (asks as: 1—The protection of West Germany's frontier with the Soviet occupation lone. 2-Keeping order internally. 3—Supporting the Bonn government against Communist subversives. corporations, and other millions by Check Th*s« Bargains! Demonstration m « d e I • In Wuhing Machines it rreatl; reduced prices. Fully guaranteed. Several U> choose from. The B. F. Goodrich Store 417 W. Main Phone 6331 HAPtCOL HELPS RELIEVE ST. LOUIS MAN'S LEG PAINS He Suffered Deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin Elmer Prater, 3«19 North Broadway, St. Louis', Mo., having tended •Jf for a good many years, says a •^pin ha* to work mighty hard these days to make himself > passable living. Gone are the days when vou could buy a good lunch for 15c. But he says the good old days of healthful living are today. That Is because he found out how worthwhile life really can be. Gone are his days of suffering, thr.iins to HADACOL. Mr. Prater had been suffering a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin, and Iron. • y Read Mr. Prater's statement: "I had been bothered mnny years with neuritis pains In my legs- the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep at night. My appetite was way off, too! I just couldn't seem to got any enjoyment out of food ana what I did cat didn't agree with me at all. I had just about given up hope when my brother and sister persuaded me to take HADACOL. What did HADA- COL do for me? . . . Why, alter taking HADACOL. for only 2 weeks. I was able to go back to wort. You think I don't rate HADACOL First Place? ... i recommend HADA- COI, every time." Wonderful for Both Old and YounO .This new HADACOL is simply "Bt!, for men . women and chil- *mi O! all Rg es who arc sick and ailing because their systems are ». '£? I "* Im P°rtant Vitamins 81, B2, Iron, and Niacin. The Important Vitamins and Minerals in HADACOL come to you In special liqui<t form m ttmt th ', re ™ r «.1' i ;*'y absorbed and assimilated In the blood stream, ready to go right to work at once. HADA°?, ' ,' V K" b "" ds up the *«* bloo<1 cells (when Iron is needed) to carry these precious elements to every part of your body-to your kidneys, lungs, heart, liver-even to the hair, nails and eyesl Relieves Came »f Yon Slckn*» from Swh DtfkleneiM HADACOL now makes it possible for you to reloleve the active caust or neuriti* pains and * general rundown nervous condition due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bl. Bj rron »nd Niacin. So why be sjtlsfle'd altri lyrnptomatic relief when yen c«n now relievt th« cause with O.I.JL There Should Be No Doubt After reading Mr. Prater's wonderful experience with HADACOL —how can you doubt that this great product will help you if your system Is Ucklng in Vitamins Bl B2, Iron, and Niacin? What HADACOL did for Mr. Prater,- it can do for you If you're suffering neuritis aches and pains, or other troubles due to such deficiencies. So what are you waiting for? Don't continue to suffer— don't continue to be miserablel Don't Re Satisfied With Symptomatic Reltrt! HADACOL Is not a quick-acting pill which gives symptomatic relief —rather it relieves the real cause of your pains and aches due lo such deficiencies. And continued use of HADACOL helps prevent such agonizing pains from coming back. That's the kind of product you want— thafi the kind you should buy and that's the kind you should start using NOW I HADACOL cosU only *1.2S for trial-stee bottle. L»rg« family or hospital »t». $3.50. It h Mi on a strict money-back guarantee At *ny drug store. I»N, corpora- „ ---'"•"" =aid| The West German chancellor did -nil , ? P r° e ( ° rc1e -' d °"'M»°(. give any specific figure or his Mil it a defense force," he urged proposed force Diplomatic sources newsmen-strong enough to gllnr . in London yesterday °a « he sought Bo-m rcuubno Sm "'' ty * ""' 65 - 00( > ™en.and r>.sLd That OnUed _u^rcpm)iic. s ,a tes forces ^ WMtei . n Germany Nof« to Hoarders — PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 24. VTt- Hercs a brief story that should discourage potential sugar hoard- Four ships arrived at the port of Philadelphia yesterday carrying 32,000.000 pounds of sugar. Hainan Island, o(f China, is about twice the size ol New Jersey. be Increased to a total of 10 armored divisions.. Adenauer answered questions by saying the force should be big enough to match the heavily armed "people's police" in East Germany, lately reported to number more than 80.000 men armed with artillery and tanks, other estimates of the east zone force range to 200,000, If patrolmen and administrators are counted. Mo-Pac Denied Court Order MALVERN. Ark., Aug. 24. <?}- Chanccllor Sam Garrett has denied the Missouri-Pacific railroad a permenant injunction which sought removal of pickets from its tracks leading into (he strikebound Acme Brick Company's Perla plant- here. The railroad sought the Injunction after union train crews refused to cross picket lines of the United Brick and Clay workers local 602 APL which struck the big Acme plant last May. Supervisor and non-union em- ployes of Acme brick have been unloading trains moving Into the plant. Some 250 employes of the company walked out in a wage-working conditions dispute May 4. .The plant has been operate* with the non-union employes sine* that data. Earlier this month, circuit Judge Roy Danuser had refused to grint the railroad a temporary Injunction forbidding picketing of the trick- entrance to the plant. FARM LOANS LMCT.TW Cales Wiggs Co. REALTORS Phone 2751 A.tal%orHt4 Martgttft t ntm Solicitor tar THS PRUDENTIAL INSUIANCf COWAN? 01 AMtdlCA Saturday Only! Phone 591 HERE'S THE NEWEST FASHIONS FOR FALL 1950! See these Blytheville girls model the latest fashions . . . informally . . . Saturday. All models will be on the Fashion Floor Saturday morning from 10 A.M. to 12 noon, and in the afternoon from 2 to 4 P.M. PURE WORSTED GABARDINES IN NEWEST SUITS 35°° Pure wonted gabardine* and novelty fabrics with hand-finished details t ond rayon crep« linings. • New, imart and such exceptional buys. Choose ( youn today. Mines' and brief size*. In Fall colors, i RICH CORDUROY JACKETS ARE RIGHT FOR FALL jn Velvety pinwale corduroy tttot's easy to live in, perfect for every casual occasion. Betted or classic styles are tailored for comfort. N«w Fall colors. 12-18. OnW jfyl«at. . . 7.9J SI DOWN Will Hold Any COAT, SUIT or DRESS Until Nov. 15th GIRLS' COATS PRICED LOW TO PLEASE MOTHER Grand for dress-up, but iturcty for school wear These 100% reprocessed wool coats have rayon twill linings, many have detachable hoods Fitted or boxy types Fall colors. Sizes 7-14 STYLE-PACKED \ SUITS FOR FALL f -PRICED LOWI I 1 4 98 Sharkskins, novelty checks, glen plaids and gabardines — and every one With hand made bultonholes, smooth rayon crepe liningsl Wide selection means your style is heral Misses. FALL COATS FOR ' BUDGET-MINDED \ SHOPPERS! |998 All wool sheen coverts, fleeces ond checks as well as worm chinchillas, wooi-ancf-rayon gabardines and sharkskins. Fitted and boxy styles. Some with hand mode bullon-holes. Misses. COLORFUL ALL-WOOL PLAIDS 5.98 Ploids ... the biggest fashion success for Fall! See a bevy of plaids ol Words now ... all tailored lo a "I", all budget priced. Choose for school, office, or home. Junior and misses* sizes. SPECIAL TOO House Dresses 98 e CLEARANCE Summer Dresses All Sizes & Colors i PRICE

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