The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTP-TEEM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie <f VOU STILL ARE—AN' 6ET THOSE CLOTHES RI6HT OFF A.&A1M.' you <&OT TO BE A BETTER PRAFTSMAW THAW THAT TO FOOL PEOPLE W)TH A BLACK. CRAYON WATER LINE—A WATER LIME \S- PERFECTLY LEVEL/ •THE; MA3OR SAID H£ ABOUT T66TH AslD CORrJ, AND tHAT A4Eftr-JT X WAS COMFOR A KYOK.-KYUt<.' REMINDS MB OF A DIMMER AT I THOUGHT Vie RAM HIM OFF THE FIELD ^ FOR GOOD LAST TIMfe J HE UT HERE-*— BUT ' t GUESS THE OF TH& OPERA COULD \MW-U. AROOMTJ IN HERS IF H&'D PAY ASK6D UNCLE KODV -TO PASS HIS PLATE He SAID UPPER. OB COM6DIAJ4. 6OO MILES' For Rent 2 room house \v-Hrt shower biuli. |3(( OU per month. Plione 2Ga2. 1 12 pk 15 1 loom house. Call Hollls 'Jumper. | eti. Ids. 1,9 PK 16 4-yooms unlrfrnlstttd. 506 N. ilri St. | See alter 5 p.m. Ijl! ** M 14 Furmsluicl 2-rrim hmise- Adults only No pets, can 6212. 419 So. 200] Street. Ii5 pk 1(13 Warehouse 3irx4Q' ou railroad sld- \ Ing Midwest Dairy Products. I'll 4447. J1I16 CK If Flftsn cftmrras lor an occasions. lO'STKEN'S STUDIO. 45-cK-U KOR KENT: Frozen Food lockera. I Ulay-lock's HJthwfiy 6L Phone 3172. 1 82J cfc U Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 1 have one of the best loans [to be had. 20 years to pay. I Cheap rate of interesti Vill refinance your place | or help you to buy one. K1ALES LAND CO. l\V. T. BarnetWKussell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan tJo you need a loan to rcpiilc or re|model? No down payment on mort- e, no rert tape. FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK FOn. DETAIJ.S Max Logan, Realtor |ptione 2034 I.yncb BuUd Blyihrvllle. Ark MONEY TO LOAN OK REAL ESTATE W.T. BARNE Ph. 2262 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-6 Notice We specialize In oil stove repnli Seasonable rates. Prompt picX up ani llellvery. Ph. 2996. 1J12 pk l[l. Rooming house Rt 126 W. Ash SL linrter new ownership beginning Jan ^6. Room find hoard by day or week business appreciated. Ben ilrftckln. III! pk ILoveMyDoctoril By Evelyn Barkins i • liml>. vrf 'hnvc a fi-«. ilni nx.itf of ihr Klc-kn cm..-* **<• minor—ff tlir r"tlfniM rnM rrnlly b* -n!4 »• hr nick Ml nil—.ind John h** de- cJdeil t*t Mill In lime »( ihn rllnte. H.TJ In- *ome dn7 hr'H roi an np- yttdumrni nn rk* ko*pi1*l iiufl and tic l>lg l*il»s:». XIV T.TOSPITAL clinics. John hnd always said, would make the dirtiest Tammany deal look like a Salvation Ai^ny meeting. The unreasonable, spasmodic, periodic hiring arid firing of the lower by the top few bore too close n resemblance to a Nazi purge for my comfort. But it that was what he had determined upon* there was little to do but work and Vry. 1 finished my cake and wenl over to kiss him. "John," I saic } cheerfully, "you start next week a' I the clinic, and some day it'll be • chief of staff. After all, it takes I just a few easy scenes in the ' movies, and on the radio, Jim ' Brent does it faster yet- But you j and me, well show them tha truth is better than fiction!" John laughed. "Chief at staff is a title used only on the radio sweetie. Technically, it doesn' exist. But thank, anyway, I what you mean," and he kissec rne too. None of this, however, solve* the problem of collecting patient. in greater bulK., a dilemma th: still remained. We rapidly d< cided that the major hindrance ir building E practice was the ah sence of a practice to begin with and in this, we were very mnc like the young girl whom nobod will employ because she baa m experience. Gert Shaw, during one of risits, offered to shoot someon passing in the street to get us som business, while Bob Abbott volun crcd to get sick himself, t>olh Icrs good tor a laugh at Least, '*A vicious cycle," Hob Abbott greed when we expounded this icory during one of his regxilar isits. "13ut the important thing is took busy. It's poor psychology o let a patient sil alone in a wail- ng room. She Invariably bc- ins to think". *H nobody else uses n's doctor, maybe I'm making a •nistakc coming here too.' liy the line- she ROCS inside the treatment oom. she's doubtful, distrustful nd unhappy, convinced you're ot a good doctor and unwilling to ive you a chance to disprove it." "But how can we help it?" I sked. "Every lime my folks or fiends visil, and we have a patient round, we always make them sit n the wailing room to look like riore business. Bui where can wo :ull the genuine multitude from?" Hob thought hard. "What about the people you know?" he finally isked. religiously Invited over. Like a ESowrry politician digging up live votes, "limmm," said the first visitor, broken-down businessman with big ideas. "N T ot such a bad place you've got here, not V>art at all." His deprecating glance and careless words reduced it to that famous shanty in old Shanty Town. "Yes," said his wife, a stout, dumpy, overdressed woman (or is it my subconscious protest?) so bad. But," and she paused dramatically, "do you know Dr, Winters on Park Avcnoo? No?" We shook our head and smiled painfully. Un discouraged, she continued, "You should see his place. Plush and magnificence. Always jammed. Have to wait all day to see him. He's got six nurses and 10 rooms. Why, heM never have time to sit rwftttt «*#wc<;ad^ t-IZ FRECKLES AND HIS FUIBNDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE1 Relax I "They've quit fighting In the apartment across the court —I suppose he finally saw the light and admitted Ke was wrong!" MORE S»!OW CAME 7i W4 WENT' M his telephone minute!" She new doctors, and some not so new, just never oui- grow ihc habit or really build practice, socialize. To socialize means that the particular practitioner is to diligently dig up anyone ever known from birth onward and fraternize with him or tier or them in the hope of cementing the acquaintanceship into a medical contact So much of such socialization is done, in fact, that 1 would like to tahe this opportunity to warn people everywhere: "Deware the Dew friendship. His doclor bringing eye is probably fastened hopefully on your appendix or your unborn child rather than your sudden social glamour." Many a young physician, however, has successfully bnili his practice on this type of tactical maneuvering or, too. on a church congregation, although as far as I was concerned, this latter operation has always smack^t too much of the 30 pieces of silver. OUT friends had been rounded ufi by John and me at the onset, around like you, rings every single finished by pointinp at John, who by then was feeling less important than a buck private next to o top sergeant "Well, of course. Dr. Winters is something big." her husband at- fcred condescendingly, "bill some day, you may gel there too, young tellow." * • * TTMIE second arrival, a few nights Inter, was a struggling lawyer who had an ax of his own to grind "You," he said to John, aflcr he settled himself on our sofa, "are the righl kind for rnc to know. Aftcv all, as a doctor, you musl see thousands of people in your practice"—at this point I choked on my pretzel—* l and I thought maybe you could see your way to sending them to me when they need legal advice. I really would appreciate H no end, because awfully hard on a yotmg ffillow these days/' It was definite, mounting apprehension that 1 prepared lor our third visitor the next night, "We're no! impressing them enough," I told John after thinking it over. '*They want Dr. Kildare atmosphere, and all the excitement here, they might be visiting a coal miner on strike. Can't we pep it up?" (To Be Continued) I'HISCIU.A'S POP 1!Y AL VERMEER PRETTY SOFT FOR WOMEN... .STAVING W A MCE WARM KITCHEN ON A :E THIS Another lliircllt HV B1ICJJAKL O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANK jfgFAWMN POLtCf BELIEVE Alfi, I'll FIX It SO EGGHEAD AND PCfcWEE DON'T TALK--AT TUEIK TRIAL OR 4A/E*; 'fto SURE,YOUNG WAN, WE GOT ENOUGH U itAS ABOUT DY/ttMttE AND BlAST-1 SIXTY STUMPS ING CAPS TO BlOW YOU\ hlAT HAVE TO TO KINGDOM COME. X COME OUT. WOW MUCW YOU NEED SEE, IIS EASY.CRIMP THE CAP ON THE FUSE AND INSERT INTHESIICK OF DYNAMITE, LIGHT IKE FUSE AMD AM5CBAY. HOW LEI'S SEE YOUR POIICE PERMIT TO BLAST. CAPTAIN EASY It's n Hof .In); BY LESLIE TURNER Taken Up LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled Animals picked up free oi phai'ge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142. JBiythe- pille, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 • DISPOSAL CO- III'JI pk 1121(30 Help Wanted, Male WHY WORK FOR WAGF.S? Vnhmble .tfMichise open in Mississippi Count?. •^rnitips governed by yopr Ability. •istAbllshrd Dpnlrrs earning $50 to 1100 wrefely. Car nec&ssArr If bc- Iwecn the RKCS of 25 ami 55, wr1t« " vis. c.o~The J. II. Watklns Com- Mcniphls, Tennessee. \i\1 ck 1;H Taken vip one gray innrn mule. 1 ntncX horse mule O D Long Rt 2 Uo* ;rj5 12^27" pk 1|17 Wanted farm mechanic, nnw shop, equipment, House furnished, on school bus route, good ^-criclng cfift- ns. faun horns, located 5 ml)en n OAceola, U, S Hisshway 61 Oh- |-t\0oil Farms. Osccola Ark, Ph. 3.W1. " ' SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-flLT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOf :... Ill-, W. MB IN ST. Female Hefp Wonted siaay's for Pcggr Ntsrton Cos, on puny plan Write Mis B J, fell. 40.1 Si. Francis St. Kcnnett, Mo. 1,9 l>K 1,13 Salesman Wanted | QUIT LOOKING FOR WOTIK — E«- yonr$oir in a profitable R^xr- EJviAinc.v; In Central A- South •iiRslssippi Counts". Be your own boss T° "perlence or capital necc.^Ty ' m "icd lately, Haw-Leigh's Dcpt 10-236, Memphis, Tenn. i n pit i;i3 Instructions "New Clnsses In Shorthand, ieplap, Typing MSB. L>. M. Kv\t Personal CVSTEEN'S STUDIO Wanted WANTED PrlTHie back yard to parV Pnone 645 Don K1rk 8 «.m to 5 p.m. ID pV 1II2 Concrete Culvert Tile up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts St/cs up to 84 in. Automatic Flnoti (intea Concrete Scplic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sower Tile Best Prices We Deliver A: H.WEBB BiKhffn^ S\ at St.lte l.tne Phone 714 OPENING SOON Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 24 HOUR SERVICE V@T LJJ CQ LU O ID h- |sk (or either while or colored fiver. Nine cabs at jant ctrvlcn 2100 CAB CO. 1946 Chevrolet li-Ton Cab & Chassis Friday's Price $ You can buy it for ?785 on Friday, ?77o on Saturday, etc., if the truck is still here. It lias 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent pairlt . . . clean as a pin AND a -19-50 Arkansas license. 785 uo H C O ITS WES S1MCETHAT WPEftL FOR IWFORWIUIOH ftBOUT TH' \THIS IM*T BE I WON'T HOHDEE. NO \ OMW TWOOE \ WORE WOT ft STEAMED 1 THREE MORE 1 CIMA PEELS LIKE.CHIEF! / INCHES TO GO, i ftflOUR AFItK. HOUR. SOOO'I COOL IT OFF AGMU I THOUGHT SURE SOMEBODY MEN •£*, AKD— n CMJ'T B« HfcPPENIMr HUGS 1JUNNY All-Over Pattern HOW CAN YOU ) FLIP OUT YEK. HANP-PAINT / CRAVATY, AN t'LL SHOW YEK MY FIRST CUSTOMER/J- I AIW'T SO HOT AT USIN' THIS SPRAYER YET... Almitl I he Heir; RY V. T. HAMMN OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS 19IS Studchakcr Land Cniiscr 1018 Sludcliitkcr Champion 19-11 Chevrolet 2-door HI 19 Sludchaker Vi-Ton Pickup. 1917 Ford '/2-Ton Pickup 1916 Dodge '/,-Ton Pickup y". a i : af,r MIGHT ASK TH' W yr"t SXME c~ vcu' HOSV \" j A CD>'£ YOU IN THIS tftipSv v^-^C^': ^4^*^ Y&tW-&® V;= l\V't~k'V </(\m £*J$M ' 'toy-" £?pL /i(L ^w^-.^ yaii'V^^-. r;:-Us . ,.,^ . NvE N=EC> NO A,!3E S'JCH SILLY KE TO ClK. SKULLS' m&^!*i4$ % ; s^M i.v;. : t .,:> U-S n \ v- $ M 1 (.•••! b.. ^",^V ..a ' , \,'A NEITHER DO I...BU7 TO WUTVE LITTLE FAITH IN THE M,=S<SIC OF WPPOLYTA-'S (31RDLE BOOTS AM) MF.U lUJDDlKS Tlic Patient «Y EDGAR MARTIN CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 V.t-VlV. V Vi\^A \ COliVO \V1 VvV 001 Vrt

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