The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1950 BLYTETEVILLE (ARK.) COUiUER NEWS PACK THrRTEEN Nutrition Product Of 1949 Eating Fifty Year Review Of Food Shows Faults Of Good Old Days Ry Cecily Rrmvrislonc Ass*K'iit(c<I Press l-'notl IJlK Tf yon are one of tin 1 porjple \s'ho would like in .see good old-fashioned cooVauK come tuck mln Us own., and arc inclined to b'nine somo of Hie 1943 American tiible concoctions on modem 'scientific e.-Uiiif;," stop a minute—and look back 50 yeans. Once UJKMI a time most Americans figured that the best thing to Uo 'with food ivas to eat it. But In tftf,, 1900's, Influenced by Kuvopean f, our own scientist. 1 ; began "to do some analyzing, and eventually the scictifp ot nutrition was born To be sure, the early experts made a few startling mistakes. At one point some specialists conde the use of fresh fruits and'vege- tables; and a whole .set of other laboratory professlonnls had lo work hard io demonstrate tlteir values. No one would <i«esUou the nutritional research that nowadays nd vorntes a "balanced diet"—its find ings are unriisputable. But- ever; once In a. while, even among Ih scientists, up pops the wheat-germ anrt-dried-milk or the soy-brans will - cure - the - ills - of - the world school. Potatoes Arc SKnpItig An important-looking chart calle Trends in Our Eating Habits fro: 1909 to 1950 Just has heen release in Washington. Tt shows that, while Americans still like their meat we are no longer the meat-and-pola- toes nation we oiiee were. Rot-k- ribbcd individualists who /eel that combination (and plenty of it) helped hund this country's brawn, really have something to worry about. Potatoes seem to have lost their place — figures show that, we've been eating less of them steadily atxd surely. What rio you suppose we've been downing with our steaks and chaps and finnan hatMie instead of the buxom potato? Your puess Is eoori it It's .some of the other members pi the vegetable clan or a "tossed jJlad"- that, abhorrence of a lot of "ordinary men and the delight of gourmets i UV T.ikc dims One of the most spectacular changes in our eating habits In the last 50-year span Is our use of citrus fruits: oranges, grapefruit, lem- nn s. Cimld 11 be \vc're imprested with the vitninin C (ascorbic acid* they offer and that we know we need a good source of that vitamin daily because our bodies can't store it? What accounts for these changes lit eating habits. Changes in income, the fact that some of the nutrition education has "taken," and improvements in loori production, marketing, and transportation; Alort£ with citrus fruits we've taken the tomato to our heart-; anc! i stomachs,-- Another excellent * source, of vitamin C, it's widely accepted. TnniBto juice before dinner is so usual nowadays you'd .think ft had been with us always—but actually the. tomato wasn't canned in this form until about 1930. We ve been hplpiug keep our diets balanced by constantly increasing use of mtlk in the years since u9, . . not Ju.sfc for drinking, but in bread and other bakery products, In carul.v, and other foods. Heady-lo-Tat Foods Recent ready-to-cat developments have been exciting -- cakes, pies (crusts and fillings), puddings, pop| overs, muffin. 1 ;, fried shrimp, soups, (\nd praclipaUy anything eJsc yon Gives Bacon Savory Touch To Any Meal Why reserve bacon for breakfast? Vini'on is one of the most adaptable of meats for homcimikcrs to serve, says Ueba Stages, home oe- onomist, Any hour of the day this crisp, smoky in("U may odd a savory much to meals. A* for break fast, bacon is Joined ith scrambled cfi^s for a lunch- ' me Vren.1. To complete Uie nienH, ;'ifi(i potatoes and green, vegetable re added, Bacon-noodle scrambled presents nolhcr wise use of bacon in a Hit in luncheon dish. Bacon strips ire cooked in the usual manner, Cooked noodles are combined with beaten'eggs, seasoned, then cooked n the brtcon drippings until done. This combination makes an attract- .serving with the noodles placed the center of a chop platter and surrounded by the bacon strips. For sandwiches, chopped cooked con is riRhtly combined with pen- nut butler, cheese or chopped prunes. Open-faced sandwiches mny slipped in the broiler just Innif enough to heat (hem. When it comes in .vi».snnhie. baron nlons wi'h its drippings is perfect for green beans, broccoli, spinach or corn pudding. LIVE BETTER FOR LESS WITH THESE 19* VALUES LIVE BETTER FOR LESS WITH THESE 50* VALUES cnP think of come canned, packaged. 01 fruy/MK Tt ]ook, c a, r , if these ready-to-cat foods were here to stnv. Food fads have heeri with us constantly for the past 50 yen rs—aided imri nbrtteU hy our intense Interest in dieting Pood-fad quacks just n ill i- rally took over where patent medicine promoters Icfr off. Anot tier influence on men Is 1ms been our disinterest in tltnitig rooms. Dining alcoves, breakfast nooks, foye- fflbles, and Inp-caiintf hold •>\\ay A..«* a res\iH the number of courses in a meal have been whittled clown. Thnnk heaven.\vc still splurpe on holidays. And how about rerines? T pot a shnck recently when T turned to inv 1915 edition of Fanny Farmer. Next time you have tho i'rpr» l« blame the current ladies' mm^flxiiiep (or sonic of our more dressed-up fooci numbers, just remember that Miss F. inped to start it with such offer- ngs as her salad of tomatoes, as- ara^i'.s. anrf beets all arranged (o .bok'iikc nn fndian He»c!c!ress. Tlie color picture is there, too. Tf by any chance you get fed up with some of i he 1050 mewls you Uste, gi\e <» i nought to the fart that your diet's vnidorhtetily 1m- prnvni£. and that voii'Ll probabls live longer to taste more! Every, Bite Means Taste Delight when it's SLICEDBACOM for it at your dealers Get Mayrose > FRANKS ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. Avondale Peaches Sliced or Halves. English Peas 2 Avondale Sweet. PRUNES No. 2!/2 can No. 1 Mb. Pkg. Standard quality. Medium evaporated TOMATOES rd quality. PIE SAUCE INSO For dishes or laundry. 5 4 No. 2 No. 2 cans Giant Pkg. 50c 50c 50c Rolls Slit Mayrose Dinner-Size Franks lengthwise.'Fill wilh a '/j'-inch thick stick of cheese. Loosely wrap each frank, spiral fashion, with a slice of Mayrose Bacon. Fasten each end with a toothpick. Place on n rack in a baking dish or on broiler rack split side ^down. Bake in a hot oven (425° F.) or in broiler until bacon is cooked. Turn franks split side up and continue baking or broiling until lop of bacon is cooked. Total cooking time, 10 to 15 minutes. 3 S-,,/.. -I Q< Cans 13 TOILET TISSUE 3 Waldoi-r TOMATOSAUCE HUNT'S LIMA BEANS S 19 Slokcly Small Green PRUNE PLUMS '.**;£ 19 HUNT'S TIDE Tide's in—Dirt's out. DOG FOOD Top Kick PORK & BEANS Kroger KROGER MILK I'lirc ICviiporaleil C Tall CAc 3 Cans W. LIVE BetTGR FOR LESS' Copyiir)hl IS THE SECRET OF A SLICED BACON ,„ 39 I'rcscdcnt Sugar Cured. SLAB BACON ,„ 37 Sugar Cured—;i to B pinmd pieces. SPARE RIBS ,„. 39 C 1 to 3 pound average. SALT MEAT „, 25 C Slrcak O'l.can. WHITING 2,,».35 C Dressed. HAMS Snank Half Ib. Abros Delight tender smoked; Butt Half Ib. 49c ;;„ CHUCK ROAST U. S. Criidcd jjood "<' cluiice. BRISKET O'BEEF U. S. Graded Good or Clioice. § 6 - 79 GROUND BEEF Top quality frefjh daily, PORK SAUSAGE Armour Sliir I'tire I'»ik. PORK LIVER Krcsh Tciuler Sliced. SPOTLIGHT 3 £.1.71 Kroger Hot-Dated Coffee. KROGER EGGS ^ 48 C U. S. Government Grade A Large. PETER PAN IS 34' EMBASSY Salad Dressing. Kroger White. Small Size Loaf. STR'BERRY PRESERVES 3 . 1.00 Smooth or Crunchy ('ennui Butter. 2 Mb. Loaves SOUP MIX i.iplon Noodle or Toninto Vegetable 3 BEANS 5 N ^! Joan of Arc Kidney. PEAS 4 ^ 50 C School Day Ts'o. J Sieve. CORN 2 N tr 35 C Slokcly Crcnm Style While. BEANS Ml, 25 C Great Northern. COCKTAIL 5f::;50 c Hunt's Fruit. HOMINY 6 x ^ 50 C Country Club. PEAS 5 x "cr 50 Crowdcr. G. BEANS 6S- n !50' Cut. SOUP 4 Campbell's Tomato. Cans APPLES Full Bushel . . 2.39 Five Pounds Half Bushel., 1,59 Btl!k U.S. No. 1 All-Purpose Reds. TANGERINES Florida's finest—Tree-ripe, easy to peel. TOMATOES Red Ripe Slicing Quality . RADISHES i Top Quality Bright Crisp Red. POTATOES w u ™ 10 Washed Selected Red POTATOES—50-lb. Mesh Bag 1.79. Ibs. Tube Bchs. Ib. Bulk Kraft Bag 29c 29? lOc 39? 10-Pkg. Ctn. CIGARETTES 1.87 NORTHERN TISSUE 3 rolls 25<z VEL OXYDOL 2 LUX FLAKES OCTAGON Laundry Soap 3 B °" 22< IVORY SOAP Personal Bar SHOP EASILY-USE KROGER'S FREE PARKING LOT

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