The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on August 24, 1953 · Page 4
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 4

San Bernardino, California
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Monday, August 24, 1953
Page 4
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'. t . to ' r 1 ARKANSAS HERO Marine Ark., holder of a Silver Star, two Hearts, flies Confederate flag in won his decorations in only seven - . i:: i V'vs, Zt- zr." .iir - ' s- f -z j m ,1 4n ii mi ir i rnin' nimiiiii in rr-i rn i nr r -vii-Tl irnmiw m mi mi mr iri i mr ' ift REDS TORTURE TO DEATH OLD RANGER WHO WOULDN'T TALK INCHON, Korea (IP) Two freed American soldiers told Sunday of a Ranger captain, a tough old professional Army man, who went through 11 months of Communist torture to his death rather thn divulge military secrets to the Communists. 'They kept him tied up in a hole," Sgt. Paul Urabel, of Johnstown, Pa., said. "They would question him all night and get him out at dawn and make him climb mountains with a bag of rice on his back. 'WOULD NEVER TELL' "We would slip into the hole at nit;ht to put cigarets in his mouth. He would tell us not to give in to them." "He was a wonderful guy," said Set. Charles Rollings, of Greensboro, N.C., who served with him in the First Ranger Company, and was captured with him in May, 1931. "The Chinese were trying to find out why the Rangers were in Korea and how they operated, The captain swore he would never tell them. "They had a special way of tying him up with ropes. They would almost pinch his arms off, the ropes were so tight. Then they would run Now Playing First Drive-In Showing This Area Adults 85c. Children Free IWXMHMMMMI Companion Hit cnncEROus cnassioo Enjoy Dining Out In Cool, Cool Waterman Canyon, the Gourmet's Rendezvous I PHONE 1-1016 I IN WATERMAN CANYON ' v .till Pfc. Billy R. Collum of Bauxite, Bronze Stars and three Purple Korea. The 22-year-old Marine months. (AP Wirephoto) the line around his throat and put the end over a beam so that if he moved an inch he was choking. But he wouldn't give in. "He would say over and over, 'You've got my name, rank and serial number and that's all you get.' And that's all they ever did get." Rollins was moved to another camp but Urabel kept contact with the captssin. "They would lead him out to the latrine and you could see he was black and blue and swollen all over," he said. "But we never heard him scream. They would keep him in that hole tied like a hog and the rain would fall in on him until he was lying in inches of mud. But when they brought him out he would be holding up his head, proud like. LIVING SYMBOL "He knew we were all pulling for him and he didn't want to let us down." Urabel said he saw the captain one last time. The captain said the Communists were taking him to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital for more "questioning." "He was beaten aiyi haggard," Urabel said. "He looked like a walking corpse. But he still wouldn't tell anything. A little while later he was dead. They said he had been killed as a 'war criminal' or something like that. "We had all got to sort of love the captain. He was like a symbol, something to hold on to." McCarthy, Hoover Relax at La Jolla LA JOLLA JB Two of the country's leading investigators, Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis) and FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, were visitors here Sunday McCarthy relaxing after a hearing in Los Angeles and Hoover on his annual vacation in California. They were stopping at the same seaside hotel. Hoover told the San Diego Evening Tribune in an interview that he considered McCarthy a friend and described him as earnest and honest and "a vigorous figure who isn't going to be pushed around." The FBI chief said he was not passing on the technique of McCarthy's committee but added that it said other Senate committees "do a valuable job." ICE SKATING SWING AUDITORIUM NATIONAL ORANGE SHOW TONIGHT Arrowhead Figure Skating Club LOU BAKER and .the ESQUIRES for Dancing in the Lounge . i nit ii iii 1 1 rf i r v Wire Cuttings Mark Midwest Phone Strike CHICAGO (UP)-Scattered wire cuttings were reported in the South western Bell Telephone Co. strike Sunday, while state police reopened an embattled exchange in the explosive Indiana telephone tieup. Meanwhile, the first settlement talks since 53,000 Southwest Bell workers went on strike last Friday will open in St. Louis Monday. Officials of the company and the CIO Communications Wojrkers of America are scheduled to meet with federal conciliators to discuss wage issues. Picketing in the six-state South western Bell strike has been gen erally peaceful, but wire tampering was reported Sunday at several points in Kansas. THREATS FADE In Indiana, state police acting on ordars of Gov. George N. Craig re opened the exchange t Jasonville, Ind., at 6 a.m. without incident. Indiana Bell Telephone Co. closed the exchange Saturday when a doz en persons gathered and threatened to bring 3,000 more who would tear it down "brick by brick." Both the CWA and the company said the threats were made by per sons not in Bell's employ. Union pickets were said to have taken no part in the disturbance. It was the second time Craig has dispatched state police to reopen an exchange closed under threats of violence. Last week police opened the Clinton, Ind., exchange after demonstrators hurled rocks and sprayed ammonia gas. New Southland War Casualties WASHINGTON UP) The Defense Department has announced the following Southern California casualties in the Korean area (list 883): KILLED IN ACTION ARMY: Pfc. James R. Clarin, son of Mrs. Constance M. Ciarin, 4115 San Fernando Rd., Glendale (previously missing). MARINE CORPS: Pfc. Terrill O. Coats, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton E. Coats, 818 Penn St., El Segundo. WOUNDED ARMY: Pfc. Roy E. Dirk, husband of Mrs. Margie L.. Dick. 19787 E. Duff, Reed-ley. NAVY: Peter W. Upham Jr., HM3, son of Mrs. Mildred ft. Bouten, 4545 45th St., San Diego. MARINE CORPS: Sgt. Julius Butler, husband of Mrs. Julius C. Butler, 123 E. Gage Ave., Los Angeles. Pfc. Raymond L. Earhart. son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Earhart, 4002 Greenwood Ave., San Diego. Pfc. Leonard C. Epperson, son of Mr3. Annis Epperson, P. O. Box f93, Taft. Sgt. Robert W. Jamieson. son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Jamieson, 3619 Vermont St.. Long Beach. Pfc. Rafael Jaramillo Jr.. husband of Mrs. Rafael Jaramillo Jr., 218 N. Cleveland, Oceanside. Pfc. Kenneth L. Kildare, pon of Mr. and Mrs. Barney W. Kildare, 719 W. Elm St-. San Diego. Sgt. Joe S- Orozco. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jose H. Orozco, P.O. Box 1225, Trona. S. Sgt. Donald L. Reineke. husband of Mrs. Donald L. Reineke, 711 W. Seaside Blvd., Apt. 11, Lig Beach. Farmers Raising 8 Pet. Fewer Turkeys in '53 WASHINGTON (UP)-The Agriculture Department reported Saturday that farmers are raising 55,746,000 turkeys this year, 8 per cent fewer than last year's big crop. The department said its estimates show production of small turkeys, like the Beltsville white, down 11 per cent with large varieties off 7 per cent. 14 Dope Suspects Held SAN FRANCISCO (UP) Fourteen dope peddling suspects were under arrest after all;night raids by state narcotics agents, and state enforcement chief Walter Creighton said the roundup would continue over the weekend with 12 additional suspects sought. "DREAM WIFE" CARY GRANT DEBORAH KERR WALTER PI DG EON Also "TARZAN AND THE SHE DEVIL" LEX BARKER JOYCE McKENZIE n niniATimc itiiiiirt i urn. PING PONG Week Days "Til 7 c c.. lj.i: j EVERY THIRD ROUND HIGHLAND AND. NOW PLAYING SHOW STARTS AT DUSK BOTH 1st DRIVE-IN SHOWING SAN BERNARDINO AREA Hlef T J. YATES i n ii it kJ' 2 Coor Cartoons ft ; li y r-'r I ' j v A IN TIGHT SPOT Alfred Mancuso of Rochester, N.Y., is questioned by patrolman James A. Smith after he and three companions were arrested at 41st St. and Second Ave. in New York early Sunday after a battle with police. Lying on ground is Peter Fazio, one of the quartet, who was knocked out. Police said the four had just robbed a nearby restaurant. (AP Wirephoto) NAVY VETERAN COAXED FROM HOSPITAL LEDGE NEW YORK W) A Navy vet eran was coaxed from a 14th floor ledge of a Brooklyn hospital early Sunday after 13 hours of plead ing and attempts to snatch him from his precarious perch. Sidney Herman, 23, a salesman, climbed onto the narrow strip at noon Saturday and sobbed to would-be rescuers : "Everyone's against me, even my family. I'm going to jump." The crowd of onlookers, shouting all kinds of advice, included his mother and brother. Nets were dropped from the floor above in attempts to snare Herman. He flattened himself against the wall and eluded them. Shortly before midnight, power ful searchlights were beamed at him. Then two firemen swung to ward him trapeze-fashion, on ropes dangling from the floor above. They missed Herman and were McCarthy Calls for Fewer PO Subsidies WASHINGTON ( Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) announced he has asked for an estimate of how much it costs the Post Office to "sub sidize the distribution" of the Daily Worker, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post in the second class mail. In a letter to Postmaster Gener al Summerfield, McCarthy said it would seem that the three daily newspapers he named "are typical examples of papers that overburdened taxpayers should not be called upon to subsidize." $1.25 PER FAMILY CAR 65o Singles or Stags "RIDE. VAQUERO" (Technicolor) Robert Taylor Ava Gardner "SMALL TOWN GIRL" (Technicolor) Jsno Powell Farley Grander am c uvkl -vi GAMES f 25c j) ic. st? FREE VALENCIA AVENUES Lou-uv...ttf im IT1 1 nn ii akI7lCUlNH.UL RShow Starts at Dusk I V OPEN I T I Latest News enmeshed in one of the safety nets. Finally a psychiatrist called to Herman: "Get out, Sid. I can help you and you know it." Herman asked for five minutes to think it over, then said he would give himself up if no pictures were taken. Dr. Kay agreed and Herman allowed two firemen to pull him to safety through a window. Mussolini's Daughter To Wed Soviet General SAO PAULO, Brazil (IP) Edna Mussolini Ciano, daughter of the late Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, has announced she will marry a Russian general now living in Poland before the end of the year. Asked to identify her fiance, she said his first name is Dmitri "but his family name I am not telling." , More POWs to Arrive WASHINGTON (UP) The second group of returning American prisoners of war is scheduled to reach San Francisco Aug. 28 aboard the Navy transport Gen. W. F. Hase, the Navy announced. There are 107 Class I railroads in the U.S. SHOW STARTS AT DUSK 1st DRIVE-IN SHOWING ACTTOW I THRILLS! 1 GUY MADISON FRANK L0VE10Y PLUS 2nd TOP "A" HIT The FARMER !i TAKES A fficw2i A WIPE LAST TIMES TONITE NEVER WAS A MAN LIKE Ul3-D 1 7 pyrA deS ALAN LADD'JEAN ARTHUR VAN HE FUN - GEORGE STEVENS T"- S 4OkwkJ t ' ,",wuuw P WIM JACK PACANCg . uajon TECHNICOLOR Plus: STARTS WEDNESDAY THE PICTURE f? EVERYONE IS X TALKING ,-" f - j mm Polio Foundation Tells How It Spenf Millions NEW YORK Lfl The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis said Sunday that, during 1952, it spent almost 25 million dollars for treatment of some 80,000 persons. The foundation's report said this represented an expenditure of 69 cents of every dollar raised by the annual March of Dimes campaign. . . Almost 19 cents of each March of Dimes dollar, the report said, went for research and professional education. It said the remaining 12 cents went for chapter and medical department services, state office operations, public information and administration. THREE BLOCKS REMOVED Although the nation experienced its worst epidemic year in 1952 with 57,628 reported cases, th foundation cited the removal of three "key roadblocks" last year in the fight against polio. They were isolation of three distinct types of polio virus, the ef fective use of gamma globulin the blood derivative used as a pre ventative in the spread of the disease and development of the test tube method of producing the types of polio virus for research instead of experimenting on animals. : Britain Claims Rockets JThatGo 2,000 M.P.H. LONDON m Britain now has rockets capable of flying more than 2,000 miles an hour and out- maneuvering any piloted plane in operation, a high government official said. Duncan Sandys, minister of sup ply, made the statement in a re view of thfs air conscious nation's guided missiles program. Sandys, son-in-law of Prime Minister Churchill, will leave Monday for Australia to watch the guided missiles in operation at the giant Woomera range. 4 Trio Knocks Out Game Warden, Lands in Jail COLUSA UPt Three men are in county jail here on charges of knocking out Douglas Dowell, game warden of Lower Lake and taking his pistol and flashlight when he tried to arrest them for 'shooting a- doe. The three, arrested by Sheriff Max Mayfjeld, are Dudley Begley, 28, of Colusa, and Robert Eagleton, 34, and Jesse Lynch, 31, both of Williams. - ; . U.S. Atomic Artillery Units Set for Europe PARIS (UP) American military authorities have tentatively earmarked from four to six atomic artillery battalions for transfer to Europe within the next year, usually reliable informants said. North Atlantic Treaty Organization counties may oppose the move on the ground that the sites would be prime targets for Russian attacks. Timbuktu was taken over by the French in 1893. Base Line at D - Pfi. 86-4405 S AACM'm SPLASHY a rift EDO US 0 Esther WILLIAMS Ftnmfe LAMAS feck CARSON CHARLOTTE i ""jafetco" GREENWOOD eL . PARCEL I Firsf J- McCres STARTS FRIDAY "THUNDER BAY" With JAMES STEWART' SHOW TIME 7:45 FIRST RUN SHOWING V William Holden -vN- STUD -dP&,A-.-Y. DAVID NIVEN . LiV j Maggie Mcnmra j Released thru United Artists fftatta r v West Turns Down For Single Big Air BERLIN m The Western Allies are turning down Russia's proposal for just one big air corridor to Berlin because they fear it rflight prove a trap in case of another blockade, an informed Al lied source revealed. The West proved once during the 1948-49 blockade that it could feed Berlin by air through the existing system of three 20-mile-wide corridors across Soviet-occupied East Germany. Allied airmen are not sure an airlift would work with just one wide corridor. So they are taking no chances. "The single corridor idea is a dead duck," a Western official said. This kills the only big plan presented during five months of 4-power talks on the problem of air safety over Germany. GAL PILOTS GIVE EXPERT HELP IN FIGHTING FIRES GRANGEVILLE, Idaho Fire-fighting may be men's work but a couple of high-flying California gals are giving some expert help in battling blazes in the primitive NezPerce Forest of North Idaho. Pilot Dianna Bixby and her copilot, Darline Thurmond, both of the Bixby Airline of Long Beach, are helping supply crews on isolated fire lines with air drops from their DC3 plane. They have been dropping food, water and equipment into tiny clearings in the wilderness and a forest service official who flew with them described their plane handling as "the best flying I've seen." The lady pilots were pressed into Starlet Barbara Ruick, Young Actor Married ' LAS VEGAS W Film starlet Barbara' Ruick, 20, and Meade Howard Horton Jr.. 29, also an actor, were married Saturday night at the Flamingo wedding chapel here. The couple eloped from a Holly wood night club -Friday night, friends said. They plan to return to Hollywood Monday. Miss Ruick is the daughter of Lurene " Tuttle, well known radio actress. : Fire Razes 300 Homes MANILLA (If) A 7-hour fire wiped out more than 300 homes and left 3,000 persons without shelter in the little town of Matalom on the southwest coast of Leyte, 67 miles south of Tacloban. Men have rowed and sailed across the Atlantic in dories. TODAY & TOMORROW COMPANION HIT cSrb SPMHGHIU) IfflfU COLOR CARTOON NEWS Last 2 Days!- 3 DIMENSION "SECOND CHANCE" With ROBT. MITCHUM LINDA DARNELL "MASTER OF BALLANTRAE" with ERROL FLYNN Starts Wednesday iffiran wcco com Anthony CUIN8 Kart KASZNAR Second "A" Feature Edward 6. ROBINSON. VERAELLEN " Extrat Color Cartoon e Russ Proposal Path fo Berlin The talks are continuing. But the high hopes with 'which they began have faded. Some kind of face-saving agreements may eventually emerge. But they are most likely to be of minor importance. One thing the West wants to make sure: Whatever changes are made must not in any way restrict the present aerial access to Berlin. There's another angle that officials diplomatically refuse to discuss: The daily flights of Allied! planes across the Soviet Zone over three separate routes provide some limited observation of what's going on there. It was easy to detect, for instance, the recent abarn donment of four Soviet fighter bases. Although each of the existing corridors is only 20 miles wide the way they are spaced provides a visual sweep over a wide area. the fire drop work Thursday after delivering a crew of 25 Zuni Indians from Gallup, N.M., who were imported for firework. Dianna said the first drop zone they were assigned '.'looked 15 feet wide with a tree 150 feet high right in the center of it." "We put one bundle in that tree and had to duck it on every pass," she said, "and we spread the bedrolls all over the side of the hill, but most of the stuff went just, where it was supposed to go." Dianna and Darline were at the controls of the DC3 over the forest again Saturday, but didn't release supplies as smoke obscured the drop areas. . BRT to Seek 37!4 Cent Pay Raise Next Month CLEVELAND (UP) The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen announced here it will probably seek a wage increase of 37 cents an hour for all its 219,000 members in the United States when contracts with the nation's carriers expire next month. BRT President' W. P. Kennedy said the tentative demand was drafted by a special wage, and rules committee. Kennedy- said the increase was necessary because trainmen had not had any raises since October, 1951. The first settlement made by white men on the Atlantic coast of North America was near Winyah Bay, S. C, in 1526, by Lucas Vas-quez de Ayllon, a Spaniard, with about 500 people, including Negro slaves. BALCONY OPENS P. M. Continuous Matinee Daily 1:30 Hurry 1 Hurry! End Tuesdayl HIT NO. 2 "STORY OF KOREA' IL,E GlOIHf MATHRF STARTS WEDNESDAY! on Our PANORAMIC SCREEN! Jane Marilyn RUSSELL MONROE CHARUS C0BURN Technicolor c-Hit DISNEY'S "JS? SOON! SHANE! SHANE! SHANE! ntOHk 35-lt wutw tat I TODAY Doors Open 6:45 LESLIE CAROM MEL FERRER "LILI" 2ND TOP HIT "TITANIC" TODAY DOORS OPEN I P. M. ROBERT MITCHUM ANN BLVTH "ONE MINUTE TO ZERO" ALSO "CAPTAIN BLOOD" Fnnnwaiwaai Pff ' v-ir "EVER ' A 5fE All lv f MM mMwoMes i TODAY SHOW STARTS 7 P. M. In Cfttor ay Technicolor BETTY GRABLE DALE ROBERTSON "Farmer Takes a Wife" JEANNE CRAIN MICHAEL RENNIE "Dangerous Crossing" r

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