The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1950
Page 7
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; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28. OUTOUR WAY By J. R. Williams FACE THIRTEEN (ARK.l COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople TKAT AINT NO MESS THSTS -JVC BEST COOLHs!' SVSTEM V -O EVe£^ SAW.' COG:. WATER. RUNNIKT ALL 'ROOND HM-- WISH IT? HAP TH' TO THINK O' THW MYSELF/ AND GET IT WH»LE M FALLEN IV6 HOT/— I'VE ^ OFF «/q LKT8N«toW\ WHttSSr 2ES7S.?"* 1 PS2S.V& ™e,W«aw>t*w*rrw» Posse, sun 4 to i eer VOU A DATE WITH A PERFECT GENTLEMAN AND YOU BEK/Wfi PEASANT"/ o'eR.X ^ HEARS | * (C-*VALR.V/ SUOW.'/^.VTtVV"/ ^-ir-S^Sw (jOSW.JUME.TMIS LIKIr YOU/ WUERE'D you MISLW YOUC. SENSE OF HUMOR? OLJRN trie f -MORTGAGE = Well, it boils down to this—Vassar's got more class and State U. has more men!" REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Mere's One Way To Save Money Expert Service H-fl LT€RS QUflLITY SHOC SHOT IZI W. M O I N ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cassi inveiti- gated in several hospital! and clinict, subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the uj« of Mountain Valley Water. ff your doctor ha* diagnosed your condition OF functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water'may be very beneficial. Try il for a few weeks. H ii delicious, pure-tasting, and mpy fc> consumed freely. Croistown Whiskey Shop Main & Division xn I WAS the drst u> reach the window. A hushed group formed « circle around the sprawled form of Pjt Phajol on the concrete verandah below 1 could see a little automatic pistol close by her outflung hand. Beside me Humbert said: "She was trying to escape!" 1 whirled on him. "She was pushed out of the window! Those trees hide the window from view, and the verandah was deserted. Everybody was in the lobby." 1 turned toward Teresa. whom Dominico had helped to her feet. "You did the shooting 1 . Y*ou knocked Pal out. then you rushed to my room and shol through my window at Lee Norton lying on his bed! You were afraid he would talk! After you shot him you came back here and dumped Pat out the window! But before you threw the gun. you bruised yourself with it!" Dominico screamed: This man U out of his mind! He's a murderer and a thief! Pay no attention to him!" Humbert shook his head. "If you want the truth," I •napped, "gel it from Lee Norton —if he's still alive!" He was. Two of the bullets had gat him, but no vital organ had been hit He lay bleeding on the bed, still asleep. The doctor answered and gave Norton a hypo and presently he opened his : eyes. "You were shot." I told him. "Teresa shot you. Anything you want to say before you die?" He went white. "So she tried to kill me so she could get all the diamonds, did she?" Then he made a full confession. I didn't linger. I went over to the hospital la see about Pat PhajoL • • • CHOUGH she had fallen upon concrete, her neck had not been broken nor her skull crushed as Teresa Jordan had planned. Her injuries were painful but not serious Despite this. 1 wasn't permitted to see her till noon the next day. By thai time Gremcheck and Bryer had returned to Tucson. Dominico was under tiis physician's care at his ranch—the poor o!d boy had aged "0 years T'm sorry." Pal apologized. "1 really didn't think it was you— until you told Dominico that il he would take you to the hotel you would produce the diamonds." "It wasn't until Domimco's boys had thoroughly beaten me up lhat 1 was convinced he didn't have the diamonds himself. Thai slugging was too thorough to be a mere show I'd already eliminated Bryer and Gremcheck as suspects. My talk with them convinced me that they weren't acting, any more than Dominico was. "I recalled how Lee Norton had come apparently drunk into the taproom ,and created his scene with Teresa. He clasped her hand and held it up in ridicule of her diamond ring. 1 guessed that hij real reason in doing this was to permit her to pass on a message telling him where to find the diamonds. You told her. didn't you. Pat? And she did use the writing desk?" "I told her. And her excuse to use the writing desk was to copy the address of a girl we'd known at school." "But she was really scribbling a note to Norton!" She nodded ruefully. "I trusted her too much!" l "But she never intended to marry Dominico. She was still in love with Lee Norton. She got Dominico to agree to buy diamonds of your father just to get him to come here with them. "The scene in the taproom was faked and I'll admit that il never occurred to me that they could be working together. After Teresa passed on her note, Norton got himself knocked out, knowing the bartender would haul him oil to a hotel room as usual. So long m there is a second-floor room vi- canl. a drunk is never dragged further "Norton confessed hf struck your father with a full bottle ol whisky He completed the lob with your father's own gun." Pat wasn't taking this so well, but 1 went on: "He had equipped himself with a skeleton key. which was found on him. Also h« had filed a portion of it to be used aj a screwdriver That's how he got the medicine cabinet out and back again. He'd been poured Into hotel rooms so many times h« knew how to do iL "Teresa was afraid Norton would talk DS he came out oi it. So she slugged you and planned to make it appear that you were an accessory with me in the robbery ol your father. Norton waf to appear as an accessory, loo, mod you were to gel credit for shooting him. Unfortunately for Teresa, her pistol-shooting B short oi perfection." "Norton will live?" "Sure. His wounds were so trivial thai he was packed off to jail with Teresa. If either of them goes to the gas chamber, 1 hop* it's she." pAT shuddered. I said: "Grem- check gave your father's diamonds 3 clean bill of health. Whj were you so evasive about whert he gol those diamonds?" Pat colored througn her purple bruises. "Dad's reputation was so had the importer requested him not to tell who sold them to him unless he had to. It's a shame that Dad had to die just when success w s within his grasp!" I nodded. Everybody had misunderstood Phajol, but in death his name was cleared even to those who had hated him most. Gremcheck, for example, had promised to dispose of the diamonds without commission. I knew that Phajol would have been happy about the whole thing—tht only thing he had wanted was a fortune for his daughter. I won. dered what he would have thought about her falling for a privat* cop, but 1 gave that only passing thought XHE KNB UV AL VERMEER PRESCRIPTIONS Fr*sh Stock Gunnlced Best Price* Kirby Druq Stores HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? 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NOW TALK GAMBUN6 JOIMTS NEEC7 LIQUOR FOR THE SUCKERS, eur TH6V CDM'T STAMP A CHANCE; OF SETTING A LICENSE, RJMT. HAP ATIC7V LITTLE BUSINESS GETTING THEM TH6 STUFF. THEN LIAVPV 5OLP OUT TO A pis OUTPIT THE CAITAIN EASY Two of a Kind I5Y I,RSI-IE TURNER STILETTO WOH-T APMIT HE HM> THE Stff.. SHERIFF 1 •UT J- HIM, I FKL RATHER. VDU'Efc TUCKERED OUT, WE.. GftEOA.! BETTER tAN DOWN FOC A SPELL.,.TMERE'S A COUCH «) HEEE PAL'S RESTIN' MEKB6 I ORIEKTe-V MVNMipl DAWSOH...BUT WE'LL U MWOM'THKT /TeVANVTHlHG THAT CROOK. TM<! A MIGHT HEP GAECIft I'M (VFI2AID IT WONT IHEftes VER.G01WUP FOE ALONG / THMS KICH! IT SIRETCHi HATE, SO 'WO CfttJ'T Glr NEVEE SEE rHKT sAFEsl TELL ME WERE ll£ AT Nff ML SPLIT 50-50 WITH VOU! BUT I WILL IMi.3 A DBftL WITH V OM *W BUGS BUNNY Playing It Safe WHBRB V«X &OIN' I I'M G-GONNA IN THAT RI&, ft 6SLL THESE SAJgoWICKE? P-PETUM1A MADE AT THE BALI- PARK OH, BOY.' STOMACH DISTRESS UNLIMITBD...VAK. N HY V. T. HA.MLIN I DON'T -<NOW.'CH <?H' H= VAS HHSE /TELLS V£ ILL . 3E •EOJLfSE ALLEY OOP SWAM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL IN 55 B.C..THE LEGIONS Of- C STRANDED IN BRITAIN BY THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR FLEET, ONCE A&WN HAVE THE MEANS OF RtTURMINGTO THEIR BASE. IN GMJLOWWGf) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES liV BDCAR MARTIN

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