Caruthersville Journal from Caruthersville, Missouri on June 25, 1936 · 3
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Caruthersville Journal from Caruthersville, Missouri · 3

Caruthersville, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1936
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Thursday, June 25, 1936. THE REPUBLICAN, CARUTHERSVILLE, MISSOURI Thursday, June 25, 1936, LP EDITED BY JAMES CLYDE HARPER CARETHERSVILLE PACES TEAMS IN JUNIOR LOOP Caruthersville is the only team that remains undefeated in the jun-' oir loop, having won three straight games. In addition to winning all j hits and striking out eleven batters. scored when Hinchey, rightfielder, singled. Baird pitching for Caruthersville the first two innings, aUowed Cottonwood four runs. Thornsberry completed the game, yielding only three LITTLE 0!ME IN COUNTY LEAGUE Number Eight still Ahead. James Store, Cottonwood, Deering Are Sunday Winners. SPORT GPOUTIN'S LETS KEEP THEM YOUNG Very little change was effected in leadership of the Pemiscot County League last Sunday, Number Eight defeating Stanley easily to keep well in front and maintain a perfect percentage basis of leadsrship. James Store defeated Dixie Park, Cottonwood collected a victory over Maple-wood and Deering downed Braggadocio. Cottonwood's victory places them in fourth place, and Deering and Dixie Park are tied for third, Deering winning and Dixie Park losing. No. 8 Defeats Stanley Number Eight easily won over Stanley, at Stanley, the second time these teams have played. The first game was rained out and will be made up at a later date. From the first, it appeared Number Eight's victory Sunday, as Collins, Number Eight shortstop, poled a homer his first time up. Stanley made numerous errors, which accounted in part for the one-sided score. The lineups: Number Eight (19) Collins ss, Jenkins cf, Mullins 3b, Reed lb, Boyd 2b, Michie If. Wardell rf, F. Bareer c, Howard Barger p, and Webb, substitute. Stanley (1) Stokes If, DePriest lb, Downing rf, Edwards c, V. Cobb 3b, Banks cf, Macklin ss, L. Cobb pitcher and Madden 2b. James Store 9, Dixie Park 7 Paced by the hitting of Gill, Vaughn and R. James, James Store batters pounded Dixie Park pitchers for 12 hits and 9 runs Sunday. Ed and Hart slammed a homer for Dixie Park. Aaron, with two doubles and a single, led Dixie Park batsmen, while R. James, Vaughn and Gill got three hits each for Jamea Store. Dixie Park got seven hits, one walk, and made three errors, while James Store was credited with four errors and received three charity bases. Eight Dixie Park batters fanned, while seven James Store batters struckout Sebree got a triple and R. James two doubles for James Store. Chafin hit a double for Dixie Park. The lineups: James Store (9) Gill 2b, Hunter c, Cook 3b, R. James rf, Carpenter lb, Ed James If, Vaughn cf, Sebree ee, A. T. James pitcher. Dixie Park (7) Johnson cf, Clark (Bradley) 2b, Hart lb, Enotts c, Aaron 3b, Bass If, Looney rf, Chafin pitcher, Robinson ss, Dave and Orton, substitutet pitchers. The Caruthersville Badgers have lost a few games, and the men on the streets are condemning this and that. Weeks , ago, ,1 remarked that this town was a winner-town. Long as anyone or- any organization is a winner, everything is fine. Let the individual or the group lose, even temporarily, and the town arises in critical aloofness. But this is one time criticism has come too quickly. The Caruthersville Badgers are ball players. Say what you will, say it how you will, facts remain facts. Even if you and you think they"re not playing good ball just because they aren't playing winning ball, you're wrong. The Badgers may not be winning consistently. But regardless, they're being recognized as ball players. More than you realize, strings are being pulled, plans formulated and all kinds of tricks attempted in an effort to get hold of from one to six of the boys when the current season is over. That's all right, for the Caruthersville Baseball Association intends to progress a player just as fast as ne is capable or going up. It would be foolish to refuse to sell a player, keep him from advancing, and keep the club's treas ury from getting fatter. like that. Those scouts have judged ball players for years, and know their business. Say what you wiu, the kids have given us some pretty good baseball, even in those games they lost Above all, let's not get disgruntled and go out and "buy up" a few class players in an effort to strengthen our team. Class players are invariably veterans, those who have slipped down from the big leagues, but still play fairly good ball. They'd still be up, if they were agile young sters. Down here, after having gone up and then back down, they're only interested in one thing getting the day over to receive their pay check. They have no future, consequently, there is no chance for a sale. And sales, me lads, is what keeps any ball club going. Even Caruthersville must get youngsters, develop them, and sell them, if it's to come out ahead of Old Man Red Ink. Boost the Badgers don't knock. Then we'll have successful ball successful on the field of play . . , successful in a financial way. HERNDON SETS HITTING PACE AS BADGERS WIN Deering Wins from Braggadocio Deering easily defeated Braggadocio Sunday on the Deering grounds by a one-sided score of 16 to 2. With the exception of only a few instances, Deering accounted for all their scores as a result of errors by Braggadocio players. The lineups: . Deering (16) Bullock, Fairlcso, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, must think we have some good future possibilities on our present lineup, for they've taken steps to get first chance at taking their choice of the present lineup this fall. Before the Badgers came to Caruthersville, on June 5th to be exact, Cedar Rapids entered into a verbal agreement to finance the Badgers the rest of 1938, for which they were to be given option on any and all players. They agreed to advance the West Plains president, E.A. Kerr, $400 of a $1000 fee, and in turn, were to get first choice of the players for the thousand dollars. Now, since Caruthersville has the team, and forfeited franchise formerly operated by West Plains, Cedar Rapids is trying to hold the Caruthersville club to the verbal agreement made with Kerr. Of course, Kerr never received the first $400, it being sent to the office of Judge Branham, the boss of organized baseball, for his approval. Branhan still has it, and it has been offered back to Cedar Rapids. But Cedar Rapids doesn't want the $400. They want first option on the Badgers. Naturally they would, fot there are right now a couple of the boys who would probably bring eight to ten hundred dollars, if they were put on the market So, realizing the chance to get from one 4o' all the club for a thousand bucks, Cedar Rapids is making a fight to have tnat vervai agreement declared o-kay. The matter is up to Branham, and he will pass on it sometime within the next week, probably. If he declares the deal "off", then the Ledbetter cf, Lipsey If, B. Nail 3b, F. Naile 2b, Pace ss, Johnson pitcher, and Wall c. Braggadocio (2) F. Faris If, Bru-ton 2b, McGhee ss, Curtis c, A. Faris lb, Gallaher cf, Davis 3b, Gooch rf, and Holt pitcher. Maplewood Loses to Cottonwood The Cottonwood players, with the odds against them and the score 7-2 in favor of Maplewood, started a rally in the last of the fifth that Changed defeat into victory last Sunday. Heber Halford, Cottonwood pitcher, lammed out a double when the bases were loaded, which were followed by safe hits by Taylor and Tumbow. Complete lineups of the game were not available. Is Southern Champ Johnny Marrs, well known to mat fans of Caruthersville and vicinity, some few weeks ago defeated Jack Ross, ancient Roman, for the Southern Light Heavyweight mat crown and title, the match being held at Augusta, Ga. It was a one fall affair, terminating when Ross was unable to return for the second fall, being severely battered by taking a dozen or more flying tackles. Marrs, former football player, relies quite a bit on the flying tackle, and when in this section won a number of mat victories In that manner. Marrs has been getting plenty of work in the south, wrestling in states along the East coast from Florida up to and including the Carolines. Fans down there like his work, and he is regarded as one of the cleanest matmen ever to come Into that area. THIS 'N THAT Talkies of the Schmeling-Louis wow will gross over a . million bucks, it Jsestimated. ! Fight officials, expecting the fight to end within four rounds, sold the rights outright for about $30,000. But the 12-round lopaloosa has got everyone wanting to see it, and the flicker will make owners a pile of dough . . . Warfare in the Orient is preventing Jimmy Burkey, Kennett sports promulgator, from taking a job on the Advertiser, an American paper in Japan . . . Saturday, June 27, is "bike parade day" in Poplar Bluff, when everyone who wishes may compete for three prizes given by Montgomery, Ward & Co., for the best decorated bikes . . . Sikes-ton is arranging a city-wide teuiis tournament, to include events for men, women, boys and girls Tharon Stallings, well known sports ofticiai of Southeast Missouri is assisting arrange the tourney . . . Jim Parkins, who scored par on the Gwin course recently, is not a Poplar Bluff caddy. He used to be, but now is a "young" golfer there, one of the most promising in Southeast Missouri . . . Excitement over the Schmeling-Louis fight caused at least four deaths, there may be others, but four are recorded; one in Memphis, two in Pittsburg, and one in New York . . . Jim Browning, Missouri heavyweight wrestler who once held the heavy crown, died last Friday in the Mayo Brothers clinic, following an exploratory operation to correct an abdominal ailment . . . Sun glasses that major league outfielders wear cost from $10 to $20 a pair . . . 20,000 persons saw the Schmeling-Louis bout via the pass route, the total who paid being about 40,000, while the total crowd was placed at about 60,000 . . . Pemiscot County League Games For Sunday, Jane 28. Maplewood at James Store. Dixie Park at Braggadocio. Deering at Stanley. Cottonwood at No. 8. Pemiscot County League Standing Team W L P Number Eight 5 0 1.000 James Store 6 1 .867 Deering 4 S .877 Dixie Park 4 3 .677 Cottonwood 3 S .500 Stanley 2 4 .334 Maplewood 1 6 .144 Braggadocio .. 1 6 .144 Caruthersville Association will be greatly benefited. If, however, Bran, ham decides the verbal agreement must be upheld, although the money was never paid over except to him for approval, then the local club will lose several good, sound dollars this fall. The Northeast Arkansas League officially upholds Caruthersville in its attempt to get this verbal agreement between Kerr and Cedar Rapids disallowed, stating that inasmuch as the agreement was never recorded with proper league officers, it is non-existant. Just what will be the outcome of this present controversy we'll all know within the next few days. Should the agreement be decided against, Caruthersville is in position to make excellent connections with other higher leagues. Local club officers have contacted Chattanooga, and through them, the Washington Senators, for consideration as a farm team. However, soon after this contact was made, the Cedar Rapids controversy arose, and Chattanooga and Washington declined to take any action until the club was able to submit proof that no other team or league had any arrangements with the local team. If the Cedar Rapids agreement is disallowed, it is entirely possible that Caruthersville will become a farm team of Chattanooga, and indirectly, of Washington, since Washington is interested in the Chattanooga club. This connection is something to be thinking about and working toward. In the meantime, let's string along with the boys. They're just as anxious to play winning ball as you are to have them play it They realize that only by good playing do they stand a chance to progress to, higher leagues, and this is their aim in life. They're young, a bunch of kids more or less, the Eldest being only 24. Perhaps we boosted them a little too much when they first came here, and they became egotists. Now, their recent losses have just about busted that bump of ego, if they had one. Too, several of the boys have been ill the last week or so, and this must be taken into consideration. Whatever their ailment is which has caused them to 'lose a few games, don't jump to the hasty conclusion that they aren't ball players. For you're wrong if you aren't, then Cedar Rapids is wrong. And Cedar Rapids doesn't hire scouts and managers to make m(gfaveB Have you mailed in your name for the Caruthersville League team, now known as the Badgers? Remem ber, the person who picks the name judged best by the Name Committee will receive a season's pass to all at-nome games, and also a cash award of $2.50. A member of the Name Com- mittee today stated that a dozen or so had mailed in names. The envelopes are yet unopened, the Committee choosing to wait until the day after the contest ends to open and consider all names sent in. The contest ends July 1st, so you'd bet ter get your cnoice in, if vou have- not already done so. Anyone can enter, excent club di rectors and officers and their immediate families. The Committee suggests that a name more suitable to the South and Southeast Missouri is wanted, inasmuch as the name Badger" is symbolic of the north. being a northern animal. But be sure your name isn't one already used by some other league member. Names of the other five teams are: Batesville, White Sox: Newnort. Cardinals; Paragould, Rebels; Jones- Doro, uiants; Osceola, Indians. What II be the new name for the Caruthersville team? We'll all know Thursday, July 2nd. The decision of the Committee will be reported in this department on that date. o . GREYHOUNDS DEFEAT BOOKER T. GIANTS 9 4 The Caruthersville Grevhounds, local independent Negro baseball team, aereated the Booker T. Giants 9-4 here Monday at Leeion Park. It was an open date for the Ca ruthersville Badgers, whose home is ILegion Park, and the diamond was IJiAt nut .u n i-t i . ict vub w uic ureyuounus. . Dillinger pitched and Shepard caught for the Greyhounds, while the Booker T. Giants' battery was Chick pitching, and Byrd catching. These two teams play again Sunday, June 28, at Legion Park, as the park will be vacant that day, the Badgers playing at Osceola. o Northeast Arkansas League Stand- mgs, incjumng June 24tti Games Second Baseman Herndon set the pace for his teammates at Legion Park Wednesday, getting three out of four trips, one of the hits a nomer, to lead the Caruthersville Badgers' batting attack on Jones-boro Giants' pitcher, the Badgers winning, 9-3. Dennis and Wickel poled out doubles, and in addition to his homer, Herndon got a triple and single. Speer also hit a triple. Turner and Dennis got two hits out of four trips. Iffrig and Dennis gave up sacrifice hits. One Badeer walked. Wickel getting the charity base, and he also stole third in the sixth. Five Badgers were charged with errors, ueuig uenms, audson, Herndon, J. McGowan and Wickel. Speer, Badger twirler, fanned five Jonesboro batters. Grahovac, getting two singles out of four trips, led Giant batters, and Pasierb and Bates got the other two hits for Jonesboro, each a single. Four of the Giants were issued walks by Speer, being Johnson, Pasierb, Hall and Vandenbere. Johnson. Pasierb and Grahovac errored. Van-denberg struckout five . Badger bat ters. Score by inninzs: Badgers 020 213 lOx 9 11 5 Giants 000 120 0003 4 3 Batteries: Badeers SDeer nitrhinir Turner catching; Giants Vanden- Derg pitching, Porter catching. o Ray, Knox, Welch Winners Over Soley. Olsen and Bloomfield The wrestling card nresented here last Thursday night at the Amer ican Legion arena proved one of the most interesting and entertaining wcai mat fans have witnessed in some weeks. A special match between Honrv Soley and Shorty Ray was quite en- ' tertaining, despite the fact that it I lasted only two falls. Soley appeared I to be the aggressor in both falls. I However, Shorty's weight gave him a slight advantage and he easily took the two straight falls, the first in three minutes and the second in one minute. In the first match, between rn Olsen and Schoolboy Knox, the latter proved a little too good for the Terrible Swede, taking the first ana third falls. , The first fall lasted only l 3.4 niinutes, Knox winning by- a bodv straddle. ' Olsen started his rough stuff at the very beginning of the second fall by choking the Schoolboy. After 9 1-2 minutes Olsen worked a crab-hold on Knox to take the fall. The third and decidin? full ma a hardly as rough as the preceding one, starting off with Knox taking a leg split Olsen came out nf th, hold with an Indian leg lock, but wuma not turn loose of the ropes, so Referee Meroney broke the hold Then after Knox gave Olsen a body slam or two, he followed bp with three monkey flips to win the fall in 6 minutes. In the feature match of the even ing, Roy Welch, Canadian Wildcat, met .morns tsioomiieid, of Los Angeles, Calif. Bloomfield, a newcomer instantly gained the favor of the crowd by his display of fairness to his opponent and the match between him and Welch was a decided con-trast to the previous rough match. The first fall lasted 17 minutes, almost twice as long as both the remaining falls and was exciting throughout. Immediately after Roy broke loose from the pretzel hold, Bloomfield tried for a flying tackle, but Roy was too fast and secured a flying head scissors. Then Roy took a combination leg bar, which the Fighting Jew easily worked into an Indian leg lock. Roy came out of this hold, but almost instantly Bloomfield took the crab hold to win the fall. In the second fall, Roy took the' head scissors but Bloomfield broke loose, and Roy took the rocking chair split, which with some man-euvering, the Jew turned into an Indian leg lock, but for the second time during the match it was unsuccessful. Roy finally used a double "PPercut and a body pin to win the fall in 10 minutes. fa the third fall BloomfieM ed a crab hold on Welch. However he did not put on enough pressure and Welch kicked him through the "pes, injuring him. The Jew crawl-ed back into the ring, but he was Practically disabled, and an easy victim for a couple of body slams 6've weicn the match. their games in the league, they won several games previous to the organization of the league. Cottonwood and Deering have each won two games, Deering winning their game Sunday by forfeit since McCarty has withdrawn from the league. Due to the fact that McCarty has withdrawn, a meeting of the man agers has been called tonight in an effort to bring in another team. It is possible that three more teams may be brought in and that the schedule will be made out for an eight team league. However, these matters will be settled in the meeting tonight. Caruthersville Defeats Cottonwood Caruthersville defeated Cotton wood in an interesting game at Stubtown Sunday, 9 to 4. Turnbow and King scored for Cottonwood their first time to bat. Caruthersville tied the score in the same inning and got one run ahead when Man ager Harold Creech, polled out a triple with the bases loaded. Creech Stines a,nd Hampton accounted for three runs each during the game, Hampton getting on base ev-erytime at bat with two walks and three singles. Creech, securing a triple, a double, two singles and a base on balla Turnbow, second sacker for Cottonwood, led his teammates in scoring, accounting for two of their four runs. Stubtown Blanks Braggadocio Stubtown shut out Braggadocio last Sunday 9 to 0. Braggadocio was able to get on base easily enough, having the bases loaded two or three times during the game, but in each instance was unable to score. Errors by Braggadocio players helped Stubtown to an easy victory. Mrs. Maude Kernoble and daughter have returned to their home in Vendale, Arkansas, after a visit here with Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Clark and other relative ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT WOULD ACTUALLY COST ME LESS WAN ICE? absolutely! THE NEW FRIClDAIRE WITH WE 1ETER-MISER" SAVES ENOUGH ON ICE AND FOOD BILLS TO PAY FOR ITSELF, AND PAY YOU A PROFIT. Besides! ectitetwv h F uatit tluMEfflMIISEli' RIGIDAIRE PHONE 18 CARUTHERSVILLE 't' ti ,. ,. if. i. 1 . 1' T ' Osceola Caruthersville Jonesboro . Newport Paragould Batesville 2i 14 24 19 21 17 20 19 17 21 11 31 .632 .615 X2 .513 .447 .262 Lose to Kennett Kennett golfers scored their first round-robin victory this year last Sunday when they plastered the siting Gwin players 33-10. Jiggs Miles turned in the low score of the day, 72 for the 1R hnles Taro Kingsbury, carding 75, was low owrer lor the visitors. Vxwin players were severely handicapped by the course, which is Practically all sand, they having in usea to snooting on sun-baked earth, getting long yardage when the ball rolls. On the sand course, however, their drives and approach ahots were consistently shorter than their usual shot on the home course. '"'JiMi 1 silin IB eac, IS THE BUY O WASHES OR DRY CLEANS O HOLDS ITS SHAPE O COOL COMFORTABLE O WRINKLE RESISTING O OUTWEARS ANY OTHER SUMMER SUIT ENJOY THE REST OF THE SUMMER IN A PALM BEACH SUIT $175 t t t x X

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