The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 8
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BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCT. «, 1958 BLTTHEVILL» OOURIBB NEW* THB COURIER HEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. PREDRICKSON, Editor FATJL D. HUMAN. AdvtrtUlng Manager Sol* Nitlornl Advertising Representatives: W»ll«c« Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit. Atltnt*, MemphU. Entered M Mcond class matter at the post- office it Blythevllle, Arkans&s, under act of Con- fm*, October t, 1911. Member ol The A&soelaled Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the cltv of Blythcvllle or any suburban town where carrier service IB maintained, 25c per week. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $5.00 per year, *2.50 for six months, H.25 for three months; by mall outside 50 mite zone, $12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations Ai «rrows «r* In the hand of « mlghtr man; M are children of the youth.—Psalms 121:4. • * * God has given you your child, thnt the tight of him, from"time to time, might remind you of His goodness, »nd Induce you to praise Him with . filial reverence, — Christian Scrivcr. Barbs A man sulnj for divorce because his wife put him out said he couldn't get along without his • mother-in-law. Sounds like ft misprint. * * * Iff • good Idea always to sit up and lake notice — unless It's because you haven't paid your rent. * * * County fair time always gives you a chance to at least SEE some good beef. * + * It's about time to strike up the band for the politicians favorite dance — the side step. * * * The energetic man never knows when he's licked — unless he's married. We Await with Interest C. of C. Sewer Report A task of prime importance is that of the 15-man committee appointed by Chamber of Commerce President Max Logan to study plans for financing a HEW sewer system for the city. The committee is well stocked with able business and professional men of Blytheville. Their job is not one which will be disposed of quickly or easily. More thnn one knotty problem awaits them. But if they are diligent and per- serverant, they will have performed a monumental task for this city. We wish fliem well and are looking forward with great interest to their final report and recommendations. th« iprinf of 1981- This was the result, the ACSC nays, of ?100 million lessen by stock insurance companies on their automobile liability business in 1951. In the last six years the same companies say they have lost approximately ?200 million on this type of business. On top of this must be considered the big increases in collision insurance. Bad driving habits are probably the biggest cause of the'high insurance rates. But there are other factors involved. One, of course, is the general inflation which has upped garage repair and replacement costs. Insurance companies also claim that sympathetic juries in certain parts of the country arc awarding too much in accident damage claims, and that this is tipping insurance costs. But certainly the greatest field for reducing accident damage costs-is by having fewer accidents. And that can be accomplished by improved driving habils. There may, indeed, come a happy day when public censure — springing from a pocketbook conscience, if nothing else — will force the road hogs, the daredevils and the generally incompetent drivers either to obey the rules or stop driving. Views of Others Mr. Cook States The Case Selection of Everettc R. Cook to head the Eisnnhowcr-Nlxon Clubs of Memphis underscores the nonpartLsan aspect of the Elsenhower movement In this area. The club counts 12,000 members — Democrats, In dependents Bnd believers In states' rights. Mr. Cook, a lifelong Democrat, places the need for t change in administration above party loyalty. Veterans of two wars, he served the Stale Department on Important alignments at the conclusion of the last one, Firsthand, he cnme to know the need for new leadership in domestic and foreign affairs. Referring to the administration, Mr. Cook says: "They have scrapped the Jeffersonian principles on which the party was founded and have reduced the South to the status of an orphnn child for upholding t-hese principles. As a substitute they have forced upon us socialism and cotr'jpticn. "It Is lo these radicals, socialists and corrupt politicians thai Stevenson would owe his election. Whatever he sny.s, it Is unrealistic to expect that he would expose those who hnd made him President. The salvation arid integrity of our form of government depends on : the election of Elsen- hower. He stands squarely^flgalnst socialism and he intends to preserve states' -rights. "lie is a, man of integrity, a world-wide respected leader, one whu places the American people above self and friends, and one who will get the Job done." Reflecting on that, kind of thinking, more and more Southern leaders are Joining the Elsenhower crusade. Election dny is less than a month away. It is time to stand up and be counted. Insurance Costs Make Traffic Accidents 'Luxury' Automobile accidents — like steaks, mink coats and six suits in the closet—are getting priced right into the luxury class. Only the well-heeled can afford to have them. Steadily rising accident figures, boosting the already appalling traffic toll, are skyrocketing hoth collision and lialjility insurance costs almost to the prohibitive level. Hardest hit by the more expensive in- su ranee probably will be the hot-rod , boys, with the flying foxtails and the clip-on, metal white sidewalls, who buy their gas by the quart. The cost of adequate insurance to these lads is a good-sized chunk of the total cost of their cars. But optimists in the vehicular traffic field believe the rising costs of insurance may eventually import tn the hot-rodders an idea which traffic safety experts have been trying vainly to get across for years. The idea is that only by each individual driver equipping liimsolf with a new, safe-and-sane set of driving habits are we ever going to curb a spiraling accident rate which already is claiming 37,300 lives a year, injuring 1,300,000 others, and causing untold millions in property damage. While the hot-rod boys, with their speeding and swerving and general dare- deviltry, are obvious targets in a n y traffic safety reform, many of the rest of us are dangerous drivers in various ways. And we, too, unless we own more I automobile stock than we do automo- • biles, will feel increasingly the pinch I of rising insurance costs. I For instance, the Association of Cas- B ualty and Surety Companies points out H that stock insurance companies have H h:ul to request boosts in their liability H rates twice, by substantial gum*, since Town's Gettin' Sorry Young Inrty came In Snt'dny wanting some Kme. "No. Ma'nm, don't have !'." "Thought you had everything," she said. Young feller [rom Worthvllle rironpprt in Monday. "Have any washboards?" "Sorry, the factory wenl out of business," I told him. Town's getting sorry. No plate hangers, no flrtrtle bow rosen. no chin rests, no snath bolts, and no Wflshboarris. —Aslwboro (N.C.) Courier-Tribune. SO THEY SAY Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD as HOLLYWOOD — (NEA>—Exclusively Yours: Move over, Errol FLYNN—it's stardom ahead for the .os Angeles Rams' Bob Waterfleld a movie swashbuckler. Producer Sam Katzinan, who gave Bob his first big movie chance a year ago in a Johnny iVelssmuller flicker, tipped me off .0 his big plans for Jane Russell's on the set of "Siren of Bagdad" with: "When the football season Is over, I have a starring film for Bob. It won't surprise me at all If he becomes almost as big a star as Jane. He's good looking and he has tntent. If we can't develop him into a top romantic star, we may as well stop making swashbucklers." Pals of the Michael Kennies are pooh-poohing the talk of a divorce The Pennies, they Insist, have parted and made up many times before. Merle Oberon admitted to Brlt- ,sh reporters that she's In love with a Hollywood doctor (the one •she's been seen with in Hollywood 3 Dr. Rex Ross), but added that •I won't let people force me into marriage. After two tries, this one las got to be right." Claire James, the former Mlsi America, and her former doctor husband are on the warpath again. She claims he Isn't paying the $150 per month awarded her by the courts for the support of their child. Robert Donat. too 111 to face the cameras for many years, Is heading for Connecticut In the hope that a change from the British climate will restore hi mto health. Gene Tierney is boiling because Rory Caihour: is billed over her in "Way of a Gaucho." Lawyers will be called in to settle the hassle. The whisper's out that Ginger Rogers and Betty Hutton are no longer speaking and that Betty's quibble about doing "Topsy and £Jva" with Ginger is the reason. Seems like only yesterday that Ginger told me she and Betty were the greatest pals. Peter ft/son's Washington Column — South's Poll Tax Is Big Factor In Pulling Down the U. S. Vote Hosetta Duncan, of, the Duncan is on sis la back after twc her vocal chords. , cloud. Her voice Sign in window o Glory": a skid TOW tattoo shop_ i the set of "Blaze of 'It's Later Than You Think: Get a Prayer Tattooed on Your Chest." Shrewd Maneuvering INSIDE reason why Barbara Payton and Tom Neal haven't been photographed together in London is the shrewd maneuvering of Barbara by Suzanne Warner, the California lass who went to England to become press agent, The story line of Barbara's first British film, "The Four-SEded Triangle," concerns two scientists who discover a machine that will reproduce people. So Barbara steps into the machine-and becomes two » l ! WASHINGON —(NEA)— The National Conference on Citizenship which held its seventh annual convention In Washington made a great point about the need for getting out the vote In the November election. Little was said, however, about the real reason why the percentage of Americans taking part In national elections is much smaller thnn in European coun- .rles. In 1348, only 48 million voters, or 53 per cent of the 91 million people of voting age went to the polls to elect the Comparable rec- cords for cent European Peter Eds*n elections are: Belgium—March, 1050 90 percent Italy—April, 1IM8 89 percent England—October, 1951 83 percent was high in IQ4B with a turnout of nearly 75 per cent. Delaware and Colorado came next with 71 per cent, Montana with 70. Thirty U. S. states had a vole ligher than the national average of 53 per cent. But the beloiv- Canada—June, 1949 75 percent Sweden—September 1951 80 percent France—October, 1345 75 percent What pulls the U. S. percentage down considerably is the low vote in southern states. The poll tax is to in this election year Is what the women's vote will do. Census bureau estimates this year that there are potentially 50 million women over 21, as compared to only 47 million men of voting age. Women could swing it, if they vot- Mi,ne, All Mine JACKSON LEIGHTER, Rita Hayworth's best friend, has an appointment with her studio's bosses to persuade them to buy "Jane Avril" as the next Hay worth star- rer. It's about trie famous Parisian can-can dancer who became a dramatic actress, and Rita's saying she simply has to have the property. ed in a bloc, which they don't. You can pick up expert opinion on both sides of this women-vote question. Democrats say the women like Stevenson, his puckish smile, and they feel soiry for him average votes of 14 southern states ind Maine <47 per cent), Oregon (47 per cenU, and Vermont (52 icr cent) cut down the national average. A group of Democratic politicos were gathered around a television because of his divorce. But set recently, xvatching Republican marie ' em crv - And according presidential candidate Dwight El- senhower deliver a speech in New York. The general made R reference to the .similarity of his "New Crusade" with that of Oliver Cromwell, England's 17th century scourge of the Cavaliers. Ike has used times. this comparison several big factor here. This is the they line up: 1950.Population Over 21 1.150,000 "That ought to lose him the Boston Irish vote," commented one of the Democratic lenders. Cromwell was nlso a persecutor of the Irish Catholics. 1 Charles P. Taft—Senator Bob's brother—who Is GOP candidate for governor of Ohio this year, pulled a nifty by offering to co-operate the old "My Sister, Eileen," planation of feminine psychology, "No tears, no good." All this Is a far cry from the early days of women's suffrage. Thero is living in Washington today a woman 106 years old, Mrs. Adelaide Johnson. She is the sculptress who made the statue of trie three .women leaders, Lucretia MottX Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stnntnp. now tn the capital. The first "Council of Women" met In Mrs. Johnson's home in Washington to launch the American suffrage movement. But being a D. C. resident today, she can't vote. in the other. I didn't select those two figures out of a clear sky. They were the important things to remember U'hen South was planning the p of tbe hand shown today. When the hand was actually played tin the Italian national championships this year), South won the first trick with dummy,s ace of diamonds, discarding the queen of hearts from his hand. He then drew two rounds of trumps cashed the ace of clubs, enterec dummy with a third trump, and led a club towards his queen. This play really amounted to t club finesse. Unfortunately for de clarer, the finesse failed. He IDS two club tricks and therefore fail ed to make his slam contract , South should have made his con tract by playing for a 3-2 club break instead of for a successfu club finesse. Do you see the righ line of play? South Carolina Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Virginia. Texas with his opponent, the incumbent Democratic Gov. Frank J. Lausche, in arranging community welfare services for the new atomic energy 1,7-18000 plant in southeastern Ohio. During World War II, Brother The greatest discrimination is not made against rnri! or creed. \I'R against men over 40 and women. Sen. Richard Russell (D,, Ga.). * * * This is a polirical year and politic* does funny things to people who are seeking office. — President Harry S. Truman. * + * We should retaliate (against the North Koreans) as circumstances dictate. — UN Korean Supreme Commander Gen. Mark Clark. * * * We are dealing with 3 foo <vhc understands only the language of strength, — Sen. Richard Russell (D.. Ga.). * + * The American people are ready to clean hou«*. The women of America have their brooms In hand and they mean business, — Mr* H, C. Hough ton, former president of the General Federation of women's Clubs. * * * Whoever wins (the Democratic presidential nomination* will be the man with thr most r-ec- ond-choire votes. — Son. Robert Krrr iD., Okla.)." * * * The German Democratic Republic is forced to wl up their own armed forces In order to save peace and to prevent the planned American attack. — East German Premier OUo Grotewohl. * * * There is a strange similarity between the (French) government's charges against me and tho.'c Against fhe German Communist* 'n t h e Reichstag fire trial, - French Communist leader Jacquc* DuelOA. 1,208,000 1,113,003 2,025,000 4,1.18,000 Percentage Voting in i3iS Charlie served in Washington as Sen. Robert S. Kcrr of Oklahoma, who was a candidate* for the Democ.'a'.'e nomination for the presidency —- remember? — is back in circulation after a vacation n which he put back some of the director of community services, so j 30 pounds he took off for appear- Vole In 1918 142,500 • 11.6 215.000 13.7 102.000 16.6 242.000 22.0 ' 419.300 23.2 1,147,000 26.3 In other U. S. states the percentages are much better. Utah he hrvd ^ome experience to offer. But the offer put Governor Lausche on the spot. He couldn't say yes and he couldn't say no. Then on th« same day that he made this n Mr. Taft added insult to inji issuing a blast on how the up" southeast. Another of the ^ Uc*iL j^ers would "Launched resources. riddles poll- like an answer [to much." nnce's sake and because tlie doctors told him to do it before he started his campaign. "I read in the papers," cracked Kerr, "that Kefauver said he couldn't sleep at night alter the convention was over, for thinking of what might have been. As for me, I couldn't think of what might have been, on account of. sleeping Dummy wins the first trick witi the ace of diamonds, and South discards a club. Dummy return the jack of diamonds. South dis cards another club, and-West wins with the queen of diamonds. Wes dares not return a club or a hea (e it he r woui d g i ve South a f re finesse), so he returns R third dia mond to dummy's ten, and Bout discards the queen of clubs. Now South takes the ace clubs, enters, dummy with a trum to ruff a club, gets back with second trump to ruff a secon club, snd s?ts back with dummy third trump to cash the last club The last club enables South to rii card the queen of hearts, afte which South can claim the res of the tricks with the ace of heari and trumps. John Payne and Donna Reed am elng- teamed by producer Eddie* nail In "Barbarosa," an adver- re story. That pretty blonde who looks sn luc-h like Martha Stewart,, George 'Hanion's ex-wife, in O'Hanlon's Joe McDoakes" serie^ at War- ers, is Nancy Clark. Pals say she •111 be George's bride in January, •hen his divorce from Martha is rial. 75 Years Ago In With Russell Mos!ey gaining 179 •ards in 21 running attempts, Bly- heville's Chickasaws gained & hard-fought 26-14 decision from the forth 1 Little Rock Wildcats. Five sisters are together in Bly- heville, three of them visiting. From out of town came Mrs. John VI. Maxwell, Lor, Angeles. Mrs. Har•y Sasser, Covington, Tenn.. and Mrs. James Covington, Nashville, Tenn., who are visiting Mrs. Alien Plckard and Mrr. Jlmmie Peter$nn, Gov, Carl E. Bailey will be listed RS Democratic nominee with II. S. Senator and his opponent, John Miller, will appear as an Independent candidate in the ballot in Mississippi County. Aunt Sally Peters was strra her daughter's marriage was near breaking up when she wrote that her husband had Just had his first Sunday dinner with the family since last May.' Turned out H was nothing serious. The son-in-law just happens to be a golfer and the sea- the Doctor Says — By EDWIN' P. JORDAN, M, Wrlltcn for NEA Service Conspicuous skin blemishes, i —S.W.N. even when they do not represent A—Chronic alcoholism can pro- any seriovis disorder, cause a great ] duce a condition known as delirium deal of men'..-.! distress. The cr.s i treme'is which certainly is a men- referred lo in today's first question j titl abonormalily. U is perhaps this s apparcnlly moderately common. I which is responsible f»r the spells Q—Please tell me what to do about the little broken weins that appear on the upper part of the egs. I am self-conscious about these when I wear shorts or a bathing suit. — L.C. A—This inquiry probably refers i siirtace-t y p e varicose veins which are commonly known which this man has suffered. v<—If a child is born with one ear being a little lopped over at the top, would this eventually grow straigh;,- if the mother tapes it with adhesive tape? — O.L.J. A—It might get better by taping, but if the Artilage is absent It > JACOBY ON BRIDGE Study of Chances Will Aid Your Bridge Ry OSWALD JACOBY Writlen for NEA Service Von don't really have to bn s good mathematician to play first' class bridge, but it doesn't hurt to know a fow simple facts about probability. For example, the spider varlcosities. Occasionally, j probably wouldn't slay in tbe right ' position. From this scneral des- the central pool of blood vessels Ironi which they arise can be bound and injected, but this Is tricky business, and not lot) snccessfuj nt best. With rare <?x- ceplion?, these are best .Ic-It alone, and ignored ns much as possible. crlpllon it might be possible that a plastic operation \voulri be necessary In order to make the ear normal tn appearance. Q—Is there any special significance to eyes that are contlmr Q—Is there any danger in using j ally tearing? —M.W. ll-.c galvanic current with zinc solu- A—The most likely possiblliiy Is lion'to stop Ihc secretion in the £.-•: extremely sensitive lo some- nose durins hay lever? —C.A.S. thing in the air—in other u-otcis. A—The loni.'ation treatment I this is probably a form of allergy. "ASS used rather extensively several years a so, but one docs not hear much of it today. Us value seems somewhat doubtful, but the current used is so small that It probalily would not produce harm. any Q—If a man has been a steady, heavy drinker over n period of 20 Q—I have a little eirl who is seven years old and would like to explain the birth of our babies in- tellijtcr,;:y to her. Can you tell me how lo go about Shis? — M.C. A—There are several excellent books and pamphlets on this subject.'and It is suggested that you write for a llsl to the Bureau of Health Education. American Med- years, coul 1 this affect his mind so that he would look and act for a j leal Association. "5 North Dear•holt tins* Uk« u InMM person? 1 bora Street, Chicago 10, 111. WEST A None VKJ1082 »KQ9<3 *KJ3 North Tats 3 A NORTI! (D) 9 A AQ9 V 7 4 » A J 102 43653 EAST * 8 7 2 V3653 48854 * 10 7 SOUTH * KJ 106513 V AQ 4 None * AQ-52 Both sides vul. East South Pass 1 A West 2V Pass Pass Opening lead — chance of winning a simple finess is about even (It's exactly eve unless the bidding indicates th.i one opponent has more strengt than the other). Here's another important facl The odds are about 2 lo 1 thai fiv mlssing cards in a suit will be cl vidtd lirw U 004 hand .ind l\\ Fruits / iswer to Previous Puzil» ! i .ORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Tropical fruit 7 Two-wheeled carriage 1 Ascended 1 Corralled 1 Feelings 1 Acting by turns 1. Compass poin$ 10 Coarse cotfon drilling 1 Game fish 2 War god 3 Number 4 Onager 5 Required C Genus of geese 7 Binders 8 Steering apparatus (pl-5 9 Wile 10 Roman date p A * F? E T F fj r. o \ t N ') ^ L A t ^ H F H > ^ 1 't N A, T E ID 1 B F . £ TlS s 5 F < Z = A f *• t- P 5 > •t V ?T A _ f> V & ':'f. = T -f. 0 1 O D C A K J . i W Ai L t c *> ' — f A N 1 ill V , = & •, A J L> J < it A M A b O 1 T b £. 1 i A 1 M t 1 U t \ * rt H t U H I 5 E M appellation 10 Last o( the teens 21 Rural 22 Mistakes 2 Body of water 11 Withered 2-Wash lightly '"Feminine again 2-; Vocally 2 ; Symbol for ueon 27 Incursion 31 Camera's eye 23 Exclamation 3" Cerium (ab.) 3u Fruit of a cereal grass ?. The dill 3: Heights (ab,) S' Fruils of pc,e!s E. Hindu garment ; Early English (ab.) ! Sultanic decree ' Tips • rruit is used to make this < Sea eagles '.. Possessive pronoun r: South American arrow poison 24 Girl's name • Double 25 Heavy blow Girl's name 23 Verdi opera Female of red 2Q Frosted deer 30 From himself 48 Arrow poison 32 Drupe fruits ''.") Weight of 39 Inset India (pi.) *l Eagle's nest 51 Amount (ab) 42 Weird 53 Diminutive of 43 Highest point Louhe 0 ! Lir.e anew jso~t 51 I j : i a ! Mother (coll.) I I I ..I 1, L_! ! Presser T~| I III' I ' ! Puffs up _l l — M ! '

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