The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB Formosa Policy Rapped by Tail Left Wing Group In State Department Criticized by Ohioan Hollywood Continued from Paee 8 technical advising on hts football film, "Beau Dare,". . . Hugh Wedlock's toast: "Oh, here's to Darryl Zanuck a person we can't overlook —first at Twentieth Century-Pox and last in the telephone book." WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 Senator Tafl <R-Ohio> yesterday a "left wing group" in the Slate Department of doCying the wishes of Congress with Kgard to China nnrt Formwa. The Senate Republican policy Icnilcr, In n sharp speech, renewed his call lor assistance to Formosa and ridiaiU'd ar^iliuenUs tliut it would Involve the United Stales In n war v.-ith Russia. u , Taft denied that he has ever (VBiigKeitcd the occupation of Formosa, or sending the oriny ° r navy tiiere- "Our navy is there, with bases within a short distance, mid its ships arc between Formosa and China," Tuft told the Senate. "Formosa Is a hundred miles Irom liie mainland and there can be no crossing If our navy make.' it clear that ships carrying troops will not he allowed to cross. In [act, probably there woulrt be no such attempt nt all if the State Department made it perfectly clear that we do not Intend to permit Communist occupation of Formosa." Taft accused the Slate Department of pursuing a different policy in China from that followed throughout the rest of the world. He added: 'There is nnt the slightest dnubt in my mind that the proper kind o( sincere aid to the Nationalist government a fow years ago could have stopped Communism in China. "But the state Department has been guided by a left-wing group who obviously have wanted to Ret rid or Chiang (Generalissimo OMarm Kai-Shek, Nationalist leader) and were willing at least to turn China over to the Communists for that purpose. "They have, In effect, defied the general iiolicy In China laid down by Congress." On the other side of the capitol ^ Secretary of State Acheson gave 'Jir the House Foreign Affairs Committee a review of American foreign policy. He spent two hour at a closed door session goinj over European and the touchy Formosan policy. The secretary reported to thi Senate Foreign Relations Commit tee Tuesday. Hollywood salesmanship? Pnul Stewart, Ihe menace in "The Window" and Kirk Douglas' manager in "Champion," was offered n meanle role in a new film. Stewart t'irned it down. "But Paul." said the producer, "it's the greatest offer you've ever had. At the end of the picture you get shot with an irrow right in the middle of your forehead." Many Taxpayers Inspect Mansion Built for Governor LITTLE HOOK, Jan. 13. (/P)— The people who paid for It got tlielr first peek at the new home ot Ark. ansis governors this "reek. The new $191.0*0 governor's mansion at Eighteenth and Spring streets—heart of one of Little Hock's oldest resWentlal sections- will remain open for public Inspec- tlci through Sunday. State pollcciien—assigned to direct visitors and discourage souvenir huntevs—reported more than 300 people passed through the man- sioi- diTHig the ttiii 30 minutes 11 was onen. Rewt'r.n of visitors was varied On? elderly lady thought of While House Orders Eight New Limousines WASHINGTON, Jail. I2-U»V- Tlie White House said today the Ford. Motor Co., Is building eight 7-passenger Uncoln limousines to replace eight S-passenser cars now in the President's motor "pool." tun that the sons of Gov. mid Mrs. Sid Mi Ma tit will Have "slid hie down that spiral stairway." And i truck driver decided "it's some joint, but I wouldn't like hi live llicre—eviction notices comv around too fust." A stat« policeman, helping keep sightseers in line and to discourage som'onlr hunters, overheard one small boy, who looked wistfully at the beautiful chandelier remark: "Hoy, could I have Eomc fun will my b-b gun in here." Young Polio Victim's Stolen Bike Replaced By Generous Well-Wisher DETROIT, Jan. 11 —W- Six year-old Jo Ann Vandcnabeele's heart Is full. "Occ, I didn't know there were so many people who wanted to be nice to me," she said. Jo Ann has a brand new bicycle, painted blue and white. It is » gift from Chnrlcs Holli- fi;ld, owner of a bnte anrt hobby shop. His was one of many offers to Jo Ann. The dark-eyed tot, victim of In- failfllc paralysis, was heart-broken over the loss of her own bike. She used It for leg exercises In a recovery program. A thief stole it. State May Stop Stock From Roaming Highways LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 11. W)—The "Keep Arkansas Green" committee 'nay throw Us weight against the state's controversial "open range" la-.v. The open range law, which permits livestock to move nt will across highways, has been under fire for 'iiany years -n the Arkansas Icgis Inline, In a meeting here, ihc "Keep Green" committee yesterday coa- ultrea supporting a referendum vhlch would force cattlemen to keep their stock off the state's highways In another move the group open- "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy Vorj«1 your Oft I " - ib O du At oil drug atores cTerywhcre — I UlythtviUc. at Klrby & WowSs On WERE WOMEN BORN to SUFFER? "No," «ay lot* of lucky girls Mnytie rou, loo, tun look back on tlioae "MrvHiJvil data" *acb month «rul rtvtl tn bl^ie I rcUtf from p»ln. For If you «uir«r /ruin functional i)*rlo4ic crntnpa, iliscovtr ~«» *o ninny other women linve-tlie wonderful lielp Cardtii mny b/EnK. Car.IuL H-orVt ln[«rntlly to help inCnlmlta painful fonlractloni of the ort'an njusclei. Thui It ».I.UJn ovcrcoml/KTA t rct|tn-iit mu»e of cramt'*. M»yl>« your «u!r*rinf li Petit- Ifta. loo. Rte M'hot «ii! of Ihli nu-tlcrn typo e*n do for you, A»k. for«. bottle o( Cnnliil. d )U 13bO drive to keep do'-ra Arkansas' great, lot* of timber through 'Ires nnd other wast*. Now She Shops "Cash and Can^ Without Painful B«cL«cK« Ai v,« Ket ol'k'r, Blrcts anil *tr»In, over- 1 exertion, cxcc»»lvc tmtfVinir or exposure U» cotil sometime! »lowa down kidney function. Thl* /nay lead many follci to com- plti)[i ul nuKKlnif b&fWelie, loss of p*p and enerxv, lii-adachu ami dUi[n«», G«ttln» from minor Ma^Uci Irritations dua to cutij. dani[inci« or .Jktary indiscretion*. If your discomforts are due to th«*« rniiM 1 *, don't w«.U, Uy Uiin'i VU!«. » m !d •Hurdle. Uecd mjcrwufully by millions over 60 yearn. While these lymptmni m often otherwise uccur, il'i arr.azinK h many llrru'* I Man's ifive hippy r*II« Mi> t>u; 18 mllra o( kl«lnry tub** nn.J (51( i_ fluari nut wn*(i". Get IJonrV* I'lHa tod*y[ This Is Hollywood. Mrs. Jones: Georgia Clancy, the bathing suit l voted "Swim Girl Most Likely to Succeed/' has marie five pictures but hasn't worn n bathing suit in any ot them. She's an filrlino hostess In "September" and a cowgirl tn "Furies." * * * SHOHT TAKES: 1M-G-IM snenk«d the new Calile picture. "Key to the City." Audience cards agreed: "This Is the real Gable.". . . Coir Porter comes In Hollywood in March tc \vrile the music, for a new Crosby Im. Credit Arthur Godfrey with thl ne A fellow came home Christina Ive a little under the weather, H tood In the corner of the roon pread out his arms and said, "I'm 11 lit up. I am a Christmas tree without a single ornament on m irar.ches." So his wife hung one lim. ANOTHER MIRACLE! Judge Deplores Paroles For Sex Case Principals BENTON, Mo., Jan. 11. (/Pi—. bert Williams. Jr. 5l-year-nl Sikeston Nogro, today faced n 2C year prison sentence after pleac in^ pnllty before Circuit Judge 1 B, Oliver to charges of attemplc rape of a seven-year-old white girl, Williams admitted on last Sept. 16 he lured the child Into a room on promise of ice cream. He beat Ihn child with R cane when she resisted his advances. She finnlly es- cnperf and \vtlltnn\s was cnptured after a struggle with officers. Judge Oliver In pronouncing sentence, noEed two previous convictions and pnrolcs for simitar v charges and delivered a blistering • fitatemcnt from the bench in which he demanded that sex offenses . against children be stopped, "Sex offenses must and can he stopped." he asserted. "There is no excuse for the laxness which is so often shown in such cases." f Truman's State Of Union Speech Is Hit by Pravda MOSCOW, Jan. 12. (AP)—Pravda, the Communist party newspaper, yesterday accused Truman of "unprecedented hypocrisy" In saying the United States desires peace. The Communist organ reviewed the president's three recent messages to Congress under the headline: "Ill-Starred Advocate ot American Imperialism." Pravda said the president met with "complete failure" when he sought to picture the United States domestic economy In fl "rosy light." President Truman WBJ optimistic about future prosperity In his state of the union message but the Soviet press has consistently maintained the United States domestic situation Is worsening and that the nation is heading full speed for a depression. Deer often starve to death rather than move far from the protection or the -woods. FOR SORE PAINFUL HERE IS SOOTHING PILES RELIEF f^ft *mBIITJ g quick Tf]\ct from twrn, llrti And irritation cxiu'crf by Simple Piles. Prow! Minor Clinic now available for born* IMC, Thornton A Minor Itcttal Ointment tend* to soften and a brink swelling. Ke]icT«s di*~ trt-33. Get k tube oi Thornton & Minor RceUl Ointment or Rectal SupiweiUirTea tod ST. Follow dircctinni on the lJb*L For '- «t *J1 xood tiro* start* everywhere. PIANOS Ten year factory guarantee TUNING With (he world famous Stroboconn — 11 takes thej guesswork out of toning. ' RADIO REPAIR Every job absolutely guar anteed by a bonding com party. OUI. GUI! — Shapely Marysc Dclort of Paris, above, v;is named "Miss France of 1950" by o "supper jury" in a Marseilles nighi club. The 1!)-year- old bo.iuty beat out 12 oilier contestants. Music Instruments And supplies of all kinds' from gnilar picks to bass violins. Recordings We make records of youri voice and music on perma-' nent records. Everything in Music BROOKS i Music Store 107 R. Mrvin Tel. Sit) -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranloetl For 12 Months I 531 North 10th. I'hone 6001 A DAZZLING CLEAN WASH WITHOUT RINSING! TIDE cuts washday work in half! No more rinsing! Just wash... wring out... hang up! 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"Talk about miracles! 1 take my clothes out of ; Tide's wonder suds, wring them out, and the dirt runs right out with the vrash- water just as „ they say it docs! And what a beautiful wash ... fresh, clean, and sweet-smelling without rinsing at all! It dries soft, Huffy, easy to iron. From now on, it's Tide —and only Tide—for me!" YES, another Tide miracle has been discovered—and it's the washday news of the mid-century! With Tide In your washing machine—you can take your clothes ri£ht out of the suds . . . put them through the wringer and hang them on the line dazzltag clean! Without rinsing! Hard to believe? Yes, but when you use Procter & Gamble's Tide, it's a fact —and women all over America are proving it today. HERE'S WHY! Tide, with its miracle suds, gets the dirt out of your clothes and keeps it suspended in the sudsy water. When you wring out the clothes, the dirt runs out with the washwatcr , . . and the clothes come from the wringer white . . . fresh . . . CLEAN! YES, CLEAN! You all know how clean Tide has always washed your clothes with rinsing. Actually cleaner than any other washing product you can buy. Now we'd like you to try Tide without rinsing and compare the results. It's simply unbelievable how bright, fresh and clean you can get your wash with Tide, without rinsing. And think of the time and work you save! So try Tide without rinsing! If you do, you'll never use anything but Tide again! No other washing product known can match TIDE for getting out dirt and soap film, too FOR THE WORLD'S EASIEST WASHDAY.. TRY TIDE WITHOUT RINSING!

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