Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 15, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 18
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OF LYNCK Governor Mount May Now Proceed to Raise Cain in the County of Ripley. OOVS WHO HUBTG THOSE PIVE Frovldrd HI» Information lit Reliable, and tlie InforiniiiH Sityit Hi? Cuu I'rove Hi* Cane—Kentucky Coal Miners to Vnitc wltJi the Iiidlanu Union— Terre Halite's Mayor Attack* 7luM»ell Harrison, •with Ink— Newa of a Minting Mail. Indianapolis, Dec. 15. — Governor Mount has in manuscript the names of the men who, according to Peter Hostutler, made .up the mob that lynched the five thieves at Versailles. It was Hostutler who. acting: as a decoy in the employ of Ripley county, brought about the arrest of the men who were lynched. Having failed to collect from the county $250 which he says he was promised In case he secured the capture of the thieves, he now appears in the role of the friend of th« relatives of the men •whose lives were taken and purposes doing what he can toward bring the lynchers to justice. Promise* Kvltlence to Convict, It took him two hours to lay before the governor the information in his possession. A stenographer, whose presence was unknown to him, took down all that he said. While the manuscript of the interview will not be made public, It is known that Hostutler furnished the names of many men who, accerding to his story, were in the mob, and he promised that if arrests were made he •would flnd the evidence on which to convict the men. ', Report of Receiver P«irc«. Indianapolis, Dec. 15.—Receiver R. B F. Peirce, or the Toledo, St. Louis an Kansas City railroad, yesterday filed a report with the United States court. I makes a first-rate showing. From Ma> 2£, 1893, until Nov. 30, 1SS7, the period o the receivership, the receipts have been 114,623,161.61 and the disbursements $14, 455,365.03, leaving cash on hand Dec. 1 1897, amounting to $167,596.58, The receipts during November of this year •were 56S.991.76. of which $357,248.09 cam. from agents and conductors. The dis bursements for the month were $401,395,18, the largest item being the traffic balance due connecting roads, amounting to $157,527.38. Hoys' and Girls' National Home. Indianapolis, Dec. 15.—The eighth annual convention of the Boys' and Girls National Home and Employment association opened here yesterday with a jrood attendance of delegates, appointed mainly by the mayors of leading cities and towns. The object of the organization is to ascertain the nature and extent of crime among youth, and its origin, and to suggest remedies for its suppression. The convention will be in secsion for two days. JPE (ftOTHER WELL. Sickness Driven From Another Home by Paine's Celery Compound. SAYS KUSSEIX IS A 3IISTAKE. Development of tlie Street Iluilway Troubles at Terre Huute. Terre Haute, In<3., Dec. 15.—Mr, Fred A. Ross, mayor of the city, is having mimeograph copies of Receiver Jump's report on the financial status of the Terre Haute street railway printed in Its entirety for general circulation. The mayor characterizes Russell B. Harrison, president of the company, as a huge mistake, and says that he will distribute his anti-Harrison literature wherever he believes it will do the most good. He purposes mailing a copy of his circular to every creditor of the street Wiiiway company and to every prominent banking and financial business man In Terre Haute. The mayor, it is surmised, evidently fears the truth of the report that Russell B. Harrison will be a candidate against him next spring-. COAL MINERS TO COMBINE. Kentucky Men to Organize and Unite with the Hoosier*. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 15.—National «emmitteeman Dilcher, of the United Mine Workers of America, arrived in this city yesterday from Central City, Ky. He states that next Saturday there will be a mass-meeting of the miners of western Kentucky nuumbering 4,000 men for the purpose of forming an organization to unite with the Indiana miners. Dilcher -will go to Central City Friday and will be accompanied by President Knight, or Secretary Kennedy, of the Indiana district. Whan the Kentucky miners come into the Hoosier organization they will be subject to the direction of the India.na officials. Indiana miners look upon the Central City meeting- as likely to be productive of great good to the T-'nited Mine Workers of America. She Went to Texas with Frantke. Indianapolis, Dec. 15.—According to Mrs. Zelda Capito. Charles C. Francke. the wealthy contractor who has been missing for three weeks, is at Dallas, Tex., alive and well. She has returned here and told the police that she went to Texas with Francke. She was placed in jail to await the investigation of her story, and Edward W. Little, a member of the city council and a friend "f Francke, has left for Dallas. Francke took about $1.000 with him. It was reported that the woman upon her return gave her husband $1SO, and when this became known he, too, was arrested. Wants the Buby with a History. Terre Haute. Ind.. D_ec. 15.—A teacher in the Michigan City'school wants to adopt the baby of Mrs. Thompson. which was burled for three days and then found alive by Detective McRae. Mrs. Thompson had returned to tie neighborhood of her home in this county with the 3-weeks-old baby, but as she did. not want her parents to know of its birth she carried it into the woods and. as she says, with the assistance of George Cottonv, its <»rtb«r, buried it alive. Both she and Cottom have been indicted for the crime. The baby is now 5 months old. Tournament of the Shotfrnna, Indianapolis, Dec. 15.—There was seme brilliant shooting at yesterday's tournament of the Limited Gun club. Uve pigeons were the targets. In the seven-bird race there were twenty-three entries. Seven men killed straights as Women, mothers of families, have no more right to live- beyond their strength than beyond their Income. The greatest injustice that women do themselves and tbeir children Is in putting oft getting well Headaches, nervousness, dyspepsia and melancholia lay their laden fingers over the whole household. Palne's celery compound has driven sickness and gloom from inaumerable homes, where some loved member was the source of continual anxiety aad even despair. The constantly repeated successes of this great irivig- orator la mating people well have roused many persons who thought themselves destined unredeemably to lives of imperfect health to try Paine's celery compound. No one can read the following letter without being inspired with confidence in this great remedy: 659 Elm street, Buffalo, N. Y., July 23, About eight years ago, after the birth of a child, I suffered terribly, I could not get help from over a physicians to whom tl applied, and after receiving treatment from the last doctor continually for nine months, was pronounced cured and continued so until the birth of another child, when I was obliged to commence doctoring again, although all Imaginable treatments had been resorted to without one particle of relief. I was subject to neuralgic troubles and slightly rheumatic, and I became discouraged and melancholy, feeling that I should never again be woman. a well I was in a pitiful state, when my husband, who had been benefitted by the use of Paine's celery compound, urged me to try it. ID a remarkably short time after I began taking the remedy I began to notice a change for the better. Before I had taken three bottles I was well. I consider my cure a miracle, for I have tried i great many doctors and different drugs and spent hundreds of dollars in vain. Respectfully yours, MKS. KATE H.ENNE3SEN. Close, careful observation of great numbers of cases like the above led Professor Edward E. Phelps, M, D.. LL. D,, of the Darmouth Medical School to the formation of Paine's celery compound. The success of this universally well-known remedy in quickly driving out disease from the blood and system need not be retold to newspaper readers. Paine's celery compound restores to a healthy state a weakened and diseased nervous system. One of tbe first evidences of its buildlcg-up virtue is the gain in flesh noticeable about the face. Night sweats and nervous twitchlngs are things of the past; there is a great improvement ID looks, a better appetite, sounder sleep, a clearer skin and more regular functions. These are a few of the outward improvements. More important is the thorough and radical purifying of the blood and the regulating and building-up of tbe deep-lying nerves all over the body. There is nothing half way or partial in tbe effect of Paine's celery compound. It cures permanently. follows: Power?, Gilbert, Budd, Fanning, Fulford, Voris and Tripp. In the ,en-bird race there were twenty-two entries, Marshall, Powers. Gilbert, Ful- 'ord and Heikes each killed ten. The Srand Central handicap will be shot today. Futal Wreck on the Rail. Logansport, Ind., Dec. 15.—The Pan- landle passenger train collided with a outh-bound freight near Royal Center shortly after 5 o'clock last evening. Willam Cotner. of Royal Center, riding on the baggage car, was killed. Willam Menthon, of Royal Center, was iadly Injured. Several passengers- were bruised in the shake up. and two small hildren of Mrs. Hardesty, of Kewanna, vere painfully injured. The track was cleared in two hours. Sank OpfU, but Paying Xo Money. New Carlisle. Ind., Dec. 15. — The farmers' bank at Walkerton, Ind., is till open, but no money is being paid mt. Unsatisfied depositors haunt the 'icinity of the institution, but are unable to obtain their money. Cashier hompson maintains that the resources are forthcoming, by which the depos- tors will be paid in full and everything traightened up satisfactorily. Mnrshol Assaulted by Prisoners. Evansville. Ind.. Dec. 15. — Marshal 3owles was assaulted by two prisoners onfined in the Warwick county jail, and was cut across the threat with the slade of a pocket-knife. The injury is ery serious. William McCool, one of tie prisoners, was struck over the head y the marshal, knocking him uncon- cious. Bowles maynat recover. Coincidence in Fatalities. Madison, Ind., Dec. 15.—Four months ago Farmer Earthart, while trapping, ras drowned in Big creek during an ttack of epilepsy. Sunday morning armer Hiram Ogden, while trapping, •was drowned in the same creek, near he same spot, during an attack of apo- lexy. Each, when found, had a gun tar his side. cldoaly" colder tomorrow; florin Westerly -winds, becoming variable. For Lower Michigan— Partly cloudy weather, with local showers: light to fresh northerly winds: colder in eastern portion. ForUpp"] Michigan—Light snow; colder weather; brisk northerly winds. For Wisconsin—F:iir weather, followed by saow in northern portion; decidedly colder tonight: wiids shifting to northerly. For Iowa—Increasing cloudiness: probably snow this after- nooa or tonight; colder tonight; wind$ shifting to northerly. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain mid Produce. Chicago. Dec. 14. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat—December, opened $1 closed 9S l ?c; January. PROM RECENT SERMONS. The greatest men are quickest to acknowledge their debt to that Providence "which fools call luck.—Rev. Frank Crane, Methodist, Chicago, HI. Obedience was tbe secret of Peter's success. Obedience is the success of every human life today .—Rev. W. E. Dugan, Presbyterian, San Francisco, CaL There is nothing more up to date along the lines of nineteenth century theology than the judgment of Providence, recorded in Jonah.—Rev. O. S. Michael, Episcopalian, Philadelphia, Pa. Heaven is the largest and grandest work Almighty God ever built, SU- blimelv and transcendently superior to all otherg and fixed in space.—Rev. Dr. F. W. McCloskey, Methodist, Atlanta, Ga. What a sweet comfort the thought to the soul in trouble that there are no chance events in this world, but that all are the result of a divine, watchful care.—Rev, B. M. Farmer, Presbyterian, New Orleans, La. There is a future coming—a future with its glory, honor and immortality. Mortgage not that future. Be not like Esan, who for one morsel of meat impoverished all his after years.—Rev. Dr. Webb. Evangelist, New York City. Joe Gulp Is now * partner in the Evans store nod barber shop on Sixth street, having purchased Willard Bush's interest. GOSSIP OF LITERARY FOLKS. A hook of stories for children lay the late Prof. Drummond is in preparation. It will -be illustrated by Mr. Louis Wain. "Outlines in Color," a companion volume to "Vignettes of Manhattan," will be Prof. Brander Matthews' only book for the year. The new volume, like the earlier one, will contain exactly a dozen sketches—one for eack month.. The Bowen-Merrill Co. of Indianapolis will bring out Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton'E new volume of recollections, ''Eighty Years and More." The sam» firm is to publish Miss Susan B. Anthony's reminiscences, speeches, etc., which will form two volumes of 50ff pages each. A new book by Mary E. Wilkins is an eyent. This year she issues a volume of verse for children, with the narrative title of "Once Upon a Tims." She is now at work on a Christmas story foi Harper's Weekly, after which she will complete a group 3f short stories and then begin a new novel. Jas. Whitcomb Riley has a new volume of dialect (Hoosier) verse in. press, which will appear before the end ot ;he year. Scribners have In prepara- ion a -uniform edition of the complete wrilirgs sof Mr. Riley, which will be sailed the homestead edition and will match their beautiful editions of Kiping, Barrie and Field. The first vol- m'.' of the edition, which will contain en or twelve volumes, will contain a jhotogravure portrait and Trill appear *fl.rly -*iB month- A ball dress was made of pmK satin !or the lower part of the skirt and the upper was o! white satin, lined with link, and embroidered in an irregular jattern with steel, silver, cabochons, and pearls all over the skirt except at back; low bodice to match, with pink flounces round, bordered with 'oiled satin. An evening frock of tortoise satin was veiled with black net, with Chan- illy laid on and little fallings of white ulle. The low, square-cut bodice was urrounded with white tulle, headed with gold, sf-eel and emeralds; elbow leeves of unlined. tulle, with bouffantes m the shoulder, waistband of folded urquoise silk. A white satin gown, the skirt of which is veiled with one deep flounce )f black net, has a curious touch of olor in the shape of a narrow twisted ouleau. of cerise velvet at the extreme dge of the hem. The upper part o'. his black net flounce is held closely o the satin by a very elaborate design f jet embroidery, representing clus- ers of roses and sprays of foliage,car- ied out in jet sequins and interspersed vith very fine lines of gold thread, elow this embroidery the net flounce ets out very fully and is finished at he hem with three lines of narrow lack velvet ribbon, threaded in and ut the meshes of the net. This low odice is also made with long sleeves of jetted net, reaching to the waist. Beware of Ointments That Contain Mercury. »8 mercury will surely de«tror the sence of •rnell and completely dencge tbe whole iy«te 3 when enter np it through the mucous «ur- face*. Such article) should Lever be need except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, u the damage they will do is ten fold to the good jou can ptssibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured b; F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. O.. contains no zitrcury, and is taken Internally, acting dl* rectly upcn the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It it taken Lc- tem&lly and made in Toledo, Ohio, LbyF. J CheneyS Co. TeEtiimn'als free. Bold by druggist*. 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. airs. N. C. Willey, of New York York City, is visiting her son, H G. Willey, the boot and shoe dealer. From Stre to Son. As a aroily moaiclno Baeun's Celery King for the Nerves passes from sire to eon as a gacy. If you hove kici cj . liver cr b <o disorder, get a free sample package of ttis remedy. If you have indigestion, constipation, headache, rheumatism, etc., this specific will cure you. W. H. Porter, comer Fourth and Market streets, the leading [.druggist, is sole agent, and is distributing sampjes free. Large packages 50c and 25c. Mrs. C. O. Fentoo was called to Winamac yesterday to the bedside of tier father, who is very sick. Rheumatinn Cured in a Day. "Mystic Cure" for rheumatism and neuralgia radically cures in 1 to S days. Jtfi action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once tbe cause and the disease immediately disappear*. Ihe first dose e-resftly benefits. 75 cents. Sold by W. H. Bringtmrst, druggist, Losans- port. Special Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines This: Month. On December 7th and 21st Home*e«ke«* Excursion Ticket* will be sold vi» vanla Lines to poratt in Alabama, Arxangas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, IrdiaD Territory, Iowa. Kansas, Louisiana. MIchigni, Minnesota, Missouri. Nebraska, New Mexico. North Caro- Una, North Dakota. Oklahoma, Oreeoa. Sou* Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Tea^ Utah, Virgina, Wisconsinand Wjomlng-. Ai^body may take advantage of the low rateK Full information free upon application »• nearest Ticket Agent of the Peongyl-ranfe Lines or by addressing W. W. Richardson. Dav tHot Passenger Agent, lodianapollg, Ind. Dr. W. H. Planck and wife of Deer Greek, left this afternoon for Louisville, Ky., and other points south, to remain a greater part of the winter. Catarrh in the head, that troubl- some and disgusting disease, may be entirely cured by a .thorough course of Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier, Hood's Pills cure nausea.slck headache, Indigestion, biliousness. All druggists. 25c. Bev. H. J. Norrls, off-New Castle, will lecture at the Broadway M. E. church Friday evening. His subject will be "From 2few York to Naples and Keturn, with Incidents." One Wny to be Happy Is to attend to the comfort ot your family. Should one of them catch a cold or couKb, cal on W. H. Porter, corner Fourth and Market streets, sole agent, and get a trial bottle ol Otto's Cure, the Kreit TGerman remedy, froel We give it away to prove that we hfcve a sure cure for coughs, colds, asthma, consumption and all diseases of tbe throat and lungs. Large sizes 50c and 25c. opened 93%c, closed 93c; May, opened i The decolletage is cut square and outlined with folds of cerise yelvet.draped 91c, closed SO^c. Corn—December. opened _5 ] 4c. closed 23V.ic: January. ,,,,,..,. ., , ,. opened 25Tic. closed 25! s c; ii ay , O pc-r,eJ I in bretelle fashion over the shoulders 28^40, closed 2S r r<c. Oats—December. J and finishing on one side with a big how drawn through a diamond buckle. DEVIOUS DEFINITIONS. The Weather We May Expect. Washington, Dec. IS.-Followias are the weather indications for twanry-tonr hours from 8 p, m. yesterday: For Indiana and H3i- Ois—Generally fair weather, preceded by light ow or rain in «xt reme northern portions tbis in. Hauwnuuce; de- closec 22c; May. oper-ed 22%c, closed 22%c. Pork—December, opened and closed nominal; January, opened JS.35, closed $S.37%; May, opened JS.57%, closed $S.60. Lard—December, opened and closed nominal; January, opened $4.37%, closed $4.40. Produce: Butter — Extra creamery, i 23c per Tb; extra dairy. 19c: fresh packing stock, ll©12c. Eggs — Fresh stock, 20c per dozen. Dressed Poultry- Turkeys, S@10c per 1t>: chicken?. $': : <<l 6%c; ducks. 7@Sc. Potatoes—Northwestern, 50@50c per bu. Sweet Potatoes— | Illinois, Sl-30!g2.25 per bbl. j Chicago Live sr<»«fc. Chicago, Dec. 14. Hogs—Estimated receipts for the day. $ —A mark of respect in the United States. j Lawsuit—The uniform worn by a policem&n. Milk—A timid liquid that frequently tas to take water. Dignity—A thing some men stand on •when they are short. Handkerchief—An article that ia al- out in the cold. 24,COO. Sales ranged at $2.SO@3.40 for piss, S3.25@3.40 for light, S3.15@3.20 for i Flattery—The praise we hear be- roush packing-, $3.3>@3.45 for mixed and ' gtotved upon other people. Sin-The label pasted on many of receipts for the ' maa's popular amusements. Bustle—A hollow mockery to which women are frequently attached. Thermometer—An instrument ns«d CAtUe—Estimates day. 3,500. Quotations ranged at $5.00 (g-5.50 for choice to extra steers, S4.50@ 5.00 good to choice do., $4.40@4.S5 fair to good, 53.75@4.40 common to medium do,, S3.70!»4.20 butchers' steers, $3.00@ 3.75 stockers, S3-60®4.15 feeders, $1.90@ 3.80 cows, $2.60@4.E9 neifers, $2.25@4.00 bulls, oxen and stags, J3.00@4.15 Texas rteers, and $3.50(88.50 veal calves. sheep—Estimated receipts fortheday, 8,00e. Quotations ranged at J3.60@4.60 westerns, $3.10@4.SO natives, and $4.15 @5.S5 lambs. Milwunkra Grain,, Milwaukee, Dec, 14. Wheat—Unsettled; No. 1 northern, Me; No. i spring. 86c; Mar, 90%c, Com —Steady; No. 2, 2«Vc, Oats—BuU; No. 2 -white, 23%@24c. Rye—Lower; No. 1, to regnlate the price of ice and coaL [ Blockhead—The wooden Indian ' spends his time posing tn front of a eigaret emporium. Roller gkatar were la mac u far baclr M1790. The resident* of. Nodairay county. Ko., are grMtly bothered by ttmb»r WOlTOS. At prcMOt Oanada «uppU& on* j towtMntfc «t to fcuport*£ food tt I Sew* Brttate Home Seeta Excision.. . FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, Sonth and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st For particulars, call on or address Logansport, Ind. California Limited. Arrangements have .been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every "Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are at- ached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address C.S.-NEwell f Agt. WABASHRE, LoKansport, Ind. HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL C Piles OP Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. I I Wounds & Bruises.. Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. Eczema & Eruptions: Salt Rheum & Tetters* E Chapped Hands. Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrjls. Corns & Bunions. Stings & Bites of Insect* Three Sizes, 250, 500. and $1.00. Soldby druggtits, or tent pott-paid oanoolpttff A NEW MAIM are clung out « mi»«f- ableexistence for want: of knowing what todo* for themselves HUN" DRCp* of men arr •unenng from tlie mental tort'jr« of Shattered N«rv*v Fulling Memory, Loct Manhood. tmpoUnoy, Lost Vitality, Varlooo*!*, brought on by ahu»e, excesses and indiscretions, or by severe mental strain, close application to bunincsl or »vtf work. DR. PERRIN'S Revivine Is the only remedy that liai ever been di* covered that will povltiv«(y cur* the** nervous disorders. 1f taken as directed, Revivlnc brings about immediate improvenj cut and effects cures where all other remedies fail. It has cured ihouund* AND WILL CURE YOU. ISC. of price, ddre»«U We positively guarantee it in every case, price $1.00 a box, or six boxes for $5, mail in plain wrapper upon receipt of . Order from our advertised agen ts. Addre» »l other communications to TUB D». FsaKUi MEDICINE Co, New York. • For sale at B. F. Keetllnfa, Win Porter'a and Johnston'!. REGULATOR WILL CURE . * < ALL COflPLAINTS AND DISEASES OP THE Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, H«ad»cb«, Constipation, Pains in the Bldo or Back, Sour Stomach, Dyipepda, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of tbe Bladder, Female Wwfcnw. Gravel, Diabete*, Dropsy, Brick Dust Deposits, la fact all disoMM arising from Liver or Kidney dia- orderi. Price, $1.00 Medicine Go. HEW TDK, IT.

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