The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCT. 9, 1951 Nixon Heads East; SparkmanHitsGOP GOP Candidate Alabama Solon Cries Against 'Sir Still' Policy COLUMBUS, O. W;—The Demo cratic vice presidential nominee Raps Truman's Foreign Policy PITTSBURGH (fFj — R «M M^N,™ 1 * 1 « ndlda '« "•«- """• "« uraemia, nominee ard M. Nixon -headed east through cried out against "sit-still" Renub- Pennsvlvania today after coupling "cans last night and said Demot on the Truman admlnU- crats have a "let's meet the chal- - foreign policy with praise lenge philosophy." wTihn runnlng mate . Dwi « ht D - E1 - " That > ! think, is the basic dif- «ennov,er as Russia's public enemy ference between Republicans and ,; T , 011 *', JM Democrats," said Sen. John J im glad Eisenhower Is Russia's Sparkman of Alabama in & speech lumnpr nnn nt**..**.. r, *.n __u t n a *~n _ „! , . - ijj....i..> to a. ?=0-a-plate Jnckson-JefTersoD Day banquet attended by 500 Ohio party leaders. "The stand-pat Republicans say sit still, be patient, prosperity is just around the corner,' '• he added. "The Democrats say 'let's meet the challenge. \v« don't know what will work but let's try something.' "Those, I believe, are the basic Philosophies of the two parties " Sparkman will make short speeches at Ml. Vernon, Bowling Green, and Mansfield, o., today and & major speech at a Democratic rally in Toledo tonight. Sen. Sparkman said Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower, Republican presi- number one enemy," Nixon said last night os he climaxed a day of campaigning with a speech at the Syria Mosque before a crowd estimated at 4,100. Before beginning a two-day swing through the state, Nixon told his audience in this Democratic stronghold Communists propagandists have been "cranking out vituperation agaltut the Republican ticket" while becoming "most strangely silent on Harry Truman's handptcked candidate, Mr. Stevenson." Hate Eisenliou-er Nixon asserted the attack on Eisenhower by the loth congress of the Soviet Communist party In Moscow proved "that the one man in the world most hated and feared by the Kremlin and their satellites Is Dii-lgfit Elsenhower." Declaring the administration foreign policy Is "the blackest mess ct Truman - Acheson - Stevenson and Company," Nixon called for. ousting of those "from Dean Acheson on down" who are responsible.' In an Ohio campaign speech yesterday Nixon brought up the Al<;er HLss case. He asked residents of Bellefontaine, o., to ask President Truman about the case when the President's whistle stop campaign special stops there today. Nixon charged that Truman ordered non- cooperation with a congressional committee investigating Communists. CORONATION STAMP—Britain's colonial territories will issue stamps bearing the above design, to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, in June, 1953. Together with the stamp to be issued by Great Britain, there will be some 60 stamps In the co-o.-.aiion series. , dential nominee, is "a man who "i — a 111UI1 WI1U talks loud and long about programs 01 which he knows nothing." He lauded Democratic accomplishments. "Here is what we have done this and nothing more," he said. We have wisely responded to the great unfulfilled needs of our people. And, in doing this, we have used just one yardstick. We have measured each proposal each program, each policy in terms of the most good for the most people We have never allowed the ambitions of small, selfish, special interest groups to interfere with this objective." He said Gen. Eisenhower would have no freedom-of action "if he should ever be elected to the office along with this motley crew of Republicans who are now hanging on to.Ills military toga." He accused the general of parading "from one state to the next warmly embracing the arch Isolationists and reactionaries " In his prepared text, Sparkman mentioned Gov. James Byrnes of South Carolina, a Democrat who openly supports Eisenhower, and s™.^Joseph McCarthy of Wiscon- mention in his deliv ' Relief Supplies Doubled For Korean Civilians PUSAN. Korea (;i>j _ Relief and rehabililation supplies for South Korea's war.-.--trlcken civiliansVre more thnn double's' in the first seven months this year compared iv»i!» the same period in 1951. The report on relief supplies from United Nations countries and wcl- rart organizations was made by the U.N. Civil Assistance Command Korea. Prom January through August this year a total of 661,714 long tons of supplies were received, compared <\ith 277.481 long tons for the like period last year, the report paid. •LTTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 711 JUST A SHRAPNEL OF PAPER-South Korean civilian work, ers at Seoul load leaflets of the Psychological Warfare Section into 600-pound bomb caslngi. The propaganda literature will b« dropped over enemy territory. Vice Adm. Callaghan Warns Against Over Reliance in Merchant Marines William M , commander sess is iwlng belief and reliance" in the mer^ equ!|)lne " t «'"' not be capable ot chant marine in time of war. acc °mp]ishment in present types The concept, he added, can lead to "some dangerous conclusions and ill-founded complacency as to its adequacy." Addressing a national defense panel at the Propeller Club of the United Stales, the admiral declared yesterday: "We can no longer look upon merchant marine ships as being readily convertable to men of war. What military features they pos- of merchant ships." 01 our Eleanor Parker Mother of Son HOLLYWOOD Mv -Movie actress Eleanor Parker and her husband producer Bert Friedlob, became parents for the third time night with the birth of a weighing seven pounds, five ces. The couple's two other children are Susan and Sharon. last son The United States has about 40 per cent of the world's coal reserves. DO CRAMPS** 1 give you that ^£ _ monthly look? Vl;f1«ttilM<li.Kt.irr;"BBir« l> i,iawlR7iDrtritT l)oea J'Qur mirror show an ofder-loofclnp Wdrtt><>ut. nen-uua face durinK your "Lad •layst" Why let men BCe that yo « are sulTei-ln? from monthly rrnmps? Try a ji(tl e Uardm each dar as tliousands of womtn do l^ it help build itrciiBth and resistance E » you hnv* Jew »nd loss miscrr Mch nw»r.*h. Some go through periodiTwithout fcelintr any discomforU al aU. Alno'hdrs tvl.ix jit lor? net-res-slecp tetter, r^ofc, fe«], aci younger tnore normc! all mnnth. Ask for Cardui. MONTHLY CRAMPS CHiHG£ OF Lift ONE STOP SHOE SERVICE Bepalrins; - Cfeaning - Djeing 631 W. Main DUI J5*S 12.95 & 13.95 Purses to Match oornlrect Inerfl in Vogue and Harper"! Satoar... now we brt«B AM (amed Morqwbe Originalt to you I ExcUitlv* ttylei youD «nMK wWi prkW And the rninvto you •rip Mo idem yowTI rwtk» the dUftrtnc*. They're marvtli ol fine ercrfhriwntnip... fathioned trc* I*M richeit >eUd leather.. Truly exceptional ihoet crl a Uetthontm.ofy priwl The lime is AWOL Gl Found Cofemen Plan Floating in Sea NOME, Alaska i/R—All Atr Force man who is charged wlIJi deserting his unit In Dayton, Ohio, was picked up yesterday floating about (he Bering Sea on a live-man life raft. It hns not been explained how lie got there. The mnn, whose name has Ixsen withheld by orricinls. •was spotted thre.e miles from the moulh of Ilia Yukon River by o. \V. Tnscli, n civilian pilot flying nil amphibious plane, Tasch rtskert him where he was going and he said Nome. He was 150 miles from his target, straight north across dangerous waters. Tasch look him aboard his plane owl turned him over to military authorities. 'Recruit' Drive LOS ANGELES LIV-The Ration's cafe JUKI ate planning a (en million dollar campaign to Induce you to come In and buy a meal. J. Fred Voilmer, Philadelphia, president ot the National Restaurant Association, told Pacific Const cnfcmcn In convention here yesterday that tlie ten million would be used for Rdvei Using to Increase patronage. 'Badlands' Disillusion Young New York Boy BUTTE. Mont. <#>;—Monlnrm may be In the heart of the TV cowliiy's tad lands, but a •i-ycar-old New Yorker Is sorrowfully learning that civilization hns encroached upon an area where even brave men once walked with caution. The youngster critically examined an undcrshci-iff as his parents filed an automobile accident report. "How come you only got one sun?" the boy finally said. "Western sheriffs is supposed to,have two." When two deputies with only one Bim each and dressed in business suits and ordinary hats left the office and Jumped into an automobile to answer a call,'the boy became disgusted. "Let's go find some m- I ertson Short of tyorwood, N. Y. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned hns filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the Stale of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as: 508 Elm, BlytheMlle, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been KidneySlow-Down May Bring Restless Nights When klslnejr function >lo»> do»n. jr.«r,y folks complain of nuRKinjr backdclit, hca<|. aches, dlzilnfsa nnil IOM of yep nn.l fnersy Don't .tiller restless nlchls wild tticsc discomfort* if reduced llfilncy function Is gct- tlnjr you down—due to euch common cauies aa BUCKS and glraln, ovtr-*x crt to n or exposure to cold. Minor b!»dd*r irritation! Juc to cold or wronK did may cause vetting up nights or rrenuent rsisnges. Don't nenfect your kidneys (f these conill- ttona bother you. Try Doan'a FiUc-a mild diuretic. U.cJ anccc«<flilly by million, for over 60 years. It's amattng how many l[me» Donn'i BIiro hapi>, mllrf Irera lh«« ,11,enm- 'oi-u-MnllielSmltai of kIJneylul,tii,in[l filter* Hush uul w»st*. Get Doan'i PIIU u>ii*yl convicted of & felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that, no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five ye«H last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state .relative'to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Appllctlon Is for permit to be 1s- PAGE THH.OL sued for operation b*«innln« on •» 1 day of July, 1*52, wid to «rplr« <• tnft 30th day of June. 10G4. Magnolia WVttamt, Subscribed and iworn to befor« me this 7 day of Oct. 1952. Peael Ceskm. Notary PvbUf My Commission npirett 4-14-36. Plan Now to Attend the Grand Opening of Vickie' 330 S. Division Street- One Block North of Racorfcock Complete Selection of Gift* and Ladies' Items SPECIAL SALE at DREIFUS PHOHE 3743 Friday -JMPRWW FAMOUS COMPltTC HUNTING OUTFIT SMU ACTION-Repeater 12=5 HOT GU America's Greatest Gun Value .ft**. *MrfW- f*rm*r- •f Ihm 00 DOWN A WEEK TK» pfofesiionol hunter or *« mdn wt» Ken droonwd o* twrrting- con now own As NotionoHy Adv«rtii»d KESSIER WESTCHKTW — ' n light weight — occurota — well bolonced — 12 gaug* — 3 shot — bolt action - REPEATER shoi gun - crl a NEW low pcke on pm- non*ff, <v»di1 torim. And for oxtra value, a complete gun outfit. Borrel o«sign mode* this the only gun tapered throughout U> KiB tengrti to full choke - no irregular shot deflection. Made of rugged gxo metal, blued to eliminate glare and re«« n»f — with beaded front sight for fait, accurate ihooting. Three jhot copocity, two in crip, ex» in chomber. Srhootd (alt-acting bolt action permit! firing «econd shot imtonrh/, Removoble dip-typ« mogaiine — chambered * I fof VA to 2^4 inth jhsiii. Hu»lty, one piece 8*nuine walnut itock, ^ with cushioned rubber recoil-pad. 28 inch'— 12 gauge — weight 7 pounds. You con pay more, but you can't buy a better gun, NEW. l.p<*>c* ta fr«a chamber-to-n»>mU loof>»d «p; goa oil,- tohtr,! and 50 po!ch*i. fotttd in mKat cat*. Shwith«<l JOlHe ami Axe H ,! g * f °*° n ' . f "f'">™ ^/l' 1 -, "T" ~ ftnnh 4'6 inch silver rf««/ £k/ad« knttm wiffi o thovxmrf UIBI. A«« II inthm long oraf all, tesnly ground edge, mirror tiniltt. Knile and ate (IOYB nicM uf»e< trim comp»ei!»d leather handle* and ^«alrv»r sbvotbi, wrlh convenient belt loop for eoiy cofrying. Hrtilhed g m COI« — waf«r teptlltrtl — - RetlHenl — DwoM* tMoH Pod Abort.! AH the Recoil Shock ^Hty;fe*ip...COME IN-TELEPHONE TODAY DHEIFUS MBB! Dreifus . . . Wear Diamonds 31G WEST MAIN SL I 11 Drcifus Jewelry Co. Blytheville, Ark. J M rtw. tfSMEI WnlcflMn Aol »«> •Ml *> cn*«, tWontng ViT or»<J knift end ox* ol your ipKKil p*ic» •oclou tl.OD ond w* pay ba1o»cs tl.OO * w»» F.mploycd hy \cfnnnt* nt . $TORK IN MEMPHIS, BLYTHEVILLE AND DYERSBURfi

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