The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on October 22, 1929 · 7
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 7

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1929
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Tttfi LJLAlittt. tLOilHA. TCESDAI, UCIVBEK 'SZ. 1T.". The president. Misa j the program sponsored by the exec e a brief outline of ' utive for the coming year and out the opera "Lnhenzrin." Warner, andmumty sinrinf. lined the club project of supplying rtmute districts wltn magaxinea. of Interest to Women -Society SMisj Ruth Smith played for com-1 Dora Moore, gave Additional Social and Personal Fashion Plaque Party For Miss Huff Miss Ruth JonesMoose Jaw. was a enarniing hostess Friday tvenlng when ahe entertained a number of guests at a party in compliment to Mies Kathleen HufT, who la leaving shortly to reside in Regina The evening was spent In games and music, and at the close the hostess was assisted in serving supper by her mother, Mrs. 15. H. Jones, after which the guest of honor was presented with a nosegay of handker chiefs from the quests. Fillmore Visitors ' Miss Lcta Fry and Miss Olive Pollock, Regina Norma! School, and Miya Roberta Tunvbutl. Regina College, recently visited Fillmore, returning by motor. Visitors from Fillmore to Rtgina last week included Mr. and Mrs. Coulson, Mr. and Mrs. V. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs Donald Macl.e&n. Mr. and Mis Cooke. Mr. and Mrs. Tutnbull. Dr. and Mrs. C. Schooner. Miss Alberta I,OEran. Mn. .1 rVna Mra R (Korris, Mrs. R. D. Price, C. A. Rob-! ertson. Bridge Party Held Mrs. Robert Selkirk. 455 Leopold (Crescent, entertained Thursiav af-Iternoon at two tables of bridge for jthe R.G.H. Ladies' Auxiliary fund. The hht score w?s wsn hr Mrs. 'John Robertson, Refreshments were (served by Mrs. Selkirk, assisted by Mrs. James Sutherland. The players were Mrs. O. M. Anderson, Mrs. J. M. Pecktnnaugh. Mrs. A. J. Mason. Mrs. Georce Younf Mrs. Vearne Anderson. Mrs. John Robertson. Mrs. James Sutherland and Mrs. Selkirk. V for Babies OAT FLAKE5 SV.W P because it is the only cereal ' which has been FIRELESS COOED-AT THE MILL FOR 12 HOURS 3-Minute Oat Flakes Beige galytk Is used effectively to finish the neckline of a wool crepe arena of cedar, a lovely new brown. The heme of Mrs. M. J. McCarthy was the ecene of party Friday last in cempliment to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, who are leaving shortly for Detroit. High tea was served by the hostess, after which the evening was devoted to whist. The honor prizes were won by Miss Marjorie Mills. .1. McCarthy. Miss Alberta Alexander and R. Smith. The iruests Included Alberta Alexander, Marjorie Mills, Doris Rennells, Mrs. S. Dales, Mrs. Richardson. A. Link an-d sons (Windthorst), Mabel Anderson and Clarice Strum. 4 Vancouver C.WJ.C. Party The delightful informality that Preps Club women love ws evident at the afternoon tea given to members of the Vancouver Branch, ii 'nmmri'lif iBi it I'" ' T "" -LIMITED- 9 The Grocers T-VESDA Y PMM. ANOTHER CAR OF NO. 1 Irish Cobbler Potatoes Good Winter Stock. PER BUSHEL . . . No charge for delivery. BLUE RIBBON TEA, PER POUND ........ 55c LIFEBUOY SOAP. Best for the bath . . 3P0E 22c KIPPERED SNACKS . . 3?oNEs19c Infants' Delight 1 SOAP ......... tt CAKES 23c KRAFT OR VELVETA 00a CHEESE, PER PKG. , . . . . . &&G SWIFT'S PURE LARD L for 03G NEW CAR OF EXTRA GOOD APPLES Macintosh Reds or Snows. PER BOX FRY'S COCOA, PER i2-LB. TIN 23 c VITONE, the good winter Jft. drink; Mb. tin 4JC AIRY FAIRY CAKE FLOUR, PER LARGE PKT. PRINCESS SOAP FLAKES, PER PACKET 23c 19c GOLDEN NUT PEANUT BUTTER, PER TIN . . . . . 22c MODERN WATER IfU SOFTENER, PER TIN ... . I Vj GOOD, SWEET ORANGES 1 A DOZ AA. fa FOR UUV uyiwiV!!au)ui iii.iijiiian BREAD White, Graham, Whole Wheat PER A LOAF IC RICH FRUIT CAKE PER LB. 30c TOKAY GRAPES 2LBS29c aaKieae. MODERN HEALER WOULD START ON GRANDPARENTS H abtU of Ancestor Influence Health and Happiness -, The belief in heredity is well founded Insofar, at least, ai diet is concerned. A . parent whe supplies to bis or her body all the vital elements it need is paving the happsnMS. road for their children. .'...Andrew F. Currier the .famous health authority, makes some very pointed re- marks on this subject when he says: "To rure a certain disease in a certain family, we should be allowed to go backward and begin with the grandparents. That is, we are now realiiing the importance of preventive medicine. In this important science, which concerns everybody, we 1 should know something of the nutritive value of the materials from which we select our diet . . . and those substances which are helpful to us." Studying the nutritive value of foods il something most of us haven't much time for today. Hut we must give our bodies the vital balanced nourishment, just the same, if we and our children are to have health and Its consequent happiness. To-day this is made easy by the creation of a supremely delicious food which supplies five of the vital elements of nutrition. This food is Grape-Nuts. The famous golden Grape-Nuts kernels ' give to the body lextrins, maltose and other carbohydrates for energy; Iron for the blood; phosphorus for teeth and bone; protein for muscle and body-building ; and the essential viUmin-B. "Wm Uvm, not upnn what wt tat, but uptA what wa digttt" . The moral Is, of course, eat foods which are of such a nature that your body can easily make use o' their valuable nourishment. The delicious break fast time treat Crape-Nuts is an excellent enample of such food. It is especially baked for twenty-two hours to make it one of the most essih' disested of all pouriihing foods. puts'-y ah on 'way ... on the days work or play rap B 0 USV day ahead? pegin it right with Grape-Nuts, There's an ample store of nourishment in each crisp, appetizing spoonful. . And it's exceptionally esy to digest. Also has valuable benefits for teeth and gums, because you like to chew iu Buy Grape-Nuts in the wax-wrapped package at your grocer's. Four teaspoon' fals right from the package with milk or cream, is serving. Costs less than one cent per helping, Mad in Cmal SEND FOR FREE TRIAL PACKAGES Address: Canadian Pottum Company, Ltd, Dept. St, , .Sterling Tower, Toronto i, One C.Wf.C, in Hotel Vancouver Wednesday. MiM Keiwse Jame of the CPU, whn was a recent visitor In Regina and who is changing r,r post from Wlnnipog to San Francia-co. was the hostess, and tea waa poured by Mrs. Travere Coleman. The tahle centrepiece waa a built-up mass of pale inle chr'antheniums and flame gladioli, with a pair of mauve candies burning; at each end. 9 w m IfallnurVn Tea llrlneni Mis. S. P. Grcach and Mra. J. A. McGregor are conveners for the central circle tahle at the Hallowe'e ta to b h vl '.his week by tl" f'ir!t Pre'byterian ladies' guild it the church. Mra. J. N. Bayne i chairman of the circle Those penr-ing tea at thie table will be: M-e. R. B. FergUfon, Mra. J. A. Mll-l'gan, Mrs. W. H. . Duncan anff Mra. W. A. Thomson. The ushers will be Mia. p, MacEaehern,, Mrs. R. Ijedfnian. Mm. J. H. Ppooner. and Mra. Jaa. McAra. Ae-sistlna- In serv'rg will be Mra, W. Melville Martin Mrs. J. E. Armstrong, Mrs. J. M. Smith. M'S. . R. Perry. Mrs. W. P. Stewart, Mrs. J. L. Wat lemon. Mrs. Al Gillespie, Mrs. P. Gardiner. Mrs. P. L. Hyde. Mrs. L. M. Carawell. Mrs. Ii. C. Thorn. Mrs. N". a. Edar, Mrs. W. H. Kicod. Mrs. Carl Stewart. Mrs. B. Hyde. il.s. G. J. Mc-Murtry, Mrs S. Mtiirhead, Mrs. Li. Wilkie, Mra. Waddell, and Ml Margaret Forsyth: with Mrs. F. Blau in charge of the money-basket, Shower for Bride-Elect In honor of Miaa Kathleen Ren-nick, an October bride-elect, a charmingly arrajiged shower was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Seed, Tregarva. After a program cf music, games and contests the gifts were wheeled In o the bride-elect by Miss Adelle Seed In a decorated carriage. During the evening lunch wwjs erved by the hostess, assisted by the Misses Vera Seed, Elleert Wyie, Irene Coughey and Mrs. Percy Boyle. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Rennlck. Beth, Laura and Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Seed, Odelle, Vera nd Ivan, Misses1 Hazel Boyle, Nell Jones, Irene and Elaine Ooughey, Eileen, Grace and Aedlalde Wylye, Kathleen Pavey, Irene and Dortu Clafka, Kathleen Sutton, Mabel Blaokstock. Ruth Klrkpatrick, Kathleen Auld, Viola Donaldson, Greitta Seed, Gertrude Dames, Calvin Chalmers. Clarence Davey, Arnley Denzla. Wesley Pearce, Wilbur Catley. Fred Klrkpatrick, Cllve Haklns, F.rwln Seed, Cedrio Scrulby, John Binnie and Harry Flanigan. Party for Bride Miss Virginia Parker, 2.154 Cornwall street, entertained Thursday evening In honor of Miss Lulu Palmer, bride-elect Mrs. Gordon Parker assisted here daughter during the evening. Mrs. C. H. Palmer and Mrs. W. C. Mills presided at the attractive supper-table with Its Venetian bowl of deep-mauve shasta daisies, and tall green candles In silver holders. Misa Noreen Mills and Miss Ena Parker assisted In serving the guests. After supper, the guests gathered In the living room, where bronre chyaanthemums ana fern formed the decoration. Miss Palmer was presented with a white and silver-trimmed basket, containing a lovely gift of Frosterla crystal. Miss Parker made the preaentatlon on be half of her guests, who Included Mrs. Beattle Martin, Mrs. Kenneth Blair, Miss Helen Naismlth. Miss Llllie Brown, Miss Muriel Robson, Misa Genevieve McCarthy, Miss Lucille Peart, Miss Evan McColI, Miss Marian Thornton, Miss Ethel Cross. Miss Kal McKay, Miss Gladys Goldie and Miss Catherine Thornton. . R. G. IL Auditory Bridge f Mrs. 8. R. D. Hewitt, 2344 Albert 'street, entertained at bridge Thursday evening In aid of the hospital auxiliary bridge fund. Manv of the ' guesis were staff-nurses who expressed their appreciation of the work of the auxiliary. Five tables were In play, the highest scores being won bv Misa Dorothy Wilson and Miss Ruth Kennedy. Dr. Hewitt assisted Mrs. Hewitt In entertaining the guests. The staff nurses who were present were: Miss Mabel Puker, Miss E. Bowman, Mis Alice Blacklock, Misa Anne Cromwell. Miss E. Clark, Miss Ada Forrest, Miss A. M. Hutt. Miss Ruth Kennedy, Mrs. M. Kennedy, Miss H7.el Lcnibard, Mrs. Newton, Miss Margaret Mac-Rae, Miss Para MacRae, Miss Marguerite Moonev. Miss Margaret Phillips. Mrs. K. M. Reid and Miss Dorothy Wilson. Special guests Included Tlr. and Mrs. R. C. Riley, W. W. Champ, chairman, Hospital Board, and Mrs. Champ; Misa V. Pearson, superintendent of nurses; Miss Mad-edllne Taylor, V.O.N.; Mrs. Davles. of Toronto; and Misa Mines, R.N.. of. New York. ,,' Miwm Jaw "V" Club The University Women's Club of Moose Jaw held Its annual dinner at Grant Hall Hotel Saturday. Covers were laid for 29. Tha dinner was given in honor of Miss Kirk Gray-eon and Miaa Vaughan Grayson, who recently returned from a trip to Europe, South America and Africa. Graphic pictures were given by Miss V. Gravson of "Crossing the line," a mysterious rite taken charge of by King Neptune and his bears and of the architecture and tropical vegetation of the very modern Latin cities of South America. Mian K. Qrayeon told of humorous situations they met with In Egypt and of calling at Tristan, the most remote Island of the British Empire, visited once a year by a ehlp with government supplies. Misa Helen Dcmpsey and Miss Bae played selections from Pure Mercolized Wax Makes Skin Beautiful j i You Will Enjoy Shopping at m Visit Our j j V. STORE HOURS: ISO a-m. to 5.3 pm. 0f fC 1. - --- 1 TTXTr-VTf-fc ITUI i "- --l Very Special! ONE-DAY SALE of NEW FALL COATINGS Priced Awav Below Cost Clearing at $1.29 and $1.69 PER YARD JEVEH before have we. sacrificed our expensive grades of cnatinjfs to this extent. Those women who make their own coats will profit greatly hv this sale. The materials featured in this clearance are marvello pinpoint and marvello needlepoint. Roth lines are extremely fashionable and are a lovely heavy weight, having a very soft finish. Be early to get your share at 9 o'clock. Colors: Pinecone brown, navy, green, claret, sand and black. 54 inches wide. These boatings sold regularly for $3.2o and $1.65 yard, No Phone, Mail or C.O.D. Orders, Please! UNDERARM PURSE. 98c An Inexpensive r'irse in a distinctive atvle. Made of ostrich grained leatherette. Has sliding handle and fancy handkerchief. Inside frame, coin purse and mirror. Colors, blonde, brown and blue. UNDER ARM BAG, $1.45 Underarm bag of pebble grained leather with fancy handkerchief. Top handle, insida frame, coin purse and mirror. Comes In, black, tan or grey. BIMFSON'W LKATHKR GOODS Silverware Items Dainty . E.P.N.8. bon bon comport In neat pierced ftr design " frosted glaaa butter dish and neatly pierced E.P.N.S. holder, complete with butter Cn knife 3C aiMraoN's aiLVERWARii Men's Pullover Sweaters, $3.69 Men who like tha latest thing in sports wear will get it In this smart new pullover. It Is knitted from heavy all-wool yarn In cinnamon heather with new de-ign In contracting colors. 36 to 42. SIMPSON'S MUN'S SWEATERS Men's Combinations at $2.75 Here is a "special'' no man should overlook. An excellent quality combination suit of natural wool, mixed with cotton in the popular "Turnbull" brand. Long sleeves and ankle length. 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Women's All-WooMIosc 39c Not tha low price that w have marked these all-wool English cashmere hose, made In the popular rib knit style. Brown only. Sizes 84 to ',. eiMrso.-Ta hosier! Women's Silk and Wool Gloves 98c Neat fitting gloves mada double tha only glovs knitted from lustrous art allk. the lining from soft wool. Extra warm, good appearance. Colore, sand, beaver, grey. Slsea, small, medium and large. SIMPSON'SOLOVIiS Women's Wool Bloomers $1.29 Knitted from fine wool of extra good quality, Siaea 36 to 42. Colors, rose, mauve, aand, and cream. Women's Out-Size Vests $1.98 t'nshrinkabla vests of fine all-wool with short sleeves and buttoned down front. Slaes 44 to 48. iiMrsoif's WOMEN'S UNDBRWEAJI iSu Simpsons W 1 I K Beauty that springs from cleanliness youthful radiance that come from ctjTe circulation blooms at the touch of Persian Balm. Completely absorbs by gentle rubbing. Askjoufdnig- ist tor f erstaa caim. mve j... rite for gift sample. T1W seitfis mU awVia Northrop &. Lyman Co Limited - People who prize the finer things of life usually demand Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea. A money-back guarantee wun every pag.agc. ! jl At the Theatre or Dance ft TonltM bafore you r.tir. pl a lit; I. m.rcollMl aU ov.r your lac and thrtAt. i.t it imp aown Into th. porrs to ciwiim th.m ct all ImpurHiu. o.ntiy it rk. oft the thia ouur l.yer of asxl or dlKiolor .km. rreclil.., .unburn and etn.r blimuihM are pIKt ott also. Tn . P.W COBipinion mrmfwi van unq.r niKin ii radisnUy slur, smooth, so(t ami beautiful. I'M m.rcoltMd w.x rftguiirly and your lacs will always be imoutn, Irnh and youn'f. M.rcollt.ed wax brinm out tl bid-on buuty. To rduc wrinkle, and r-itor. tit. contour of youth to your far., batb. th. lac dally In a lotion mad. ol t eunce powdsrad sazoUW and 1 bait pint witch haitl. At ait druf .tore.. Jis good tea T RED ROSE ORANGE PEKOE U extra good In, the best package Clean, bright aluminum ts MIS j L. J.J 1 j iwnj I V LORRAI--? j I WATCH TOMORROW'S 1 , ji PAPER i REGINA SASKATOON Overnight in Comfort Lv. Regina . , . Ar, Saskatoon 11.55 p.m. 0.05 a.m. Lv. Saskatoon Ar. Regina . . . 11.55 p.m. 6.00 a.m. AIX STKKI, fl.fCTRIC MOHTKIf HI,ECf INO CARS fA It CQNVfcMKNTM rOK Ot'C't'FANCY AT 0O p.m. For partlcuUra itnd mwrvatlona apply to Tlt'ltot Afnta. or write" J. W. Daw.nii, Diatrlrt l'aS"nr A(rnt, Koom 8, Canadian I'ttcltio HUtlon, lwlna. T yis.xi 1 r.wOII.'V ar -saw aaaF'Uaa. HI a 'H BBaatau-MasBBBBfV Bk ian m L.-JT, ' II 'IN MOMENTS OP FATICtliS or hetd.he d.b "4711" Eiu de Cologne on brow snd temples Of inhale it from the handkerchief. It revives . . . refreshes. And sc home, in the bath or bum or at a brisk massage it leaves skin with a tingling alow. Look for ihe genuine bottle with the blue and gold label - ?0c, $ 1.00. $ 1.50 at all toiletry counters. AIo "4711" Cu de Cologne Cream Soap, Batb Salts and other toilet necessities. If you cannot aeoic your Hipplr locally wiu duect to UU Ctuuditn DiiirHmm FRED I. WHmOW CO.. LIMITED 1 55 UuBcim St. lotoora siu ere ologne In Daily Use over all tht zcvrld THOUSANDS of women have come to regard Cuticura u the true natural ai'j to a lcly skip, ind rn. har-ds and hair. Regular daily use of Cutieura Soap, assisted by CoUeora Ointment when requited, purities snd beiutities the skin, cleanses the salp and keeps the tuir live and glossy. Sotp Jlc Omtmeal lr. na SOt. Talcum JV. .Smote ea.h tree. AJtrm trWM Otpt. : T. Walt Company, l.lmlt4, Bf CwUnura aavlja( UcJi Saa. 1U

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