The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1950
Page 11
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HAVING TROUBLE? ,JL. *«' u* check your houwhold plumblnt ™ «Kiw— btfore winter «U l-il minor leaks now— *ava yourself from repair bllli liter! Call 2731 for fast, dependable plumbing service! The Plumber PERM A STONE —AVAILABLE NOW— NEW CONSTRUCTION OR REMODELING THI BEAUTY OF STONE All the attributes of a stone facing without the expensive cost are available for remodeling or new building by the use of Perma-Slone. rwia-Stone It a stone-like veneer that looks like stone, his all its finer features and is permanent. It is not « lacke.l-on siding. Each block is cast «od applied individually, like stone. THE USE OF PERMA-STONE over tile, cinder or cement block, which is true economy and Jtrurturaljy correct—is as permanent as stone—and means the difference.between an otherwise very ordinary building •ad tht striking-beauty of the home shown here. ALL THESE MATERIALS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE AT REASONABLE COST Consult your contractor or set uj "W, De/irer" JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 61 Highwoy South Phone 2380 P.O. Box 815 Today Homes Actually Cost Less Than Decade Ago Prices Are Higher But Buyers' Wages Also Hare Increased The average one-family which sold for $4,015 In 1940 costs the home-buyer $8,950 today but he actually p ays Jess for il, on the basis of his 1950 earnings, than he would have a decade ago ft Is shown by a nation - wide study by the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information. In addition, his family will live in a home that is better designed, more fully protected from the elements and which contains considerably more "extras" in the form of work - saving electrical equipment, than tnc same type of house had 10 years ago. Wages Cliinl) Faster While building costs have risen on the average of 120% in the decade from 1940 to 1950, according lo (lie u. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages have gone up 12;.%-. Thus thc man had ,i weekly wage of $25.20 in 1940 and now earns $53.80, has a clear gain of 5',i. Moreover, with thc aid of the Federal Housing Administration loan, he has twenty-five to thirty years to pay off the mortgage on his home, as against 1940's limit to twenty years. When he makes hts purchase In 1950. Ihe home-owuti will acquire a house which has picture windows, landscaped grounds, ininenil wool insulation to cut down heating bills, and usually a rumpus room and laundry. In addition U> the stove and electric refrigerator .she would have had in 1040, the home-maker will also enjoy automatic dish-washer, an elc washing machine and dryer, and often even a television set, all in- me demand t eluded by the builder in the original j he explained Hardwood Flooring Demand Hits Peak in First Half of '50 CHICAGO. Aug. 22—Deninud (or* hardwood flooring in the first six months of loso reached an all-time peak for the period, it w»3 reported yesterday by secretary Henry H. Wllllns of ihe National Oak Kloor- liis Manufacturers- Association. He said that shipments in the Southern and Applachinn legions, source of 00 per cent of the nation's supply, totaled more than 4P:i million board feet. This represented an increase of 38 per cent over shipments for the first half of last year and about 30 per cent over Hie record output in the corresponding period in 1943. ! Approximately 95 per cent of the total was oak, the type of flooring used most extensively in motion home construction. The remainder consisted of hard maple, beech birch and pecan. With home completions conlln- ul»K at record levels as the second li"lf ')( (i-e year Ijeaan. the fmiii.'lrv zlso set a new weekly high of 2-f- 690.000 board feet In the week ended July 25. Last year the lop out put in one week was 19 147,000 feet reached In October. Willins said the recent government credit curbs on housing construction may affect hardwood flooring demand in (he latter part of this year. He added, however Ibat Die record number of housing starts In recent months has provided a large backlog. Customarily. Is a time lac of 120 days <ir more between the beginning of'con- struction nnd the need for hardwood flooring. Should shipments In the second half of 1060 equal those for ihe first, the year's total would exceed by almost 24 per cent the record output nf 794.706.000 feet established in 1<M8 The 19-19 volume was 185,350000 feet. , Willins said that- the last decades have seen a constantly growing trend toward more cxW- MVC use of oak flooring In dwcll- an ings. Except for the depression yerirs „, (he , 10j . anfl thc wj] i r ^^ when little home building was'doia'! the demand curve has risen steadily] sales price. Temple Israel Parsonage Is Being Erected A permit for construction of new Temple Israel parsonage at the corner of ISth. ami Heain Streets was issued to the Ben White and Sons Construction Co. last week by city engineer's office. The new building will be of brick veneer and will Include six rooms and a bath. Interior wall will bo pinster and floors will be constructed of hard wood. Estimated cost Is $10,000. Construction has already started and the building is expected to be ready for use in about six weeks. Another permit was issued to F. E. Black to move a barracks tiuilding to East Moult™ Drive opposite Camp Moultrie on Highway 61. Tlie barracks will be used by Bill Godwin, Blythcvllle sports goods dealer, to house a skating rink. Estimated cost is about 52,500. The rink is scheduled to open in ibont two weeks. Other permits v.ere issued last week to J. W. Adams, acid one room to residence at corner of Hearn and Division. S200. Harry A. Raines, construct S'.i room frame residence at corner of 7th nnd Adams Streets. $7.500. Ben Moss, four-room frame residence at Jackson and Elliott Streets. 51,800. A Service Institution NEW.BEAUTY FOR FLOORS Seryices Available M Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. You'll Marvel At the Improvements We Can Make In Your Home! Complete Hardwood Flooring Sand & Finish Wood Floors Asphalt & Rubber Tile Cabinet Tops, Paint & Wallpaper Slats-0-Wood Awnin S s Artist Supplies Available AH Aluminum Custom Built Screens Custom Built Venetian Blinds Stonekote Aluminum Wall Tile !^,^e S ^^ FRfF fSTIMATfS H 0 OBLIGATION Let Us Refinish Your Floors Before the Fall Rush KEMP WHISENHUNKo. Phone 44«9 109 E. Main Shipmcnis to date In 1P.50 nre .it an annual rate almost 65 per cent higher Ulan in 1028. That was the top year for oak Iloorlne shipments during the building boom of thc '20s. Wllllns said. Study of Mortgages Gives FHA Picture of Of Average U. S. Home WASHINGTON. Atis. 22 Ifl'i— The Federal Housing Administration, after studying mortgages Issued on one out of every three new homes built in the U.S. In 19-19. has come up with this picture of thc average liwctllng: It was a one-family structure of five rooms with a floor are? of 840, square feet. The property had a total value, by FHA values, of Reol Estate Transfers R. "illy '•« ». n. nnd Rovene C. David to Ray and Betty l.ou Oortwln, J 4 In mock 8 of Davltl Acres ivl.sion, SG.500. . B and Itovrne C. D.ivld to K.-.-1 and Marie Copelnnd. Lot 9 t n Di "' UI AC '' M SulMlMsl °". Claude i,. and Tcria names to W A. and Dollie Dulancy, bet-inning at point 200 foot south ot "northwest corner of E'i of NW'i of NF'i -,t Seclion 17-15N-8E: thence. east r>5 foci: thence south 60 feet; thence »'osl. 125 ieet; thence north So feet back to point of bra-inning, 5150 lilytheville novclopmrat Con- pany to T. 11. and V. 13, Koltli lots 10. il. 12 ,-iml M in mock 3 of Wilson's Addition, Sl.oiis. Blythovillc IDevclonmenl com- p.inv (o Lee Nevlls. Lot c In Block 5 of Wilson's first Addition. S^S Rtis.^11 K. and Marguerite Marr to Aiva G. and Uli/abelh licttr I ed- better. Lot 10 in Block "I" <if sr-c/md replat of J. p. Prjdc and Gateway Subdivision, S-100. Willard and Mildred Brits to L. P. Horisc, Irregular plot in S". of N'R 1 ', of Section 22-15N-10E. $t and other considerations. K. A. and Thclmn Hyde lo II. C. and Margaret CampUcll. Lots 1, 2 and 3 of E. M. Bryan's .Subdivision, SI and other consideration;. Prances Corlew Harrlesty. Doro- Ihy Corlew Bolln, McDonald anrt Anna Martha Hyde. Olendon and Helen Jean Hyde and Louis Dickson and Mnry Alice Hyde to H. 3 and Margaret Campbell. Lots I, 2 and 3 in Block 3 of E. M. Hryan Subdivision. $3,500. Mrs. Maggie Alfonso to Mrs. Ida B. Daughci ty, Lot 4 In east lialf ( f SK'i of Section 31-15N-9E. $1 nnd other considerations. II. C. and Margaret Cnmphell to Earnest Hsilsell. I.ols : 1, 1 and 3 In Block 3 of E. M. Bryan Subdivision. $10 nnd other considerations. Mrs. Ruth B. Moore lo G. n. Wilson. Lot 1 in Block 1 of Hayes Addition, $800. Max and Annie Laurie l.ouan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Von K. and Vestle Starnts, Lot is in Blcck "G" of John B. Walker Serene) Subdivision, 5.900. Joe R. and Marjorlc S. Fitzpatrlck lo Herbert .]. and Emma Lee Chil-.l-.Lot, fi In JJlnck 8 of Highland Place Second Addition, $10,000. Nola Nora Brown to T. J. and Aitie Smith, Lot 20 In Block "B" SB.5D2. of which the site accounted for $1.018. The average owner financed his purchase with n mortgage of $7,143 to be paid off In 23 years. Tlie average property was valued at Just over twice the buyer's annual income. of J. I'. Pride Addition. $700 John, Jr.. mm Cornelia Slmnks lo H. C. and Miircarct Cnmplirll. south half ot Lots 9 and lo In niock "D" of Morris Addition, snfjft Max and Annie Laurie i.oRan and Harold 15. and Ma, i( , n . Wr | G(n (0 Mrs. John B. Walker, Lot ] in Block '",."' Jo1 "' II- Walker Second Addition. $1 and otnf , r com idcra- tlons. E. C. and Maxine Wallace Williams (o Willie- 1!. Ukel.v. east half of 1,01 19 in mnc-k „ o , W lhon> First Addition, sl^nn E. C. and Mixinp Wallnlp Williams to Willie B. i. lkp , y lvcsl , „ r ,'°i,,V" " inrk 8 <>' Wilson", First Addition, 5190. Willie B. and Marlln I ikelv Lillian Galnps. !,,,( \ 9 in n \m->.'n d Wilson's First Atldltlon, $1 and other considerations. If R and Eunice rjolliiR to .1. H S'<T?t .V acr 01 ^'i"." M - MN - ni ?' Nollle Weaver to F.imili- Wenvv, Lot M In mock G o! sunm-sldc Ad- rtllion. SI and olhor mnsUliM-nltoiw I'lit-? IOV'-M.'' JIr '' H '" '° "'" "" d s;«5 11 '" SE '' Jc ' soctiou'G'-'I'SN'-'OE. Lowell T. and Victoria Hiirnhnm lo Valley new 01,, O," Lo["5'ln Block I of Yarbrn S450 f.ois D.infnnh lo ForiVit F. and krmri T IJmtnwood. J.ot 10 in Hlock " of Chlckasawba Aeldliioti, S900. William J. n ,,d Helen Chnr;,, ,„ to Mnx add Amilo Laurie Lo»an ,L.?- 1n nlock " c " of llollandale Addition. S'J5!). Virgil R and Eva Mae Williams to r a 't,' 0 ','' '' :vails ' Lo1 •" ln nloclt 2 of Highland I'nrk Addition, $10 rf id other considerations. Carlos and Marllm sue Denl in »r. Qulnton Tiirver and Mrs. Alum Dell, $295. Sale o, the McOuffoy rcadcr.i exceeded 1V2.000.COO copies. now than In the days of the Spanish Conrjulstadores. Cinld hns been found in U of Ne» Mexico's 32 counties. 2 DAY FREE HOME TRIAL! * He/» I lh« fan you - v< alwoyl warlcd | „ br[ng> , n . . . s it, n ,| y . . . and ly . of tooling a room . . . pulling Ihe b,e ej , .xoclly wh.r. |yo, want it. II', porlobl., light in weight, «n !lro c f co- and fi n |,h.d . . . ond fu!!y Now 1950 "Ntlcalr" l»oftql,f, Kai "llujw.freot 11 guordi bolh (ronl r (or _ _ _ ,,, handlt no)»i 11 ea iy lt> move rubb.r t «,t,loned ( ce t. u,. 11 in w i r d on floor or !cb!« . . . on/ ,t, r , )„ fo™. Ho, v=,iobl« >p«,d iwllth , >"isH. luil Ji pound,. 4 *'~^ife ^M'-"l& - -«*.^ Corn. |« •„.( .,. lh |, m-ry «| o-i r-|| , E. C. ROBINSON LUHBER CO. Coll 551 FLOjRHIKE TO Renew your floors with Horhidc-thc elastic, wear-resisi.nt Floor Enamel. Wit Poumlmg, scuffing feet. Use as a cure for shabby floors. Easy to apply, C | cafl5 readily, retains its original gloss. $ C ;>n D ' Gallon . a W I'roof Tw House Paint P?( , sburgh fatnl fo ougtily. Gallon Wonder-working oil- h.i!5 paint — fl, t< Semi Gloss Glnss — '. iu uniform shrjcn coaling he washed Qiiick-clrying, toUKfi ancl cf.iilic — ju^t the ihi'ng to renew furni- lure or Kooilwork dries quiclcly rc<iiij mar SO I 7 L _ i - - •>- j, , !pv> - -iH£===J-^~i "j* E ^^- -^ M^ Inside and out... on woodwork and wall it's fun and IT TO PAIHTIH THE FALL! No longn nt*d paintlna b« a long, drawn-oirt, me»«y and smelly job. N«w typ. flnlih.i and n,w melhod. of opp)l<a)ion have chang.d all rhof... Now-a-day, pointing it fon ,.. and fatt. Th.Roll.r-Koal.r hai revolullon. lied Interior decorating. You paint arid u»« a room the iam« day. Walll and woodwork hold their new tolor and beauty after repeated waihinat. One coal u.ually doei the work of two old ttyl« application. Deep colon -" no problem. Proof?... Have you tried Sherwln-Willlomt pain4» IvMyl Jl^lnCJ'[l9|.VUl'n urmm _ dlkK!^ MI, f .«, 1.1,1, KEM TONf IHE WODERM MLRAC1E WAU fAINT Kern-Tone II your outllandirif volutf vthete f]nr homf ttttoration 11 dciired and wherv lh« QilrQm* woihabillli- ol Super Korn-lon. Il not requiitii. FOK ECONOMY. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLAT MAT1E CM. FINISH. KEM-TONE IS TH£ CHOICE OF MIUIONS1 T ,_ Uikj ittl vishtj 1)4r liti! KEfA-GLO THC MIKACLC LUiJKl IHAMtLI on »al>«r lhan any tnam.l yoM brgih morki . . . drill ] OUIY 10 4 howrt...ont coal *> ^ n C o. t ,, m o,M U ,f<,<,,| /.J9 OUTSIDE...ON WALLS! SHfRWIN-WlLLIAMS •J SWP HOUSf M , J rr «_PW/NT i& 52, IS WEATHEHA7EP* for your prat«trl«n agwUth (adin f , High dJrl c lapM <rai!«n, (j/i iniTdtW and (umtl. 'fclfo'.tr 0 ^ jtt l r2t»L* I'ril* 'r Ml -M "* f*'V 1l( *" s •* **»" *r»«« *' PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL i ovcrnlghr . . . f alidly 5.55 Inside...On Wails, Ceilings and Woodwork SHCRWIN-WlLUAMS SEMI-LUSTRE The washable, salln walHinlih! Dirt, imudgei, linger pilnts, wash rJghl off! Seml-Luirre is fh« smart practical finish For kitchen* and both* room wolli and woodwork r> M I V where easy washabiEily and long lifo aro imporlant. Gicai* C AQ and slain reiislanf.., mode fo •**"' take punishment. MAR-NOT VARNISH lorf ^_,. p (Jriet qultfcly to a biauiifw), i meo |h horrf finiih Ihol rtlltlt tturring, loop, boiling woltr and ckAhelic beveragtt. On» teof will viveltf da lh« Iriclc .., Cai l»« OAL tltoned taitly with « _, <famp etfilh. \ OQ One Coat FLAT-TONE Oni c«o' maaU f*r b«aurlfw| walti, <*fling(, and woadwarfc. On'«i lo a toff, v»tv>1y HnitTi in a few houri. Covift imoniMy, waihii «aii[y ...manrbiatttHul <olort lo t hoots from. Irflat f«r bruih c*t. or rollir-V»a1tr •Jt lion. 4.10 ENAMELOID InlifTer, inferior, all puipOl« f»» porch and recrca>ii>n loom fvrnU lore. |d«ol for Dolhtoomt and kllchen wolfi end wood<.voik. R»» liill heal ond ifclni; ioiy to vr«ih. Cem«t in 14 glowing.. «% • oty I* waiK, eol«rt. Z, QUAR1 BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. S. Highway fit W. M. I'case Phone 2-1.1.1 .1. Milson Henry

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