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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 6
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 6

The Leader-Posti
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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PAGE SEC THE LEADER-POST, REGINA, TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1941 NEWS OF WOMEN IN CHURCH, CLUB AND HOME Matinee Guests Wascana Lodge Has Postponed Anniversary Community Club Holds Elections Lyric Light Opera society will Carmichacl Mission Circles Entertain Mothers at Dinner I Society News I h-ve as guests at matinee performance of H.M.S. Pinafore on gave addresses; Miss Burrows a Diano solo: Mrs. Ramsden, vocal Saturday, March 15, evacuee children resident in Regina, children from shelter and members of the blind organizations. LITTLE girl of three and a half months coo-ed and smiled through her christening A Round of COOL REFRESHMENT! Wascana lodge, No. 2, Masonic order, had arranged to celebrate its 58th anniversary on Wednes day night.

The gathering has been postponed because of the death of Dr. David Low, oldest past president in Regina. Silver Wedding Is Celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wenhardt, 1903 St.

John street, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on March 6, at their home. Their wedding took place at Markinch where they resided for a num ber of years before coming to Kegina. The couple were pleas- urably surprised by friends and relatives. Rev. K.

Holfeld, Trinity Lutheran church, gave an ad dress and hymns were sung. A lovely bouquet and other gifts were presented to them. Mrs. Sweitzer, Mrs. Kullman.

Mrs. Adam, Mrs. Sabek, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Scherle took possession of the kitchen and prepared a lovely lunch; A music program was enjoyed.

Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Holfeld, Mr. and. Mrs.

William Scherle, Mr. and Mrs. G. Kullman, Mr. and Mrs.

H. Adam, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sabek, Mrs.

C. Miller, Mrs. Carrie Sweitzer, Mr. and Mrs. F.

Niessner, Mrs. S. Ring, Mr. and Mrs. G.

Timnick, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ziffle, Mr. and Mrs.

J. Silzer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Stuermer, Mr.

and Mrs. D. Pas-kar, Mr. and Mrs. J.

Hahn, Mrs. E. Senn, Mr. and Mrs. John Pfeifer, Mr.

and Mrs. F. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. J.

Bardua, Mr. and Mrs. H. UrsakL and Mrs. G.

Klein, Mrs. Merth, Mr. and Mrs. W. Pfeifer, Miss H.

Pfeifer, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brown, Mr.

and Mrs. F. Ring, Mr. and Mrs. J.

Ast, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hahn, Mr. and Mrs.

C. Appenheimer, Mrs. G. Halls, Mrs. J.

Halls, Jean and Ruth Hahn, Miss E. Tom, Mr. and Mrs. P. Sauer, H.

Wolf and Wenhardt family. Shamrock Tea Ladies aid of United Lutheran church will hold a St. Patrick tea Thursday afternoon, March 13, from 3 to 8 at home of Mrs. O. Moan, 2711 13th avenue.

Tangy, minty Wint-O-green Life Savers put an edge on your appetite keep your breflth sweet. Uiiarlas of Haid (0 RELIEVED FAST Put 3-purpose Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It shrinks swollen membranes; (2) Soothes Irritation: 3) Helps flush out nasal passages, clearing clogging mucus. vitas At the annual meeting of North Annex and Highland Park Imper ial club, held March 5 at Imperial school, Broad street and Second avenue, following officers were elected: Past-president, F. R.

Bar-bor; president, E. J. (Mel.) Ber-thiaume; vice-president, J. Brier-ley; secretary, J. Lax; treasurer, F.

R. Barbor; executive, R. Stop-worth, C. Lundeen, G. Dean, W.

Jones, V. Thompson, G. Ford, W. Arnold, A. Vann, B.

Sleightholm, J. Storey, Mrs. W. Eastgate and Mrs. V.

Stagg. Imperial club was formed last year to provide sports and social activities for the district The club have been presenting a whist, bingo, talking pictures, dances, cribbage and social evenings. 1 The club levelled off the play ground and erected a backstop, and provided supervised Softball games. It had its own leagues and winning teams were given prizes. The girls' team entered in Regina city playground league under the coaching of Warner won the playground senior girls' championship.

A boys' team en tered in the playground league under coaching of G. Dean and reached final playoffs. Both teams were provided with transportation to and from games. At sports day picnic last July, children of the 'district were given prizes. Ball games and music were on the splendid day's program.

The club organized the delight ful Christmas tree held in the district Every child was given a present, candy, and an orange. The teachers assisted the organizers by directing a children's con cert. Three hundred were at this Christmas tree. Imperial club rink is a most popular place. The club has built a large rink with four-foot wood en sides and lights down the centre.

These sides were built by residents of district along with a hut which has been provided with a stove for use of skaters. A caretaker is in attendance. Rink com mittee includes J. Lax, G. Dean, W.

Jones, Mel. Berthiaume and C. Lundeen. Music is provided three nights a week for skaters. The school has organized a home and school club and Imperial club is co-operating with it New executive is organizing a membership drive, horseshoe pitch, football field, volley-ball court and more ball diamonds.

Membership of club is about 150. Two W.M.S. Members From Regina Will Speak at Weyburn Miss C. E. McCallum and Mrs.

L. M. Outerbridge will be in Weyburn Wednesday and Thursday for United Church W.M.S. presbyterial sessions and will give addresses. Building For Peace is the subject on which Mrs.

Outer-bridge will speak Wednesday night. Dominion W.M.S. Board Story is title of address by Miss McCallum for Thursday afternoon. Miss McCallum is mission circle secretary of the conference branch. She attended the Dominion board convention.

Mrs. Ker-ster, Ogema, is president of Weyburn presbyterial. Students Banquet Regina college is entertaining at annual banquet in honor of the college students Saturday night at 6:30 at Kitchener hotel. Dr. J.

S. Thomson, university president, and Mrs. Thomson will be present from Saskatoon. Dean Steward Basterfield will be in the chair. A JANE SEYMOUR Beauty Consultant from England NOW AT: KELLY'S DRUG STORE MARCH 11th TO 22nd Jane Seymour has sent direct to us one of her Beauty Consultants, from her London, England, salon.

Plan to consult with her during her brief visit And. if you wish, you may arrange to have this expert rive you a facial treatment free with each purchase. COR a delightful mother and daughter banquet held Monday night in Carmichael church parlors hostesses were Senior and Gleaners mission circles of the church. Mrs. J.

D. Flndlay, is president of the Senior mission circle and Miss Grace Wilkie, the Gleaners; and the former was chairman for the pleasurable program. Mrs. K. C.

Crook and Mrs. A. L. Maclean are leaders of the two circles and to each from her circle a handsome crimson rose corsage had been presented. Miss Kathleen French was director of community songs with Miss Phyllis Burrows as accompanist.

Special guests included: Mrs. J. E. Ramsden, Mrs. H.

W. Cowan, Miss Aileen Gunn, Miss C. E. McCal-lum, Miss Eva Sharp, and Mrs. E.

G. Bourne, Miss McCallum is conference branch secretary of mission circles and Miss Sharp fills corresponding presbyterial role. Mrs. Crook and Mrs. Maclean GERANIUMS 18 foz 15 Krsryoo Intonated In bowpluU tbouid plant i a pifkft or two ol our Geranium Bosd.

Wt Oder ft forgeouft onllMtftafl eoo- UlBlBf ScarWl. tlm Bod. brick Hod. I Crlnuoo. Maroua.

Vrr-alilioB, Rwtrt. Salmon, Oran-Rd. Bil-Boo-Ptnk. Brlthl Pink. Pfarb.

Biuaa Rot. Walla, I Blotrbed, Varlaiatad. 1 Manlned. Eaay to t' from ftsod and bloom Mi dan after planting. Pku lie, for 2Sa.

postpaid. Plant no. SPECIAL OFFIHi 1 put. aa abova and pku. of otbsr Cbotot Bouarolaot Se.

all diserant ftsd easily (rows la bw. Value II. as, all for toe. puatpald. Order durot troaa tnka adirertlaenwM.

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ID a Ik. MJCID BACON. aWtk lor I IVFB, 25c 35c firssi yocko roan srAic aies rstsu side roBK las. 15c 3 Maritime association of Regina will entertain members of the army, navy, air force and R.C.M.P. at a social Tuesday night, March 18, at Metropolitan United church.

About 25 members of the Canadian Auxiliary Territorial Service and the same number from the Metropolitan Y.P.S. will be in attendance for the party. A short musical program is being arranged for the social. Mrs. R.

G. B. Waylett has gone to Toronto to visit for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs.

R. L. Stutt, 2136 Argyle street, Regina, announce the engagement of their eldest daughter, Joan Margaret, to Or- ville I. Piatt, R.C.A.F., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.

J. G. Piatt, Wolseley, the wedding to take place quietly this month. Mrs. Mel Bowering has return ed from Winnipeg where she spent a week with Rev.

and Mrs. J. W. Bowering. Miss Margaret Calder, Montreal, who has been visiting her sister in Fargo, N.D., and spent the weekend in Regina, arrived in Saskatoon Monday and will spend the next week as the guest of Miss Irene Maguire.

Mr. and Mrs. George Slous, Crescent annex, entertained at dinner Friday for Miss Wilda Lewis of Ottawa and for Mr. Hill- man Landeen of Toronto. Mrs.

G. Tomlinson, Moose Jaw, whose husband is an officer with the 10th Canadian Field Ambulance, is coming to Regina Wednesday for the tea which the auxiliary is holding. Master Wayne Hawes' second birthday anniversary was celebrated Saturday afternoon. Mrs. L.

Handley and Mrs. E. J. Flavell poured tea, while Mrs. W.

E. Hawes cut the birthday cake and Mrs. J. MacKay and Miss Gladys Meadows assisted the hostess, Mrs. J.

C. Hawes, Guests other than mentioned were: Miss Patricia Handley, Miss Darleen Hawes, Master Donald Hawes, Mrs. W. H. Meadows, Mrs.

G. Brown and Mrs. B. Hawes. Mrs.

Park N. Williams and Mrs. R. A. Coulthard were joint hostesses Monday at the tea hour, entertaining in the former's apartment at the Hotel Saskatchewan in honor of Mrs.

Alan Embury of Saskatoon. Sgt. Hector Nelson MacDonald, R.C.A.F., and Mrs. MacDonald have been visiting for two weeks with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

N. A. MacDonald, 1117 Victoria avenue. Sgt. MacDonald has returned to his station in the east but Mrs.

MacDonald will re main in Regina for a short time longer. A farewell reception was held Thursday at the home of Sgt. MacDonald's parents. He was presented with a silver ldentifica tion bracelet, the engraved disc mounted with the silver horse shoe which topped his first farewell cake nine months ago and with the air force insignia. SASKATOON.

Dean Arthur Collingwood and Mrs. Collingwood entertained Friday evening at their home in compliment to Orrea Pernel, the accomplished violinist who had appeared earlier in the evening as artist in the Conservatory club concert series at The Bessborough. Her accompanist, Anna Mon-crieff-Hovey, was also honor guest at the reception where Mrs. J. S.

Thomson and Mrs. Donald Maclean presided over the tea table and Mrs. W. H. Ibberson, Mrs.

R. F. Taunt, Mrs. W. A.

Ferguson. Mrs. F. M. Quance and Mrs.

W. Seemer Betts assisted in serving. WINNIPEG. Paying honor to two former graduates of the Uni-cersity of Toronto, more than 200 members of the alumni in Manitoba, attended a reception and tea Sunday in Winnipeg, planned in honor of Hon. R.

F. McWilliams, ieutenant governor, and Mrs. McWilliams. The honor guests re ceived with the president of the alumni, Dr. Fred Young, and Mrs.

Young. In paying tribute to Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams, Dr. Young reminded the company that Mr.

McWilliams had taken an active part in university life, and later made valuable contributions to the life of the community. He spoke with enthusiasm of the place the new chatelaine of government house has taken in Win nipeg affairs, and he presented Mr. McWilliams with a book carrying the signatures of those pres ent On behalf of the alumni, Mr R. H. G.

Bonnycastle read a message from President H. Cody, and one from Mr. W. J. Little, president of the federa tion.

Greetings were extended by the chairman, and by Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams to the chancellor of the University of Manitoba, Dr. J. W.

Dafoe, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. With Dr. and Mrs. Young and Mr. and Mrs.

McWilliams at the head table solos with Mrs. Findlay, as accompanist Miss Grace wukie proposed the toast of the evening, that to the mothers: and the re sponse was made by Mrs. P. G. Bradley.

China Schools Described Guests were interested in a letter read by Mrs. A. L. Maclean from Mrs. Harley Jenner, household science graduate of University of Manitoba, who with her husband, a graduate of University of Toronto, is in West China under United Church of Canada auspices.

Mrs. Jenner included with her letter an exquisite cherry red cutout card of most delicate work. She is teaching home economics in a school and has a class in connection with a hospital She wrote in part: "The schools have all been moved out to the country into places such as could not be found in Canada, large clan homes, idle most of the year, used only when the clan gathers for worship at the memorial tablets of departed members of the family. They are grand for schools. The government just more or less con scripts them.

Old temples are favorite places for schools now too. The gods sit around and listen in on modern young China's new learning!" Courtesy speeches were made by Miss McCallum, Mrs. W. A. McGregor, Miss Gene Brooks, Miss Bernice Cowan, Mrs.

D. D. Matheson and the chairman. La dies in charge of serving the repast were: Mrs. D.

D. Matheson, Mrs. A. E. Smith, Mrs.

William Barber, Mrs. Roy Elliott, Miss Elizabeth Mayman, Mrs. F. G. Furby, Mrs.

L. L. Hewitt, Mrs. P. J.

Graville, and Mrs. J. W. Mor-phy. Flags adorned walls and tri-col- ored ribbons the tables.

A silver bowl of carnations formed special decoration. Mrs. A. B. Carlson and Miss Jean Watt had charge of dec orating the table.

To Mrs. Matheson and her circle of helpers many compliments were offered upon the success with which they had carried out their part in connec tion with the function. Guests Present Those who registered included: Mrs. J. D.

Findlay, Mrs. J. D. Findlay, Grace Wilkie, Mrs. J.

Wilkie, Mrs. K. C. Crook, Miss C. E.

McCallum, Alma Jones, Mrs. E. G. Bourne, Mrs. F.

L. Burrows, Phyllis Burrows, Mrs. E. K. French, Kathleen French, Mrs.

W. A. Jean McGregor. Aroon French, Mrs. A.

L. Maclean, Mrs. H. L. Brown, Mrs.

J. E. Ramsden, Eva Sharp, Mrs. Lou Rodenbusa, Mrs. P.

G. Bradley, Nellie Bradley, Mrs. F. Holden, Myrtle Cahill, Mrs. J.

Ellis, Agnes E. Mowbrey, Mrs. W. Dickin, Gene Brooks, Mrs. S.

Gent, Lorna Chambers, Mrs. L. Rowbotham. Mrs. A.

B. Carlson, Mrs. J. A. MacDonald, Lorraine MacDonald, Mrs.

Wm. Robson, Margaret Rob-son. Marie Jamieson, Mrs. G. R.

Jamieson, Mrs. William Cross, Muriel Cross, Enid M. Crook, Janet Love, Mrs. C. C.

Bell, Mickey Bell, Mrs. H. W. Cowan, Bernice Cowan, Eleanor Rodger, Mrs. Stella Watt, Jean Watt, Mrs.

C. W. Bull, and Helen Rowe. Ulster Club Holds Banquet and Dance Ulster club of Regina will hold its sixth annual banquet and dance next Monday night, March 17, at 6:30 at Kitchener hotel. A.

W. Edgar is president and speaker will be S. J. Dornan, Alameda. Mr.

Doman is editor of Alameda Despatch and secretary-manager of Saskatchewan branch Canadian Weekly Newspapers association, and has filled these positions for many years. For a time he was president of the association named. He is in Ottawa this week atending two confer ences. Assistants Listed For Auxiliary Tea Mrs. B.

C. Leech and Mrs. E. D. McCallum will be in the receiving line Wednesday afternoon at the tea which the ladies auxiliary to 10th Canadian Field Am bulance is holding at the nurses' residence of the Regina General hospital.

The proceeds are for war work. Mrs. H. L. Jackes, Mrs.

W. A. Dakin, Miss Annie K. Lawrie and Mrs. James Miller of Moose Jaw will preside at the urns and the following are in charge of the tearoom: Mrs.

Urban Gareau. Miss M. F. Davles, Mrs. J.

B. Ritchie, Mrs. W. R. Mac- Kenzie, Mrs.

T. Meadowcroft and Mrs. Pendergast Servers are: Mrs. A. Douglas, Mrs.

H. L. McLennan, Mrs. H. W.

Williams, Mrs. A. Carlson, Mrs. F. Forbes, Mrs.

H. G. Grant, Mrs. H. Good, Mrs.

J. W. Atkinson, Mrs. J. Earl Mur phy, Mrs.

R. May. Mrs. Harry hmitn, Mrs. M.

Smith, Mrs. J. I Ansell and Mrs. W. O.

Love. CHOKES rUf i BIO BIVIB Ika. aatk. Lfc. WHITtriSR Akoat 12c rifSI CAIGUT CODriSH Altr4 or tin: a.

Lk. HI Vi a BRIGHT SALMON La. 27c 20c HONORING Miss Jocelyn Cook. son, who is visiting in Regina from Ottawa, Miss Patricia Spohn entertained at a charming tea Sun day at her home. Mrs.

Gilbert Connellan presided at the pretty tea table which was centred with spring flowers and Misses Betty Cookson and Molly Spohn assisted in serving. Mr. and Mrs. I. J.

Haug enter tained delightfully at dinner Saturday evening, covers laid for 14. Aircraftman Don Higgins of Regina, who is in training with No. 6 Elementary Flying Training school in Prince Albert, appeared as figure-skating artist in the Prince Albert ice carnival "Frosty Frolics" Saturday night. LAC. W.

J. Turner, Mrs. Turner and Cpl. G. Cummings, Regina, were visitors in Saskatoon last week.

Mr and Mrs. Edmund Mc- Kenzie, Swift Current, announce thp marriaee of their daughter. Thelma Eleanor, to Mr. William Reynolds Tripp at St. James The Apostle church, Montreal, March 8.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Walton.

Toronto, were attendants. Mrs. E. H. Davidson, Vancouver, who came to Regina to visit her son, LAC.

Ian Davidson, in training here, is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mogey.

Pilot Officer Alan Carscallan arrived in Calgary from Regina by plane Friday and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Wood-side till Saturday, when he went to Sylvan Lake to spend the weekend with his parents, Mr.

and. Mrs. S. N. Carscallan.

He is going to Ontario this week. Pilot Officer Carscallen was best man at the Larson-Layng wedding in Regina last week. American Women's club meets Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Y.W.C.A. St. Andrew's Society ladies auxiliary meets Wednesday at 8 o'clock at K.P.

hall. General Hospital Alumni meets Tuesday evening, March 11, at 8:15 o'clock, at Nurses' residence, General hospital. Ladles auxiliary to 113th Bat- tery, R.C.A., meets at home of Mrs. Steele, 1878 Retallack street, on Tuesday evening. Ladles auxiliary.

No. 1 Ord nance Field park meets at home of Mrs. H. Lockhart. 2704 15th avenue, on Tuesday at 8 o'clock.

Loyal True Blue lodge sewing circle tea will be held at home of Mrs. D. L. Gaul, 1040 Cameron street, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. Weekly meeting of Regina Home Nursinr Division No.

10 will be held 8 o'clock Wednesday evening at Balfour Technical school. Squadron Leaders group of aux iliary to the 120th Bomber squadron meets at Suite 15, WUlingdon apartments, on Wednesday night at 8 clock. Scandinavian auxiliary meets Wednesday at 8:15 o'clock at home of Mrs. A. B.

Wenaus, Mrs. C. B. Lawrance and Miss Clarice Mossing hostesses. Gabriel Shrine, White Shrine of Jerusalem, meets at Masonic tern pie Thursday night at 8 o'clock for business, annual report, election of officers and birthday party.

Empire Rebekah lodge No. 43 meets at I.O.O.F. hall on Tuesday night at 8 o'clock, meeting to be followed by a St. Patrick's bridge, proceeds to be used to purchase war savings certificates. A general meeting of the Co operative Commonwealth Youth Movement will be held at club- room, Y.W.C.A.

Wednesday at 8 o'clock. Speaker will be J. H. Brockelbank, leader of opposition in Saskatchewan legislature. Gayety Circle of Fellowship Rebekah lodge 123 will hold St.

Patrick's bridge. Mrs. T. W. Cluff, 3205 Dewdney avenue, will be hostess.

Bridge will be held Wednesday, March 12 at 8 o'clock. Re- bekahs, Oddfellows and friends are invited. Wing Commanders Group 120 Bomber Squadron Ladies auxiliary held a social evening on March 8 at Stagette club rooms for 15 airmen from Initial training school. The evening was spent in games and impromptu entertainment and tea was served. Regina Home Economics associ ation met at home of Mrs.

J. G. Tazgart on March 5. Dr. Lillian Chase addressed the association on Sulphonamide Drugs and Their Uses, and gave a paper on relation of vitamin to shell-shock.

Members will be notified prior to April meeting. Mrs. A. Soutar entertained Happy Eight bunco club, honors of game going to Mrs. G.

Wilken-ing, Mrs. A. Soutar and Miss A. Falk. Tea was served by hostess and others present were Mrs.

F. Ritchie, Mrs. O. Rose, Mrs. G.

Barker, Mrs. H. Falk and Mrs. W. Crumley.

Next meeting will be at home of Mrs. F. Ritchie, 1453 McTavish street, Wednesday, March 12, at 8 o'clock. pvl-ft viuu iNoies ceremony bunday afternoon. The baby was the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Ernest Knight and was christened Lois Edythe. Rev. F. P.

Clark conducted the ceremony at 4:15 at St. Matthew's church with Miss Helen Jolly, Mrs. George Mclvor, of Calgary, and Mr. Tom Harper named as godparents. The infant wore a beau tiful christening dress made by her grandmother.

Mrs. Harry Brockway. Following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Knight entertained Mr.

and Mrs. Brockway, Miss Jolly and Mr. Harper at dinner at their home. Mrs. A.

A. Hassett is leaving Wednesday to join her husband in the east. Misses Norma Lunam and Claire Hegarty entertained at the home of Miss Jean Hils-den Monday evening in honor of Mrs. A. Gee, the former, Kay Hare.

Tea towels were hemmed during the evening and a beautiful rose blanket presented from the guests. Miss Audrey Fisher entertain ed a number of friends at her home on Saturday evening in honor of her guest, Miss Jean Pet-erkin, Winnipeg, and her brother, Paul Fisher, who has recently jbined the R.C.A.F., and is leaving Regina shortly. Games, contests and dancing were enjoyed, also readings by Miss Mildred Barker. Mr. Paul Fisher was presented with a gift from his friends, the presentation being made by Mr.

Ben Carey. Guests included: Misses Dodey Larter, Jeanne Lewis, Martha Joy, Helen Roberts, Mary Studdard, Edna Perry, and Messrs. Syd Willits, Bud Carey, Al Forsyth, Carl Elander, W. Stemshorn, Earl For syth and Norman Taylor. Church Circles St.

Peter's Mothers' union meets Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. St. Alkmund's Mother's union meets at home of Mrs. J. Edgar, 1256 Lindsay street, Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

Daisy circle meets at Metropolitan church parlors Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. Catholic Women's league. Blessed Sacrament church, meets at C.W.L. clubroom Tuesday night at 8 o'clock. Heather circle.

First Presbyter ian Women's guild meets at home of Mrs. A. J. Irwin, 2345 Halifax street, Wednesday at 8 o'clock. St Mary's W.A.

Afternoon branch meets Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at home of Mrs. M. Thistle, 3616 Victoria avenue. Wilcox circle of St Andrew's church meets at home of Mrs. C.

W. Bull, 2112 Rose street. Tues day evening, March 11 at 8 p.m. Lakeview circle of First Pm. bvterian church, meets at hnms of Mrs.

D. N. McCallum, 2535 larnet street, Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Monthly meeting of St. Paul's Mothers Union will be held at parish hall on Wednesday at 3 o'clock.

Tea hostesses will be Mrs. Rusk. Mrs. Wolf. Mrs.

Hall and Mrs. Russell. Sister Francesca will address the meeting. Cathedral Young Feople's club entertained C.Y.C. Badminton club of Blessed Sacrament parish on Friday, March 7.

Over 50 young people took part in badminton games. C.Y.P.C. is making plans for a shamrock tea on Sunday afternoon, March 16, at Sacred Heart academy gymnasium. Edna Bell auxiliary. First Pres.

byterian church, met March 6 at home of Miss Norma Dickson. Program was prepared bv Miss Doris Ripley and committee. It dealt with medical, educational, rural and social work of voiine- people's groups. Special meeting is March 20 at 8 p.m. to work on afchans at home of Mrs.

O. Mun. roe, 2711 Angus boulevard. Miss Denzin Bride Of J. H.

Bateman In a charming ceremony Satur day conducted by Rev. Harry Joyce, at St. Andrew's manse, Miss Dons Louise Denzin, Craven, became the bride of John Harold Bateman, Lumsden. The bride wore a becoming frock of old rose sheer with corsage of Talisman roses and accessories in navy. Miss Blanche Ella Bur-rell, Craven, bridesmaid, wore black sheer dress with touches of white, picture hat and corsage of red roses.

Clarence E. Black-stock, Tregarva, was best man. Present for the ceremony and the wedding supper served afterwards at the La Salle were: Mr. and Mrs. J.

T. Bateman, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bateman. Lumdsen; Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Denzin, Elmer and Morris Denzin, Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis, Craven.

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