The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on April 2, 1975 · 87
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 87

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1975
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THE VANCOUVER SUN: WED, APRIL 2, 1975 87 Doctors own fully or partly HI B.C. private hospitals W JES ODAM and WYNG CHOW Doctors are openly involved in the ownership of nearly one-third of the private hospitals In Ureater Vancouver uui ui only one of those in the remainder of the wovmce. This is . shown by a Vancouver Sun check of public records following com-ments by Health Minister Dennis Cocke about possible conflict of interest in such cases. Cocke also said he is planning to ask yhe3.C, Medical Association to consider instructing its members to withdraw from B$e ownership of private hospitals. He made his comments after the; '. . doctor-owned King George Hospital in Surrey was instructed to improve its facil-. Hies within six weeks or lose its licence. Files in the companies office in Victoria show full or part-ownership by medical .doctors iri 10 of the 33 licensed private. """Hospitals in the Vancouver area. "TjK the other 15 private hospitals in the remainder of B. C, only one, is doctor-connected. Dentists or dentists wives are involved sin the ownership of six Greater Vancouver hospitals, some of which also have doctors "involved. v, . -There are several corporate and other tiinks between some of the hospitals inducting ownership of more than one hospi Jal management contracts and involvement in different hospitals by doctors who practise in the same office. The provincial government now operates two of the private hospitals, both in the Victoria area. Its stated policy is eventually to buy all private hospitals in the r province that meet health department Standards. , -,j.The BCMA has not yet given its answer to Cocke's conflict-of-interest comments. Lauretta Shields, secretary of the B.C. H ft fS ilJtt LAURETTA SHIELDS . . . "private hospitals not all honey, roses" DenI Eagland Photo Association of Private Hospitals - and to our members and to set an example," -Mrs: Shield said operating a private fSwiAuiatWuU. hospital is not all honey and roses, of them - said in an interview that doc- "When we needed new private hospi- Hospitals m greater Vancouver which tors have contributed a great deal of their tals, new buildings, doctors responded be- w are wholly or partly owned by doctors, as knowledge to make for better care in pri- cause they felt we needed new ones..They shown by files in the companies office, vate hospitals. ' ' ' , wanted new buildings to send their elderly are: ; : -The are in a position to give advice . patients to." V Vancouver-Glen, Southpines. .. ; Burnaby Carlton, Fellburn. Surrey Florence Nightingale, King George. Coquitlam Como Lake. ' ' - New Westminster Melrose Park. North Vancouver North Shore. . West Vancouver Altamount. Hospitals in which dentists or their wives are involved are Arbutus, Cambie, Edith Cavell and Kensington in Vancouver; Carlton and North Shore. : The Kensington, Willingdon and Normandy hospitals in Vancouver and Burnaby are managed by the N. B. Cook Corp. Ltd. (formerly National Nursing Homes) which is involved in nursing home ownership and management in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, Lawyer Neil Cook, president of N. B. Cook, is listed as a minority shareholder in Kensington and the major shareholder in Normany. . Russell Shepherd, , the major shareholder in Sandringham Hospital, Victoria, . is also listed as a director of Kensington. John R. Pitcher, executive vice-president of N. B. Cook, s liisted as a director of Sandringham, which used to be managed by the Cook company. Dr. J. Ross MacLean, owner of the Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster (not classified as a private hospital) is listed as a director of Fort private hospital, Comox, of which his wife is given as president. - ' ' Lawyer David Chertkow, given as a shareholder in and former director of Fort, was listed at the same time as a shareholder and director -of Inglewood private hospital, West Vancouver. Another listed shareholder in the Fort hospital, Quentin Brown, is given as sec--retary and a major shareholder in Fell-burn private hospital, Burnaby. Fellburn president-Dr. John Boxall and John Lansdell, the other major shareholders in the hospital, are involved with Tir-own in an investment syndicate which loaned $150,000 to the Fort hospital a year ago. ' Eight other doctors are among other members of the syndicate which is run from the Stock Exchange building office of Lunsdell and Brown, finance consultants and mortgage brokers. Radiologist Dr. Roger Montague Hall, who with his wife is shown as having 50 per cent ownership of Altamount private hospital, West Vancouver, is a member of Eastvan X-Ray Associates. Another member of Eastvan, radiologist Dr. Albolhassan Sherket and his dentist wife Dr. Afsar Sherkat, are shown as having half ownership of North Shore private hospital, North Vancouver. The other half interest in North Shore is shown as being owned by Dr. Nathan . Batt, giving an address in the same, building as Eastvan. According to the B.C. Medical Directory, Dr. Batt now is a non-resident mem- ber of the B. C. College of Physicians and Surgeons, working at St. Francis Hospital, Honolulu. Both the Carlton, Burnaby, and Como Lake, Coquitlam, hospitals are owned by companies in which the majority shareholder is Dr. John C. Becher. Dr. Howard Weaver, who with his wife owns Southpines private hospital, ' Vancouver, is a major shareholder in Glen private hospital, also in Vancouver. Both the Amherst hospital in Vancouver and Cedarhurst, Surrey, are owned by the same company, controlled by Martin Magnussen and his family. The Siegried Marquardt family, which sold two private hospitals in Victoria to the provincial government, also owns the only private hospital in Prince George. Control of the Parkridge hospital, Maple Ridge, and Mary Hill hospital, Port Coquitlam, is held by the Salway family of : Willamina, Ore., and Port Coquitlam. latest records list names of owners throughout province Information for this survey of B.C. private hospitals has been compiled from the latest records in the companies of-fice and recognized directories. Addresses "given are Vancouver unless otherwise stated. "Company files are not always a complete indication of ownership or control as shares may beheld in the name of nom-'inees and directors may represent inter--ests which are not disclosed in the files. in-' addition, not all companies keep their files up to date; in particular, addresses given may have changed. . Vancouver " Alexandra, 3890 Alexandra St., 15 beds: 'HSoId Feb. 1974 to Anna Maria Jaworsky, 2 personal care home operator, 1550 Mar-, pole, Vancouver, (White Gates Lodge) for $1000. ' Amherst,. 375 West Fifty-ninth, 75 beds: ., Martin Magnussen, executive, 3590 Granville, president and holder of 50 per cent pf shares; John Campbell, manager, 3890 -Cypress, secretary and, with his wife, 25 per cent shareholder; Remaining shares held by Alf Magnusson, sales representative, 2852 Thorncliff Dr., North Vancouver . , and his wife, and by Mrs. Martin Magnus-Tsen, who are also directors along with ..Mrs. Campbell. ' i Arbutus, 6650 Arbutus, 77 beds: Herman r Nemetz, executive, 5555 Connaught Drive, , "Resident, 200 shares out of 1,500 issued; Df. Max Nacht, dentist, 614-718 Granville, director, 500 shares; Robert Graft-ton, executive, 6957 Prince Edward, 800 shares. Braddan, 2450 West Second, 44 beds: William Arthur Tillman, businessman, . J008 West Forty-seventh, president; Lome Montaine, lawyer, 1111 Wrest Georgia, di-v rector. Tillman and the estate of Joyce Braddan Tillman hold all issued shares, -t Cambie, 2831 Ash, 35 beds; John A. R. tHo-A-Shoo, dentist, 2385 West Forty-fifth, president; Esther HorA-Shoo, housewife, same address, director. They hold all issued shares, i Carlsbad, 1423 Cornwall, 47 beds; Com-( pafjies offlct file lists Leona Whltmarsh, housewife, J905 Ocean Dr., Surrey, president; George Roy Long Jr., lawyer, ,Mount Lehman, secretary treasurer. Shares held by Mrs. Whitmarsh and Elmer Whitmarsh, same address. 1975 tCity directory lists Sayboy Industries Ltd, - holding company, with Jack MacDonald, managing director. Editk Cevell, 1838 Sophia, 59 beds: TAnita Waterman (wife of dentist Matthew '3. Waterman) 5062 Marguerite, president; t.Mtx Gold, housewife, 876 West Fifty-second, Vice-president; Ethel Gelfand -(wife of dentist Saul B. Gelfand), 5330 Ash, secretory, All three are equal shareholders, Glen, m Ealsbury, 86 beds: Dr. How- "ard" Graham Weaver, physician, 6248 Balaclava, president, holds 40 out of 100 voting shares; Dr. Joseph W. Guff, neuro- ' surgeon, 750 West Broadway, secretary. v Other directors are lawyers Alex W. i Fisher, 1870 West Thirty-fifth and Malcolm Graeme King, 1413 Balfour, who acl) hold 30 voting shares. , Non-voting share are all held by Glen Properties Ltd., of which the three directors are Dr. Weaver, Dr. Cluff and Dr. Archibald M. Johnson, director of the University Health Services Hospital. Other shareholders in Glen Properties Include Dr. Harry C. Slade, director of the;, division of family practice, Family Practice Teaching Unit, Vancouver, and ' Dr. Charles A. Brumwell, University fJIealth Services, UBC. Glen Brae, 1690 Matthews, 31 beds: Julian Wlosinski, hospital proprietor, director. No shareholders filed, v. Grandvlew, 1090 Victoria Dr., 61 beds: Stanley Alfred Miles, accountant, 2191 West Thirty-ninth, president, holds 3,951 out of 10.000 shares issued; Agnes McKay, nurse, 1090 Victoria Dr., secretary, 3,849 shares; Lorna Cameron Miller, retired nurse, 711 Fifth Ave., New Westminster, also a director, 1,500 shares; three other small shareholdings. Hawthorne, 2665 Point Grey Rd, 18 beds: George William O'Brien, executive, 2653 York, president, holds 21 out of 22 shares issued: Leonard Feltham, accountant, 2776 West Eighteenth, the only other director, holds one share. Kensington, 750 West Forty-first, 77 beds: Neil B. Cook, lawyer, 1575 Beach, president, holds directly and through his Anchorage Investments 1,950 out of 5,000 shares issued and his wife holds a further " 5oo; : ' v;.y, Dirertors Maurice J. Walley, dentist, 7621 Yukon, and Neil McNeil CoMUe, investor, 1450 Chestnut, each hold 300 j Rus-, ; sell J. Shepherd, realtor, 3695 Marine Dr., 7 West Vancouver, a director, did not appear on the latest shareholders' list filed. . Other major shareholder is Alexander Masson Reid, retired, whose address is listed as Paget Post Office, Bermuda,' with 1,500. Normandy, 4505 Valley Dr., 75 beds: Neil B. Cook, president, with 4,400 out of 5,000 shares issued; Nora Agabob, secty of N.B. Cook Corp, is also secty of Normandy. Oakherst, 7430 Oak, 75 beds:, Lauretta A. Shield, hospital administrator, 981 West . Fifty-eighth, president, holds 14 out of 18 A shares issued and 491 out of 982 B shares; Patrick L. Shields, accountant, 1399 194th St. Surrey, holds 2 A and 208 B; other shareholders include Parklane Private Hospital Ltd., with all 84,760 C shares issued. Parklane, 950 West Fifty-eighth, 41 beds: Lauretta Shields, president, holds 14 out of 18 A shares and 1,300 out of 6,800 preferred; Patrick L. Shields, secretary, holds 2 A, 208 out of 982 B and 1,100 preferred; Richard V. Shields, student, 591 West Fifty-seventh, holds 1 A, 208 B and ; 1,000 preferred; L. A. Shields, P. L, Shields and R. V, Shields, as executors of the will of Doris, E, Crawferd, hold the remaining A share and 3,400 preferred; the bulk of the remaining B shares are held by Oakherst Enterprises Ltd., in which Mrs. Shields is the majority shareholder. Southpines, 325 West Fifty-ninth, 34 beds: Dr. Howard Weaver (see Glen Hospital) and his wife Mildred are president and secretary-treasurer respectively. They hold all issued shares. ' - .' V Corp.) secretary. Bass holds 2,750 of the ' 5,000 shares issued and Alexander Reid, retired, Bermuda, also a shareholders in Kensington) holds 2,150, The remainder are held by Mrs. Bass. North Vancouver Lonsdale, 151 East Twelfth St., 25 beds: Directors are Jean Branagan Baillie, registered nurse, 1312 Grand Blvd., North Vancouver, and her husband Robert; Robert Baillie Jr., passenger agent, 263 East Eleventh St., North Vancouver and Andrew McDicken Baillie, assistant manager, 221 West Osborne St., North Vancouver. All shares are held in the Baillie family. ; ..... Mahon Park, 351 West Nineteenth St., 18 beds: Gordon R. Whitley, sales manager, "1355 West Fifty-third, president, holds 34 out' of the 100 shares issued; H. Borden Deason, manager, 2225 West Thirty-ninth, vice-president, and Robie D. Sterling, manager, 7584 Cambie, secreatry-treasurer, hold 33 shares each. ; North Shore, 1070 Lynn Valley, 50 beds: Dr. Nathan Batt, physician, 1750 East Tenth, president, holds 50 out of the 100 shares issued; Abolhassan Sherket, radiologist, 356 Seashell Lane, North Vancouver, secretary, holds 25 shares. The remaining shares are held by Mrs. Sherket, adentist. West Vancouver Altamont, 1675 27th St., 75 beds: directors: Dr. Montague Hall, radiologist, 6425 McKenzie PI., and his wife bold 50 of the 100 shares issued. William Wallace, administrator of the hospital, 6020 Colling-wood, and his wife, also directors, hold the other 50 shares. Inglewood, 725 Inglewood Ave., 75 beds: directors Jack Aceman, financier, 5612 Maple, and Monte P. Nathanson, executive, Winnipeg, each hold 40 of the 100 shares issued; director David A. Chertkow, lawyer (9 shareholder! and former . director of Fprt Hospital, Comox) holdi 20 . shares.. Surrey Burnaby Carlton, 4125 Canada Way, 75 beds: Dr. John C. Becher, physician, 4916 Rowan, Burnaby, president, and his wife Patricia, secretary, own all common shares and 80 per cent of the preferred shares of a holding company which in turn has 70 per cent of the shares in the hospital company. Kell S. Puge, builder, 9562 125th St., Surrey, owns just over 25 per cent of shares in the hospital company and dentist Dr. Ludlow W. Beamish, 7456 Burris, Burnaby, is a minor shareholder. . Peer Lake, 6907 Elwell gt.t 87 bedsi director! Eduards Podlns, hospital superintendent, and his wife Celine, hospital matron, both of the hospital, hold all issued shares. Fellburn, 6650 East Hastings, 78 beds: Ernest A. Boxall, physician, 5861 Blen-heim, president, Quentin Brown, executive, 6726 Blenheim, secretary, and John B. Lansdell, executive, 3248 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, hold jointly 69,800 of the 1000,000 shares issued and a further 5,000 each Individually. Other directors are John S. Bushby, ad-mlnistrator, 2176 East Fifty-third, and Alfred Victor Stagg, contractor, 516 Sharpe St., New Westminster. Willingdon, 4435 Grange, 75 beds: Nell B. Cook, president (see Kensington and Normandy, Vancouver) Clarence H. Bass, retired, ' Brandon, Man., vice-president; Nora . Agabob (N.B. Cook Cedarhurst, 7279 152 St 33 beds: same directors and ownership 9? Amherst, Vancouver. Florence Nightingale, 13453 MA Ave., 75 beds: Dr. Kwok Ting Yue, physician, 5525 Balaclava, president, and his wife Mary, secretary, hold 320 of the 640 class A shares issued. Dr. Albert Leung, ear, nose and throat specialist, 107 College Court, New Westminster, managing director, holds 60 A shares. Other shareholders Include Ng Lai Wah, Hong Kong, with 200 A and 200 of the 560 class B shares Issued; Ting York Liang, 4274 Ranger Cres., North Vancouver, 60 A; Mrs. Lam Kam Yuen, 826 West Forty-sixth, and Mrs. Doris Nam, same address, each hold 180 B shares. . King George, 9634 King George Highway, 77 bedsi dlrictori Pr. Reginald Robert Harper, physician, 13665 107A Ave., . Surrey, and Dr. Lewis Thome Herberts, urologist, 831 Massey, New Westminster . each have one of the two shares issued. Richmond Richmond Private, 611 Minora Blvd., 81 beds: William J. Garrison, hospital operator, 1092 West Forty-sixth, president, holds 16,000 out of 16,002 shares issued. Directors David G. Melvin, lawyer, 885 Dunsmuir, and Cllve G. Cornish, accountant, 1916 West Broadway, hold one share each. ' New Westminster Melrose Park, 1621 Sixth Ave., 73 beds: Nicholas Spachinsky, retired, Edmonton, Alt a., president, holds 30 of the 100 shares issued. Dr. Harry Donald SparkeS, physi cian, Costa Mesa, Calif., secretary, holds 40; Daniel Maceluch, administrator, 118 Queens Ave., New Westminster, manager, holds 30 shares. Delta Delta Private, 9321 Burns, 48 beds: Henry Kitchener Thomas, hospital administrator, 9303 Burns, president, and his wife Mary, registered nurse, hold all seven common shares issued. Coquitlam Como Lake, 657 Gatensbury, 75 beds: directors Dr. John Becher and his wife Patricia (also of Carlton, Burnaby) have all issued common shares and 80 per .cent of preferred shares. " . Port Coquitlam : Mary Hill, 2050 Mary Hill, 23 beds: Eunice Salway, housewife, Willamina, Ore., president, holds 49 out of 101 shares issued; Joanne Fern Salway, housewife, 1601 Stella PI., Port Coquitlam, holds 45; Grace Gibbon, housewife, 11491 Dartford, Maple Ridge, director, holds six and Iva Jean Curry, housewife, Salem, Ore., secretary, holds one.- Maple Ridge Parkridge, 11463 207 St., 75 beds: Harold Alfred Salway, manager, Willamina, Ore., president, holds two of the issued shares; Harold Sherwood Salway, manager, 1601 Stella PL, Port Coquitlam, secretary holds one. One share each is held by Derek Sal- -way, Calgary, Eva Stevens, Utah, and Hope Salway, 2275 Wilson, Port Coquitlam. Archie Gibbon, 11491 Dartford, Maple Ridge, is a director. Abbotsford Cottage, 2219 fclcCalium, 34 beds: Marie Elizabeth .-MeMlchael, manager, 2219 McCallum, preisdent and secretary, holds ' 499 out of 500 shares issued. Fort Langley Simpson, 8838 Glover, 29 beds: William Johnson, businessman Fort Langley, pres ident, holds a one-sixth interest, as does Ingvald Jenstad, businessman, Fort Langley, t vice-president. Robert Beck, businessman, 314 Tenth Ave., New Westminster, secretary-treasurer, holds a two-thirds interest. . "'" : " : - ' , Comox Fort, 30 beds: Isobel MacLean (wife of Dr. J. Ross MacLean) 1920 Southwest Marine, president, holds one out of 10 voting shares and 79 out of 90 non-voting shares Dr. McLean, identified in a number of documents as president, is listed as a director from 1960 (when the company was incorporated) to 1969 and again from Aug., 1974. The remaining voting shares are listed to lawyer David Chertkow, secretary and a director from 1960 jto 1974. Quentin Brown, secretary and a shareholder of Inglewood, West Vancouver holding the remaining non-voting share. Victoria Aberdeen, 1450 Hillside, 77 beds: purchased by provincial government from Neil De Macedo. Cedars, 130 Menzies, 44 beds: Lillian May De Macedo, hospital manageress, 920 Sioux PL, Victoria, president, holds 148 out of 200 shares issued. Raymond De Macedo, hospital manager, 917A Forshaw Rd., Victoria, secretary, holds 52. Chinese, 555 Herald, 21 beds: run by Chinese Community Hospital Society of. Victoria, of which the directors are: Yitt King Chow, restauranteur; Fun Lee, merchant; Rev. Pui Sam Mo, minister; Rev. Jol Fong Leung, retired minister, and Rev. Yee Ching Chow, retired minister, all of Victoria. Glenwarren, 1230 Balmoral, 63 beds; purchased by provincial government from Siegried and Veronlka Marquardt, Victoria. ; : Sandrldgbam, 1650 Fort, 84 beds: Russell J. Shepherd, realtor, 2918 Mathers, West Vancouver, president, holds 5,000 of the 10,000 shares issued and his wife June holds 2,500. Remaining 2,500 shares held by John G. McGill, businessman, 4489 Pine. Company secretary John It. Pitcher (executive viceresident, N. B. Cook Corp.), 1402 Chippendale, West Vancou ver. - Wayside House, 550 Foul Bay Rd., 18 beds: run by a society of which the directors are Ralph A. Beckenridge. retired; SS'dney Love, retired: Miss M. E. Rona-han, retired. Gordon Stamford, city engineer; Kenneth Waterman, B.C. Tel supervisor; John Roy, retired, all of Victo-ria; Marjorie Hale, retired. 3974 West ' Thirty-second, and Gwen Wood, housewife, 1077 Mortfield, Richmond. Saanich . Clovelly, 1196 Clovelly, 42 beds: George B. Rees, carpenter, 4980 Georgia Park Terr., Victoria, president, and wife Frances, hospital proprietress, own all issued shares. Philip Rees, clerk, same address, is also a director. Kamloops Mount Paul, 75 beds: Erik Scholefield, executive, 545 Balsam, president and se-cretairy-treasurer, holds 6.144 out of 6,150 shares issued. Kenneth Scholefield, manager, Kamloops, a director, holds the remaining six shares in trust for Erik Scholefield. Prince George Simon Fraser, 89 beds: Siegfried Marquardt, businessman, Victoria, president; wife Veronika secretary. Shares held in names of lawyer and accountant. Kelowna Still Waters, 77 beds: Adele Burke, administrator, Kelowna, president, holds 261 out of 1,000 shares issued; Mark David Kornell, administrator, Kelowna, secretary-treasurer, holds 250; director Timothy Komell, personnel officer, Ottawa, holds 249; directors Janice Kornell, secretary, Ottawa, and Selma Kornell, housewife, Kelowna, hold 120 each. Nelson Willow haven, 76 beds( Brigitte Offer-mann, nurse, Nelson, president, holds 977 of. 1,000 shares issued; Peter Offermann, maintenance supervisor, Nelson, secretary-treasurer, holds 22; remaining share held in trust for Mrs. Offermann. Iliili llllllllisllp 1 fmLs I . IIIIBIiSIiBlA " iT-r- ... 1 I 1 HI u rim fe I ; ; :. v - i Otnl Etaltnd Phtt CHILLY PICKETS parade briefly In front of Shaugh- Medical Centre to build a major referral hospital nessy Hospital Tuesday protesting plans of B.C. at the site.

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