Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1895
Page 7
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Spring Clearti la such a trial that men say " Let the house take care of Iteelf." But the conscientious -wife feels bound to risk health and strength in this annual straggle dust and dirt. She is altogether too liable however, to let her bodily house, most important of all, " take care of itself." The coiis'eqncnco of her feverish anxiety over extra work ia depletion of the blood, the source of all life and strength, manifested in that weak, tired, nervous condition too prevalent at this season and very dangerous if allowed to continue. What every man ' and -woman needs in the Spring is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It keeps the blood vitalized and enriched, and thus sustains the nerves and holds all the bodily functions in strength and regular action. "With its help you will not feel that intense exhaustion, and your natural fatigue at the close of the day will give way to fresh activity in the morning. Therefore we say., besides cleaning your house, he sure to take Hood's Sarsaparilla to Now LITTLE .HOPE FOR WALLER. Ex-Consul to Mail.ieM»oar May He Unable to Trove .Inii-rlcan Citlz«inthip. WASHINGTON-, March 29.—"Accepting in full the statement of the attorney of ex-Consul Waller, who is imprisoned in Madagascar," said a state department ofiicial Friday morning-, "it is difficult for us to see any p-rpuncls upon which the United States government can interfere. ••He deliberately neglected every act by which he could retain citizenship and his actions clearly indicated Cleanse Your Blood With Hood's We'll Conquer Makes the Weak Strong "Now that house cleaning la upon uu, I know that with Hood's SanjuparilJa to help, -we'll pass through that trial all right." MBS. HELEN HYSCEKD. Tully, New York. "I take Hood's SanjaparUla every spring, and it in tho only medicine I use through tho year. It enables mo to do my house cleaning and farm work all through tho summer. It helped me very much for palpitation of tho henrt. I think Hood's 3ar- Bnparilla is tho medicine for everyone, and all who tako it will never bo ivilhout.it. I have also used Hood's Pills and they uro tho best I ever tried." MKS. F. H. ANDREWS, South Woodstock, Conn. Last upring I had to give up work, being unable to walk to my place of employment., a distance of only halt a mile. I fluttered almost incessantly from aick headache. I had racking paino all over my body. The least exertion would tire me out. Going up ona flight of stairs would make my heart beat at a .terrible rate. I was induced to take Hood'H Sarsaparilla, and now, after taking loss than two bottles, the pains and aclies have all lolt^me. I have only had a slight headache or.ce since. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave me n good appetite, and I can now do » hard day's work." MlSS EU3IE JENKINS, Queensbury, New York. Hood's Sarsapari "My nerves were in such a condition tho closing of a door was Hufflcient to throw me into a spell of trembling which would last (or hours. This WQ3 after a scvaro attack of the grip, which shattered my health. I could not sleep, my food distressed mo, and I had darting pains through my shoulders and back. At the suggestion of a friend I tried Hood'a Sarsaparilla. After taking one bottle, my food no longer distressed me, and my nerves wore quieted. Have takeu thteo bottles and I am cured. The asthma trouble, from which I have not bcon Iroe for years, has entirely disappeared. Hood's Sarsaparillft haa done wonders for me, and I •m glad to recomraod it highly." MRS. LUCINDA BCSTELL, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. "My health has been poor lor a good many years before I began to take Hood'a Sureaparilla. Finally I decided to take Hood's and can honestly say that it baa done me more good than any and all other treatments. I was troubled with dyspepsia, food distressed me, and I had but little appetite, was weak »nd nervous. In fact my trouble bordered on nervous prostration, from which I had previously Buffered. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla last summer and it did me ever 30 much good. It does not seem as though I am the same person. My appetite is greatly improved, I am less nervous, have more Btrength Rnd a can eat heartily without distress. Such a condition was unknown to mo before taking Hood's Sarsaparilla." MRS. G. C. CLAY, Barre, Vt. Be 5ure to Get Hood's A COMMON-SENSE APPEAL. An Af tor-Dlniinr SpciiiUcr'n Pica for Aincr- | IcmilMm. i A dinner was arranged in a southern jcity in honor of a visitor from a north- ; crn state, and t.hc host, when tho cigrn-a were lighted, began to rally his guest ''by repeating- some of the usual seetion- •ol jokes, says the Youth's Companion. "\Ve now iiave a northern Yankee at ionrmcrcy."ho remarked, jocosely, "and hope that he will not bo intimidated by •the presence of so many southerners, i We can assure him that revolvers and i.bowic-Unives have buen .toft in the i anteroom, and that ho is safe, at least ' until we pet our hats and arms." Everybody laughed and expected i that tho visitor would respond to this i badinage by making- full use of his [privilege of ridiculing 1 southern pccu'l- iiorities. lie surprised tho company by (speaking 1 in another vein. ! . "Our host," he began, '-traveled with iaae in Europe, and I observed that wherever we went ho registered hira- ^'.as nn American, and never as a a^faorncr. I thought it was a good [jcxatnpla to'follow, and invariably put myself down, not as a northerner,"but simply and proudly as an American. What seems to me singular is tho fact that two men, who wero content to travel all over Europe as Americans, |j Bhould fancy that they aro anything elso in their own country. I do not iknow why I should .be anything at , j home that I am not when I have •crossed tho sea and gone among for; eigners." < By this time the company perceived : that they wero to have something bet- 1 ter than'old-time Yankee talk and sec• tional quips. They encouraged tho visitor to continue by applauding him ; heartily, I He ended by making a common-sense ! ! appeal for a more general use of the j! good old word "American," | "Let us not be proud of our common ! country," ho said, "when we are abroad among strangers, and ashamed of it •when we aro at home. I am from the |: north and you are in the south., but j there is no source of patriotic pride i which is open to you that is not mine ; as well by virtue of my birthright -as aa ; American. !N"or can i glory in anything ; that is not yours also." j Tho tiompany rose when tho visitor i sat clown and joined in singing "Unil i Columbia" and "lie's a jolly good fel- •low." They voted it o'no of the best i after dinner speeches which they had ' ever heard, and congratulated him heartily upon his success in substituting wholesome and stimulating patriotism In place of the light diet ccf acrid sectional jokes. DESERVED HONORS. 'De«oratlon» or Koyillty Which llavo Beco Fairly Won. There aro princes and princesses who wear among their decorations medals for saving life at the risk of their own, medals that have not been granted bv way of mere compliment, says tho New York Mercury, but which have been honestly and honorably earned. Other inonarchs whose courage and presence of mind entitle them tp wear this highly-prized badge are prevented from so doing by reason of the fact that it falls within their own province to confer it, and they do not wish to bestow it upon themselves. A royal lady decorated with this medal is Dowager Queen Pia of Portugal, who is as magnificent _a swimmer as the queen regent of Spain or Princess Uclcn of Orleans. Queen Tia, while fully dressed, swam out into the sea at La Granja some years ago and rescued two children whose boat had been capsized by a heavy sea. Her son, tho present king of Portugal, ought by rights to wear one of these medals as well, having last year personally intervened in a struggle between two men and saved the life of the weaker of the two, in addition to holding tho would-be murderer until assistance could be procured. King Oscar of Sweden wears a lifesaving medal, granted him before he ascended the throne by Emperor Napoleon 1IL He lias the right to wear several medals of this sort, for the act of courage thus recognized by tho French ruler is by no menus the only service to humanity rendered by the royal Anak. Tho feat which won him tlie medal wa-s the stopping, on the Corniche road, of a pair of runaway horses which were on the point of precipitating: themselves, along with tho carriage and its occupants, over a precipice upon the rocks mnnv hundred feet below. At another time he plunged into the wa,ter to save a boy from drowning at 2\ice; and while serving in tho Swedish navy lie sprang overboard one very squally night to save a sailor who had fallen into the sea. Ilis son. Prince Oscar, wears a Swedish medal for saving the life of a drowning intLii whose boat had been capsized Ivy a. sudden puff in the port of Karls- kronn. Almost identically tho same feat-was performed two years ago by the gigantic Prince George- of Greece, who dived from the quarter-deck of a man-of-war anchored in the Bay of Pirorus to rescue a sailor.- He has likewise been specially decorated by the emperor of Itussia for preserving the tsarovitz from death in Japan. THE_ MARKETS. Cruln, 1'rovlslunH, ICtc% CHICAGO. M&rch 30 Fnsottlucl und hlfrlier. C:isli.W.-; 5Cc; Muy, MWjeuO!:; July. M'/i./ili'/jc;. FLUUIC -Qulut, and unchiiiiKCd. Quc raiiKOil us follows: Wjr.icr-r'jueuls. _*-50'3 seconds, 31.!iU(*3.lX>: lu\v grailuM. $!.!iiljfl.SS. Sprint— Patents, $3.00-j,a SD: .stnuV.ils. .*.-. lu^a ((ii.75; baiters', .jl.SiS,iS.35; lov: i;i-aili;s, ?l.T,">j l'8J; Kail DOB, $I.OJ:U.I.TJ: Rj-o. ?.'.-Q':;:;.su. Cons—Quiut but ilrm. -No. '2 :uiU N'o. i. 1 Yellow, .lo'.i'iJ-l.'Jio; No. 3. about -1-13 ;ir;(l N'u. :S Vcl- j " OATS—Hlfc'lier, wllli hirce lr:i(lin;:. No, i, Su'mp'.us stoiiiiy. Xo. :t. :in'.;a:!i',.:o; No. a Wiiiie. 31?i<i9l'-!-*Oi N'o a. 3U'/i4!.:(()/<io; Xu L' WniLe. .'I'Jli K—Cur lots fair sale nud Ih-m IJUL rust 01 tho marUct neglected. No. -' in sturu, Me; sumplo lots, &s;jij:)3io: outside i-.holcc: N T 0. 3, about -^asic; May delivery, Tvic. BAKLiET—Very dull and slow. No. •>, 50&52o; N"o. a, 51!3i5-ie (or ralr to cbolco. and N'o. -, &'J& 54!,4a Screenings at ,Si:.00«17.50 per ton. MESS POIIK-Trading was fairly aetlvo and prlco.s lower. Quotations rinsed at SI2.25a 13.37>4 for cashronular; Jli20i412.30 for ilareh: $!H3!4icil3.5'Jyi for May, and $Ii8031i05 for July. L\RD--Knther qulou and lower. Quotation ransed at ,t0.93/,-a-OD for casa; $ti.'.Ktf<a7,00 Tor Maroh: $7.03!4:u,7.07/, for .May, and $7.30^7.32^ for seller July. LIVBPOULTUT—Per pound: Turljoys, 93110; Chickens, 7^j8ci Ducks, oailc: Geese, par dozen, !3,OOaS.OO. 13UTTKII—Croamory, lOZtSOo; dairy, 0®13o; PaoUIns Stock. 5S7o. LIQUOIIS—Whisky quoted steady at $1,30 per gallon for hleb wines. NEW YOHK, Marcn C9. FLOL'it—Siato and western <]ulet, steady. OATS-.N'O. 3, dull, Brm. May, 33J4(ij33?f; July,34j; state, 37(a-lClSc; \vestcrn.343Wt4i!. BEEF—Firm. Extra mObrf. SSCX)^S,50; tumi- ly. ^taeoai-.uo. P011K—Firm, quiet. Mess, $13.50314.00. LAUD—Quiet, Il.-ra. Steam-rendered, $7.3;% asked. BUTTER—Fine fairly active and lira; western dairy. SilH-ic: do. creamery new, 13j31c; do. old, lOfiiHc: do. fancy colored. 11 y,c; do. wblte, 10'^c; do. factory. 7CU3o; Elglns, 31c; Imitation cro~mery, tol5c. CnEBSK--ChoIee, steady. Suite large, $3 lH 5 e; do fancy colored, il'iic; do. white, !U-?i3 lie: do. small, SiM-'"- V;GUS—Firmer. Western, I3c. Live Stock. CHICAGO, March 39 HocS—Market opened rather active with prices 5 j; lUc liii'lier. After all wood lots were sold the market weakened at" 1 tu " early_ advance was lost. Sales ranged at S>.7o.«;-J 70 for i'iffs; HW3-I.M Jor litrBt; S-I.70a-f.9u ior rouRh p.ickin?: -H'Osii. 10 Tor mixed, ^nd -;-i.'J3 (£5,30 for heavy pacning and shipping lots, CAITMS—Msirkct rather active, reeling linn. Quotations ranged at io.f53C.45 for cboice to extra sblppinx Steers'; Sj.35iiJ.Si for goad to choice-do.: $1.90.^530 for fair to ^-ood: J4.30iJ4.Sj Ior common to medium do.: H.IM&4.50 for j Butcher.-;'Steers; ;iTj33S<l for S'.ockers; {3.aO ©•1.80 for Feeders: $1.75^3. SJ for Cows: $3.3;>j i 5.(» for Heifers: 3iW_H.?5 for Bulb: SiiW3 S.M for Texas Steers, an.^ SliUjLj 5J for Veai Perfect health is maintained by espeUinff from the body the decayed _ stipation, with the terrible results following- tho absorption of excreta, LEMON TONIC LAXATIVE. The refreshing- properties derived from l^eni and Laxative principles of select vegetable products form an elegant **«*•" Ladies-wUl find it of priceless vain*. Many cases of supposed Utenn - - . .- ^--.,.1 n i find it productive of Appetite, Energy and a cie-r LARGE BOTTLES, 50 CTS. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. . EMON .TONIC- LAXATIVE KX-COSSUL WAI.LK15. his intention to reside in Madagascar. His private enterprise, backed principally by British capital.^ was presumably to be carried on by \Yuller as a citizen of Madagascar. To Great Britain will probably be left the work of preserving British interests in Madagascar if ex-Consul SValler fails to show that he is still an American citizen." DOUGLASS WILL FILED. Brought Forward by a Petition of » Dumfhter of the Dccen»«:<I. WASHINGTON', March-20.—The will of the lute Frederick Douglass was filed with the register of wills Friday in answer to the petition filed last Tuesday by Eosetta D. Sprague, daughter of the deceased, to require the widow and Lewin H, Douglass to disclose the ex- teat o£ the estate. The will is a brief document of two typewritten pages, and is dated August 30, 1880. To his wife he leaves the estate situated near this citv with all of its furnishings and also bequeaths to her his writings, books, pictures, paintings, horses, carriages, etc., SlO.OOOin United States bonds and 810,000 in money. To his daughter Rosetta Spragne and his sons Lewin, Frederick and Charles Douglass, the remainder o£ his property, each to receive an equal share, which, says the will, will amount to S15,000 each. The will beiirs the signature of but two witnesses. As the laws of the district require three, the validity of the will is believed to be in doubt. \Vell-Known JJdltur niul Tuhllslicr runnc* Away :it Cnlro, Ksrypt BOSTON, March 20.—A cable dispatch from Cairo, Egypt, announces the death there of Maturiu M. P.allou, the well-known editor, publisher and writer. Mr. Ballon was born in Boston in JS20 and was editor and publisher of the first illustrated weekly paper in this country, which was known at the outset as BaJlou's Monthly. LMnturlii Murray Ua'.lou wns born in Boston April 14.182(1. [r. 1Si3 He obtained ;i position on the Olive Branch. :i weekly publication, ll:llj shortly aftcrwiirJs bcc:ime editor and owner of Gleiison's Pictorial autl U.Ulou's Monthly. He traveled extensively In XorWi and South Amerloa, Africa, Clilini. J^ipan, the Paoillc Islands and tho polar regions. He edited aud owned in vvholo or In part vjallou's Pictorial, the i'lag of Our Union :ind the Bo-iton Sunday Budget: Among the books written by him aro"JDue West," "Due Soutn." "Tho History ot Cuba" and "Life Story of Hosea Billou."] Grcy'H Spcc-cli Ci«i*<.>8 a Sensation. Losnox. March ^!9.—The statement which Sir Edward Grey, parliamentary secretary of the foreign office, made in the house of commons, Thursday night, that an -advance of tho French into the territory of the upper Kile valley, belonging to the Koyal Siger company and therefore under British protection, would be an unfriendly act, and that it was known to France that Great Britain would so regard it, is causing a profound sensation here and on the continent. CSTTVill any democratic newspaper be brave enough to print a review of the work of. tho Fifty-third congress? — Toledo Blade. P AINT cracks.—It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that has been painted in the first place with cheap ready-mixed paints, than it would to have painted it twice with strictly pure white lead, ground in pure linseed oil Strictly Pure White Lead forms a permanent base for repainting and never has to be burned or scraped off on account of scaling or cracking. It is always smooth and clean. To be sure of getting strictly pure white lead, purchase any of the following brands: "Anchor," "Southern," "Eckstein," "Bed Seal," "Kentucky," "Collier." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pnre White Lead TintiuR Colon, a one-poand can to i s5-pound kes of Lead and mix your own paints Saves time and annoyance in matching shades; and insures the best paint that it is possible to put on wood. • . • Send us a postal card and Ret our book on paints und color-card, free; it will probably save you'agood many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. Cincinnati Branch. _ '_ Seventh and Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati. for Infants and Children. I OTHERS, Do You Know ** Bateinan's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing Syrups, ut most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine J Do Yon Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poison* t PO Yon Know that in most countries druggists are not permitted to sell narcotic* without labeling them poisons! Do Ton Know that you should not permit any medieino to be given your cUM unless you or you • physician 'know of what it is oomposeo! Do You Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparaUon, and that a list «£ Its ingredients is published with ever}- bottle J Do You Know that Cactoria is tie prescription of tiio famous Dr. Samuel Pit-dwc. That it has been in use for nearly thirty years, and that jnoio Costovia is now told tiaa^ of all other remedies for children combined ? Po You Know that the Patent Offlco Department or the United.Stales, and «* other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to use tho word " C»«toria" and its formula, and that to imitate them is a state prison offense ? Po You Know that one of tho reasons for grantlnf; this government prou-ction TO because Castoria had been proven to be absolutely harmless? Po You Know that 35 overuse doses of Castoria are futuislied for 3S cents, or one cent a dose t Po Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation.-^ cMdren mtf be kept well, and that you may have unbroken rest 7 hcie thing* are worth knowing. They ore facts. The fac-ilmile •ignatorc of Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattorla, IN THE: WORLD?.. For keeping tho System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headache, CURES Constipation, Acts on the Liver and Kidneys. Purifies tho Blood Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexion and tf Pleasing and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLD BY ALL DRuastsrs. *3-A nicely illustrated cifflny-pairc Lincoln Story Book (riven <o e-rcry purchaser o£ t ^ • of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c- islf your dru(reist,or LINCOLN TI;A Co., Fort Wayne, IB*. For Sale bv W. B. Porter. Spring Curry Comb \ Clock Spring Blnde. Soft as Q Brush. Fit* every Curve. The r Perfect Comb. Used by U, S. Armr «nd by Barncm «C vauch Circuses, and Leading Horsemen of Uae Wont ''Ask youi Dealer for It Samclc mailed post paid 25 _ccnw. KPUrSO CUBBI COMB CO., .Illrrors Tliat Aro Transpiii-.-'iit. A "-ix'.it, mauy devices aro known for tho purpose of ciiablinpr people in a house to sec what is ffoin^ 1 on in the sti-oel without opening their windows. A new invention of this nature is reported from nalbcrstaclt, Gormany, bc- iu;* a plan for so silvering- fflass that it reflects the image when loolj/jd at from one side, but when looked at from the other is as transparent us ordinary window glass. If this is glazed in a dwelling-room window anyone inside ca,u see all the life of the .street, while any passer-by looking in at the window will see' but a mirror and nothing more. This avoids, therefore, the annoyance sometimes encountered in glazing either elear window glass or ground glass, in combining the special advantages of both. One object would be that many people might stop to adjust their personal appearance at such mirrors. An innovation on reverse lines is that recently made in one of the Vanderbilt ball rooms, where the windows by day become large mirrors by night through mechanical arrangements. rmd thus add simply but won- dtii-fully to the brilliance of the scene. J.'prelRiicr» ST>t' Kxcmpt. WASHINGTON, March 20.— Treasury officials agree in the opinion that tho income tax applies to foreigners own.-' ing any property in this country whether residents or nonresidents. Flucky Annl« Londonderry. CHICAGO, March 20.—Annie Lou'doa- derj-v, who started to make a tour ol the wprld on a bicycle, writes to friend* here that she has rca-chcd China. N, March 29.—A dispatch. Berlin to the Evening Standard EIJO the emperor will receive the new preii^ d<mt and vice president of the reichstig On April i. —The movement to unite JS'ewIound- land -with the Dominion of Canada gains strength in the province, but it is not regarded with so much favor in Canada, The question is raised whether Canada would not pay too dearly for the new acquisition v and a good many Canadians seem to 'be answering that question in the affirmative. In taking Newfoundland, Canada must take the debt of that colony,' which is about SIS.000,000, and would more tha» offset th<> income which Canada would receive from the colony for many years to come. Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored. , Xerroninem, Debility, and all tie train 7V of evils from early errors or ijjylat«r eicesscs. the results of overwork, siclcne^Sj worry, ef-. Fall strenRUi. development and tone given to }every organ apd portion oftheborly. Siraple,n»t- aral nietbodh.' ItumedJ* / H /(j/*i i > )M "j ate improvfejnent seen. •\iilnrt impossible. i.00« references.; Book, iplauation and proofs moiled {sealed} tree. iRIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, H.Y. Miss Delia Stevens, of BOB ton, Hois., ',...~.~— have always suffered from hereditary Scrofna- I tried various remedies, and many relitble pby- Bicians, but none relieved me. Alter talcing pix bottle* of S.S.S. am now well. I am very grateiultoyou.asl/eel thut it Bared me from a — life of untold agony, and shall tttKcple»-_ speaking only -words ol pmtec for your .._ derful mertlcine) and fa recommendliiK ft-tt — — tC[\ -who nrc afflie»c. •with this pfl'"f *, and many relitble pby- CURED Tirl nhflll tAtnTjlcflpnrO'llj sss Trcatbc on Blow) i :Oi«n8CT fr ro to an r . SWIPT SPECIFIC CO, AtlncU, Ga. JU A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal POMPLEXiOi U PO^WDEFt- [ FGZZoii's Combines every eiement ofi I beauty and purity. It is beaut:- [ fying, soothing, healinc, hea]:I»- '.,* ful, ai"^ narinless, and when i tightly used is invisible^ A most i^' delicate and desirable protection 3t ! t« the face in this climate. || I. Inrirt upon having the ganziae. \ IT IS FC3 SiLE PT"

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