The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1950
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE (ARK.) COUIUER WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1950 Excise Tax Cuts Enter Oleo Fight Dairy State Senators Split on Move to Tie Proposal* Together WASHINGTON, Jan. II—('Pi- Dairy State Senators were split today over bringing; excise lax cuts into the Senate oleoniargmmo-vs- butter scrap, Tlielr ranks crackfd when Senators Humphrey (D-Minn) and Magnuson (D-Wnsh) spurned a move lo tie repeal of wartime excise taxes to legislation to ernse federal oleomargarine taxes. Unhappy over Die breach, Senator Wiley (R-Wls) talked about exploring for some sort or compromise betore the issues come to a vole. Wiley is loading a fight In (he Senate to ban yellow colored oleomargarine from jnterslnle commerce, although going along with repeal of federal laves on H. Yellow margarine Is taxed 10 cents a pound, the uucolorrd product one-quarter cent a pound. Occupational taxes also are levied on manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Wiley's proposal, in the form of a sbtistllute for the House-])<l tax repeal bill ,is spon.sored also b? 24 other Senators who contend that yellow oleomargarine is a deceptive imitation of butter. Wiley accepted yesterday as part of his substitute an amendment by senator Butler <R-Neb) to reduce excise taxes on such items as furs, jewelry, luggage, telephone bills, admissions and transportation tickets and by an estimated 5028,- OOO.MO. This stirred protests from Humphrey an Magnuson. who are a- inong the sponsors of the substitute. Humphrey referred lo the attempt to take on excise tai cuts or civil rights riders as a "parliamentary trick" and "beneath the table strategyto kill off the oleo bill." Magmison said supporters of the substitute proposal will set more- votes If they do not "resort to legislative maneuvering by attacking excise cuts or civil rights amendments." No civil rights amendments have b?en offered to the bill hut reports persist that some Senators may do so. SOVIET POSTER PLUGS "PEACE"-"™"- 1 t " m ' Winston Churchl I, Charles DeGaulk- and assorted oilier Russian designated "enpilalist warmonfiors" arc far outweiehed and much upset by the strom: arm of the Soviet "ponce forces" in llns poster done by Russian artiste U. Vclimov and N. DolRorukov, recently shown in a Moscow exhibit. Snys the slogan: "The forces of peace arc invincible." (The photo nntl its caption material are [rom the olliciai Soviet photo agency.) Obituaries Missco Pioneer Will Be Buried In Rosebud, 111. Funeral riU's for MUs Lfumi Mi>n;an, 76. will lio cfUJitinnrd at 2, tomorrow tit the Cobb Funeral Home Cnupcl \\y the Rev. r.ester D. Stnibhur, pastor of Iht- l-'ii.^l Cin-is- tian Churrh. Brief ritf.s will al^o be conducted at the ^cavi'sidc ut Rn.sebud. Ill . on Fiiduy. Msss MorKiiu died yo.stfvday afternoon at the lujme of a brotht-r. Irby Morgan, at 109 Knst Sycamore Slic'-U, alter Ji brief illnr.s.s. .She h:ul been in Dlytheville siiu;e V900. She \vas borti at Goleomiia, III. Survivors iiU'lnle hfr brother and two sisters, Mr^. Kena Onrrolt. of CajTs\'i']e. Ky., mill Mrs. Hatlie Anderson of Garner hi White County. P+iUboscors at sornccs here will Include J. R. Mti.sic. 'Tom \ivns\cy, Tra Bolinninj,', K. H. Ford, J<\ssc and Homer Tinker. COUNCIL Oomniuccl trom 1'age One A & P Anti-Trust Suit Compromise Termed Possible WASHINGON. Jr.n. 11. (.^—Attorney O;n!i-nl McGralh liit-s pointed out a iKw-siWc route lo a compromise of Ihe OovonmieiH's antitrust -suit against the Atlantic and Pacific rhuin. McGrnth commented on the CJ in a forma Kisitement yesterday following published j-ciwrt-s tlmt the Justice DciMii'imenl niiyht not insist upon fcolJi« lo court, if it can a consent JudgRmonl ending company practices which it challenge.*. McGnilh avoided any direct ref-] oi'cnce to such a .sucr.ssion. However, i the .slatc-muit iwiiwti by !»s office satri thai "it is the policy ot the Ue- pnrtmciit of Justice to discuss sotllHnrnt of any ant i-trust case with any defendant, ami Hint IS the A. iinclP. das Ires to enter into a consent judgement granting l ^ c type of relief ih*t Koveniwent LS M:elunK in tlri.s rift 1 , he (McGratht will consider It.' McGruth in a .speech Monday before the National Retail Dry Goods A,s<>ci;ition in New York contended (hat tho suit \va.s -brought solely "to restore fair competition" in The highest land in Eniwefok. U.S. ^ A7bomb test ground in the Marshall Islands, is J6 feet above sea level. The Australian Sea mo-it invisible when of seaweed due to growths on H.s body. Hunsr l.s al- n the midst the loalnku chase of Walker Park. These fund: us of V)oc. 31, held flic following (figures in parentheses show increase over previous month): hospl- Ul $7,9:13.59 <$5,f»:i9.81>; city hall Sll.87i.rjri <$G,95K.lih; park $7,141,02 ($3.133.18>. Receipts of S2.H8S durinp December imiieiiht'd the pinking meter fund to S2 .000.02. an Inorr-nsp of S!,C(i7.15. Atxmt half of ca<:h mouth's receipts is used to make payments on the meters. lutiprtKt'd vnlviU%',e license feo t >aymcn Is always noiicenijle prior lo the bi?f> inning of a new tniartcr and v-cluclo. license saU\s which begiui last month cowbim'ci with the tux revenue. 1 ; to boost income for December to $57 ,-1-55,38. Expenditures for last month amounted to $16,174.18. KxpcrullUircs Ijstctl Olhcr rt'vonue.s lasi month Inducted the following: privilege license fees- $'.1,7'U; vehicle Hocuses $],3<iO: polk'fi ami county fines $2,(>U) 30; Sanitation Department n*- ceipts $1,029; and Eiy r ',ineeym^ Department rei.f.'ipls $49-1 .50. Impend i tu ITS by depart me tits in Di;ciMnlM'r included Uic following: Stiret $-!,UH:u;l; Police. S2.G07.9,i; Smiitiilmn $3,225.18: Fire 51,72105. including five bill (if $1,151; general and adininistrullvc $4.3^K.88. Aceount-s payable. ns of Dec. 31 22,000 Czech Jews LCUYC Nat/Ye Land PKACiUK —U'l- Between 22,000 and :>4,()0t) C/erli Jews have emigrated from tln'- | s country since May If) 18, Jewish .1011 rees reported re- cr-ntly. Almnl 17,000 remain. Only three or four thonsjinds have gone fo counfrie.s other than Fsrael. Mosl, of Hie emigration lias been arranged by the American Join I Distribution C-'omrmite.e, Jewisl piiihinUiropic and v/eETare organiwi- tlon. The "Joint" recently announced it vats cutting its staff ! n Czechoslovakia because its "work- has been pretty much done." "Joint" spokesmen said, however that Jewish doctors, dentists avu other professional men have not been able to obtain passports in the last five months. "Tins is tinder slancnble because there Is a shortage of men in Czechoslovakia at the present." these spokesmen sold. Of the 17,000 Jews left In the country, "many have applied fo fj^yspnji.s to emigrate to Palestine. Jewish spokesmen said. "But it I tting harder to obtain them." With the Courts Tho December statement of opera tsicm for the Municipal Airport showed revenues of $2,40-1 .31, of which $2,20-1.31 was in rentals, and expenditures of S3,ljf>f). ; 12, of which ?2.<iv>l ,l;~i \vi\s in salaries. Cash on hand was listed as -$12,- i Cirrnil: 71-H3. a decrease of $l,6;iO.OH over Mildred the pvt-crtling month. AeuomUs pay- nl>fe totaled $508.80. Clutiicery: -Miic-k Williams, ct nl. vs. Sur S. Shnmoiis. )>?Ut!on for forcclosur to t'olloct S44B on note conuennnK lots !. 2, of Block 1 of the Brav.'ley Addition. FRENCH AIRMAILER—The new 1000 franc airmail stamp, above, will be issued in Paris by the French postal system on Jan. 10. Sounds like a high-priced slanip—and it is. in fact, the highest denomination of French stamps—bul at current exchange rates, 1000 francs is worth about $2.86 In American money. BANKS Continued from Page one Green and David M. Barton, otri- ceis include Mr. Kcgcnold, president; Mr., vice president; Mr. Jone.s, vice president; and Jack C. Owens, ciushicr. Jueer Short Hairs Aid Locusts When Flying LONDON — M')— Locusts I'.ive qucon sliort liairs on their heads which give them directions when flying. This discovery Is reported In "Nature," the official British science Journal, by T. Wcls-Fogh, of oentoftc, Denmark. The hairs are queer because they do not vibrate in the wind as do other hairs on a locust. These merely bend. Something In their structure prevents fast waving motions. !)y the angle- nl which these hairs bend a locust knows how much he is turning away irom a straight line. When lie is flying straight the wind bends the hair straight back. Australia Is staging a campaign to curtail the mistletoe which kills many of that continent's forest trees. Negro Deaths Services for Monroe Johnson, 55, will lJe conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow at the Home Funeral Home Clrapel by Rev. L. D. Davenport, pastor of the Tnie Uglit Baptist Church. He died Saturday at his home at. 225 West Coleridge Street. Survivors include his wife, Uira Johnson, two daughters, a son, two sisters ami a brother. don book keeper, nnd Pauline Baker book kecptr. The hoard was to!ci that the batik had just finished the best year i: it.s history with an increase in deposits of approximntely 5300.000, Undivided profits were increased by approximately $20,000. The annual meeting for tUe Merchants and Planters Bank in Manila was held lasl week with E. C. Railroad /s Grafc/u/ E. Mont. — W>— Tivo HuUr SirJs coHct'tcd $25 npicre Tor avort.- in^ :i fiiis.siblc IraJn wrs-tk, Mnilrur Biookhush, I'l. and Jor\n Berkinaii, I '2. (I it- TOV I'n'd n bi ci}:c' 1 1 rai 3 near Rotner__iinrl itntifird Hie si :iU»n fii5PML^nie Aliliviiukcc rnili-na'd sent ritr'h si'iTi a chocV:. ent vs. Lee Motor Salc.s. inc., .s\nt lo collect Sl.HOD cinnijtg:.s re-stilting frrun automobile amdetil July 2, 1949- Cummnn Vlcas: Letter Ki'tner vs. Mrs. Willard Spitr^o. ct al. suit to collect $500 from automobile accident on Highway 7 1, November ],x and tlmt 816,000 was added to the organisation's surplus. The board lor Osccola's Mississippi County Dunk for 1950 will be composed of G. H. T'ldrida, T. I 1 . Florida, R. C. Branch, H. P. Ohlendorf, A. Lh-eranl, C. B. Wood and Mr. Jacobs. Officers elected yesterday Include G. H. Florida, chairman of the board; Mr. Wood, president; Mr. Ohlendorr, vice president; T. p. Florida, secretary; Mr. Jacobs, executive vice president and cashier; C. I.. Anderson, Vivian Scllrlock. and Mary E. Balletic, assistant cashiers; Nora Wise, assistant cashier and manager or the Luxora office; and Bill Lsmdruin. assistant cashier and manager of the Joiner office.. l-;ni]]l(iyec*i Receive ISontis The bank increased its surpplus by approximately 510,000 and the balance of earnings, after paying nn employees bonus, was transferred lo undivided profits which brought tile balance in that account to $81.173.48. No new members were named to tlie directors of-the planters Bank in Osceola. The board now includes j J, T. Cromer, Nathan Wclnbcrg. A. W. Young. L. C. B. Young and C. E. Dean. Officers elected are: Mr. Ci-omer, president; Mr. Dean, executive vice president and cashier; J. F. Herndon. Marjoric Doyle, and Ruby A able, assistant cashiers; June Wel- board of the bringing to seven the number new directors In the county. JANUARY IS One Big Show Only Hendrix Files Pledge of ROCK, j«n. it (/?»— carl Hendrix, Iloralto, today filed a corrupt practices pledge as candidate for liemennnt governor m nexl summer's primary elections. Hemlri.v, speaker of the 1949 House of Representatives, previously hail announced he would be a candidate for the office. 1,1. Gov. Nathan Gordon, Morrilton, said lie will seek re-election. ieware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON CrcoiTiitlsitiiirelLCvesproinpllj'becfluse it >;oes riijlii to the scat of llic ttiKilile n> help Joosen ami expel germ laden phlegm and aii! nature to soothe an<t heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes.Tell vouidnipgiM to set] >nu * bottle of Oeomulsion u'iih i lie undemanding you must like ihe way ii qnickly allays the toujih iir ynu are lo have yinn money back. CREOMULSSON -rCwhs,Chest Colds, Bronchifis WED. NITE M IN PERSON The Sensational M-G-Ul Recording Star *HANK WILLIAMS* Singing His Lnlesl Record Hits • "Lovesick Blues" • "Wedding Bells" • "My Bucket's Got a Hole in U" And iMitny Others — You'll I.ove Them I • CURLY WILLAMS and His Oreal. Columbia Recording Rand • GEORGIA PEACH PICKERS • DRIFTING COWBOYS AND MANY OTHERS LOW ADMISSION ADULTS $1,00 CHILDREN 50c (Under 12) Tax Included BOX OFFICE OPENS 6 P. M., \VKD., JANUARY IS LEGION AUDITORIUM The Institute of Scrap Iron fimf 8it".'l MIV.S dDrnflnd Tor scrap went down ill lfM9 for the first time since 10-16. COP GETS "BUCK FEVER"—After "Stumpy," the deer, broke his ]«g, patrolman Thomas Flaherty of Pittsburgh was ordered to s'ncot him. Flaherty took one look at the helpless animal, cvitkd A veterinarian and Viad the broken Jcg set. llore, Stnmpy's friend shows his appreciation with a kiss for Patrolman f'tuhcriy. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work fur nins. ;i!f;i!f;i mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing ii|) lo I/-J inch Ihickuuss. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soitlh Jlmulwiiy Phone 2(i51 Ask Jar it tMtr vny . .. loth uJt-auirkj mean the tome Refresli... add zest to llie liour UNDIC AUTHOBItr Of !Ht COCA-COIA COMfANT JT BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY O "53, Ut C«o'Cdj Ccmpit 3ofc-RoftedL'!..yet priced with the ... look at what yon get for what you pay ... IHE KESULT Of DOOGf ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP 1. AN ECONOMICAL TRUCK ENGINE: An engine tie.sij;nc*T to develop power for I'/j-fon triu'k !o_;ul5 . - . NOT the sjimc engine usc<i in liphter trucks. A l)tnlv;c truck engine i.s '7°^- R.ittf/. fr Vou s-ct ni.ixiinum p«rf(trni- ani-c . . - ana economical, loag-lifc operation. 2. NEW SYNCHRO-SHIFT TRANSMISSIONS: - 4. SHORT TURNING DIAMETERS: DOOOt "JO«-*ATID'' TRUCK illCHT OB ItFT TUBN ^ I AVERAGE RIGHT TURN p> ; viTi3a^,i^*-^v.;:jrJi.^-i^;a - ir* ; 7T AVERAGE 1EFT TURN New Do<lRe "G" nu»lel< (M/;-lon) are equipped with "Joh-Rjtfff" *- ipccil silent helical penrSynchro-shiff transmissions. Smooth, crtsy and ciuict. (jet behind the whtcl. Vccl ihe oiflercnce! JVcw 5-spcctt Synchro-shift transmissions also availahle. 3. BIGGER LOAD SPACE: !>od£C tr«cVs, engineered fot balanced weight disirihulion, provide for maximum body length in relation to M.-hcelhai'iC. For example: A 152' model is "Jol-KjIfJ" fof 10 foot fo 13-foot bodies. Wide tread front axles, cross-type steering and short whcclbascs provide shorter turning diameters, easy handling anil parking. 5. "PHOT-HOUSE" CABS: Rear quarter windows :»nd the Mp 890 sq. in. windshield give safe all-'roum! vision. Vent wings provide controlled ventilation. You ride in deep-cushioned comfort on a blg» adjnsuWe J7V4' Air-O-RMt s" 1 - Tlic truck ilKislrnt«I ... a Model "G" l'^ton . . . fits its job. It's "Job-Rated." It has "Job-Rated" power ... a "Job-Ratal" frame, transmission, clutch, nxlc, springs, hrnkea and tires. It's boill better to tlo ils job better. The cost of operating this truck will bo low. It will stand tip on the job- Upkeep cost will lie low. I Us performance will bo ot the best, This truck will last longer. Docs such a truck cost more? Kmphatically "NO." All Dodge "Job-Ratal" trucks . . ; )-j-ton to 'i-ton ... arc priced with tho lowest in cnch weight clasa. Why not call us or come in today. Well recommend the right Dodge "Job-RataC" truck for \-ottr job. You'll be pleased at its low cost.. . . and tho purchase terms, including a "good deal" on your used truck. Drxifre Xfodel G-152 C'H«»tralc<f) fa one at 91 "•fob-Hilled'-' ll^-lon basic chassis models • . J with gross weights from 7,000 to 16,250 Ibo. Available in 7 wheolbascs . . . conventional and cab -over-engine . . . with 9-, 12-, and 14-fl. stak« >>udies and specif bodies. Single-speed or two- sin-cti ailes. Tlxsre'i one to fit YOUR job. DODGE^-^yJ TRUCKS BROADWAY & CHICKASAWBA BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. PHONE 4421

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