The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople KVUrC-14YU^ ' TCfeTH cusrtib'fjsTHe srtocKOFYooc^ EATING CORK),EH? - AGRlVfXL~-I WA^AM EAR. CORrJ ArOD TEETH LlKB YOURS ' 171' GREtfT MOUNT UNION FULLBACK "MV HERO/ NEVER-I SWEAR IT, NEVER--WILL 1 ROOT FOR HIM AGAIN.' LOOK WHUT •ID MV PATH" FILLED 11 AN' LEVEXEP IT.' WHY, MAJOR.' DIDf^T YOU EVER NOTICE rw( TEETH ARE LIKE PEARLS -—AT PEACU AIOO I 60USHT OURS AT THe USUAL FOLIO C*= 3ESTS HFXRKWS 1H6 6RE6K DRftMA BORN THifrry YEARS TOO SOON llollls Jump* 19 t>k 4-Iooms unfurnished. 506 N. 5tU St. Bee Rlier 5 p.m. II" >* 'I 1 * *-room ruriiisneii house, electric washing machine, range, relrlgeralor: BewliiK machine. J30 monllily; rhoiie- 35IJ7. 1:11 Pit l.H Furnlsheii 2-rotn douse. Adults only NO pels. Call 6«2. 419 So. 20111 Sued. Store building located 118 N. 2nd St. Next door to Universal C. 1. T. Corporation. 16 feet wide and 80 feet long. Will lease up to 10 years. Formerly used as Real Estate Office. Tom Little Real Estate. Has heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either with these items or without them, location in city for In- 01- Heal Estate Office. Call 861 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 warehfnise 30's-lO' on railroad siding Midwest Dairy Fruducls. Ph 4-44T. I Love My By Evelyn Bark'ms THE STOHYl eloped we fc»rf (,» c'«-nr T»ie After Joh» nmi I two mtntf hurdle* lr«r wrt» flailing • (inllrni Irtl vrllhn ha« di-Hnlirlj hurt mart Ihc road to FJash camems lo I O'STEEN'S STUDIO, occasions. 45-ck-tf >'OR KENT: Frozen Food lockers | Blayloci's HlBh«By 61 Phone 3m. 1 8;23 ck tt Have large room 20 feet I wide by 2-1 feet long. Can be marie into 2 or 3 rooms. Lo| catetl upstairs. Over Charley's Electric. Shop. ,,Just ncross I street from. Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat & lights can be furnished. Lease i as long as you desire. Call 861 for TOM LITTLE REALTY CO 1-5 ck 12 Loons WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans I to be had. 20 years to pay |Clieap rate of interest. Will' refinance your place IOT help you to buy one. RTALES LAND CO. |\V. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loon Do von need * 1OR" t° repair or re- oden No down payment oa mort- case. no r«rt tape. 1 FHA APPROVED RATES i% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor B ACK in our early days, before we could allord to sil back and leisurely discuss the worth o( ambition. John and I discovered that _U progress is dishcarlcningly slow After that Hectic, ridiculous st-r things moved steadily (or- oillce, was lai wnrd. but no! in tlie cataclysmic fait" hoalme. aihion v. had idyllic/ally anticipated. Mrs. A., when she materialized was not enough, nor were Mrs. B. and Mrs. C. and Mi-s. D. either. : -"l never realized how many people it takes to build a good, siibstantia' medical practice," I told John one night. We were sitting in the kitchen having milk and cold pie before going to bed. The trouble is," he said, "that B patient may be on your regular list, but Isn't really a patient until he Rets sick. Therefore, a doctor needs a tremendous turnover so that by the (aw of averages he will have enough sick ones at any given moment to keep him busy ~~ This made me giggle. One of the greatest revelations after my marriage wa: the discovery tha most of. the patients who visit doctor's office are comparatively well pet ."i. I don't know exactly what I expected, whether it be epileptic convulsions in the wait . ing room or gory hemorrhages in the treatment room, but do know that I would never before have deemed it possible that intelligent men and women (which they arel) would actually seek professional attention for minor complaints like headaches and colds, content to pay the appropriate fee for the or a 14-carat disease of any kind, mcrHed the calling of a physician and it was not sheer economy either. "Doctors like to sound Important," my mother would say with unusual insight, "but I cai. watch and wait as well as any of Uiem." * • « CO we were home-baKcd and dosed with anything from as- mlich more unhappy," he finished. Now its 1 took another eulp of milk, I repealed to John: "For purposes oi practice, tust so long as '.hcj 'hink Uiey're sick, is enough, isn't it?" and 1 laughed again. Well, it's this way. We'll Ret a good-sized practice going, I've no doubt ajioui that- Perhaps sooner, perhaps later,—hut—" "Sooner/ 1 I interrupted fervently. "LI it's all the same to yun. Another installment's due next week OD the equipment, you know." He knew "But about practice," he continued. "From the little KUECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB A New Pitcher "Pop, if you were so crazy about Greek when you were In high school, how como you switched to detective stories?" WHf 0 VOU DOCK. LARO V IT TO COST MK-WUAON H(S JO6 A<J HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL; or THE SCHOOC BCVkRO (}E«lKJO Hf-t •-•SHOULD HAVE BtrtLC pirins and mustard plasters to hotl j' V c seen ot it, it looks like a very drinks and castor oil. although 1 sucl' tre.itnvnt. compared to what goes on in the average medical office, was tantamount lo drugless I "JM1AT was "1 canl understand," was my habitual theme Judging from the regular file or snifTles, lethargy. I ana despondency, headachi . and almost any kind of vogue unhappi- lame business, especially after Uie hospital work 1 pul in." • • unanimous. How COU1C 1 Mrs. Miller's rheumatism Mr. Harvey's stifl neck eom- with U,c compound fractures complicated operations thai routine fare in a lar R e. R cn- a I Hospital? 1 had heard many ncss that seemed to be sufficient former interns complain m thei un- round for the needless expend!- 3»st incongruity of aa educational ure of a doctor's fee, t began system that prepare, ii men to vcntimlly to believe that most P^orm heroic surgical maneuvers patients arrived either because and diagnose dlffici.ll and hey honestly expected miracles, then lets them loose to lance or just plain had m> beUer place simple boils 1 K ' "But darling," 1 finally said, 'even though the daily grind is dull, you can't change that, can you?" "No," he admitted, "but I think there is a way out." "Clinics," was John's diagnosis. Doctors who like to pose as al- eir free clinic service as proof, break no ice with me. H ; it weren't for the experience involved, the chnnce for further advancement from this lowliest medical stepping stone, and the consequent professional prestige, the public dispensaries todny would be almost completely unserviced by the physicians. •I'd like to start putting in time at the clinic next week," he said, 'and that way I'll sec plenty of work. And maybe someday, you to go. Another cold!" I exploded one! rlny, alter the fourth in a row had j left John thought I was being funny. "1 give them some relief, don't IT' | tie asked. -Nothing they cant get at home , for free," I persisted. "When we ' ' get coltts here, you always say: I •Just take it easy. There's nothing else to do.' And that's all we| take." I was unconvinced, until the I time one venerable physician told me, after John's private disclosure of my point of view: "My dear) HES BEEN COMING HOME WITH NOSEBLEEDS.,. FOUff OF THEM EVER SINCE THAT FRESH KID MOVED DOWN T NOSEBLEEDS, EIH? HOW LONG HAS THIS GOING ON NUTCHELL HURRIED 1GHT OVER! Tension iMounls HY M (CM I MCI, O'M ALLEY and RAU'H LANE SURE, 1 GOT A ROOM YOU CAN RENT. BUT YA GOTTA PAY IN ADVANCE. NOT VERY CIAS5Y. BUT I'M TOR THE TIME BEING. BUT If MOMAO/MD PCCWtC BtAB/rMVKNOW All MY ffntMD*, All MY HANGOUTS. ttL»lT CAU6MTANO/*/ ! meager aid offered. | I remembered with pride cnir own medical history at home. Mothing but a genuine pneumonia. girl; headaches, backaches, and such silmenu. .re the mainstay of) any doctor's practice. Tf we were to limit ourselves to treating either real illness or even disorders that. can be artuallj cured, the need tor "«er car tell. migh. even get medical men would be cut in half, and the other half would starve. And then," he finished with twinkle in his eyes, "everybody on both side- ol the fence woufd be promoted from Hie clinic to an appointment on the inside hnspital staff. That's where the big Uiings are done." fTn I'- Continued.) CAPTAIN EASY Operations JJY LESLIE TURNER Taken Up Taken up one gr&y mftre mule. 1 olack Jiarse mule C. D !2!2T pk 1|27 • Fftorie 2034 Blylhe^lUe, Lvnch Building Ark 9,J3-ck-tl MONEY TO LOAN OX REAL ESTATE VV. T. BARNETT ** Ph. 2202 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-6 Notice Rooming house flt 126 \V. Ash St., Junder new ownership bcelnnthfr J ;in |l(i Room and hoard bs dny or wee*, tr.islncss Bpprcclatctl. Pemimt lurarkln. 1 II pit 1 18 SAVE MONEY with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR Hfll_T€RS OUflLITY SHO€ SHO i »ZI W. M«1N ST Instructions "New C lesser; Keeping. Typing 1010 Hearn/' In ShorthFxnd, Book- Mrs. I,. M. Huriieu— 115 ck tl Personal O'STSEN'S STUDIO service 8-ck-U Wanted WANTED Private buck yflrd to park trftUer hom«. Need access to bath. Phone 515 Don Kirk 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 19 pit 1 12 Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts St7.cs up to 84 In. Automatic Flood Ga(r« Concrete Septic Tnnks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Btst Trices We Deliver A.H.WEBB HilhwAj SI at Slatf Un« Phone 714 PKCRABW SOME CHli.D'5 PUR,. AMD IT'S SEEM LOST TOR H'OLJBS! OT.HDM WE CAN'T LEAVE a HEKE.COLD ADD UWGK.H WEIL STOP 8V TH' PAPEE ADD AD II THE 10ST AUO TOUUD COW WU CAM GET BACX. TO BDRNIW TH 1 VAULT. CHIEF. THAT MUSTA BEEU SOME DEUWK. LOITEEIM' TOO ClOse TO TH flWJK . HUM. MOW ABOUT: • FOUWD... 5WALL BLACK AUO rtMTB OKAf. If» TOO I ATE |O CATCH TIT DOOK,AM "Atl BUZZ LOOKOUT, AMD WE TEM6IOH RELAXES MIT IT'LL RUN TOMORROW ATTtlUIOON. HUGS RUNNY Uonrnvl OPENING SOON Blytheville TLOVER MART Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially LIVE STOCK MEN ATTr-NTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 62 -12, Blythe villc, Ark. VRKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. )>:21 vf l:3l'W Help Wonted, Male \vnnud [arm mechanic, ntw shop. I !**• equipment. House rurnlKhtrt. on I ctiool K;L.« rouli-. coon woiklnu con- Fartn no»r.«. located i miles v^t-ola. U S. HlghK-ay 61. Oh- tarmq, Osceota. Ark, Th 33W1 1.10 ck 1 13 Female Help Wanted I LU , CQ Here s Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Thursday's Price $ YOU'VE QUIT EEPING YOUK UN'CH IN HERE, M&.YBE TH' IUSTOMERS HAVE SUGGESTIONS/ LOOK, LOTS OP SUGGESTIONS/ I'LL SPfJEAP OUT 50 I CAN READ BETTER/ BE SURE AN' TAKE A GOOP 6ANOER/ Al.I.EY OOI' Kjicak Up, Salyr! I!Y V. T. ItAMUN Ton can buy it for $795 on Thursday, ?785 on Friday, etc., if the truck is still here. It lias 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. 795 BY TFF HAY, s^'Vi. vOSV CON'S. >OJ TO THIS PLACE Of WOMEN? Jf TO lflf,tftrt5'3 lor Pru^y Newion Cos- ' rf. on party plan Writ* Mrs B J |-U. -HU St. I'raticU St Kmnelt. ^to p>,mciUars. 1 9 pX I;I3 EARN SPARE TIME CASH! I Stiow everyday Greeting Carrtj. SVon- ' |cr-Taluss a«U thcmselvea. You male* to 100^, profit On 41 Sales of 15- .-cl mi evcnt-i box! Metalllcs, PiAstlc^, it Wraps, Imprinted Stfttlonrry. Iftcrs. Free Imprint Samples. A .wort- u on approval. AUTISTIC, 30fl I » Eirnira, N. s. i 4 n pK 1|la I • OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS • ISIS Studehaker Land Cruiser in Hi Studcbaker i/i-Ton Pickup. 1918 Sludebaker Champion 1917 Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup J9!l Chevrolet 2-Hoor ]!)|6 Dodge Vt-Ton Pickup CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 HOOTS AM) FIKR HUDDIES Uav Hfiorav! EDC1AR MARTIN

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