The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Bi/rruKvrr.r.E (AUK.) COUHIKK NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1950 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION naily mo per line ror -cotisecuiivc insi nioii- Mlnumim charge 50c 1 time ppr lino JSc 2 times per line por dfty I-'* 1 3 times jjpr lino per d^y Sc 8 tirius per line p-.-r riny 7c 12 times per line per ilfty ic Month |HT lino Wn Count five average words to th* Hno Afi ordered for three or f,)x times find eiopped bclorn rxplratlon will bf r Liaised for Hit numticr of ilmr? Hi? nd Rpppard and tul Just merit o! bill miule All classified Advertising copy sub- muuc) by PETROUS rrsldlujr ouisldr ol th* ciiy must be accompanied t>S' cast) Itatra may cnslly be computed from the B.IHIVC table. Advertising order for r<i^il;u insertions tnkes the mie time tnblc Na responsibility will iJC Tr^n for more than one intoned insertion o' aiiy cJassMled nd All ntJs ore restricted IO thrlr prnjirr ctRiuifK-ntion style and type* V 1) r- Courjpr News le.Tdrvcj? Iho rlslil to cct H or reject any nd Apartment for Newly d wo rated tv.o room funilstinl apt. KU'ctrlc stove and refritftrvUor. 225 IXnii-ra n S t. M1 pk 1111 2 furnished IWJMS. private Apply 601 S, FrunJtllii. J H l )k ! UnfuinlKtiod 3 room apt PrlvMf r» trimcn P.nrt hath H:« apt sm 1 olctr u\c rniv.;o ntut oil lU'Ste/. foupl onlv. Phone 3198 11 l>k ~3~ room turn, npsirtmcm. <:muin- welcome, rii 2J34. 1 m I* 1 TYPEWRITERS Hoynl, Smith Corona and K*uiilnylon DON EDWARDS. ? Typu'rlter M <l si Services Tnc Typwlter Man 110 N. Second Sl i'tiono 3382 AUTO AND FUHNITUIU-: JX)ANS i'foiiipt rersnnsil .Scrvlre tJtnrifti Cmur.u-i i'uvrliasp t'orjt 100 South 5th Flicme £03 US ck (f JHg macUlii*"* repaired A 1 ) Ulythevllk' Machine .Shop ph 11.3 Cfc 11 iiule • uoofccrphm systems <;d til. r ite »tiU tVilenil Hrports iiicojue t<ii returns prepare*!, cooks Kepi on jKiit time basis *n:^<j or wule Ollvei, W Keener, ittiut Mouth 1)1 vi si nn Ht lily- PLASH-RING BOB MALONE Call :W2)i Ulythfiville or '107 Osi'oola 10-(i ck 2-G 3 room iiiiiilshrti i.|Kirtnic-Lit Private b.-uh. (irlva-e rmnnicr. rlrcnlc ran-^f :mii n'frlm'rutor. oil Adulls only. Ph aoyo, 1!JO 1'^ IV ^ " ft; K Davis. Dnliirnisfu-d ' mall Rpt. nUlltUs turn^iud Hlocji- room, yas hf;it. i'ti fi^'JS 2-room [urnlslu-rt flpt Close In utilities Jinlil. I'll. 2052. 19 pk 1112 3-room Jur npt. 407 Lilly St. Inquire 517 Lnlre. l ; 9 I>H Ml^ Apt. Wyllo smith. Ph. 223-1. 1-room rnrntsncil ftpnruncnt Propane gas hpnt. Also 2-room apt PI]. 4152 or 2391 113 ck t! Modern catllnA i apartments Cafe service. PD. «51 12il pX 3|1|50 Business Service Directory Auio Suppf/es and Services I>on't enclanKcr your family with fstllty tires— BUT [.HE TIUES CliAr.MAN SEQVICE STATION Main &. Division Phone 25G3 12[13 ck tl INCOME TAX Returns made promptly and accurately for ;i nominal fee. See me about your Ijookkcep- iiiK '"'' the entire year. Day phone :!M2 Aftf-r (5 p.m. !2040 IClili 11. Carson at .)ne Atkins Machine Shop, lligluvay Gl South. 12-28 ck 11 Ko<laK Knushinfi 21 liourp OSTKKNS STUDIO » For Sale, Misc. Used Tractors Anci t!<|iupnicnC 2 Atns rjn -.Imcra Model WC. with Equipment Ma-wU'y-ItL'rrls Model ^0 A - Ktinip.ii^nt Mii.sst-i'-}h--nis ModL-1 ^'^ .V Eniilpnn-nV. sUBUtly used MrtSJicy -Harris Made) -14K .v Clxttlviiior Masfiry-Hjrrla MoctM li^l Jr., with cultivator, mowei >tiU Otisiora 61 Implement Co. No. tliwuy Gl Phone Z14i nliliiiiiks - Mmr,c 2^ - (not pl^lforiu 1". K a. MnHLll.', I!outf 4 EJIytlin- c. in pk ria Ask the Man. Who Bought One ELMER HOWELL Sleclc, Missouri HERE'S WHAT ELMEK HOWELL SAYS: "On November 2(i I bought a used 1917 lloich Sedan from l.annston-McAViilers. 1 have j'ol- ten eM'cllpsit service from the cav. hc-sutcs (hat they gav« me a ijooil deal lo starl \vilh." jcommended Dealer! 1 i '1-door Sedan in lop nu'ch'ini- cal i-dnriilion. tuis radio, heal- ^1 or, and new seal i-oxer.s. Ori- tf'^ pinal owner's name furnished on request 1917 DeSiilo 1-door Sedan, '.'\relU'iii condition, a real liarKain at. . .§1(115. llllli liniek Super 1-door Si-dan, all eifiiipment you would like, a one-ovMiei tar.. Sllii.'i. 1011 .Merctu'y ^-door Sedan. . ^.'1T.">. • 1SH1 Cheyroict 2-duor Sedan. .. S-'fl'S. 1!H2 l)oiij;c -1-door Sedan.. .S.VI5. 1 !H 1 Dod^c 1-dinir. \TI\V cJran .?5!K"v. l!):(7 Cltevrotel 2-door. . .S2.V1. 19.'!9 Chevrolel l-door, has new engine, and new tires ...a real cood ear. . .?1!lf>. LANGSTON-m BOICK COMPAN Vialnnl at Uroadway Dial 555 lor Service AND YOUR Oil) ENGINE SJXFS fRICED . • Runs Like New Engine • Has been completely torn down and rebuilt to our exacting specifications • Worn parts replaced with New Genuine Ford Parts • Immediate Delivery Dependable Ford Service 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 YOUR CAR IS HERE! 1SII9 Ford Custom 2-door, maroon color, equipped with both radio ami heater.. .§i:iyr>. 19-JG Kurd 2-door, maroon, radio ami 1 heater.. .§895. 19-17 Chevrolet Coupe, black, radio and healer. . .§995. Hl-12 Plymouth 1-door Sedan. . .$115. 1911 Mymnnlh Coupe.. .$395. TRUCK SPECIALS 1»!7 Ford Pickup.. .5715. 19J;i Kurd I'ickup. . $S!)5. 19-11 Ford L'itkup.. .$250. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 room house Knay terms, Alw> 2 . Lro lirawlcy Pl^ 255', 1]2 ])k 16 Want lo buy a farm ? We have it. Farm -10 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sec us for a farm loan. CATES WOKTHINGTON CO. RKALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blyllievillc, Ark. ueotge W. U'isgs or W C Gates Pll 2751 1026 CK It One 2 pc. Uttlrooni suite with R]tMn{ ncl iiirittrtL-is: urn- nmj laj^ wabhlii iiic'hntc, «E:C /<-i\tt]i radio, one tlv :>om cnlfinnn oil circnl.iior. our I.nii :ctliir cJieit. leiivniK town. Ph VVall|>aprr: On If ]»rlcp s^lr on ngrtin nc isuilder.s Supply Incorpor^iccf Gl 1223 rk t-f t-rlyldalrc 6 months old, 5151). Ph. 1!<i. MO c-tc 13 . LIIV.-AOII scvJc Kaipeii couch 1n cx- 19 pk l;12 cellput t-undUlon. I'll, 3-16'J. 1^0 [>k 17 ALL. STEEL TBACTOB HARROWS <.)nly narrow hnllt w 1 t. J] PLATFORM nOCKER Odly tuip nf these left. Moral tup- :sicry cnvurccl. Kf«. »39.!*5 — now $:(2.BB. >!ont;oii]ery WwnL Ml ck UN USED TRACTORS And Equipment Priced $225 to $1425 AE.US-CUAL.MfclRS "C" V-lIh 2-raw rultlvator. 'i -row plaiunr, n[itl M l» botlum plow. AtlMAliL "li" with pliititer nnd cul- I-AEtMAl.l. "H" wllll Illillttrr. c tu r atc»r, iuirl tnou-cr. AVUlfV .^itt» niUtdle bn.stcr. cuul- vator. uiiij^iih.lilor. Al,l.lH-t:UAL.MKHS '•WC 1- with inltl- nln busier mill ciilllviuor. mil AI.MS-CHALMKH8 -WO" 1'Liint- eiijvinjf town '1-room residence and '/> bath on K. Rose Sl. I'ricc $2182. §1050 cash. Balance $15 iier mo. whicli pays insurance and out Fru»L cultivators lor j tilXCS L Su° rF Ph Ul * 0 %fpr 2 T H. C. Complete slock of Kroccrlrs nnd mettl mnrkc-l ntid n-Kture.s Itir Kale, Store bmlmns end dwelllns for lease. Mill S. e St. ijll r k 1-1 Ph. 'IMG or 2930 l-ll ck l-U Real Estate SOFA Uf^DS The perfect extra bed. Sofa Fa mis — Cily Property !>y clay comfortable double lied by night. Large bedding compartment built in. Al only S69.88 MONTGOMERY WARD 1-11 ck 1-1-1 I LOANS Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W Ash .Sl CH.FNCOK liOTKL UJILD1NO 43-ck-lt Losf Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS For Today 1!>19 Chevrolet Dcrtionslrator deluxe Sf.vleline 4-door Sedan, beautiful black, driven only 8,000 miles.. .white sidewall tires, radio, U. S. heater and defroster atl(1 many other extras. 15uy this one at a big saving. 19-12 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, a real family car.. .§495. lilll 1'onlinc Sedan.. .this is a honey.. .$579. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, runs like new...$195. 1937 I'lymoulh 2-door, a real good car., .§325. 1937 Chevrolet 2-door, extra nice for the model.. .$325. 1!KJ7 Ford 2-door, runs good, only $M5. HIM Foril 2-dnor, a good cheap car.. .§1 15. Trucks, laire and small. . .Chevrolets, CMC, Fords, Doilies, liUcmalionnl mid .Iceps. Long, short, 4 /i-Ton, Ij-Ton and panels, some with bodies, some 2-speed. EASY GMAC PAYMEKT PLAN Hemcmber, You Can Always Make a Good Ben I al SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 30! Wesl Walnut Phone 578 Fa i Jcpr 31 fountain pen In I'ost );:]ff; Haiurday iil^hl. Ilewarcl Leave •_ .1 C^urK-r. 1,3 i>'K 1;]2 I Private Rooms • imh. Steam nil pk 2,11 -Met', comfoi tiibit- hcclrooin, prLvalo J-tli. Ph. 2700. 1000 W. Ash. 1,9 |>k 16 Nlcrly furnlslistl front brclrt ,\cain neai. Ucntlcineii PH 'J2&4 1]5 Pk . Hotrl Ph 1227 pk 1|27 bpnrnnm Call 2675 Nice conilortal)!e ocdrooni i\tfJnlnlnK am. tiOl W Phone 22(j9 30 pk M fo/- So/&, Roa/ f.stafe OL1VEK "TO" with 4-ro\v r' •,.. t-ftrw cuJuvntor, and '^-bottom tiu.stcr • rhf t'.-MtMAl.l. "tl" wliti (Miltivnior !-\'I j-.\HAifl],t, "fan" ntid ' F^o" witii iKintiM- a i ul cnlliVKior JOHN IJtKltK "M" witii clUtLViiloi FOR SALE store, slock ,V f IT Hires, nice quarters Xew 6-rootn niotlrni wiil\ over 21 af.rt!R ol Ifvml j Htoro. lunnc 11 "tl all out buildings tl nn hlway. fil Hontli n(t)ohilfi>: lrlvr in thentn; on South side tnldluKP nre; well ttulll. Good .t.itilistifd biislnp.s.s. Owner says sell i*- tit Jn-:tith '['his Is worth Investlj-at- IL;, t'rlrt'il ui s.elL Terms. Owner's If interested In Ihiyine or sellltis Bee Noble Gill Aqency . REALTORS | Cct'il Karls F. B. Joviier'. Nice Pertroom Men only Prlvair cnirnnce 613 Walnut Ph 1M96 32,23 pk I;28 Uedrnom adjoining bath Ph batti rb 2M8 12.21 pk 1121 Rtcncoc HUIg. Ph. 68(48 1 8 20 Cft -'" i'" '.'» joHNnnEKE ••!,- w,,,, 2 -, 2 ,„„,, ;ui« 'i-rowr cultlvntnr. . Dc-Mer li\ tavni rOEU) with plow, rtlsk, niluvfttor j Clty :TI<! [Han tor a ncl Iertlhi-cr hopper KASY rAYMKNT TKKMS BRAND NEW MODERN :i liedroom home on Pecan '"<• 7:lv ' | Avenue, completely insulated, :TUI-:R CRAY RKALTOK j| liir( | WOO( ] f| 00rH , L j| c kitchen Delta Implements Inc. 312 So. ,.o Hv ira-ucr. I Shcdrooln home Sl |r>5(). Will FHA or Cl lOO'/o. in ck i IB ' l.arjfC corner lol on ilvvy. i i fit N'orlh. 100 foot frontage, - ^ i for nice suburban home in . sooir"iv S iiTiEnr'c'aif.°«'ir ; ?[iica'r R M'<!' ' f'ouutry Clul) Drive Addition. *'» j I'riee $3,000. ' JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Wanted to Buy lpm-st prices paid for CHICKENS— llb Asti atteeL Oroccry A; Miirkcl, -117 W Asn 6.T ck ir For Sale, Cats and Trucks I liave been authorized to sacrifice clean, 10-17 r'razei Sedan for any reasonable bid. 11(i N. 2nd St. 1-0 ck .1-12 NOW All lour |41 '.rnepls pnl I on ihr viMys Station Wnnon. Pickup Rnrt u^ccti Jeep "The world3 mos-t viselvji BJytliDvllIc Willy SaJcs Co Ph 554 12 1-2. cw l|2i Wanted to Rent 4UU-6UU acre fa tin Ph ^^26 t 1230 pk ^12 1 The German Navy lost 173 of its (.'-boats to enemy action during World War I. i| {Continued on Nexf Page) Before You Buy See LIE MOTOR SALES l!M7 Mercury Convertible, a very nice car, has new while sidewall tires, radio & heafcr. . .$] 095. 1918 Oldsmnhile 2-door with radio, heater, and white siclcwiill tires. . .$1295. 1947 Oldsmobile -l-door. a very clean car with both radio & healer. . .special price., .$995. Ifl-IO Ford 2-door wih new molor. . .only $395. I!)-19 Ford '/z-Ton 1'ickup .new low price. I IMS G.MC '/i-Ton Pickup, far ahove average. II)-16 Oldsmnhile .|-door with radio & heafer. . .$S95. 1!US CuMC 2-'l'(in Uing wheclbnse Truck, less than 15,000 miles.. .special price. ]9H) Dodcc 2-Ton long wheclbase Truck with new nuifor. . .the price is right. 19IJ9 Hnick *l-doi)r. .worth more than $145. Moik'l "A" Ford...a fine buy al 550. Easy GMAC Terms Trade for a New CMC Pickup Now LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 30G East Main 1'htme B151 1917 Huick SedaucUt', hliie color, tow mileage, good (ires, radio X- healer.. ?109, r ). 1917 IJe.Solo Cnsloni l-dnor Sedan. 5 new tires, radio, healer, plastic seal covers. This car is a bargain al 51075. !!)!<» I'fymonlh l-door special deluxe, only .'i.OOO miles and factory u'liaranlcc it's priced to sell! M).'i7 Plymouth 2-d(ioi Sedan, new tires, healer, seal covers, original p»inl. . .$2SO. lilHo Chcvrolcl l-iltior Sedan in Rontl condition, blue color... $100. .I.SEAY MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" • 21 East Main Phono 2122 TEST-DRIVE THESE CARS AND PROVE THEY'RE GOOD l!>:iii I'di-tl \'-S l-dnor Sedan, new painl, radio and lieat- er, nincli heller than average., .drive it. . .5"-25. lillll 1'onliac 2-door Sedan, runs fine, has new bine painl job. . .drive il . . Solo. 1!Ki!) Plymouth Cnnpe, practically new motor, i;ood tires, new lighl green paint, radio nnd healer. . .drive HI Hi Nash Ambassador (-door Sedan, has overdrive, radio and heater. . .drive il...§795. 19 II) 1'ord V-S 2-door Sedan, black color, new motor, Rood healer. . .drive il . . ,Sli)3. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 21 S South 2nd Phone 4438 STILL & YOUNG STILL & YOUNG STILL & YOUNG for GOOD USED CARS l!)ll Chevrolet S-Passcngcr Coupe, radio and heater. l!)1l Plymouth 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. HMD Mercury 1-door, radio, healer, and while sicie- ! wall tires. 1i)17 Lincoln 1-door Sedan, overdrive, radio X healer. 10 1(1 Chcvrnlcl 2-door Sedan, a bargain. I 1D-10 Mercury Sedan Cowpe, overdrive, vatlio & heater. I Ifllfi Mcreury l-donr Sedan, radio & healer. I 19-17 Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & healer. I 1!117 Chrysler -I-door Sedan, radio & healer. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO First ot Walnut Phone 4333

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