The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 7
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MONDAT, JULY !1, 1982 nr/VTHEVILlF. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Here We Go Again! Same Organ Bat Democrats Furnish Tunes By ED CREAOH CONVENTION HAW,, Chicago July 21 w> _ well, here we go a sain. ' • Same hall — all 255,000 square feel of floor space. Same occasional whiffs from the surrounding stockyards. Same mighly organ lhal roars until it rattles' Ihe fillings in your Icelh. Just like the Republicans Iwo weeks ago, Ihe Democrats nre backstage practicing . . . speechmakers clearing Iheir throats, polishing their fine phrases , . . Lady delegates, and some of the '"en, mugging and smirking in j^-fronl of mirrors, seeing how they'll look best on television. This is where we came in two weeks ago today — with one big difference. They've taken down Abraham Lincoln's picture and hung Harry Truman's in its place. Souvenirs, nuyune? They're all over (lie place, but not selling very briskly. Nol many delegates want lo shell out a dollar or more for an ashtray bearing the picture of a eaji- didate who may be only a dim memory before the week is over. About Ihe most popular gadget on sale is a big but light wooden sledge-hammer. It bears the slogan of Sen, Esles Kelailver: "Beat crirn« down." In (he Sdme pew, yeslerday n« Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower did on the Sunday before the Republicans nominated him for President. Mike DiSalle, who used to be price administrator and now wants to be senator from Ohio, is here with his state's delegation. DiSalle was laughing about a re- minder of his meeting several years ago with a namesake, ex- King Michael of Romania Michael, who'd been relieved of his throne, commented on rjisalle's constant use of the nickname "Mike." "If your people had called you Mike." Hie Ohio,™ replied, "you might still be King." Berkley Gets Another Chance To Prove 74 'Isn't Too Old' By A. P. BRYAN- CHICAGO i,p—Vice President Alben W. Darkley. the senior entry the Democratic presidential sweepstakes, got another, chance lo prove his stamina as the big convention opened today. The 74-year-old "Veep" mapped a busy day to be climaxed by a trip out lo Convention Hall foi the night session. He is a delegate-at- large from Kentucky. Kefauver has his coonskin cap, too. but it's Sen. Robert Kerr of Oklahoma who has the log cabin— a full-size model of the one In which Kerr was born. You can see it in a corner of «he senator's big. bustling h e a d- iuarteiE on the mezzanine of the Conrad Hilloll Hotel. Added attraction: free coffee and doughnuts. Kerr and A v e r e 11 Harrlmau spend a lot of their time trying to live down their wealth. • Both regard money as a distinct handicap when it tomes to getting the Democralic presidential nomination. * It may be different next week, but today either one probably would give a million dollars not to be pointed to as a millionaire. Harriman was one of the last candidates to come down with presidential fever but it hit him hard. He's even sporting a campaign hat —.a broad-brimmed straw given lo him by Joe Judge Arizona Democratic stale chairman. Not quite the sort of head- Kear he'd have worn to garden parties when he was ambassador . to the court of St. James. Trend-spnttera take note, for any significance it may have: ^ Illinois Gov. Adlal Stevenson B still not a candidate but still the subject of much draft talk — at. tended the same church, and sat Truman Lauds U.S. Economy Glowing Picture fainted by President WASHINGTON in — President Truman says that despite the heavy defense burden "our business system has been doing better and our people have been living better than ever before." He painted a glowing picture of the nation's economic health in his mid-year economic message to Congress, released during the weekend. These are some of the highlights: National output can be li'fted another 100 billion dollars by 1960 Present rate: 340 billion, Pour million civilian workers can get jobs in addition to the 62!i million now employed. A depression is avoidable during a defense buildup. Despite higher taxes and Inflation, real Income, living standards are savings have have risen during the two years of Korean warfare. Further Inflation "can and should be avoided;" a fairly stable price level Is in prospect. Hand Grenade Kills 1, Hurts 10 MEXICO CITY IIP) — An exploding hand grenade In a barracks full of visitors killed a sergeant, yesterday and injured lo enlisted men and one-commissioned officer. Families of the soldiers had come So -,islt them In the barracks and witnesses said the grenade exploded while a sergeant was showing ft (o his children. Two of the Injured were reported in a serious condition. Even before he wound <ip a round of television appearances yeslerday with a final telecast Just before midnight, lie scheduled a light program of campaign activities for today. A man who says he never gels fired,. Hartley's starter was an early morning breakfast conference requested by 10 AFL and CIO leaders. The labor union spokesmen said yesterday their organizations cannot support Barkley because of Image. Following the labor parley, (he vice president set aside 45 minutes for conferences with members of his start, including his campaign manager. Sen. Earle C. Clemenls of Kentucky. During the rest of the day he faced photographers, radio broadcasts and possibly additional television appearances. In between, the vice president planned conferences with delegates who might lie influenced to vote for him on the first or later ballols Clements said last night he hopes Barfcley will win the Democratic nomination by Ihe third ballot. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given thai Ihc undersigned has filed with Hie Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at, ret»il on the pretnises described as RFD 2, Os- •eeola. Ark., Mississippi Comity.' The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that Ihe undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state. or any other siate. relative to the sale of alcoholic liqtlons. Application is for permit to be _ Issued for operation beginning on j the first day of Annual., 1052. and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1953. Ra gland Gro. Tom Slater Ragland Subscribed and sworn to b'eforc me this 19 day of July, 1952. Elizabeth Mason. (Notary Public) My Commission expires: 4-26-54. THE TEST OF TIME Through times of depression or prosperity . . . adversity or success ...» man's best friend is, most frequently — his bank account! There is no siihstilute for the security and confidence of having enough money to face whatever emergency time may confront us \vifh . . . THE FARMERS D A Ml/& TRUST DM It IV COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED — PANIC TKSTED" F.D.I.C.—S10.000 FMh Deposit Member Federal Reserve Systfm Through good fimes and bad, w* have dedicated our experience and resources to helping individuals nnd business firms to get ahead. No nialfcr how large or small your transaction may be, you will always find friendly help, here. Unions Plugging For New Deal Demo Platform Barkley, Russell And Kerr Handed Labor's 'Thumbs Down 1 CHICAGO (.VI _ I.nbor union Chiefs plugged hard today to have (he Democratic Nafionaf Convention choose a New Dcni-tvpc presidential ticket nnd platform. Leaden; of 'both tho AFJL, and CIO have turned thumbs down on three of Ihe candidates, ViC'e 1'resi- denl Alhcn \V. Uiukloy, Sen. Richard KUSHPU of Georgia and. Sen. Hubert S. Korr ol Oklahoma, The AFL and CIO men hundlinj; the political maneuvers for tlieu- tabor groups have endorsed none of the other cantlldates. Hut they uinde Jt clear thai either Avercll llarrinian, Son. Eslrs KL'fiuiver of Tennessee ov Gov. Ad!:ii Stevenson of Illinois is Die man they want. They nre nil out. too, (or President Truman if Ihe nsiinc of the C'i-icf E>:;:C'Ulivo — who IK;S said he wnn't HID nKiiin - should itmu- lief ore the eonveiUion. In trying In pin over uluit thr»y regard BS a liberal parly stand on J candidate's nnd platform. Uie APL] ixnrt CIO sent representniive.s bet- fore , (he convention's plaUoi'ni coiuinillcc today lo present Ihe. it views. Both unions complained bitterly that past purty pledges have failed to be carried out. by Democratic administrations. And both called for drastic party steps to stop Dixie Democrats in Congress from siding with Republicans lo block bills llje Jabor unions want enacted. One such piece of legislation is civil rights. The AFL sUiteme-m — fnv delivery by AFL President WiHiiim Green, Secretary-Treafiurer Gcoi'^e Meany and other AFE> leaders - calted on Democrats to kick such Southern congressmen out of the pai'ty if they continue their voung coalHioti with the GOP. On this the AFL said: "When an officeholder elected as a Democrat consistently consorts with the Republicans, votes with the Republicans and aids fine] abets congressional action intended to embarrass his own party, then he should either gel out of the Democratic party or be read out." The CIO didn't £o tlmt far. But It - issued a statement that the American people may abandon the parly if it "fails to reaffirm Ihc Roosevelt-Truniiin New Deal and Fair Deal policies." KKK. Wizard On Trial Today Hamilton Charged With Floggings WHITKVnxE. N. C. M>) - Thomas I,. Ilumiltcm. impelial \\iz ud of the Ku Klux Khni, .--.lands tiinl today on flnt-'iinii; rlwi-iTs. Hamilton is cli:irsi.'<l svilu conspiracy lo kidnap nnd assault in lour floaslni? Iiii-Wr-uts Involvin- wliile me 1 )] ami Knro '.vnmen. Sixty-four nll<<pr<l mombcis of nls order nn> licensed In » total of Ui; cases. Including cross warrants and indirtituMils, to romprirc one of tlu- targtst conn lie;u-[nj!s on record !n tlie stale. The Imluimenls nre the PAGE SEVEN Pressure' Cried as U.S. Warns of Rent Increases WASHINGTON l.fl — A government reminder that communities must act soon if they wish to re- lain rent controls has drawn a qtjuk cry of "pressure" from real e.slale circles. Rent Stabiliser Tlglie E. Woods said yesterday more than six million families face a sleep hike In rc;.;s unless local governments re- :ui extension of controls before a Sepl. 30 deadline. Woods snld experience with t!e-1 outgrowth o7iio':a"liY<r"['n' colum- co) ', tl " ) " ml "'° current Lousing! bus County and near-bv arris i outlook lca(ts lllm '° believe mils i rlli' woul<1 Jump about 20 per cent on j „, | liiRhw-in-ired homes nnd apart hardship," parlicularjy on (he average family. Under rent control now are about 2.300 incorporated communities nnd many more unincorporated areas in which about, 53 million persons live. These arc ex- clusive of critical defense housln. areas. Woods Bald. So far, only 18 communities hav« requested extension of controls b. said. ' Marion Davies Changes Mind HOLLYWOOD vp, - Marlon Davtei and Capt. Horace Brown have become reconciled. The former aclren sued the Merchant Marine officer for divorce last Wednesday, charting mental cruelly. pt Hamilton surrendered lo and ttonth Carolina offic Florence, 8. C.. t;iM May 4 a f t an all-night search (or ° him. Me came hero lodny contending tint the chat-yes SKnimV him 'were "hru-ped ui>." U.S. 'Skywai-ch' Shov/s Success ! person in tin- if I in-1 s urc nalicm's r;ul;\] to be pinion! smrrsslullv. An estimated 70,000 lo ilo.oan volunteers last wci'k reportedly snot- ted hundreds of planes flyinj. too low for radar to detect. Marine Arrives To Mourn Girl NEW YORK f..l>| — A younr M-i- rine was honip Iran: Kam todav to mourn the girl he had hoped to snarry. menu and 50 to 100 per cent in the lowest brackets If curbs are lifted. Paul O. Gutlicry. chairman of the realtors' Washington Committee promptly issued a statement warning against "pressure" from Wnxhfntiton to get local governments lo keep controls. Cliillicry, of Charlotte. N. C., .said Wns!iii|i>|o;i ill the past lias j |iut out "scare forecasts" warning ! of "skyrocketing rents, mass cvlc- [ lion luul civil commotion" nnd , '"'• Air «di:od: ••Those calamities simply' COT-' ,''?"" .i h;iv " " ot '""PMiicel." '•'v/^i ,7 ,1'" 1 I'ifti-d controls nnd Ihnt few com- l in-1 uinims were received. He said in many instani'es rents did not-In- creaxe tit nil and some communities actually bcnefiUed "because the new freedom brought more rental units on Ihc market." However. Woods In his statement sold. -The Office of Price Stabili- sation is not calling upon communities lo pass extension resolu- Uons." I "We do consider it to be our ' duty to call attention to the law," I hu' added. j Under thn new economic controls Ijiw, rent controls will die Sept. 30 . except < 1) in areas declared lo be • - crilical defense housing zones, and -re. Ronald Leo arrived here on! 12 ' 1 '" communities where local i emergency leave yesterday, hut! governments specifically request' an lie was a day lute for (he funoril of 18-year-old Eileen Kalley. Shr was killed last Monday as she sat i ficinls take actirin within the next al. her American Society few weeks "renl controls will be the Columbia " an extension. Woods said lliat unless local ot- University on campus. Leo, who will be 20 In Seplcmber., was in tears and declined lo talk tg newsmen upon liis arrival at I,a Guantia Field. His parents met him. Read Courier News Classified Ads out, suddenly and completely," nnd there will be no recourse. lie said a survey of 10 previously decontrolled cities showed a 23.1 per cent rent increase, nnd predicted further decontrol would bring rent hikes which would produce "serious economic shock and AUTO LOANS Reduce Your Loans And Get Additional Cash EASY-TO-ARRANGE, LOW COST CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS Call or See Delta Loan &FinanceCo. 324 West Ash Phon» 2091 TIME TO BUY A The tremendous impact of television upon our. sociiil activities cannot be grasped nil of a sudden; but if we slop and think \ve become gradually aware of certain (rends. For example, strange as it may seem, there's n stronjr bond between your modern TV set sitting comfortably in your living room nnd the horse and buggy days! Jn those days people spent B lot of time at home. Shucks, there wasn't much of uny- Ihing to (io but jro to an occasional square dance or on n picnic. Rut then came the movies and night baseball and bingo palaces and the theater and we started going out evenings. It was an era of games and frolic. Television )i a s changed that. J'eople are once more staying homo nights, wliat with the movies and the hall games and such brought right into their houses. And look what a fine tiling it is, too, in that it is keeping the family together and decreasing (slatistics prove it) the amount of juvenile (lolinmir-n- cy. Yes, yiilro is somcfhing more tbun just good entertainment. . . . Along that same line, TV engineers have proved Ihrough research with libraries and schools that television in NOT cutting clown on youngsters' reading habits. Instead, libraries in many of our major cities, according to the researchers, are reporting an appreciable rise in the circulation of children's books. It all goes to show thai television is becoming a way of life. And to keep your set in lop shape . . . let our expert technicians handle your repair services. Yes, we Jiave Hie finest of sets . . . and top TV know-how at BI.YTHK- VII.1,1C RALKS CO. 100 K Alain St. I'iione: TIONAL HARVESTER Let Us Show You How You Can Profit By Buying Now! Careful study of prices, features nnd construction shows that 1!)52 refrigerators are actually a better dollar value than you got prewar! They make even postwar models oul-of-datc. And International-Harvester sefs the pace with advantages that can't lie matched by oilier refrigerators even today. Ml gives you completely automatic defrosting, beautiful Spring-fresh (Jreen porcelain interior walls. Choice of 11 gay colors for door handle to match your kitchen, ntl-pound frcc/cr . . . Tiullcr-Kecper . . . Panlry-l)or slielves . . . Coldslream porcelain crisper.s . . . and the famous Tight-Mid unit with .vycftr warranty. Al! Ibesc features show you why now is Ihe liext lime to buy an Inlerna- •lional-Harve.sler refrigerator since 1911! - BLYTHEVILU, ARK.

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