The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1950 lU.YTIIEVHJ.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?AGK SEVKN Evangelists Get To Stay in Italy 3-Month Extension' Of Visas Is Granted In Church Dispute ROME, Jan. 11. (AP)—Church o! Christ evangelists have been given a three-month extension ot their visas u> remain in Italy, a" HaMar Interior MiuUtry spokesman sak yc\sterduy. Italian authorities actc'l after member.-; oj the Church of Ciivist accompanied !)y Rep. Ed Ooset iD- Texas) protested at Hie State De- ^.IKinment in Washington last week r over Italian treatment of their co religionists here. The .Stale Department in Wash invton hii.s announced that it ha. a.-Vc-d the American embassy ii Rome lor a full report on state menu of Chinch ol Christ evange Iku here that they were stoned. Commenting for the first Urn upon the case, the Vatican newspa per, L'Osscrvstore Romano, yester day sharply criticised the Commu Taylor Denies leporrs That He Will Quit Post NEW YOHK. Jan. 11. (AP) - Vlyron C. Taylor returned Iroi tome yesterday and denied reports hat he was resigning, as president rruman's personal representative the Vatican. Taylo, arriving on the Queen Mary, said he expected to return to the Vatican after a short stay j this country, which will Include report to the President Shown newspaper stones which quoted evangelists for the protestant. Church ol Christ n& siiying they had been stoned at Castel Gandolfo, summer home of Pope Pius, Taylor said it was the first he had heard of the incident He'said a group ol tlie evangelists called on him "for a lew minutes" three weeks ago, saying they were "in some kind of trouble." Tr.ylor said he took no action because "I think they had been dealing with the ambassador (UJ3. Ambassador James DamO and 1 figured it was not up to me." HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN If He's Jesse James, Then Who Was the Guy Shot Bock in 1882? By Hal Hu.vle Jo>se then was n symbol of the de- NliW YO1JK, (/I'y—There's a can- , fouled boiith. n man who refused to •••- old Kulool in (own who | surrender, who robbed the rich and press for giving prominence the rc|»rts of "religious Intolcr mice" in Rome province. It c-harge thai (he Communist press aid Or "only t/> mortify the Catholic Church." Chne R. I'adcn, nrownficld, Texas, .superintendent, of the Church of Christ orphanage nt Frascati, reported Saturday he nnd the 12 other members of his group—ncurly all of them from Texas rtufl all but one tnuler 30 years ol a^c—had sc>m;hl in vain for months to obtain visa extensions and written permission to operate their orphanage. Frascati, where the gvoup also has a church, is in the Alban Hills some 18 miles southeast of Rome and near the Castel Oandolfo summer residence of Pope-Pius XH. It was from Caste! Gandolfo, said Paden, that members of the church were stoned last month. None was injured. Attorneys for Ingrid, Spouse Reach Agreement HOLLYWOOD, Jan. ll_(/I>)_M- ! lorncys for lugrUl BtiRinan and her husnaiui have worked out "a basis for what we feel is a lair and equitable property settlement." The actress' lawyer, Greg Bautzer, inade this statement Monday upon returning from a New Yrjrk conference with Lawrence lirinn, attorney for Dr. Peter UncLstrom, Miss Bergman's husband. However, Bautzcr added that until the proposed settlement is ap- 1NHEIIITS EGVI'TIAN DANCING OIRI.S—ChrKTl'll J 11 (above), 33-yeur-old Chicago general exporter and importer, points to picture of one of four Egyptian dancing girls which he said in Chica^i that he had inherited from his lute uncle, p. •£. Arlslophron. who <U«I in Epypt In 1914. "I might, bring them to Chicago to act as buuy sitt.'rs, but 1 don't thinK my wife is keen on tiic idea of bringing them line at all," Janus sahl. (A! 1 Photo) proved by Dr Ltndstrom and Miss ncisrnan, "uo agreement has been reached." if approved, a property settlement is said to be the first legal step toward a divorce. Dr. Liml- strom, who is here, lias refused to I ... ... comment about his wife's plans to! from Appalneh.col.i, Florida to tl marry KolnMto nosselltul, Italian film director. The actress is in Italy. The Gulf intei'coastal Waterway has been completed for 1,308 imj<:s Rio Grande. Kiiys he's James, and 1 wish h<; wouldn't say It. Bemuse HUTU is always the odd doubt it might be true. ) And that would be us disturbing :;K if Uoljin IJuod should come aUvt: ii y a in, and to;;c a how-uml- a rro w mulch with LMI unemployed Indian. The gi'iit who clulms he's' James is u whilo-beurdcd, lx-d-rid- dcn man nanu'd J. Frank Oalton, who certainly is old and certainly can cuss like a mun out of the century, HLstory smys that outlaw Jesse James, while living in St. Joseph, Mo., under the nom-dc-pislol of Mr.- Howard, was shot to tteiith on April 3, l»bl'. He was iiliiuijcd from behind by a nienilxir of his own band, Hob I-'urd, while hunting a plciui'c. lint, now, niter all these years, aiii! cutnc.s Dalton and says no, nren't Jesse tliat was hillud—it was Charlie Bijiclow, still another 'inbt'r of the band. But they buried Charlie ns Jesse to fool the federals, ;uid JCASG escaped nnrt hns li\'er ever sinec as J. Frank Dalton. Quite Atfcd If this account is true—find there | nvc \vho bflieve il, )ust sis thc're :iie ihosc who IjcHeve thut if you leave a hor.sehnir In n jar of water it will turn Into a snake —uUI Jt-Kse would be »itfli onto 10S years old, something of a record in (tie outlaw industry, To the- clldte Hast it is a matter of mire .v i sl whethor Ole Frank is Ole JCKSP, but it isn't to anyone who jipunt !u's boyhood In the Missouri liaunls of the James band. To us helped the poor. U is a lousy outlaw Indeed who have this rolw ot ylamoi tlirown around him after death. As a boy we used to search lhroti«l' hopeful of And Ing sonic o; foruolLen loot. And H WHS h;ud to ki-ep the tears hack whci we chunted that song about Bob H«rd, "(he dirty little coward, who -shot, Mr. Howard, and laid pool Je.-,sc in liis ^ravc." Hoys arc reln'ls by nature ami tt us Jesse was the supreme rebel— misunderstood, as all boys feel the; are, too, but flyhtinH back, I sup MiLM'o art, 1 thousands of Mid west kids who still hun this Icyeu dury Je.ssc to their hearts. Tills pleasant mildewed memor would be shuttered mightily if i turned out that, Instead of beln nun tiered by a traitor skonk, Ol Je.s-sc had been taking it on tb Lam from the luw for almost ti years. We want our heroes and ou outlaws to die gHincly—with thcl tXJDtS Oil. Wouldn't it make you a little sick euin, to hire an elderly paper hanger in a wiot suit 30 years ftoi now and have him turn out to b Adolf Hitler? Certain situations In life remnr certain cuttings. And the ouly way J, Frank Uiilton could satisfy us he is tile real Jesse Jmncs is If he were winded and captured by the FBI ;\s he stood, six-yvins llnmlng and beard .sticamlng in the wind, trying to hold up a train to pay off the mortgnuc on some |>orc wldder's -lollywood Continued (rom Pago 6 he announcement. Wasn't Von Steinberg the fellow vho spent hours photographing bli^ cxy close-ups of Marlenc Dietrich 1 low could he direct nn action film? That needed debunking, ux>, Von Stcnibcrg siiitl. "Holt} ufHXl Jias forgotlrj] thai 1 lErfcli-d sucli ac'Uou filmy ;is 'An 'riciii! Tragedy/ 'Crime :mil lsltmenl,' 'Uwlcrworlil 1 p ,i n ii iifiiu'l, 1 Sometimes liti-rary value grts mixed up with a director's skill." I found Josef Von Steinberg on the set or "Jet Pilot." But I'll have to confers that while talking to him 1 wns sneaking pek.s at Janet Leigh. Janet, you see, -was wearing unly shuck. That \vns the Jesse wo believed In nlthouuh lie probably never roiilly lived cither. Stay in your KIEIVC, a towel. iVow does a lady wearing only • towel get mixed up In & movie titled "Jet Pilot"? Especially when the action takes place at a Jet squadron base in Alaska where, baby, It's cold outside. Well, It scorns that Janet Ls * su.spected Russian spy and this lel- low John Wayne, as commander of the squadron, s]x>ts her (tying over the base, forces her down and then makes her disrobe so he can search her clothes for evidence. Leave II In Howard Hughe* to gel sex Inlo "Jcl Pilot," And leave It to Josef Von Sternberg, who photographed Marian* Dietrich ns she has never been photographed, to wring all the glamor he can out of Janet's towel. • * • Len Lcvltison. the producer, says he picked up Peter the Hermit on his way to work yesterday and gave him a rkle Into town. The old fel- tow, a Hollywood character for years, askctl: "How's the picture business?" and then answered his own question \vllh: "Mad! I told them 30 years ago It would happen," Young Polio Victim Mourns the Loss of Specially Built Bike DETROIT, Jan, 11. (<P> — Shyly. six-year old Jo Ann Vandenabeele looks up at visitors. Her eyes are dark and bright beneath her roughly bobbed hair. But the perky red hnlr ribbons arc falsely cheerful. "My bicycle's gone," she confides sorrowfully. That, of course. Is a tragedy In the life of any youngster. But for Jo Ann, the loss Is doubly hard. ju Ann's bike was specially fitted. She's a victim ol Infantile paralysis and the bike was used to restore strength to her legs. Jo Ann would get on the bike anrt pedal away. It linil two small wheels at the rear to help her balance. Her father, Fred Vandcna- he lie, a mechanic, worked three days fitting tl\e attachment. Since "using it, her mother says, Jo Ann has Improved steadily. The bike helped give her strength to stand without support, ^ But when Mrs. Vandenabeele P went to get the bike Monday, it- was gone from the family garage. Only the attachments remained. Jo Ann wept when told of the theft. "Mommle, I wonder who would do a thing like that," she said. "Everyone knows I need that bike." Read Courier News Want Ads FACES SENATE FIGHT-Thc nomination of Carroll O. Switzcr, Davenport attorney, above, to be U. S. judge for the southern dis- ti'irl ot Iowa, has renewed a sriiiiibblc between President Tru- nMn and Sen. Guy M. Gillette (D.. la.), over Switzer's conPr- niotfon. Gillelle last year suc- e'j3.:fnlly o|)nose<3 Sennlc confir- ninlion ot Swit?.er tor the post, bill after Congress adjourned Mr. Truman gave him a recess appoinlrncnt. To retain his ivuiRc.'liip. Switzcr now mitt have Senate confirmation. TAXI jfiolsrteous Ash for citlicr white or colored ilrivcr. \iric calls at your service, 2100 CAB CO. Thil Sleefc 4-Door 6-Paicenger Joutitack oV ,1* tmail SUPERS, oil powered willi Ihe lur S '"9 "»» F-263 l/^fil engjne, very loteit word in valye-in-hsad llfl and lit*. So you think that's takmg in a lot of territory — for Buick, or nnyoiic else. Well, look n( the 1950 Ruick line, which these three hifjli-fusliinncd honeys represent, niui decide for yourself if it isn't right. Nineteen— Yes, 19 — smart new models to choose from — open cnrs, closed ciirs, sports ears, utility models, sill with the smart styling of big, bold-lined burnpcr- gunrd grilles, sleek lupcrinji fenders nnd the over-all look of a jet plane. Three full scries — Sl'IiCIAI., SLTHI! and ROADMASI i-:i< — with Sl'KClAI. models avnihihle both in standard finish, and Ihe extra luxury of do luxe handling. Three separate powei plants • — in live horsepower ratings — all higher in compression than before, nnd all more powerful. AH valvc-in-heiuls too, all Fire- ball design —and one of them, (he sensational new F-263, wholly new—giving SUPER models a bril- Jiance on the road to nuike you cheer. Four wheeUuues — nil planned for riding comfort — with overhang reduced to make parking nnd garaging easier. Rear scats arc as much ns 13 inches wider, giving generous hip-room, shoulder- room, head-room nnd leg-room to till models. Plenty of outlook as well. And the abiding comfort of coil springs on nil four wheels. Ami torqnc- (ulie drive, to keep your going steady and sure. Not to mention Safety-Hide rims, for comfort plus control. Then look at prices — do they really fit any budget? '] liey range from the fine-car level of the KOAUMASTl-ti down (o jnst- nhove-thc-lowest figures on the SPI-CIAL. Six RO/IDMA5US Morfeli, facMng I In utlto-imarl RfV<cra, cover the fine-cai Pc/d. 152 hp. Firebcll tltaighl -cififil engrne, 0/naflow Drive tlandazd. Unl even these arc so little above anything else—buy you so many more yours of happy — and give you u cur of such consistently-better trade-in value — that you'll find Buick reachable by buyers in any price range. So why not get the whole story, price, and all, from your liuick dealer now? Could he 1950 will he the Big Year in which you step tip to a liuick and start driving the cur of your dreams. The delivery si Inn linn's good, you'll find Ilic "deal" is right — and you're going to find yourself a lot happier just to have an order signed! Herc'l lh» Smorf ifKIAL 3~Pat!.eng»t Coup*, cne o/ levcn xmarl mix/air. Dvnaflaiv ire opliono/. /<oncpatv«r — 115 vM 5>nc)iro-M»fl imi'utan, 122 vtiltl DELIVER! THE BUICK SPECIAL 3-Panengcr Coupe pictured hare do- /ivcn al ycipr t/oor for £-4 ftTQ K C (Dxnoflow Hrivc nvoitoh/o al oxlra coil) J) | 333,^3 THE EUICK SUfER "i-Door 6-Poiicngcr Seclon pi'tl'jrod he Itf\n4r Pp enliven al your Jaor lor B/3|30D (Dynaflow Onvo ovoifob/o ol cxlro cotl) «J»«-M «• THE BUICK ROAOMASTER Rmsro picluroef fcire, fnt/uJi f^nRl 9R Dynofiow Drive, Jcfivers al yovr door for ..... <pUUU I ifc.V* Opl/or,o/ efjirprru-nf rjn:/ ifolf 1 rind focal faxes cxfra. Prices subject 10 Cf.-.i.y'.' w,u,ouf -- ' -c. Pfitoi mtj-/ vory lltyhM/ in cdjoifling communjlies c/yc to Iraniporlotion chargct. / - '(. ~-~aifiz**"%£*' ^mzm/^^*Mm:® ***** "*"«*"** Phone your BUICK dealer lor a dfmonitration-RIGBT NOW I Wlinn butter automobile* arc built ItlJICK icilt build them LANGSTON-McWATI U1CK Co. BUY NOW.. SAVE Check these BARGAINS .. . Whil. Sale-Priced Unbleached Mutlln Shollng. Many Other Ussil 81-ln. Wide. C TD. Reducidl Cannon'«"Trlnldad"H»avyMu1H- Strlped Turklih Toweli, 70 x 40-ln. Size: 54 : 37' 19 c TD, 6 for Cul-Prktd 36-In. Wide Strong Unbleached Mu*lln For Cases, Nfghrwear, Aprons^ Flour Sack Towels. Opened, Laundered, Bleached. Hem These Big 30-Inch Squares And Use For Drying, Dusting, Wrapping. Special on Deluxe Percales. Now en- . joy Ilic best in bedtime luxury al While Sale I'rices! Percales, feather- <" f^ £"] weight, saves on laundry bills, too. iJ^/O/ 81 x 108 in Rcgulor 1. 98 Whilo Cotton Sheet Blanfcot H £g with Warm, Fleecy Nap. Size 70 x 95". | Regular 3.69 Quilted Mattress Pad of Bleached White Muslin ...... 54 x 76 in. PLUS SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON SHEETS, CASES AMD TOWELS STOCK UP TODAY VVAI.NU'I &• lilJOADWAY In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S For Expert Prescription Service

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