The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on December 22, 1972 · 25
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 25

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1972
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The VANCOUVER SUN: Frl., Dec. 22, 1972gg Variety of emotions greets new-city orders ( 1 NORTH " iV-VV;-V ",f ; ''i -Av KAMLOOPSl "V;V 'pKV WrJ lpi h KAMLOOPS 111 ' V.''. " KNUTSFORD ' ' j ' ' "j NEW AREA OF KAMLOOPS . . . lined section shows present boundary New cities ordered in Okanagan Continued from page 1 virtue of being outside city limits, he asid. Lorimer said that although there is provision for referenda to be held to determine the feelings of people affected in such situations, in these cases he is exercising his ministerial prerogative and calling no votes. The minister said that in each case an advisory com-' mittee including members of local legislative and regulatory bodies will develop the structure of the new municipality within guidelines set by Lorimer. The advisory committees, to be formed in co-operation ; with the municipal affairs department, are expected to begin meeting early in the new year. ; ;j . . " Also in each case, supplemental , provincial grants and "other substantial assistance" will be available to iron out problems, said Lorimer. In detail, the proposals for each municipality state that each new city will: Be created on May 1 and include all land designated by the minister. Establish an advisory committee to develop the new structure. .' T.tarf a npw miinnil in June with area representation for Brocklehurst and Valley- of Kamloops. Richter raps amalgamations Sun Victoria Bureau VICTORIA Acting Social Credit house leader Frank Richter today, slammed the plan to create new cities of Kelowna and Kamloops without first holding referendums as "the most derogatory step ever taken in this province." Richter, the former mines minister , in the previous government, said he had not yet read reports of the schemes announced Thursday by Mu nicipal Affairs Minister Jim Lorimer, but added: "If this, is right, we have sunk to a new low, that we deny the people a choice by way of referendum and, in so Federal Health and Welfare Minister Marc Lalonde has announced ' grants totalling $19,566 under the federal government's New Horizons pro-- gram for retired citizens to four B.C. centres and one in the Northwest Territories. Lalonde said the grants will Way cleared LOS ANGELES (UPI) A federal judge ruled Wednesday that government wiretapping and surveillance were insignificant, and ordered the Pentagon Papers trial to start again Jan. 3. VS. district court Judge Matt Byrne cleared the way ; for the second trial of Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo to begin by ruling that government surveillance did not pertain to the case. The judge also denied a motion challenging the entire jury selection system in federal ' courts which contended . that persons 18 to 20 years old were underrepresented on the panel. The government wiretap, disclosed to the judge a week ago, was similar to a previous The soil in the Amazon Basin has been so thoroughly ' leached of mineral content by heavy rains that it is not fertile enough for most agricul- . tural crops. Accept all assets and liabilities from all areas involved in amalgamation or extension of boundaries. Bring together water and sewer services and extend them to areas in need. Enjoy special features to ensure the new tax structure fairly reflects the level of service available. Enjoy supplemental provincial grants if needed. u : Enjoy protection from inequitable taxation for farm and rural properties included in the new city limits but perhaps not enjoying full benefits. ' The proposals also provide for the provincial government to maintain highway and road services in the new areas until such time as the minister sees fit. . They also call for area representation on the new councils until at least 1975 and longer if the minister decides. In the case of Kamloops, the . proposal also specifies that the new city will enjoy all industrial assessment in the area.-" - . For Kelowna, there is a provision that fire protection will be extended throughout the new municipality. In detailing the plans and explaining his reasons, Lorimer limited himself largely to the Kamloops . situation but , said much of it applies to Kelowna. doing, directly put them under democratic dictatorship " Richter said he could not see the reason for Lorimer's decision because he is not convinced that the expansion of boundaries and amalgamation will result in a reduction in the cost of providing services. " He said there are hospital districts to which unincorporated areas contribute for the construction of hospitals, that Jhe provincial government itself pays for policing outside city limits and that unincorpo- ; rated areas contribute to regional districts for the development of parks and recreation facilities. citizen groups be used for activities ranging , from craft programs to social centres and marionette projects. All Canadian provinces and the Northwest Territories will share in the grants to give senior citizens programs similar to those available for for new trial wiretap that led to a four-month delay in the first trial and the eventual declaration of a mistrial. Byrne said the latest wiretap involved a single call by a defence lawyer to a telephone under surveillance and he emphasized that there was no direct surveillance of the defendants, their lawyers or consultants. BANK BANDIT GETS $7,980 A lone bandit stole $1,980 Thursday at a city bank. Police said the man. his face covered with a ski mask, used a gun to force a teller at the Bank of Montreal. 1327 Kingsway, to hand over the money about 2:30 p.m. The mask was later found in the north lane of the lino-block Kingsway, two blocks from the bank. . It was the 57th bank robbery in Vancouver this year. He said there are two basic reasons behind his actions; one, that under the present system many people are enjoying privileges without paying for them and, two, that consolidation of services is needed for proper co-operation and future growth. "We knew there were problems there," he said, referring to Kamloops. "There is one city providing services for the whole area and paying for them itself. Other areas are paying 10 mills, as all provincial lands, and there are a number of little town along the way that you will see that are paying 10 mills and getting the privileges of all the functions granted in Kamloops. "They (Kamloops) have been supplying the facilities for recreation, they have been supplying a number of the parks, the basic facilities that you find in a major city but don't find in outlying areas." Lorimer - said he visited Kamloops in October and met with mayors and other officials in the area and found a basic lack of co-operation between various authorities there. "It was our opinion that the . future growth of that area ; which is going to be very extreme, Kamloops will be a great city with a large population that in order for it to "The general concept is that a larger city is cheaper to operate because there are less agencies," he said. "But many of these smaller centres are operating quite economically now." Richter said he is not necessarily opposed to amalgamation but objects to Lorimer's failure to hold referendums. "I still think that if there are benefits to be derived the people should be given the opportunity to make a choice." The former minister said steps such as taken by Lorimer pave the way for "a new type of dictatorial democracy." get grants young Canadians through the Opportunities for Youth program. The grants total $587,-000 and will involve more than 10,000 persons. In Victoria a $7,910 grant will go to the Nut Shell Theatre to involve retired persons and young people in the production of marionette shows to be shown in rural communities, in hospitals and to service clubs. In Abbotsford. . a $5,180 grant will go to Matsqui Municipality's committee for a Senior Citizens Activity Centre to provide social activities for residents in the Matsqui -Sumas - Abbotsford area. A $1,340 grant to the South Arm Community Association in Richmond will purchase equipment for a craft program for senior citizens. Initially, 10 persons will be trained in skills such as jewelry - making, and they will train others. Fifteen members of the B.C. Swedish community in Vancouver will be awarded a $2,000 grant to chronicle the history of Swedish pioneers in B.C. Participants hope to have a 300 - page manuscript completed by 1974. At Baker Lake in the Northwest Territories. Eskimos will be awarded a $3,136 grant to enable senior Eskimos to meet monthly in Baker Lake for social and recreational, programs. have proper growth it required substantial basic local government. "There had to be a good foundation for the city to grow on and at the present time the foundation is very bad. "It seemed to us that cooperation was lacking." The minister said that although there was general agreement with his assessment, he is not sure that amalgamation was what the mayors had in mind. He said the only basic difference at Kelowna is that the present Kelowna debt for sewerage and water services will be paid off by the present res-: idents of Kelowna and will not be borne . by the new residents. ; In response to questions, Lorimer explained further de- tails of his plan this way: Will large corporations face "tax increases as a result of being included . in the new Kamloops city limits? , "There is the pulp mill, there is a refinery, there is the cement plant, there is an oil pumping station, (they) will be going into the new area. It will be an increase in taxation, yes." What about taxes for ordinary citizens? "We are going to watch this very closely so that no one gets a substantial increase. The initial review that we have put on since October to determine if such a plan is feasible, indicates there will be very limited increases. The additional revenue from the industrial plants in the area will almost compensate." MURDER CASE Adult court trial denied An application to raise a juvenile charged in the stabbing death of another youth to adult court was turned down Thursday in juvenile court in Surrey. " ' . The 16-year-old is charged with delinquency by committing non-capital murder in the death of Donald MacKay, ,17, of the Brookmere Garden Apartments, 14909 107A Ave., Surrey. MacKay was killed Oct. 27 in a fight in the parking lot of Mary Jean Shannon junior secondary school, 14577 106A , Ave., Surrey, where about 500 young people were attending a dance sponsored by the Surrey Park and Recreation commission. Surrey prosecutor Al Cliffe said no decision has been . made whether to appeal the ruling by Judge Harold Keen-lyside which denied the transfer to adult court. The youth appears in juvi-nile court again on Thursday. Divorces opposed ROME (Reuter) A group of 23 Italian archbishops and bishops Thursday called on Italian Roman Catholics not to let divorce, which they described as "one of the worst misfortunes of civil society," become established in the country. LOGGING HALT DENIED Sun Victoria Bureau VICTORIA The provincial government has denied requests for a halt to logging operations on a smal timber tract in the Skagit Valley, resources Minister Bob Williams has announced. In a telegram earlier this week to Scientific Pollution and Environmental Control, Williams said the Skagit logging operations had been discussed with the forest service By PAT MOAN Politicians in Kamloops, Kelowna and surrounding communities have greeted the announcement of amalgamation, plans by Victoria with a variety of emotions. Some were indignant, sorne were pleased and most were surprised at the news that, by May 1, 1973, Kamloops and Kelowna are to expand to include a number of communities. Many were surprised because, while the idea has been . kicked around for awhile, Municipal Affairs Minister James Lorimer told the press of his plans before officially notifying the communities involved. Kamloops and Kelowna are, predictably, pleased while Brocklehurst, Valleyvicw and Dufferin are not so pleased. The reason is that, according to Lorimer, Kamloops and Kelowna resident: should face lower taxes as more people are included, whils those in smaller municipalities and unincorporated areas will have to bear a heavier load as they start paying for services they already enjoy. i Mayor Hilbert Roth of Kelowna, who did know about the plans in advancs, said Thursday: "The minister has taken a very reasonable and responsible approach. "He should be commended for his action it will go a long way towards solving many of our problems. "Some people are talking about democracy, saying there should have been a vote. I would like to remind them that no vote was taken on the formation of the regional district. . , "Sometimes things have to be done this way when there is a lot of narrow-minded parochial bickering going on." One of the people talking democracy is Mayor F. R, Chapman of Valley view. "I don't think it's a very democratic thing to do. The people should definitely have a vote in this matter. "It came as a complete surprise to me. None of the people in the outlying areas want it we have a very favorable tax base here. "All this is about is that Kamloops wants more people to share its taxes. They've borrowed to the limit and they've got a whopping big debt to pay off. "Ive had a lot of unhappy people phone me and the least Lorimer is going to get is a '400' ROAD SERIES TO BE REDESIGNATED Snn Victoria Bnreaa VICTORIA Highways Minister Bob Strachan announced Thursday that the "400" route designation will be dropped from two Lower Mainland freeways early next year. As a result, Strachan said, , the Trans-Canada Highway irorn Horseshoe Bay to Bridal Falls will be redesignated from Route 401 to Route 1 and the Vancouver-Blaine freeway, now numbered Route 499, will become Route 99. BY B.C. WINERIES Price boost forecast Prices, for B.C. wines are likely to go up next year because of a 20-per-cent increase in grape prices, spokesmen for two B.C. win-deries said today. Donald Campbell, general manager of Andre Wines (B.C.) Ltd., said the company has no immediate plans to boost prices but it is likely there will be some increase when the wine made from the costlier grapes comes to the market next August or September. Calona Wines Ltd. spokesman Tom Capozzi said his firm's prices will probably go up earlier, perhaps in March or April. Capozzi said grape costs have gone up almost 80 per cent in the last three years and he hopes the provincial .government will seriously consider reducing its markup on wines to keep prices down for the consumer. The 20-per-cent increase in the price paid to grape growers was described Thursday as satisfactory, by the chairman of the B.C. Grape Marketing Board. and the department of conservation. "Area to be logged is 39 acres and they both agree it would not impair recreational values," the resources minister said. "Park designation and prime areas of concern for recreation are to the south and east." Critics of the logging operation claimed the recreational value of the Skagit area was being impaired. I gMjJ I) A vv okanagan Amission . . GREATER KELOWNA terrific amount of unpopular fan mail." , Gordon . Bregoliss, acting-mayor of Kamloops, while surprised at the suddenness of the move, felt it had to happen. He noted that earlier this , months Kamloops decided to cut Brocklehurst, Dufferin and Valleyview off such serv ices as fire protection backup and water and sewage servicing. : ' "We do have higher taxes," he said, "and part of the reason is that we contract out these services to them. In many cases, they pay only operating costs. We pay capital costs. "I just can't see having so many municipalities so tight beside each other in one valley." Responding to Chapman's . charge that the city was trying to unload its debts on surrounding municipalities, he said "that's not true. The city of Kamloops has no money problems. It is a completely viable unit." Because of the redesigna-. tion of the Vancouver-Blaine freeway, Strachan said, the King George Highway, now numbered 99, will become 99A. The minister said the "400" designation could get cumbersome and it has been decided to abandon the system. Strachan said replacement of the highway marker signs will start early in the new year and be complete by April. Eden Raikes said the settlement of a dispute between B.C wineries and the growers for 1972 shipments will also set guidelines for bargaining in 1973. He said the 1972 price agreement, reached after both sides had earlier started separate court actions, will see 130 growers sharing total payments of $160,000 from the wineries. Bank robber gives address PHILADELPHIA (AP) This guy handed this note to the bank teller which read: "Play it cool. Put $20,000 in bag. I have a 25-hour bomb. P.S. Nine seconds left." Teller Ann Camper fell to the floor screaming, and the robber fled with nothing. He even left behind the note, which was a serious error because it was printed on the back of a telephone bill that contained a name, address and telephone number. Two hours later Clarence DeLoatch, 25, was arrested at his home. "We don't get many notes from holdup men with return addresses," said Detective Capt. Thomas O'Neill. Courtroom robbed REDDING, Calif. (AP) During a recess in a receiving stolen property trial, someone stole the court reporter's $500 tape recorder from the Superior Court room; the judge's gavel was stolen a few weeks ago, a court clerk said. OUTLINED ... new bou;.uary includes Rutland Bregoliss said the new city will benefit on planning the area and will make provision of essential and recreational services much simpler. He feels the current municipal boundaries are unnatural and that "we are all Kamloops people, we work together, we play together and now we will have to pull together." He praised Lorimer for "courage and foresight" in making the move. , Aid. James Booth of Dufferin said he found the announcement strange. "The mayor, myself and another alderman were in Victoria on Monday and Tuesday on other business. We talked to Lorimer, Resources Minister (Bob) Williams, Public Works Minister (William) Hartley and Minister of Highways (Bob) Strachan. "Not a word was said. I can promise you there were no talks at all." Mayor Allan Thompson of Brocklehurst refused to com- A fun fesffvdftfi to delight your' f WHITE ROCK I I PLAYERS present J I sigi) $a .v jJF- XT- -B-- -It. W ... I H -.- M ' HBB QUEEN ELIZABETH ONE SHOW, 2:30 TICKETS: LOWER ORCHESTRA AND LOWER BALCONY $3.03 Children (12 ond under) $1.50. ALL OTHER SEATS $2.50, CHILDREN $1.25 NOW ON SALE AT: VANCOUVER TICKET CENTRE, EATON's oil stores. UNION JACKS & JEANS oil stores, THE BUTCHER SHOPPE, 3388 Kings- way, isawwassen lown centre. H. R. MocMILLAN PLANETARIUM BAYSIDE SOUND, White Rock, BELLINGHAM SOUND CENTRE. .-TNfc Personal shopping only of branches . . . Kt MfMMATXM UUU3-32SS .... ' 1 Net proceeds im if -mn R flic Sw'i Ty 1m hmi ' s JJ ment until he receives official notification and full details of the plan. - Chairman W. C. Bennett of the Central Okanagan Regional District said he, too, would favor a vote on the matter.. Chairman John Harwood of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District said that although he knows nothing about Lorimer's plan he is in favor of amalgamation. "The first major problem it will help overcome is planning. Kamloops is growing ' very fast and we have to control this urban sprawl. . . "This political splintering tends to encourage urban sprawl rather than lessen it. "The present councils are unwilling to sit down together and work on the problem. They are all jockeying to improve their tax bases regardless of whether or not they encourage unscrupulous developers in doing so. "I think this is going to solve a lot of problems for us," he added. MM t 3f ill rw ma A 1 PJ! the ? ' 8 Mm V" I -.7A I

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