The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1950
Page 9
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'AGE OUTOUR WAY By J. R. Williams (ARK.) COU*rER NEWS Our Boo rd ing House with Maj. Hoopla MOTTOAT, AUGUST WATCH MOW--I'LL SHOW OU HOW HARD TH BUTTER. IS, nr BUSTED TH DISH WHEN) IT DIP GO THRU.' WATCH *AV FEET rJOW"WnH BOTH OFF TH' FLCOR rr STILL WON'T-UH- e&AU.' THE eUN & HI6KIM H5AV£N6-— WE QUIT ? MOT I'M AtA£AD, OP COURSE BUT AFTER A K)AP i MUST FINISH ORGAN I7.1N6 A LOC*L CLGB .' WAIT/ rU_ PEFKOST IT/ WHY THAT BOUTS THE IXJLLEST THINS W TH' HOUSE, KJEXT TO SOU.' FC«? THE RED UGMT. CHUM ' MY t-UCitV LAST FOUR TO YCARS.' M.OR6 THAW A. HOW ABOUT CHAMCS TO £\I£H TONIGHT MOTHERS (SET GRAY REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOI IZI W. M«IN ST. For Improued .KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of caset investigated in several hospilaU and clinict, tubnormal Kidney function wa« improved. Bladder pain and ditcomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. ff your doctor hat diagnosed your condition at functional Kid' rwy impairment thii natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it For a few weelci. k b delicioui, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division n Valley PJODRIGUEZ, Mike Dominico's chauffeur, called tor me later and look me to his employer's ranch, about nine miles trom the hotel It was in a class with a dude ranch, landscaped, with the house of Plastered adobe Saguara cac^ tus, 'lieh doesn't grow naturally this side of Tucson, had been planted around it. Dominico greeted me in a beautifully appointed living room and Rodriguez left us alone. "I didn't know you when 1 saw you in the hotel bar." said Dominico. "Didn't know until after it happened to Phajol. Now we can make up for lost time. With you f can do business." He leaned forward and grinned slyly. "Dominico pay more for diamonds than fence. You let me have stones, yes?" I lifted my brows In astonishment. "They told me you were too reliable to dabble in hot stones. 1 can't believe you're really Interested. Trying to trav me?" He leaned forward still farther, grinned and winked again. "Lots of things people don't know about Dominico! I make deal. Cash. Look." tie pulled out a fat wallet and displayed the contents. "All $1000 bills! I pay for all 25,000 carat cash. Some proposition, huh? .Dominico no pikerl" "No, Dominico. no piker," 1 repealed. "Dominico send Rodriguez to search my hotel room. Rodriguez knock me out when 1 return too soon, but Rodriguez no find diamonds, so now Dominjco make big business deal!" A sullen frown passed over the diamond driller's face. "I don't know what you talk about. I «nd Rodriguez only to pick you up and bring you here. Dominico know nothing about anybody knock you out!" J laughed in hif face, th*n 1< happened from then oo; __ , I can't gi v( a Diow-by-blow account I passed out and 1 was rom- ling around again when I heard Pat say: "He can't have the diamonds. OT he would have admitted it by imitated his voice again. "Domin- how!" ' C °Thl eS r'' ke h S":T I Domi i<™ lold hen "Pancho and The diamond driller lumped to| Rodriguez just warn hi.< "I bring you here for business proposition! I not take insults Vou sell me the diamonds, yes?" "1 sell them, no! 1 think it's a/I a Bag. Dominico You're trying to convince me you don't have the diamonds I think you got Phajol to come to Copper City just lo rob him That's why you insisted that nr bring the entire slock Sure, you established an alibi, planting yourself with your fiancee and Phajol's own daughter in the lap- room But Rodriguez could have sneaked into the hotel and stolen the diamonds. The clumsy clown probably killed Phajol!'' Dominico snapped: "Rodriguez!" The Mexican came Into the room. 1 had already gone for my automatic, but I did not draw it out. as a voice said behind me: "Hold it, Senor!" I turned slowly. Another man had emerged from the doorway behind me H e carried a .38. police size. Rodriguez took my gun. Dominico ordered: "Take him into kitchen. 1 don't want blood on my rugs." 'J'HE man with the gun gestured with his eyes 1 moved toward the door from which Rodriguez had emerged. Rodriguez was not wearing a gun. but there was a knife in the palm of his hand When 1 entered the kitchen 1 stopped short Pat Phajol stood by the huge refrigerator Teresa Jordan was beside her. Pat met my gaze, but she did not seem happy about this business. 'Your idea?" I asked. 'This was not Miss Phajol's idea," said Dominico.' "It was mine. You got the stones. Now you talk. Rodriguez and Pancho make you tell truth. Go to work, boys." I'm not quite sure »bout what up He'll talk!" Dominico. noticing that 1 conscious, knett beside me. "Why don't you tell me wher* the stones nre? It will save you lots of beating up!" right, Dominico „. you where the diamonds are. You'll have to take me to the hotel." Dominico breathed tense satisfaction, look on Pat's face „ if I had slapped her _ away Tcr.esa Jordan put „ „„.,. forllmj arm around .her shoulden Pancho titled me up. and it took both him and Rodriguez to help me to the car. stopped at the police station and got Chief Humbert and another policeman who followed us to the hotel in the police car Foster, the room clerk, stared open-mouthed as we entered and Chief Humbert said: 'All right, Dorsam. where have you got liic stuff?" 'Get me the bartender."' Humbert went into the taproom and brought out the startled bartender "What do you want ber?" the chief asked. 'Heber." 1 asked, having heard his name for ihe first time, "where did you take Lee Norton when you dragged him out of the taproom?" 'What's Norton jrol to do with the diamonds?" Dominico manded. "Plenty.- The bartender answered slowly 'Why, 1 took Norton up to a room, like 1 always do when he passes out. No. 22. He's still there. I suppose. He had a dilly to sleep oft." I turned to Humbert. "Let'r BO up to No. 22." (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gnranleed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be sore If, worklnj rlrht. drive In to our .hop ,nd we'll che*k it ovtr. Expert on «11 makti and models, cars »nd track*. On« S»y »erTlc«, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 . CORPO/M, s the p/oce to 90 ,or all type, Or Joans. UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! 2 Piece Suit* '- 79 Guarantee Satisfaction Cho! " •' M Be.ullfui Fabric. r, 7 DAY S «VICE Gl>0fi ' ''" l ' lm "« l Tiln « On The House of Charm iii SIM B nf 5 hw»j I \ O Coming Soon The ' 'Henry J/ 61 iMO'JOK CO. N. Hi way 61 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Mecrnmc* or Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up snd IWirer Fred CaUihan "OS" Kirs! SI Hlylhevillf PICKUPS! See These Big Values Before You Buy. 1019 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON PICKUP. Good Heater, Overdrive and Sunshade 1918 STUDEBAKKR </i- TON PICKUP. Equipped with Healer and Stock Rack.. Motor completely overhauled, '916 STUDEBAKER !/,TON PICKUP. In excellent condition and has a good stock rack. Has 195] license. 1916 DODGE '/, • TON HCKUIV dean as i pin. K""d radio, healer and slock rack. 19»2 DODGE y 2 • TON PICKUP. New paint job. A good clean farm (ruck. Chamblin Sales Co. "Tiwr rrlendh Stctfetaker netkr" R -R. * Ash Phone 6888 Bws AMOOWALftOOS? II MAKES VOU ?,*•> k;r^" ~~ v ;*v &.*• YeAH - OUEEW , VICTORIA "I don't care if he has got nice eyes! He's still a cheap politician!" RISCIU.A'S I'd How to Win Friends IiY AL VERMEER VFJ3, IT WAS A SWELL VACATION... AND 1 BROUGHT HOME A BAS-3 THIS BIG. OH... COUNTING GAS AMD OIL AND YOU'RE SO FUNNY! HOW MUCH DID IT COS" VOU? 50 VERY FUNNY! 1 noticed the She looked a- The Whole Stun !5Y MICIIAKI, O'MAI I.KY and RAI I'll TAN] some fava& *tw>; *» z fajpHtM USH7 TO BE LIMPV LORENZO'S PARTNER, ,^_. some. wHy CWM'T -*•"' XXI 7ELL HOW H6 eNPED DP fj THg CHIPS WHILE KXlhE BROKE I'LL TEU. M3U AV3«£ THAN THAT. I'LL TELL xxi WHO STUCK THAT KNIFE LIMPV& BACK/ CAPTAW EASY BY LESLIE TURNE1 fES'R, I LEACHED V Wp LET VOU DOUBLE ME LESSON, PAH LU\ ASA1N ? 'NO, I CAN CE7TLE FOE. f-S\OOO \ UllrH DtrffcTlM/s rvaw<irnj THIS TIME. VOU CAM WIWD WO ifEU FINP THM SAFE OB. WOT JUST VEU KIDS, \VOIJ DIETV SWIWE' FEBPE: ID wr-m oo\ you KNOW i MAD "ME DOOTY ftM' TELL \ NOTHING IODOWIIH TH' SHERIFF VDU'EE THW! VOU FKAMEP STILL WANTED ON TH' k ME SO COAST FOR SHDOTIIO' A REVENUEC, BUT *x; CANT PEOVE \WlRlSHr, WWSOIJ THAT; AIATIE..,«OTAFreel,,ACL KIOHT; gur THE. I MUST see MWIHEE HUTTEfc BUGS BUNNY QUICK .' VER NEV/EST BOOK OPJ MOTH MURDER; __ _. OOP SWAM FROM BRITAIN TO GAUL...TOOX OVER A %%£igg:®&«$3g£>- iKiD^i&ig^T^fBfKjrs C i YOU HAVEN'T TK= VIEW- BOOTS AM) HRtt BUDH1RS The Boss Arrives BY EDGAR MARTIN sxo? WORRV^MS e,aou\ ' \V\ BUY ING "mt 9\.p«ct -v !S^i*^»*£<

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