The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 6, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE VOL. XXVH1—NO. 70 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHEA ST AIIKANSAS AND SOUTmAST MISSOUIU U S. Will Create Important Post of Director of War Industry. BY RODNEY mm:m:ii NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON.— The War Department's plans for the "next, war" do not contemplate another powerful food adiniulstrnlloii or fuel administration. Neither Is it proposed lliat the government take over the railroads, as it did in tlic last war, unless full government, control teems to become unavoidable. - Food and tuel will be handled by a Director of War Industry, who would serve on a dominant. Advisory War Council with the secretaries of war nnd navy, a Director of Selective Service," Director of Public Relations and an Administrator of Labor. The army has worked out a de- ,flnite plan for wartime operation of railways, under which a central committee of railroad officials would be able to put the raibys- tem at the disposal of the government under unified management within 24 hours. I'lan Staff of The Director of Wnr Industry obviously will be a most important, person and if you happen to be convinced that we'll be having a, major war before long you might have some fun Guessing who lie will turn out to be. He will l« appointed by the president and will act as his confidential repre sentative. He will function with hedaquarters here, aided by a staff of experts engaged, as tils Wai Department envisages Ihcir job, in "continuous studies of such mat- Blyiheville Courier, JBlythevtllc Herald, Bljtheville Dally News, Mississippi Valley leader. BLYT1IKVIU.K, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, JUNK (i, World's Largest Plane at Last Spans Atlantic Here is an unusual closeup vicv: of the DO-x. 50-ton German airline! successfully completed the c/osslng of the South Atlantic to South the gi-cal r,i?e of the moto/s and propel!;rs as compared to (lie mechanics str.ndin- 0:1 ill •r nivJ world's tartest )i!:mc which Aineiic.i after many delays: Note left .wing. Are Willing to Pay 25 Cents a Bale to Promote Use of Own Procluuct. . Enthusiastic endorsemer.l of the movement 1 to wrap Mir^irsl county cotton bales wliii co'.ton v,.is given by a group ot 3i o;; 40 mand. or requirements, and the other to co-ordinate supply, dealing with industry n.s a whole and Its efforts to meet the requirements. The branch which will handle organization of demand includes representatives of the army and navy along with civilians. Under the dice tor. in a so-called industrial branch, there will be a Co-ordinator of War Industry assisted by an Industrial Advisory Board consisting or several prominent industrialists who will be drafted by the president fo roffi- cial government service. Each member of the advisory board will be assigned general sup- lers as price movements and their f nrmcr s at a meeting ef the Chi-k- causes. substitutes for critical asnv .. ba district farm bureau materials, conservation and business practices." The main body ol his office will consist of two branches—one to co-ordinate de- Jeff Davis Honored in Capital HOMEEDFTION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OH TOM ilui>e Airplane Will Fly North After BriH Janeiro. NATAL, nrazli, June n i 'I iv- no-X. Clcunah Hying will proceed iiortliwaid on Us way h' Ne\\' York niter LI :.' lira/illin^ purls il was definitely .muuiiKued lcdLiy« C.ipniii) Flicdtich Cl in t-iiauiiaitd, said lie hoped lor Hio de Junrlru (nr :i briei In the 111 e:i;:;ui!. He doubled ihey tat. Hie bin lians-Allaullc ii:.-, yaiht fiiilhc;- south lo liLisli'ii fjii tu Hie United ervision over a group of war scr-1 wers iS5ued tod:l y by J. - - - 'Brocks, secretary of the chamber of commerce. vice committees. Industries, groups of industries or component parts of industries will be asked to select for themselves executive committees and to empower them with definite control over the industries or groups represented so that they may act ' on designated matters connected with the emergency. Any association or organization might appoint a war service committee. the War Department tays. bill Uiey represent primarily man- asawoa the city hall Friday afternoon. Zal B. Hanison. president of tile organization, presided at the me:ting at wiiich ii \\as announced that ihe charter membership would be closed following ihe next meeting, bet for June 19. Nine or ten new m:nih-"-5 joined the organization yesterday. A poll "I iiioae present, most of them producers of a considerable vchjme of cotton, shored al! but three willing to pay an extra charge of 2y cents per bale lo have thciv cotton wrapped in col- i ton as a contribution to thc move- i ment for increase-:! use of cotton, j Co-operation of ginners in the movement for thc use of cotton wrappers will be sought at a meeting Tuesday, invitations to which Mell i local - s i Ut Fly it to JP>— boat, 5 way visit unlle- insen, d 10 lovily zlllLin would fly- 1 KiO, 'nUoil p 1 II IT UIT folds Not ry. crson- Joncs Swift, ••" • Stmlnil Flyer's Firs I'araolinle Lean Kails but ife I'/ives to Tell ihc Story KANTOUli, 111., .lime G (UP)— | Ji rnphvt and then pulllnff the rl UMiully a inr.achule leap Is either suciTssful or elsi 1 — but private Harold I,. Oslxirn'.s Ilrst nf.fl was nrl- tber ii success nor Intnl. nltliuiiKli for many many minutes he Rave up hope al HvliiR in tell about it. Osborn is n student ill Chanule Ili'ld nnil n part of his commencement exercises consisted In leaving a ship via the "diulc" route. With l.leuU'nmit C. It. nurr- wister us pilot he went up for Lin 1 venture thai would maik his fiiaihmilnii Into ihu select circle ol llcTOscd army aviators. A companion .student, successfully ball- cord. I pulled the cord and thr Jumped. "The next llilni; I knew I wa clauglliu,' face, downward, suspcii' ed about 1,500 feel above (I (•round by my paiachulc that h:i billowed out and fouled on tl plane's (all piece. I (lid a lot c thhvkhin about what a rosy fi line in aviation I might have hat The plane WHS going through a sorts ot maneuvers as Dcrrwlstc tried to keep It on an even kef I llioiiijhl .sure we would crash After dangling for an hour Oh born MIIS saved frcm almost cei aln ilenlh by veteran pliuls an ed over Mi! side and (loulcd earth- \ iirmy regulations requiring su v.Sird. Al '.he critical moment Osborn ffjr^ot the lessons he linil li'arncd >o painstakingly. He dcwribcd it today as follows: "1 looked over (he side, saw hcnv far away the. earth was. and got a bad case of the "jit. 1 -", .1 wailed a pretty IOIIK time. Then 1 .';!!»• Dr>rr>'Wcr v as VRltllK dis- Kiislcd so I bailed out. Hut forgot what the liooh saUl alxmt Two More Girls Enler Contest for Popularity Pri/,c Tv:tt morn vouii', r JJlythevlllc dents lu wear two parachutes o their first ntlempl-s. By sklllf! maiii'iiverlns I.I. A A. Stinubc! 1 a biTond plane lowered a knife I O.iborn \vho cut himself frum Ii llrsi parachute and lloalcd s.ife to ciirth with the onir-rjicncy on lie landed in a, cornfield and wf fniTf-sliif the earth when instil: lors ran up to tell him he had fal cd In his cx-amlniillon and inu take It over. wf\ wvjifjfiirH imiiui iv,iiii.yiiiiiuii DltS IT N1ENIPH1 .S/i r u 1 1- n c i r» i- l\Jl rt ^f\\- *•» f 1 i F«ieral Court Jury Holds Ambulance Owners Not Responsible for Injury. JONESBORO. Ark.-The personal injury suit of Norman D. Jones vs. Mrs' !.. Ii. Swift and the Swift, Fiii-uit:u-e and Umlcrtaklni; com- i women totlnv Joined the list of (;f O.'^eola, for $25,000. occupied yesterday's session, of fctl- L-:i:l court. TV.- jury drcided in favor of the defc-udiinl. Mis. swlfl. .Join's, a slcamboal pilot, was in- jurcrl ivhile riding in an ambulance ot the Swift company from a baal landing on (lie -Mississippi near Oiceola to a hospital. The plaintiff a!!ei:,?d that tlie ambulance collided «ith a car occupied by ne- oos while the ambulance was buIE: driven at excessive sprcd. Jones alleged he received permanent injuries. Jefferson. Davis, president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, ILIthuanian Government Expe'jG Papal Nuncio KOVXO.- Lithuania, June 6 IUP) _-Thc Lithupnian government expelled (lie papal nuncio, Ricardo Barto'.oui. tciiay. Barloloni departed by auto nt 1:20 P. M. 21e was expelled because of alleged colltiboraliou willv activities oC the anli-eovsrnr.ifrn! party. It was explained. The government informed the nuncio and the Vatican that Bortoloni was no longer considered n representative of the Holy See and that henceforth he would be persona non grata. Bartoloni had been papal nuncio to Lithuania for three years. contenders for the SCOD vacation Irlp to be avarded h> August lo Hie winner of a popul.irity contest sponsored hv a group of local est.iblishmcnls In cooperation with the Courier News and Ranclio Rea, New Mexico mountain resorl. The Misses Carolyn Pride and AUhea Edwards are the new en- trans, swelling Ihs list of candidates lo 19. The other young women competing for the nrlze. are Ihe Mls?cs Mnruaret Milner. Vlrplniu Keck. Martha Robinson, Maurine lirsnson, Evelvn Harwell. Hulh Butt. Alberta Elliott. Marion Durns. RL-lh Whllworth. Margaret Cross and Vivian Diliahunty of Blytheville, Elizabeth Martin of Dell, Rosa Lou Cook of Lusorn, Dorothy Gideon of Wilson. Orine Ilulchins of Manila. Mnrv Do Wcese of !lay- ti. and V!rgini» Burton of Caruthersville. Voting M-as well under way today as Saturday sliopnsn (J. G. Smith, Mississippi county n<nv llns a 1>lllce '" Statuary Hall, in the national Capitol Here you director of the Mid-South Co'.to.i ! see the unveiling ceremony of (he heroic bronze figure. Left to right Rorikruni Film Plavpr Growers association, advised the • are Senator Hubcit B. Stephens and Davis Clay Bramlcttc, both of!* """Pi ««"« ' layer Missiibip,v.-. Miss Ka;y Boyrt George, grcnddimuhttv of Senalcr Jaims | OwCS $18,000 mCOme Geo.-ye. a Confederate general of whom another, tlalue was :tn- the piv stores at which with purchases. b'-Ulots arc Announce- IT :>f In- fr\\ Business Man Will Be Held at Marianna. Mrs. N. \V. G7. mother of Gordcn Wright of this city, died at (he Memphis Hantisl htis- nllnl last. nlRht al 10:2Ei o'clocl followlnij n two weeks Illncia. The remains bo taken to hei former home, Marianna. Ark., today where burial will probably be made tomorrow- After having been 111 at her home here for a week Hhe was removed to Memnhis.where an crntion was performed several days ago. Besides her son. Gordon, shs Is also survived by 'another 'son Frank Wvlnht. formerly of her and now of Newport.' and osin-sl<- (tr, Mrs. E. C. Oenvrnnt.-'b'f *£}il-'-:«".-<.• .,,; N'rllirrirnnd, Memphis. Tim wir- of tlin late Mr. N. w. Used Association Money in • Own IJank. Now Closed i With Big Shortage. ; NEW ORLEANS. June 0 (UP)— )iieclors of the American Cotton Jo-opcralivc association, the mar- ctlng agency for colton of the ecler.-il farm board, today were in-. ,-csilealliv; alleged Irregularities ; if Allen NorlhhiBton. who was rc- nnvcd a<i president of, Ihe co-op- '. Tatlvo association. ; Norlhhigton's resignation was de-- ' uaiuted and accepted by thc cb- • rerallve May -I when lie also vas requested to resign as a di- reclor or the colton stabilization coriioratlon and as secretary and eneral manager of (he Alabama 'arm Bureau .cotton association. The alleged Irregularities, how- ' evEr. nrxl Northln-jlon's reslgna- lon, \vcre not made public mi- 111 yesterday when E. F 'Creek- uore. ttcneval of the'co- operative, was questioned by news-- ' incr men. . f NnrthlnRlon. who was president ' of the- First National brink of I'raltville, Ala., which was closed Mav 27. was indicted Thursday at Montgomery. ^Ala., after National Dank Examiner J. J Burns rctiort- cd he had found n shortage of not less than 5300,000 In the bank's nccounln. The Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association, Mr. Creckmore said, had about S120.000 on deposit In the I'irst National bank of.;'!. Praltvlllo at the timj it closed M •"" doers. Norlhlnqton Is under bonei ; of $10,000 pending n Grtihd -Jury investigation of'the bank situation. In a public statement.Mr.'Crcclc.-; •' more said that Northlngton's Irre- Bulai'lllcs were confined' to the Ala- • baina association -,nnd gave assurance that Alabama..members would be repaid for any lo'sses Incurred as a result pt Northington's activities. PittsWprh Plane. Crash , ; ment of the standing of the'coti- testants will be made next week. farm bureau members, mosl of whom also belong to the cotton co- . '. operative, of a plan for the setting . up of an advisory committee to' ' v(1 " sd: Ad(llc Kays-Davis. fjreat-Br.inddwghter of Jefferson co-operate with the management I Davis: Senntcr Pat Harrison, who presented the fisure in behr.if of of the Mid-South's Blythcville | branch office. The committee will : consist of the county director, who j the 1 State of Mississippi. ufacturers, distributors, Iranspor- i will bs either Mr. Smith o;- J. F: tation, labor, power and shippers. The war service committee will not be governmental organizations as the advisory board will be, bill will'exercise only the powers delegated lo them by the industries which elect them. Speed Essential To insure speed of organization when a big war emergency conies f ine War Department will keep a list of names of men specially qualified, so that the Director of War Industry and his principal assistants may be promptly chosen by the president. Officers encaged in peacetime study of the wartime industrial problems will be ready to step In and facilitate nutters Tcmpfcins. and four members ta be elected, by the patrons of me | office. Announcement was made . plans for a farm bureau barbecue which will probaoly b3 he!d early in July. Two Bound Over for Burglary at Barfield Jess Sullivan Charley Ingram were bound over to await '•• Excavation for Philadelphia Scene o! Iv i World Flyers Planning Non-Stop Hop to Moscow n NEW YOHK. Jim: G (UPl—Hugh -, Herndon. Jr., and Clyde Panaborn expect to start their flight around the world within ten days, they told the United Press today. LOS AKGELES, June G.IUPl — In a voluntary petition of bankruptcy on file in federal court today Lloyd Hamilton, film actor. list:d liabilities of 549.710.55 and assets comprising household goods of Sl,f>00. Hamilton tail! In the petition he o-.verl the government S18.000 income lax- and that he was 512.500 behind in alimony payments to his wife. Nebraska City's History Embroidered on Quilt PHILADELPHIA. Jailo G • ,.„ ,. , . , . —- Rescue crevis ot police and fire- the action of the E rand jury next I mcn co ,,,i,-.ucd todny in their cf-| f _H - . , , I •llUll lOlUiOl'JU LUUilV 111 LliUtl *-J- fall on charges of burglary in con- for!s to ,.,.,,.„ fiv cn ., n covt , rcd ^ nection with the rohbcry of L. D. ] lo:ls 0( r=c!; a ., d ^, A whic! , CO J. of office organisation, plans audj ^^£^™™ j ^ ™\.™^\ «I f". ™% speciflcatloas at any moment.I n i..« | vSuon in t:io ceniu Oi tl:c DJSI- nii^-iReno Goes Highbrow: Builds Art moment, nlng. "Blackie' Sanders Meanwhile, thc Army Industiial College Is making intensive studies involved in thc prompt organization of industry for war emergency. Before the War Department submitted Its plans to tlic War Policies Commission there was considerable discussion of thc question cf conscripting labor in wartime— a measure strongly opposed by the unions. Tims interest attactes lo thc proposed functions of thc "Administrator of Labor." General Douglas MacArlhur. chief of staff. says enforced labor would not be supported by public opinion or be - conducive to morale and efficiency. I * cacc Officers. But the full co-operation of labor! Justice R. L. The two men also drew $35 fines' and five days in jail on petit lav- 1 ceny charges in connection wilh' the same rohberv | A charge of burglary against dismis.'ied. Peace Officers Will Plan Annual Barbecue l\e\Vi The first part ot thc trip will Building lltv'Wr"' 0 " ffl * ht '° Moicm ' i NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. (Ul>>— When Henry Catron wants to brush up on his local history he Just looks at the cpillt which lies on the foot of his bed. Tlie C]«ilt was started in \tv~mv\ TI,-- r -n- bv " lemo " s of a ladies aid society. .NOV (UP) - Tin., eit> when a person wanted to bo hon- rrw,! the world over_ns thc home O . crt on ,„, .. Friml;: ,, ip Qulu ,, » UI ' rn ";;l"! > ! C! ' al:l1 tll ™ rccc 1S En " '« paid Ihe foclely a small sum i. ni-n.-u.i. i a | !( j ! fl , ( jipnuture worked Into: .The n_™ city council has just., he covc . ri PHILADELPHIA. June 0 rUPi- i ?. onai . cd " piece of ground near lh»; One Mmpnist . cr 011 „,, Proh i b i- I-'ivc aurkmcn toHeved kil>J '• C;'' la ' J , a ,, p "', m '- , y t( ! tlh '|lion ticket in the DO's used the by a civi-in as they wero working | N . c ™, d!> . '^ n . Gn ' lc ' r5 ' AMOcialim. qum to mak „ hi Ust of votets in an e.«.r,M'.icn tcciay 70 feel | ^ 'J ^ m ? /O""" 1 , a ' ul l i'jto be "buttonhole-J." It was cus- , a umiami! 15 pi-l ternary for an entire family to buy "V'° ',?.'-".'" I a place on Ihe auilt. There are -,. „.,„ "» ' rte_clicat-j G18 mmfs Qn |1)e „,„,. ,, mv DunMin Counfv. Funeral i Directors Hold Meeting CARDWEU,. Mo.—The Dunklin bounty Funeral Directors associa- :ion met Thursday. June 4. at tlv? HoK-art!-Anderson funeral parlors here. Following the business session n banquet was served at the Mary Dale theatre by ladles of the Christian church. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Howard and Floyd Desmute of Leachville. NTr. and Mrs. W. L. Thompson of Manila, E. W. dess and Mr. Wyntt 'of Camplell, Misses Pdlmcr and Clinch of Hor- ncrsvllle, Mr. Solomon of Kennctt, and James P. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson of Cardwell. The next meeting of the association will be 'held n't Hovncrsvillc June 25. Wrlchl. Mrs. Wrisht came to Rly- thcvllle 14 years oco from Mr.r- Innnn. v.hcre the 'was born, her dents of that city. A mcmb"r of the. First Methodist church, she wn<= closely identified with religious aHalrs. lies, diiliict tarly below Ihn. Direct level. Four others! were injured and at least iorty . . j *? Plans will be marie e-seaprd A policeman. Elmer Patterson.] was killed v,h:n a pi'.rol wagon I in whicyi he rode co'.lUcd with n \ truck while speeding lo the scene i Monday cf thc disaster. l ^ ard f 01 J llc Kalk ' r - v r ^ mclllory Of lloWc woman - > - -iSht at th? City Hall for the an-1 T!:? excavation . nual barbecue of -the Mississippi! r i c d en fer il:,- construction cf the Is Paid Tv/ice ! In U.S. Ha': Century | Chinesf to Be Denorted FLASHES FIUK DESTUOVS MASTERPIECES MUNICH. Germany. Jimc C ll'PlFirc dcstroyeil 2.SOO of 3,OM pnlntinss by olil masters in the hislnric old palace museum here today. The museum was razed. Inecnrliarism was suspected. The Oaniasr ivas estimated al several millions marks. The painlings were not insured. UVTII HITS NO. H .. NEW YORK. June G lUI 1 ) — Palic RliMi lilt Ills eleventh home- run of the season in the third Irnluj of thc Clrvclanil-Xcw York panic here this afternoon. He «as the first man up. .Miller nas pitching. PI'rrSBORGII. Pa.. June 0 CUP) —One man was killed and another injured in an airplane crash 1 at Thornburg country club near, hero loclny. ' The dead man was identified as If. P. Luchvlg, Pittsburgh. He was a passanscr In the plane piloted by Landis R. Bylcr, sales agent for ths Curtis-Wright company- ' Byler broke an arm, a leg and suffered other Injuries. The crash came shortly after the plane took off and It was only about 100 feet In the air when It fell, witnesses Baptist Youne Peopl« in Meelin? at Manila MANILA, Ark.—The Mlssl'slnpl Bounty B. Y. p. TJ. met at the 1 s11 ' . - First Hintist church here Friday- nisht. About 2CO members from i Perry Asks Latest Wife all parls of 11:.^ count v were pros- , ,-,. . . . . , tor rmanciai Assistance cut. The re pn prneram was sponsored bv thn First Baptist church of Bly- tlli>v||l(.. Thc county association meets tile last Frlcia yin each month. The H3Xt meeting will be held at Osccola. CardweU Man's Car Stolen Thursday Night EAGLE JlIVEIc. Wis., June fi CUPI—A. final plea for ftnancial assistance from one of his many bigamous wives was made today i by George W. E. Perry, one-eyed i braiteman charged with murdering | Mrs. Cora Bell Hackctt. j Held in thc county jail without bond Perfy asked permission to write Miss Anna Gutierrez. San Francisco,- the former Spanish he married urxler CARDWKLL. Mo.-An automobile belonging to Pat Burchnm.! fc cauty _whom iuslice of the peace, was stolen " :<x name of Frank J. Moran from In front of the Mary Dale theatre here Thursday. Mr. Bur- chnm, a member of the Antioch male Quartet, hud pone to theatre to sing at a banquet. the English Cleric Sees Changes Coming Here county unit of the Sheriffs and For Heroic Deedj -SEATTI^. ,OP.-FIIH- y«rs or! CAI.DWEI.I, HEAHING IIFLAYKD which will bring about the plei* enfranchisement of the com- 32-story building of the Philadel- \ 1 more of r-.-sidence in the United anticipated and the war plans arc professedly designed to "protect labor from oppression under color ot emergency" as well as to quidc il in' 0 useful channels and keep it therein as far as possible. ::Labor control" will be based entirely, tt is promised, on voluntary co-operation. The labor administration will undertake to assure war industries president of thc announced that thc T] i PITTSBURGH. (UPi—The same! States doesn't mtih one a sitizen, r heroic deed aid rto-.ible duty lor' a«d Chan Yeo. elcierly Cninese ". ; James Lavory. Erie, earning him a cook, must be deported to China, barbecue will v.ali oi ll-.c excavation, forty feet lli;!1 !'™ s »«l ^"^ "oss and, re- . Chan Yee-was a youth of 14.- _ hi1 «-,.;, ,„, Fund societv ht a vice- 1 fi 'c ir'-ing' men were bu rlc I t Stan. 1 s ' nea:h "m "of "th wiien h.' -• »>vn. uuvi .ii-L.ii v ^ be held at Big Lake June nth.'high, cave say. Five lambs and two shoats have i been secured by Justice McKnlght'' ?- r ;1, h J s a ;; 5istnnls to ? rovldl! thc Drouth Is Threalcning f'-ast for the peace officers. .. . .... s ___ Northwest V/heat ' cently. an automobile. Lavery saved many lives in Crop • employe representatives in equal numbers. Proper guidance nnd the St. Paul, Minn. June C (UP>- Departmcnt believes, can be de- Widespread drouth eondillons over and e.wntlnl civilian Industries- Ipended upon lo enforce decisions' North Dakota. Montana and wcs- skirmish while serving wilh the American troops on the Mexican r. He made repeated trips to of the attack and carried off Ithe wounded in an automobile. He was cited for his bravery. In a national essay contest Lavery described Including agriculture and trnns- portaticn-ef sufficient Qualified '.tbor for adequate operation. The fiiJminislrator ol labor, appointed by and responsible- to thc president, will tc aided by an advisory council made up of employers and force of public opinion, (lie War of the labor administration. The administration will attempt to determine labor requirements, operate an employment service to bring Jobs and workers together and maintain an agency for conciliation and adjustment designed to ki-,?p workers on thc job. tern Canadian provinces today were i"g in California, when th2 Chinese exclusion act became effective In 1882. He failed (o register, but his status was not discovered until recently, when his ease was reviewer! by a federal j'idge. and he was ordered deported. NASHVILLE, June C (DPI—On request of the. Davidson county prosecutor Governor Henry Horton has postponed a hearing on Kentucky's requisition for lios- ers Calciwvll, former Nashville financier. FAIR 5305 FOR MURDER NEW YORK, June C (UF) — Ch.irles Obtte, 20, a former butcher's boy today confessed, police s»ld. to killing Andrew ZuMt- uky, whose wife he claimed paid which, the yMrfotmrvncc c! thc car. despite the fact It was riddled with he hacked Zubiltsky's body lo "Theories, which before the war seemed largely preposterous and radical, today are rapidly coming lo be seriously considered - by the thinking people. "The 192C rail strike in England showed that the working people of England had risen solidly to stand togctner as a group for the things they belbve lo be right and this same sentiment will invade America in time." Petition for Divorce Bill Vote Complete LITTLE ROCK, June 6 IUP>— Thc Home Protecllve Association formed shortly after Ihe state legislature passed the 90-day divorce bill, announced today it- had sufficient signatures to a petition to prevent the bill's becoming effective .Tune 10, Germany Says Young Plan Impossible of Fulfillment . June G (UP)—The gov- errjnent's first official pronouncement that- the Youni? plan must be revised was issued today. A manifesto supplementing Pres„.„_ i Went Paul Von Hindenbcrg's dic- CHTCAGO, (UP)—The same in-jlatorial decree drastically rednc- niistrbl and social reatljuslmenls: )n? governmental cxp?r,:litures de- Ili-it have taken place in Ri^sial c i arc ,| that (he reparations no will occur In England and America. long( . r can b; p! . id ^ , ( . it \vns predicted here by the Rev. tf iu.vun T. A. E. Davey. canon of Liver[x>ol cjtl">drnl, England. "What h?.s cone on i:i Russia will <ro on in England wllhin the next five or ten years, and in time probably in An-crica." he said, i "England is raintt to make Krcal BUFFALO, N. Y.. (UP)— Fred- and social readjustments eric!: C. Ferry. President of Ham- leans as hercloforc. Brain Tes»s Woriliicss Says College President llton College, in an address at thc University club here, said Intelligence contests are worthless. Hamilton does not have them. "I am glad that we let tile other colleges experiment," Ferry said. "We have always believed them a wasts of time, and I understand those institutions which favored them most a short time ago ars now discarding them. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, scattered thiT.dershowers in north portion tonight: Sunday cloudy and unsettled. According to the official weather observer. Charles Phlilips. Jr. (ho maximum temperature here ;vs- terday. «-£is 93 degress and the minimum. 63 degrees, clear. Today the maximum trtnptmucc u-as SO degrees and the minimum, W I degrees, partly clntidyi

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