The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 12
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I PAGE TWELVE (AKK.; (JOUKJKK MMVS JA A \ UAK1 10, iy&0 Democrats Wary Of laft, Donnell Opposition Fears Chances of Defeating Pair Have Lessened By J:irk Moll WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (API — Democratic leaders arc re|x>rted to have mflrked clown K.S ]e?.s than even their chancr.s of defcatini; Republican Senator Rolwrt A. TafI of Ohio and Poiinell of Missouri. Tart and Donnell are top targets for the administration in tMs year's campaign. Nevertheless a quiet survey is said to hnve convinced some members of tlie Senate Democratic Campaign Committee that they can harvest more results elsewhere. William M. Boyle. Jr. the Democratic national chairman, will meet with the committee next wi-ch to help shape up its financial and campiiiffn activities. Boyle lihnsdl is commuted to an all-out campaign against both Taft and Donnell. President hand in the p Itlia liyril rr.intis Wliile C'Ol'X'ry t'd.i.Mi'm.vS—Selected as oiif.Miuiinj; 4-11 club members hi North Mis-U^ippi were Mclfiia Byrd of Leacmltle. and Francis White of ArmoreK Miss Ilyrd i? half of the sister-team that or^ani/.cd the, I.onch- ville Club this year. Both Champions were presented engraved silver service !rom I,. G. Na.sli at a 4-H banquet last niKht, nilc!I - J i t f Truman has («krn a A*f{-l&& Ifir/^^rH C iiiiuu in UH- Missouri primary cam- /*Ac.tlt7^ till \Jl I I IO paign by tapping Emery Allison, iI , , . _^ , , the state Senate prtvidpnt, a.-; his I /sf/-f/Crl I /V /"> I M /Ti I?" man for Senator. Thar lia.s stirred ! U f i LI311 \*t t/WI/ICl up a row among MLvouri Domocrnfj? j *»» f r* S . • J f*\ that Remtbliraiu are hoping will be (jfjZlQCtlQnUCltQ up a row among wour cr. that Republicans are hoping will be eflected by tle.sertion.s in the No- vcmber voimg. Denies "IlklMmn" T.ONDOK. .Jan. 10 ( AE 1 )— Prime In Ohio to confer with Uemocratic ; MimMc-r Alllcr told :n.=: rabinet leaders, Boyle denied yestcrduy that j Britain'." bis official .snt'i'et today: "" ' the date of iho fijsf t!a:ioiinE elfc- liUJlC Ul Mil U J V^IV"1MH_V Hi i>b he was attempting to dictate who should run against Taft. Mast JH> liticians } A>-J-.» i<- -^ oi-i_ »..,i-. or Joe „ - - Tuft's November opponent. With the present Senaie maririn standing 54 to 42 in favor of the Democrats, Republicen.s would have to pick up a net. of seven st-ut.s to win control. Senator Brew.iter of Maine, the Republican Senatorial campaign j — chairman, told reporters he. thinks J at Xu. swing is developing toward ills 1 broadly. ilon in five year, 1 ;. „,., think that State Audi- Tomorrow he Ls fxprdc-t to let, Ferguson is lik<ly to be ! 'he nation in on H. Word .spread ' - * ' (|iiic-:ly thai Feb. :?y -- the mo. 3 t liktr- For \vi''fr-^ fhi^ h;i> (jft'ji ^hr date m<wt iavorrd by yiie.'-^crs [or the ctash at tJjp, ptjlls bi'tv,rfii tlie ruling [/iboriu.s and Winston*Churuh- woulU seven party which, if it continue.';, land Republicans In thofe states. Brewster said a new feeling of uriity was being demonstrated among Republicans in their attempts to draft a statement of party principles for the Congrevwional drive. He said that if it continues, such a stntt'nient should hr.lp party candidates this lall. Taft said all Republican Senators had. been invited to submit thrir Ideas to a 15-membcr committee he head.s. lie added that- ihe com- mitte will sit down January 17 to analyze thase ideas and then will meet with a House group to begin drafting the statement, Negro Ministers Vote To Extend Program The Negro Ministerial Alliance yesterday adopted a resolution to extend the evagelistic program In Blytheville. In connection with the rteolution plans were made for a religious surrey. Speakers inclurifd Rev. Thomn? J. Brown, Rev. j. R. WiHe, Rev. L. I,. Frazicr, Rev. B. L. Ifamptnn, Rev. B. H. Crawford, Rev -D. Harlear, Rev. J. w. Knowle.s, and F. P. Conner. The me&ling ye.stevday was conducted at Curitr Temple in Blyihe- ville by the alliuncc pre-sick-m,, Rev. Ij. D, Davenport, pn.stor of the True LJght Baptist Church. Attlee'.s minb'terA left the merlins "'-- 10 Dowjiiny Strcyt smj' : "" IlenErh ^^inbi(pr Ar.eui-in a.vMired reiwrtcrs the prLrne minister \votild h:-n r e at: announcement on the election "later today," But Deputy E*nme Miutsf^r Herbert Morrison, who was ihe last to leave At tie, told neusinen: ' : Siop all this ginv^inz." After act edited political experts of the British Pii?-x were briefed. Mie Brif-L-ih p]-e.-,s AK.^>riation man came out with thtvit* prrdietions: Attloe will annotiiH'O his eleciion plans tomorrow. j He will dissolve tlie ],".--':ent par- [ liamont on Friday. fVn 3. .uul vot- | m*f will take plnce 20 day.; Inter | A "^nnp" clt't'tion at an enriie.r j tliite can now be vLfHj;!ny ruU'ii 1 out. 1 uh'd for Jan. 2\ will bo L';:ncellc-d. j Tlie present parliament \viil be dis- i M)h'cd without ever meeting again. 4-H WINNERS Continued from Page 1 |)!-o%oi)fi'd ft d;iiry foods medal. At tht 1 .spL'itr'.pis' table last niyht won 1 : Srn;tior Fieiirdon of I.pjichvillc: Miw Mc'lltni HyrcJ of I-fnc]i\)irp: L. f:. Kur,l\ of iilytJicvillc: I.uvon K:if]cy, K. K. Chiin<llor, assi.^jAiil county jitjont; Miss Iloien, Mr, Urn-Ins; Kr-ith Uilbrcy, county itgcnt; MTK. Michafts, one of the first 4-11 Ojiib niPtnbers [ji t>ie county; Mr.s, Cei'ij-dtJe H, Hcjltinan. lionic fh*i(]un^luiiujn fluent: Hobhie Jcnn By i<i. Mr. KuuppotilxjrKf'r ami y Jiuijifl Holand Orccii. Olln-r spctnal KIIC.*^ inchidtfl William S, \Vat?on of O.scoola, county ^^cul at South Mississippi County: E, M. Kf-genold of Anno- rel. Noble dill. IJ. A. r.ynch, Frr-d Bcuii, \V, E, Uagau, and other club leaders. Only two of the !tf clubs \vpre not represented at the meeting. Leach- viHe Club, org^ni^ri thLs year, hnd 11 members present for the largest. IS; * Labor Government Gets I 4-6 Edge in the Odds LONDON. Jan. 10 --^»i—One of Brifnin'j; bii^^e.-r boukniakcrs jiincJe ihe Latior Party a \ to 6 favorite tod;jy to the 1950 gtnorai election. " Doi:«.;]:i.~ 'Dn^^ie Nf-vor OA'.-sf Suiiivi otifred 5 to -J u^auiM Win- .-iton cUui'chJlt's Con.sei vafives A* eh? .Srttne time, however, lie UKtde ChU!x:iii!l himself n iKiirliiH' ;iivi>rir.j over Labor'.s clfmmt Ati tl'je to ]>i5 tl\e next UI : K - rnim": ; iL'r c-i Biu«in. Churchill was quoted a- 11 to H, Aitlfe at 6 to i, The rea.soning beiitjui tin'- 1 -: if the Conferva! ive.s v, in Chun-hill i- :il- inost ivrtain TO become prirjtt: rmn- i^fr. II Lubo;- is victorious AMU-e [<»y stryj do'.vn to maV,r ^v^y for iioThtir nic'inbvr of hir parry Cliurr-liill ;I!M> i.^ coiioiderod a Polio Foundation Calls '50 Drive Mosi Crucial N'.EW YORK. Jnn. 10. fAP)—The Xiiijonal FoundnUon fur Iiifantile Paralysis today de.scribed it.s 1950 Miin-h of l^iinoj; ciimpai^n a.s the "im\st [:nLt'Ja]'' in iLs IILS^HV nnd jet ;i ] erorci qoii! ol SS2,OCO,(>00. Pre.^ififjit Hnsil O'Connor said I lie F'>in»tnlion's funrls \vfic, es- hiin.^ed "ii> a result «;f t!ie \inprt'- L'e.tlfritcd in inutile paralysis cpi- cion-;ic,s in 10-19," He .said tho $^2.(KfO.OOfi will bo nt'i?ik'd *o cniT; oti the Po'jndution'.s tne.dical cure nnd research programs arul \vill be .sought in a natinn- \vide carnpaiyti from Jan. IU to Jnn 31. A volunteer force of 2ft'j,COQ p<-r- ^01:5, dtviL'ribed by O'Connor n.s \\\? !ar' ever a.sjicmbted for the T;isk, \\-\\l nid ihe March ol Huiu-a campaign. Alcoholics Conspicuous PI?AGUK —'.'TV- AK'oiuiHc? \viiir* M-inain liiuai.inioxis nt Hmo, t^ipiutl ot Moravia. The rnnncil of the f.'unnnniiist - controlluri nationsil Committee there has annminecii it p.ill post publicly the names of "notorious alcoholics." especially it they .n't 1 !itK> work rsuirkcrd. uifixi bet io take "lif helm if !hf e\ef;iioti is , x -t> do-'-:- that no p.irty pe'.s a majority and ri co;thiion gov- ; ernment i.s formed. DESTROYERS Continued trow Page °" c the gunboat to start blasting »s. CapMin .Jori'-s hni) Just «««* **c were lili miles off short', I \vent to Hie ratlin sh.u'fc where Operator IffittTCnrc? C. Kl(^t)WKkJ of Mt».v York was: at IMP key to send uny distress messier. We were uilkiiH? wlu-Ji suddenly we brwm hr'iii'Lnff jfhHIs t'nnir <ivor. I went to the port si<le and Maw them splashing into tlie water Some looked like tlin-e hu-her.s. IlRtiiriihif; hurriedly lo ihe riulio room we skirled coimtijitf them iiiuE got up to 38 when some one .shouted (lie after deck .was afire. The shelling cnnllmmd. and the ,*lii|» was hit in immy places. There was a biy blaxc on the after rierk not fur /mm hi;; jnrs of acid with "tinnier" tniis on (, We \\'ci'f eh'.ted M'lu'ii thai fire was Kvlin^uisli I'irc in Holt) But in the meniUiuie. nnothpr blaze hurl si fir fed In the No. 5 hold. The crft\v under Captain , Jon es I a < :kled I he i r hi f* j;e r p rob lent. Jettisoning many »n!iv> of ration. jntR antl eases of banknote |Kl)]fM'. Affcr ihe lire %v;is extinguished. T v.'ont on n lour of the .ship with Jours. There were nine 40 millimeter hit* above the .steering en- fline room, four throiii-h No. 5 hold, one just above the watei line, 10 holes in (he steering gear room, one hole in the after peak water rank, two hnlcs in (lie lamp room nt:cj one hole in the boatswain locker. Then- were 1 mirny other filners v.'hcrc the shells did not pierce. The fir i> in I he No, 5 holr! rrur5< : d IS percent rlamage to the 'In Taipei. Formosa, tlie Chinese Nationalist- Navy chief. Adm, KvVf-i Yi ink- Chi np, saying (lie FJyuitf Arrow wjis narnrd away I it tin mine,*, aiicircl: ''IT (he. Flying Arrov: had not belonged to a friendly power we would have let her ?iearn into mined ureas so as to prove how effective our mining is." (This may have been a threat Eo any British shipping that '••. might try to rim the: blockade to i Shnm;hrn. The Nationalists broke j off diplomatic relations with Bi i- f lain when London recognized the t CnmmunLste a.s the legal govern- | mem of China. • Demands F.xpl.ination j fin Washington, Hep, Vorys (R-Ohio) said he will demand "any light the State Department can shed on why .ships of the I:;bramilsen shipping line are so inter* on running the Chinese Nationalist blockade of China. It seems a liUle odd that a shiupinp ov/ner, just to prove a rather obscure point of some kind, seem-so intent on rfpkins; shins ant) c^ruops worth millions of dollars." an NW.- York Hans J. ts- hramlrspn, owner of (he steamship Sine, taid the Plying Arrow was beinc anchored 1D 1; _- milef offshore nn (tie high seas when she was fired upon. (The compntiy radioed en- rovrasement to the Plyine Arrow's captain. The message rend* "We arc happy no one hurt. We aji,uT'-hiie yon all doing your luty as you saw it. We incensed over '• '.be kind of bravery displayed in • iiuuidnsj an unarmed merchant S!KI» We are in hopes our ovm officials will wake up and come to realize what we are attempting to : fwht. for. We will have to lick orr i v. <iimd<! for <lny or iwo and uwail d(-Vfi]opni['n[s."> j t West Memphis Concern \ To Build Storage Tanks i \VF.ST MEMPHIS. Ark., Jan. 10- ] •flY-Arkumus Mills oE West Mem-! phis announced plan s today to [ ouild 24 sin rape tanks here this Y<';,r at an estimated coat of 540,- 1)00- j The tunks. which will be used [i~ir ,-inr,v;p Q{ -n\'ljc-:in.s and s/rain 'A ill have concrete ba.scs and metal f roofs. : Three Men Plead Guilty To Kidnapping Charge FORT SMITH, Ark., Jan. 10—</p) —Three young men today pleaded guilty in Federal Court here to kidnaping and robbing a Muskogee, Okla,, couple last Friday. They are Charles Johnson, 29 Wilbur Hland, 2G, and Phillip Gallant, 25. jiidRe John K, Miller delayed sentencing pending further investigation. A yori Smith girl, Virginia Tilbury, is, arrested with them asked for an attorney and her case was continued. Court officials Indicated .she may be arraigned this afternoon. The four were i-bnrged with kid- nnphig and robbing Mr. and Mrs. Ha rve Pirjkett, Mtiskogce, Okla., who pickc-* them up as hltchfkcrs! They were arrested in a downtown theater. Brentwood Grocer Shot By Two Holdup Men FAYETTEVTIXE. Ark., Jan. 10. M'y—H. J. Bulger was wounded last night when shot by one or two masked holdup men who robbed his .store at Brentwoort, about 15 miles south of here on FTk*hway fi. Sheriff Bruce Crlder said he believed the two holdup men were the. same pair who recently held U p a -steak house and later a night club near here. Crlder said the bandits entered Bulger's stfiie about 8:15 lost nlgnt p'id that he was shot with a 22 rifle ivhen he failed to throw out his billfold as ordered. Although wounded twice in the legs he was not seriously injured. The robbers fled after taking some change from the cash drawer. MOM'S A MITE SURPRISED—Mrs. Tlieresa MeKenna of New York, right, registers shock as she learns from nurse Marylin Dies Uiat her newborn son, Dennis, weighs only 27 ounces. The tiny babe's father, Francis, fainted on hearing the news. Livestock NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS, III., Jan. 10. <AP)—<USDA>—Hogs 16,500; barrows and gilts 180 Ibs up mastly 25 lower than average Monday; lighter weights steady to 2o lower; sows steady to weak; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 16.00-50; top 16.50 paid mostly for 210 Ibs down; 250-300 Ibs 14-EO-15.75; 140170 Ibs M.75-LG.23: 100-130 Ibs 12.7514.25; few 14.50; good and choice sows 400 ibs clown 12.75-13.50; heavier sows 11.00-12.50; stags 8.50-10.50. Cattle 5,000; calves 1,800; opening. trade moderately active and steady on few at 23.50-26.00; big packers not aggressive; heifers and mixed Y' REPORT ConthHied from Page One due to recent city Council action The treasurer's * report for the month of December showed a bal ance of $1,087.45. Actlrlllcs Listed The program report for December dealt primarily with basketball In tlie city league, Doys Church lea gue ami church league. /. total ol 21 .ses.sions v.-ere attended by 216 ' Other activities included the grade school football banquet attended bv 90, the Che., s club, Jayecc miu- strel show two ping , long tourna-' During 1949 a total attendance' figure was revealed yesterday as- 38,57(3, of winch 4.9GO were "ScL-it ors at softball games, etc The report show 19. teams <-*i tcfpatiner in 70 boys baseball »M soUball teams, with 1,444 total Players; four teams participating in 14 girls' softball games- ek'ht • teams participating hi 61 men's : softball league games. j The tennis court, socials and parties, along with 21,041 luted for game room attendance were added to 10 clubs, eight special events, the basketball leagues niul the football banquets to cotnnle'e the program report. yearlings opened steady; demand best for lighter weights; cows generally steady but carrying weak undertone; common and medium beef cows largely 15.50-17.00; eau- ner.s and cutters 13.00-15.50. YUGOSLAV DELEGATE--I)r «le? IStiul'T, ibovp, fi-p,i f lii';,ri fishier, has prc.^erneJ Ins rr.-- dentiais as Yn g o<ilavia's ri-le- gite in Ihe UiV ,s,. t! ai!y C'ou.i- ••II. H;.,sian n<>lu::,-ite .l ;l< - ( ,b is expft-ed l,, i-iii-llfi,:.,. Beblrr .,!„-,, lle „,,,„,„, ,, . )]c first .Sc,..,,-Ji.v Co i,H'i! HK'i-iini- of Lie m-w >,..„., r.,,,.-.,„!; ,,,,o v,.,, furtner ti.e KliM'ii.n-Vm.,, .lav <3ipionul;c v. ar in i|,e UK. tudeb alter your iP/ivers Ask fni cither wliilc or rnlorcil cliivcr. Mn* calls al >oiir ncrrice, 2100 CAB CO. G VI-:your ncw-iar nioneyachance U) hiiv y<ni Anicrica's top value in ;\ low-prici' auiumobilc ibis time. Su p out of ilic ^i od\-o ctf habit and inu> a Stiulcbiikcr xhowroom. Come in anil yoursi.i! to a close-up evi'inl of "lin r i-ii« siiinj r l\' nc\v and 1AMBLIN SALES COMPANY Railroad ond Ash Phone 888 SMfrgBBB&lMdbdJ^JAL^lU^W^ ilisiinciive Simk-bnkcr Champion. f - c ........ [,„ <n , t f or a ,) rive i n ,i, ls frilly ,<i t r> c i , . t . .. I'^H SuuicbakcT. Low, long, allur- injj.ii'.- en///|'/9;i)all the way through —t>m ahead in "next riilc" as \vcll as "next look" —fastest selling new in Studcl>ak(r history! Mead's Gigantic January Clearance Continues, Offering You Unprecedented Opportunity To Hart Schaffner And Marx Suits, Topcoats Were 75.00 Were 69.50 Were 65.00 Were 55.00 Were 50.00 -Now $54 - Now $52 -Now $48 - Now $48 -Now $34 HafS r Slefson & Knox Jackets By McGregor Were 15.00 - Now $11 Were 12.50 - Now $9 Were 10.00-Now 6.50 Were 7.50-Now 4.50 V/ere 27.50-Now 19.95 Were 23.50-Now 15.95 Were 13.50 - Now 9.95 Were 10.95 - Now 6.95 Closeout-- Nationally Advertised Shoes We Are Closing Out One Complete Line of Nationally- Famous Shoes AT TREMENDO US REDUCTIONS-See Them! 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