The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1950 (AT?K.) COUBIKR NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I THINK STIFFV .SWITCH £P 1OA SAFEIY RAZOR. TO KEEP PEACE IM THE BUNK. HOUSE. Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplcj <S!?EAT CAESAR/ I'M HOT WEARIW& ' MV GLASSES, AND I HOPe I'M. WROSG, • SOT It-llS LOOKS LIKE ; PRESCOTT 6COURG& OF ' t AlR- _. j HULLO, Mft30R.' YOU MUST ( HOVJ DO VOL) «l NOT RECCXpNMIE ME.VOU DO, AUDvlHftT) Alri'T DRftPl^G YOURSELF CAM X t>0 .Mcd CM AAS NECK.'-"- X'M. -i PRE6COTT PlKE.'-^~ MY MOTrtER ALVJASS CALLED . ME LCKJlS BECAUSE I . VJA& THE FOUR- K.VOK- KVDK/ v-6 YOU'RE THE FORTY- FOORTHTO/ _.. PPIU THCT SAG - ,-, 0 For Rent lliilur. 4-room house. Pfi. 4382 1,9 pk 1 4 loom house. Call Hollls Jumper, n. 706. 1:9 1* I 6 oorn nouse. bath, kitchen cabinets water heiuer. Fh. 3G65. 117 p* 11 'iirnlshcd 2-rorn hoiifie. Adults only Wo nets. Cull f>Tt2. 419 So. 20th Street. 115 l"t lill Store building located 118 N. 2nd St. Next door to Universal C. I. T. Corporation. 16 feel wide and 80 i'ect long. Will lease up to 10 years. Formerly used RS Real Estate Office. Tom Little Real Estate. Has heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either-with these items or without them. Best location in city for Insurance or Real Estate Office. •ill 801 III LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 I Love My By Evelyn Barkins o . i Ht*. 1IIVICE. IhtC 'R rehouse 30'x40* on railroad sirt- Mldwrsc. DftLry Prmiucis. Ph 4447. 11J16 efc If fill occasions. 45-Ck-W fOH. RRNT: Fro/en Food lock Blaylocfc's Hlgh^fty 61 Phone 31T2. Have large room 20 feet wide by 24 i'cet long. Can be made into 2 or 3 rooms. Located upstairs. Over Charley's Electric Shop. -Just across street from Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat & I lights can be furnished. Lease I as long as you desire. Call |861 for TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 Loans f 'ANT A FARM LOAN have one of the best/loans Lo be had. 20 years to pay. Idieap rate of interest. Will refinance your place lor help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. •W. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 22G2 two phones 3322 ll-25ck« TflK STORY ( Afirr Johw • "* 1 cloiird »nrf (onurl * ^litrr lo llvr vihlrk B!»O could hr nwc d m* m diirtcir'ji rvfflcr. wt hf ITM*I » Joint **»h for our Rent pailem. So far lite nenrcni n]ifiro:irfc ha* Lci-n • hoy wlio vranicd an lo cxRiti4i«r htk the hnj «lr<-ril<*il hr r<»uld yut loJIne i>n Ihr Mourn) tiniscll. * • * XJ1 OUR flrs real live patient, when ^ he turned up very, very early the next morning, didn't Look convincingly alive We wore still asleep when the crash came from the nearby corner. "Something must have happened," I told John as I awakened him. ''Maybe they'll need a doctor." He stretched his arms instead and sighed. "Not in view of past precedents." he said. "But maybe they will," 1 persisted. "All right/' he agreed finally swinging his legs out from under •the covers, "just to satisfy you let's take a look through th blinds." I was at the window before h could get there and afler a glance through a raised bottom slat, 1 called: "Darling, what * mob'i Just look!" "Something sure has happened, 'he agreed, looking too. Although we both knew that city crowd might mean auyUiin from a found dime or a prickec finger to a bank robbery, we wer still impressed. I breathed excitedly, all full o opportunity knocks but ono "Let's hurry and dress anyhov just in case they—" Bui already it was> too late: A I spoke the doorbell rang. I shrieked, pulling on my rob "stick your white oflice jacket ovt your pajamas. EIow else can yo look- professional? I'll let the in. H T IKE Florence Nightingale risin to the balUe trail, 1 we: bravely to the door, and with m Money to Loan jo you need R loan in repair or rc- nortH? No down payment on mori- :d?e. no red tnpe FHA APrflOVED RATES A% ASK FOR DETAII^ Max Logan, Realtor Blylhevllle. Ark alked Patrick Henry, Joan of re. and Dr. Kildare. There was a crowd wniting there s I opened the door, a loud, tre- endous. thrilling crowd, and up i front: The Body. Three men, coking imporlanUy like proud, ad pallbearers of d king, were arrying a thin, white-haired, old i an, who .uy across their arms •ith closed e-es and a white face; hile all four were escorted by 'fficer Kelly out of a passing olicc car I, whose closest association tn type of human destruction or no1 topping his work. "Could he concussion, fractured skull, 01 just plum shock." • » • 1UST Uien. the doorbell rnng '' a^.iin. and with due appreciation for ihia unusual popularity, I FHKCKLES AND HIS HUENDS «V MERRILL BLOSSER 1'u.ssiiig It Ou went 10 admit the new was Father Giovanni caller Irom offering, hod been 5 dissected orthworrr: in biology, was ler- ibly afraid to look. "Is he dead?" I whispered Eear- ully. turning as pate as the victim. "Ol course not," the policeman aid, as if I should have known ictter, "or etsc we'd a called for he mortuary bus." With quick shame, I attempted 0 remember that I was a function- MR unit r-f a (irsl-aid group, anc ried to look professional. "Clear Ihe way." Kelly now shouted, at though every body was behind and riot beiore. "And all of you, move on, move on," ho turned arounu and yelled, 'which shows, 1 supi'Ose. that he really tnew where the people were. As the crowd began reluctantly to disperse. Mr. Kelly turned back to me, and starting the procession moving forward again, asked: "Whcrcll I put him?" It was loo much like the time the furniture company had delivered the bedroom suite, and had also wanted to know whore to put it, but with my sense of responsibility, I solemnly led the way into John's oflice, where he had been impatiently waiting. "Lay him on the examining table," John took over eagerly, and 1 gladly relinquished my post, "What do you think it is, DocT" the first pallbearer asked, obviously pleased with the whole catastrophe. "Well, tic's out," Johi answered, parish up (he next block. "1 heard there was an acc-idcnl." he said as he entered, "and 1 came inimedialely." Throughout the time we lived on Longvicw Road. Father Giovanni became a frequent visitor in crises just like this. "Of course, Father," 1 said, lean"- ng the way, "it's a poor old man. ile's ri^ht in here." As wo came into the room, John wns Tdmimslering a stimulant to the unconscious victim, while Mr. K-:!ly, and his three unofficial deputy assistants, undertook im- to taring Father Giovanni up to date. "That's the biggest box of flowers Dad ever brought home—he must havo bought that hunting outfit ho's been talking about!" Gosu.wt-witsoj. i DlUM'r ME/-M--HF / MAKE SOAE ' FRKX MADi-J'r S AMD PPfePARE TO I DUCKED If-- ITURCIU.A'S POP Perils of I'nllu'i Imtxl HY AT, VKRAIEER "It doesn't matter who be is," the priest tinaHy decidet. "I will administer the ritss anyhow." And he ucgan his ritual although careful not to interfere with John's ministrations "He's coming round, I think," John said excitedly. Suddenly us 1 held my breath, the old mnn opened his eyes, and gradually recognition came into them Slowly, and in obvious bewilderment, he looked al each one of us, until his eyes ligh'cd finally on the murmuring priest. "OyJ" he shrieked, jumping with unbelievable speed and vitality off the table. "A priest, a priest!" and like ? flash of lightning ran out of the raorn and house- It all happened so ui.expectedly, and so quickly, that for a few seconds after he left, we all just stood and stared stupidly at the place where he had been. Then Officer Kelly roared like an enraged bull and rushed out of the house, with his three ^cli-appc itccl deputies immediately behind. Father Clio- van ni, after the first shock, straightened .p and smiled. "I nrmsl hove looked like the devil hiniscL to that poor old man," he sale philosophically. And verily, that day marked the end of the ljry.ii tin ing. (To Be Continued.) THEM WHAT N-O-T-H-I-N-G VIC FLINT HY flllCHAKL O'iMALLKY and RALPH LANK Taken Up Taken up one gray marc mute. 1 lack norse mule O. O. Long Ri. 2 'O* ^i 1221 'pk 1(27 1-fi |'k 2-1 I-:N MONEY TO LOAN ON RKAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT I'll. 221)2 or 3322 Notice LIVK STOCK ATTENTION Dead, iallen and crippled jiiiiiniils picked up trce ol §:ha)-|;e in sterilized trucks. tall collect, GH^, Hlythe ille, Ark. Iv R K A N R A S .D F, .\ D A N t M A1 DISPOSAL CO. 1121 pk liSl'Ml Help Wanted, Male SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR HflLT€RS (UflLITY SHOC SHOI .111 W. MflIN ST. Instructions "NRW ClnMc-5 In Shorthnnil. Hook- Keeping. Typing Mrs. L.. Ai Hnrnptl— 1U10 Hearn." 1^5 c k tr Personal Thrlty minute service ySTKEN'S STUDIO Ii8-c^-tf Ti\c Inslilute r>I Bcrnp Iron anil Sicol says rtnmand for scrap went down in 1819 for tlic first time since 1946. Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up lo 81 in. A u In ma tii 1 i-'loml Gates Concrete Scplfc Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sever Tile Prices Wp Deliver A.H.WEBB lilchv<av fil al Sl.itr Line IMinrie 7M W^*tf f r %^ "I was lucky enough to catch these two hoodlums called The rich '...Monte Corrosfa De Carlo, Oe Carlo whouuas in)J*, ...„ , paid me to danger be-K """ I" j protect her cause he saw\ '"-^ I husband..:- the killer of Nick the Book.' 1 Out kid Slick was worried. "Where does that leave us? Mo place-up tr> now/" CAl'TAIN 1CASY Danger Signal I(V LESLIE TURNER & SHARP BU11 TM60.V1GECS1GIJM. f COW R LOOKOUT Of, THE ROOF ME XT D00R- MJD IHE'DEACON'S 1 MOB ST&NDS PROZEW '. OPENING SOON Blytheville IIOVER MAKT Wedding' & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty Will be at Noble Hotel 7 Jn" ll 10 ititcrvirw men lor snips work with cars y.s to 60 i>ir' rrrrf1 h <;ja.«w fli^tiifien position f O ntstorct Stale Salr.s M^r 1 .!> cK I;H slatlj-s tor !'cg K y Kcurinn Cos•. on party plnn. \Vrile Mrs. R J >.l. WJ si ymncta si. Kcnnrtt. Mo panicujnrs. 1^ ^ i 1^ | Wanlr<l larni inrclianlc, new* shop, [•qulpjiirnt. Ho\iso fvirnlstictl. on J'liool hns rnulc. nood woTkltig con- lutli O.scrola. U. s ' lURluvnr 61 Oh. ntlor! Farms, Osccola_ Ark. Ph 3^\vl Fcmo/e He/p Wontcrf -MAKK NION'KT KPAriK TIME! | ILA c^sv 1 Khow new cvnryilRy Cards FeliltlK l.^-Ci^^(l hox [or alt (K:C«- |ons. Motallirs. Jvmibo. others. AIAO inttrt Notwi, StatVinrTy. N'npkln* Inval FRIKM)SHIP, 10! Atlams. Kl- l vt ». ". f. 1.10 pk | n Read Courier News Want Ads Here s Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet IJ-Ton Cab & Chassis Vou can huy it for ?805 on Wednesday, Wednesday's Price ?705 on Thursday, etc., if the truck is f still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, N 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, per- J feet motor, ami excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a -19-50 Arkansas license. • OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS • If IS Studebakcr Land Cruiser |!)|!> SI iidchaker '/ 2 -Tor< I'ickup. 1!)1S Slwlcbakcr Champion 1917 I-'ord '/2-Ton I'ickup 1911 Chevrolet 2-donr io|6 Doilgc '/j-Toti I'ickup CHAMBL1N SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbakcr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 .IF IT IS THE COPS, WE'LL USE THESE KID; ft j SHIELDS ) ITb JIKT (\ iWD rJL(»5T OUC WAV OUT J5UCJS li'JNNY Yes, You Dope WIUL IT AWKE ME BEAUTIFUL, GLAMOROUS -I ...IRRESISTIBLE ? AI.I.EY OOP liilriiiliiction.s liY V. T. IIAiMI.IN MOTHER OF A THING ARE ">Cxl ^ rn•N^3J^ IM A M"XN. LIKE ~ HOOTS AM) IllvU Jil'DDlKS i of It All HY IvDGAU .MARTIN

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