The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 10
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f PAGE TEN .F, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION l);ilty rate pi i r line for consecutive 1 ilmo per Hue .............. l^c 2 times per Hue pfr *Jny ...... J ?fr J times per Uric pei ilay ...... 9 r 6 times per line per d:iy ...... fc 12 1 1 ints per line per <lr>y ...... $c MoutU per linn . ..... We Conn I Hve average words 10 the an*- Atl orrtercd for three or six times iuul stopped before exptrntlon will be rJiati;- c<l (or the numhf-r of Unios itic at! npprarn sncj BdjuMnmnt nl bill niartp AIJ classified AdvmLstrijf copy sub- nmu-tl by portions raiding outside "I tlio C*»F must be accompanied Uv iMHii Hales may easily be rowputt'Ll from tiic 1 A hove table, Acl\ 'triisin^ ortlpj for rt'^iilsir IHSCT- llons takes the on? ilinw table No n>f,]iomU>Ulty will bo in ken foi iti ore than one Incorrect lnsu>rM*w "f any clnssiflcci Rri All fld.s art; rev-mcif-d to thru prupoi rlflK.sinraUon style srid type T a c CouritT Newjs reserves tin,- rlyht to edit or rejccl RUJ- set Apartment for Rent •2 room futn, HP; it Children ] 10 pk 12 , 3 room inrnislif'd apartment. Private baih, piiviUP .MiiriUK r. ch'CCilc ranne and refrigerator, oil f"* 1 :*: Adults oiiiv. I'h, 2UOU. UtO P^' 17 Unltrnlshrd TYPEWRITERS Itoyai. smith Ctnoiut imd Remington "DON EDWARDS The TypwrllPf Man 11U N Second Bt I'hone 3382 »ii« ti So r wees INain .'^ fniirj' tJrc'W niatciiic Tiillor- ii hlilrt* A rUU'rallons Ph (>IKJ» 102 . iHke. 1:4 i*k 1)1: AUTO ANJ> KURNITUItK LOANS J'rompt IVrsonnJ Service Gc-ncrai (..'omuic-l i'urrlinse Corp Jil?thtivillc Mi repaired AM tid f Vilrra I n pun time basis write om-ei W Ke«»n SruKb UivHkin Hi Hly- 12,16 pk 1|1G TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1950 BOB MALONE Ciilt :*.'tt: J , i:!y(hevi!lc or 407 Oscoola = JIMi ck t>-6; INCOME TAX •KM K Ufivl5. 1 ill n'" 1'1'i " " — i - - i - - ------ ( : , r l. ' [ riCTuratoly for a nominal Tee.; 2-rooin ftirm^l MK-,s paid, I'll. 'lo?,i- in mil- . I <> pk L 3-room Tut f*pt. 407 LiJJy SI Inquire 517 iwifce. 1 " pVi 1,1'J Api. Wjrlie Snillb Ph 23:14. One room furn, Ph. WJ. G 0(1 per week. 1 7 pk ML nis made promptly ami toly Tor n nominal «' l>l)ut - - V1)UI ' IjOoU Ijiajiug for tllC CIlUvO .VRiir. I Diiy plioiie 31-12 After 6 p.m. 29-10 j Klil> II. Carson nt Joe Atkins Machine Shop, Highway 01 ' Sou Hi. 12-28 ck If! Li-room unliir. ftpl. '.01 Jamison -Sre owner Rt Carter's Cafe nn 61 ];-! pk l r ll 1 -room fimil.sMr-cl upaitnit'iu Propant: g>ns IIPAI, Also 2-room apt E'h. 4152 or aayi 1.3 ck *t Modem cabins i: service Ph 951 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Don't cnriRnper your f amity wi faulty t!res~UUY LKK T1HKS CHAI'MAN KF.RVJCE STATION Alsiu & DtvlKLon Phone 2 Kniln k Fi n !si n rn; O'STfiKN'S STU1JIO liou rs service 9,^2 I'k K For Sa/e, Misc. Used Tractors Avery Trscior 2 AUts <Jti;'.tiiicr« Model WC. witli K«jiii[ii Pnl Model ^Q ,V Kfjinpuirnt MLi5i.s.'r.H!itrls Model 'J^ A: Kquijiiiurut. sllglitly M»sKov-II[irrl5 Model 4^K A: Clii'JriHtir .ml misters 61 Implement Co. No. Uiwuy Gl Phone 214i! Ask the Man Who Bought One AND YOUR OLD ENGINE SIXfS (IICSD • Runs Like New Engine • Has been completely torn down and rebuilt to our exacting specifications • Worn parts replaced with New Genuine Ford Parts • Immediate Delivery Dependable Ford Service 5fh at Walnut Phone 4453 Mid-winter USED CAR BARGAINS 1!)I7 CfiiMTolcl Coupe, radio & lic.iler. . .$!)!I5. 1 !l-l(i 1'ord 2-(loor, maroon color, ratlin & hc-alcr. . special. . .$S(I5. 19-11 'l-'ord 2-di»>r Sctlun. . .now only SIi'15. l!)-ll I'lyinonlli Couj'C) radio & lu-alcr. . ,?.'}95. 11)35 l-'onl 2-d»i>r Scdnn, radio & heater. ..$225. Two .Moik'l "A" Kortl 2-doors. . .path ?100. HI-I7 Ford I'ic-kup. - -S715. 11)11 l-'oid rickiip. . .$251). mar DI LI,., one yrnltli niello, oiif five room cnlcrtian ol! clrculittor. one IJIILC i-OCinr, kstvlng lonn. Pli 4SR;i. I 9 pk 1 12 Ki'lvinainr Hoipniiu rlrrtrtc electric leln^eintor I'll ^1652 or 2G09. ELMER HOWELL Stcelc, iMissouri HERE'S WHAT ELMER HOWELL SAYS: "On Novcmhi'r ^(> 1 honitlit a used 111 17 linick Sedan frum I.<inj»ston-Sli'\Vjili'r.s. I have sjnt- len cxt-ellenl service frum tliu car; besides thai they j;ave me a gimd dtnl lo s(:irl wilh." Buy Your Used Car From a }\ ! I »v I » •ssD.ftnfSn,*i Slftslm'i iHSriinr y i/p^ff'i i EEiS^r'iix>4V:^ K^V-i^iVii • onlhs olcl SIM), rh. I 10 ck fj SAVIC NOW ON USED TRACTORS And Equipment Priced $225 to $1425 lti 2-ro-v d 14 Iti AI.LIS-CliALMERS "C" wi 'JUivinor. 2-row planter, a junnm plow. f-ARMALl, ' •»" witli planter FARM All, "B- u-Uh plan IP r, tMil :ivator, and mower. AYHRV with middle butter, cuJtl vru(jr, and planter. AI-L1H.CHAUMKHS "SVC" with «it f>T^{i.jr-j find ciiliLvjuor. "AhlJS-CHAS.MKH.'j "WD" ud- 1 c '- Ol.U'ER "TO" wHh 4-iow | | ^-row r.ulllvator, anil :t-hoiujrn KAKMA1.L. 'H- with culuvato: l-'AiiMAI.L -t-211" |if:ttnt-j ^;Kl cultlvn JOHN DKKHK "H" with cultivate I.Rwsofl style Kilrpoii coiicll In (>*- i-ellenl roLKliijtiit. P1 L . 3169. L 11} pk IV ALL STEEL TRACTOR Only narrow Diillt w I t ti tKirriMKs ouan o:u Front cultivators lor for<i I'rartors Ph Uixorri M^c-hlne '«s «11 11 nk 2i3 crnrriil sloft' "'"i Kootl bviiuilnf; In Rood llnva nc:ir Ciipi 1 tlirartieall. Mo tiarebS ALon/o IHUUunn, Attv-Ante, Mo ^ room uoim terms. Also 2 Jots. HrawLtl I'h 2-iS7 l|2 pk 16 Want to luiy a farm? \Ve have it. Farm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a I arm loan. CATKS \VOKTH1NGTON CO. JtKAl.TORS 115 So. 3rd St. Klythcvillc, Ark. Gti(ut;e W \\'l^gs or W C Ciur-* Ph 2751 Real Estate F-arms — Cily Propei'lj' LOANS It interested tn Buying or selling see So/e, Real Estate \ Noble Gill Agency 1 REALTORS Cecil Earls — Hlcncoe Bldg. i>20 cl; U Wonted t'ji 1111.^ •T^O wnh ., ( oiinli'v BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, liimlwood floovs. iile kitchen ^^1"^™^'° £K. and hath, large lot. Price $7,550. Will 1«'HA or CI lOO'/'i-^e corner lot on llwy. fil North. 100 foot frontage, ^00 I'eet deep. Ideal location for nice -suburban home m''^^"^,^"^^ Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 32-1 W Ash Si Gl-KNCOE EIOTKL IJUILUINO 4'8-ck-tr Lost 1,0=11 a black Shetland Pony. Son 'tine in tall. Ans to name of Boo^i h T. O. Huey 257(1. I 7 j>k I; I'rtrfcer 61 lomuriln pen in I'ost [ linen ijniLicclrty iii^lit. Reward Leave :it Ccnincr. i;9 pk 1|1^ Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS For Today If) I!) Chevrolet, Demons!ralor deluxe Slyleline -l.H,mr Sedan, heanfiful |)| llc k, driven ohly 8,000 miles.. white sulewall (ires, radio, U. S. heater and defroster and many ofher extras, finy (his one at a big saving. 11112 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, a real family car. .'.5.193. l!)ll I'ontiac Sedan.. .this is a honey.. ,$579. !!):«) Chevrolet Town Sedan, runs like new...5195. in;j7 Plymouth 2-door, a real good car. . .?;)25. li).'(7 Chevrolet 2- ( !oor, extra nice for the model. . .5:125. 1!W7 Ford 2-door, runs good, only JM5. l!).'i(i Ford 2-door, a good cheap car. . .$M5. '1'rncks, larpfc and small. . .Chevrolels, CJMC, Fords, Dorffjcs, International and Jeeps.. Long, short, Vi -Toil', '/>-Ton and paael.s, some with bodies, some 2-speed! EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Aiake a CJood Deal al SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Private Rooms Nice, coinlor table h pel room, privtur ihttK f Ji. 2700. 1000 \V. Ash. 1,9 pfc IG ' Nicely mrnlshed (rent bedroo Sleatu neal. Ucntlymcii t'h 326V. i;s pk 2. Housekeeping roo[n Hotel Ph 12:27 pk 1127 Comioi table nearoom CalJ 2675 F. B. JoVllCr Mce coriuorinble ot-rtroom atl]oinlng Ph. 'figes Ml " 9U1 w Asn Pnono BW Nice fed room. Men onlv I'tlvaic SMXT,ranee 6U Waliiut. Ph 2i!l6 12 28 pk 1 2ft BeOrooin adjoining baih Ph Don Ktrk 8 a. Ucarooin aajoniing oath I'h 12,21 pi Salesman V/onteJ chips, iniiyonnnise, Van pot- Wanted to Buy Club Drive Addition, i' JOHN Of.EUK '•» iiui u-ruw cnl[lv:m»r, hXJHU with jjlmv. 2-12 plu- \ KAHY PAVMKXT TKU.MS I Delta Implements Inc. ove tjiiota Aye 2^ to .10. Must ho In (jt( physical condition and b« wlll- ' 10 lake exaiunlnnlloti I'rice ?y,000. JOHNNY MARR !?^'L e s^~'^.-!•":? REAL ESTATE <heAi prices piiirt lor UI11UKKNS— j bCJOtl Asn titteut Uroccry A: MiirkpL. lound I'll'' W Asn 6.7 c>: tl on U. Salary S50AO per ^ Of S o / e ^ ^OfS Ond Trucks 1947 KA -l-c!iH>r ^crlan in tup ntt'thinii- c;tj i*niul(linn, has radio, hf- i l- IM. ;iiu! iit'W so;il (n\fi>. i).-i* pinal (IVVIUT'S nann- I in niylu'd ® S@C1 ^ #^t X?A 1!1!7 iH'Siilo l-(li)iir Sedan. e\o.-IU'ii| cnuililion. a real liaii;ajti al .$10 I."). li'lli Hnii'k Super l-diior Si-ilan. all vquipniviil yon «nnl(t lil.e. ;i (ini'-iiwinT i-iir. . .si l!i.">. litl! !\U - i'eiir\ ^-diioi Sedan. S:;7.">. I'.Hl Clu'viulrl 2-(!iioi Sedan >'.',\t'i. " . . ... HI. 1 !!) Clievrolel -l-dimi-. lias iu w engine nnd new Hies . . .a real i;ui»t viir . .$l',I.V LANGSTON-McWATERS COMPANY \\almil al iimadway In'ai 5,->a lot Service 1!U7 hiiick SoiV.tneUe, lilue color, low mileage, good tires, radio X heater. . ?103.i. 1!M9 I'lyiuonlh l-door special deluxe, only :UU)fl miles and factory Kiinriintcc. . .it's priced to sell! 1!K<7 I'lytnontb 2-dour Sedan, new tires, healer, seat covers, original paint. $250. 1!1:|5 Chevrolet l-d»oi Sedan in good condition, blue color... ?100. T.I.SEAY MOTOR Co. Your Chrysler Dealer 121 East Main phone 2122 130nU at our pxpcnsf* i\pplv \V j C V, nitaker c k o Nobln Uoi^L nltor t* p in. I 0 ck 1 6 1 A'.lf-nttoti: SnU'sman-cotlcrtor nertl- •"!i to run esinhlLsheil ruuits in local trr.'itory. Only marrlpd men ncfd apply Car necessary. Earnings uppriTl- m.-.^ly S6.0UO yearly MorrtA Bo/of.VKIH " !'.«.on, Memphis, Tcnn. 17 p'A 1-11 NOW AH four (4) wheels pull en the wuiys smion Wascin. Pickup ntul ni^wca Jtep 'The worlds mosi usclul VtlllClfta' HJyin.-ivllLe Willy Sale? Co Ph 5M Sale, Cars and Trucks I have been authorized to siuvifiec clean, 1047 Knr/cr for any reasonable Itul. *) N. 2nd St. 1-f) ck Wanted to Rent 2 or i unfurnished rooms Close in tifrttlea couple Will oe pcrmstnc-nt Pn y "- i/ px ijii TOU-6BO acre tnrm Ph 1230 pk _ 'Hie German Navy lo.n 178 of its j I U-hoat.s to enemy acfioii during World War I. TEST-DRIVE THESE CARS AND PROVE THEY'RE GOOL l!i;'li Ford V-S l-dnor Sedan, new painl, radio nnd healer, milch heller than average. . .drive il . . S22S. l i'ontiat 1 i-dotir Sedan, runs fine, Ims "i 1 "' blue paint joh. '. .drive it.. S515. !! I'lymnulh C'<ni|ie. priu'.ltcally new ninlor. snort HITS, new liyhl s-reen painl. radio and healer. . .drive il.. .S:J9S. 1!U(> \nsli Amhassaddr l-door Sedan, h.'is overdrive, radio and healer. . .drive il...S7B5. I'.Hit l-'nrd V-.S i-donr Sedan, l>l;\ek e»l»r, new tnnlnr, Rood healci'. . .drive il...$inn. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 I'hone 578 Before You Buy See HE MOTOR SALES 1(1-17 Mercury Convertible, a very niec car, has new while sidewall (ires, radio & heater. . .$10 ( J5. 1(1 IS Olcismobilc 2-door wilh radio, heater, and while sidewall lires . .$12<)5. 1!M7 Olclsinobile ^l-door, a very clean tar with holh radio & healer. . .special price.. .?!)!)5. livid Ford 2-iloor wih new motor.. .only S : Wi>. 10-13 Ford '/j-Ton I'ieknp low price. 10-1S GJ1C Vi-Ton Pickup, far alinve average. lit Hi Oldsmohilc l-door with radio & healer. .. ?Si)5. 10 IS CMC 2-Ton Ioii(jr wheelliase Truck, less than 15,(1(10 miles. . .special price. Ifll!) Dodpe 2-Ton IOIIK whcclhasc Truck wilh new motor . .(lie price is fight. 1!).'!!) Hitick l-door. .worth more lhan 5145. Model "A" Ford...a fine huy at ?5Q. Easy GMAC Terms Trade for a New CMC Pickup Now LEE MOTOR SALES Ofdsmofaile r- CMC Trucks 306 East Main I'hone Rial (Continued on Nexr Page) I STILL 8, YOUNG STILL & YOUNG STILL & YOUNG for GOOD USED CARS 1911 Chevrolet S-i'asseiiger Cnunc. radio and healer. 1311 I'lymotilh 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. 131!) Mercury l-door. radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. 1317 Lincoln l-door Sedan, overdrive, radio & healer. 19-10 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a bin-Rain. 1313 .Mercury Sedan Coupe, overdrive, radio X healer. lOlfi Mercury l-donr Sedan, radio & healer. 1317 Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & healer. 1317 Chrysler I-door Sedan, radio & healer. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Firsf at Walnut Phone 4333

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