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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 1
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 1

The Leader-Posti
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Winnipeg WJieat -WEDNESDAY Cash Close i No. 1 Northern, 130. Futures: Nov. 112 Dec. 110 May 109 July 105 TEE I KEGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1937 rnbllahed at 3:10 p.m.

VOL. XXIX. NO. 273 TWENTY PAGES PROBS: UNCHANGED 5c COP -j LABORITE NAMED TRUSTEE AS VOTE COUNT CORRECTED 100 KILLED IN AIR RAID ON CANTON Japanese Also Try to Destroy JAN. 7 DATE LIKELY FOR LEGISLATURE Forecast Indicates Early Session in Saskatchewan Child Replaces McGillivray in Official List of Trustees Elected in Regina Russian Planes Opening of the next session of the Saskatchewan legislature early the new year probably on Slip-up of 998 votes in civic election totals denied E.

L. Child, Labor candidate for the Regina collegiate board, the congratulations of election night Mr. Child, a telegrapher at the Saskatchewan wheat, pool offices, will get them now for the discovery. of the. mistake Wednesday gives him a two-year term on.

the. Thursday, Jan. 6, or Thursday, Jan. 13, one week later, was forecast In unofficial information obtained Wednesday. the mistake, now heads the list of defeated candidates.

Revised votes for the two candidates ar: Child 6,328 McGillivray 5,355 Complete Sweep With Mr. Child's election. Labor made a complete sweep of the collegiate board vote. Two other Labor candidates, Miss C. E.

Sheldon-Williams and E. R. Franklin, won first and second place respectively- The error was simple. In 1 carrying over 1,000 from subtotals, it was counted twice. Discovery of the error caused a flutter among the returning officer's staff and all figures of the vote in the collegiate contest were again checked to Insure accuracy.

George Beach, returning officer, communicated with Mr. McGillivray after the final check was made to inform him of the error. Arrangements were also made for Mr. McGillivray to visit the returning officer during the day and examine the records for himself. The error has no legal effect upon the election.

Mr. Beach has Issued a new declaration showing election of Mr. Child instead of Mr. McGillivray. The first official declaration Premier Patterson was out of the city and could not be reached to give any official Information concerning the government's plans.

(By Associated Press) SHANGHAI, Nov. 24. Japanese planes bombarded Canton, China's southern metropolis, for more than an hour today, and reports reached Hongkong 100 civilians were killed. Planes dropped projectiles, apparently aiming at railways and stations. They also struck at suburban Honam, across the Pearl river, where a number of Cantonese civilian and military leaders make their homes.

Two Japanese bombing planes protected by pursuit craft dropped a score of projectiles along the main thoroughfares of Nanking, killing 40 civilians. After Russian Planes The error gave Hugh' McGillivray, farmer of the Regina district and a city resident who was a Homeowners' candidate, office for a day. Mr. McGillivray by the finding of i uovernmeni rsvor While it Is understood the gov I v. i 7 i A urn mmmmammmmmm ernment definitely favors Jan.

6, there is some doubt aa to whether this1 date would be favorable to 1TL.ER STATES members and It may be necessary to set the opening back a week. Indication is that the session HAT HE WANTS should not be unduly long, although there are one or two controversial matters to come before the house which could prolong it The Election act which is due for revision and the redistribution bill which will necessitate the re-draft E. L. CHILD ing of practically every constituency in the province, will alsobe a matter which will probably occupy Smoke Token of; Victory Smoke clouds swirl into the sky from the burning ruins of Chapel, sinister token of Japanese success in routing the defenders of Shanghai from the native quarter and bringing the metropolis within their grasp. But the inspired rear-guard fighting of the Chinese suicide battalions so held up the advance the Chinese army was able to escape the trap and retreat to the.

"Hindenburg" line. $700 Loss I the house for considerable time. Company Laws At presont, representatives of In Fire on the provinces are in Ottawa dl-cueaing uniform company laws for the entire Dominion. Alex Black- But British Opinion Split To Point Where Rancor Shown BY GRANT DEXTER (Leader-Post London Bureau) LONDON, 24. The unofficial conversations between Adolph Hitler, chancellor of Germany, and Viacount Halifax, lord president of the council, has brought the British government to the crossroads of Its foreign policy.

The visit of Premier Chautemps of France to London next weekend is a plain indication of the importance attaching the decisions which must be made, and upon which European political developments of the immediate future unquestionably turn. The situation has been sufficiently disclosed to make It plain that Hitler's proposals are acutely controversial not only among the British public but in parliament and in the Chamberlain government itself. Likewise, the future relations between the British and French governments are involved. Northsidc wood, deputy attorney-general, i Saskatchewan's representative at Fire caused $700 damage to While pursuit planes engaged Chinese craft in a dogfight, the bombers passed through antiaircraft fire to attack the Chinese emergency airfield between Nanking and Wunu, a short distance up the Yangtze. The bombardment came as foreign sources confirmed reports long-awaited manufactured planes arrived at the capital to bolster the Chinese air force.

The Japanese raid was believed to have been an attempt to smash the new craft quickly. The 62 foreigners remaining in Nanking asked the Japanese to make their quarter a neutral zone to prevent possible destruction by bombs or shells. Japanese authorities said they favored the proposal in principle, but added there were military considerations which the army had to take into account. Reports Conflict The two warring factions la-sued conflicting communiques on the fighting along the Wuslh-Kiangyin line, some 100 miles east of Nanking. Japanese claimed steady progress, but Chinese said they were repulsing attacks, south of Lake Tal and preventing attempts to land behind Chinese northside house at noon Wednesday while a family sat and chatted at a mid-day meal.

McCann Turns King's Evidence In $7,000 Theft BULLETIN TOKARYK COMMITED FOR TRIAL. MOOSE JAW, Nov. 24. Testimony of Lawrence "Scotty i McCann, who told of breaking open a tin cash box and receiving about $2,000 of Its contents featured the preliminary trial of William Tokaryk, lyear-old Moose Jaw youth charged with stealing $7,000 from Richard' Harwood of the Harwood hotel. the conference.

It is probable thatV out of this conference, will come a recommendation for the enactment of a bill In each of the provincial legislatures. This bill will likely be before the Saskatchewan house this session. i At the present time, government ofictals are working on a crop insurance bill which may be brought In this session. Whether it has been brought to the ppint where it can be dealt with finally or not ha A girl passing the house on her way from school ran in to warn Mrs. W.

1104 Cameron street, that the house was burning. of the result of the election showed Mr. McGillivray's total to be 6.472 compared with 6,326 votes for Mr. Child. The final check showed the column of poll figures to total 5,474 or 998 out.

Final check also revealed small errors in poll totals reached from the sub-poll figures. Result Is that Mr. Child has been elected with a majority of 971 over Mr. McGillivray, his total vote being 6,326 to Mr. McGillivray's Makes History This is the first time In the history of a civic election In Regina that such an error has occurred.

It Is also the first time that a second declaration has had to be Issued in connection with elections to a school board. Provisions of the City act, re- specting elections, protect the returning officer in ease of any error. They provide no election shall be declared Invalid by reason, among other things, of "any mistake" in the official forms or other irregularity unless it can be shown the elee-tion was not in accordance with the act. Mr. Beach, in a brief state- ment Wednesday, said the error was a very human one and an examination of the various sheets upon which the huge vote was tabulated would Indicate possibility of an error occuring.

Aldermanic Vote A northslde voter called attention to another angle of the official returns. Since every accepted aldermanic ballot was to be marked for 10 candidates, this voter held that the total for each poll should end in votes would be In multiples of 10. This man sdded up the 20 polls as officially announced and said 19 of them ended In figures other than British proposals to Hitler, lames were coming through the while general in character are un roof and front upstairs windows, derstood to be as follows: The fire started in a corner of No Relief Reorganization of the League not yet been divulged by the gov-' ernment. the attio. It spread rapidly between of Nations with Germany as member.

the bedroom walls and. roof. The bouse had been insulated a year Another matter which may pro the box in the closet when she ago with sawdust. long the session is the tax act which will be opened up To Help Seperate peace treaties from the washed the floor, usually on Satur Firemen put on air masks before covenant of the league to transfer for slight revisions. days.

She noticed one Saturday mandates of former German col they could get into the upstair. One room 'was gutted and holes early in October that the box was onies from Britain to Germany, gone, she were burned In the roof In several Industry Minor Change As far as has been divulged, only -necessity for bringing the act before the' house ts to make some Germany to be invited to aban George Meldrum, 22, is also Charged with theft of the $7,000. McCann faces a charge of receiving $2,000 of the money, and was given the protection of the court as he turned "king's evidence" and testified against I. Jumped On Box McCann told of Tokaryk asking him to "come along with mc, I've Mrs. Cal.

Temple, wife of the places. The whole house was dam don autarchy and to join the Brit proprietor of Temple Gardens ball aged by water. ish Empire and the United States Very little furniture was lost room, told of seeing two men, one of whim she identified as Tokaryk, In the low tariff movement The door of the bedroom had Credits to assist the solving of been closed and no smoke was digging In a lumber pile behind the hall. Jerome Lambertus told of -Manner in which the distribution of relief can be used as subsidization of an Industry to enable one man to enter into unfair competition with another was revealed in a case came before government officials for review re immediate economic problems to be caping to the ground floor when assured. Marguerite Boivln, 2900 Fifth minor change In details, but the fact that such amendments are sought, opens the act wide for attack.

In view of the varied reaction of the members and the public generally is to be expected that this act will cause a great deal of debate and may occupy the time of the house for a lengthy period. receiving $53 from Tokaryk, to pay a One expected as a result of police raiding a party, and which was avenue, warned Mrs. Jordan of the fire. cently. expected to produce a Liquor act When Mrs.

Jordan attempted to go upstairs she found the flames The armament race to be halted and disarmament to be proceeded with immediately Hitler, it la learned, has refused to abandon economic self-sufficiency or to abate in the slightest degree Germany's war-prepared charge. W. M. Rose, K.C., is prosecuting, and Emmett F. Collins is acting for Tokaryk.

bursting from the bedroom. Two blacksmiths were concerned. One was on relief, the other was operating independently. The one on relief opened up his shop and accepted work at cut- A box of Christmas trimmings was destroyed along with the youngest' boy's sleigh and a new milt of clothing belonging to Mr. Cannon Like rate prices to eke out his relief allowances.

But his prices were so low, that the other blacksmith was Early Home Builder Dies Jordan. got something to show you," on the right of Oct. 12. He said they went to Crescent park, and McCann broke open a tin box by Jumping cn It. i The box was filled with money, tills and silver, McCann continued, and each of the two grabbed hands-ful of the money and stuffed it in their pockets.

McCann said he hid his share, and when he counted it next day. there was about $2,000. That night, he testified, he and Tokaryk threw the smashed box Into the river near the C.P.R. dam, and after his arrest in Seattle some weeks later, McCann testified he led Moose Jaw city police to the pot the box was thrown. McCann said they picked the box tip from a hiding place behind Temple Gardens.

Came From Hotel ness policy. He is prepared to return to the league on the basis of British recognition of the conquest of Abyssinia and Britain's recognition of the Franco government In The house la owned by Nay and losing his trade and complained. James, Ltd. Apple Core Government officials saw the Injustice of the situation and de War guilt clauses are to be livered an ultimatum to the relief blacksmith. Either he must close struck out of peace treaties and WASHINGTON, Nov.

24. A "cannon" which shoots itself into the ocean floor is throwing new Want Booklet on Co-operatives in Ontario Schools Pioneer resident of the Tregarva district William A. Seed, who built some of the first houses in Regina, died Saturday in Vancouver, where he has resided since 1924. He homesteaded 20 miles north of Regina, A carpenter by trade, Mr. his shop and accept relief, or be must keep his shop open and go without relief.

lines. They asserted 10 Japanese launches attempting to cross the lake were sunk with the loss of 200 men. South of Shanghai, foreigners and Chinese at Hanchow asked the British, United States and French consuls to intercede with both Chinese and Japanese keep warfare away from the city. Fifteen Britons; nine French and live Americans remained at Hanchow. Face-Savbig Actioa There was a growing belief Chinese might fight only as face-saving, instituting rearguard actions without making a stand at Nanking.

Chinese government officials were understood to favor such a plan because it would save from destruction new government buildings, palatial residences and modern highways worth hundreda of millions of dollars, The international committee of foi gn residents at Nanking had a precedent for their neutral zone request When Shanghai warfare shifted to western areas after the fall of Chapel, the French Slccawei mission properties and surrounding area were neutralized. Japanese control of Shanghai, which tightened Tuesday when Japanese took over the customs administration, became still more effective today. Five of China's largest morning newspapers with a combined circulation of 400,000, suspended under pressure of Japanese authorities who insisted international settlement officials suppress all anti-Japanese activities. these treaties separated from the covenant The covenant Is to be amended by the elimination of all commitments respecting the protection of minorities. Sanction ar light on the earth's past, Dr.

Charles S. Piggot of the Carnegie The shop was closed. Government officials explained Liquor Stores Close Twiee Although employee of liquor stores in Regina had a holiday Monday becauxe of the election, stores closed again Wednesday afternoon in accordance with the city Wednesday half- TORONTO, Nov. to ticles are to be removed. Institution said.

It thus: Set, built soma of the first hoffseS In Regina more than 50 years ago. Some of thene buildings still stand. As- between Germany and Brit The cannon, a highly specialized There was not a living for both ain, Hitler Insisted that the British McCann told the court Tokaryk had told him the money came from the Harwood hotel. The day after. piece of artillery, Is lowered from He retired from the farm in 1924 government must agree to help compel Czechoslovakia to adopt and moved to Vancouver.

a ship on a long cable. When the in direct competition with each other. In the competitive field, one had gone to the wall. Then under government subsidization McCann said, he met Tokaryk, who aked him to give back some of the Surviving are his widow, two the federal system of government promote the co-operative movement. United Farmers of Ontario forwarded to the provincial department of education a resolution approved at the annual convention asking permission to place a booklet on co-operative effort In rural school libraries.

W. G. Nicholson of North Bruce wa re-elected pi evident, for his third consecutive term. (relief) he had opened up again at on tho Swiss model whereby the German minority will receive vir daughters, Mrt. A.

Clark, Vsn-guard, and Mrs. A. Clifford, Craven, and one son, Harold, Tregarva. He muzzle strikes bottom, a trigger sets off a charge of powder, driving the gun into the ocean floor. The barrel bites out a vertical core, or sample, of the sedlmnet much as an apple corer operates.

low prices and was- putting the other man out of business, so holiday bylaw. It was explained that Monday was not regarded as a holiday, but as simply a day on which stores closed because of election laws. that the man who succeeded un der a competitive system was be tual self government The British government must also agree not to interfere in the affairs of Austria, regardless of what might happen there. The German, Italian, Japanese antl-Commlntcrn pact to to la also survived by one sister, Mrs. M.

Colton, Abernethy, and three brothers, J. Seed, 2B24 Twelfth avenue; M. Seed, Victoria, B.C, and C. Seed, Tregarva, ing crowded out by unfair During millions of years, a continuous record of the changes the planet has undergone has been kept In the eedlment 81 ABOVE money. Ho gave back $600, McCann said, and the day following, he gave back another $100.

On Oct. 15, he left in a car with Harry "Dick" Heggie, who Is also charged with receiving some of the stolen money, and they went to Swift Current, to Cardston, Into Montana, where in Kallspel they were arrested for drunk driving, then on to Seattle, McCann testified. They remained in Seattle three weeVs, McCann said, before being arrested by Seattle police on Instructions from police in Moose Jaw. At that time, he had only 27 cents. McCann said, but Heggie had $142.

Cloudy skies again covered south Hockey Stars for Cheer Fund Play ern Saskatchewan but the temperatures at noon Wednesday in Regina was 31 degrees above zero. Ice be gan to melt and water arn into the continue. If the British government will recognize Germany's right to return her former colonies, the actual transfer is not necessary for six years. The two propositions agree only in minor respect To the main in-sue now before the British government it is apparent that the Liberal and Labor parties and the entire left wing press are vehemently opposed. The Manchester Guardian's lead ANSWER TO CYPRUS LONDON.

Nov. 24. Official circles said Great Britain reinforcing Its defence works on the island of- Cyprus to strengthen her position in the eastern Mediterranean. The Evening News meanwhile said Premier 'Mussolini would soon visit the Dodecanese Islands, in the GOOD HUNTING REPORTED BY WISCONSIN MEN A party of seven men from Wisconsin, is the first to report Its shooting trip north of Paddock-wood, Sask. The sevrn men, A.

WaUehlaeger, O. Voecka, A. Johnson, W. Paulson, E. Hubbard, P.

Peterson and W. J. Boettscher bagged six animals, two moose, one elk, two caribou, and one deer. curbs. Lowest temperature during the night was 25 degrees above zero.

Snow, which melted to slush during the day, froze and workmen were up early Wednesday morning McCann said Heggie really received none of the money, because sprinkling sand over the icy Thirty of the starriest amateur hockey players on the piali ies -will gather at the Regina Stadium Friday night A near-capacity crowd la anticipated as the two teams Inaugurate the new season. It will be hockey's contribution to The Leader-Post Christmas Cheer fund. "Show of Shows land Dutkowski, of the Aces, and Hockey critics are already hailing' Doling and Reed, of the Vice, on the nmt as the "show of shows." I th lineup. eastern Mediterranean, to inaugurate an Italian naval and military base at Rhodes, partly In answer to It was he, McCann, who was spending It, Heggie merely took care of ing editorial for Wednesday deals WHEAT CLOSE Winnipeg wheat one cent lower to S-8 higher and market nervous. Chicago wheat prices closed fractionally lower.

New York stocks tendency was to go lower. Toronto stocks volume dropped but prices were firm. Montreal closed Irregularly lower. WANT TAX OFF ANTHRACITE the Cyprus undertakings and part with Hitler's program aa directly some of it for him, McCann saw. ly in re-empha--'l of Italy's Medi as if the details were known offi He told of drinking, gambling and The party of visitors expressed its thanks to the game wardens and terranean position.

cially and declares "it is clear our Lethbrldge Maple Leafs, who have The big how is due to open atjthe provincial game commissioner compiled the greatest pre-aeaaon o'clock with a -pee-wee" game be-for their assistance durinj their FOR CONVENTION rrrrA nt mv rlnh on the niairlea. lwTCn iais ana inuin. lna vuii in oasnaicnewan. WASHINGTON, Nov. Patrick J.

Boland, of Scranton, Pa, reported Secretary Hull was "very much in favor" of negotiating with Canada to eliminate the tax on anthracite entering the Dominion. "The etate department Is 100 percent for that, said Boland. "It one of their major objectives." government cannot accept this program. The reasons given, not only In the Guardian but general throughout the entire left-wing press are that Hitler's program will lnvolv will meet a selected Southern league I mm attraction starts at 8:30 with squad. Every one of the south M-y- A- C.

Ellison, of Regina, fae- TOPE SEES NEWLYWEDS Hon. R. J. M. Parker, minister of municipal affairs, will leave for Assiniboia Thursday to attend the VATICAN CITY, Nov.

keeping company with women in Seattle. Faced Serious Charge After his arrest in Seattle, McCann in cross examination said he made a statement In regard to theft after Seattle police had Intimated they might lay a charge against him under the Mann act, a United States law which deals with transporting women across state lines. "I made the statement to get out Central! pope gave an audience to 480 new- convention of the south ADDRESSED MEETING Msyor Ellison visited Lumsden, Tuesday, and addressed a public meeting on the subject of state medicine. (Continued on Page 14) flve teams will have representatives 'K pm. on the selected team, marking the All seat in the rink are reserved first time that a group of Southern nd th tlck, rted have norformcd toeether.

dy ernoon. Association of Rural Municipalities. I tyweds and 300 other persons. Everyone co-opeiatlng to make KrH'S'Training Plan Results cancelled practice to aura Stock Market Has No More Effect on Business Than Dog Race, Ford Says ine ice uritc tm jwinrci. I from Weyburn, Mooee Jaw and In Shortage of Maids Yorkton will arrive In Regina Frl- "But'd'av morning, most of them paying of a charge under the Mann act," McCann testified.

Richard Harwood, from whose room in the Harwcfcd hotel the money was allegedly stolen, said the money, about 18,400 of It was kept in a locked tin box which he kept in closet off his room. Neither the room nor the closet door was kept locked, he said. He missed It Oct 14. he said. th out-moded money system.

DETROIT, Nov. 24. Henry personal depression for a business) The present money system as Ford, in an interview, said the depression. The stock market has: exemplified by those "who manlpu-present business recession is "tern- no more real effect on American late it for profit, Ford said, is any system." he added, "that seeks The Leth- profits -alone is terribly handl-i 'n i mornlnr and have accepted the "Hera is a nation that might be' game on a reduced guarantee the richest nation in the world I Referees, timers, goal judges and! No one," lie said, "reed look at race In California." measure responsible for recurring I next vear with anv uncertainty. I A contributing factor to the business recessions.

when actually we haven't enough all other officials have donated of anything, because there is not: their service. Every cent outside of bare ex Jack Pells, assistant msnager of The present slow-down is not "pause." Ford said, has' It is a system that seeks to con-the hotel, told of seeing Tokaryk (letbacJt; its the pause before an-jbeea the fact money too long has trol labor; wants to control gov-in the hotel "about the time the, other climb. Two things helped to been a "principal commodity ofjernment finance, food, industry money was missed." and Chief of bring It on Just now and one of commerce." land even the schools. It manifest Police Alex Calder also testified he, them was the uncertainty of busl-l "Money," he said, "has become a an avarciouness that wouid con enough production. The need is here; the ability to produce is here; the toppae is in the system that penses, goes to the fund.

Five Former Southerners brought an increased demand for coal and all mines are reported to be working at capacity, although the warm spell may have affected that Concerning the shortage of maiU in the Swift Current district th labor bureau letter state: "With so many young women registering under the provincial youth training scheme. It is extremely hard to secure capable maids for positions now open, but it la very probable that sufHcint wU register to take care of all vacaacUa oa With so many young women registering for the Saskatchewan youth training schema there i a shortage of cspabla maids to accept positions in the Swift Current district, according to the weekly news letter of the burem of labor. Saikatocn also reports a number of orders on hand for domestic and housekeepers for the country with very few applicant accepting the offers. A number of otders for farm domestics are on file at Weyburn and Moose Jaw, although all vacancies In the cities are easily filled. Colder weather of last week puts profits before production and that is the money system." trol everything." "Under the present system the tail wags the dog.

Money Is just a saw Toxary not el taie oaDess regarding political interfer-1 business in Itself instead of an the night of Oct 13, or early the rnce but congress is taking eare of adjunct to business. Money is not (text morning. I that The other was the stock wealth; wealth is what money Lethbrldge will bring five former Southern leaguers to Regina In The solution. Ford said, lies In teaching the coming generation the; Andy Young. Bob Vagg.

real purpose of money and "an'Mdndo. Johnny Ursaki and Bob, understanding of a svstem that, KIrkpatrick. The Southern league may have been adequate for so--team will have such notables as cietys needs many years ago but Bentley and Vogt of Moose no lonrer meets its requirement Lach and Hogg, of Weyburn; the, Made Statement I market fluctuation. i buys. But that has been turned 'part of society's transportation Chief Calder said Tokaryk "Everybody knows the stock upside down.

The present system system for moving goods from man mad a statement after his arrest. market has no permanent effect on has got us twisted into producing, to man; it breaks down so often talking about the robbery, that "all. business but It does have an effect things to buy dollars with, when that it is time our financial en-I got out of it was about 1160." Ion the state of mind of the Ameri-iwhat we need is a money system gineere develop a better model Miss Askilisrud Boighlld. cham- ran business man who plays the that will product dollars to buy' Ford explained he bad no over- 'Fraser brothers, of Yorkton; Sihvon today." fcenaaid at tha hotel, told of seeing market He often mistakes hu, goods with. panacea for what ha termed.

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