The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1!150 BLYTHEYILLE (AKK.) COUKIEK NEWS PAGE NINB Prepayment Plan Brings Security Advance Payments On Home Mortgage Reduces Later Notes Since (lie heads of most families rciire on incomes prcutly mhitieri frlt''iii '.heir active earning period J^M'rlmg home inoil^flse payment? after n Lament mfly hrcoine n heavy burden. It is esscminl. ac- roidin? tn leiuiejs. lo pny riff much of tlie morigw .is piusiblo llcfote retirement. I r or that rrastm it Is vital tluU n home buyer make sure lliat his nuilgn-je coniams n ••prepaynicn" which permits pavjncim ahead of schedule without penalty The. c e advance payments svork two ways' (It ilie mortgage mny he |m;c in full before the borrower retire <v <:?> :t Ian he lefmank'il v.itl giraUy redusert pnviiwms. The fiv? is most desirable, hut sinro it cannot nl'vay.s be accomplished, many lenders advocate the second procedure. Hero is :m exarunlo: Suppose at (lie :I»P of 30 n home buyer exeei ; tes a 510,000 moilsn^e at 5 per rent, tor 20 years. Roi-iilar •payments on interest and principal] .vil! be Slili monthly. At the end of j 10 year.s. approximately MO per cer.t or S4.000 of the principal lias been I paid, through the icgtilnr payments, plus another $1.11(10 in prepayment, leaviri; a balance of SS.OOO. The borrower Is then only -10 years old and most lending institutions v.-i'.( readily refinance his mortgage tor another 20 years. Tills ne-.v mort^a^e Is for 55,000 and monthly amortization payments are S33 instead oi the former $G(i. If the Ixirrower waits to refinance until he is 45, two-thirds of the paginal SUI.OflO rnorffrige will have W?en .paid l\v amortization, leaving 'a balance ot S2.100 after the 51,0(10 of prepayments. Refinancing this for 15 years at 5 per cent drops monthly payments tn SI!), a stun that, can he met without hardship from retirement income, of as little as S100 monthly. Furniture Big Item If Buying A New House Exposition Shows New Bathroom Modernizing Plan How in mnfcr »n old home with lhp i beiU'r plumbing was one of II l.s nccfiF.snry to carefully bud- lhp iticmcR of the recent 1910 Home ROT. furnituro purcha?e.s anil pay- ! C(Jtnf(1 ^ Kxposillon In Clevnlntnl's ment.s in rr-latloii to payments on the morigagc, It i.s jmlnted pay- ''"' u „, I Public Auditorium, says the Plumb- Courirr Nrws Pholo NK\V Ti:KLlY HOME—Shown above Is the new home of Mr. and Mrs. K. M.Terry at 1501 Holly. Tlir livc- room house has exterior siding ol painted cedar shingles nn d interior walls of shcctrock with Toxtone timsli. The roof is covered with composition shingles. Floors are of Hardwood exccm in kitchen and bain, where they are of linoleum. One of the two bedrooms is finished i n knotty puie paneling. The house Is heated by luo f>:i.s floor furnace's and lias n Baa fireplace in Hie lu'ing room. Tax Dodgers Will Receive Careful Study Real Estate Transfers (Cliiekusii\vlKi . Disfriett Mrs. Maude Goodwin and Jcwc?ll Smith to C. S. nnd Lucille Eiasgett, Lot 1? of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, 51250. Kemp and Mary Wlmenlumt, James R. and Elizabeth Deal to R. K, | and Allie Mae Brooks, Lot 7 of j Block 7 of the David Acres Subtil- I vision, $0.900, Susan Moore (o Luke and Olllc' Mac Lard. Lot 23 of Block 3 of the j W. W. Hollipeter -Second Addition.! $200. j C. C. and Olgn Roj;ers to J. E. Stevenson, Jr., atid Noble Gill, EVL- of the NW'.i of ihe NE'.i of Section 9-15N-MK, $5.000. , E<1 and J&an Uogers lo J, E. Ste^'- cnsoti Jr., anci Noble Gill, E'-j of the SW'i of ME 1 -, of Section 9-15- HE, $7,000. J. E. Stevenson, Jr.. and Mary K. Stevenson to D. H. and Annie Mary Arney, Lot 8 of Block 4 of the Coun- ry Club Drive. $9,100. Leo and. Mable G. Brasviey to ftay- U'ld and Clco Bush, Lot 19 of Block 1 of the Brawlcy Additioti, S200. Rayfield Hush to Wen Bush. Lot 19 of" Block 1 of the Brawley Add I* tion, SI and, other consideration. R. B. Covey, Sr.. and Mary Matilda Covey to H. B. Covey. Jr., and ] Low-Cost Homes Built on Assembly Line, Roiled Away A nechvood City, Calif., lumber enmjKiiiy is meeting the demand for loxv cost housing with two and three bedroom "roil-a-\vay'' homes produced on n.s assembly line Mid moved to the buyers' lots anywhere within a radius of 50 miles. Ranaing in cost from $5.750 tn $8,- ' 450, the dwellings have .sue]) quality lea hires as fine | oak floors, ullr a-modern bathrooms j \\ith shouu-t-lutjs, steel casement j windows, steel kitchen cabinets and large closets wilh sliding doors. Attic .storage space also is provided. In one model tlie partition between two bedrooms can be rolled back to make one double size room. The homes are towed by trucks from the plant of the manufacturing company to their do.uination, then .secured to prepared foundations. Company officials suv a "roll- a-way" home can be erected and iimcle ready for occupancy about 60 days Irom the tune !t is ordered. They plan to perfect the assembly line technique to a point which will enable them to turn out one complete a day. |f/rep/acc Brick Cleaned With Scouring Powder 1 Fireplace bricks that aie discolored by .smoke and scvt can bn cleaned iviih a stiff bmsh dipped in a paste of water and ordinary '••com mi; powder, followed by a dear water rinse. 11 the .^oot L^ so deeply embedded tliat this is not effective, a n?w clean surface can. be ob- j lalned by rubbing the bucks with nut by tlie Const rut-lion arch Huron u. New York clearing house or building uifovmntion. There is no nile-of-thuinb as to how much to spend for furniture, but many new home-buyers budget expenditure of about one- fifth to one-fourth thr cast ot the: ] ; 'or a SlO.COfl iiome, this menus $2,fl(Ki to $2 ,5 CM \vorih of rumitnri'. IJeenusi 1 ol the need by fnni- ilie.s to meet furniture In-sti*llmeLU.s along with mor(naKe paynicuU, U br comes more important than eve to r.eonomiw i» home operation wherever possible, the fiui i-au dr- clurc'.s. One imiKiiiant economy ctjme.s il the is Insulated with mineral wool because annual furl s;ivinps in an avrra^o home wilt more than equal otic month's ifjort- gai;e payment. Rats destroy or contaminate 200.-1 Christmas Island, with 184 square 000000 bushels of grain In the U.S. lmlcs of land arca « ia believed to every year. ' ke Illc WKIfcst flloll in the Pacific. •K and Heating Industries Sprucing up an Biiltriunled bathroom is a matter ol three things, according lo (lie Bureau, Those JHO: fixtures, and Installation. Moderni/irs need not leave all the planning to the plumbing contractor. Keeping a feu 1 basic point in mind, anyone with a Mltle Ingenuity can make the most used roon in the hoi IRC as beautiful as th -store window models. Some of these pointers placing n tub away from the window. Under the window local ion causes drafts on the balkier and means inconvenience for the homeowner lit stnecM and storm windnw times. Also Important is having tlie lavatory placed so that it Is the firs! fixture, seen when the bathroom ; door is open. ! Sotnici plumbing also means lo- i will remain y MORTGAGE; RETIREMENT prolccli riteir ln»«r««t bi k. L. K. 01-0. Jr.. Special Agent hone 3&U3 — itlythcville PfiUDfKTUL WSUKAHO COMPAMY OF AMBKA larbonmdum stone, obla Suable at hardware stores. Cleaning .should he an all-over job [or uniform color and .should be followed by repoinfing the mortar joints with ready-mixed mourn 1 . Mortar smears should be wiped off immediately with a wet cloth or brush. [lie bathroom on a hallv AiKiUuM' economy oti^ti ovcrlnok- j[so that uuests do not have lo y,»\ ed is riiitl furnishings :»rc exempt • (lirmi^h bedrooms to reach It. En from taxation in Now York, Deta- Ihi- ruse of a large family, a, sec-i wH.rc. Mi.ssb.spipi. NY\v Hamp-nirc. i ond bathroom or powder room is n ! Ohio. Qvogon, Penn.syh'aul.i. Htmth noces.sily for complete health und cnnvenicnco. Heeond on (he modernizing list i.s the type of fixtures used and their ' ability lo bkuid with batliroom dec- ! oiafion. As Hie Home ComforL Kx- position .showed, color Is back in Iubs, lavatories, and water clo.soLs, as well as distinctive designs for prefahi'icated shower cabinets and glass shower enclosures with .sliding or swinKinn rioors. Popular col- Carolina, WashiujUrm and Wi.^'on- .si n, Se\ era 1 ot her -st n t es oi ier ex - etnption.s undc-r certain limiis. and a homeowner i.s advised to invest!COIR the law in bus nwn slate In order to save money hi thi-s manner. Truman Scores Laws Governing Water Program ors ni'fi Brecn and Ian. blue, pink, red, gray i Former Nazi Officer Bertie Lconia Covey, 4.80 acres in Section 20-laN-HE, $^,100. R. B. Covey, Jr., anci Gertie Leo- WASHINGTON. Jan. 10—M»i— nia Covey to Gilbert and Beryl The government has lamiclied an M Urrc i] f 34_Hfi acres in Section 20- imensivc study to Vean\ how many 15N-8F $1">'J50 ?i"?to AV d dS!ii™, lt " IOSlMg MCh Mnx ™*'*™* LauHe LOR.,, an. Ts an MclJ dLlosed this yes- g 11 " 1 ^, B " ™* Ma ™ °. WrigHt to ..... terdav, a check of government sta- ^ edf ^ a »id Elma Beard, lx)t ao of S300 . Mstics showed that almost $50,000,- B1 ° ck 2 !» . the J(1 ^ il B ' Walkcr Sec 000.000 of estimated personal in- °» d Addition, $800. come fails to appear in annual Fret! and Mary Lou ferry to Earl income tax fltes- That Is almost H. McClnre and Olivia McClure, one-fourth of all personal income. Lot 22 of Biock 4 of the William Lee t A substantia portion of this— Wnlkcr Second Addition. 5800. ch- as income of persons making Elnorn Dunn Austin to Walter E. ess than SCOfl a year, certain mil- atlti Lo ^ Robb, Lot 16 of Block 8 itary pay, relief payments and pen- of the H^UlanU Place Addition, sions—is not taxes, 55,500. However, some authorities bslievc George W. and Grace Bunch to a sizeable part of the $50,000.000.000 j R - D - ftmi Olive White, S\V l i of represents money Uial should Imve tne NWU of Section 2'2-laN-8K, been reported on income tax re- I $10,000, turns, and wasn't. | George W. and Grace Bunch to Disclosure of tlie government^ Lcn and Ode Matt hens Ifl acres tn study in this field came after ( Section 21-1SN-8E1, 34,500. chairman Dotightou <D-NC» of the Roy nnd Mary Sharp to Kirkwoud and Addic B. Gorman. Lot 15 in Larrv's Third Addition. S225. C. H. and Irene Whistle to Hill and Lois Crosskno, all of the SVi of the NEii of NW 1 ', of Section 33-15N-UE, $1 and exchange of properly. Grace and Pinkie Bunch to Mnx and Bertha Jackson, RO acres in Section 7-15N-8K, 51,500 Evvtn and DoUic Jackson to Max and Bertha Jackson, 80 acres In Home tnter-Com System Proves Handy, Feasible Various private telephone or "inter-com" system arc now beinn' used in liome.s and on farms to ] save step.s and lung power. Some connect an upstairs bedroom with kitchen and laundry, house with barn and living room with basx?- mcnt v/orkshop or hobbv room. With some homes spreading out over large areas, .such telephones have graduated from the toy s(nge. Among recent developments ts a self-powered two-station nantl sM phone that requires no batteries or oilier pnw*r supply. Single Building Permit Application Filed in Week Section 7-15N-8E. SI.500. Elizabeth Jacks tm to Max and Bertha Jackson. HO acres in Section 7-15N-8E, $1 and other consideration. Virginia Pinkerton Hempliilt to Blanche E. Pcnrce, a plot 2D8.71 by 208.71' feet in Section 1-15K-10E, Apparently refleciii^s a winter ! James C. and Mary Frances Terry | slump in building activity, only one! to J. O. and Mat tie. Fluey, 35 acres application for a building permit' in Seaion 1B-15N-11E, $12,000- j was placed on file .luring fhe last \veek in the office of City Engineer Joe Carney. '• The application, filed by J. J. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10— OT'j— I President. Truman told Coniirrss I'M his Imrlpcl message yesterday Hint i 5ciys Hitler Should the nation needs to find more effect ive arrangements for administering federal laws and programs concernini; land and \vnlcr- re.Mnirce dcveUijuiv; nt. "I have ah-p.Tdy rceommendcxi that the Congress authorise the consolidation of a number of federal aciivtks in the Pacific Northwest into a Columbia Valley Administration nnd provide for Its proper iniL-gration with oilier federal ngennes and stale and loi'al I responsibilities," Mr. Truman said. I "In other ureas also \\T should be aU?n to the oppovtuuitics for belter ndininistrativc arrnn^cmcnt.s, hnilditif; on siircc^sfu] experience in i b e Te n j K'/PC e Vail cy and e where, amJ adaptinR o;-(;anfCationitt patterns t<i the particular circuin- stances of different regions." Have Visited America PHILADELPHIA — l-T't— An ex- Nazi unny officer, now a stiidctu at the University of Pennsylvania. .say.s Hit:er never would have started war against the United States if he had ever been to tin's country Har.s Oel'-nike. 21, cainp to the Uj'Hrd Stales a.s an exchange student under the Army Department's re-education prog ran;, lie's majoring ii' comparative langiiiiKcs. "This nountry I.s so big," Oehmkn says. "Now 1 utidei.stand what rny father said when Uie war broke (nit He ha'l brt?n tn America on bueineFS in I03B, and v;hcn war v.'us declared, he said: 'II the Amci'i- t-ans aift thnnglnR their industry into military production, we can nrvtir win. 1 " tax-framing house ways and means committee and Rep. Forand (D-RU a committee member, .suggested n crackdown on tax evaders. Each said that if taxpayers paid the government every dollar owed U under present law this might come near balancing the budycl without an increase in taxes. A strand of glass may be 15 times finer than human hair nnd have a ereater tensile strength than steel. 35 acres] ,000- I Max and Annie Laurie Logan and j Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to j W. W. and Frances C. Peek, Lot 6f of Block "P" of ihe John B. Walker | Second Subdivision, £900. ! Joe and Geneva Atkins to Gnrnie \ G. and Lcsty Noah. South 45 feet ! of Lots D. 6. and 1 of'Block 2 ol the ! Piirk Addition. $4,000, ; H. C. and Margaret Campbell lo the Full Gospel Tabernacle [ Churdi tm Lilly and Vine Streets, i Lot. 4 of Block 3 of the Heart) and Robert Pen '- v A(itnt 'o:i, $1,200. Three States Lumber Company to Bufovri Z. Dixon. SE'., of the SW!* nnd the S 1 -^ of the NK L , of the SW'i of Section 2-MN-10E, containing 50.75 acres, $1 and' cutisideration. Gladys P. Floyd et al to J. H, Gurley, 79.75 acres in Section 9-HN- I1E, $30.000. Parker, was for n three-room frame residence on -South 16rh Street. Estimated cost, was lislerf ns S500. The party travelled several thotts- nnd miles and visitrd scluxjls In every province. The survey wa.s undertaken al the request of the AfKhan government nnd marked another .step in' the Afghan program of inodcrnization of cducatioiial system in tlie country. The SUNSHADE oor canopy • Keeps door from warping and sticking • Prolecrs from sun, rain, snow and Jt» • Gives you and your guests projection whrV* wailing oulside • Will beautily your fiouso • Will lasf as long as fhe house • Three colon —white, green, terra coffa ARKANSAS PAINT & GLASS CO., Inc. HI5 ICast iMnin 2272 Afghan Schools Studied ! KABUL. Afghanistan fAP)—The first educational survey of Afghanis tan by an international body was undertaken here recently by four members of the United Nations Ed| ucational, Social and. Cultural Or- "7f) RttifVf _^ V^ ^Ek Afijcrtf of^^^ ^fc ^^V ^9 CH^ AC ^^^^tr 666 LIQUID OR TABLlTS-lAMt fAST *EUtf Sec these two fine Crane lavatories 10— they're gleam- hite — easy lo clean —rnatle of quality porcelain enamel h easy to operate Diaf- ese controls. \\'c'l I hcl p you select avatory suiicd 10 your needs and make an installation to provide years of trouble- free operation. IHI CRANE RHODIIE. f.. -l IXretl l*ft u*il t . S. P1ATURIS YOU'LL LIKI E* i i ly sti usrooAr— IXP£RI 1HSTAUA.TION "PETE" The Plumber 109 Norlli 1st PIANOS Ten year factory guarantee TUNING With the world famous Slro!)(iconn — it takes thei guesswork <nt( of tuning. RADIO REPAIR Kvcry job absolutely ffiinr antccd by a bonding company. iMusic Instruments ( ; And supplies of all kinds from guitar picks to hass violins. Recordings \Vc make records of yom voice and music on permit- records. A WAIL PAINT ^ YOU KNOW IS GOOD- rent E veryf/img /n Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main Tel. 811 INSURED FOR WASHABILITY! \ ^ 'h Yes, you can depend on Spred Satin for"3rnooth- sailing" easier hovisc- cleaninj. New formula with ingredients similar lo synthetic rubber makes wall washing so simple! Retains original color through repeated washings for many years. Get a quart and try it on any wall surface. Drios in 20 Minutes Ready to Us« Very EJISJ to Apply with Roller or Brush U washable colors for every room in the homo i Dirt-proof! Water-proof I or. $4.49, GALLON Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 517 Kasl Main Phone -lilOG ) * Another IF AJL THt w»TtB MUVf KED BY OUR U.S. VWTSR COMPAHUS IW OfJE PW WOULD BEACH TO THE A4OCMV.' \ WHAT CAUSES A ^CHATTERING FAUCET? PRO8ABIY A WORM WASHfft /OR SOME LOOSE PART IN THEMi/cerrrsetF. TO CORRECT, REP1ACE THE WASHER OR TIGHTEN THE 100SE PART. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity - - • Uie it FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blythtiville, Ark.

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