The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1D59 Chicks, Jonesboro MeetTonigh^Paps, Squaws Play Here lilythoville Jlijfli .School's lliroe basketball teams, the Chick*. Si|iiaus iiii<l junior Papooses. roltini to action St. Johns Again Voted No. 1 Spol Brooklyn Team Gets 22 First Place Votes To Edge Out Kentucky Sanity Code Rift At NCAA Meet Seven Schools Say They Can't Comply With Purify Rules NEW YORK, 10. ifl'l — St. John's of Uiooklvn. dcsnite ifs t\vo- poinl dofi'al by c:il >' 1 "- ..,.....-. ----- ., - , - .. i poinl dcfi-al ov ^'"J "-.niii-BP, nn- IniiiglH v.'Uii the l';i|is ;iud the hqiiaws holdiiiir tlosvu the tm , lcs lo r( ,j,, n , w | n y-,\s die iratimi's lioino i'n>iil while ihe Chiclis jdiifufty to Jonsi'boi'o to meet , io t ) colifui- hnswtb:ill team in die- Jonosboi-o Hi"h Sc'luxtl's 1 lui'i-i.-ano. I Assodaicii PIT.^' «•<•<*]>• poll. JOIH.SUOKI MJ^II . - . 12-snuif winnme sliwik •Hi.' Sti»a*'s and Hir>_ i',,!,s .1 f j !y,l(«i hv ili«-ir intrarlly rlviils. tin- rn'oriK!" to-.niip (:"iii " fl "' 1 u ,i« v ' T I 4i/ J / ! Ilrooklvn l!"rini''iJ iKiuiiccd batrk In ^^Aon^rTi;; 1 -,,:,,,-.' three Welches\^^^^^~:i- piniw ilir l':,ps a: : .,m.-i t 10 Ke ':'' x-> , r» lllc „„<( i,, A lialn five-learn rare Ci«.- r,c-"»U^ K5! Get Revenge x ; ™ ,;»-• n r _ jwl 2B firet lhrefttci\ed a n tl:n or-janiyntion. l.pib. pre.sUtf'ilt nf the id a pt't'liniinary blast qilc.sEion. can oilL of .sor girls at The Clnoi'.s Sivudf» nialu lor iii'-ii 1 I'-- 11 al!-uin«'i conic-', of '!»' sf.iMin. Thfv will j c/ri-y -,iih tiinn a ;!nw v -" !1 - u ™! Til- \\Vlr-li ]<n: 'ifi-orct and HIP clianfc.- nl Hi •"' i and .!.,•• liv.U itiuik are hirkTd sv .St. Jo p],-'rp y i<"; from jiaiu-s "t I 1 '-* .^J^-i' Rnv. Jack l:i.-l nijrlit an<l iUlriii* for the s TIlP Hodmen's bn'u-)i«s «•'•" i» aik a:e '"""''' Sv ''' r1 '•'"•''«•' '' «••"• i A 'in-i ni'-.r -!,V -a. ..n.inU-,- slim. . , : Tl "' ir s !'" r ' ;l! ' ;1 - 11 "" r ' 1 ' "" ">" l i,.| 1 i,,,'!..--- -cr.i.'l placn nin,-. I Ilir. !>i»v-'a "run, of n.ili! Ai.ip.wna I .'vi,,n'= uM'-ilm? pro- ;, h , ,„ „„ ,|,,, vn , b( »-ii\< H,i;.iin-I on iicli\ll and IMMH :il .Mi'rii.ivir,! Aiiilrnri ill v iili . "^ ' Tov.rnfiinrui :it College in ,-oP tl»' A divi*!i-ll. C«:u-ll ; Inrv i Cirne O^hlCDI's ;i-.:.>iv !; »tion '.von ih-<,,:: C'.lll^ei'UI! T 1 ',!f!Oli-S ri'.'- 1 !- Pi'.V.'^lll . Illi.Jl Xfarma<liii:e and Lynn !u cliiim the. t» K) d •' r h 1 he vi.-- hc\- n'.'r'i'iyi d ' he jjl:in -A'iio d Ui^in In a ifvnl ^ : x!»•],.. KV.iiKi'lV? II d.'.'! i(,,l Holji-rr-- iirui Sro'i.i' Klleii- ( ]iii»ri w:i = !\ii Mnriihy. nn ; u.) i-htr. vvhn ^ ;^ imvil Vis ;i ' I ref.'fi'e for- l;i" [(-'.iifin's ,-ue-, •hri.-rm.i; i.out Murphy .ilepl - in-Kiii'li the l ;l .';'r Dart (if lusi pi^ijr'.s mat'-]). ->pi :*\'. le.i nil .lie <-al\\:i]k ifli.side ihf r'li^ v. b--en (fii.Avn lj\' Roy \Vc]rh. The boul 'AH.S inn- ct 'nc rosiKhesl ever xvnne.Ns.'d ln-re and U lacked si.\ tninines eunsiuuin^' i>nc Iioi^i- of !he best ! ami i\ half. eouinv' this 1 Tile ih>:l fall v*s \\oil by the : \\ f elrlis in ^l numi'es v.itii .Ine CoacJi Donna Johnson's yoims; ; Welch!; Mn.jiliy in Ml and infxpcriencocl Squaws, have yet • nnnnti-s with kangaroo kirks nnd to \vin a same bnt they have • a body phi. liuy \\ r i>tt-h ^'i.n over shown steady hnpiove.nriii since : ftobi-rts :i ininnie liucr w;in a Ixidv UK opennl;; of tlie season. | l«i. Tlie Paps will l)f raied as slittht j i» > favoriiics over Coacli Bill Hell's; The sei-ond full was laken by tunior Yellow Jacket; touialit 'A'liile . Knox. KohcrLs and Murphy. lioberLs the BlvilieviHe sivls, will be nueri ; >Ji*posed of Jue Welch in IB inin- tinder do^s i 1; ^''^ w '''i a body pin. Knox won ov- Fridav "niclii all tlnep of the. ; er ,Jne Welch in four minutes willi BlytlKVilie teams will play on their ! airplane spins- and a body pin and home court meeting teams of Man- " '"' 53-46 lo." -o the Jji-.n-in-iHc l.ious > De^-. 30. Tlii-ir li-t of vic'Knii'S include wins over Mps-ifk and H"iitl> ', ' S'de of ^teniphis and Par.ieouUl j ! 1'aps I."-* Only Our ; i TJ'.C Pa!'-' have- !osl i'Ut mi' 1 Bailie ; .so tar this wa-on. that Ijenli; a { 1 one-point deci.--ion lo Lea. liville. , They' hold victories ove:' l.nxoi'a. ; i Manila. Wilson and Sliawjiee. Tlie ; E J aps Bre rated as on^ junior teams in the vear. pi HO fir-t pl.H '.' lulloM. draun i)'.' ^uv tf-:i!n TV:-' in» I,r,i!» [--I:,i.iter- n «-'.') pi.ints to f:'ll 5! K-M't.-ky Tlif- V, p :it!,-.i •.••••nii.i n!:i.-e vote-- ti, inennon : j.j : [ u , 10 or more points a j ( O' 1 .' r-nuiajh. Ot.kihoma A<^M. lur , ( ,,~ v! "° hil<1 - A,.,- in the coll.T.e en-e; liju . ilifi IIDI even draw a single | lOrl. nlitce \.».e. T.-.u.l Ueroril I 1 1. si. Johns '•->.',! , lil-l ila in the season's first triple- header. Indiana Upset By Michigan; Kentucky Wins Murphy defeated Jack Welch fmn [iiinuces ^'ith J hndy pin. In the Ihird (all Knox was tiic first to 30 the victim of ft bodv pin Rpplied by Joe Welch in 20 i minutes. Roy Welch knocked Mur- j phy from ihe rini; onto (he rnl- 3. I on ^. Indiana rmi S. Hi.ty Clo.v- .131 7. C.C.K.Y. 0. N. Carolina Sr; 10. irci.A . . 10-3 133 ! Mis^o 11 ]-] with a 9-1 record re-] ceiced 5li po ; nls lot If; place. Oklahoma <;j-:!> linislioci in Iftih with 3R ; points. | Other pladncis lnclude<i: ; 21. Kansas -State .-!):>'• M: M. Ok- ! Oily .12-21 '2T. '-!5. St. Louis 17-21. hrre todri\ it v rrodt'" in.-, for iff- K:\rl K. NCAA. is.s Hu;h I lillciCcii. Jr up: "No. nut now. Utif. she ti.sed Use of Registered Officials For Cage Tourneys Is Urged ManlHT-s of tlv-? Mississippi Conn-i Uon at the slate association 1 ! ty Basketball Officials' Association, i spring meeting. methig i'i the City tftill here last prior to last night's ses- ni»hl. adopted a resolution favor- sion, members of the association ing the hiring of registered olfic- r vir'Acti a film on the mechanics of irils 10 .servii us official scorers uml • ofnciiilitiy emitted "HaskeLball To- timers at all tournainujils in the May". "Hie film was shown by Ra- fonniy in the future. [ man Morton of the Arkansas-Miss- KI-W YORK, ,J»n. 10- W* — Tlir j The group voted unanimously fo:onn Denver Company. NiiimiHl CoMcyiiue Athletic AS.SO-1 author!/? the dispatching of a "let-! Guests at Inst night's meeting Mitfnji fiprned it. ; rmmml mpotini; [ ter to Ihe ronnly's three-man alh- I hi sidditiun to Coach Fisher were frontal v.'Uh a ".sail- \ Jctic Committee requesting Unit in-Miss Dontia Johnson, coach of forthcoming couny bnykeOwllj BlyiheuUc High School's ^hls team and Jjii-k TipLon of Manila Harold <TriKBcr) Wiill of Manila tournaments officials who are registered with the county and stale pre.sidptit or the nssnclution, pr Burglars' Loot Includes ont'i rim .U the University of Iowa.! th.iji 20 schools admitted ' or non-rorimlianre wit h - hov.'evcT. tint H to. bphas'p, and l'ronji(ii»n "This was done," a spokesman : the county association said, eciUJse we feM that Mississippi •, County has as good officials as doc.'- Memphis, or any other county | ML I he state." i I islii'r I'l' Assoi iaiiun iiive oiirnK ,-auJ ; Tiii> point wns lirons'ht out by -.••]r\ don't intpjul I Coach Jame.-i Fisher of Hlvthevilk' in ;m int'-n'H'vr | ni^li School, who spoke to the "TV he- attended i gioup brirfly and .stated that he S. Olympic" Ciitu- I t'OMskiciTtt Mississippi County of tic- -. ! latins tl!l :U1 even keel with any ( i r ha^ disrlfX'vd j other Unit lie hati witnessed in M f n st-hool-. but four arc ; ill,:- stale. a Th''-v are Virginia Tech. ! coach Fisher nrjmed the work of i i i Milu.ii v, Tlie Gitade! and the county association in its en- i , deavor to promote better relations M li i sjfh rlu- rntlr i.- by no i iji-iween t h e officials, roaches. ! Mi-i't," I-Mb s.ild. "I 'Imik ; H'hools and players and -said that b • riuuu 1 'ii '.vni'k. li'> up to' it should not be allowed to dk> to i but to continue for the betterment ti MI- nonunions (iljcy. i of baskeibull competition between ; failure of ;.n\ scboul to iiu> schools of the county, I c^-irrincni? can; The resolution resquesting the In if! dii-f-cily M tin- imiversils' j hirina of registered officials as titn- • i-oriainly will. They got away "Aith on portable bar, one rug i\o lumps and Pegyy. pcgyy i s a ta'lkiiig parrot. N'KW S'ORK. Jisn. inuHiU' ncirnhiet' j'<ir ( !i»' important ioij of (ominJ^^iouc-r 01 the Sonth- t'vu CnuforeiK't i? au e\- baseball num. r.rrov AdcJio^lon . . . /|itf. by yi!:-h. it.-- liriut to iiis;mret L ivilh Add's North Ctirolliifl ti i nds who j iire phm^iJii; him ... In ibf first j phi n 1 . he's a U . of M ir-v-'ot i ri man . svhicli would eliminate possible em- barras.sing cliargr.s of lavoritisni . - . And he >iail ]fj years ^ith the Inte .Jurfi-e W. Ci. Bannbnin. one-time that the field iioa! was made .T the final buzzer had sounded, ,3'jfc Even Matty BeH pliy from ihe rini! onto the nil- 1 _ . - . • 1 l . boy.', of minor leasne lias ball . . . walk outside where he was counted (JpflmiSVIC ADOUT If there's any kind of pht-naijlins out 10 minutes later and lioy Welch ; r . I ,he collesr-.s conl.l cook up that the be marrird to me." OviTiiiglit I'ianisf Siiiht u: Hie week: Andre Prevail IhniLrtr^ 0n ro,r.« l0 H!:^ Missouri Independent Ruby, ihe songwriter, in 'Three Cage Team to Pltiy Here UUlc Words." Red Jxisi has to make ' ' ihot tt . as mfu|(!| tblls nece.^itntmg | Mp it lood pood. The numbers will be Two independent basketball teams i., re -plnv. ' ' i ^' ;tv -* dubbed in. ii-uin Kcnnelt. Mo., and Ltixora j •]•„" s clll] (. 0|1V !„ .\ \ \ ,v.ill invade the Armory here to-1 It was ,,1,0 m i c 'ft that a copy ""~ countries now TUP m-- nr>tii. for a pair of games with 0( ( ) le letter to the Mississippi i.the oilier claiming that it was inade i !&?J Table officials einjiloyed Tor the : 1?^ uamp \vere unabt? to assi.^1 tlie floor [ officials in determining when the. ' ^, LITTLE CHAMP—A look at the form of Richard D. Chap- eicatccl Kourn.s nine minutes later ; IV/liicfrnnnc lri >^>'' minor lca".iers hailn'l ilioimht of \vun uu- .".u-niuis 01 tM.-oucii.oi.L- ilh body slams and a pin. j m " sru "9 5 ' n ' 7JU [,/,"" lv( .-,] 1,'^^,,,,",,..,1,,,,,, ,1 Municipally-owned stores prnvide ol the strongest independent teams j field Service Station Five will meet There were no preliminary bouls .,,, . , „ , „ .„ ,,„, K-HP • Tii>'frnm N'cv- Fii'-'lTi'd ST-= lint " losl " r Iho local lif l" or revenue 111,01 Souliieast Missouri. the Lnxoia Legionnaires. The first ' !, DAT 'l.AS. Jan. 10. 'All — Kue , ,"'' , r -r,,U' ,ir«n'i \i. '^nri h, I Mllln(fsl>lil - '» Ihc sei.'uncl Biiine. the Wake- same is scheduled for 7:31). ] Rote, who almost bear Notre IXi/no < T Holy Cross cioesn L sn, cred ni '_ ^_ lively encased in .soil con.serval:.ui loams of HI', tiievtlle. i County Cointnittw he sent to tlie; man, Jr.. 7. tells you he is'a practices, government, statistics in-; In umiithi's first »ame. the Hub- | Arkansas Athletic Association in chip off the old block. The son dtcau'. [hard Hardwru'e All-Slats will tangle I Lieu- Koc-k in hopes for state ac- °t ^ lc 1940 National Amateur with tlie All-Stars of Ketinctt, one j 1 " - : . champion played in the Donald ivide ot the strongest independent teams: field Service Station five ^vill meet' J. Ross Memorial Junior Tournament at Pinehurst, K.C. NEW YORK!'jaiT 3r i0. e( .'AP) - AJ HogGM WithJH TWO tip-in goal by Michigan's Charley: CL__j. P,.*.*.,. -.L -. Murray us the gun banged dropped! jnOIT I UllS Ol U Indiana from the undefeated ranks I f* , ^ « t in last night's college bn;ketbnll , UrCQ t V.OITjeDOCK thriller. and took a prodigious step toward »>rin<tiiig back Di Eddie Anderson , All-America. heads a Southern [|O1I) !o '' VJ1 « s football coach, the i Methodist tootball squad next fall No " "inn on the list i.s Hut Clancy. i ihat ha.s even iltal famed moaner former Holy Cross' captain now |-Mat!> Bell - exuding optiniism. coaching he Vale freshmen. .!-• nbsohitcly out of ciun-ac- j let- night. Bell lold 51)1) pci- 'Th'e"69-67 Howicr loss came aft- ! LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10 i,r,_ ! sons mlendilig the annual Siillfn- er ten slraight victories. Indiana I Ben Hogan may be within a couple j >'iii Methodist football baunuct to Is ranked fourth nationally in this j s>'ort. ptiti-s today of his honor lite team thai failed to win week's associated Press Poll. Michl- triumph. 1 Ihe Southwest Co.iferenre cham- gan 18-3) Lsn't rated among the ! " He makes it. a lot of fans piim-hip but won more Rlory by us f ir ^ t 30 j will call it, the No. 1 comeback *o',vin? against. Noire. Dame than Murrav tallied 17 and his team- | ° r al1 <-" M - . . if il h!u1 mate. Maek Sllpriliiowicz, 18 poinU j . But ", 1 ' u!c Je»'V *^>" >-' ^ 'We're K omx lo have a sood foot- to lead the scorill 1 ' I VICClln . u*m ramsform Sunday may .hull team next fall and every fall Indiana's 'low feaves oniv fifth- ur , ove th , e ««1»'^ "t his or any -,ml you su.niotiers don't set -,vor- rantod Holy Cr<v« ,11, and'eighlh- ""I" .^f P™« ™^- _., ,.. ... ™ or excited-well be tock." rated DuQuesnc '91 undefeated In the cop ten. Al l^exingxtm, the Komucfcy \V\5rt- catA trounced Nanh Carolitin. -H, for their ninth victory against one loss. Tlie second-rankfd Wildcats bad it easy a\\ tl\e way, Oklahoma (6-3) reversed the re- ' Onr-.Miiuilr Sports I'agt- John BeH, brothfr oi pro foolhall rotniujpsionpr, Rcrt. is 11 yotx! l>ot h> bnc-ornc the nvxt govcrtibr of j Pennsylvania . . . Bob SH^h. n i r-;inrii(ia(e for the U- of Mirhiuan v/fOi-itlinf? team. un=; national \v;i(r! .ski champion in tr>47 . . .. Willie KitniuJ. the ho^ tnunrr whn Kxtenninator, rUnins thru, Thrri 1 H Liitis: has many of OUi Hours 1 i-h:irncu'risUr? nnd may j.oni:- ilrty jr lisp pftual a^; n nicer . . K;ir;i As Hie field tak^s off in the rt was quite .shcK-kinj; for the Christian of Atlimtn (in is -to « linal round of the $15.000 L>o.s An coach noie-i for \UR pp.^iinisni tn (O (jj.jve in both th'n "wi'i'uer st ! KClcs open, the tenriency is to as- M make such a .sUt'.'Jiinu and brought rnr s p p r tt vhissics at _ snnie thai Hognn will win iL He's! ihi.s from Mum* Fmnk. veteran , nnaHi. Fin.. Fob. 4 and lads will ihut nine vie- sa j e j, man f mm • o\er-jiiir 12 wilh his pr-fviou.s bark so far now from thnl ton.sKntt.ster of Trxa,s sridiion bnn- | M^vbr >hn fiqnro.s the lads will ' i Tens highway crush thai nothing ^ qiiels: -'|-hal tpiun i.s MJIV aoirip lo ! fuiiow tlie custom of never setting , .seem.s iintjo^siblc. . ^ )e j-ouyii—Malty Bell never did ' L -losC to a woman driver. i But he, and his loudly loyal pal- ,^, s ] Jt -f«[c" [ 1 ICrV, may he rCCkonitlH WilhOlll H r ri*;.-Hf oinht nf thr> tni--nl Iri it ' rli'iitirif Tli(> Puff <:iilT nf thp Kie S**i'fn ConfeiTtire "r , . i • L nil l y-Ricni 01 me >()!!ati TJKII ; i. u j ninp i tie i in i SUIT 01 me Big oe\fn HHIII-n LL rra f lsman fl t ll0.sL a.S COOl as biUl- ' Kl .. t |_.t ...inHr,- Mnli-** rv»mo fmni ^tournament championship game tn [l1)n Bpn n i ]nsc i r j b '» l tircl mightj None Dame tiom whipping Misfauvi.Al-36. H wi»s the ; a.nbor. the 140-lxnmd aolf clove' Timers'sc-cond lo.s, -• -• ------ --'lone-s. Bradley won \\A 12ih. Gntne in H yesterday to tiike a tu-o-sirokc lead Kentucky, 79-30. • was tied for'ifith nfter the tirsl Ohio State i7-2> and : ro \iricj, corded his sprnrui s-urr.-w- cni iR-2i won No; thvvr.-:Te] n isn^et llch-rrmkcd Mi:i:i(vota. SO-53. and *he Buckeyes cicre.v.ed DP Man!. 70-62. Illinois 18-11 dctt'iulhiti Biia Ten champion. ;vifi\ its tii.-i t'onfcii'iiro doublohe^rier at - V p fit) to Mind up only two -s At '2]2. oniv i« IOMIK^ one of it. 1 - best line to t;oal Lino before lasinp j yum-Jipinners \vith Umpire Ret! 27-20 last Dpccnibcr 3 in the uamr .lone. 1 - Jeci.sion to ret ire . - , One of n. in" a one- | th(U ... sti[l a No j topic 0[ lhr „„_ • R r[ i\ i> s t was his talc of HO-A IIP Uon .received varsity '.etfet.^ and 19 picked a better Yankee relief pir- of them lopped by "the '^eat aoic ('her (hnn ,loe Mrdirlhy - . Serins return next' fall. J t-ortfh Art FleTrher Have ,)im Turner's nanv a?i reliover when •r! to t J*i]J CiUC I •!-'.!•, M. troke biirk of Hu^ui. is yonnt! Jack Hntkr, of Whir? Plains. X. V., son of one of 'he nrn masirrs r»f the tvrniic. 1 ' nco Elswrji-ih vine^, JR nlonp at :'K1. 5!'- A* '.Ml arc S;ini S[ie:ul ami Henry K;;<ii -m. -,vlK) '.von 'hf Srnimnlr. 1 ]•'}•-• . inciividi. 1 ;.)! snd Wilmington. . !''•; , Oiifii ('Mirn;im"nt l.i.'t vrrvr. College Cage .Results Hy the Associated Press Donald was su pij \voik. I?ed iusistrd on Turner inc to one Vi;\lMiv.\n, wi wn nnnp. ,irni t he jsny iiit intr> double play. isy inp ;\vMn-i:nrt» f H->N 4 £, IV " fUiLH-ky R:J. North r.iiolni^ 44 i A A -^ ^* l^ 1^ 8*^ "V 1 ^» r,l-m Kr»Hii-ky S3_ Xavier 5! : / V i 3 C ll\ O R Z I Q jVew Source o/ f t*na? SYI.>X!V. A -.,-:,;. .APJ-C;.,.- W f(mC5 Too Loiltf 'i::v :- u^l);, .i,'!:i in \Dtia Ai.-tJal- J i;i:; v.,^T'r. 31:^. •• (i Ilhn"i.-: 5f>. Purdue OS--l'<hi>niH 41. .Mi.-;or,r! :'(! Mnitiitti'.sli'fii CD, Miiinr.. .1.1 53 M,,-Ii:.'iin «l. llC'I'iiul fij KIVKII! fA, Mi, IIV.HU .«'.rr 5fi Mm.vv-illc • Mi» Htaii: •!!>. Knrl ll.ivs .K.ipi Si,.11- -II K>k:.]' 61. Oi.niiil- ;;ft' A .Till M lOkl-j. 52 [t i> :-s'.im;,!!(I il'.a: the p,>v-:l.i- !iull of Merlin !- ir,cii ;i.-1:;<; ii [ Ol,' rate w vibout '.lAHUl.non « y»-:\r. ENGINEERS, TRAFFIC EXPERTS, STYLISTS enthuse over the nig- ^ e;i^c, luxury cirnl heuulv of itiU yi:ar 1 ji UCM Dodge. C.'hll.i, \\ : r, -h:lp,;oil :uhi\ini:-; :^;n u viu '.i noUc.v niHiod ;.t (!:r-:u-- .* .\t-<h-( iii-!v,rrn 1!iO C'llili'v;;- ;n M iir- ;n,ii t:<iiniiH3in.^t Rij. l - : !;i. T]N> p"iu--, [ for 'Ur C.'hir.(\-<e pt-opln v;HiIr IIM-. m- lilt 1 '.'^v OTIS n for <'vriHtm] Mfojj'..-; •K,;I oi ''-.(• Ciimn-.unW ri'iMiiir, Hv'iMi'.i oimiit ;o be altlr '" i>l.-> n,,l! wiih Corumrr t-Dunr .ScJnn hin§ will thrill you like this years You could pay a thousand dollars more and not get all the new beatify . . • extra room . . . famous ruggedness of this great new Dodge Our adverlisrmrnl in \ osl ei (lay's ('mirier News iiK'orrei'll.v -slated Ihc d;ilcs when ;v spei'int rcp- vc.scnlnlivu nf I he Slorrs-Schaoffor t'o would 1)0 in our slorc. It should have read: TODAY AND WEDNESDAY ,.1-r. 1',-rl llio, hr l,i e hijil!- ,,,-" i:,,,;i,,r — ;lll1.1»ll<: -lili.olllli,-- of I In,1^0 ul Drivi'. C.'-otuc in UnLiv! YOU'Ll. THRILL tn ll.Mlso. roninmr". Sr.llJ ^iro "kn.-r-li-v.-l" tnr rf,uit,irl. rli-nly of lu-.ui :in,l !,.,( ru,,in. ,-ll,,,w .inj !<•£ r,u»tii I.>.il Come in for o "MAGIC MILE 1 Demonstration Ride A-k .my I )..,!?<• [..r .: "M.ific Mil.-'' il.-iuiiiiMi»linii riili-. 1'rnvc GYR0-MATK free you (.or Coronel model £ , JL ., *fss ;; ?' g^J,'pt>US O -•"-"" > II I !•/ '-'=V"Ss Ll 1HRIVL in llir vclyrl pmonV nf pjrol Until Drive. Nn -liifl '•V rt»-M .itir D|>(inii,il tin Cnroncl iiiniirl* ,u tiunlci Jlc exl ra rot-t. New Bigger Value Jusl a few dollars more )fmn the lowest-priced card Mr. .lames 11. Senll will he here \\illi :i complete new line of sprim; woolens in mado-lo-incasurc in our slorc. The eoi reel dales nre: R. D. HUGHES COMPANY NOW ON DISPLAY...SEE IT TODAY! BLYTHEViLLE MOTOR CO. Broodway & Chickasawba Phone 4422

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